Love In An Elevator

Love In An Elevator by
Moon Mistress
a/k/a Li


Workn’ like a dog for the boss man
Workin’ for the company
I’m bettin’ on the dice I’m tossin
I’m gonna have a fantasy
Love In An Elevator

June 21st

No matter what year it was or where they were June 21st was always a bright and sunny early summer day. Just like the day they were married. It never rained or was even cloudy. Every June 21st time not only stood still but turned backward and Daniel often wondered if that was some magick trick Calla performed or if it really was ordained by the Gods. Daniel liked to think it was the latter.

Standing outside the back door of the manor house he thought of how far they’d come in just a few short months. Everything was back on track. Even the birds were singing. Calla had been out here earlier that much was easy to see. There were new lavender plants and new rose bushes in the gardens. This morning those plants had been patiently waiting in their black plastic pots to take root in their new homes in the gardens, all twenty-two of them. This afternoon they were standing tall and stretching for the remains of the sun with their little feet firmly and lovingly planted in the Earth.

Opening the door and walking in to the kitchen he heard the sounds of laughing babies and it warmed his heart and lightened his step. Aiden, Athena and Amelia were now almost three months old but they were already crawling about and pulling themselves up on tables and chairs trying to take their first steps. All in all they’d just about caught up to their cousin Lilly was four months older than them. Lilly also growing quicker than most Mortal children but Brigid lagged behind her brothers and sisters by far. Poor little Mortal preemie. Calla took extra care with her because of it; she was holding Brigid and walking with her. If this kept up the triplets would be ready for school within the next two years while Lilly might be ready in another three, hopefully, with Calla’s love, Brigid would be right on time. Calla did not like the idea of sending the kids to school in the least as she wanted to home school her children this time. Growing the way they were she’d be able to give them a good head start but they were going to attend a regular normal school if Daniel had anything to say about it. So then, it was a good thing the knowledge of the UPs was out in the open or they’d have a devil of a time trying to explain why all five of their birthdates were so close yet the children were so far apart developmentally.

“Daddy’s home,” Calla called out happily as she heard the screen door bang shut. The children laughed and giggled. Daniel didn’t know if they did that because they understood he was here or if they were just laughing in response to their Mother’s happiness. Walking through the kitchen and past the huge stone stairway into the living room Daniel opened his arms while Calla walked to him at a brisk pace. Her long hair pulled back away from her face and then knotted at the base of her neck. She always wore it that way now because the babies were always pulling on it. Only at night when they were—sometimes—alone in bed did she let the cape of fire loose anymore. Her blue jeans still had dirt on the knees from the garden and she smelled like sunshine when she hugged him. “Hello, my love.”

“Hi,” he said quietly and kissed her lightly before smiling and then reaching up to pick bits of dried something out of the front of her hair.

“Sorry.” Calla mumbled.

Daniel just laughed and got down on the floor where the babies were gathered and hugging and kissing each one as they scooched and crawled to him. “Were you good for your Mother today?” He asked not expecting an answer but Athena nodded her head and smacked her lips. Daniel swore she was answering his question. He crawled over to where tiny Brigid was sitting in her seat watching the others on the floor. “Hi,” he whispered as her eyes focused on him and she too gave out a smile as her Daddy kissed her cheek.

“Where have you been? It’s near sunset and I thought well, maybe we might go out to dinner tonight? I’m sure they won’t mind watching the children for a few hours.”

“Dinner? Tonight?” Daniel teased. “Why we would do that?”

Calla frowned a little and hoped he was just teasing. Surely he hadn’t forgotten, had he? “Because it’s our anniversary?” She ventured.

“It is?” Daniel snapped his fingers. “I knew I was forgetting something!”

Just before she could stomp her foot on the ground his face broke out in a wide grin. “Oh you! That’s not funny!” She laughed and then fell into his arms. “Not funny at all.”

“I thought it was.” He returned and kissed her again. “But you know, I was also thinking dinner and a night out was a good idea.”

“You were?” She asked happily.

“I was.” He agreed in the same tone. “But, well,” he shifted her weight on his lap to get a better look at her. “I was thinking that maybe we could go some place special.”

“Where?” Calla asked as she became intrigued.

“It’s a surprise but I’ll tell you what, why don’t you go upstairs and pack a bag…”

“Pack a bag?”

“Yes, a bag.” He said easily.

“We’re going somewhere over night?” She looked around at the babies a little nervously. “They’re a lot of work that’s a big imposition.”

“Too bad because we’re going for three days and I’ve already cleared it with everyone else.”

“You what? We’re going where? For how long?”

“Go pack a bag.” Daniel said again. “Go on.”

“Well, what shall I bring?” Calla asked confused and rising off his lap and the floor.

Daniel thought about it for a moment. “Something comfortable especially the shoes.” He warned. “And one of those really pretty dresses that I like.”

“A pretty dress?” The intrigue returned to her voice. “A long pretty dress?”

“Or a short one, I love your legs.” Daniel complimented. “Don’t bother with any nightgowns or teddies or anything like that.” Her eyes widened and then deepened as she mulled over his request. “I like you just the way you are no need to be putting on things I’m just going to take off.”

Calla blushed and turned away. “Where are we going? If you tell me then I’ll know what to bring.”

“It’s a surprise. Go pack.” Daniel kissed her one more time.”

“What about you? What shall I pack for you?” Calla asked coyly.

“I’m already set.” Daniel said with a grin. “Get outta here.” Calla sighed and left him in the living room with the babies to do as he asked. “Your Mother, what am I gonna do with her?” He asked Aiden. “Huh? Any ideas little man?” Aiden did not verbally answer him nor did Daniel take what Aiden did next as a direct answer to his query but he did watch as the little baby boy holding on to the coffee table to keep himself upright grinned and put a hand down the front of his diaper to give the area a good little tug and smile wider. “That’s my boy.” Daniel said to no one and then played with the babies until Calla returned down the stairs about a half hour later.

It seemed everyone really was in on this…everyone except her! When Calla reached the bottom of the stairs she found her entire family, including Tula, Talia and Rikki, waiting for her. All with big wide Cheshire grins on their faces. “Where are we going?” Calla asked Daniel again.

Daniel just stood there grinning the widest grin of all while the others wished them a good time and said they would see them soon. “No peeking.” Daniel warned as shouldered his own bag and he took her hands. “Got it?”

“I have to kiss the babies,” she protested lightly and went to where the infants were being cuddled in their family’s arms. Calla kissed each one, gave them a little hug and told them to be good for their Aunts, Uncles and Brother. The babies, especially Aiden smirked at her as if to say; oh sure, no problem. Wink. Wink. “I mean it, you be good. Mommy will miss you.” To this they giggled, laughed, wiggled and squirmed.

“They’ll be fine.” Daniel assured one last time. “Look, there’s one for each of them plus an extra.” He said gesturing toward everyone standing there to say farewell with happy smiles. Calla sighed and picked up her bag again as Daniel re-took her hand. “No peeking.”

“Promise.” Calla said without really meaning it but since it seemed so important to him she determined she would do the best that she could. Eyes closed in anticipation she felt his peck on her cheek and then they were off.


But where am I gonna look
They tell me that love is blind
I really need a girl like an open book
To read between the lines
Love In An Elevator

Surprise Destination

Daniel was getting very good at this. Wherever they were they had arrived before she could open her eyes and take a little peek. Yes, his skills were greatly improving and she was very proud of him. “Open my eyes now?” She asked as they stood in the room of their destination still holding hands and facing each other.

Daniel took the bag from her hand and put it down along with his own by the door and then led her to the middle of the very large and spacious three room suite. “Go on. Open.”

Calla looked around and put her hand to her chest. “Oh my!” She looked at Daniel with her mouth hanging open in a little ‘o’. “This is very fancy.” Indeed it was. The room which she thought was probably a hotel suite was very tastefully decorated in an old Victorian style. It had a four poster canopy bed in the big bedroom and claw foot heavy wood and fabric furniture throughout in pastel patterns of blue and white. The furniture in the living area was a sky blue silk and had Lilly of the Valley running hither and yon almost as though it were skipping across the material in a light wind. “Where are we?” This time she hoped for an answer.

“You don’t know?” Daniel was surprised. “You really didn’t peek. Such a good girl.” He complimented and picked up a remote control from the coffee table. Daniel pointed it at the heavy drapes and they pulled back to reveal an early afternoon of bright sunshine shining down on….

“New York City?” Calla said happily and clasped her hands together. She dashed over to the window and looked out at the breath taking view of the city below. The first thing she thought of was how beautiful this view was going to be when the sun went down and the lights came on.

“Do you remember the last time we were here?” Daniel asked walking up behind her to put his arms around her sharing in the warmth and the view.

“For the auction.” Calla returned dreamily.

“I think that was the last time we were actually alone. Don’t you?”

Calla thought about it. He could be right. Yes he could. After the auction family was all around and it was Christmas and then New Year’s. Then Aphrodite attacked and all hell broke loose. After that Fate took its strange turn and David came along. Then all that shit happened and Brigid was born and Aphrodite came back and Ares left and Calla lost her mind. But then again, no, they had been alone a day or two in Scotland when they returned Excalibur but occasion had not been a happy one having just lost their unborn son. Calla didn’t want to bring that up. Why ruin such a happy and splendid occasion with sad memories? “Has it really been so long? Eight months?” The thought of Excalibur brought to mind Avalon and Morgan, Nimue and Covey. Morgan was alone no in her grand City of Spires.

“I think so. Except for the first night we spent in the new house.” It was true or so it was the truth as Daniel remembered it here and now. That was the very last time they had anything like alone time. Ever since the babies were born they weren’t even alone in their own bed anymore, it seemed there was always one or two or more of them in the bed with them. If not that then she would spend hours in the nursery rocking and walking anyone who was loud and fussy. That was worse because then he was alone in the bed. Calla wanted to do everything on her own even though he tried to tell her that just wasn’t possible with five infants. She did let him help he wasn’t totally excluded and neither was anyone else in the family but Calla did do the bulk of the work with the babies. After all, as she would tell you, she was their Mother. Still, it put a real crimp in their sex life. That was almost non-existent lately. Not that he was complaining even he was wiped out most nights after dealing with and caring for the babies all day. Still, he missed it and couldn’t shake the feeling that something was fading away because of it. Something important like that Connection between them and Daniel never wanted to lose that.

“That was only a few hours.” Calla said dreamily.

“I know. And you were very pregnant.” Daniel remarked.

“Yes, no fun there.” Calla teased and turned around in his arms.

“None at all.”

“I’m not pregnant now.”

“I noticed.” He sucked on his bottom lip. “You know, you look great. Have I told you that? I really like these.” Daniel reached out and ran his hand along the deep concave curve of her waist and then down to the wider convex curve of her hips. Like driving a race car. Calla filled out a little bit these last few months. She wasn’t anyone’s idea of fat and indeed her stomach was just as flat as ever but the pregnancy had left her with these lovely wider hips. Just right for grabbing onto from behind. “I like these.” He said again.

“I’m glad you approve.” She moved his hand around to butt. “How about that? Do you like that?”

“More than I like the hips.” He grinned. “But you know, now, these,” his hands gently slid from her butt up her back and around to the front and her new improved breasts, “these are great.” Not too hard, he reminded himself. Calla’s bigger breasts were engorged with milk and they were tender. Still, it would be so much fun to just grab hold of them and give them a good juggling.

“I’ve told you I can make them bigger if that’s what you want.”

“It’s not. They’re only so….enjoyable…because they’re temporary.” Daniel told her. “I like the stock equipment just fine.” She was so happy when none of the new babies turned out to be allergic to milk. Calla’s body was making an ample supply for all five of them, a fact that amazed him to no end especially when you factored in just how much and how often each one of them ate.

“’Stock equipment’? You’ve been hanging around Nicholas and David too much.” She tittered. Calla glanced back to the window and the view of Lady Liberty out in the harbor met her eyes. “Isn’t she just magnificent?”

“She sure is.” He whispered. “You know, pretty much ever since I met you I’ve been promising to get you over there…” Daniel started.

“Is it open now?” Calla asked excitedly. They’d been here twice together and both times it was closed for repairs and they couldn’t go over. She’d been very disappointed but still glad to see the statute with her own eyes and not in a book. When she came with Nicholas she didn’t have time to take the class over to visit the statue.

“It is.” Daniel agreed quietly.

“Are we going?”

“You brought those comfortable shoes, right? It’s a long climb.” He smiled for her.

“Oh goodie!” Calla clapped and then kissed him. “Thank you, this is a perfect anniversary gift.”

“Don’t thank me yet, that’s not all, my Lady. Come and sit down.” Together they sat on the couch and she looked at him with great anticipation. Daniel kicked off his shoes and slid them under the bed. That looked like a good idea so Calla followed suit and waited for him to explain his plan for their get-away. “I thought while we’re here we might see a play.” Daniel produced two tickets to see ‘Eyes of Mars’ which had received rave reviews for the past several months. “Of course, what’s a Broadway play without dinner?” He asked. “So I thought we’d…” That’s as far as he got. Calla threw herself into his arms knocking him back against the arm of the couch and planting her lips over his.

“Did I ever tell you that you’re the best Husband in the whole world?” She asked happily. “Because you are you know. The absolute best.”

Daniel always loved making her happy it gave him back everything he gave her tenfold. “I love you, Kitty. Happy Anniversary. There’s no one I’d rather spend my life with.”

“Imagine that. I feel the same about you, my love. So it works out nicely, doesn’t it?” Nestling her face in the nape of his neck and tracing the muscle there with her tongue Calla worked the buttons his shirt while kneading the muscle below.

“Hum,” Daniel cleared his throat. “What are you doing? Are you unbuttoning my shirt?”

“Yes, I am.” Calla mumbled as she suckled the flesh below his left ear. “Dinner’s not for hours,” she whispered. “We are alone.” The first three buttons on the shirt gone now and Calla reached out to take the spectacles off his face. She put them down on the floor before she slithered down his body to lay kissed on his chest.

Under the light touch of her hand his nipples hardened and his heart beat faster. Daniel hadn’t had the heart to tell her yet but he didn’t need the glasses anymore. His vision was better than 20/20 for the first time in practically his whole life. Calla liked the glasses, he knew she did, she thought they were sexy for some reason he could never fathom. Daniel spent years trying to get rid of them and feeling like a geek for having to wear them and she thought they were attractive. Funny old world. So a few weeks ago when he cold no longer take looking through the bowed lenses as they’d begun to give him a headache he’d gone to the eye doctor and had the lenses replaced with clear window pane so that he could both wear them for her and his vision would not suffer because of it. “We’re not going to dinner tonight.” Daniel told her quietly as he ran his hands through her hair and took in the soft scent of her. “Tonight we’re having room service.” Some times she smelled like baking bread and others like sugar cookies, other times still she smelled of milk and honey but whatever the scent it was always comforting and enticing. It made him breathe deeper trying to inhale every last bit of it but no matter how deeply he drew breathe it was never deep enough.

“You have thought about this, haven’t you?” Calla asked with delight as she descended further on him taking the last of the troublesome buttons with her. “Have I ever told you that I really like the way you think?” Tugging the shirt free from the waist of the cotton dress pants that she was going to remove in just one little moment her lips and tongue danced along Daniel’s chest.

At first he thought of slowing her down but then dismissed the idea. It had been a very long time since they were alone and they had two nights and three days before they had to return to the world of diapers and crying babies. Fast and furious to start, just the way she wanted it, the next round would go slower. Daniel had big plans for the night ahead so maybe it was best to get a test fire out of the way. Besides, he’d worked hard on this little surprise so maybe he’d just lay back and collect his reward. Calla did so enjoy rewarding him.

Instead of pulling her up he pulled gently at her hair while she pulled the clip and zipper free. Looking up at him with a grin she slipped the pants off of him along with the gray jockey’s he’d been wearing. Nothing but his open shirt to offer cover Calla looked him over with approving eyes as she settled on her knees between his legs and before his growing cock. Her delicate hands slid all over him from torso to shoulders and back again bringing great fire with her caress. She flipped her head to one side very quickly and a great mass of auburn hair swirled in the air to land on the other side and out of her way before she bowed low to take him into her mouth, one of those soft fiery hands gripping his hand shaft and the other kneading at the spot over his heart.

No waiting.

Daniel’s back arched to greet her waiting warm mouth and slide deeper down her throat as he let out a great rush of air and clutched at the top of the sofa with one hand his other buried in her hair and pulling up toward his chest and away from her mouth. She moaned as she were the one receiving rather than giving and buried her face deeper in that soft snatch of hair between his legs. Working his hard shaft with one hand while the other roamed free over his torso she pumped her mouth and the hand up down and all around every inch of him from the tip of his throbbing cock to the base of his very heavy balls and back again.

Yes, a test fire was a good idea. This was not going to last long and Daniel decided he didn’t want to hold out anyway. His hips rocked higher as she took him all the way down her slender throat and began to suckle. She didn’t start with a hard suction, no just a very light one which grew and grew until he felt that surely she was going to suck the base of spine right out through the tend tip of his ready cock. Calla’s whole body worked him with her mouth and tongue as she licked, suckled and gyrated her head between his thighs pumping his hard shaft with one hand. His hand gripped the back of the fine Victorian sofa harder as Daniel the fire in his belly burned too hot to control and he prepared to usher forth, what no doubt would be, a great load of cum into her waiting mouth. He huffed and moaned as he felt it flowing through him right to the very tip and then….

She stopped.

Daniel’s eyes flew open as he looked at her in disbelief.

“I love you.” She whispered and slipped the light cotton blouse over head to reveal one of his favorite lacy pink bras beneath.

“I love you too.” Daniel whispered back and settled his hands on those slightly larger hips as she sat high atop of him. Hovering over him like that her fuller breasts hung down and pushed together to form a very tempting cleft of cleavage and Daniel thought of how much he’d like to grease them up, slid his cock between them and thrust away until he gave her a very wide pearl necklace.

“Maybe later.” Calla said in a seductive whisper as she hiked up her skirt and settled over him, pushing her matching lace panties to the side. Before he could protest that he didn’t like that…Daniel thought it was cheap and sluttish…Calla slid down on his hard shaft in one stroke taking him fully into her wet waiting hole. There was no argument to follow from her Husband he only let out a deep long soulful moan below her. “Miss me?”

