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Sex Story
AUTHOR: Pandurang

This is my story as to how I made up with hubby after a violent row with him.The other day, Friday, mornings as usual, are bad. Everyone is in a hurry. Bathroom, kitchen, iron table. Shoe polish, toaster, everything is in great demand by ,me, hubby, our daughter age five & and cook.We each left in high tempers and scream. Hubby as usual was shouting that we do not plan our day in advance and mornings are worst. When would I learn to plan and execute simple morning chores etc.etc. I felt so bad that how can this guy be so insensitive ? I nodded in agreement and shouted back,’whay don’t’ you start from yourself ? After our mutual shouting match we parted for our destinations. Daughter dear was to have gone to my mother for a birthday party and would stay overnight. Mom would look after her till evening till we fetched her back next day.

On way to my work I was kicking myself for not having given up on this dumbo and let him have his way. We share a car pool. In the car I asked Jennifer for her experience. She said as a rule she does not argue in the morning when everyone is on the edge. Today her case was strange. Her man Nevile, had woken up early and had nothing to do. He was fiddling with Jennifer and pushing her for a quickie. Poor Jennifer feels dozed off after morning love making. She hesitated. The deal was struck on her giving an oral to Nevile. ‘These guys have brains only between their legs”, Jennifer announced. Such a basic lot !!! I agreed. Story with me was no different. Hubby dear would come with weired proposals. Lets’ make love while your in kitchen bending forward the pick things from the fridge, or how about wondering naked whole Sunday in house and make love on carpet,passage,on the dining table,in the car on a drive. Anywhere except in bed room during the day. I want love making to be a private civilized intimate affair like a orchastra.It should peak with a passion frenzy to be experienced by the partners. Men have basic needs. In, thrust, grunt, ejaculate, out. Thank you mam. That’s disgusting. God has made men and women so differently but so together. I love and like cuddling, cooing sweet nothings. Even obscenities in private are welcome spoken in one’s ear. Say the same thing aloud and its profane.

For example some weeks back when we were in Khandala on holiday, in the heat of passion I whispered in hubby dear’ ear such thing he went cold for a while. I enjoyed his wide eyed look in disbelief. Allow girls to be imaginative in bed with partner and they will put men to shame in whispering obscenities. I said to him, in whisper of course, ’I want you to fuck me so hard that your lavada should come out on the other end, or better still, Saaale, thok,thok jorse,lula hai kya ? Or Bhenchod pichese aa jaldi etc. I carried all this great thinking to the office.I was smiling to myself when Jennifer caught me. What’s on honey ? Thinking of last night eh ? Naughty one that.There was discussion on a company presentation. Bigo boss was to have reviewed it post lunch,Jenifer,Seema,Kunal and I reced our brains and made a presention. I thought it was ok we brought in clips,animation,music the works.Bigo arrived in the conference room at 2:30. ‘Show me the summery’ he barked.We did that.The guy is real sharp.He asked us to make changes in some punch slides and said make colors little soft.Customer’s HR woman( Ha) calls the final shots,It was rumored that she has ‘it’ with the boss.OK we said.To my surprise the meeting Got wrapped up by 4:30 and we handed Kunal laptop for a final touch. I was free by 5 p.m to plan my amends with hubby dear and then I decided to give him a real surprise tonight.I waved Jenifer bye and rushed to nearest ATM counter for some money.I then headed for a Triumph store in the warden road area mall to go some shopping. On entering a smart girl welcomed me and asked,’ anything special’ ‘Yes” said I. Give me something that will make my hubby’s manhood longer by at least six inches. She smiled knowingly. May be she had one ape in her home too. She showed me two .One was bright red, with wired bra and nothing thereafter. It had a red yellow butterfly opening its wings exactly on the pussy lips and had transparent material. On the side it had strings with little bells to tie up the cords on my’ love handles’. On the back with had a string only with florescent yellow material. It would glow at night. This dress had twinkling sliver bells on the bra and made terrific lingering sound if I moved my breast to and fro.

