Love Hurts

Tarnished Heroes: Love Hurts
Lisa Beth Darling

Chapter One

Love hurts, love scars, love wounds
And mars, any heart
Not tough or stong enough
To take a lot of pain, take a lot of pain
Love is like a cloud
Holds a lot of rain
Love hurts……ooh,ooh love hurts
Love Hurts

October 31st
Peggy Guggenheim Museums
Venice Italy

Chapter One

“Where’s Daniel?” Calla was demanding to know as she stood there in front of him, those big fake tits of hers thrust out in anger and her little fists planted on her strung out hips.

“Don’t make a scene, Callie,” David said in a low voice that was more Daniel’s than his own. “Danny’s fine, you don’t have to worry.” He looked at the painting in front of them. It was the portrait of Daniel with the kids. “That’s….well, that’s…stunnin’ Callie.”

Calla was shifting from one foot to the other and her eyes were searching the room for any signs of those who might be looking at them with any interest. “Someone is going to recognize you.” She said in an almost hissing voice.

“Someone?” David looked around and found his target. Andrew Hartley had yet to see them standing in the corner he was too busy chatting up whoever the young girl was. “You don’t have to worry about that just yet.”

“What do you want? Why are you here?” She whispered in a strong voice and David noticed she was trying to focus on him. “Where is Daniel?”

Calla was standing there unsteadily as she looked up at him trying to decide which one he was. She began to rock on those high heels. Afraid she was going to topple over he put his arm around her waist to keep her steady. “I told yew, he’s fine,” David insisted, “Danny knows I’m here…that we’re here.” David moved to her left to block her from Andrew Hartley’s view and his own face from the crowd.

“Can he hear me?”

“Sorta, I s’pose.” David told her. “Dew yew know Danny’s been trying to get in touch with yew?”

“When?” She asked in an unbelieving tone and rolled those stoned emerald eyes at him. The waiter came past and she snatched a fresh glass of champagne from the tray.

“Dun yew think yew’ve had enuff, Callie?” David reached out to take the glass but she wouldn’t let him. “Fine, dew wot yew want.” He huffed. “Anyway it’s true he’s been tryin’ ta git in touch wit yew fer a while.”

“You’re lying. I haven’t heard anything from Daniel other than the divorce papers he sent.” Calla said in an accusatory voice and drank down most of the champagne in the glass. “I need a cigarette.” She finished the rest of the glass, looked past him around his upper arm and saw Andy was still chatting away. Without saying anything else to David Jackson she made her way past him and toward the back exit where there was a smoking balcony.

“I ain’t lyin’, Callie, if’n yew dun believe me, gurl, yew jus’ go on nah, an ask An’y Hartley about it. The kids have been trying to reach you too for the last week or more.” David said as he followed her outside and watched her light up the Newport.

“I haven’t heard from them.” Calla drew deep off the freshly lit cigarette.

“I dun doubt that one li’l bit. Yew dun be’live me dats fine, I un’erstand. But, dew us both a fava an’ check your cell phone and your e-mail ta see who might be blocked.” David sneered.

“I would never block my kids…or Daniel.” She admitted and drew in another drag.

“I know. When did you start that bad habit?”

They were alone out here on the balcony, far away from Andy’s eyes and whatever press might still be lurking around. “It’s not my only vice. Things change.” She said haughtily and exhaled the smoke in his face. “Want one? As I recall you smoke.”

“I see dat an’ ah, I dun mind if I dew.” David reached out for the cigarette she handed him. Calla lit it for him and he drew off it. “Damn dats good.” He commented with a smile. “I don’t get too many of these anymore.” Now he sounded more like Daniel but he soon dropped back into his own voice. “How yew doin’, Callie? How’s dis here high-life treatin’ ya?”

“They love me, can’t you see that? What else could I possibly want?” She smiled while she drew in a deep drag of smoke and then turned her back to him. “I returned Daniel’s papers. If they weren’t what he thought they would be then too bad.”

“Nah they weren’t.” David moved to stand in front of her. “Neither one ‘a us liked seein’ your blood on ‘em.”

Calla stood there thinking about what he said and tried to remember just a few days ago when she signed those papers Andy put in front of her. “I had a nose bleed…”

“Gittin’ a lot of dem dese days, are ya?”

