Love in the Afternoon

Love in the Afternoon
Samantha Carter Adult Fan Fiction
by Moon Mistress
Lisa Beth Darling

I want you
I need you
But there ain’t no way
I’m ever gonna love you
Now don’t be sad
Don’t be sad
‘Cause two outta three ain’t bad

Two Outta Three Ain’t Bad
(Words and music by Jim Steinham)

Bored out of his mind, Lord Ares paced around the main living area of his cave snarling at anyone who looked at him. If he hadn’t given his Crown and Scepter to his daughter so she could save that miserable twit of a husband of hers, he could be having some real fun right about now. Yes, he could be blowing the ever lovin’ shit out of things, BIG things. Things would really get the USAF off its fat ass and running for cover.

“Hum.” Ares placed the tip of his finger on his lower lip and gave the thought in his mind some mulling over. There was a good way to kill the day and the night, maybe even tomorrow. “Yes, I wonder what she’s up to.”

“My Lord,” a strong but hesitant voice began, “is there I may do to ease your tension?”

Ares looked down to see that Enya, his top assistant was standing before him. Her dark green eyes stared up at him, while her auburn hair cascaded around her shoulders in voluminous waves. “No,” he replied. “I am going out.”

“Yes, my Lord.” She turned to leave him.


The mortal woman turned back to gaze upon his handsome face once more. “When I get back you can ease whatever tensions I have.” Ares reached out his oversized hand to her face and cupped the entire left side of her head.

“Yes, my Lord, I will be happy to this for you.”

Of all the women in his harem, the number was considerable, Enya was his most favored. Almost a year ago he’d come across in a bar in Athens where he watched her not only start but finish a fight with a man twice her size. Impressed, he ventured up to her and from that night she was inseparable from his side. With bow & arrow and gun, Enya hunted well, something Ares always admired. Together they brought down many a bit of a large game and started many a bar fight. The woman proved herself to be loyal and brave, two more qualities he admired. She’d prove herself to be a heated and passionate lover. Whenever he was here she was by his side tending his every need and making his every whim her duty to fulfill. She was a good woman, any mortal man should be happy with her and Ares appreciated her very much but he would never love her.

“Anyone home?” Ares called out as he appeared in Samantha’s apartment. “Samantha?” The shower was running in the bathroom, she must be in there, all naked and soapy, just waiting for him. Slowly he pushed open the bathroom door and was greeted by a heavy dose of hot steam. Through the etched shower door he saw her standing under the hot jets of water washing her hair. Perky breasts sticking up in the air and the curve of her waist and the way it flowed inward and then down to the sharper curves of her hips. The water shut off and she stepped out. “Hello Samantha.” Ares handed her a towel. “Shall I dry you?”

“Ares. What are you doing here?” She was startled by his presence but that didn’t make it unwelcome.

“I came to see you of course.” His dark eyes looked her up and down. “I see I’ve arrived just in time.”

“For what?” Samantha asked and began to wrap the towel around her torso. “I haven’t heard from you in months, not since we returned with your Crown and Scepter.”

“I know, I’m terribly sorry.” Ares explained quietly. “I have been busy, my dear. I’m here now so why don’t we make the best of it?”

Nope, she hadn’t heard from the God of War in months and hadn’t been laid in the same amount of time. “Yeah, why don’t we?” She dropped the towel to the floor. “Is this what you want?” Sam ran her hands down the curves of her body. “You want to touch this?”

“Yes.” Ares reached out for her but was too slow.

“Come and get it.” She darted past him, out the door and down the small hall to her bedroom. When she opened the door, Ares was stripped naked and already in the bed.

“What took you so long?” He asked and pulled the covers back for her, revealing his considerable masculine body. “Come here and pleasure me.” The blank fell back to expose all the God of War had to offer her, in all its hard pulsating glory.