The other dress was a bright green, sticking material.It had only two cups to be put on each breast with an chocolate based adhesive.One had to eat the chocolate to remove the cups from the breasts. It had one triangle of a cover for the pussy and ‘landing strip area.That had to be ‘pasted with a’vanila flavored edible glue.’ Honey you need to shave off all the fuzz on your pussy if you wanna use this’ the girl cooded. ’The glue might stick on the pube’s and if hubby dear of yours pulled hard that could hurt’ she added. I said ok understood. I decided to buy both the dresses. One before and the other for the morning.On the outer counter I bought ‘Brute’ from him and ‘moon drops’ for me. From the pharma bought a pack of ‘k’jelly and a tube of ‘Xailocaine’ a mild but effective anesthetic. I also bought a ‘raspberry’ cream jar with a wooden applicator. On Bhulabahi Desai road in the lane near Mahalaxmi temple I bought a kilo of rose petals all in red and a kilo of Jasmine flower. This was a bed spread I would use today. Even the thought of lovely flower petals touching our naked bodies while making love, made me wet down there.I reached home early. Opened the latch, sat down and made elaborate planning.First I put the water heater on. Removed my business suit of jacket & trousers.Examined myself in a full size bathroom mirror.

I had plenty of fuzz under my armpits, on golden triangle, and on the pussy. I examined my clit hood and belly button closely. I had done piercing on the hood and on the labia majora. I looked for the holes in the skin. These were intact That means I could wear my “sweet thingies’ once again. The skin in that area needed good rubbing to make it juicy, lively and exciting. My lips were rough and eyes look tired. Any way, “get ready girl !!! I shouted at myself.First I removed my dress completely. Put a hand under the panty and rubbed the clit to make it warm. Then unhooked the bra and fondled my left breast with right hand and vica versa for the right. The nippies jumped in my hand fully erect and throbbing. I lingered my hand on the flat stomach and in a flash removed my panty and stood naked in front of mirror to admire my blown nipples, boobs and opened pussy with clit protruding.

A flash stream struck my vagina and a small quantity of fluid flowed down the passage with excitement. I squirted once again and a shiver of pleasure ran thru my spine. I stood under the shower. The warm mixture of hot & cold water poured on my taut body. I directed the flow of water to my both the breats,space in between first and then to my lower abdomen and then to pussy all the way to anus and down. While I got nicely wet, I sat on a bath stool and opened a tin of ready made foam.I took my hubby’s latest Gillette triple jet. I rubbed the foam all over my fuzz on the and around pussy. With that smooth as silk razor I slowly peeled the foam with it down the slope of my pussy mound. The pubes gave way with tingling sensation and open skin responded to soap and pores breathed. I removed all the hair on the clit,labia majora,minora,and the underside of vagina.That made the genitals ask for water and more water. I spread myself on the bathroom floor,opend my legs fully and while laying on the back took the shower needles on the pussy for a full spray of water. The hairless skin tingled with sweet sensation.

I was so excited that before I could realize what was happening I had my fingers playing with clit in a circular motion.I dozed with excitement and rubbing was increased. I took hand shower and directed the flow of water jet directly on the clit and nearby areas. Water was divine on touch. It made my genitals glow with pleasure. Blood got engorged in the area,an d with a lightening down my body I had my big bang orgasm and I screamed aloud with pleasure. I could hear water flowing on me & I continued the rubbing with gusto. After about five minutes of drowning in pleasure I banged my second “O” with a loud scream and clenched my teeth on the lower lip. I whimpered with pleasure and waves after waves of pleasure flowed down my body. I was lying on the corner of bath tub and the bathroom floor for a while. Pleasure was was flowing thru my body.I was drenched with sweet sweat flowing thru my skin pores. Who needs beauty treatment when this simple free remedy was available. I never felt so elated and in bloom like a lotus. My entire body, breasts, waist. Clit, vagina, labia, thighs, knees, head,neck,face, were glowing with radiance. I was ready to receive my hubby dear all over me from outside and of course inside. The sweet pain I was about to receive from his thumping, throbbing massive manhood made me excited like a teenager on her first date.

