The Black Out

The Black Out
A short story
Marvlous Harrison

The Black Out
“Daddy’s home, daddy’s home!” Ja-nia, the oldest of his two girls, yelled happily
when she saw her father ’s car pull into the drive way.
“Go open the door for your father,” Toni, Ja-nia’s mother said unfazed by her
husband’s arrival. They had been happily married for the last eleven years but in the last
years or so the happiness had began to dwindle. They moved from New York city to
Fairburn, Georgia due to her husband John getting offered a job promotion. He could
have easily turned it down but they both agreed it might be the best thing for their
“Hey, what’s up?” John as he entered the house.
“Nothing. How was work?” Toni asked.
John sighed and replied, “work,” as he loosened his neck tie before John
disappeared upstairs. That was a far as their conversation went on a daily basis and they
only said that much to each other for the sake of the girls.
“Daddy, I had a test today in school,” Ja-nia told her father as he made her way to
her bedroom. He always made sure to spend a few minutes out of the night with his girls
before he locked his self inside his office.
“Oh yeah, how you do?”
“I know I passed. It was easy,” Ja-nia beamed. She was a bright student, who
always excelled in school.
“That’s good baby. Where’s your sister?” John asked referring to his daughter
Jaymee, the youngest of the girls. Ja-nia was 10 and Jaymee was 8.
“She in the playroom,” Ja-nia answered.
“Let’s go see what she’s doing,” John said with a huge smile as he scooped Ja-nia
off her feet and carried her down the hall to the girls playroom.
“Daddy!” Jaymee yelled happy to see her father when he opened the door to the
“How was school?” John asked her as he scooped her up too.
“It was fun,” Jaymee answered in a soft voice. She was different from Ja-nia. Ja-
nia had a loud booming voice, where as Jaymee spoke in a soft voice that was often too
low to understand.
“That’s good,” John said smiling. “Wow, y’all are getting too heavy for daddy to
be carrying both of y’all at the same time,” he told them as he put the girls down.
“We not heavy daddy!” Ja-nia said in her loud voice.
“If y’all not heavy then I must be getting old,” John joked. “I’ma go change my
work clothes and I’ma come back and play with y’all in a little while. Okay?”
“Yes,” Ja-nia answered.
“Okay,” Jaymee said in a low voice as she quickly returned to her dolls. John
closed the door behind him and walked the few feet to the master bedroom.
John returned down stairs minutes later wearing a his t-shirt and a pair of
basketball shorts, his clothes of leisure. He shot a glance at Toni, who sitting on the sofa
in the entertainment room watching Waiting To Exhale, as he headed for the refrigerator.

He opened it and stuck his head inside looking for a ice cold Corona.
Toni, knowing exactly what John was looking for, looked over at him and rolled
her eyes. “If you hungry, dinner is ready.”
“I ate already,” John replied flatly. “I’ma be in the den.”
“Just as always,” Toni said smartly in a low voice as she watched him disappear
from the kitchen. John had made it a habit of avoiding Toni for the last few months. She
didn’t know if he was doing it to avoid a fight or if he just couldn’t stand being around
her anymore.
“Aye, what happen, you tripped the circuit breaker or something?!” John yelled
out to Toni as he came out of the den to see what was going on. The lights had went out
in the house and he didn’t know why.
“Daddy, daddy…it’s dark!” Ja-nia screamed as her and Jaymee came out of their
adjacent bedrooms.
“I know baby. You and your sister stay in your bedroom,” John instructed them.
“What happen; why did the lights go out like that?” Toni asked as she came out of
the entertainment room.
“I don’t know. Maybe it’s the circuit breaker,” John answered as he fumbled
around in the darkness making his way to garage. He knew from instinct there was a
flashlight sitting on the garage floor directly by the door so he bent down and got it.
“You think you can fix it?” Toni asked over his shoulder.
John let out a sigh and said, “why don’t you go up stairs and make sure the girls
are okay.”
If it wasn’t for the complete darkness he would have seen the look she had given
him. “You know what, I’ma do that,” she said before walking off. Now wasn’t the time
for an argument.
John walked up the stairs with a flashlight and a handful of candles looking for
Toni and the girls. “I found out what the problem was,” he told them as he met them in
Ja-nia’s bedroom.
“What is it?” Toni asked. “Is it the circuit breaker?”
“I think the storm caused it. All the lights is out in the neighborhood. I found
some candles and another flashlight. We should be alright,” he told them.
“A black out?” Toni said shocked. Since they had moved to Fairburn there had
been a few storms strong enough to take out the power. It never lasted too long but Toni
hadn’t gotten used to it yet just the same.
“I don’t know but it shouldn’t last too long.”
“Well, what about…”
“Toni, it’ll be okay. The girls can sleep together and they’ll have a flashlight in
their room just in case they need to go to the bathroom or anything,” John said cutting her
off before her panic frightened the girls.
“Are you sure? Maybe we can go to a hotel or something,” Toni pressed.
“If the lights are out here then they’re out in the streets too. It’s safer if we stay
here. Besides, it’s the girls bedtime.” He watched as they lumbered into bed before he sat
the spare flashlight on the carpeted floor beside the Ja-nia’s bed. “If y’all need me all you
gotta do is call for me. I’ma be right in the den. Okay?”