Calla gritted her teeth and ignored his comments.“ I’m sorry if I messed them up, Andy said they’d be all right.”

“Ah-huh,” David intoned. “Danny’s gonna wit’draw his petition. He’s gonna file for reconciliation.”

“He can’t do that.” She gasped. “Andy said he can’t do that. He can’t force me to come back to him. The rules here are different than in my world.” She turned around again and drew off her cigarette. “Why would Daniel do that anyway? Andy said if he tried that it just meant that he wants more money.”

“Mab-be Danny jus’ wants you to come home.”

Now she turned around. “I saw him with that…that little tart!” She yelled and then dropped her voice. “God knows who else he’s been fucking in my…our…HIS bed. MY house!” The cigarette was getting down to the nub but she took another drag before pitching it to the stone patio floor and squashing it under those hooker heels. “He hit my Daughter!” She hissed at him. “He drove my children out of their home…he..” she stopped and shook her head at him. Something warm was trickling from her nostrils Calla swiped at it with the back of her hand. Blood. She reached into the small clutch and pulled a blood-stained cotton handkerchief which she held her under nose to catch the blood.

“That don’t look sew gud.” David intoned. “Cocaine’ll do that to ya, Callie. Dat how yew got blood on dem papers?”

Calla blew her nose into the dainty rag. “I have to go back inside before I’m missed.” She huffed at him as the bleeding stopped and she stuffed the handkerchief back into the clutch, pulled out a compact and checked her appearance. Right there in front of David’s eyes she dipped a long pinky nail into what he had thought was facial powder she huffed the white substance up one sore nostril and then repeated the action. “But if you’re here as his little messenger boy you can tell him I’m not coming back. If he finds he has anything else to say to me, at least he could have the balls to deliver his own messages.” She clicked the compact shut, dropped it back in the clutch and turned on her heels to leave.

“Nah-ah.” David reached out and grabbed her upper arm. “I ain’t here as Danny’s li’l messenger boy, Callie.”

“Let go of me. What the hell do you want, why do you even care?”

David dropped his cigarette and ran his free hand through her strawberry blond hair. “Does that surprise you so much, Callie? That I’d be here? That I might have a say in this? That I might care about you n’ Danny?”

“Yes.” He looked like Daniel, he smelled like Daniel and sometimes as he talked he even sounded like Daniel. But he wasn’t and she shouldn’t lose sight of that. “That last time I saw you, you were selling me to the highest bidder and taping it for your amusement. That would be on top of the things you did before that. You’ll have to forgive me if I question your sincerity.”

“Ah-huh, but, well now, I did he’p yew get Danny back from dat planet,” David reminded her, “But yeah, I a’mit it, Callie I’m a snake and dats why I’m here. Gurl, Hartley he’s a snake too, Callie.” She tried to get away from him but David tightened his grip. “Takes one ta know one. Lis’en ta me. He’s killin’ yew. Even if yew dun come back ta us yew gotta git away from him. All he wants is the money.”

“Killing me? Look, Daniel…David…whatever the fuck your name is, Andy takes care of me now. Andy looks out for me.” Calla protested and tried again to get her arm out of his hold.

“And the dyin’ part?” David asked. “We all know’d you flat lined on the table so wot’s it gonna take b’fore…..”

“We’re Immortal!” She hissed in a low voice and pushed at him again. “None of us is likely to die in the near future! Obviously not you!” She pushed at him with her free hand and wriggled and shoved. “Let go of me!”

“An’ys only taking care of hissself.” David warned in Daniel’s voice. “That’s all An’y cares about is An’y. Danny and I know wot you’ve been tru. We know wot happened to you after you left us.”

“Us? Are you listening to yourself? I was Daniels’ wife, not yours.”

“Yes still Danny’s wife.” David reminded her and then, well, he just couldn’t help it. She was standing there so close to him and those emerald eyes were spitting fire in his direction as those New & Improved bigger tits of hers heaved up down somewhere near eye level and he reached out and touched them. “Dats a damn shame, Callie.” He licked his lips and shook his head. “All of it.” David slid his hands over those fake tits and while her heart quickened and her breathing almost came to a stop the look in her eyes told him she couldn’t feel his touch. When you pushed little ones to big ones in just one push sometimes there was nerve damage done and those pretty little titties weren’t so little anymore and they weren’t sensitive anymore. “Damn shame,” he whispered again. “Danny, he dun like these neither.”