“You don’t know how much.” He reached up to pull her down to him but Calla didn’t want to come she stayed tall up there perched on his hips and working her magick with her own. Nineteen years married…today. It just got better and better. Not just the sex but their entire lives. He wondered how many other couples could say that especially after everything they’d weathered. Each storm that came and blew its violent gale their way made them cling harder to each other. It encouraged them to fight harder when the skies cleared—they always did—they found themselves wrapped up in each other’s arms just the way they were now. It made them stronger and more determined where other couples would surely fall apart. Daniel would go up against Satan himself so long as he knew when it was over he’d come home to her and this. The thoughts in his head dispersed when her knees clamped down on his hips and waist and Calla began doing one of the things he loved best. Keeping her legs tight from angle to lovely thigh and inside she’d pull herself up and almost off of him right to the very tip and she’d hover there teasing him for a moment before she took him back inside in a very long slow slide the hot walls around him quivering and constricting around him as they made his shaft slick with their hot juice. Each downward thrust was sheer blissful torture and with each one he thought he’d simply burst. Calla picked up the pace a little bit and pumped up and down on him as though she were cantering a great steed. Daniel couldn’t take it any longer. “C’mere.” He reached up and when she resisted he pulled her down to him anyway holding her close to his bare skin and drinking the warmth of her.

“I love you.” She whispered hotly into his ear and when she began nibbling at the nape of his neck it was all over. Daniel’s body stiffened and his grip tightened and he brought them both up to a half sitting position on the sofa. His pulsing tender cock ushered forth a great gusher of cum into her his thrust increasing with each throbbing burst. When the climax released its grip he fell back against the couch still inside of her and panting for breath. Calla cuddled against his neck and whispered her confession of love again.

“I’m getting that idea.” He teased and kissed the side of her head. “Where are you going?” Daniel asked quickly and disappointedly when she dismounted him and reached for her blouse.

“We’re staying here tonight?” Calla asked.

“Yeah, for the next night too. Do you want to go out and explore the city?” He looked to the windows to see the light beginning to fade from the afternoon sky. “Go shopping?” Daniel invited.

“I don’t need anything.” Calla returned with a smile and a light kiss on his lips. “I have you.”

“You say the sweetest things.” He reached around to the back of her head and pulled her in for another longer kiss.

“I have a gift for you.” It was her turn to look around but not out of the windows but at the room they were in. “It’s not as extravagant as yours I’m afraid.” Calla said apologetically as she got up and went to the bag she’d packed. Putting it on the bed she opened it and walked to him with a small square box that was brightly wrapped in purple paper with a big white bow. “Happy Anniversary, my love.”

Daniel took the box from her hands with a big smile and sat up on the couch. Inside was a rather large family album. Opening it he saw she’d very lovingly and carefully put together a scrap book of their lives. Old news paper clippings and photographs adorned every page along hand clued ribbons and lace. “Where did you get these?” He asked in amazement as he read about Nicholas’ 8th grade baseball team winning the state championship and Colleen coming in first in the 100 meter freestyle. There were photographs of Nick and Cole from their birth to their teen years.

“Our friends volunteered them.” Calla explained. “Jack and Sam even General Hammond and Teal’c had several photographs and clippings. I let them all have copies but these are the originals.” She moved in a little closer. “Do you like it? As I said not as extravagant as your gift, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry I love it.” Daniel said quietly as he turned the pages and read all about their lives together and the photographs met his eye bringing back memories and making him smile. “This is great. Thank you, Kitty.”

“I’ll get you something better….perhaps you’d like to go shopping while we’re here?”

“I don’t need anything. I have you.”

Calla blushed and gave him a peck on the cheek. “There’s no one I’d rather spend my life with than you.”

“Works out well then, doesn’t it? I don’t intend on going anywhere.”

“Good. That brings me back to tonight. We are staying here.”

“Unless you want to go out.” Daniel said easily.

“No, but I was thinking I might avail myself to the tub. It’s been a while since I had a long soak and you did catch me by surprise and now you’ve made me all dirty.” She complained coyly.

“I made you dirty? I think you’ve got that backwards.”

“Have I?” Her index finger traced along the space between his pecs and over his heart. “Does that mean you’d like to join me in the bath?”

“You know it does.”

“Well,” she rolled her eyes and sucked on her bottom lip. “I’ll have to check the size of the tub. It might not be big enough for both of us.”

“I already made sure that it would be.” Daniel countered easily. “Come on.” He stood up and took her as he lead her into the spacious bathroom complete with Jacuzzi tub designed in the old claw-foot style complete with sculpted back and edges. It looked large enough to fit four…if you were into that sort of thing. “What do you think? I know its summer. You want the fire anyway?” Across from the tub on one side of the Victorian decorated bathroom was a large fire place with a blue marble mantle. On the other wall were two deep sinks over which hung two mirrors encased in bronze frames and which had a deep rich patina. Next to the mirrors matching sconces hung on the walls.

“It really is beautiful, Daniel.” Calla remarked putting her arm around his bare waist.

“Only the best for my lovely Lady. What about it? Want that fire? I know you do.”

“Don’t go to any trouble.” Calla said but hoped he would if he had to.

“No trouble.” Daniel left her and went to the mantle where he pushed a button and great gas fire roared to life.

“Oh, it’s fake.” She grumbled.

“It’s not fake. Put out your hand. It’s warm, isn’t it?”

Indeed it was. It was pretty and added much atmosphere to the already romantic room. Calla looked at the tub and then decided how it worked. She put the stopper down and started the water. “It could take an hour to fill that.”

“Wanna get dirty again while we wait?”

Calla giggled and blushed. “Yes.”

“All these years and I can still make you blush.” Daniel said with wonder.

“All these years and the mere sight of you still sets my heart on fire.”

Now it was Daniel’s turn to redden and turn away. Just the turn of a word or her eyes could make him feel like a teen again. “I got something that’ll set you on fire.” He said as he turned back to her and scooped her off of her feet to carry her to the very large canopied four post bed while the bath filled behind them. Laying her down Daniel’s blue eyes gleamed. “My turn.” He cooed happily as he tugged the pretty pink panties free of her thighs. “Don’t need this either.” Daniel said as he slid the zipper down on the floral print skirt and tossed it to the floor. “Almost there.” Calla giggled and put her hand over her mouth. “Just this old thing in the way.” Reaching beneath with one hand he undid the clasps on the bra and then slowly pulled it free of her. “Much better.” He complimented with a raised eye brow and tried to move down her but Calla’s legs closed and he looked up at her as if to say; not this again.

“Don’t give me that,” she said to him, “we just…well you know what we just did…”

“We just made love.” Daniel said and it was more question than statement. “I know I was there. It was very good.”

“Come up here.” She invited holding her arms out to him but Daniel held his ground. “If you do,” she coaxed, “I’ll let you do that thing you were thinking about.” Calla’s hands came down from reaching for him to caress her engorged breasts. “Usually they’re too small,” she complained lightly and gave each nipple a tweak to make them harden before his eyes. Daniel’s cock flinched against the inner flesh of her knee. “But not now.” Calla winked at him. “Want to see what I can do?”


“What can you do?” Daniel asked and swallowed hard as he watched her bend her head forward and lick her own hard pink nipple. “Oh that’s very nice. I like that.” Bending her head a little bit forward still and holding her breast upward Calla was able to close her entire mouth around it. Her green eyes opened and she used the index finger of her free hand to beckon him upward to her. All thoughts of getting between those Greek columns dismissed for the moment Daniel found he was helpless to do anything but heed her call. “This one looks lonely.”

“It is.”

“I’ll fix that.” Daniel’s warm moist mouth closed around the lonely nipple and his tongue kept it company while he watched her work the other breast and grew harder wishing he’d brought the digital recorder with him. A light liquid rose into his mouth. He let it roll around on his tongue before swallowing. “Cherries.” Daniel said looking over at her. “It tastes like cherries.” Indeed it did. Calla’s lovely breasts gave out a very mild milky substance mixed with sweet taste of wild cherries. “No wonder they like it so much.” He said thoughtfully. The babies were always clamoring to suckle at her breast but she was only able to nurse two per feeding while the other three went with a bottle given by someone else. Calla rotated babies every feeding but to him it often seemed Brigid got more than her fair turn at her Mother’s breast instead of the bottle. “I’m gonna have a little more, ok?”

Calla’s answer to that was to stop working her right breast with her slick tongue and lay back on the bed to pull him down to her. When Daniel’s mouth closed over her waiting breast one more she grabbed the back of his head and let out a long low moan. The more he suckled the more she gave him. Like her scent, the more he took down the more he wanted. His free hand slid across her skin to land upon the nipple of that now lonely breast on the other side of her. From beneath his fingertips it squirted for the same liquid he was drinking. Daniel understood the concept but he’d never seen it. It was so strange to see the whitish substance coming from her. Calla reached down and put her hand over his, she gave out a little giggle before pinching her nipple together and simultaneously pulling it forward. A great gusher of milk came forth in a long stream that must have shot a foot and a half in the air before it rained down on her chest and stomach. “Neat trick.” Daniel laughed. “Do it again.”

So she did only this time she angled it a little and tried to get the pressure right. Another squirt of milk came forth but not as high and she directed the flow to land between the crevice of her new mounds. She did it again and one more time until the area was covered in it. “If you like that you’re going to love this.” Calla whispered seductively. “Come here.” Her hands reached down to his hips indicating she wanted him to sit atop of her. Calla blew a hot wisp of air on the tip of Daniel’s hard cock as it settled into her slick cleavage. They’d done this before but her breasts were too small to effectively do the job and he was always trying to push them together and they didn’t quite make it. But for now that problem was solved. Funny, he hadn’t liked her new and improved tits when Andy paid for them in fact he hated them. This set seemed to suit him just fine even though they were a bit bigger than the ones Andy bought.

Daniel eased his weight off of her and onto his thighs as his cocked twitched between her fleshy mounds. This was going to be good. Using his hand he pushed his hard cock between the folds and then Calla applied a bit of pressure to the sides of her breasts and it was a very snug fit. Her tongue flicked out from between her lips when he started rocking his hips. It greeted the tip of his hot shaft in a soft caress. He wanted to hold those tits and his hands closed down around hers but she moved her own away only to put them down on his thighs and firmly guide his thrusts. Almost as though he were in that hot box between her legs the fleshy walls around him moved and moistened as milk came from her nipples in slow hot flowing streams covering his hands it ran down the mounds into the valley below and eased his way to pleasure. The faint aroma of wild cherries filled the air. He looked down to see her laying there, her eyes closed and her mouth greeting each forward thrust with much welcoming delight. The erotic sounds of her cooing came to his ears and made his skin prickle from ear to toe. That familiar fire deep in his the pit of his stomach sprung to life and before he knew or could even think about stopping it a light bead of sweat broke out on his forehead d and a white substance of his own secretion ushered forth in its own great geyser to mix with Calla’s fluid and encircle her neck in the proverbial pearl necklace. As he came and she felt the first drops of it on her skin Calla stopped licking him and laid fully back with her body arched toward him to greet it with total submission. When the strength went out of his legs Daniel flopped onto the bed beside her. Both of them sticky.

“I think we need that bath now.” Calla said with a grin.

“Yeah,” he whispered breathlessly. “Just gimmie a second. One,” he held up his index finger which was covered with a mixture of sticky substances. “One second.”

Calla tittered and kissed him. “I love you.” She eased off the bed. “I’m going to check the water.”

Daniel laid there watching her walk away.

Two for me. None of her.

That hardly seemed fair. He reminded himself that they did have the whole weekend. Before it was over he was determined that if she walked anywhere it would be bowlegged. Catching his breath and hoping the rubbery feeling in his legs would disappear once he stood up Daniel got off the big bed and made an unsteady stride which did get better with each step to the bathroom.

“I think it’s ready.” She said and dipped a toe into the steaming water. “Join me?” Calla held her arms out to him.

“You’re forgetting something.”

“Am I?” She said in a hopeful manner. “What could it be?”

“This.” The candles in the bathroom sprung to life and the lights went out.

“You are good.” Calla complimented.

“You ain’t seen nothing yet.” Daniel said with a wink and climbed into the tub with her.


Well I’m not braggin’ babe so don’t put me down
But I’ve got the fastest set of wheels in town
When something comes up to me he don’t even try
Cause if I had a set of wings man I know she could fly
She’s my little deuce coupe
You don’t know what I got
Little Deuce Coupe
The Beach Boys
Words & Music by Brian Wilson & Roger Christian

Washed and cleaned from head to toe and every little crevice in between Daniel and lay back in the tub with Calla in his arms basking in the warm glow of the fire and candles and in his love for her. “Seems like a dream.” She mumbled. “We were so far apart this time last year.” Calla sighed deeply remembering this day in the year before. She was in a clinic in Switzerland having her new body parts installed and the old original stock parts overhauled at Andy’s demand. “I missed you. I was so lonely without you.”

It was day Daniel didn’t want to think of either. His own behavior had been far less than stellar. “Yeah me too.” He said lowly.

“We’ve come through that,” she said with a thoughtful but happy tone, “we’ve a new house and many new family members.” That happy lilt faded away and Calla let out a deep sigh and brought herself closer to him in the hot water.

She didn’t have to say it and he didn’t have to use his ever-growing powers to read her mind. “I miss Colleen too.”

Calla didn’t say anything to that she just nestled the back of her head further into his chest and ran her thumbs along the edges of the hands she was holding. She could bitch. She could whine and complain about how unfair it was but what good would it do her? Him? None. She let the moment pass between them as shared silent sorrow.

A sharp knock on the outer door followed by the announcement of “Room service,” broke the silence and made her jump. Calla turned around in the water and in his arms. “I didn’t order anything.”

“I did.” Daniel said. “You stay here. I’ll get it.” He climbed out of the warm water and slipped into one of the hotel robes hanging the bathroom door.

“When?” Calla asked as she glided to the side of the tub where he was standing.

“Before we left home.”

“You’re just full of surprises tonight.”

“I am. Close your eyes.” Daniel ordered in a stern voice which was clearly false. “No peeking.” He kept his eyes on her until he was out of the bathroom door and had it firmly closed behind him. The waiter entered with a large push cart of food, Daniel rummaged his wallet from his slacks which were on the floor in a heap by the sofa and tipped the man before taking an item from the cart and bringing it back to the bathroom. “Are your eyes closed? I can see if they are, you know.” He warned lightly.

Now that he’d discovered the things he could do Daniel was showing an amazing potential and she hadn’t even Accepted him yet. This could get annoying, she warned herself. “Closed.” Calla called back.

When he entered the room her lids were shut and Daniel knelt by the tub. “Open your mouth.”

With a bit of hesitancy Calla did just that. Something metal and cold; a fork, entered her mouth followed by something deliciously silky and sweet. “Chocolate cream pie.” She cooed and opened her eyes to see him holding a rather slice of the sweet treat in front of her. “What about dinner?”

“This is dinner. There’s an entire cart full of desert out there.” He nodded toward the bathroom door.

“No there isn’t.” Calla said giggling all the way and already starting to climb out of the tub.

“Yes there is.” Daniel countered and stepped back. He held the other robe out to her and they exited the bathroom.

“Oh my!” Calla squealed with glee and clasped her hands together at the site of the silver cart with all of its silver and crystal ware heaped with cakes, pies, ice creams, tarts, fruit filled crepes and a silver bucket of ice and magnum of champagne. “This is dinner?”

“Umm-um. I thought that you might need the sugar.”

“Will I?” Calla asked dipping her finger into the whipped cream of the pie he was holding and then taking a long slow taste of it sucking on her finger as she twirled it around in her mouth to get every bit of the cream.

“Oh yeah.” Daniel said through slightly gritted teeth. “This night is just getting started.” He put down the pie, picked her up and sat her down on the bed. He popped the cork on the bottle and poured two glasses of the bubbly liquid.

Calla took the one being offered to her and drank it down deeply. She hadn’t a drop of alcohol or any other illicit substance in months. She was completely clean and as such it didn’t take much before the champagne started to go to her head. “That was very thoughtful of you, my dear Husband.”

“Wasn’t it though? I’ve got something else for you.”

“More? Daniel this is really too much as it is.”

“Never enough.” He returned and went to his bag and retrieved two small boxes. Daniel sat down next to her. “I want you to open this one first,” he held out the smallest box. Calla took it with great anticipation and opened it to reveal exact replicas of her engagement and wedding rings.

“Thank you.” Calla took them from the box. “They’re beautiful.” She went to slip them on her finger but he took them out of her hand and did it for her. Calla hugged him. “That’s much better.” The finger had been bare for months. “The other?” She asked slyly.

“Yeah, ok,” he stammered and cleared his throat but held on to the box. “If you don’t want this I’ll understand, got it?” He watched while she nodded and looked very perplexed. “I thought you might like it.” Daniel finally handed over the other box.

Calla opened it and inside on a very fine silver chain was a medallion in the shape of Ares’ symbol. The medallion wasn’t silver has the first one he’d given her had been. This one was encrusted with ten sparkling jewels. She looked at him still with that quizzical expression on her face.

“One for each member of the family,” he explained. “They’re their birthstones.” He looked away for a second then looked back. “Like I said, if you don’t want it that’s ok.”

“Yes, I want it.” She said taking it out of the box and holding it up in the air to watch the jewels catch the light. “You had these made somewhere, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, I did.” Daniel had sort of hoped she wouldn’t want the necklace but knew that she would. He put it around her neck. “This has a new meaning now.” He told her. “Got it?”

Calla nodded happily and clutched the medallion with one hand while gazing at the gems on her finger with the other. Ares’ symbol felt like a warm little ember nestled between her new and improved breasts. “You are the perfect Husband. How did I ever get so lucky?”

“Well I don’t know how you got so lucky,” he said coyly, “but I do know you are very clean.”

“So I am. You did a good job.” Calla complimented and pushed herself back on the bed a ways. Opening her legs the robe fell open and Calla looked down to inspect herself spreading the waiting folds of her lower lips wide for his viewing pleasure. “Yes, very clean.”

Not only was she clean she was glistening though from the bathwater or excitement he wasn’t sure and he wouldn’t be until he got a good taste. “Do you know what the best thing is about coming east for our anniversary?” Daniel asked as he dipped his finger into the cream and crouched down in front of the bed.

“No what?” Calla asked softly as she finished the champagne and held the glass out to him for another which he was only too happy to give her.

“We get six more hours to celebrate.” Daniel gently smeared a line along her inner right thigh. It was cool and creamy Calla rather liked the feel of it but not as much as she did the sensation of his tongue licking it from her. It made her spine tingle and her heart beat faster as desire flushed into her cheeks.