“Yes,” Ja-nia answered. Jaymee just shook her head.
As he left out the bedroom Toni raced behind him stopping him in the hallway. “I
don’t think staying here is a good idea,” she told him in a hushed voice.
John sighed and said, “listen, you need to get a grip. The lights went out, so what.
They’ll be back on in a little while.” He wasn’t in the mood for her paranoia.
“But John,” she called out in a hushed but slightly elevated voice. When he kept
walking down the stairs it was evident he had already made up his mind.
John stood in his den watching videos on his laptop but it didn’t take long for the
batter y to die. In fact it only took another forty minutes. Frustrated, he knew his only
other options now was to go to his bedroom, where Toni was no doubt at. Probably
reading one of her urban books that she loved so much.
When he reached the master bedroom she was doing just that. The only thing he
hadn’t counted on was her lying across the bed completely naked. He tried not to pay her
any much attention but it was hard. No matter what they were going through it had no
affect on her appearance. Her soft brown skin was glowing in the dark from the bright
moon light shinning on her from outside. He could tell she was sweating by the way she
glistened. Damn, she looked good.
He took his basketball shorts and t-shirt off and slid in the bed, making sure to
leave enough space between them as they did every night. He tried to keep his eyes to
himself but he couldn’t help it, she was too beautiful. He thought about trying his luck
but the sex had been so bad between them the last few times that they both made it a
priority to avoid it.
“What you reading?” he asked out of the blue. When she didn’t answer he looked
at her closely and noticed she was wearing head phones. He tapped her and when she
removed the head phones he asked her again, “what you reading?”
Toni gave him a funny look. It had been a long time since he gave any interest in
what she was doing. She could have been having an affair, which she had been thinking
about more and more lately, and John probably would have cared less. “What happen,
your laptop died on you?”
“Tss, for get it,” John said annoyed knowing she was right.
Realizing she hurt his feelings, she said, “It’s called Platinum Love.”
“Oh, is it good?”
“Yeah. You want me to read some of it to you?” Toni asked. It had been a long
time since they laid in bed reading to each other. For that matter, it had been a long time
since they said more than two words to each other with any hostility in their voices.
“Cool.” John laid there next to her as she read the three pages from the book
before he stopped her. “what the hell is this, a porn book?” he asked shocked at the
amount of adult content in the book.
Toni laughed and said, “no it’s not porn. It’s actually a really good book.”
“Shit, it sounds like porn to me. That‘s probably why you laying up in the bed
naked,” John joked.
“No, I’m naked because it’s hot as hell in here and I can’t used the a.c.”
“Yeah, it is pretty hot in here,” John agreed. After a few seconds he asked her,
“why don’t you take a cool shower?”
“I actually was thinking about getting in the tub.”