With great difficulty I got up, turned off the shower.I took a large luxury towel from the dresser and stood naked before the full size bathroom mirror.I switched on the glow light above the mirror.The white & blue CFL bulb light came to life and first threw a small quantity of light on by full frontal nude body. Slowly the intensity of light increased. In a minute or so my entire body was gleaming in light .I turned around and admired myself. My breasts, my side, my love handles, my wide hips, narrow waist, sleek tapering legs, inviting genitals, my moles in right places like just above the mound, on the waist, below my right breast, on my neck, on the chin, on my back. My sweet funnel of back and the dimples on right & left side of my lower back. I was imagining how hubby dear would see my back side and my tattoo on my lower back when he was pushing his manhood in me from behind. I do love doggie standing, in front of mirror. Then I love me on the top. This give me place to move and hubby dear takes Time to explode. More of all this later. Aha ha ha all this was a treasure today for my man and his raw Passion After drying myself thoroughly I used the hair dryer to dry my head,armpits and between the legs. I reached for moisturizer and made small lumps all over my body. Lustrous application of moisturizer opened the holes and the skin started breathing.The stale skin,face eyes,neck,abs,boobs all were glowing with new look and I was sure I coud floor anyone with this armoury.I did not wish to put on any clothes.I admired myself for very long in the mirror.I imagine how ‘his’eyes would pop seeing me in this new shape.

I reached for the dresser I looked for ‘sweet thingies’.They were my belly stud complete with a clip. This was bright white stone embedded on a gold ring cum clip. It went thru two holes in belly button and fixed itself with the white diamond glowing on my belly. In the mirror it was shining bright and inviting. I was wondering why I did not wear this every day. A mere touch to it is so sensitive and it would send shiver up my spine and down between legs. Then I picked up my clit clip.This had a bright red ruby .It was a ring which traveled thru the clit hood. The ruby sat above the hood and every time his cock gave a thrust in vagina it would touch the clit and nerves behind it.Another set of rings would go on the lips on either side of my pussy. These had yellow stones on each ring.After wearing this my pussy looked like a bejewled mistress ready to strike. The best part of this jewelry was it did not interfer with his oral and penile love making. It made me confy in all the sex positions. Missinory, me on top, doggie, sideways, whatever. The last thing to wear was a delicate silver chain that dangled low below my naval just above the camel toe. It had small bells and made tingling noise everytime I moved. Today I had decided to make love with full vigour and make that dumbo of mine flow with cum till we flooded our bedroom.

I again searched for my dresser. I located temporary tattoo stickers. I picked one with green scorpio lable.About four inches in size. Pasted it on my left shoulder blade on the back. I had difficulty in placing it right. Mirror came to my rescue.I turned the bare shoulder .It looked terrific and sexy too. Then I took two butterflies and pasted them below my nipple on each breast .I took third one with cupid and arrow. It went inside of my thigh on either side,pointing arrow toward the love triangle.My my I was decorated like a doll and whore house. Why not ? All this was to please my love and soul mate hubby.All the vital stations were shining with passion.
I carefully opend the package brought from ‘Triumph’ shop. The red one first.I put the top first adjusted the strap and the wire below the cup.It pulled my boobs nicely and shoved then up .I strapped the strings with light knots on either side. Bra would come off even with teeth pulling strings away. Then I put on the bottom part. It fitted with ease. I tied the strings on side. They made tingling sound as I moved my hips side ways and forward. Perfect. This background music was I had in mind while on top. If he keeps it on. It was so thin like an onion skin but provocative. It showed the mound. There was garment or there was none. It was beholder’s choice.

My mind went back to our honeymoon days. We had gone to Munnar in Kerala. It was such a lovely place from the hustle and dirt from Mumbai. We traveled whole day. We reached the guest house in the evening. We were both tired and went to sleep early after dinner. I woke up at dawn, fresh and tingling. I looked out side. The grass was shining moist in full moon light,I woke up hubby dear. I showed him the green moist shining grass.I motioned him to come out of room. We went on the grass. The feel was divine. I rolled on it, Took hubby dear with me. He and I were rolling on wet grass. There was no one in sight. I removed only garment I was wearing, my lingerie. I made hubby remove his track pants. He came on top and parted my legs, entered between them sweetly. We were rolling on the grass. Our naked bodies were touching the grass on roll.We were thrusting at every role. It made fantastic experience,We went from left to right and again right to left.With a loud scream hubby dear exploded.We went to slumber on the grass.He was still inside me but limp.After about ten minutes of divine trance I woke up.Hubby had a sweet smile on his face. I kissed him on lips,eyes,neck and earlobes. Slowly he woke up. I shushed him. Tickled him in ribs. Slowly I could feel his member growing in size inside me. It was ecstatic feeling. Soon he became hard and touched all sides of vagina. My pussy started flowing with expectation. We resumed our love making all over again. He took long time to come but did it with a stream of hot fluid.My buttocks were sore from thumping on the wet ground. Still I enjoyed every moment of it. We went back to our room and slept for two hours thereafter.