Daniel had all night and he wasn’t about to rush through the evening. When the whipped cream on the right thigh was gone he repeated the process on the left. Each time going so far up that Calla felt the hot wisps of his breath on the folds of her skin but he did not touch them. Not yet. Looking up he saw her glass was empty, her eyes were closed and she had a dopey little grin on her face. Daniel reached up and took the glass out of her hand and her eyes opened the smiled widened. “My girl.” He whispered against her thigh before standing up and putting his hands under her arms. Daniel moved her on the bed so that he could lay her out in a more comfortable manner. Yes, all night, she might as well be comfortable. Wanting to cater to that comfort he took a short stroll across the ornately decorated bedroom with its shades of salmon, white, gold and sage to flip a secreted button on the mantle in here with a similar gas fireplace. They burned wood it was just that you didn’t have to bother with paper and matches. Daniel tossed a log into the flames before coming back to the bed and drawing the drapes on the left and right side of the canopy bed but leaving those at the foot open so she could see the flames and feel their warmth. On the bed Calla started to wiggle out of the robe. “I’ll do that.” He said softly as put the plate of pie on the foot of the bed and then climbed back into the bed. “You know how much I love to undress you.”

“Christmas,” she muttered with a smile.

“Every day of the year.” Daniel returned and slowly slid the fluffy white robe from her. “Every day.”


“Dozens of them.” One arm slid beneath her shoulders and the other grabbed her right thigh to pull her onto her side and then in close to him as his lips closed down over hers and Calla answered them with waiting champagne breath. The hand on her thigh moved to her ass and the one behind her explore the depths of her back which arched to greet his touch on both sides of her. “You remember the night before I left for Bacchus’ Kingdom?”

“Yes.” She remembered it very well. Out of all their thousands of nights together it was one of her all-time favorite memories. “I took you Around the World.”

“Yeah, you did. Tonight I’m the pilot.” Working his way from her lips downward Daniel kept his promise and covered her body with dozens of fiery kisses from her neck to her burgeoning breasts and down her flat stomach back to that smooth place he’d been teasing earlier. Daniel reached for the pie. The whipped cream on the top was gone now but there was a lot of chocolate to go. Calla’s thighs twitched and she let out a little snicker as the cold silky chocolate met the hungrily waiting place between her legs.

Around the World. First Stop.

The lightly musky scent mixing with the sweet aroma of chocolate told him that the moisture he’d seen before was not merely water. She was wet from her want of him and that was good because he was already hard for the same. The silky texture of chocolate combining with the taste of her as his tongue slipped and slid along her hairless flesh turning that most favorite spot of his into an oasis of magickal delights. Calla cooed and rocked her hips to meet the flat of his tongue and the suckling of his lips made her head swim as he cleaned the pie from her and then added more. He didn’t stop until nothing but crust remained on the plate and Calla’s hips were begging for him to do that which he had not. Any second now she was going to….

“Please,” Calla whispered and offered her hips up higher as her upper half wiggled on the bed.

“Please what?” He teased knowing she wouldn’t answer him. “Please this?” Daniel slid his index finger into her, Calla let out a rush of air and stopped wiggling but her hips remained high off the bed. Daniel pushed them back down with his free hand. “Better?” He asked but didn’t wait for an answer before going back to working those lower lips with his mouth. It didn’t take long, no, Calla was ripe and ready and when she started gripping the sheets and those hips no longer stayed in place on the but offered themselves full up to him and stayed that way…Daniel stopped.

Her eyes flew open as she watched in disbelief while Daniel climbed off the bed and disappeared through the drapes. Before she could voice her complaint he returned with his glass of champagne. “What are you going to do with that?”

All he did was smile a sly little grin before resuming his place between her legs. Calla didn’t give any more fuss once he, his tongue and his fingers went back to work. Just as she was falling into rhythm he tipped the glass in his hand to pour a steady of stream of champagne on her. Calla’s eyes opened as she tried to pull away from the cold sensation but it soon warmed even as it flowed on to her his tongue warmed it. Soon her hips were twitching for another reason and she was letting out little giggles as the bubbly liquid made its way inside of her. After a few moments the giggles faded and she started to coo and then to moan. When the glass was empty flicked it down to the foot of the bed rather stop. He looked up to see her biting down on her bottom lip. Three fingers deep into her the walls around him pulled and released as she climbed higher and higher. Calla gripped the sheet with one hand and kneaded the one on the side.

“Danny…Danny.” She moaned and tried to hold out. The kneading motion became a pounding one.

Daniel reached out with his free hand to grab the one striking the mattress. He gave her arm a gentle but firm yank. She slid further onto his hand whispered his name one more time and the sweet juice rained down on his tongue. My girl. He thought as he drank it down. All mine.

Around The World. Second Stop.

Calla lay back on the mattress and the soft pillows panting for breath and feeling her heart race in her chest as he slithered up her and settled at her side. There was no layover from one stop to the next. His lips descended around the nape of her neck as he climbed on top of her and slid into that hot waiting oasis. Calla’s arms wrapped around him and she began to greet his thrusts with much gusto anticipating another climax which would be quick to follow and greater than the last as he buried himself to the hilt inside her. Her legs clamped down around his to push him even further inside.

All these years and three child born three months ago and this hot box was just as snug and tight as it had been the first time they did this. Her entire body fit him like a leather driving glove. “I learned a new trick.” Daniel invited as he suddenly stopped. She didn’t like the look in his eye. He was up to something.

“What is it?”

“Wanna see?”


“Aw, c’mon, you’ll like it.” He coached and wiggled in her. “Wanna see?”

“All right,” Calla said with a bit of trepidation. Her eyes grew wide and her body stiffened as the shaft inside her grew larger. Calla’s mouth dropped open in disbelief. “How did you do that?” He shouldn’t be able to do that. Only Olympians could do such things. Daniel didn’t answer her instead his cock grew even larger. “Daniel stop it,” Calla wiggled a bit under him and gave out a little whimper. “Please?” The act of making his cock bigger left his mind open and she didn’t like what she saw there back in the deep dark parts where light rarely shined. The shaft grew longer and wide still, worse yet it grew harder. Calla stopped moving.

“You like it, I know you do.” He whispered in her ear.

Calla’s flesh broke out in goose bumps at his tone. “I love you. Just the way you are. I don’t want this. Please?”

Ares face flashed through Daniel’s mind and the hardness in her grew larger still and pushed further into her.

Calla let out an involuntary cry of pain as her body flinched at the size of the intrusion. If she didn’t find a way to pull him back soon things could get very ugly as they celebrated their 19th wedding anniversary. “I don’t want him.” They hadn’t talked about it in fact they hadn’t even come close to skirting the issue and Ares, for the most part, had kept his distance from the family coming to the house only three times in the last three months to visit with Athena. It wasn’t so much the thought that she liked it that was going through Daniel’s head but the fact that she could take it and he’d like to be the one using such a massive tool and dishing it out to her. It frightened her.

“Say it again.” Something strange was happening in him and Daniel didn’t understand it. He only meant to show her a new trick and hoped that it would heighten her pleasure. Daniel never meant to make her twitch and flinch below him. He almost felt as though he were on autopilot or being driven by remote control but her words brought his mind back to the here and now.

“I don’t want him. I want you. I love you, Daniel.”

The longer wider cock inside of her returned to its rightful size. Which was larger than most to begin with. “I’m sorry, Kitty.”

Calla’s only response to that was to bring him down and kiss him. Little bumps in the road were easily handled. Still, a part of her worried he was much more powerful than he should be. Then again, that wasn’t a new thing, was it? Of course not, Daniel had been strong of mind going back so far as that first night on Tiberia when she’d searched out his mind in a dream. In point of fact he turned out not only to become an active participant in the world she’d created that night but to move through it so easily that near the end he actually took over. Back then no one ever offered him so much as the slightest taste of Ambrosia. Daniel had a very natural, if somewhat uncomfortable to him, ability…a God given talent if you will. David had it too. She was sure that when they were little they shared it between them and shut the rest of the world out.

It would be wrong to underestimate his untapped abilities. His and David’s.

The moment passed they went back to doing what they did best. Calla started even though Daniel was piloting this evening. Her lips suckled at the place just below his left ear while her arms and legs enfolded him and it wasn’t long before he was falling into pace and then taking the lead once more. The mouth so sensuously sucking his neck turned into a gentle nibbling. The fire between them grew so swift and powerful it made the flames in the fireplace brighten as they climbed higher with the couple on the bed. One hand clamped firmly on her hip the other grabbed a handful of auburn hair and pulled her head away from his chest to lay it flat on the pillows where they were bare and free for the kissing.

Lips and bodies full of wanton lust pressed so tightly together you couldn’t slip a dollar bill between them and their hearts racing to see who could climb higher faster and which would surrender first. Daniel was already very satisfied when he eased his body off of hers and rose to his knees between her legs. At first those lovely coltish legs wrapped around his waist but soon he didn’t want to be held in place and grabbed hold of each ankle so he could sling them over his shoulders. Leaning over her to plant one hand above deep in the soft tresses covering the pillows just above her shoulders, Daniel pressed those strong columns down on to her chest while he thrust in and out of her with a quickening pace. She’d been reaching up to him when he moved her legs and when he pinned her knees down her hands were caught between them still reaching up to him the fingers stretching and stretching to touch his skin but were trapped under her own weight. As always, like a kid in a candy store, he wanted just a little more…just a little. He did his trick once more but slower this time and not to a great degree. Leaning in further and deeper those stretching finger tips finally found their goal and clutched greedily at his stomach in a mildly painful tugging scratching motion. Now he was so close to her that her head was buried in the crook of his left shoulder and her tongue was sucking his flesh while her teeth went about that nibbling keeping time with the scratching and thrusting going on below. He moved and suddenly his shoulder was over her neck but he didn’t notice.

The weight of him and her own legs on her chest and the pushing of his shoulder against her windpipe Calla found it very difficult to breathe. The kisses he’d been laying on her turned into sharp bites and she swore he was biting right through her flesh just like….

A warm rush of something salty washed over his tongue and Daniel drank it down in the heat of passion as he continued biting and licking her skin. The cock inside of her grew past the density of marble as his hips thrust and his fingers grabbed and pulled handfuls of her hair. Covered in sweat and with no choice but to surrender the legs which were pinned down so well tightened and came together with near vice-grip strength and she began doing what she’d done on the couch only this time she had to roll her back to make the pumping motion. Ever so slowly and with more force each time she used those exquisite thigh muscles to her utmost advantage as she took him over and over and again until she was too weak and too breathless to move. Between the intensity of the orgasm and lack of oxygen she thought she’d pass out before it was over. Yet still she kept on cumming bringing him higher and higher into the flames until it was his turn to surrender and that hard marble pole pulsed and throbbed as Daniel reached down for a very long hard cum. He grunted and thrust with his teeth gnashing together taking in bits of her flesh and still only wanted more even as his climax was achieved.

Around The World. Second Stop. Destination Reached.

Warm and safe encircled in the protection of his arms Calla snuggled as close as she possibly could and nuzzled her head against his chest to listen to the sound of his beating heart. Here in this place with the drapes drawn and the fire burning they lay wrapped in their own cocoon and the afterglow of their lovemaking. Calla found she was thirsty but didn’t want to move away from him.

“Get you something?” Daniel asked.

She was very parched but she didn’t want more champagne….

“There’s a bottle of ice cold Coke on the rack under the table cloth of the cart.” He said easily. “Want some?”

Calla looked up at him. “You are good. I didn’t even feel that.”

Daniel hadn’t been trying to read her mind he just had the idea that she might like a cold glass of her favorite soda. “You’re my Wife; I think I know you pretty well.” He got off the bed and poured Coke into a champagne glass. “I don’t have to read your thoughts to know you’re thirsty…hungry too maybe…you know, after that.” Daniel knew enough to stand there while she drank it because she was going to want another one and she did. He wasn’t trying to read her mind at all and yet he felt that he was doing just that with as much effort as he stood there breathing. Daniel pulled the drape out to encompass the night table. He put the bottle down along with a scrumptious looking piece of chocolate pecan pie the whipped topping of which was melting fast. Standing there watching her take her drink he wanted to say something about what had happened but didn’t know what and she didn’t look as though it was a subject she wanted to visit so he climbed back into the bed without saying anything.

“This night can’t get anymore perfect,” Calla cooed and came to his arms. “You always treat me like a Queen.”

“Like a Goddess,” he corrected, “and no where near as often as I should.”

Calla rolled her eyes and let out a little laugh. “Let’s make a pact, ok? Let’s promise that we’ll do this a few times a year. We’ll get away from everything and everyone and it will just be the two of us for a few days.” She raised herself to one elbow to look at him while the sheet fell away from her. “Promise? It doesn’t matter where we go just so long as we get away.”

It sounded like a good deal to him and one that would be easy to comply with. The Connection between them the one that had been slightly fading over the past few months was now strong and bright again. Daniel imagined that like any other entity it needed to be fed and nourished nurtured even and it was times like this which accomplished that. Time alone made sure the Connection stayed strong and kept them together. “Yeah, I like it.” He ran a hand through her hair. “Kids getting to you, honey? Tired?” She looked happy and content enough. In fact he was fairly certain that if he should say he was done for the night she wouldn’t complain even though there was one more stop to make on their trip. That was highly unusual. When was the last time she gave up for the night before him? True, often times they called it a mutual draw but this was too early for that. Then again, she was chasing around and taking care of five infants every day. Even with help it was a big and exhausting job.

“I just want to be alone with you some times.” She shook her head. “We’re never alone anymore.”

“Then we’ll just have to make time for it, ok?”

Calla nodded and lay back down at his side. “I like this.”

“I was kinda hoping you would.” Daniel kissed the top of her head and brought the blankets around her as he shut out the light.

“Pardon me,” Calla said quietly in the dim light of the fire.


“I don’t mean to complain but I think you’re forgetting something.” Her hand made its way down from his chest to that soft tuft of hair between his legs. “Perhaps you’re not forgetting after all.” She teased as her hand wrapped around the nearly hard shaft. “Perhaps you just don’t have a use for this thing?”

“I got a use for it.” Daniel returned and smiled in the dark. “C’mere and I’ll show you.”

“I don’t think I can get much closer.”

“I think you can.”

“Really? Oh, well in that case, how ‘bout if I do this?” In his arms she turned around so that her butt was pressed up against his thigh. “Closer now?”

It was his turn to roll over onto his side one arm reached under her cupping her breast and the other grabbed hold of that hard shaft. “Getting warmer back up a little more.” Daniel encouraged parting those firm butt cheeks with the tip of his stiff cock. “That’s a girl. My girl.”

Around The World. Last Stop.

Daniel’s front pressed to Calla’s back he firmly pushed his way into that hot tight ass with one long slow stroke. Calla’s body tightened in his arms at first and she let out a little cry but the discomfort soon eased and she was cooing and rocking against him as she nestled her head in the crook of his shoulder and began to taste him. She loved the taste of his sweat when they made love it was lightly salty and just a bit sweet like the aroma he gave off now. There was no place in the entire universe she’d rather be than wrapped up with him making love until Eos blazed across the sky and there never would be. His face was buried in her hair while his hands grabbed those two soft and very mounds on her chest. A bit of milk was secreted and Daniel thought of how thirsty he was and how much he’d like another taste. Moving that mass of auburn hair aside and sliding deeper into her he eased himself partway up so that he could lean his upper body over her. The new medallion shined in the firelight, it almost seemed to wink at him as it sparkled. He pushed it aside and leaned in to get a mouthful of those pretty pink nipples and let the sweet taste of wild cherries cover his tongue.

Drinking his fill and licking his lips to get the last of it into it him Daniel’s mouth moved from her heaving breast to her vulnerable sensitive neck and his hand slid down her body to those lovely hips grinding and turning so gracefully on him. The tighter and somewhat drier walls around his cock constricted as her back arched and Calla sucked in breath at the feel of his lips. She reached back with one hand to cup the back of his head and hold him in place while he did the same her hips keeping time with the slow steady rhythm he created.

“God, I love you, Kitty.”

At his sweet words she turned her head back for a kiss. “My Everything.” She whispered just before their lips met and he sunk deeper still. Buried all the way tip to hilt into the soft flesh of her butt and holding her this close feeling every curve and drinking in every soft sound she made it wasn’t long before they were cumming together. The hand at his head stiffened and so did the rest of her she drew in a great breath but did not take her lips from his. Daniel felt that tingle and then the blazing fire in his stomach just before his cock started to throb and then twitch as it gave forth its last load for the night with those walls sucking and heaving around him. Daniel didn’t leave her body until his cock was fully flaccid once more and she was asleep in his arms.

Around The World. Trip Complete.

After catching his breath and realizing he was sleepy but still awake he quietly climbed out of the bed gathering up the plate and now broken champagne glass at the foot of the bed. Daniel picked up the chip and held it to the glass and the light to be sure there wasn’t anymore. Wouldn’t want either of them getting cut in their sleep or at a more inopportune moment. It was a perfect match. Satisfied that danger was averted for the moment he tossed the glass and chip into the waste basket and made his way to the bathroom to clean up from the night’s celebratory events. Coming out into the bedroom again he saw the family album on the small chair. A bit of a sweet treat, something to drink and flip through the book and Daniel figured he should be tired enough to curl up with her. He got as far as pouring the glass before she woke up looking for him. Daniel brought the items to the bed.

“What are you doing?” She asked in a dreamy voice. “Not satisfied?”

“I’m very satisfied.” Daniel pulled the covers up over her again taking in the sleepy relaxed look on her face and her mussed up hair. He couldn’t remember the last time she looked so beautiful. “Want some?” He held out a spoonful of chocolate mousse and she wrapped her lips around it. “Hungry?”

“Starving but I’m too tired to eat.” Calla nestled back down in the bed.

Too tired to eat? After sex? That was a new one.

Calla let out a few deep sighs and was almost asleep when the change in his heart beat opened her eyes again. “What’s wrong?”

In the dim light of the bedroom he’d been quietly eating, drinking and flipping through pages for five minutes or so when he got the idea to turn to the back…just to see if she’d left it open for new things to come. She had done so but three-quarters of the way through the album of the Jackson children faded away and were replaced by a different Jackson family. “Where did you get this?” His hand gently ran along the page decorated with ribbons in maroon and white, the colors of the University of Chicago. There were bumps beneath the ribbons where she’d used a hot glue gun to press them in place. Why didn’t she just…zap it…together? “Calla.”

With a tired body she sat up in the bed to take a gander at the page which had so caught his attention. “From the newspaper.” She explained.

“This isn’t a copy this is the original.”