“Did he tell you that?” Calla returned with a roll of her eyes and then looked down to notice his hand was on her breast, she pushed it away. “What gives you the right to touch me? In case you’re interested, Andy’s quite fond of them, I assure you. “

“Hum, I ‘magine he is….”

Calla pushed forward and ignored him. “And I also assure that I’ll pay the bill, my paintings are going up for sale in just over a month, I’ll pay for all of it. You..Daniel..whoever! Won’t be stuck with it…all right? Is that what you came here for? Money?”

“No,” David whispered. “Danny, he hurt you, didn’t he Callie? More than you ever thought he would.” This time when she tried to back away David let her go. “Maybe more ‘n yew can fo’give him for? At least not right now.” Those pretty stoned emerald eyes were already filling up with tears and she was biting down on her bottom lip. “He’s sorry, Callie. So am I. I tried to stop him, the whole time he was on dat damn planet with d’ose women I kept trying to stop him but he wouldn’t lis’en ta me.”

“Because he loves Sha’re so much,” she shook her head and swiped at her nose which had started to trickle blood again and then the tears falling from her eyes. “I saw that woman he was with…on our anniversary…. I was never good enough for him.”

“That ain’t true, Callie. Danny….”

“I hurt him far too much,” she said without looking up or hearing David. “I did bad things,” her voice wasn’t quivering and she wasn’t crying anymore. She’d taken on that light conversational tone that he hated so much the one that said they weren’t talking about anything more important than days’ weather. “Very bad,” now she looked up at him and gave him a sad smile. “It’s over. I signed the papers and that’s best for all of us, Andy says so. I’ll give Daniel whatever he wants so long as he does not come after Andy, it’s not his fault.”

That was one of the things he’d come to hear on his brother’s behalf. It wasn’t much easier for David than it was for Daniel to take. Calla depended on Hartley and she wasn’t anywhere near ready to start depending on Danny again. “I told yew, Danny’s filin’ for reconciliation, he’s droppin’ every’tan Calllie. ‘Cludin’ the charges ‘ginst Andrew Hartley.”

“I don’t know what his game is…or yours for that matter…but he doesn’t want me back.” Calla wanted another drink and she wanted another boot more than anything. But her voice kept on in that even conversational tone. “Andy says Daniel can’t do that…not even if he wanted to its too late. Andy says….”

“An’y says! An’y says! Wot do yew say, Callie?” David asked and didn’t wait for an answer. “Cole and Nick and Annie, they all moved back into the house. Dats wot they been e-mailing and callin’ an’ tryin’ ta tell yew. They dun forgiven their Daddie. There’s gone be a li’l baby there soon. The only thing missing now is you.” David licked his bottom lip and let out a little sigh. “Danny loves yew, Callie and so do I.”

“You? You….what?” Calla charged. “What in Gods’ name do YOU know about love?”

Callie looked as though she’d been hit with a cattle prod but still what he said was true. David didn’t have the particulars, he didn’t know how or why or when or even how but he did know that somewhere along the line and over the course of her marriage to his brother, whatever was left of David Jackson and still living in the head of his brother—memories the history they had as kids, he didn’t know and it didn’t matter—David Jackson fell head over heels for her. In his entire violent life David Jackson never loved anyone and certainly no one ever loved him and he didn’t expect her to open her arms and return the sentiment. Still, he wasn’t about to watch some jackass like Andrew Fucking Hartley or Daniel Jackson screw it up for him. That was what David Jackson really came here to say. “I dun some awful thangs ta yew m’self, I know. Still it’s true, I love ya too, Callie. I am so sorry fer all those nasty thangs I dun to yew,” his voice softened as he reached out to touch her cheek. “If’n I could take it all back I wud. Danny wud too, he’s awful sorry he nevha wanted ta hurt yew. Won’t yew jus’ come home, Callie? Ev’y tang else will work itself out.”

“There you are, darlin’. I’ve been looking all over for you.” Andrew Hartley said as he walked out on the smoking patio. “Daniel so good to see you.” He held out his hand. “I hope you’re enjoying the show.”

Enjoying the show. That was one way to put it. David reached out and shook Hartley’s hand. “Andrew,” he said as he acknowledged the man’s presence.