Will I ever get that same passion again. ? I wondered ?There was no use of this day dreaming. I had entire evening and night with me and I better do something about it soon.I picked the ‘phone and decided to order food for dinner.I asked for Biryani and fish vindaloo curry, naan to go with it and some raita and salad. Dinner better be light and aphrodisiac if we wanted to make the most of night. I put in the freezer my fav. Bottle of Cinzano red. Hubby would settle for a vodka. No smell yaar. Ice cube packs were plenty and ready. Then I went to bed room. Placed scented candles in two corners. Changed the bed sheet into new ‘Kamsutra’ series that I bought from Luknow.It had paintings of royal couple copulating.Same for pillow covers. We need six pillows for a session. One each below the head and one for side support and one each below the hips whenever whoever is below. I spread rose petals on the bed and put Jsmine ones around the head board. Sprinkled litter water to keep then fresh. Covered them with muslin cloth. Put two hand towels near the head board. I need these to wipe my huge quantity of loveflow. Quite often I have had to change entire bed-sheet. Raw passion we both love.

By this time it was almost seven thirty. He would walk in any time. Turn the latch and enter, the passage of or flat I mean. I put on a flowing silk gown over my ‘night dress’ Dabbed liberally ‘The antr’r amor’ under my armpits, back of neck and between my boobs. I dabbed ‘Heena’ oil based perfume on inner thighs. This is an edible stuff. Reserved raspberry cream for the main ’occasion’.

At about ten minutes before eight,hubby dear entered. I had seen him coming from the landing. I opened the door while he was fiddling with the keys. I gave him a sweet seductive smile reserved for him only. To my surprise he was carrying a large basket of flowers in one hand. I took the flower basket and kissed him, first lightly then very passionately on his lips. He opened his briefcase and gave me small red velvet pouch. ’This is for you honey” he said. Then handed over a box of swiss chocolates. The best lift-up I could have. I was thrilled. I opened the red velvet pouch. It had a pair of two beautiful dark green jade earings in gold. My my we are sorry for the morning. Hubby dear does come out with surprises. I love them. I put both my hands around his neck and again kissed him. His both hands were free. Then he placed both the hands on my hips and searched for the slit between the hips. Gently inserted a fingure in between and tickled me there. It was divine feeling. I started flowing there and then. “ I am sorry for the morning dear” let’s make a night of it “ he cooed. I responded whole heartedly and said ‘Yes dear, I have been waiting for you all ready to go at it’.Why don’t you go and take a quick shower and come back here on sofa.

Hubby dear was in real mood. He said sure, please join me in the shower. I could hear the urgency in his voice. That was a risky proposal. In bathroom together means he will fuck me standing. I wanted lovemaking to prolonged at leisure. OK I said. Please let me undress. Hubby said nothing doing. Let’s do it together. That would have spoiled to surprise of my ‘sweet thingies’.OK you start the shower I will join with two towels at least.Dumbo agreed. I went to bedroom removed my ‘thingies,dress and kept the silk gown and came back with a towel.He was already there at the bathroom door all naked with a shaft dangling in front. ‘Take my dress off; I told him. Hubby dear could not believe when I showed himthe strings to be pulled to release the dress. Silver bells excited him. He bent down in front of me and delicately,for the first time in his life,peeld the butterfly from my sweet pussy. Lo and behold he saw tattoos and the scent. He eyes widened and may be would have popped up Wow he said examining all that closely. Hoeny !!!! With soap & water it may come off. I told him. Ok Ok honey, I will come out in a jiffy. Poor boys it’s so easy to divert them where you want them. In a flash his shaft went limp and he entered the bathroom. I rushed back to bed room and put back all the stuff I had taken off.
Hubby came out of bathroom only in a towel around his waist. His strong shoulders, abs, arms, six pack, thigh were glistening with water & soap residue.I pulled the towel off and dried him thoroughly. Lingering over his shaft and balls and underskin. I even inserted a fingure in his anus to feel the prostrate and massaged it.He jumped with glee. ’Who taught you this”. The net. I said. I made him wear only boxer shorts & a sleeveless T shirt. We went to drawing room sofa.I sat on the floor on carpet and he on sofa. I poured the drinks and said ‘cheers’ to us’ he said. In a gulp he downed the first one and I sipped Cinzano. ’Take it easy boy,’ I told him. I filled the second one and I moved closer to him. I kissed his bare thighs and put my moth on his lap while seated in front of him.I wanted to bury my face On his crotch. His cock smelled nice under the boxer shorts.I touched his underside with my lips and smooched on him.He shook me up and with both strong hands made me sit on his lap.He held me from behind and cupped his palm on my breasts. He kissed me on back of my neck and smelled the perfume. Ahaaaaaaaa!!! He grunted. He explored my stomach further and searched for an opening in my silk dress to suck my breasts.He fondled my hips in a circular motion and felt the size with his palm. I was Getting excited with Cinzano and his touch. I turned myself around and sat on his lap facing him with my feet on either side.I kissed him hard on his lips and inserted my tongue in his mouth. I could taste vodka and that made him smack his lips Cinzano. Wow he said, honey you are really at it. I nodded in agreement and lowered my hands on the side of his body. With ease I pulled his T shirt at its ends and pulled it out of his head.I poured some cinzano on his nipples and suckled him for a while. I playfully did bite lightly on his chest and left a teeth mark.The ‘lovebite, glowed for a while and then I sucked his earlob. First one then the other.I had his ear near my mouth. That was the time to say obscenities. ’Suck my cunt and fuck me hard’ I said,He jerked in his seat. Then I went to his other ear and told him ’I wanna feel your lavada inside me for aloooooong time ‘.His grip on my breast hardned and he squeezed my breast only to find a wire below. While our lips were locked I could see surprise on his face.’Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,haaaaaard , I sang mocking apouler English tune.