She bit down on her lower lip and rolled her eyes. “OK, so when I went to the library I made a copy and took that. I put the copy in its place.” She explained in a high voice.

“You went to Chicago to get this?”



“I don’t know, three week ago? You took the children to the park, remember?”

He couldn’t stop running his hand along the newspaper article and the picture. Gods he was so young! There he was, the new Dr. Daniel Jackson standing in front of his graduating class delivering the Valedictorian’s Speech. Daniel flipped the page and there was an original newspaper clipping of David and his 6th grade baseball team at the State Championships. There were articles about David’s motorcycle accident and his arrests. “Where did you get these? Texas?”

“Yes, the Texas State Library had them.” She wiped the sleep from her eyes. “I did leave copies and….”

“Five dollars.” Daniel let out a snort. He could see it plain as day in his head; Calla in the back racks of some old library looking around sheepishly while she cut out articles and replaced them with the copies she’d made along with slipping a five dollar bill into each page that she took from. He was surprised she didn’t leave a little note to go with it for the historian to find at some later date. “I don’t care about that.”

“Well then what’s the problem?”

“How far back does this go?”

“Your birth announcements are in there. Your parents’ wedding and engagement announcements…the time your father went to China and….” She stopped. He was staring at her with the strangest look on his face. “Have I done something wrong?”

“You said I gave an extravagant gift. You had to go to California to get their wedding stuff.” Daniel said.

“I wanted it to be complete.” She explained. “It’s not extravagant. Not like this.” With a lazy hand she gestured toward the entire suite.

“No it’s better.” He looped his arm around her shoulders and brought her back to the bed to lie next to him. “You go to sleep, I’m going to look at this for a while, ok?”

“’K.” She cooed and almost instantly drifted off for the remainder of the night.


Lady, when you’re with me I’m smiling
Give me, whoa-oh, all your love
Your hands build me up when I’m sinking
Touch me and my troubles all fade
Words & Music by Dennis DeYoung

It was only when they finally left the hotel somewhere around noon the next day that Calla discovered they were staying at the Time Hotel. Before she would walk out the hotel room door she insisted on calling home to check in. Calla took his cell phone and said “International. Call home.” A few seconds later the phone was answered.


She’d been expecting someone…anyone…else to answer. “Ni-Nicholas…how are you?”

“Hi, Mom.” He stuttered and dropped his big booted feet from the kitchen table as though she could see him rather than just hear him. “I know…everybody’s fine. How’s things there?”

“We’re going to see the Statue of Liberty today,” She said uneasily. “Are the babies awake?”

Figured. “Hold on.” Nick put the phone down and shouted through the house for everyone to go to the nearest phone with whatever baby they had at the moment. One by one they put the babies on the line and Calla said hello to each one told them to be good and that their Mommy loved them. “Ok, now, Mom?”

“Yes,” she stammered again and closed her eyes, “we’ll be home tomorrow.”

“We’ll hold the fort down until then.” Nick cracked. “Love ya, Mom.”

“Umm…tomorrow then. Bye.” Calla clicked the line to hang up and hand the cell phone back to Daniel. Looping her arms through his they left the half-empty dessert cart and very dirty sheets for the cleaning staff and made their way through the city on a beautiful early summer day. The very first gift shop they came to Calla insisted on going in so that she could buy I ♥ New York T-shirts for everyone back home. Daniel told her she didn’t want to carry them around the city all day but she didn’t listen. Calla bought a shirt for everyone and once outside she stood behind Daniel and zapped the bag to their room. “See? All better.” She said with a bright smile but Daniel just stood there shaking his head. “I don’t want them to think I forgot about them.”

“I know and they’d never think that because you never would.” He held out his arm.

“And I wanted to get this.” Calla held out a one-time-use 35mm camera.

“What’d you buy that thing for? Why didn’t you get one of the digital ones? They hold more pictures.”

“I like film. It’s warm.” Calla explained quickly.

“Whatever you say. Come on, there’s a lot to see but first….”

“The Statue of Liberty.”


“Yes.” She almost squealed. Sometimes, for no apparent reason, when things were darkest with Kanan the image of Lady Liberty would come to her head just as bright and clear as this wonderful day. It comforted her and gave her hope as he did to so many millions of others who saw her. It reminded her that there was at least one place left in the entire universe where, if she could just get there, she would be welcome and she would be free. Calla waited a long time to get up and close and personal with the grand icon and she didn’t want to wait any longer now that her task was done.

Within a few minutes Daniel hailed a cab and they rode through the city with Calla looking out the window and pointing at things that caught her eye of which there were many. The ride to Battery Park and the Statue of Liberty Ferry took less than twenty minutes and soon they were exiting the cab and walking arm and arm to the blue building on the edge of the water and then climbing aboard the big white Ferry with the words Circle One painted in blue. Standing still arm in arm at the bow of the boat Calla watched with great anticipation as they neared the massive statue with her torch held so high and proud in the air. Looking down at the smile on her face Daniel wondered why he hadn’t brought her here before now. She was so happy he thought she’d burst as she stood there hopping up and down on her tiptoes and pointing at the island, the birds, the other boats and just the blueness of the water. The boat trip was shorter than she’d thought it would be and before she knew it they were disembarking and stepping foot on Liberty Island. Calla let go of his arm and brought her hands together in a quiet clapping motion.

“Look at her, Daniel. Isn’t she just beautiful?”

He’d seen the damn thing a million times up close, on TV in movies, you name it. Today he was seeing her for the first time in all her splendor just the way Calla saw it. “You sure you don’t wanna just…” he tilted his head toward the statue, “it’s a long climb, Kitty.”

“No,” She admonished abruptly. “To appreciate the view you have to make the climb. It’s no good if someone gives you a ride.” Without waiting for him she made a brisk pace to the statue and looked up to gauge the sun. Calla held out the camera to him. “Take my picture?”

“Sure.” Daniel took it and lined her up with the Statue of Liberty behind her. He pressed the shutter, advanced the film and took another one before handing it back to her.

“Now you stand here.” Calla said.

Oh no. “Excuse me, sir.” Daniel said to an older man who was passing by. “Would you mind taking our photograph?” That was what she really wanted.

“Of course.” The older man said and did just as Daniel had done by lining up the smiling couple with their arms wrapped around each with the grand statue behind them and pressing the shutter. “Hey, one more.” He called out. “Turn to her and hold your hands out.”

“Ok.” Calla mumbled and they stood with their bodies turned toward each other and gesturing toward the statue.

“Nice.” The old guy said and snapped the shutter. “That’s a keeper.” He said handing the camera back. “Save some for when you get up there the view is truly spectacular.” Tipping the fedora on his head he went off on his way to greet the rest of his day.

Daniel and Calla walked up the ten flights of stairs to the first level of their trip and Fort Wood and the museum where they walked around looking at the displays and articles on the island and monument. Then it was up the elevator eleven floors to the pedestal observatory where the view of the harbor was very beautiful and Calla took several photographs being careful to save some for when they got to the top. She remembered that when she first came back to Earth from Tiberia the statue had been under renovations and they had taken a very long time. When it reopened the crown and torch were inaccessible to the public. With the second and subsequent third restorations done on it over the years both were now open to the public once more….if you cared to walk up all of those stairs to the top of the 151 foot statue to the torch. An elevator had yet to be installed due to the unique inner design of the monument. Slowly but very steadily making their ascent Calla counted 354 stairs before they emerged from the dimly light insides of the statue through her crown and out into the sunlight once more. Both of their calves gave out small cries of indignation and they held their arms to their eyes to shield from the light at first.

“Oh Daniel look!” Calla squealed and let go of his hand she sprinted toward the windows of the crown to gaze out at New York Harbor and snapped off several photographs as she dashed from window to window trying to be mindful of the others around her and not let her excitement over take her too much. “It’s breath taking.” She sighed with delight as she looked around at the city and the harbor. “It’s sooo big.”

“New York? It’s huge.” Daniel said from behind her and smiled. He kept an eye on the people around them they were looking at her and him more than that they were recognizing them though none of them said anything. Daniel was sure that Calla didn’t notice at all.

“Thank you, this is wonderful. I can’t think of a better day or anyone I’d rather share it with.”

“Me either and you’re welcome. Don’t thank me yet we haven’t gotten to the torch.” He reminded her. “Ready or you want to rest a minute? It’s not too much farther.” Daniel, aside from his calves behind a little achy, felt great he could keep going that was no problem but he didn’t want her to get worn out so early in the day not when there was so much left to do and see. Standing behind her and look out over the harbor, Daniel placed his hands on her shoulders and thought he might give them a little rub since the walk had been long. Calla cringed under his touch and Daniel remembered his zealousness with this particular spot last night. He pulled back her hair and the collar of the lavender blouse to reveal not the delicate bruising left by the passionate nibbles of lovers but deep bite marks which formed welted on her alabaster skin and stained it with bruises so dark they ranged from crimson to black and they were weeping Ichor. It almost looked as though she’d been mauled by some great wild beast. “Did I do that?” He remembered that warm salted taste in his mouth last night.

“Hummm, you did.” Calla pulled the collar back up. “Unless there was someone else in the bed with us and I wasn’t aware of them.” She paused to look around a little more and then took his hand and they made the last way to the torch and its 360 degree view of New York Harbor, the Hudson River and New Jersey. The view was everything she thought it would be but she had only three shots left when they got up there and the thing she really wanted to photograph and remember was the light. “Stand over there.” She said to Daniel and pointed to where the huge bulb was held in place. Daniel stood as close as he could get to it and she snapped two pictures. “Perfect.” She pronounced with a smile. “The great lights in my life together.”

“Put that in the family album.”

“I will.”

Daniel convinced her to let him take the last picture and he put her by the windows facing the city and snapped the shutter. “All done.” He proclaimed handing it back to her. Calla tucked it into her purse.

“We have to climb all the way down now.”

“Oh yeah.” He said with a grin. “Going back down is always easier than coming up unless you wanna….”

Calla grimaced but she was a little winded and her legs did hurt from the climb and all the exercise they got last night. She looked around to see they were alone and then found a vacant spot on the island below. “Come on.” Calla grabbed his hand and they disappeared from the torch and reappeared in the vacant spot where no one noticed them. He was standing there with a funny look on his face but Calla didn’t have to read his mind. “I said you appreciated the view more after the climb,” she explained, “going down is another story, you’ve already seen everything on the way up.”

“Ah,” Daniel agreed and took her hand. “Want to go over to Ellis Island before we head back to the city?” Calla said that she did and so they took the tour on Ellis Island before taking the ferry back to Battery Park and another cab to a deli that he knew and liked where they had a very late lunch. That was just as well considering their dinner this evening would also be very late.

As they sat in a booth eating Daniel got the feeling they were being watched. He looked around to see the others looking back from over their shoulders, coffee cups, and Reuben sandwiches. For the most part he was accustomed to that, whenever he went out with her the men looked at her but it wasn’t just the men this time. Everyone in the place was stealing a glance at them not because they were a handsome couple but because they were recognized. Calla shifted in the seat across from him. “Don’t stare back.” She whispered and kept eating her turkey sandwich.


“If you stare back, eventually one of them will take it as invitation to come over here. So stop staring.” She advised quietly.

“I didn’t even know you noticed them.” Daniel said and resumed eating his roast beef.

“Of course I notice them I’m not blind. I can feel the weight of their stares as much as you. It’s just like when I was with An….” She stopped, took another small bite and went on, “like last summer. Everywhere I went they stared at me…at us…like they’re doing now. They’re just curious but if you feed that curiosity they can become very annoying very quickly.” Calla advised and took a sip of her Coke from the straw.

“The voice of experience.” Daniel cracked.

“Yeah, well, live and learn, right?” Calla pushed the plate away with only half of the sandwich eaten and fries completely untouched. Daniel looked down at his watch. “You keep doing that. Do we have to be somewhere?”

“Yep, we’ve got a four o’clock appointment.” He announced.


“You’ll see. All done?”


Daniel paid the bill and she took his arm as she rose from the booth taking one shy look around at those trying to be discreet while they stared back at her. If they stayed in their cozy quiet little place in Scotland then this would get better, eventually people would forget who Daniel and Calla Jackson were. “The hotel’s not far want to walk?” He asked opening the door for her.

“Sure.” Calla took his arm once more and they strolled down the busy New York street window shopping as they went. Two or three blocks down Calla stopped in front of one building and looked up at the sign ‘Le Freak World’s Largest Adult Store’. The windows were blacked out so she couldn’t see inside but she stepped back to gauge one entrance to the other and thought the shop couldn’t be more than fifty feet across…how could it advertise itself as such?

“Wanna go in?” Daniel invited in a quiet voice. “’Bout time we got a replacement for Blue, don’t you think?”

“Oh, no,” Calla stepped back and shook her head. “I don’t want to go in there.” The idea of another Blue did sound good. She missed her second favorite toy.

“What’s the matter? Scared?” He teased then realized she was frightened to go into the store. “You had to go into one when you bought Blue.”

“No, I didn’t, I bought him online.” Calla reminded him that Big Blue had been specially ordered and custom cast to Daniel’s size. “I’ve only been in one other one of these,” she explained softly, “I didn’t like it.”

Daniel was about to ask her when she had ever gone into a sex shop if she’d bought Blue online? But then he remembered a certain set of chains with leather ankle and wrist straps and a certain matching gag ball. She had to get them somewhere, didn’t she? Where else but a sex shop? “Come on, let’s go in. If anything really scares you or grosses you out we’ll leave, ok?”

‘World’s Largest Adult Store’

The sign touted as it glared at her. Still Calla couldn’t understand the outlandish claim. Surely the place wasn’t any bigger than the corner package store. How bad could it be? They might find something like Blue in there. “All right.”

“That’s my girl.” Daniel took her hand and lead her to and then through the door. Coming into the dimly lit store it took a moment for their eyes to adjust and when they did Calla thought she might bolt right away back for the door and the safety of the busy New York street. “Ok?”

“Hum-hum.” She mumbled.

It really was the world’s largest adult store. Not in width but in length. Like a giant penis is just seemed to stretch on for days or at least a full city block! So long that Calla couldn’t see the rear wall at all. Everywhere she looked DVDs and posters stared back at her for a moment she buried her head in Daniel’s shoulder to block the sight of them. Daniel chuckled and kissed the top of her head as he lead her deeper into the adult store. For someone who was so incredibly and usually insatiably sexual—he couldn’t think of one thing they hadn’t done over the years of their very satisfying love life– she could be damn shy when faced with certain tools and toys. Then again, there was a lot aberrant shit in here.

“Can I help you?” The store clerk asked. He was a young man of about 21 dressed in black from head to toe, heavy chains hung from his pants and his biker boots. The smile on his white-out face was kind enough but his eyes struck Calla as a little cold.

At his very polite question Calla stiffened in Daniel’s arm and turned away from the clerk. He laughed again though not as loudly as he wanted to. “Yeah, we’re looking for a dildo.”

“Oh, Daniel!”

Now he did let out that heavy laugh. “It’s ok.” He mumbled as he got control of himself once more.

“She’s cute.” The clerk said admiringly. “What kind of dildo are you looking for? Vibrator? Strap-on? Double-ender?” He tried not to laugh as he watched the small woman with the red face hopping up and down in place.

“All of the above.” Daniel returned without missing a beat.

“Stop it!” Calla slapped his shoulder playfully. “He’s going to think we’re perverted or something.”

“He already thinks that…we walked in here, didn’t we?”

“It’s ok, ma’am.” The young clerk assured her. “You’ll find what you’re looking for down there.” He pointed off to the left. “Two aisles down.”

“Thanks.” Daniel said.

“I’ve got some really massage oils she might like.” The clerk suggested. He did get a commission on everything he sold and she looked like she could use a good massage before the guy got started on her with whatever dildo they ended up buying today.

His arm around her shoulders they walked off in the direction they were given and Calla tried not to look around at the people in the store, of which there were more than she ever would have thought. That was a good thing because those people didn’t want to be noticed and that was obvious by the way they stepped aside and turned their faces from view as Daniel and Calla passed. Being quite a bit taller than his Wife and not as shy, Daniel did look around just to see what was coming up in their path. If it was anything too terrible he skirted around it and was glad to see that the ‘Hard Core’ sign was hanging way at the back of the store. Calla definitely did not want to go down there. As it was they passed boxes of blow-up dolls in all sorts of dress; cheerleaders, nurses, teachers, schoolgirls and more and most of them were also blown up and placed on display so that one could see all of the different features these pleasure ladies offered the perspective buyer. They had everything from tube you filled with lube and which were then excreted from the orifice of your choice to warmed fake pussies and even ones with little electrical vibrators in them. “Why don’t they just get a woman?” Calla hissed in a low voice as she skirted past the dolls.

“Because they can’t.” Daniel whispered back.

“Well then buy one for Gods’ sake…what the fu…” she realized her voice as growing higher and louder and stopped talking before anyone looked around. “Sorry.”

Daniel chuckled and took her the rest of the way to where the many dildos and vibrators were waiting for their inspection. “Well, which one do you like?” He asked and waved his hand at the wall of toys.

“I don’t know you pick one.” Calla stammered trying not to look at them.

“Give me a little help here, huh?” Daniel encouraged. “How about this one?” He picked up a box which advertised the dildo’s name as being Big Dick the Satisfier and showed it to her. Calla turned bright red and started that hopping motion again as she looked at it.

“Too hard.” She mumbled.


“I don’t want that one.” She said quickly.

Daniel looked at the package and realized it was made of some hard plastic. Hard plastics and the like were out and he should have known that. Big Blue had been very firm but he was pliable and soft as well. Find something else. Daniel felt a tug on his hand and looked over to see that Calla had started looking around. She wasn’t about to let go of his hand and go wandering off but she was looking at the items and starting to shop for what she wanted. Soon she was pointing at a box but she wouldn’t pick it up. “You wanna see that one?” He asked and grabbed the box. It looked almost exactly like old BB except it was a deep purple. Nothing fancy about it. No bumps. No ridges. No motor. But it was made of that same soft firm flesh-like material as her other toy had been. He held it up to the light. “Do you think it’s big enough?”

Calla grimaced and slapped him again, grabbed the display model of the purple dildo and shook it at him. “I don’t think you’re funny.”

“Yes you do.” Daniel countered with a burst of laughter watching her shake the dildo at him; he thought he’d piss himself in the store. “Stop that.”

Calla put it down but her decision was made especially after holding the item. “Yes, I want that one.”