“What are you doing here? Didn’t you get the papers we sent?” Andrew Hartley put his arm around Callestah and moved her out of arms’ reach of the man he thought was Daniel Jackson.

We sent…cute. David cleared his throat. “Yes I did. I came to talk to my wife, you don’t mind do you?”

“Actually, mate,” Andrew smiled falsely, “I do. As I’ve told her…repeatedly… you’re in the middle of litigation you shouldn’t talk to each other without your lawyers present.” Andy looked away from Daniel and back to the woman at his side. “Come along, darlin’ we’ve a gala to attend.”

“Excuse me, Andy,” David chimed, “I have come a long way to see my wife…”

“You should have made an appointment, mate. Next time you’ll know better.” Andrew Hartley shot with cool sophisticated British Charm.

Calla didn’t look back when Andrew Hartley led her away from him for the second time.

“Calla,” David said in a loud voice, “You know where home is.”

Tarnished Heroes: Love Hurts
Lisa Beth Darling

Chapter Two

I’m young, I know, but even so
I know a thing or two
And I learned from you
I really learned a lot, really learned a lot
Love is like a flame
It burns you when it’s hot
Love hurts……ooh,ooh love hurts
Love Hurts

Soon after that Andrew Fucking Hartley didn’t just take her out into the gallery and back to the crowd, he bid everyone a fond good night and took her out of the building. David followed them outside with the rest of the crowd, watched them climb into a stretch limo with a young blonde woman and an even young dark haired male. Andrew Fucking Hartley did not look like a happy man.

David climbed into his own rented car and followed them down the narrow dark Venice streets.

Davy, do you know what you’re doing?

No. Do you?


Then shut up and go along for the ride, baby bruther.

She was surprised to see us, huh? She didn’t look so good.

Nah, she did’t, Danny. I dun like da way Hartley pull’d ‘er outta there.

Me either. Do you think she believed you, Davy?

Yep, I dew. Part a ‘er anyway.

It started to rain and David flicked on the wiper blades soon the narrow streets were slick as he followed the limo. A few miles down the road it stopped in front of a rather unassuming little house. It certainly didn’t look like the type of place that Andrew Hartley would hang out in but sure enough the group of four climbed out of the back and the chauffer held a black umbrella over them as they went up to the door and were let inside. The limousine made its way around the corner where the driver parked and waited.

Even Hartley had to buy his drugs somewhere although both David and Daniel would have said he had a peon to run that errand for him. Twenty minutes went by and they didn’t come out. Half an hour and still no sign of them. Most drugs buys didn’t take that long, well, not in David’s vast experience anyway. Turning around in the seat and looking back toward where the limo was parked he saw a lot of nice cars parked on the side streets around but not in front of this house. The windows over there weren’t any help, all the shades were pulled down and the rooms looked dimly lit to begin with. He couldn’t even see any shadows moving around in there.

David opened the car door and got out into the chilling raining night.

Where are you going?

O’va there.

I hate to break it to you but we don’t belong over there. Whatever’s going on they’re not going to let us in.

Mab-be not. David crossed the street, pushed open the little gate between the sidewalk and front walk and then closed it behind him. We’ll jus’ git us a peek at the inside.

David knocked on the door and a young woman opened it.

“Buona sera Signor.”

Yur up, Danny.

“Buona sera Signora. Parla inglese? “ (Good evening Miss. Do you speak English?)


“La mia macchina non va” (My car has broken down.) Daniel smiled shyly for the pretty girl at the door. “Vorrei fare una telefonata.” (Can you help me? I’d like to make a telephone call.)

“Si.” She stepped aside to let him in. The woman brought him through a rather ordinary looking living room to where a telephone was sitting.

David and Daniel looked out through the same set of eyes seeing the same things and breathing in the same strong scent of booze and sex. Lots of sex. If he listened he could hear people off in the distance of the house somewhere. He couldn’t make out what they were saying but there was a lot of moaning and groaning going on. It didn’t look like a sex club and that was probably part of its appeal.

“Molte grazie Signora.” (Thank you very much, miss.) David picked up the handset and made as if to dial. The woman walked away.

Now what? Daniel asked.

Nah we make our fake phone call and we leave, Danny.