He made me stand up and removed my gown.Now my belly stud was in front of his eyes,I could see his eyes popping out. He kissed the white diamond with a passion of a wolfe in heat. Sucked my naval and went sucking all the way till he discovered the girdle chain. My,my my he whispered and kept on kissing the chain all through its circle. While standing I poured him one more & took a sip from my glass.My man was now fuly excited and was discovering me all over again. ’Carry me to bed honey’ I giggled. He got up pulled the srings of my bra and boobs leaped out. Then he bent down and with his teeth removed the butterfly from my pussy ever so gently and kissed my pussy.

He then took my waist in one hand put another hand on my neck and swept me and all of my womanhood off the floor in a jiffy. I was holding both glasses and he carried me inside the room. While on walk I made him drink his glass and emptied mine. On way kept the glasses on the dresser as we entered the room. He had not come here. I stood down and removed the muslin cloth to reveal the rose petals, and jasmine flower. The room had an exotic smell from the spread, I bent down and lighted the scented candles. Room was full of glow and I switched off all the light completely.I came close to him and led him to bed. Him first. While he was lying on his back and feeling the rose onhis naked body I peeled his boxer shorts with my teeth and kissed his penis on the skin.I stood naked in front of him and then straddled on him.

My clit ring shone much to his delight. He pulled me forward and made me place my pussy just above his mouth.He started sucking my pussy on the clit,on the ring with his hot wet lips. He sucked on the clit and labia.With his tongue he opened the slit wide and inserted his tongue deep in m pussy. It felt divine.He then opend his jaw very wide and tried to take all of my pussy in his mouth and suck it. The tingling sensation of his hot saliva on my pussy lips made them large and pouting. He blowed and sucked alternatively and I could smell vodka and my pussy juices making a queer mixture.I turned my self around and faced his penis. Then while my pussy was being sucked by him I bent down to suck his penis with my lips. I slowly but firmed pushed his foreskin back and bared the flesh of his penis. He was quite Hard now and red flesh was glowing all over. The ‘eye’ of penis was opening up and slight white watery flow had tipped on the hole. I sucked it with tip of my tongue and slowly moved my tongue on the shaft. I took it in my mouth and circled my mouth and tongue around. I gargled his rim and in a mock action chewed it. Our sucking was getting synchronized and tongue movements were also matching.He was now moving on my labia lips and pulling my piercing with his teeth.I was licking his balls now and touching the space between his balls and anus. This made him pulsate with glee as I was occasionally putting a figure in his anus to tickle his prostate. From bending position I was all supine on him and our bodies were on each other. He spread his legs a little to get some room for us.I moved my mouth on his inner thighs. He did the same I noticed the cupid tattoo.He kissed it again and again much to my delight.

