Oh Darling Hubby
AUTHOR: swati

When I opened the door and let my husband Rohit come in I knew something was different.He kicked the door shut and straightaway swept me in his arms and carried me to the sofa in the living room. There he kep me and mounted me straightaway.I giggled and tried to push hiom away but he would have none of it.

“I want you right now my sexy slut,”He said and raised my housegown to knees revealing my smooth milky white thighs and their fleshy undersides.I sighed as his hand travleed up to my inner thigh and touched my panties.

“Hey Rohit I’m cooking na baba”I said as a false pretense.
“Forget the cooking I need my wife right now ummmm” He pressed his mouth agaisnt mine and kissed me for a long long time.His hand was kneading my breast through my gown.I sighed and finally responded by opening both my lips and my thighs.Rohit sttod up for a moment and hurriedly discrded huis shirt and trousers.He was hung like a horse and now he stood in front of me and once again carried me to our bedroom.There I stood for a minute to slip out of my gown and stood in front of my husband in a pair of red bra and panties.My breasts always full were even fuller now that I was aroused.

Their black nipples pressed against the thin fabric of my bra.My panties showd my lng white legs and the roundness of my beautyful buttocks.Now Rohit made me sit and pshed my hand on his short.Smiling mischievously I pulled his shorts down and pushed my hand inside to encircle his pole.MMMMM he was strong my bull….. I started to massage his dick slowly while running my hand on his stomach saying dirty nothings like”Master oyu are so strong, now you are gonna rip me….ommm I am getting wet now” I was also running a hand on my breasts slowly.Rohit replaced my hand with his and started ton knead my brasts with both hands.I pushed my breasts forward till his hands were cupping my breasts like a second skin.Rohit unhooked it and I let it fall around my stomach.My breasts are quite firm so thatn I dont have to worry about wearing a bra if I am dressed in a backless choli etc so now my hausband’s hands felt very very good on them.My nipples felt stiff and pushed against Rohit’s hands.He continued kneading them in circular motion while I continued masterbuting him slowly gently.

Then the slut I am I bent forward to plant a chaste kiss on his navel.Rohit groaned and pulled my hair so that my mouth was pressed against his manhood.I sighed and inhaled the manly sweaty aroma coming from his dick.Then I opened my mouth to take him it.I took his lund between my rosy lips and sucked on it gently touching the tip with my tongue.Rohit sighed louder and pushed my head there.I eased down from the bed and sat on my knees in front of him.

“Come on master let your slut suck you,”I said and ran my tongue over the length of his shaft.Rohit held my hair and ears in his hands like handle and pushed his dick inside my mouth.

Originally I had begun to give blowjob to Rohit when i had my periods but these days he enjoyed the domination he could feel while I am on knees in front of him.So I too oblige him by giving him a blow job on most of the sessions together.I now started to suck on him feveroushly while Rohit alternately played with my hair and breasts.I pressed my breasts against his knees and enjyed the way his dick felt sticky and salty in my mouth.

“you will eat evey drop slut”rohit said as he neared climax.Eventually when he came I kept him in mouth and drank squirt adfert squirt of hot saly cum.Fianlly unable to swallow no more I let some dribble down my chin.Rohit took his lund out and shook it ocne twice and some further drops fell on my face and breasts.

Bretahless I stood up and waited for order

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