“Really?” She asked while she raised her eye brows and looked down at him. Gods, he always drove her out of her mind. Forbidden passion was always the best. Ares was much forbidden on many levels. He was her friend’s father, her other friends’ father in-law, not to mention the fact he was the God of freakin’ War! Still the attraction to him was nothing less than magnetic. “Why don’t come over here,” Sam’s hand slid down over the blonde patch of hair between her legs. “And pleasure me?”

Quickly he sat up, reached out and snatched from her place standing by the bed. Before Sam knew it her legs were straddling his head and Ares was breathing in a deep breath of her freshly washed scent. “Clean,” he remarked, “I’ll make it dirty. I like it that way.”

The soft hair on his cheeks prickled and tickled the tender inner flesh of her thighs. Ares’ tongue slid around the waiting folds of skin, his large hands grasping her firm buttocks. A finger, large enough to be a small dildo slid into her. Sam let out a deep moan as her hips ground down upon it. “More.” She told him. Another small dildo slid into her, his hot tongue circling the hardened nub of her clit, the other hand massaging her ass. “Yeah,” her breath already coming from her lips in small gasps. It had been so long since there was a man in this bed. Late at night after she’d broken out her toys and satisfied herself the bed was still cold and she wanted someone to hold. Whiskers of his moustache brushed against the sensitive flesh between her legs as he slid further down under her to lick the skin between the two holes. Ares’ tongue glided back and forth in one long slow stroke from one hole to the other while his thick fingers worked the inside of her throbbing pussy. “Do it,” she said as she opened her blue eyes and looked down at him. “Please do it.”

With his onyx eyes he smiled at her. Taking one well oiled finger from her hot cunt he slid into her waiting ass while keeping the other firmly in place, his tongue sliding back and forth in that long slow lapping motion. Sam’s blonde hairs came closer to him while her hips pushed further down to greet him.

“Like that, yes, like that.” Samantha moaned and grabbed the headboard in front of her. “Ares.” She called out softly and began to cum in both holes. The level of pleasure she achieved when he did this was unmatched, she always wanted more. White knuckles on the head board in front of her, toes curled up a matching white at her sides, Sam’s body rocked back over him as the force of the orgasm over took her. “Ares.” She called out again in a heavy moan. Answering her call with harder thrusts she came all over his face. Ares doubled his efforts to milk her for every ounce he could get. When he was done Sam rolled off him, breathlessly looked over at his self-satisfied smiling face and said; “How do you do that?”

“I’ve had a lot of practice.” Ares admitted reaching out for her plump breast the nipple of which was just calling out for him to play with it. Taking it between his fingers he gave a gentle massage and then a strong tug. Sam pulled away a little. “I think it’s your turn.” He remarked darkly and turned over on his back.

Licking her lips, Sam reached down between his legs to grab hold of the mammoth cock that she could never get enough of. Using both hands, the worked it shaft to end in a building stroke. “Gonna let me have it all this time?” She asked with bated breath. Ares liked blow jobs but he never let her do it to the end, in all the months she’d been fucking him he never came in her mouth.

“No.” Ares returned and moved his long hair from behind his back to be more comfortable. “Why do always insist on it?”

“I’d like to know what you taste like.” She said in a harsh whisper and began to creep down his muscled torso. To her reply there was no answer; Sam realized she may never get one to that riddle. The tip of her moist tongue flicked around the hard tip of his shaft. Every time she looked at Ares’ cock she couldn’t believe her eyes or her luck nor the fact that he could make love to her in such a way as to not only get all of it inside her but it was painless. Two hands covered the shaft and still the tip stood out another two inches or more. Sam never tried to get the whole thing down her throat, a sword swallower she wasn’t, but that didn’t stop her from giving a good shot. Letting go with one hand so she could massage his balls, Sam’s mouth surrounded his hardness and it was Ares’ turn to suck in a hard breath above her. The width of the cock in her mouth made it hard to build up good suction, her tongue danced around his shaft while one hand worked it and the other paid attention to those heavy balls. So heavy, she thought, as she held onto them, it’s going to be a hard load. Just as she was getting into her work, his strong hands were pulling her away. His cock dropped out of her mouth. “What’s wrong? Don’t I do it right?” Sam asked honestly. “Tell me what you like and I’ll do it.”