‘Honey I am going to blow’ Please do something he begged. Ok .I said and went about to do ‘squeeze and release’ method to delay his ejac. I told him to lie still and breathe easy. I held his penis in my hand and gently squeezed the from portion of penis with a downward pressure.After few seconds I released the grip.He took a deep breathe and I again held his penis between my thumb and index & middle figure and squeezed. On the third time he eased and said “thank you honey the urge to ejac. Has subsided.’ I released the hold and went and kissed him. He held me in his arms and rolled me to my side. Now I was on my back and he was on the side.I turned on my left shoulder and faced him.He was on his right shoulder and we faced each other. He held my right breast in his mouth and started sucking. While he was doing that I was holding his erect penis in my free hand. He was alternating between my right & left breast & was sucking me. Nipples were taut and hard and erect in response. He fondled my boobs for a while and made lie on my back.

He rolled himself above me and separated my legs. By now I was all wet and taut in and out of my body. I held his penis for a while pushed the skin back exposing red flesh. I took small quantity of ‘Xailocaine’ointment and dubbed it on the lower tip of his pennies. This is the sensitive part which triggers ejac.Hold for a minute I pleaded’this will numb the penis for a while and you would prolong the thrust.In the meanwhile I kept him busy with planting kisses all over his naked and bursting body.After sometime I clutched his penis in my hand and I guided him in my vagina carefully. His push went inside dividing flesh in my vagina to my immense pleasure. Both the clit rings were now touching shaft of his penis and my clit. He ‘Aaaha’ed with pleasure. I spread my legs wide ,opened my pussy fully to et him in .He entered with all his might and I could take all of his 8 inches inside me. It was divine pleasure. I then placed my heels on his buttocks and pressed slowly thru’ the on the pscytic nerve and pushed the heels down sliding on his hips towards his thigh. ’My god honey that’s pleasant ’he cooed.He was thrusting me with all his might. I motioned him to stop. I wanted to grab his balls and feel them in my hands. I squeezed them with my both hands and fondled the penis base. The local anesthetic was working as he had not come with cum till now. We moved side ways.That gave me little freedom to move my legs.I stretched one leg and bend it down. The slide made chucking noise.

I then motioned him to come down on his back.He did so gladly and now I was astride him like lady godiva. My hands were free and leg like a riding bicycle. He was fondling my breasts one at a time and then both. The clit rings wren touching in all places. My chain was ringing .My my this is haven. Slowly I bent forward and kissed him on his forehead,chin,lips ears. I whispered in his year’ I love you honey.’ He raised his buttock and thrusted his penis inside me with full force .To be on top for a woman has several advantages. One is not strapped under him, second there is mobility. I could circle my pussy in a rotating motion, forward and back, up & down. Push my head back and relax.I teased him by swinging my breasts left and right Butterflies were moving up & down. I could see he was enjoying every minute of lying below with me on top. God I want to be woman forever.
His pennies was mow touching my ‘G’ spot and it was pulsating with pleasure..I was wet and flowing all over his penis.I was difficult to stop the flow. It was not a piss. It was squirting liquid all over.Vaginal passage was slippery and thrusting motion was making sweet slurp,slurp,slurp sound.The local anesthetic I applied had worked and it was almost half an hour but he was still hard and working. My night was made bravo girl !!!

My pleasant thought were interrupted by hubby dear’s squeeze on my love handles.The plump portion around my waist makes an excellent handle while I was on top. Hubby had really held it firm and his nails were inside flesh. It was such a sweet pain to take this passion inside me.He was holding me half way up and fucking very hard and with a loud thumping noise.His shaft was passing on my clit and ‘g’spot with a rhythm and that was sending waves of sweet pain thru my body.I would not mind fighting with him everyday if this is how we are going to make up !!!