“You got it.” Daniel agreed and they walked down the aisle of dildos to his surprise Calla did not stop looking as they made their way back to the register at the front of the store. She stopped in the double-ender section. They had never had one of those and she was looking at them with great interest. Looking around sheepishly she picked up one of the display models and did as the box said it would; she bent it in half so that it made a horseshoe shape. She inspected it a little closer and then put it down only to pick up one in a box and hand it to him. “Interesting.” Daniel said taking it. “Looks like fun.” He had the sneaking suspicion he had inadvertently just released a beast from its cage.

A little further down and the dildos turned into a display of cock rings and Calla inspected those carefully as well. She picked on up and turned around only to hold it against Daniel.

“Hey,” he said backing away.

“I just want to see if it will fit.”

“They don’t let you try ‘em on.”

“Oh,” she put it down and picked up another. It was blue and had little bumps on the surface of the ring along with a rather unique little object hanging below it. She didn’t need to be told what that was for. Calla handed it to him.

“Do you want a cart?”

“Shut up.” She returned with a giggle. “It was your idea to come in here.”

“So it was.” Daniel agreed. “Lead on, my Lady.”

On the way back she again stopped at the display of massage oils the clerk spoke of and she found tester bottles of each. Calla picked them up one by one to smell them and those she liked the scent of she put a small dab onto her fingers to gauge the thickness and how sticky it was. “Do you like this?” She held an open bottle of lotus massage oil under his nose.

Daniel took in a deep breath of the light scent. “Yes, I like that, get that.” He held out his hand for the small bottle filled with clear liquid and decorated with a blue lotus flower. The bottle touted that it was both massage oil and internal lubricant. Seeing that second claim he took the bottle and turned it around just to check the ingredients. Sometimes the stuff you bought in these places wasn’t what it said it was but seeing nothing other than sunflower oil and lotus extract in the ingredients Daniel thought it would be all right as its second service proclaimed.

“What are you looking at?”

“Making sure there’s no alcohol in it.”

“I wasn’t going to drink it.” She gave him two bottles and he gave her a queer look. “Who knows when we’ll get back here for more?”

“Yeah…sure. Anything else interests you or will this be all?”

“You are so going to get it when we get back to the room.”

He looked down at the items in his arms. “Yeah, I certainly hope so.”

Calla rolled her eyes and tugged on the collar of his Polo shirt. “Come on.”

At the register Daniel put the items down and the clerk smiled. “Have any problems finding anything?” She didn’t look so shy and embarrassed anymore. That happened a lot on this job.

“No, I think that’ll be it.” Daniel said taking his wallet from his back pocket and getting ready to hand over his credit card. Calla wandered off and was looking at a display of…handcuffs?…hanging below the check out counter. “Kitty?”

She picked them up and bit down on her lower lip as she took in the other items before putting them back on the hook and picking up two long strands of crimson silk almost double the length of your average winter scarf. Calla brought them over to him and put them on the counter.

“These too.” Daniel told the clerk though he had an uneasy feeling about purchasing the ties.

“Have a good night.” The young clerk said as they exited the store with a rather large brown paper bag. “I would.” He mumbled after them under his breath as he took in the swish of her tight ass going through the door. Looking up again he saw the husband still standing in the door.

Daniel gave a little grin that wasn’t quite friendly and wasn’t quite menacing. “I bet you would.” He let the door shut and the clerk watched while the little red head took his arm and they walked off down the street with the husband taking one last glance over his shoulder at him.


Thinkin’ of you’s workin’ up my appetite
looking forward to a little afternoon delight.
Rubbin’ sticks and stones together makes the sparks ingite
and the thought of rubbin’ you is getting so exciting.
Afternoon Delight
Starland Vocal Band

Back in their fancy Victorian suite at the Time Hotel Daniel put down the brown paper bag and peeked inside. “Wanna try these out?”

“Didn’t you say we have an appointment at four?” Calla countered looking around for a clock but found none.

“Sure do, that’s just about an hour from now.” He coached with a grin. “What do you say?”

Calla let out a little groan. It wasn’t that she was not looking forward to breaking in their new items but she was a little worn out from the climb and the walk and they still had a big evening ahead of them. “We’ll try them out after dinner, I promise.”

Daniel poked through the bag and plucked out the cock ring. “What about just this? You did say you wanted to see if it fit, didn’t you?” He flicked the tickler at the end. “I bet you wanna see how this works.” He teased. “What do you say? Shall I model it for you?”

Calla turned beet red and held her hand to her face to hide it. Her eyes sparkled at him from over the top of her finger tips and she found herself nodding her head.

“Well, all right then.” Daniel said as he tore open the package, grabbed its contents and tossed the packaging to the floor. “Did you want to…” he pointed down at his crotch, “or do you want me to…” he hitched a thumb toward the bathroom door.

“I think I’ve got this part.” Calla said confidently crossing to where he was standing to grab a firm handful of him. “I’m very familiar with how this works, you know?”

“I think you are.” Daniel agreed reveling in the sensation of her touch and heat of her hand through his chinos. “You know I hear it works better if you take these off.”

“Really? Well let’s try that.” Calla slid the clasp at his waist and then moved the zipper down as he kicked off his shoes. When she started to move down with the zipper he grabbed the hem of her blouse and lifted it away while she descended on him taking off the bothersome pants along with the restricting underwear and easing his socks from his feet. “Better?” Calla asked as she wrapped her delicate hand around his growing shaft.

Daniel held her blouse to his face and breathed in deeply of the scent before rubbing it along his cheeks and then casting it to the floor. “Definitely getting there.” He took off his own shirt and tossed it to the floor next Calla’s while she blew long steady streams of hot breath against his waiting tender skin. The very tip of her tongue flicked out as she breathed and wandered along the tip of his cock before flicking back in only to reappear a few seconds later. The fingers of one delicate hand dancing along his shaft and the other massaging his balls the stream of air stopped and her tongue lapped all the way out of her mouth to lick him up one side and down the other only to repeat the process for the front and back of the stiff member. Certainly she could slip the ring on to him now to see if it fit if she wanted to but not just yet. Rising up on her knees just a little bit and bending her head forward and then down she took him halfway into her mouth while her tongue lapped around him and the hand on his balls tightened and released.

Daniel’s eyes had been closed when her mouth wrapped around him and he rocked back on his heels unsteadily. He opened his eyes to get his bearings and saw the dark bruises on his neck and shoulder. A flash of shame went through him as he stood there taking in the pleasure she was giving. He didn’t remember being that rough with her last night but then again she hadn’t complained. It was their anniversary he reasoned and closed those beautiful blue eyes once more opting to steady his body by holding on to the back of her head with both hands.

Not with the goal of making him cum in mind Calla kept working to bring him pleasure without climax as she took him down her throat. Drops of pre-juice falling on her tongue she decided it was time to find out if the thing fit or not. Pushing away from her with her hands on his thighs she took the instrument from his hand and watched with great interest as she slid it onto him. “Fits.” She announced.

“Now you get to see how it works.” Daniel said grabbing her under the elbows and bringing her to a standing position. “You’re always over dressed.” He complained lightly and reached behind her to unsnap the lacy bra which was lavender to match the blouse and beneath that pair of Calvin’s was a matching lacy thong that he also couldn’t wait to relieve her of. Calla kicked off her sneakers as he guided her over to the bed and bent her over it facing away from him. Reaching beneath her he undid the rivet and then the zipper with one hand and turned the cock ring around so that the tickler faced up with the other. That done he used both hands to slid the jeans from her hips, down her thighs and over those calves until she stepped out of them for him and he pushed them aside. Behind him in the bag were those bottles of oil and he reached into the bag, his hand found the bottle and the lengths of silk at the same time. Tying her down did have its appeal but later. Reaching past the silk with thoughts of ‘later’ running through his mind, Daniel took a bottle of oil from the bag. Opening it with one hand and caressing her back with the other he rubbed it on his waiting cock and over the entire space between her legs stem to stern. Calla very willfully parted them for him so he could cover every inch until the scent of fresh lotuses filled the air and the bare space between her legs was slick with oil and droplets of her own desire. Snapping the bottle shut he cast it to floor along with the jeans and moved in close behind her to rub the tip of his hard shaft in the hot wait space between her thighs. Calla let out a low soft moan and turned her head over her shoulder for a kiss which he laid on her lips, reaching under her with one hand to caress her from those buxom breasts down to the flat of her stomach where it came to rest wrapped around her waist and settling the other on her right hip.

His entrance into her was steady, firm and very well greased but he waited for a while before showing her how the new toy really worked by with holding the full length of his shaft from her even though Calla moved backward and arched her back begging for just such an action. No, for a little while, he just stood there with his wanting cock soaking inside of her feeling the velvet warmth of her all around him. Besides, he didn’t want the rubber of the ring to be cold when it finally greeted her tender flesh best to warm it up first with some good old fashioned body heat. When the full length of him finally did sink inside of her Calla leaned forward to sprawl out on the bed before him but he pulled her back up wanting her to have the full experience of this trick.

Something different and her breath hitched her chest as her body tightened at the feel of it only because it was strange…at first. Then she realized it was the bumps on the ring moving and pressing against the soaking bare lips between her lips. Her body quivered but no part more than her thighs and then sensation of that nib began to press against her lonely empty hole at the rear. The feeling was very exciting she wanted more and moved her body back to greet it.

“You like that, don’t you?” Daniel whispered in her ear and went for her neck again but the bruising there stopped him and he gave a hard thrust instead the tickler sunk into her Calla shuttered again and let out a long moan. “Don’t you?”

“Yes,” she whispered back and offered up the other side of her neck by moving her hair and tilting her head to the right. “Don’t stop.” She rocked and arched further back and he came forward at her command. “Don’t ever stop. I love you, Daniel.”

Stop? No, he had no intentions of stopping and the ring would help him see to that. When he was done with her she was going to need their upcoming appointment. “I love you too, Kitty.” Both hands on her hips now bringing her down and back so he could sink to the farthest possible depths part of wishing she would grow him the second penis and wondering if he worked on it hard enough whether or not he couldn’t do it for himself? If she liked this she’d love that. Pressed against him she started cumming and when she did she wanted to surrender and fall forward but once again he caught her wanting to keep her standing for just a little while longer then he’d lay her full out on the bed where she wanted to be. Daniel wanted her to cum like this first he wanted to feel…

Calla’s head fell back against his chest and he looked down to see her eyes closed and her mouth open while she bent deeply at the knees to greet his thrust. The hot walls around him shook and shuttered as they constricted and sucked on his stiff shaft covering it with musky scented juice sweet as cantaloupes and it ran from her down the tip of his cock over the shaft out of her and down his balls to cover his thighs and drip down him in a steady trickle to the carpet below. The sensation of her climax and the tickler on the other side of his cock made him harder still until Daniel though he would just burst open and the cock ring would fly off to ricochet around the room. When the orgasm released its grip on her the strength finally faded from her legs and Daniel let her gently fall to the bed where she laid arms and hair splayed out before him across the bed. That was good but no it wasn’t where he wanted her and Daniel pulled out Calla let out a cry of displeasure and looked up at him. “More, I know, you’ve got more for me.” He said as he put his hands under her buttocks and pushed her fully onto the bed. “I’ve got more for you too.” With her on her stomach and spread eagle in front of him his thoughts once again turned to those waiting strands of silk and the posts on the bed but he had a better idea and left the bed to retrieve them. Opening the packages with his teeth Daniel ripped the crimson silk strands free and brought them back to the bed where he lifted up the fitted sheet to find what he was hoping for. Daniel tied one end of each silk strand to the mattress handles on either side of the bed and the other ends to her wrists. “Do you trust me?” He asked with a bit of suspicion and taking in the fact that she had neither moved nor said anything about this idea.

“With my life and those of my children.” She said quietly and watched him fasten the second knot securing her in this position to the bed. She had slack on both sides and the knots weren’t very tight they were of the same variety he’d used a long time along; slip knots he called them. As long as she didn’t pull on the binds at her wrists they would not tighten any further.

Daniel stepped back to admire his work and his Wife for a moment he thought of that double-ender in the bag and the way she’d bent it into a horseshoe as he took in the firm round mound of the ass that drove him so crazy and made him want to grab it every time he saw it. No. Later. He had enough toys for now. No sense in rushing through everything all at once when there was time to savor it all. The demanding cock between his legs twitched as if to get him moving and he looked down at himself to see that it was almost purple. The ring was definitely doing its job keeping him stiff and staving off his own orgasm. He moved between those parted waiting legs and pushed her lower cheeks apart so that he could watch as he and the tickler entered her. Calla moaned out his name and the place that was just beginning to dry and tighten was slick once more as she lay bound and vulnerable to his every touch. Now the only thing he was wishing for was another pair of hands so he could stroke her skin and make that back arch in those delightful ways that made her insides move and constrict while holding his hands on her cheeks watching his hard cock glide in an out of her with the ring and tickler attached. Daniel was completely hypnotized by the motion he couldn’t stop watching it and more he watched the harder he went and the deeper he thrust. The purpler his cock grew until it returned to that marble density that he’d had last night. On the bed she jumped and flinched a bit as he continued to thrust. He watched her grabbed the material and try to pull her body away to whatever degree she could which would have been considerable had he tied her to the bedposts and not the mattress. A hot flash of anger went through him as he hands moved from her ass to clamp down on her thighs and give a hard tug bringing her back to where he wanted her.

Calla tried to decide if it felt good or if it hurt and decided it hurt to the point of being pleasurable. Still he was incredibly hard and she looked back at him from over her shoulder. “Cum,” she whispered. “Please, Danny, cum.”

Her voice caught his attention and he looked away from those slightly fuller hips and that incredible ass to meet her gaze. “You first.” When he thought she wouldn’t, he tried to do his Male Enhancement Trick again but found that ring wouldn’t let him. That flash of heat went through him again at the realization and put his back into his work with as much force as he could muster. Calla pulled at the crimson restraints again and he again he yanked her back. “Stay here.” Daniel said through gritted teeth and to make sure that she did he kept his hands firmly adhered to each hip. The delicate slender finger pulling on the silk released their grip and fell back to the bed. “My girl. My dirty girl.” Daniel whispered in a dark voice and raised one hand off on hip only to bring it down in a loud smack on her ass. Calla’s body constricted as it jumped up and he thrust downward and the walls around him shook as they ushered forth more hot juice. Daniel smacked her again and was delighted to find he was met with the same result. All these years he’d been easy on her, well for the most part that of course wasn’t to say that he hadn’t indulged in every fantasy known to man with her, well, then again, there were two he hadn’t brought to life yet.

The weekend wasn’t over yet.

Another loud crack and she cried out as she came again. Calla tried to hold it back. She didn’t want to cum it hurt now more than it felt good. The hard stabbing chunk of marble inside her greased velvet glove made her start whispering. At first he wasn’t sure he heard anything at all and Daniel pushed her hair away from her face before smacking her again and making her jump. Still she was unable to hold back in the face of his sheer determination.

“Too hard,” he heard it more in his mind than with his ears, “please, Danny, you’re too hard.”

Not wanting it to end just yet but possibly left with little choice he reached down as he pulled out again and tore the ring off his cock before thrusting back into her with just as much vigor as before. Grabbing hold of her inner thighs he pushed her lower body up to her knees while her upper body lay flat on the bed. Not deep enough so he got up on his haunches and clamped down on that ass with both hands picking it up into the air and forcing her weight even further onto her torso. Now he could see and feel what he was doing watching his cock and the tickler slide in and out of her wet aching holes. The orgasm which followed seemed to come from the very depths of the Earth and take just as long to arrive. Daniel’s eyes rolled back in his head as he kept her butt up off the mattress and thrust into her, the fire ignited in his belly and his legs stiffened to the point where ever muscle stood straight and erect as his marbleized cock. Clamping his jaw tight and letting out a howl which would make a wolf cringe and flee in fear his taunt body broke out in a heavy bead of sweat the other muscles in his followed those already strained to capacity as his newly unrestrained shaft finally let go of its load. Sitting there on his knees panting and covered in quickly cooling sweat he dropped her lower half back to the bed and pulled free of her feeling as though he could sleep the sleep of King’s or take on the world whichever came first didn’t matter. Taking in long deep breaths he pulled the mixed aroma of sweat, cum, lotus blossom and…


“Kitty?’ Daniel moved off of the bed and untied her wrists. “Hey, Kitty?” She rolled a hurt eye in his direction. “You ok?”

She took a few moments to gather herself mentally and physically by pulling the blankets around her as she staggered to a sitting position revealing two large wet stains on the bed below her where her tender breasts had expressed milk onto the sheets. “You’re very aggressive this weekend. I haven’t been paying enough attention to you, have I? The children are getting in the way.”

For the last time that day a flash of anger went through him and he felt on the verge of being unable to control it as he looked down at her wrists to notice they were black and blue. “Don’t make excuses for me.”

“I’m not,” she stammered, “I’m just saying…I’m fine, Daniel. I’m fine.” She was tired and felt weak he’d drained her of whatever energy she’d had left. “Do we have to go to our appointment?”

Daniel thought it over for a minute. “Yeah, and we need a shower before we go. It’s important to be clean for this.” He said thoughtfully.

“Why? Where are we going?”

“Don’t worry; we’re not even leaving the hotel.” He assured her still looking down at her wrists and being very uncomfortable in his own skin at the moment. “Come on take a quick shower with me.”

“I can’t move.” She complained and flopped back down onto the bed. “Just five minutes?” Calla watched him look down at his watch and shake his head. “Oh all right.” Calla griped and tossed the warm quilt aside. Perhaps a shower would wake her up if nothing else the hot water would feel good on her protesting muscles.

The hot water did indeed feel wonderful. So wonderful in fact that Daniel had to practically pull her away from the hot flowing jets before she could fall asleep on her feet. Her breasts hurt, she’d tried to get them to stop producing milk while they were away from the babies but wasn’t having much luck. She shooed him out of the bathroom in order to use the pump she’d so thoughtfully brought with her and she stood thee pumping and watching her milk wash down the bathroom drain. The pressure was relieved and that by anyone’s standards was a good thing.

By the time she was redressed Calla felt partially awake and followed him out of the room and took they rode the glass elevator to the fourth floor looking out at the city and the fading sunlight. She held his hand thinking that soon the lights would come on and the bleakness of the bustling city would give way to the sparkling night and how beautiful the view would be from here. “Where are we going?”

“Almost there.” He said lightly as they exited the elevator and walked down the corridor to the hotel spa. “See here we are.”