Leave? You’re not just gonna leave her in here!

Yep, we are. On the other end of the line an automated Italian voice was telling him the time. Better say somethin’.

Daniel told the automated voice to send a tow truck to the address and then hung up the phone. “Grazie,” he said again to the pretty girl and walked out the door.

And just why are we leaving her here?

It’s her choice, Danny. Yew gotta let her make it. David climbed into the car and drove off back to the hotel they were staying at. She’ll come home, Danny. Aft’a ta’nite, dun yew worry, she’ll come home.

You better be right. She doesn’t belong in a place like that.

Nope, she dun’t. David agreed easily. Hopefully dat’s wot she realizes ta’nite, Danny. We opened the door it’s up to ‘er whetter or not she gone walk tru it.

Chapter Three

I know it isn’t true, I know it isn’t true
Love is just a lie
Made to make you blue
Love hurts……ooh,ooh love hurts
ooh,ooh love hurts
Love Hurts

November 1st

Early morning hours

Callestah, Andy and the two others they’d brought with them to the club didn’t arrive back at Andy’s hotel room—they had separate rooms now when they traveled– until some time after two in the morning. Andy was still ready to go even though he’d ploughed through enough women and boys to make a man happy for a week in just the last few hours. Callestah, of course, was not one of those women. No she watched, she participated to a small degree and she did let the young man touch her. She didn’t, however, remove her blouse completely nor did she let him inside her other than her mouth and that was only because she couldn’t leave him with that hard-on it just wasn’t fair to the boy. Once she started blowing him off Andy came up from behind him and slid into the young mans’ tight ass. The woman tried to move between her legs but Calla didn’t want any part of her and she pushed her away. Out of the loop for the moment the woman pulled out a dildo and started to fuck herself while she watched the three of them. Andy pumped him from behind and Callestah blew him off with expert precision, all in all it was probably the best night of sex that kid was ever going to get.

With the young boy’s cock in her mouth—Roberto that was his name—all she could focus on was Daniel….David…who the hell ever it had been that had interrupted her Grand Finale Opening this evening. How much she’d like it to be his hard cock between her lips right then. David or Daniel she didn’t care either one would suffice right now. As Robert started to cum and Andy behind him did also, she wondered where David/Daniel had gone and what he was doing. It seemed to her that he might still be close by but that could just be wishful thinking on the part of her drugged out head.

Now here the four of them were in Andy’s room. She really didn’t want to do this anymore all she wanted was the boot he promised in the car on the ride back. A good one strong one at that. Seeing that familiar face and hearing that unwelcome familiar voice was starting to make her head hurt as the drugs began to weaken in her system. Calla started to sweat, she stated to dry heave and feel sick to her stomach. “Andy, please.” She pled and held the bottom of her foot out to him. “Now, please. I’ll be good…whatever you want,” her stomach gave another turn but nothing came out as she coughed and then wiped a bead of sweat away from her brow.

“Whatever, darling?” Andy cooed and opened the Happy Kit. “Are you sure about that? Whatever I want?”


“The doctors did clear you dear, I think it’s about time you tried, don’t you?” Andy held the spoon over the candle and she watched the powder melt into a liquid. “I think between the boy and Maria there we can find out if you work or not.” He smiled at her while he drew the liquid into the syringe and then held it up for her to see. “What do you think, love?” Seeing Daniel tonight really pissed him off. What right did that damn Yank think he had showing up on this wonderful night? If nothing else he could have waited until they got to New York. What had he said to her? Andy didn’t know, Callestah had said anything to him since he took her away from the little shit. He’d find out what the story was before the night was over.