After having Aphrodite’s’ lips wrapped around his swollen member so long and so often no mortal woman compared. How could he tell her this? “Have you ever been with a woman?”

The question surprised her but not as much as the answer surprised him. “Yes.”


“Janet,” Sam confessed, “I wouldn’t call myself a lesbian but sometimes we would…..”

Her voice trailed off and she looked away from him. “Why do you ask?”

“Will you do this for me, Samantha? Will you allow another woman into this bed with us?” His dark eyes shined at her with anticipation.

“Why?” Sam asked and moved from between his legs to his side.

“I want to see you with her.” While he would like that very much, perhaps Samantha had other desires in mind. “Or maybe you would like another man?” He asked. “General O’Neill perhaps?” His voice turned heavy and dark. “We could make a sandwich out of you, pleasure you until the sunrises or until you beg us for mercy.”

The idea of being the meat in a Jack and Ares sandwich had its appeal. Having another woman was probably a safer option. “What woman did you have in mind?”

“Enya,” was his reply. Ares sat up in the bed, closed his eyes and held out his hands in front of him. Across the room a blinding flash of white light appeared and disappeared. In its place stood a woman. “Come.” He held out a hand to her.

“My Lord?” The woman asked as she looked around at the scene in front of her but she came to his side as she was told.

“This is Samantha.” He said in a dark voice. “Aren’t her breasts beautiful?”

Enya glanced down at the naked woman. “Yes, my Lord, they are.”

“Does she please you, Samantha?” Ares asked as he ran a hand through the other woman’s auburn hair. “Will you make love to her for me?”

The petite newcomer was quite attractive. “Yes.” Sam replied as she reached over him to touch the other woman who looked so much like….

…. Enya pulled away and looked at her Lord.

“Don’t be afraid.” Samantha whispered. “I won’t hurt you.”

“My Lord?”

Ares leaned in close to her and whispered in her ear; “Do this for me and I will make you Immortal.”

“By your side?” The young woman whispered back.

“Yes, by my side. My Consort. Do this for me and I will give you everything you’ve ever desired.”

No more talk was had; Enya looked over at Samantha and reached out her hand. Ares reached up and relieved his assistant of the Pelops on her body. “Touch her.” Ares commanded.

Enya slid into the bed between them. Ares behind her and Samantha in front of her the woman reached out a tentative hand to caress Samantha’s breasts. They were firm and round, soft in the palms of her hands. Slowly her head bent forward to take one pink nipple into her mouth while her Lord stroked her from behind. “What will have me do, My Lord?”

“Take her.” Ares whispered in her ear.

Enya laid Sam back on the bed, her smaller body over Sam’s larger one and pinned her arms by her head. Enya leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips. “You are beautiful,” Enya whispered, “I see why he desires you so.” Enya’s lips descended to the nape of Sam’s neck, her hands to the curve of her waist.

“Where are you toys, Samantha?” Ares asked as he rose from the bed to give them more room.

Enya’s breath in her ear, her soft hand massaging the hardened skin of her nipple while the other sought the space between her legs, Samantha found it hard to breath let alone answer him. “Top drawer.”

Ares opened the drawer and found a vibrator, a dildo and vibrating plug. There was also a small body of lubricant; coconut flavored warming oil, said the bottle. All wonderful objects to be played with and explored but not what he was looking for. Taking the vibrator from its hiding place he put it on Enya’s hand. “She’s ready.” He told her. “I want to watch you taste her.”

The flat of Enya’s tongue slid from Samantha’s neck all the way to her belly button and her slender finger the moist place between her parted waiting legs. Ares grabbed his own cock as it slid into her. Sam’s back arched and she let out a low moan. Between the soft blonde hairs Enya’s tongue slid around the soft wet folds of skin and suckled the sweet tender flesh.