She’ll get a hold on you believe it
Like no other
Before you know it you’ll be on your knees
She’s an easy lover
She’ll take your heart but you wont feel it
She’s like no other
And I’m just trying to make you see
Easy Lover
Phil Collins

“The spa? What are we doing here?”

“Well, you’re going to be pampered for the next hour. Facial, pedicure, manicure oh and an herbal body wrap.”

That sounded like just what this aching old body ordered. “What are you going to be doing?”

“I’m going to work out for a while.” That sounded like a good idea to him as he found he a great deal of extra energy to work off and that didn’t seem right at all but still the fact couldn’t be denied. “After we’re done we’re going to meet up in the sauna and then after that we’re going to have a couples massage.”

“A what?” She tittered and her eyes lit up.

“You heard me. Some handsome hunk is going to rub you head to toe while some hot chick does the same for me and we get to watch.” She blushed a very deep red. “Don’t you like that idea? He’ll rub all of those tired muscles and get them ready for me tonight.”

The idea did have an erotic quality to it and he was just full of surprises this weekend. Calla was apt to indulge him while they were far away from the family. “Yes, I like it.”

“Good.” He said with a wink as they arrived at the reception desk. “Jackson for a four o’clock.” Daniel said to the very pretty girl behind the desk and watched her push a button with an elegantly manicured hand. Two people came out of the back, a man and a woman both dressed in white uniforms.

“Calla?” The woman asked. She looked to be all of 23 and hard a full bosom beneath the halfway buttoned white coat. “I’m Julie.” The young woman held out a hand to shake in greeting and Calla was struck by the depth of her dark eyes and deep olive complexion of her skin.

“Off you go.” Daniel said giving her a peck on the cheek. “See you about an hour.”

In a very lovely decorated room in the back where Julie, gave Calla soft robe and pair of matching slippers along with a towel to wrap around her head then Julie left the room and came back only after Calla told her she was ready. They chatted and small talk while Julie put Calla in the chair which slid backward and pulled her hair gently into the sink. “You have beautiful hair Calla,” she complimented. “It’s very thick and luxurious. Did you want to do anything with it today?”

“Like what?” Calla asked thoughtfully.

“Anything you like. Color? Cut?” Then Julie seemed to think it over. “I do like it the way it is, how about just a deep conditioning and we’ll take off some of the ends?”

She was here she might as well enjoy it. “All right.” Calla agreed and let Julie run warm water over her still damp head, after wringing out the excess water she slathered it with a heavy cream that was lightly scented with apricots. Reclining back this way with Julie leaning over her Julie’s very full and lovely breasts, the deep cleavage of which was plainly seen beneath the low cut material, were almost pressed against Calla’s face jiggling with the movement of her arms. When Julie was done applying the deep conditioner she sat Calla up and piled the hair on her head to wrap the towel around it.

Julie stood back and stared at Calla for a long moment which started to make Calla uncomfortable and then she reached and out to touch her face. “You have a good complexion, nice skin tone and very healthy skin.” She said with a smile. “You must take very good care of yourself. How about we do a moderate cleansing and then a deep moisture mask?” Julie recognized Calla, of course she did, who wouldn’t recognize those two when they walked in the door? However, part of her job required her to keep mum whenever a celebrity of any note entered her domain. They weren’t here to be chatted to chatted up or give autographs, said the management, they were here to relax and forget about who they were for a little while. It was Julie’s job to see to it that was just the experience they had. Still, she considered herself to be very luck when it was her name that came up next in rotation when Daniel Jackson scheduled this appointment for his wife and him. For the last week or more the whole place had been buzzing with the news that they were about to entertain their first Goddess.

The rather small and demur auburn haired woman didn’t strike Julie much like a Goddess. She knew plenty of B grade starlets that acted like they had the world on a string and everyone should jump to their tune. Here sat a woman who could practically do any damn thing she wanted and she was nice as you please. Julie might go so far as to say she was even shy. From the way she acted Julie didn’t think Calla had ever sat in the beautician’s chair.

“I’ve never done this before,” Calla confessed quietly that she had never been to a spa and wasn’t sure what either of those meant but they certainly sounded good so she agreed and soon Julie was slathering a hideously blue goop all over her face. Calla almost balked when she saw the color surely that was not to be found anywhere in nature but when it thick substance met her skin it warmed lightly and she liked that feeling so she let Julie continue until her face and neck were covered in it. “We’ll let that sit for a few minutes and do its job,” Julie said taking Calla’s hand and inspecting the fingers and nails. She shook her head and once more marveled at how soft Calla’s skin was and how well-kept she appeared to be. “I’ve got something you’re going to love.” She said with a smile and raise of her eye brow. “Come with me.”

Calla followed her across the comfortable room with its two overstuffed chairs, matching love seat and table full of magazines to a tall black table upon which sat a white machine. Looking into it a blast of heat met her face and she saw some other type of goo inside. “What is it?”

“Paraffin wax,” Julie said. “I want you to dip your hands in one at a time,” she picked up Calla’s right hand, “don’t worry it’s very warm but it won’t burn you.” Julie dipped on hand all the way into the very, very warm mixture covering it from finger tips to wrist and slowly pulled it out again allowing the excess paraffin to drip from Calla’s hand back into the pot before doing the same with the other.

The cooling drying wax produced the oddest tightening sensation. Calla looked down at them and the hardening paraffin forming a strange pair of gloves. When the wax was almost dry but not completely cold Julie stripped it off her hands just like a pair of gloves. “Feel.” Julie held Calla’s hand to her face. It was softer than before. “Is the mask getting cold yet?”

“No, it’s still warm.”

“Ok, then lets start on your nails.” Back over to the reclining seat Calla sat down while Julie retrieved a basin and filled with hot water and salts. The foot rest at the base of the chair slid back and Julie placed the basin in the hole and flicked a switch which started a small heater to keep the water warm. “Put your feet in.”

Calla kicked off the slippers and dunked her feet into the water while she reclined in the chair the mask warm on her face and with Julie sitting beside her massaging her hands with a deft touch before beginning the act of cleaning, cutting, shaping and then polishing her finger nails. Halfway through the manicure Julie said the mask was done and she reclined Calla all the way back removing the towel from her head as she did so. Julie used the sprayer to wash the ungodly blue goop from Calla’s face and the heavy moisturizer from her hair. Calla thought she could get used to this if someone would only let her. Squeezing the excess water from Calla’s long tresses Julie brought her back up to a sitting position and wrapped a fresh towel around her head before drying off her face.

After that was done Julie gathered up another jar and slathered a different goop on Calla’s face. This one was amber in color and looked as well as felt like honey. She was so sure of it that she even let out the tip of her tongue to taste it. Honey mixed with some sort of chamomile and rose extract. Satisfied with the amount of moisturizing mask on Calla’s face Julie went about her work with the as yet untended hand massaging, cleaning, cutting, shaping and polishing it to match the other with an iridescent sheen. When she moved to Calla’s feet she let out a little moan of delight when the woman lifted the first foot out of the warm water only to massage it from toe to heel. “That’s very nice.” She said dreamily.

“Wait until your massage,” Julie said. “You’re gonna love it.”

“I think I will. Yes.” Calla returned happily. “I love my Husband.”

“I would too if my husband gave me a day like this. What am I saying?” Julie asked herself. “I don’t have a husband. I can’t even find a quality boyfriend in this lousy town.” She complained. “Yours must love you very much. I can see he’s very in to you.” Julie pointed at the marks on Calla’s neck.

“I can’t believe a beautiful young woman like you has trouble getting a boyfriend.” Calla said easily. “How old are you, Julie?”

“Twenty-two,” she huffed as though that was old. “If I really wanted to just get laid I suppose I wouldn’t have any problems but,” she sighed, “I wish someone would ravage me like that. Your husband must be a very passionate man.”

“It our anniversary, we’re here for the weekend from Scotland.” Calla said in that dreamy voice as she settled deeper into the arms of the chair. “We’re going to a play tonight and then dinner but I don’t know where. It’s a surprise.”

“Good for you.” Julie said. “Want polish on the toe?”

“No thank you.” Calla said looking down at her newly pedicured feet. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome now let’s get the moisturizer off of your face.” This time Julie didn’t use the water instead she used a steaming cloth which she placed over Calla’s face for a few seconds to heat the mask and then used the cloth to wipe her face clean. “You’re very pretty, Calla, any man would be lucky to have you.”

“Do they pay you to say that?” Calla asked coyly.

“Nope. Now, what shall we do with your hair?” Julie asked as she removed the towel from Calla’s head and turned the chair to face the mirror as she began combing through it. “It’s so long.” Julie remarked and pumped the chair up higher so that it was easier for her to reach Calla’s ends. “I think we should take an inch or so off the bottom.” Standing behind her Julie picked up the hair on the sides of Calla’s head. “Would you like to cut it back? We’ll cut your face out, how does that sound?”

“Bloody.” Was Calla’s deadpan reply.

Julie thought for a second and then laughed. “No, not cut your face,” she chuckled again. “We could cut your hair away from it. You said you have babies at home…”

“Ummm, five.” Calla said dreamily.

“Five?” Julie asked. The papers had reported that Calla Jackson a/k/a the Goddess of Gods had given birth to triplets a few months ago. Where did the other two come from? “How old are they? You don’t look like the Mother of five babies. Cutting your hair could be helpful. I bet they pull on it a lot.”

“Yes the do,” Calla sighed remembering Nicholas and Colleen and Nicholas’ penchant for grabbing her hair and giving it a hard yank if she wasn’t paying adequate attention to him. “I pull it back. Just the dead ends, please. I have many children, my oldest is 19” she said and felt like a liar. Her oldest child was long dead and going on 43 in the Underworld with his Uncle Hades. “We have a set of triplets just over three months old. We’re raising our Granddaughter, Lilly, our Daughter, Colleen, died earlier this year,”

“I’m sorry,” Julie said with sincerity. She’d read about that too. About how Colleen Jackson had been gunned down by renegade US troops under the leadership of several aliens called Goa’uld. They’d thought Colleen was her Mother and shot her dead on sight.

“And Daniel has a daughter, Brigid. She’s my daughter too…now.” Calla said wistfully. “So that makes five babies at home.”

“Quite the brood you’ve got going for yourself.” Julie said and turned her attention back to Calla’s head. “I guess that makes you the Boss Lady here and there.” She said with a smile. “You’re probably right too, you wouldn’t like having bangs. They’d make you look too much like a kid.” Julie finished combing and then she cut two inches off the bottom of Calla’s hair which brought it from a length touching her beltline to something a bit more manageable and less likely to be sat on. After blowing it dry she removed the smock and the towels. She would have offered to have Calla come back before they went out tonight and she’d curl her hair and put it up but with those bruises not even make-up was going to cover those. Best to leave Calla’s hair down for the night lest the John Q’s of the world start believing her Husband was the rapist and not her Son. “Ready for your body wrap?”

“As I’ll ever be.” She said not knowing exactly what to expect. Julie led her out the room and into another smaller room which was white from floor to ceiling and smattered with floor plants. Another young woman entered the room and walked to the room’s only table upon which sat an electric pot much like the one she’d dipped her hands into but bigger.

“Take off your robe, please.” Julie said to her and slipped her hands into a pair of surgeon’s gloves. “Just drop it and stand there we’ll do the rest.”

Feeling a bit self conscious but all right Calla did as asked and dropped the robe to the floor. The assistant who was about Julie’s age perhaps a bit younger and had a short crop of blonde hair came forward with the pot. Both women dipped their hands into it to bring up scoops of a dark green brew. “You like goop in this place, don’t you?” Calla asked as she stood there with them spreading the mixture on the tops of her feet and slowly working their way up all sides of her legs.

“Goops’ all right,” the assistant said, “we got lots of goop here, oh yeah.”

Like the masks and the paraffin wax the herbal mixture was thick was very, very warm and it smelled nice even though it looked like pure shit. More goop until a thick layer made its way from her feet up her legs and to her thighs where she flinched a little bit as their hands went over the fresh bruises there. Julie thought again of just how in to Calla her husband must be to get so frisky. Calla found her mind wandering off in the direction Daniel had been nudging it since they arrived last night and wondered what it would feel like to have these fine young women in her bed pleasuring her and Daniel. Calla found the women’s touch to be sensual bordering on intimate as they touched in places only Daniel was allowed. Julie was very young and very pretty. Calla thought that she’d very much like to see him with Julie and her appearance did suit him so perhaps he wouldn’t mind if….

Upward still covering her stomach and flanks then over her breasts and a rapid heart beat below until she was finally covered foot to neck in the softly scented green goo. “Now what? Shall I lie down?” Calla asked looking down at Julie and then at the small bed in the room.

“Not yet we have to wrap you.” Julie said and within a few minutes Calla’s whole body was wrapped in a substance very much akin to Saran Wrap and then she lay down only to be covered with a pile of steamed towels. “Ok, now just relax for fifteen minutes.” Julie encouraged as she placed a cucumber slice over each of Calla’s eyes. “We’ll be back to get you.” Although it wasn’t necessary the lights overhead went out and from somewhere the soft sounds of light jazz were picked up by Calla’s ears.

Out in the weight room Daniel finally tired himself out enough not to feel wired, at least for the time being. He’d spent forty minutes picking them up and putting them down with a pair of 75lbs free weights and trying to figure out where all the extra energy was coming from. He was Immortal now and now that things were settling down he seemed to be able to tap into those abilities more naturally but he didn’t think those abilities extended to bouts of super human strength or endurance. Once upon a time all he could wish for was to keep up with her in bed and it seemed in the blink of an eye that trouble vanished and could swiftly be replaced with a new one if he wasn’t careful.

It was just the weekend and the fact that they were aware from everyone. Once they got home he’d be his old horny self again and not this new improved version of such. Looking up at the clock in the weight room he decided it was time for a quick shower before meeting her in the sauna in ten minutes.

Calla too was showering in the small room having been unwrapped by Julie by her assistant whom Calla discovered was named Tamara. They lead her to a stand up shower where Calla rinsed the green stuff clean of her skin and came out feeling very refreshed and a bit invigorated. They lead her out of the room and to the sauna where Daniel was waiting for her having arrived just a few minutes before. “It’s all yours, just you two, for the next twenty minutes.” Julie invited with a grin as she shut the door and watched through the small window as Calla dropped the robe and Daniel handed her a towel to wrap around her body while she settled next to him on the wood bench.

“How was it?” He asked. “You look very happy.” Daniel picked up her arm and let it loose to watch it fall back down to her side. “And very relaxed.”

“I am. That was wonderful.” She cooed and showed him her newly manicured hands and feet. “You? How was your work out? It doesn’t seem fair that you were exercising while I was being pampered so.” She patted his hand. “Feel better?”

“I’m ok, Kitty. You?” He looked at her with a bit of suspicion. The new bruises on her thighs had not escaped his attention when she dropped the robe.

“I’m fine.”

That was her standard answer and Daniel never knew if he could trust it or not. He had smelled apples back in the room, he knew it even as he sat here trying to convince himself it had only been in his mind. Look at her, she’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with her. You done good, boy.

Yeah. Right.

“It’s very nice in here.” Calla said leaning back in his arms and running a hand through her newly coiffed hair. “Do we have to go out tonight?”

Daniel laughed. “Yes, tonight we have to go out.”

Twenty minutes passed so quickly when you enjoyed the company. They cuddled and talked about the kids and the play they were going to see while their bodies drank in the deep heat of the sauna and their souls drank in the presence of the other. Yes, Daniel thought, they needed more time like this. Time alone and away from all the cares of the world. She was right and he was going to see to it that they did get away from it all a few weekends a year.

Soon Julie was knocking on the window letting them know it was time for their massage session. Upon exiting the sauna she gave them each a clean slightly damp towel to use before they slipped back into their robes and followed her down the clean well lit corridor to a room much like one Calla had been in her for her body wrap. This room had two beds and incense as well as candles was burning while music soft played in the background and a lovely stone water feature trickled off in the corner. It had a big sun on the front and a dish of stones into which the water was flowing only to be recycled and come out the top again.

“You’re Daniel, right?” Julie said holding out her hand.


“I’m Julie, I’ll be your masseuse today,” she said to Daniel.

“I’ve heard all about you.” Daniel returned with a slight smile.

“Funny, I’ve heard about you too.” Julie said with the same grin and then continued. “This is Scott,” she gestured toward a very well kept blonde man in the room, “he’ll be massaging you, Calla.”

Calla looked at the man and then back at Daniel. “I ordered the best looking guy in the house for you.”

“You are just so thoughtful.” She returned with a smile before looking up at the young woman who’d been her companion through the spa trip. “Nails, skin and massage?”

“Yep,” Julie said, “I do it all.”

I bet you do, Calla thought but held her tongue and instead gave a willful smile as she dropped the robe for the last time and climbed onto the table. Scott covered her body with a light sheet.

“Hi, Calla,” he said bending down so that she could see his face. “I’m Scott.”

“Hello, Scott.” She cooed staring at his handsome face.

“What would you like today? How are you feeling?” He asked as he warmed up his hands and pumped the bottle of oil which was held in place on his hip by a wide leather belt.

“I’ve been well worked last night and today,” she said looking over at her Husband. “So nothing too hard, my legs, we climbed the Statue of Liberty earlier and…oh…just…rub me.”

“Got it.” Scott said with a wink as he hands fell into place on her shoulders. Calla winced and Scott took better note of the marks beneath her hair the ones that were fading away to a yellowish hue but were obviously still very tender. His large soft hands moved gently down Calla’s body so that he could feel her out as was part of his job. She was very tight in several places. It seemed to him that the Husband had done a damn good job of working over his Wife.

“You, Daniel, have you also been well worked?” Julie asked as she covered his body with a sheet but not before giving it her full admiration. She looked over at Scott who was glancing down at Calla’s neck and nodded to indicate she’d already seen them.

“Very but I’m kinda tight. I’ve been working out too.” Daniel explained.

“Deep massage for you then.” Julie said softly and greased up her hands. She started with a gentle knead which worked its way deeper and deeper into Daniel’s tight sore muscles and he let out a long groan which made Calla smile as she looked over at them. “Is that good, Daniel?”

“Very good.” Daniel replied with his head buried deep in the horseshoe shaped cushion. It was only now as the attractive young woman rubbed him that Daniel realized just how sore he was. A few minutes ago, before lying down on the table, he would have said he didn’t even need the massage. He would have been wrong.