Calla looked longingly at the needle and she fought valiantly to hold out. But she started to shake and another round of the coughing fits grabbed her. The shaking became more pronounced as did her perspiration. Andy waved the needle back and forth in front of her wide eyes. “Let’s face it, darling, Daniel doesn’t want you.” He told her and somehow made it sound sympathetic. Andy saw the paintings, he knew them very well. Sometimes when she was feeling particularly low or depressed she would tell him about what Daniel did on the planet they visited. Andrew Hartley knew all about the harem of women Daniel Jackson dipped into in the absence of his wife. Callestah didn’t like it very much. “What did he say, hum, love? That he misses you and wants you to come back? It’s just a lie. He just wants a bigger settlement I’ve told you that, you mustn’t listen to him, my dear. Daniel’ll just get you to move back in with him and then in a few months he’ll say he gave the marriage a second chance and it still isn’t working. The Court will look favorably on him. It’s a very old trick, love. You mustn’t fall for it.” Still she didn’t reach for the syringe. “Even on the off chance that he did,” he smiled for her and ran a hand down those new and improved breasts and laid the brutal truth on the line, “you’re mine for the next five years,” he cooed, “or…you know…until this lovely right hand of yours,” he picked it up and kissed the palm, “falls off.” His tongue licked across her open palm and he dropped it back at her side. “Or you die,” he tried to make it sound light but then Andy let out a heavy sigh, “And besides that my darling, once Daniel got a look at you….” He rolled his eyes and huffed another sigh choosing to leave his words and their implications hanging in the air. “Now, what do you say? Shall we give it a go?”

“David said he loved me,” she said through her shivers and coughs. Callas’ nose started to trickle blood down her face. She didn’t notice it until it was over her lips and in her mouth, she wiped it away time and again.

David? She must be really starting to DT. “Did he?” Andy chided. “Pardon me, darlin’, but isn’t he the one who raped you and put it up on the Internet?” The needle waved back and forth and Andy watched her lick her lips and that trickle of blood. “What does he know about love, my dear?” Why the hell did she have Daniel and David confused in her pretty little strung out head? Eh, no bother. Just a junkie now and nothing more than that. “What does he know about love?”

“Nothing,” she said.

“Of course not.” Andy agreed with a smile and took her ankle in his hand. He gently ran the tip of the needle up and down over the arch of her foot. “You know I care about you, don’t you, love? I’m always looking out for you, aren’t I darling?” Andy asked. “So do this for me. What do you say?”

“All right.” Calla agreed and the next thing she felt was the anticipated sting of the needle as it pierced the flesh at the bottom of her foot the poison increasing the track marks there. Andy hadn’t wanted to try at all. He encouraged her to try with other people tonight but she wasn’t interested in that. “With you.” She said after he finished giving her the boot.

“Hum,” Andy pursed his lips and put the used syringe on the table. “Maybe later.” He agreed in low whisper. “We have company waiting for us, darling. Let’s not keep them.” Andy brought her to her feet and took her back into the bedroom. “Let’s see what you can do. See what your money’s gotten us.”

Walking into the bedroom she saw the dark haired, dark eyed, dark skinned Italian girl lying naked on the bed. She was smoking a pipe and Robert was masturbating her with an oversized dildo but for all of his zeal he didn’t seem to be doing a good job she looked bored. Robert was young but Roberto was hung and he rolled over on the bed when he heard them come in. Andy took off his jacket and neatly looped it over the back of the chair, his shirt and tie soon joined it as did his trousers which he also folded before making his way over to the bed. Callestah wasn’t shaking anymore and she didn’t feel sick so there were two good things she could find in the situation.

“Move out of the way, Robbie,” Andy said and patted the bed. “Come over here, darlin’.” He said to Callestah who was still standing fully clothed on the other side of the room. “Which one do you want to start with?” Andy smiled and gestured toward the other naked people on the large bed. “Why don’t you start with Maria?” He suggested and held out the hand to her. “Come on.” His tone grew more insistent.

Calla shimmied out of the short skirt and left it on the floor. Andy hated it when left her clothes lying around. The thong joined it but she left the thigh high silk stockings on and the blouse as she came to them. She’d sold her soul to the Devil again…that was all right, she knew this one. This dance was very familiar and she could handle it. Sliding between Maria’s open legs she picked up work where Roberto left off with the dildo and then brought her face in close to get a taste of her.

This was the type of woman Daniel liked. Calla was about to find out what all the fascination was about. Maria was pretty and she was young and she had nice full breasts and nice full hips to go with that dark complexion. In fact she couldn’t look much more like the Love of Daniel Jackson’s Life if she tried. She tasted like any other woman, a little tangy a little salty a little sweet. Not much more than that. Maria started to moan and coo, her hips thrust upward into Calla’s face greeting her tongue and the dildo she was fucking her with.