“So why don’t you?”
“I don’t know, you was in your office and the girls was in the room and I…”
“Go head, I’ll listen out for the girls to make sure they alright,” John offered.
Toni thought about it for a moment and said, “Okay.”
She got up from the bed and walked across the floor to her dresser. Her shape was
still perfect after two children. She reached inside the top draw to get something to wear
for when she get out the tub and the lights flickered for a brief second before staying on
per manently.
“Thank God,” Toni let out happily.
John quickly jumped out the bed and rushed over to the light switch and flicked it
off. “Don’t let the lights stop you.”
“But nothing. I told you I got the girls. In fact, I’ma go check on them right now,”
he told her.
“Okay,” she replied with a huge grin as he headed for the bedroom door. “If you
want you can join me.”
John smiled grew wider. “I’ll be right back,” he said before rushing out to check
on the girls.
When John returned, which was no more than a minute later, Toni was in the
bathroom with the water running into the hot tub as she was lighting some scented
candles that she had bought when they first moved in but never got the chance to use. “I
figured it was a good time to use them.”
“Okay,” John replied as he started to step out of his boxer shorts. They stepped in
the hot tub with each of them sitting at opposite sides. The only light in the bathroom was
from the scented candles. It caused small shadows to dance across their wet, naked bodies
as they sat there waiting for the tub to finish filling up.
“How was the girls?” Toni asked making small talk hoping the night wouldn‘t go
bad between them.
“They sleep. They didn’t even realize the lights came on.”
“Good,” she replied as she closed her eyes and wet the top of her body with the
bubbles and water.
‘Damn, she look good,’ John thought as he watched her. It was evident they was
still in love. They were just going through something like every other couple. “If we had
some music right now this would be the perfect scene.”
“I agree. A little Mar y’s “My Life” make everything seem so perfect,” Toni
“That’s what you was listening to when I came in the room?”
“Yes in deed. Every female need’s a little Mary in her life when things are looking
down. It helps change your outlook on things,” Toni said.
“That’s how things look to you, down?” John asked. Before she had a chance to
speak her mind he dug his hand in the water and pulled her foot out. He caressed it softly,
rubbing her arches. “What if I promise to change, will you meet me half way?” he asked
as he continued to rub her foot.
“Oh John…,” she moaned. Her body was saying hell yes but her heart was saying
hell no. “Yes,” she finally answered as he began sucking her toes. “I just hope…”

“Shh,” he said hoping this was one time she listened. He really did want things to
change. “Why don’t you come sit at this end with me.”
Toni stood up in the hot tub allowing the water to cascade off her body. There
were suds on her from the bubbles but they did little to hide any of her body parts. She sat
down between John’s legs resting her back against his chest. It’s been a long time since
she felt this close to him.
Toni’s soft skin felt good against John’s slightly hairy chest. He wrapped his arms
around her holding a little tight. He kissed the side of her neck as she began to run her
sponge against soft brown skin. She was washing her legs in such a seductive way it was
driving him crazy. When she began humming he almost lost it. She had a habit of
humming the song from the Color Purple making her look even more irresistible. It was
her “tell” that she was happy.
John moved from her neck to her shoulder with his kisses. She let him know she
liked it by turning her head to the side. John then loosened his hold on her and began
caressing her breast while she still ran the sponge over her legs. By now he was
interrupting her humming, causing her to gasp for breath ever y few bars. When one of his
hands slipped back in the water, finding it’s way between her legs she stopped humming
all together.
Toni’s head rocked back on him as he massaged her clit under the water. “Oh
John,” she moaned in pleasure.
He continued to play with her, occasionally penetrating her with his finger for a
quick moment. She was tight but not as tight as he expected. He knew instantly she had
been using her “toy”.
“Let’s get outta here,” he whispered in her ear.
Toni let out a short breath as if she was on the verge of climaxing before she
managed to say, “Okay.”
When Toni and John made it to their bed they were still wet from their bath. Toni
laid down on her terrycloth towel as she watched John come out of the bathroom with
both of the lit scented candles. He placed on them on the wooden foot post of the four
poster bed. It was more than enough room on it to make sure they didn’t fall. He then
walked over to where her Ipod was lying and connected it to the stereo. He knew what
ever she was listening to would be just fine for the moment. Unless it was some “I hate
men” hating music. When he heard the sultr y sounds of Mary J. Blige began to play he
was happy.
John joined Toni on the bed, where she was waiting with her legs open
anticipating his arrival. He climbed between her legs coming face to face with her.
Foreplay was on his mind but it wouldn’t happen tonight. He wasn’t taking a chance on
things going bad.
“I see we got music now,” Toni said with a huge grin.
“I figured we might need it,” John said as he pressed against her pulsing vagina.
She was beyond moist, she was dripping wet. She not only wanted him but she
needed him badly. “John, don’t tease me, give it to me.”
John did as she asked and pushed inside her. She was tighter than his finger had
told him so it hurt both of them. He even swore he heard her vagina make a noise as if
someone was cracking their knuckles. “Fuck, you tight as hell,” John said in a husky