Crushed rose petals and jasmine flower were throwing sweet aroma mixed with our body heat, sweat, scent and of course smell of our wine mixed quick breathing. Candles burning in the corner made the room light like haven. The atmosphere was intoxicating and I was on a new high with him. I motioned him to slow down slightly and said’let’s make it slow honey’.Okay the dumbo replied.He made me turn around and I was in a cowgirl position facing his feet. He saw tattoo on my shoulder and on lower back.The funnel and dimple of my back further pleased him. Slowly I bent forward went on my knees with his penis still inside me. I bent down on my knees and he came from behind.It was doggie this time.He motioned me to stay still and grabbed my breasts and started all over with a slap,slap,slap,slap sound.The wet buttocks and his loins were making pluch,pluch,pluch,pluch noise. By now my breasts had nail marks all over and sweat made the scratches tingle with salt in it.My entire body was full of sweat

After about ten minutes of thrusting hubby dear stopped. Pulled his member out and took me in his arms, embraced me tight and kissed me on the lips.’I love you honey,more than anything in the worl’.Iwas dreaming. Which girl will not die to listen to this.He was gently touching my naked body with His hands and kissing all over.He saw love bites and bruises made by him.’Hoeny I want to show you something’.He turned around and showed me scratch marks on his lower neck upper back and lower waist. These were mine. In the heat I had scratched him all over. ‘There’s one on the shoulder; he said. A line of even teeth marks were on his shoulder. I had bitten him hard while he was on top and fucking me like crazy. It was raw passion raw passion all the way. I kissed him on the shoulder and said ’Carry this as a prize around hubby’!! The remedy to this is more love making and apply mixture of cum and pussy juice.Hubby laughed aloud and said “Whatever you have applied on the tip is nice.Its giving very pleasant sensation but I have not yet ejaculated.” I took a close look at hubby’s member. We have named it’ Johnny ’ and ‘Lali’ for my pussy.Johnny was throbbing and his red head with skin pushed back was as eager to enter ‘Lali’ as ever. The ‘eye’ was looking at me teasing.I took him my mouth and held the balls by hands.I touched the tip with my tongue and with saliva made it wet. Hubby was all excited with the motion of my mouth. I was now pumping his ‘Johnny’ with my mouth and making him grow bigger and bigger.To my excitement while I was at it my ‘Lali’ was all wet and flowing all over. I could feel drops of squirt moving out of vagina towards my inner thigh. I motioned my hubby toward it. He quickly bent down and with one ‘slurp’he wiped the drops clean. ‘It tastes nice’ hubby told me.

I left his pennis and motioned him to come over me. I was on my back and hubby bending over me. I spread my legs wide and invited him to come closer. One swift move I grabbed his’johnny’ and guided him inside my pussy for a deep,deep deep entry. I told hubby’ Use all your strength and fuck me hard and now’. He took the hint and positioned himself on me with knees well placed and started thrusts. I put my legs around his and pushed my heels on his hips. I pressed him towards me and was banging his buttocks with my heels. This made his thrusting powerful. My pussy was all receiving and the clit rings were knocking on the top. With hubby making every insertion stronger and stronger I was traveling to seventh heavan.I lost count of thrusts and was going into a slumber when a shriek from hubby and sudden feeling of hot liquid inside me woke me up. The lava was entering my vagina with full speed.Hubby was as tight as a nut and had clutched me tight with his nails crushing my waist and lower back.I had arched my body like a bow the flow seemed unending.The cum falls was flowing with full stream. After a minute or so both of us went limp and collapsed on each other.We went to a deep sleep only to wakeup in the morning.

Morning came with me floating on sweet pleasant air. Hubby dear was on my side and was in deep sleep. His face was glowing like a soul having consumed nectar and attained immortality. My entire body was open and skin glowing. We both were stark naked and did not feel any shame. This was a divine union .I examined closely hubby’s body. I had made nail scrathes on his chest, nipples, shoulder, and back. He was lying on side. I made him lie on his back. I touched his pennies. It was now small but attractive in a way. His balls were growing and reducing. His foreskin was rolled and swollen.There was reddish color to the foreskin. The ‘eye ‘of the penis was bright red and was pouting. Somehow he was dreaming of fucking me all over again. I took his penis in my mouth and touched the foreskin with my lips. He let a ‘Uhh !! Of pleasure. I thought of not disturbing him from his sleep. Then I walked to the Dresser mirror. I was looking at a woman who had a brimful of pleasure. I touched my nipples. They were red and sore with sucking. My stomach, love handles, thighs, lower back, girdle, lower abs, all had scrathes. I examined my ‘Lali;. She was smiling at me, more, more, more, was the cry I heard.. My hips were red with banging on the bed. Rose petals were stuck on all of my lower body and made very interesting decoration. And crushed rose. I touched my pussy. The clit was all red with sucking and knocking. Pulling and pushing. It had the capacity to accommodate. I turned to see hubby awake and inviting me to bed. Our story had began all over again.

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