Calla glanced over to take in the sight of dark haired Julie leaning over Daniel and massaging him. She wondered how it would look if he were turned around on his back and Julie was straddling him. Scott’s hands moved down to her mid-back and she closed her eyes once more and although he was handsome and quite strapping Calla didn’t wonder about Scott in the least. She was quite certain that ruggedly handsome or not the young man was very gay. No doubt he provided a nice bit of eye candy for straight female and homosexual male guests alike. That didn’t stop her from enjoying his touch.

No talking, no chatter. The only sounds were flowing water from across the room, the jazz and the soft sighs signaling the release of tensions and aches from their bodies was heard in the room as Julie and Scott massaged their cares away. Daniel had been very aggressive with her since their arrival and Scott’s gentle touch was a welcomed change. As the thought went through her head Calla pushed it away. That was a terrible to think. Daniel was just over excited from being neglected far too long and everything would return to normal when they got home. He was just indulging himself right now and it was nothing more than that.

Scott’s thumbs firmly wound their way down Calla’s spine and she let out a long low breath of air while Julie worked Daniel’s spine with her elbow creating a similar effect.


“OOw,” Calla groaned and Scott took his hands away.

“You all right, Calla? Does that hurt?”

Daniel looked over to see the puzzled expression on her face. She couldn’t tell if it had hurt or felt good. “Try it again,” Calla encouraged. Daniel closed his eyes again.

“Ok,” Scott said with a smile, “it’s nothing to worry about it’s just an adjustment that’s all. A tension release.” He explained. Her back let out three more loud pops before he was finished working his way down her spine. “You’ve got RKD, Rice Krispies Disease.” Scott explained. “You know, Snap, Crackle, Pop….it’s common.” Calla let out a sleepy little titter as he greased up his hands again and rubbed her back muscles in an upward direction making sure he left no muscle or tendon unexplored. Feeling her with his trained hands it was easy to tell that she spent a lot of time bending and stooping and getting schtooped by Daniel…often and well from the looks of her. Her hips and lower back were very tight.

Scott began working his way down her again paying special attention to that low back and those firm hips. Daniel opened his eyes and looked over just in time to watch Scott pull the white sheet further down Calla’s body exposing the upper half of her butt to the world. He caught the glance between colleagues as the fresh bruises there, those that were the perfect shape of a hand, on her butt cheek. Above him it was Julie who let out a longing sigh and her elbow dug a little too deep into his lower back thinking of what an animal the man on her table must be.

Laying there feeling Julie’s expert hands work out his kinks and his tensions, Daniel didn’t take his eyes off of Scott and found he had to make a slight adjustment to himself when Scott’s hands began kneading Calla’s glutes. More oil on his hands and he started working her legs at which point Calla let out something that sounded like a weak tea kettle releasing a load of steam. Her legs ached from the climb and the work outs Daniel had been giving them. Scott found the knots in her inner thighs and rubbed them away with his thumbs.

On the table Daniel stiffened a little, the erotic sensation he had been feeling was quickly being replaced by jealousy as he watched the buff handsome man rubbing his Wife’s cares away. “Relax Daniel,” Julie said easily from above him. “Just close your eyes and relax.”

Calla’s eyes rolled open to see Daniel staring at her. She gave him a little smile and a wave. The tension went out of him again as Julie’s hands began working their way down his thighs and he lay there relaxed and easy for the remainder of the body massage. When the rubbing and kneading and massaging was done, Scott and Julie laid very warm stones on the spines both Daniel and Calla from their shoulder blades to the soft round hump of their butts. “Just lay there and we’ll be back in a few minutes.” Scott said to Calla who rolled her sleepy eyes open to look at him and give a little grin of understanding.

“This is heaven,” Calla moaned. “Do we really have to go out tonight?”

Daniel let out a little laugh as the stones radiated their warmth into his back. “Yes, we do.” He said for the second time.

Calla would much rather curl up in bed with him and a movie than go out to some fancy play and eat in some over priced restaurant. If he wanted to go out, since he’d planned the trip and all, then out they would go for the evening even if she was dead on her feet.

Before the stones lost of all their heat Julie and Scott re-entered the massage room and removed them. “That’s it. How are we doing?” Julie asked. “Anything else need tending to?” There was no mistaking the sexual undertone in her voice.

Daniel looked up at her with an appraising eye. Yeah, not bad at all. “I think we’re fine…for now.”

“All right, then we’ll leave you both to get dressed. Your clothes are over there.” She pointed to the small white chest by the water feature.

“We’ll be out in a minute.” Calla said and then waited for them to leave before she, more or less, rolled off of the bed toward her clothing. “I feel like jelly.” She said to Daniel. “Been feeling like that a lot lately.”

“Good.” Daniel returned and slipped into his blue jeans while Calla did the same.

“Do you think she’s pretty?” Calla asked without warning and without looking at him.

“Who? Julie?” Daniel stammered searching for time to grab the proper response. Calla nodded. “Yeah, she’s ok.”


“I think she’s very pretty. She treated me very well today. I think I shall tip her.”

That was a good idea and Daniel couldn’t remember if the gratuity had been included in the price or not. Calla left her purse in the bedroom so he handed her his wallet. “Give her whatever you want.”

“All right, I will.” Calla plucked a 50.00 dollar bill from his wallet and sauntered out of the room. Stopping at the reception desk she picked up a pen to write on the bill before handing it to the woman who had been so kind to her today. Daniel came out of the massage room in time to see Calla tip Julie. He watched Julie smile at the denomination on the bill then shake her head and try to give it back. Calla pushed Julie’s hand back toward her body and told her to keep it and thanked her once more then she took Daniel’s arm and they walked out of the spa together.

Julie opened the bill to read; Rm 217

Since her term of employment began here Julie had been propositioned by singers and movie stars, Broadway actors and all sorts of hustlers but never once did she take any of them up on their offers no matter how elaborate they were. This time would be different. She tucked the bill into the pocket of her white lab coat. Calla said they were going to a play and dinner. It was Saturday night and this was New York City, they probably wouldn’t be back in Room 217 until some time after 2am. This was New York, yo, 2am the party was just getting rolling.

Back up in their suite Calla once again asked Daniel if they had to go out for the evening and he said they did. “We’ve still got some time,” he said as he sat down on the overstuffed couch, “why don’t you come here?”

More? Jesus! Who slipped the Viagra into his coffee? “Daniel…”

“We can take a nap.” He explained quietly, she looked so tired and he’d brought here to relax and rest and get away not so that’d she’d need another vacation after this one. “OK, about 45 minutes or so? Sound good?” Daniel set his watch to go off at 6:30. “Come on,” he peeled off his shirt and lay down on the couch. Calla did the same and crawled into the space between his legs so he could wrap his arms around and she could lay her head on his chest. Daniel pulled the throw blanket from the back of the couch and covered her with it. Kitty lay there with him skin to skin she was out like a light in no time at all. “Poor Kitty,” Daniel mumbled, “poor tired little, Kitty.” Daniel stroked her hair, she smelled like a botanical garden. While he thought a nap was a good idea he wasn’t particularly tired not even after all they’d done today. Where was it coming from? He didn’t know and instead of trying to figure it out he lay back on the couch holding her tight and closed his eyes. Before he fell off to sleep an old familiar feeling came to him which both surprised and slightly alarmed him. Calla was Drawing from him and she was doing it just as natural as please, just as she’d done when she first came to live with him. She said she didn’t need him that way anymore. Maybe she was wrong. In any event, it felt good and it felt right. “Take all you want, Kitty, I’ve got plenty.” He whispered and drifted off to sleep.


We…Are young but getting old before our time
We’ll leave the T.V. and the radio behind
Don’t you wonder what we’ll find
Steppin out tonight
Steppin’ Out
Joe Jackson

When the watch alarm beeped the last thing she wanted was to open her eyes and roll out of bed. Another shower? No, she’d had 3 today and that was enough for anyone. “Come on, sleepy girl, we’ve got a big night ahead of us.” Daniel coaxed and held his hand out to her. A chilly paw slid into his warmer one and Calla hauled herself from the bed.

“This better be good.” She griped. “I could sleep until tomorrow.” Calla grabbed her overnight bag and headed for the bathroom closing the door behind her leaving Daniel to dress in the bedroom. Her breasts were sore again and they were going out for a long stretch so she pumped them again to relieve herself of the tenderness and pressure and so she wouldn’t be embarrassed at some point in the evening by looking down and having two wet spots on her dress. That chore done she wiped off and then brushed her teeth and then her hair. Calla stripped off the blue jeans and pulled her dress from the bag. Daniel had requested one of the long flowing dresses that he liked to see her wear but Calla brought two dresses with her. One of the variety that Daniel liked which was very pretty blue with violet flowers running along it. The other was a red and black little number that she’d picked up and had yet to show him. Calla decided on the latter dress with its crimson base and black lace overlay. The dress had no sleeves or straps and it fit tight around her body hugging every curve until it abruptly stopped three inches above her knee. Slipping into a matching set of black lingerie and then sliding a pair of black thigh high stockings on her legs Calla stepped into the dress and then her matching stiletto heels but she had trouble reaching the zipper at the back and could only pull it up halfway. Looking into the mirror her hair was very shiny and she would like to put it up as that would suit the style of the dress but the marks on her neck were still very visible and rather than put the whole thing up she grabbed the front and side strands, braided them and secured it at the back of her head so that was still loose and flowing but away from her face. One last look in the mirror and Calla admired the way her new jeweled necklace rested so comfortably in the crevice of her bigger bosoms and the way it sparkled in the light.

Calla walked out of the bathroom. “I can’t get this zipper, Daniel would you help me, please?” She asked as she still tried to reach it and then looked up to see him standing there very regal in his black tuxedo. “Oh my look at you!”

“I was thinking the same thing.” He whistled. “Very sexy.”

“Not what you had in mind I know but….”

“I like it. A lot.” He moved around behind her taking in the dress and the heels and the stockings his cock twitched and let out a little longing sigh. Daniel told it to shut up they had other plans and anything else would have to wait until much later in the night. “Stop fidgeting, I got it.” He pulled the zipper up to its home and then stepped back to look at her again. “You are beautiful Mrs. Jackson.”

“Only because you love me.” Calla returned. “You look very dashing tonight, my handsome Husband.” She slipped her arms around his waist. “Are you ready to go?”

“Yep, the limo’s waiting downstairs.”

“Limo?” Calla asked pulling away from him. “Why don’t we just take a cab?”

“Because the limo’s here and paid for.” He told her with a grin. “Let’s hit the town.”

Somewhere between waking up and getting dressed Calla found that she’d caught a second wind and was now looking forward to their evening out in New York City. Halfway out the door Calla turned back. “What’s wrong?”

“I forgot my wrap.” She explained and dashed back inside to get the black shawl she’d brought with her. “I know it’s warm now but it might get chilly later.” Calla told him coming back through the door.

“It might but I’ll keep you warm.” Daniel told her and they rode down in the glass elevator to the lobby.

Calla looked out the windows at the last of the setting sun and the descending darkness. “It’s going to be spectacular in another hour or so.” She commented. “I’m going to paint this when we get home.”

Daniel looked out through the windows at the city around and below them. “You’ve been eeking in time for lots of painting,” he remarked. “I’m sure you’ll do a beautiful job, Kitty.”

It was true; Calla had been stealing time to paint. She should nap when the babies did but instead she painted letting Rikki and Talia tend to the housework. Calla didn’t like to look at the two women as maids or servants but they did receive a weekly stipend along with room and board for helping out with the children and the house. Sometimes it was hard for her to let go of chores or tasks that she thought she should be doing especially when it meant all she was doing was pursuing some stupid hobby.

“I was thinking that when the kids get older and…go to school,” Daniel began she turned around to look at him with a disapproving expression. “This is what you fought for, Kitty, remember? You and your children to live a free life and be accepted for who and what you are.” Daniel reminded her before she could talk. “So when they’re in school, I was thinking that you might like to open another gallery. What do you think?”

Calla hadn’t thought about that at all. She was just painting and stacking them up in a corner. Now that the idea was out there she did find it appealing. “Where were you thinking I might open this gallery?”

“Oh, I don’t know, but, ya know, there’s a small shop in the village that’s up for sale…”

“The one on the main road? With the thatched roof?”

“That’s it.”

It was a nice little building. Who in their little village in the middle of Nowhere Scotland would come and buy paintings? It was money wasted on a senseless endeavor.

“You think about it.” Daniel said as the doors slid open and they exited into the lobby of the Time Hotel. The doorman opened the big glass doors and the chauffer opened the door of a big black limousine. “Your carriage awaits, my Lady.” He said with a smile and let her climb in first.

On their way to the play they stopped for a cocktail or two at the Sweet & Viscous bar. Neither of them were much for drinking anymore but they were on vacation so why not? Besides, the bar had a lovely garden seating area where they sat enjoying the fading light, holding hands and just gazing into each other’s eyes. After a few drinks its was off to Broadway and ‘Eyes of Mars’ which, as it turned out, was not only an excellent play but was SRO. He’d been damn lucky to get the tickets.

However, unlike the Time Hotel which had a very strict policy against paparazzi to the extent that if they even suspected someone of it they tossed them out on their ass immediately, Broadway had no such policy. It became very clear very quickly that word was out; Calla and Daniel Jackson were in town. To make matters worse Daniel used his credit card to buy the tickets for the play so they were all here because they knew for sure that the Jacksons would be here. Before they could even get out of the limousine cameras were flashing and people were shouting their names. Calla wanted to climb back in the limo but Daniel wouldn’t let her. While the reporters were anxious to get the scoop they did allow much more breathing room than they normally would. Everyone knew about Calla Jackson’s abilities and there seemed little sense in pushing the woman. It could get dangerous. Instead of truly nasty and hard hitting questions things like;

“How are the babies?”

“Daniel, Dr. Jackson, how do you like Scotland? Do you miss the SGC?”

“Any plans on returning to your former position, Doctor Jackson?”

“How long are in town for?”

“Why are you here?”

The camera’s rolled and flash bulbs went off as they made their way to the middle of the group with Calla holding tightly to Daniel’s hand. Daniel stopped and cleared his throat. “Our children are fine, thank you for asking. I love Scotland. I have no plans to go back. We’re here for our anniversary and we’d appreciate it if you’d just let us through, please.” He said to the throng of reporters and continued to lead the way into the theatre.

“How’s it goin’, Calla? Living with your rapist and raising your own sister…how is your relationship with your Father? Is Amelia your Granddaughter?”

Daniel stopped and so did Calla’s heart as she gripped his hand so tightly that her knuckles turned white. “Don’t react and don’t look back.” She whispered before he could turn around to face the reporter, “that’s what he wants so don’t give it to him.” They kept walking until the shouting crowd was on the other side of the double doors. The pre-play bar was just closing. “I’d like a drink please.”

“Me too.” Daniel said and ordered two shots of SoCo which they drank while they stood there. “How are ya holding up?”

“I’m all right. They’re never going to go away, are they?”

“Not any time soon.” Daniel told her. “You know, maybe you or I or, even both of us, if we gave an interview to someone we pick, maybe they would shut them up and they’d go away.” He suggested.

“Give them what they want and they’ll go away, is that it?”

“Yeah, just call me Linoge.” He joked as he thought of one of her favorite Stephen King characters. The lights overhead dimmed and came up, dimmed and came up. “That means it’s time to go in.” He told her. Calla took his arm and they walked into the rather large and beautiful old theatre to take their seats and watch the play. Unless you counted the stage performances of Nicholas and Colleen in elementary school Calla had never been to a play and she found the whole experience rather enthralling. The storyline was about a man named Mark Mars who was a private detective trying to solve the crimes of several murdered women. There was a serial killer loose on the streets of New York City and Mark Mars was on the case. The plot took many twists and turns and by the end of the play she was totally shocked when ‘Whodunit’ was revealed. Calla thought it was the angry police officer but it turned out to be the hairdresser who changed jobs several times within the city and that was what caused his victims to be found all over the place. They were crimes of convenience and rage.

The house lights came up and the crowd stood to their feet to applaud. Calla was no exception. “That was really good.” She said to Daniel. “I’ve had a wonderful time tonight, thank you.”

“It was good.” He agreed happy to have brought her here. “Did you guess who did it?”


“Me either.” Daniel held out his arm as the crowd started to move toward the exits. “Dinner?”

“I’m starving.” Calla said holding a hand to her empty stomach. On the way out they didn’t pay any attention to the reporters who were just as happy to let them pass by as other famous people exited the theatre. Reporters, nothing but wolves ready to pounce on any weak and unsuspecting victim available, just like the Salon Serial Killer in the play.

Another fairly short ride in the limousine and they were pulling up in front of a restaurant. “You’re kidding.” Calla said looking up at the glass and bronze marquee, it read; Daniel. “How long did it take you to find this place?”

“The food is excellent, the restaurant is named after the chef, Daniel Boulud.” He said with a smile.

The very fine restaurant had once been the historic Mayfair Hotel. Walking inside through the huge bronze revolving doors Calla was taken aback by the beautiful craftsmanship of the Italian inspired architecture. The high embossed ceilings of the dining room were painted in a light shade of orange highlighted with a cream color set off the burgundy rug and chairs with their matching cream table cloths. Brocade curtains hung between large columns bringing warmth and an air of comfortable coziness to the tables. Overhead bronze chandeliers gave a warm glow to the atmosphere. The restaurant was full of people laughing, chatting and eating in low tones. “This is beautiful,” she whispered.

“I hoped you’d like it.” He walked up to the reception desk and announced their arrival. Daniel and Calla did not have to wait they were escorted back into the dining room and seated promptly by a very nice looking older gentlemen who handed Daniel the wine list and asked if he could get them anything before placing the napkin in Calla’s lap with a flourish and giving her the dinner menu.

“Fancy,” she remarked looking at the items. “I’m not sure what most of this is.”

“Try something new.” He coached with a grin.

When the waiter came over and took their order Daniel ordered Roasted Sea Scallops with Bean Fricassée and Pistou Broth. Calla decided on Atlantic Cod in Olive Oil with Butternut Squash. They ordered a bottle of rather expensive white wine to go with their meal.

Calla was not fond of seafood and Daniel didn’t know why she’d ordered it but as it turned out she ate every single bit and then wanted dessert. They had rich cakes with coffee and an after-dinner brandy which was suggested to them by the waiter. The bottles of wine empty their stomachs full Daniel paid the bill and they left the Daniel restaurant just past midnight.

“Now,” Daniel said as they climbed back into the limo, “do you want to go dancing or something else?”

“What type of something else?” She asked with a sparkle in her eyes.

“You’ll see.” He picked up the phone and the driver picked up on the other side of the glass partition. “Plan B.” Daniel said and then hung up.

