My Wedding Night
AUTHOR: Sheetal
EDITOR: Stacey

I am Sheetal and I am going to tell you about my wonderful first night experience with my husband. Let me tell you that I am 5’5 and have a 36-28-34 figure.I am fair and have very attractive features. My parents arranged my marriage with Mihir (all names changed).I never mingled with any of the boys of our class but I was stunned to see that Mihir was so handsome! He was 6″ height with such a well built body and was well settled.As we met before marriage,I found him really shy. Soon we got married and as per our Hindu traditions, the bride and groom are allowed to live together until 7days after marriage. I was in my in-laws house but still we were not allowed to be with my husband. I used to wear a saree with a sleeveless low cut blouse. One day I caught my hubby staring at my naval with those lusty eyes when I was keeping a jar at the top self. As if he wants to pounce on me right there. I felt really shy and covered my belly with my pallu. He was embarrassed of being caught and left the place. The other day I saw him taking bath wearing only a towel and I was so turned on to see the water flowing through his chest and well build body. I noticed that he too used to peep me when I used to come out after my bath rapping a wet saree. Days passed and it had already made us to want each other so badly. It was the night when my husband was allowed to sleep with me. I was so nervous. I was wearing a red chiffon saree and had put on all my jeweleries. Soon my husband entered the room. He was looking so sexy in his black t-shirt and a pair of navy blue track pants. He closed our bed room door from inside and sat near my on the bed.He asked me to remove all my jeweleries as it may be uncomfortable for me to sleep with it so I removed it all. He held my chin up and said “ you are so beautiful sheetal… Yours lips are so red and soft..can I kiss you?” I was so nervous and just nodded my head saying yes. Without wasting a minute he held my face and started kissing me. He was sucking my lips and licking them crazily.Then he removed his t-shirt and laid me on the bed and started kissing me all over my face and neck. He continued kissing me for long. I was breathing heavily. Then he stopped for a second and opened my long hair. Then he slowly removed my pallu over my breast. I was so shy that I turned around but he was so strong and he again faced me toward him. He asked me “ why are you so shy sheetal? I am your husband now,so u don’t need to hide anything from me. Please let me see you properly”. Saying this he removed my saree totally and I was just in my blouse and petticoat. Then he teased my naval with his fingers and then he licking it. I was holding his head as his tongue was moving further inside my naval. I was making soft sounds and saying.. “…..ummmmmhhhhhh..aaaaaaa..stop it mihir…..aaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!” but he was busy in his business. After that he unhooked my blouse while he was looking straight into my eyes. He soon removed my bra and then he said “ sheetal u are so beautiful inside..you are gorgeous!” I blushing and his words were turning me on. He started pressing my boobs with both his hands and then he put my whole left boob in his mouth. I was moaning with pleasure…He started nibbling my soft boobs and I was so turned on that I scratched his back with my nails. He was rubbing his chest on my boobs and sucking my lips meanwhile he lifted my petticoat and was pressing my butts. The whole position was driving me so crazy. I felt as if I have no control over my body. Then he removed my petticoat. I was all naked now. He too removed his track pants and he was in his underwear. I could see that his cock was dieing to get out of his underwear. He then moved down and started kissing me from me feet till he reached my thighs. My entire body was loved by him. He started licking my inner things and kissed my pussy lips. A current passed through my body and I tried my best to resist but he was too strong. He hugged my waist with both his hands and kissed my pussy again and again. I was moaning aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh….ummmmmm mmmm hhhhhhhhhh…….aaaammmmmmmm………and he started to lick my pussy. My pussy was all shaved and he was licking it like an ice-cream. I was totally wet and he was licking all my juices. Then he started to enter his tongue in my pussy and was licking it. I was going crazy with such a pleasure. I was pushing his head toward me. After some time I couldn’t control myself. I pulled him up and started kissing him. I came top of him and started kissing him all over his chest and then I slowly went down kissing on his lower belly. I saw him closing his eyes in pleasure. I gently put my hand on his cock. He left a moan out of pleasure. I removed his underwear and threw it beside. I was stunned to see such a big and masculine cock. It must be around 7-8 inches. I started caressing it with my hand and then I kissed at its tip. Mihir started making sounds and I was enjoying it. It was so long that I couldn’t take it all in my mouth but still I licked it with a to and fro motion rubbing his foreskin with my soft and pink lips. I was moving my tongue all around it and was pressing his thighs. Mihir was at the top of his ecstasy. He couldn’t control longer and threw me on the bed and got over me.Both of us were breathless and our hearts were beating really fast. He again started licking my pussy crazily and after he had tongue fucked me for sometime, he took his cock which was hard and strong like rod and rubbed it on my pussy hole. My pussy was so wet that it slipped inside with such a ease and with a stroke he pushed it inside. It was a different feeling of pain and pleasure. I was moaning loudly…ahhhhhhhhh..ufffffaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh…..oh god!!!!!!!….ummmmm…After he did it with all his strokes he stopped and I was too tiered… We realized that its already 4am! We spend all night in making love to each other. So we slept in each others arms totally naked! I woke in the morning and found my husband playing with my hair and admiring my beauty..We kissed each other and then he took me in his arms to have a bath together. After that my husband would always catch hold of me by calling me inside our bedroom for his wallet or towel and make me sit on his lap and kiss me…He often hug me or suck my boobs when no one’s near..But soon we got shifted to a distant place, away from my in-laws where we were totally alone. This increased our sexual activities and we tried so many exciting ways which I would share with you in my next stories…

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