voice as he tried to push deeper. She was extremely wet but that didn’t help too much.
“Because you don’t give it to me that much,” she replied as she gasped for breath.
John got ready to say something smart but she stopped him. “Just fuck me. Make me cum
and we can fight later.”
John did just that. He lifted her legs up, allowing him to go deeper. He pushed all
the way inside her causing her to gasp for air as he filled her. She came instantly, but it
wasn’t what she was looking for.
“I need it…I need it bad,” Toni tells him.
John picks up his speed as her ankles rest on top of his shoulders. He knows what
she needs. His long steady stroked become more rushed. He’s not fully fucking her yet
but he’s close to it. He pins her legs to her shoulders and begin giving it to her as hard as
he can. He yanked her to the end of the bed pushing as deep inside her as possible.
After the second time Toni came she instantly loosened up for him. She cocked
her legs opened for him as wide as possible so she could receive all of him just like she
did before they began their spiral decent towards divorce. “Don’t give me that slow shit.
Fuck me, fuck me hard,” she whispered in his ear, egging him on. “I deserve that much.”
Frustrated by Toni’s constant nagging, John pulled her to the edge of the high four
poster bed and began having his way with her like she was the first piece of pussy he’d
had in years. His ten inches filled her to the very bit and when he couldn’t push any
further he forced her to turn over.
Toni laid on her stomach as he penetrated her. “That’s it John, fuck me. Fuck me
hard,” she let out as he had his way with her.
John did just as she asked, fucking her furiously as she bucked and tried to run
away from his dick. “Get over here,” he commanded as he grabbed her by the back of the
neck forcing her to stay in place.
Toni body moved and jerked as he had his way with her. Her cries and pleas
switched to moans and wines ever y few minutes, which she had to stifle by burying her
face in the sheets.
John began to grunt and make the kind of sound that confir med what Toni was
thinking. He was about to cum. His grip on her neck tightened and his thrusts became
harder. It didn’t help much that Toni was actually pushing back egging him on.
“Don’t cum in me,” she pleaded.
“Wh…what?” John stuttered as he continued his pace.
“I wanna feel it on me. Bust on my back,” she told him as she panted from the
rough sex.
Seconds later John did just that. He yanked out of her and jerked him self until his
warm sper m splashed on her ass and lower back. “Agh…shit,” he let out as his orgasm
ripped through him. It had been weeks since the last time they had sex, and that was
merely to keep each other quiet.
When John finished he stood over Toni’s glowing body. She turned over as she
got up and smiled at him. He smiled back as she walked off to the bathroom to clean his
sperm off her. When she returned she found lying in the bed with the sheet over his naked
body. She lift the sheet and got under it, climbing on top of him. She guided his semi-
erect penis inside her.
“Shh…I just wanna feel you inside me while I’m sleeping. Just like the old days,”

she told him in a low voice that was full of desperation.
John remained quiet as she lowered herself on him before lying down on his
chest. She ran her fingers through his chest hairs until he fell asleep. Once she heard his
light snoring she kissed his bottom lip softly and smiled. She then laid her head back on
his chest and fell asleep with good thoughts and hopes of a better relationship.
When John woke up the next morning he was in bed alone, which wasn’t
uncommon. Toni was a stay at home mom so she always got the girls up early enough to
get dress and eat breakfast before catching the school bus. John lumbered in the bathroom
to the shower never realizing their were no remnants of last night. As far as he knew it
could have all been a good dream.
When he finished getting dress for work he ventured down stairs to the kitchen to
have his morning cup of orange juice. He was shocked to find Toni in the kitchen cooking
breakfast with a huge smile.
“Good morning. I set the alarm clock thirty minutes early so you’d have enough
time to eat breakfast,” she told him with happy.
“Thanks. I didn’t even notice it was so early,” John said as he took a seat at the
kitchen table. It took a second for everything to register in his mind but when it did a
smile grew on his face. At that point the knew ever ything would be alright.
When he finished eating breakfast Toni got his briefcase for him sitting at the
door. “What you want for dinner tonight?” she asked as she adjusted his silk tie. Before
the arguing and fighting started Toni always walked him to the door making sure his
appearance was perfect. The last thing she wanted was for some Southern girl to come
along thinking his wife wasn’t on her job.
“Um…how about we go out to eat?” he replied as he gave her a soft kiss on the
“Ooh…I like that. I’ll make sure the girls are ready when you get home.”
“Okay.” John gave her another kiss, this time deep and passionate. Things was
definitely going to get better.
Every since the power outage John and Toni’s relationship had gotten better. They
made sure to have a “black out” night once a month. It was the spark they needed.
The End

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