The woman was good, almost as good as her Lord, Sam thought as she lay back indulging herself in the ecstasy being given her. “Fuck me,” she moaned lowly. Three of the woman’s fingers inside her hot pussy now, thrusting in and out in a shivering rhythm that matched the rise and fall of Sam’s hips. Enya removed her hand. Sam let out a groan of protest until she felt the vibrator enter her.

In the background Ares eyes rolled back in his head as his head continued to stroke his hard cock. Cock in hand, he walked around to the head of the bed where Sam was laying and writhing in ecstasy. Planting on thick thigh on each side of her head, his back to Enya, Ares slid the tip between Sams’ lips. Sam didn’t wait for him to give her the rest; she sucked him down greedily while the young red haired woman worked the quivering space between her legs.

With that fine tight ass staring her in the face, Enya finally became aroused. Continuing her work with the vibrator, she stretched up and bent forward as Ares thrust his cock down Sam’s throat. The tip of a hot soft tongue explored the area between his cheeks.

Ares’ froze for a second, yes there was definitely a reason he was going to make Enya Immortal. Drawing breath into his huge lungs, Lord Ares God of War continued to thrust his shaft in and out of Sam’s mouth. Enyas’ tongue slid around his hole, wetting it, making it ready. His cock was so hard that it hurt; he looked down at it and saw that it was purple. Enya’s finger slid into him while she pushed the vibrator further into Sam.

“By the Gods!” Ares muttered lowly, he grasped Sams’ head and brought her forward to him; she sputtered and choked below him as his hot load dumped down her throat. The lack of oxygen and animal heat coming from him heightened her own climax, Sam let go all over the vibrator and Enya’s hand. Pulling out of her Ares lay breathless at her side.

Sam turned her head to look at him and licked her lips. “Cherries.”

Ares laughed. “Yes, cherries.” The weight on the bed shifted, he looked over to see Enya standing up and dressing. “Where do you think you’re going?”

“My Lord?”

“We’re not finished with you.”

To Sam the young woman looked frightened. “If she wants to go Ares, let her.” Half naked in the afternoon light, Pelops hanging loosely over her small body, Sam couldn’t help but hold out a hand to her. “But if you want to stay…..”

“What more shall I do for you, My Lord?”

“Come to me.” Ares pushed his wavy dark hair away from his sweaty face. Enya circled the bed and dropped to her knees at his side. “Open the night stand drawer.” Ares whispered and the woman did as she was commanded. The drawer opened and she took from it a double-ended strap-on. Ares reached up and pushed the cloth from her while he wrapped the leather strap around her waist.

“I want to do it.” Sam whispered from behind him. “Put it on me.” Her hands wrapped around to the front of his thickly haired chest. “Put it in me, I’ll do her for you.”

“You are exceptional.” Ares remarked with a dark smile. “Lay down.” He told Enya. The woman laid her body on the bed next to him. Rising to his knees and straddling Sam’s hips, he slid the fat dildo into her waiting pussy and strapped it across her waist. “Fuck her.” He whispered when his work was finished. On the bed the diminutive woman looked up at both of them and spread her legs wide.

“Watch me.” Sam whispered and brushed a kiss over his plump lips. “You are very beautiful.” She said to Enya as she tossed a leg over her and settled her body down. Enya reached out to touch Sams’ full breasts and play with the nipples there. One hand reached down between the young woman’s legs and parted the folds of skin; the other took a wad of hair into it. Her hair glistened like fire in the noon day light as it lay sprawled over the white pillow cover. Sams’ lips closed down over hers as the double-ender slid inside.

One end in both of them, each time Sam thrust she gave pleasure to both of them. Enya’s hips rocked to greet her. Ares found himself hard again as the women fondled, kissed and moaned in each others arms; he wanted to join in the fun. Stroking a wide hand across Sams’ back he whispered; “Bring her up.”

Sams’ arms wrapped around the small woman brought her to a sitting position and then up until both of them were on their knees, their breasts heaving against each other with the strap-on plunging in and out of them. Ares reached over for the bottle of coconut flavored lube, he dumped a load of it in the wide palm of his hand and then stroked it over his waiting cock. Sam looked at him over Enya’s shoulder, her eyes sultry anticipating his next move.