This was what they all liked and Calla had no idea of why. Kanan liked it. Omar liked it. Ares liked it. Eros probably went insane for it. She’d bet her bottom dollar Daniel and David would like it too if they were here. What was it about two women that turned a man on? She didn’t have a goddamn clue nor did she have any passion or feeling for what she was doing to the young girl. So long she kept moaning and the men beside her were stroking their hard cocks as they sat on their knees with those stupid smiles on their faces then things were on the right track

“That’s enough, darling.” Andy said quietly as he rolled Calla onto her back and brought her up to the pillows. “I’m going to fuck her now. Roberto, see what you can do with this one, mate.” Andy got off the bed and grabbed Maria around the waist he took her over to the love seat, bent her over it and started shagging her while he kept a watchful eye on Roberto and Callestah.

Roberto who’d already been sated several times this evening wasn’t in any hurry as he peeled the blouse off and she sat up and released the hooks on the bra, she slid it free from her body without taking off the blouse. That was a little trick Roberto always liked. Now those soft mounds were sitting high on her chest and begging for the touch of his hand. Those big mounds weren’t so soft and pliable they were hard and heavy that was ok with him he didn’t mind they were still fuckable and squeezable.

Although she saw his olive hands on her, Calla couldn’t feel them. Whether it was silicone or the drugs she didn’t know but his touch brought no sensation at all. At least if she were afraid that would be easy to work with, most men never did know the difference between the groans of pain and the moans of pleasure. Roberto’s lips brushed over hers, they were firm and they were full but again she didn’t feel anything and was glad they left. When his head descended between her legs she didn’t close her eyes she lay there watching Andy fuck Maria. Maria was into it she was grinding her hips into him and moaning with delight. Calla realized she’d forgotten what that felt like. While Andy grunted, groaned, and stroked her inside and out he didn’t take his off Calla. Maria had no idea he wasn’t as into her as she was into him. Lying there with the heroin invading her body she let out a little laugh, she knew just Andy felt. She did right now.

Roberto’s tongue explored the delicate area between her legs and now she did feel something. A warm tingling sensation. Andy never did this anymore, in fact, no one did this for her anymore. A finger slid into her and she looked down to see Roberto’s dark eyes widen as he felt the scars inside her.

“Signora,” he whispered against her flesh.

Calla looked back at Andy. “It’s all right,” she said to the boy, “don’t worry.” She pushed his head back down so that he would continue. Andy smiled and fucked the girl a little harder.

Two more fingers into her and Roberto saw the blood on his hands. “Signora, Si è fatto male.” (You are injured.)

“Si, prego.” (Yes I know don’t mention it)

“Vi bene!” Roberto slid out from between her legs. “Vi bene!” (No, absolutely not, no.) He shook his bloody hand in the air as he got off the bed. “No.”

Andrew Hartley didn’t like the scene that was playing in front of him but there wasn’t much he could do about it at the moment since his toes were just starting to curl. As he watched the boy slide back into his clothes he pounded Maria for all he was worth. “Fuck her!” Andy shouted at Roberto. “Go on fuck her!”

“No!” Roberto shouted back. “She is injured,” his English was broken but his words were clear. “I will not hurt her, Mr. Hartley.”

Andy let out a low growl along with a stream of white spunk and then pushed pretty Maria to the floor and out of his way. “Get out, both of you! Get out!” He shouted at them and strode over to the bed where Calla was laying. “I’ll do it myself, that’s what you wanted, isn’t it love?” Andy cooed through tight lips and cold eyes.

The young Italian couple, sensing the danger in the air, scrambled out the door only half dressed.

“I see you’re not quite up to the task, hey, love?” Andy said as he loomed over her. “Why would Daniel ever want you back?” He heaved Calla from the bed and dragged her over to the bathroom where he stood her in front of the mirror and made look at her reflection. Her nose was dripping blood again, her hair was a mess, there was blood between her legs and her skin was sallow. Andy ripped off the amber blouse and turned her around. “Take a good look at that, deary.” He told her and pushed her head around so that she could see the reflection. “Tell me why any man would ever want you.”

“Andy stop!” Calla cried.

“Look at you. Go on take a good hard look, my darlin’. You’ll never be anything but damaged goods.”

“Andy?” Calla started to shake.