“Hold her.” He demanded. Sams’ strong feminine arms crossed over and around Enya’s delicate back as he came closer.

The heat of her Lord’s body behind her and the warmth of the woman in front of her, Enya dropped her head to Sams’ shoulder as his hands gently but firmly planted themselves on her hips. She felt the pain and the pressure of the tip of his massive cock pushing into her ass. Enya gave no resistance to either of them while they sandwiched her and fucked her small body in two holes. Ares’ hand pushed Enya’s hair away from her neck and his lips took in a mouthful of flesh, he pushed halfway into her. Enya flexed between them and his large hands pushed down on her hips keeping her in place. The lips on her neck turned hard as his teeth clamped down and he pushed all the way home.

Though the dildo between them wasn’t real, Sam still felt the force of his thrusts on the other side of the woman’s body, she was incredibly turned on. His eyes looked up at her with dark knowing eyes while his mouth sucked her neck, Sam kissed her lips, parted them with her tongue and ran her hands wildly over the woman’s small breasts. Three of them rocked, gyrated and writhed with pleasure until they were one sweaty mound of flesh.

Sam was the first to start to climax; her breathing came harder and harder as she fought to hold it back not wanting this to end. Ares was next, his eyes began to roll back in his head and his thrust became more demanding. The girl between them was last. Sam let out a cry of unimaginable delight as her climax reached its height and then began to release. Enya’s arms dropped from Sam as she reached around to grab at the flesh of the God behind her. His upper lip curled at her touch, his eyes rolled all the way back and he let out an Earth shaking howl. Breathless and spent, his big arms reached around both woman and his heavy head lay on Enya’s shoulder. “Callestah.” He whispered in a satisfied voice.

“What!?” The warm feeling of absolute paradise left her as Sam pushed out of the woman and stripped off the strap-on. “What did you say?”

“Leave us now.” Ares told Enya while he pulled out of her. The young woman disappeared from the bed but her dress remained behind. “I don’t have to answer to you.” Ares warned darkly.

Sam reached for her robe. “I can’t believe you. You still want her, your own daughter!” Even though her tone was incredulous all she could think was that she saw it coming and didn’t bother to get out of the way. When the woman appeared in her bedroom, Sams’ very first thought was how much she looked like Calla.

“Don’t ruin this, Samantha. We’ve had a very satisfying afternoon, haven’t we?” The God of War laid his massive frame back on the bed.

“Get out.” Sam cinched the robe tight. “On second thought, what the hell is wrong with you?”

“Mortals.” He quipped. “Your lack of time spoils you and keeps you from seeing larger things.” Ares stroked the beard at his chin and looked up at her. “There is nothing wrong with me.”

“You want to fuck your own daughter and there’s nothing wrong with you?”

Ares shook his head and warned her again; “I do not have to answer to you.”

“After what just happened here, I think you do.” Sam shot.

“What don’t you understand? What is it you can’t get your little head around?” Ares demanded to know. “Callestah is the last full-blooded Olympian woman, the last of my kind. Daughter or not doesn’t make a difference.”

“You can’t see how sick that is?”

“Sick?” He shook his wavy dark head. “If you were stranded on a planet with nothing but aliens and you were the only human female for years on end, how would you feel? One day, a handsome human male appears. Would you not want him? Even if he turned out to be your son?”

“No.” He had a point. Barring the son thing, she would want him. “So, if you could, if Daniel would never ever find out, you’d take her? Even though she can’t give you children anymore?”

Ares snarled and then let out a dark laugh. “Jackson would always find out.” He told her. “Even if he didn’t catch us in the act, her guilt would eventually overwhelm her and Callestah would drive herself mad before finally confessing everything to him in the hopes of attaining his forgiveness. A forgiveness Jackson will never be able to give her.” Ares explained. “Over what? The fact that his wife slept with another man? No. Because that man fathered her. The world’s religions have really put a choke hold on things when two consenting adults can’t consent.”

Maybe he was right; maybe her disgust did rise from some cultural restriction rather than a natural one. Still, it left a horrible taste at the back of her throat, one far removed from cherries. “So why didn’t you just keep the Crown and Scepter? David would have driven…..”

“Don’t you think I wanted to?!” His nostrils flared and he let out a very harsh snort. “David did drive her to me and yes he would have done it over and over again if I allowed it. As you’ve pointed out repeatedly, she is my daughter. I would never allow her to suffer so. “Ares looked over at Sam who apparently thought she was well out of his reach by sitting at her vanity table rather than by his side. “Daniel drove her to me when he started his affair with Rowan.” Ares confessed. “She appeared in my cave, she was completely distraught and bawling like a baby. She curled up in my lap, threw her arms around my neck, I could feel her beasts heaving against me and I knew I could take her then and there.”

“Did you?” Sam accused.

“No, it was very difficult but I resisted the temptation, for her sake.”

“Of course you did. You seem to do a lot of things for her.” Sams’ voice was tight. “So what’s Enya? Your stand in?” Sam looked away from him and then back again as the disgusting revelation hit her. “I look like Aphrodite. Is that what you want, Ares? A good old-fashioned family fuck fest?”

Ares was taken aback by her question; she could be so damn persistent when she wanted to be. Sometimes he thought she believed herself to be the presence of nothing more than a mere moral man. “Enya is very special she is not my stand in. Neither are you. I’ve no need for such a thing.” He explained not knowing why should have to. “In another place, another time perhaps, she would already be by my side.” Ares’ stared her through and through with ungleaming black eyes. Sam looked at him with disgust. “I may have to put up with Jackson another two or three hundred years but eventually he will die and when that happens she will come to me.”

“So, what, you’re just going to wait it out?”

“Yes. I have plenty of time.” He reminded her.

“Is that what you’re doing with me? Biding your time?” Sam rose once more and walked to the windows where she gazed at the outside world. “What if she makes Daniel Immortal? She can do that, I know she can.”

Ares let out a hearty laugh. “Callestah? Make Jackson Immortal?” He slapped his knee and gave another laugh. “Never.” His tone turned from jovial to dark in an instant. “The one thing she loathes most about herself is her Immortality, why would she burden him with it?” Flicking his hair back behind his shoulder he added; “Besides, he doesn’t deserve it. I wouldn’t allow it.”

It was more the look in his eye and the tone of his voice than his words. “You’re jealous.” She cried in an accusatory voice.

Ares was out of the bed and at her side before Sam could blink. “Don’t push me, Samantha. You won’t like the result.” Before she could protest his naked body was dressed in full battle regalia once more. “I like you. I like coming here and doing this with you but don’t think because we join that I’m in love with you or that you can ask such questions of me and make such accusations.”

Sam stood up to him. “You love her. She loves you, I know she does and you’re right under those circumstances she will come to you. But she loves Daniel more and you’re jealous, you can’t stand that he touches her and you don’t.” She moved in closer to him, stood up on her tip toes and whispered; The thought of him in bed with her drives you out of your mind, doesn’t it Ares?”

Harsh fingers clamped down around her forearms as he pushed her away from his massive body. Ares bent at the knees so he could look her straight in the eyes. “She loves him, Samantha. I will never understand it, if I live another thousand years I will never grasp why she loves Jackson so much.” Sam tried to pull away from him but Ares held her in place. “For now he makes her happy so I will abide this and play the role of proud Father and doting Grandfather. Make no mistake, I will have her one day and I don’t give a shit how disgusting you find that fact.”

“So why don’t you just kill him yourself?” Sam squirmed inside his hold in a feeble attempt to free herself.

A clucking tsk-tsk-tsk sound came from his full lips as Ares shook his head and dark wavy of hair fell to the fore. “All good things to those who wait.” With that he disappeared from the bedroom.

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