“You want to give this a try, hum? All right, let’s give that box of you’re a whirl, shall we?” Andy grabbed a handful of her short hair and shoved her out to the living area and his Happy Kit. “Gotta to get ready first, hey, love? Yeah, of course we do.” He shoved her down onto the couch and dumped the baggie of cocaine on to the table. Grabbing a good sized handful of it Andy shoved it in her face and held his hand over her mouth and nose until she had no choice but to breathe it all in. “Get you good and stoned, huh? Me too.” He dove into the pile and huffed a great load of the white powder. When he sat up again his mouth was covered with it as was hers. “You know what else this stuff is good for, do you, love?” Taking another palmful of it he rubbed it on his wet flailing cock and it instantly sprung to life. “Gonna make it last all night, darlin’. I’ll give you a shag you won’t soon forget.”

“Andy! Don’t!” Calla squirmed away from him.

“Get back here you little vixen!” He shouted and ran after her. Andy tackled her between the living room and bedroom where she was trying to shut the door on him. He threw himself on top of her and pinned her arms by her head. “You’re mine, lock, stock and barrel, darlin’, you better get used to that. Daniel isn’t going to save you.”

No he wasn’t.

Andy pried her legs apart with his knee and pushed his way inside her. “You wanted it, well now you take it, darlin’ all of it.”

The cocaine made his dick numb as well as hard and Andy just kept pounding her with it, it seemed he’d never cum. He fucked her on her back, on her side, on her knees, against the wall, over the couch, on the bathroom sink and finally brought her to the bed and the oversized dildo still laying there. “I got somethin’ for ya.” He smiled as he picked it up and then withdrew from her.

For one moment there was peace. Everything was quiet and still. Everything stopped spinning and nothing hurt. Then that hard dildo was pushing inside her, it was bigger than Andy, just about the size of Daniel. At first it almost felt good but then he was throwing his leg over here again and both he and the toy were in the same hole.

“Andy! Stop!” She groaned and tried to draw in breath but it was so hard with him crushing down on her and the cocks thrusting in and out of her. Calla clawed at his sides and his back to get him off of her. “Please, Andy, you’re hurting me.”

“You’re a Goddess, aren’t you? You should be able to take more than this.” Andy gave a cruel thrust and her hands dropped to the sides of the bed. She cringed below him and gave out a small pitiful rush of air. The woman below him didn’t beg anymore for the rest of the night she just laid there and took whatever he felt like dishing out.

Chapter Four

Some fools think of happiness
Blissfulness, togetherness
Some fools fool themselves I guess
They’re not foolin’ me
Love Hurts

Callestah may have been compliant throughout the night but she didn’t sleep and she shut down. Andy was well satisfied as the sun came up he was passed out naked on the floor.

You’re mine…lock, stock and barrel…. for five years….or until that hand falls off….or you die….get used to it

“No,” she whispered to no one. Five years of this was intolerable. While Andy snored she got dressed and quiet as a mouse she thumbed through Andy’s wallet where she found a good deal of money, they had a big night last night and Andy always liked to flash and not credit on big nights. She let herself out of his room without waking him and made her way across the hall. She stopped long enough to grab Andy’s Happy Kit. Back in own room Callestah grabbed her old overnight bag which she’d never unpacked, she tossed Andy’s Happy Kit into it.

Callestah hailed a taxi and went to the airport where she bought herself a first class ticket to Denver International Airport and left no note for Andy to find when he woke up. It was funny, she’d always been afraid of bringing drugs through the airport but the people recognized her and didn’t even look at the contents of her bag as it went through the x-ray machine, they were too busy getting her autograph and telling her how much they admired her work.

Callestah calmly went to the washroom and cleaned herself before taking her seat. The space between her legs was still bleeding and sore. Andy’d left large patches of rug burn on her back to go with the scars there. It was very uncomfortable. She downed two painkillers and a Valium. It was a long flight to Colorado. She wanted to sleep through most of it.

Taking her seat and clicking the seat belt into place she bought three bottles of Jack & Danny from the liquor cart and drank them before take-off.

It was a long flight.

A long trip home.

Oh, well, now, she said to herself, I’m not going home, am I? No. Andy was right, it wasn’t fair to go back to Daniel now, not fair to him or…Jesus Christ!…David. Not in her condition. They could never have the passion and magick they once shared. It was gone now.

So she wasn’t going home. But she’d be close by. Right up until the bitter end.

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