A little while later with New York City glittering against the blackness of the night sky Daniel and Calla were sitting in a Handsome cab and taking the last ride around Central Park the horseman was giving for the night. She pulled the wrap around her bare shoulders against the night’s chill and cuddled up close to him as they rode around the very beautiful park. “Can you possibly get anymore perfect?” She asked him.

“I’ll keep working on it.” He said with a grin and bent his head to kiss her.

“Do you really think they’d leave us alone if we volunteered an interview?” She asked hesitantly. “If you do then maybe we should. I hate being hounded like that.”

“I know, so do I. Hey, anything’s possible. We’ll think about it, ok?”

“Ok,” she agreed. “Daniel?”


“What he said, about the SGC, were you lying? Do you miss it? I know being at home with the babies and me isn’t much fun…..”

“Shut up,” he said lightly and kissed her again. “I don’t miss it. I’m not going anywhere…well…that is…if that’s ok with you.”

“You know it is.” Calla returned and snuggled a little closer. “How many do you think there are?”

“How many…what?” He didn’t like the tone in her voice.

“Goa’uld. How many do you think are still here?”

He didn’t want to talk about this. “I don’t know, Cal.” It could be a few dozen or less. It could few a hundred or more. No matter what the number was the Goa’uld had been exposed to the public and John Q. was now on the look out for them. The fiasco on the steps of the Capitol Building had put a rather large dent in their chain of command, Daniel was sure of that much. Everything had unexpectedly blown up in their faces when the moment of a great victory should have been at hand. No doubt they were a bit sore over that. To a small extent Daniel did feel guilty about just walking away at a time when perhaps Earth needed him but his family needed him too and more than that his superiors and his government had hung him, Jack, Sam, Teal’c, General Hammond and everyone ever connected with the SGC out to dry. Daniel was a bit sore on that score.

“It’s not over you know. One day someone is going to come and ask you to go away again, ask you to go off on your adventures.”

Yeah, maybe one day they would. But not tonight and not tomorrow. “Let’s not worry about that right now, huh?” He asked and saw the woolen blanket on the leather seat next to her. Daniel fluffed it out and put it over her exposed knees. “I’m not going anywhere.” He assured her again.


Love in an elevator
Livin’ it up when I’m goin down
Love in an elevator
Lovin’ it up till I hit the ground
Love In An Elevator

Returning to the Time Hotel sometime near one o’clock in the morning they walked through the mostly deserted lobby to the elevator and the doors shut behind them. Riding up Calla took his hands and again looked out at the sparkling city. “Do you have any fantasies?”

“Do I have any what?” Daniel asked.

“Fantasies, you know something you’ve yet to have fulfilled.”

He looked around coyly. “Well, now that you mention it,” Daniel cleared his throat, “I suppose I do have one or two.”

“Tell me one.” She encouraged.

“Oh, I dunno,” he stammered, “it’s about being trapped in an elevator with a beautiful woman.”

“A beautiful stranger?” Calla coaxed as the idea wandered around in her pretty head.

“Sure,” he said hesitantly but loving the look in her eye. “A beautiful stranger.”

“Trapped for hours in an elevator? Like this one?”

“Hours and hours,” he whispered, “just like this one.”

“I see.” She cooed and looked at the control panel. She pointed her finger at it and a little strike of amber light came from it striking the panel. The elevator abruptly stopped. “It will take them hours to fix it.” Calla reached out and undid his bowtie. “What did you say your name was?”

Daniel smiled wide. “Does it matter?”

“Not in the slightest.” Calla replied tossing the tie to the floor and relieving him of the jacket.

Daniel reached out and did the same with her wrap. “Are you sure it’s going to take them a while to fix that?”

“Positive.” She sighed and traced her finger tip along the buttons of the dress shirt.

“The walls are glass…ma’am.”

“So they are.” Calla replied and began undoing the studs on the shirt.

“That means people can see us.”

“So they can.” She agreed looking through the glass at the tall buildings around them and seeing people mulling about and going about their business across the street. Calla tugged at the shirt until it came free of the waistband on the black dress pants. “Does it bother you….sir?”

“I think you’ve had too much to drink,” he said playfully. The answer to her question was; No, not really. He thought as he looked around at the city beyond the glass as her hands danced around his waistband. “I thought you were tired…ma’am.”

“Call me…Susan,” she invited, “I was but I’m not now.”

“Susan?” Daniel wondered aloud. Yeah, she’s tipsy. “Pretty name. You can call me…Brad.”

Calla let out a little titter. Daniel never stopped teasing her about her dance with Brad Pitt and he hadn’t even been there to witness it! “Pick another name…Brad.”

“Nope, my name’s Brad.” Daniel said. “Nice to meet you Susan.”

From the control panel a chirping sound was heard. Calla looked in that direction and realized the emergency phone was ringing. “Aren’t you going to answer it, Brad?”

“Nope, let ‘em think it’s empty. They won’t be such a hurry to fix it that way.”

“Aren’t you an intelligent man, Brad? And very handsome I might add.” She flirted. “I’d like to see more of you.” Calla pushed the shirt off his shoulders and let it fall to the floor behind him. “Much more.” She stood on her tip toes to kiss him and backed Daniel against the cold glass of the elevator as her calve wrapped around his and she used it to pull herself closer and higher her tongue exploring the deep recesses of his throat her own mouth and tongue sweet with wine and brandy while her hands wandering along that newly bared flesh. As always, her hands stopped over his heart to feel it picking up pace. Calla pressed her body further against him as one hand slowly made its way from his chest down his flank and to those annoying pants once more. “You know,” she said breathlessly as she moved back away from his face, “My Husband isn’t going to like this if he finds out.”

“Neither will my Wife,” Daniel replied, “so we won’t tell them.”

“Good idea.” Calla held herself in place and upright with that strong leg muscle wrapped around him while she slid the clasp on the dress pants and slid down the zipper not taking her eyes from his for a moment as her own heart quickened and she bit down on that full lower lip.

With smoky eyes and greedy hands she slid down him taking the pants with her until every last inch of him was both touched and revealed. The emergency phone continued to beep begging for answer and the low speaker overhead played out its predetermined elevator music. At the moment Bill Withers “Ain’t No Sunshine” and Calla’s movements kept time with the low mournful beat as she shimmed back to her feet and danced for him those hips rocking side to side and her shoulders rolling pushing those breasts to their maximum against the black and red strapless dress. She came in close and kissed him again as her hands worked their way from back to from and down to up and every combination thereof. “Were you going down?” She whispered in his ear.

“Uh-ah, after you.” He said. “Ladies first.”

As she shimmed back down his body again Bill Withers gave way to Bob Seger who started singing about those long Night Moves.

Workin on our night moves
In the summertime
In the sweet summertime

Outside the glass walls the city glowed and sparkled and went about its hurried unceasing life inside Calla’s tongue danced around the tip of Daniel’s very hard cock. She’d neglected him too long but no more. Her mouthed sucked him and her head turned around on the hard shaft which made her tresses tickle and caress the insides of Daniel’s thighs. He drew in a deep breath and Calla wasted no time in getting him where she wanted him which was on the edge of ecstasy. A little reward for such a lovely and extravagant anniversary gift. Suddenly one hand clutched at the back of her head while his other pressed to the glass behind him. His hips rocked to greet her and Daniel let out a long series of low moans. Calla smiled and worked a little harder as he came not wanting him to go unsatisfied and his appetite did seem to be insatiable this weekend. Licking the last of him from her lips Calla shimmied her way back up his body.

“Have I ever told you how incredible you are?” Daniel asked in all sincerity as he stood there catching his breath his knees weak.

“No,” she whispered, “we’ve never met.” Calla reminded him with a wink and moved in to lay kisses on his neck.

It almost sounded like a challenge to him. Daniel grabbed her around the waist and turned her so that she was the one pushed against the glass and he in the driver’s seat. “For someone I’ve never met I have to say you’re always so over dressed.” Daniel pulled down the zipper at her back and it was his turn to go to his knees as he pushed the form fitting garment from her delicate body. Calla stepped out of it and he looked up at her standing there in black strapless bra, black panties, black thigh highs and those outrageously erotic stilettos. She looked every inch the Goddess. The cock which five seconds ago had been sated and on its way to sleep started to get other ideas. “I wish I had a camera.” He muttered and ran his hands along the stockings. “You should be in a magazine. Sculptors should carve you in marble.”

“I think the world has seen enough of me.” She whispered.

“I haven’t.” For the first time he found himself wanting to leave that pretty black thong right where it was. After all it was very skimpy and certainly not much in his way as he pressed his nose to the lace and inhaled the musky scent of her. Daniel pushed the material aside with his index finger and came in closer for a taste. Soft, sweeter than honey and warmer than fresh bread, she was everything he’d ever wanted and never thought he’d have.

Overhead Bob Seger gave way to Guns N’ Roses singing about how all they needed was a little more Patience.

Said sugar take the time
‘Cause the lights are shining bright
You and I’ve got what it takes to make it
We won’t fake it, Oh never break it
‘Cause I can’t take it

The tongue gliding so gently around her sensitive clit moved lower through those waiting folds which were beginning to thicken as she cooed and moaned to his touch. Now the panties were in the way. Daniel slipped his finger tips into the waist and slowly slid them down her hips and over her thighs, past those stockings and over the heels. There were no words to describe how she looked standing there half naked against the backdrop of the darkened sparkling city and the full moon beyond. Daniel didn’t even try to look for them. Instead his mind took a picture so that he could have the image with him whenever he wanted it. He parted her legs a little wider and she gave no fuss in fact she spread them a little wider than he needed which made him grin because he knew she wanted him every bit as much as he wanted her and she always would. No matter what happened or what tried to come between them they would always have each other. No force in Heaven or Hell would ever break them apart again no matter what it threw at them. Moist droplets of the finest juice ever known to God or Man dropped down on his tongue in a steady trickle at first. Daniel drank it down letting it fill him and bring him higher as his fingers explored deeper inside her. Calla began to climax and giving over to it she started sliding down the glass wall to get closer and have him deeper still. But Daniel didn’t want her down on the floor and though he hated to do it he took one last drink before rising slowly to his feet kissing the flat of her stomach and the deep crevice between her breasts as he rose and pressed himself against her to hold her up. His free hand wrapping around her waist. Calla’s head came forward to rest on his shoulder her forehead bathed in a light bead of sweat and her breath hitching her lungs.

Overhead Axel shut up and gave the speakers to the Four Tops who started to sing;
Heaven must have made her just for me.
When she smiles so warm and tender,
A sight for sore eyes to see.
Oooh, (ain’t no woman like the one I’ve got.)
Oh, no, they don’t come better.
(To make her happy doesn’t take a lot.)
She don’t ask for things, no diamond rings.
(So together, like a hand in glove.)
Like pages in a letter.
(Ain’t no woman like the one I love.)

There sure as hell isn’t, Daniel thought, no woman like the one I got. No woman.

The lips and tongue dancing around his neck suddenly started that wonderful nibbling and the walls around his fingers began to restrict and heave in time with her breathing. “My girl. My fantasy girl.” Daniel whispered. “You’re my Everything.” Pushing her as far against the glass as he could with cock standing straight up at Attention and not wanting to wait its turn he kissed her neck and moved down to those breasts heaving against the strapless bra. The necklace there glittered and gleamed like the lights behind her.

Before the pleasant task was complete Daniel spun her around to face the glass and entered her. He really liked the stocking and the heels so he pulled her a bit away from the wall so her butt was pushing out toward him and he could get a better look at her. She really should be in a museum or something. Everything about her screamed ‘Woman’ and the epitome of all that involved from Wife to Mother to Daughter to Sister to Lover. “You make me crazy.” He said with much heat from behind her as he thrust in and out of her hot tight wanting hole. “Always you drive me out of my mind.” One hand on her hip keeping her where he wanted the other stroked her back from her shoulder blades to the top of that wonderful ass and back again. Daniel always loved the way she felt so smooth and soft beneath his hand or his entire body. It was almost like stroking warm fresh butter inside and out.

Calla opened her eyes and gazed out at the city with all of its twinkling sparkling lights and its tall buildings and its busy people still rushing to wherever they were going at 2 in the morning. For a moment she pitied them. Pitied the fact that they couldn’t all feel like this like she and Daniel did, they couldn’t all experience the burning passion of true love and desire. Still the city outside was a beautiful sight and she knew she would paint it. She would paint this…this exact moment in time. She would freeze it for eternity but she never put it up for sale or public view. Like Daniel’s mental photograph she would keep it forever and always to remind her of this wonderful night. Off in the distance Lady Liberty held her torch high to the night sky its beacon glowing, beckoning and welcoming all those who saw her and felt the pull, the yearning, for freedom and all that lovely Lady offered as she stood keeping watching on her island.

Over head The Four Tops gave way to Al Green and Calla turned her face back to her Husband for a kiss.

Lean on me, when you’re not strong and I’ll be your friend.
I’ll help you carry on, for it won’t be long ’til I’m gonna need somebody
to lean on.
Please swallow your pride, if have things you need to borrow.
For no one can fill those needs that you won’t let show.

Wanting her closer now and not so far away, wanting to feel her bare soft silky butter-like skin pressed against him Daniel pulled her away from the steamed glass as he kissed her. Both of his arms wrapping around her from behind clutching her close as their lips and bodies met in the most intimate of ways. Her lips quivered as did her body as he pushed his way in and out of her in long slow thrusts just the way she liked it. Daniel always wanted to give it to her just the way she liked because no one ever gave a better reward for such things than she did.

Hardly able to stand any longer Calla turned her head away and reached out for the bar in front of her to keep herself steady and upright. Keep pushing her hips out to him so she could feel him deeper and deeper inside of her as they climbed higher and higher into the flames of their love and desire for each other. Almost there, so close but unable to reach it…. “Please?” She whispered.

Daniel didn’t need any instructions. He pulled out of her and turned her around to face him pushing her body firmly against the glass wall of the elevator before penetrating her again. She wanted to see him, wanted to kiss him, to hold him, to feel him and touch him. She couldn’t do that with her back to him. Calla reached down for the bar again, put her weight on her arms and lifted her heeled feet from the floor to wrap her legs around his waist, the soft feel of black silk against him made Daniel harder and hornier when her feet locked together just above the crack of his ass. Her weight firmly secured to him she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him. With her arms around him the bar was free and he used it to settle her ass on partway and keep her in place while his lips met her kisses with equal passion and his thrusts continued their slowly steadily climbing pace.

“Tell me…tell me…” she begged.

“I love you.” Daniel whispered. “Always. I love you.”

That was all she wrote. Calla’s newly manicured nails sunk in deep to the flesh between his shoulder blades. “I love you, I love you, only you. Always only you, my Danny, my love. Forever.” She whispered back just the climax took hold of her and forced her throat to close uttering forth nothing more than moans of delight. Daniel gave several long very firm thrusts to finish them both off before collapsing against her in a panting heap. “It was nice to meet you, Brad.”

“You too, Susan.” Daniel muttered before pulling away from her. “We must do this again some time.”

“Yes, we must.” Calla giggled.

The lights in the elevator blinked and it started to move. “I thought you said it would take them hours to fix it?” He said jumping into his black slacks and tossing her dress to her.

Calla grabbed his wrist to show him his watch. “It did.” Two hours in fact. It was now just after 3am.

Dressed but completely disheveled the elevator doors opened to reveal two people who looked as though they’d just shared a tryst in an elevator. “Sorry for the inconvenience, Dr. Jackson.” Mr. Grayson, the hotel manger, said as they exited the elevator. “We tried to get you on the emergency phone.”

“We didn’t hear it.” Calla said quickly.

“I see that,” Mr. Grayson replied as he stood there ramrod straight in his charcoal gray suit and matching shirt. “So did several others on the street and in the buildings across the way.”

“Did they?” Daniel asked slinging his jacket over his shoulder and an arm around his Wife. “Hmmm…Glass and all.” He muttered happily.

“Good night, Dr. Jackson, Mrs. Jackson.” Mr. Grayson said and tried not to smile.


I’m just a lonely pilgrim I walk this world in wealth
I want to know if its you I don’t trust
’Cause I damn sure don’t trust myself
Now you play the loving woman I’ll play the faithful man
But just don’t look too close into the palm of my hand
Brilliant Disguise
Bruce Springsteen

Somewhere around 10 o’clock that morning Daniel woke suddenly finding half of his body to be ice cold and a hard rain pattering against the window. On one side Julie woke and on the other, Calla, shivering beneath the covers slept. It was raining and it was damp but it wasn’t cold in here. “I think you should go.” He said in a soft voice.

“Yeah, probably.” Julie agreed with a smile and hauled herself from the bed. “Believe it or not I have to be to work in a few hours. I think I’ll call in sick or just worn out.” She said gathering up her clothes and getting dressed. “By the way, that was awesome. Next time you two come to New York…look me up.”

“Maybe we’ll do that.” Daniel said keeping his voice soft so as not to wake Calla and he pulled the covers around her tighter.

Julie jumped into her short dress and walked around the bed so he could pull up the zipper. “I thought guys were kinky…knew when I watched the whole elevator thing…nice style by the way.” She complimented with a wink. “You’re definitely a Keeper, Daniel. I can see why she loves you so much.” She slipped into her shoes and ran her hands through her hair. “I didn’t know you guys liked to get wet, next time I’ll put more in it.”

Get wet? He knew that term. “What did you say?”

“The joint,” she said off-handedly and almost apologetically. “I would have put more in it if I knew you were really into it.”

Oh Christ. Daniel looked down at Calla and again felt how cold she was…a little block of ice laying in his arms. How glassy her eyes had been and how she’d stared at them with that fascinated but far off look in those emerald eyes.

“You laced it. With heroin?”

“Yeah, just a little.” She said.

Daniel hadn’t even felt it. He didn’t feel the effects of the pot let alone the heroin in it. Oh fuck! Oh, Kitty. “How much?” He reached out and snatched her wrist.

“Hey,” she said in a raised voice and looked at the sleeping woman. “Chill out, Daniel. It was just a pinch.”

“How much?” He demanded again.

“I dunno,” Julie wiggled her wrist free, “less than a gram. Maybe half a gram. What’s wrong? If I thought I shouldn’t have….”

“Don’t give me that shit. Everyone in the world knows who we are and they know my Wife is a heroin junkie. You fed it to her on purpose.”

“Just to get her loose.” Julie confessed.

“Get outta here.”

“What? Hey, I thought we had a good time…”

“Get…out… of here.” Daniel pointed harshly to the door.

“Ah,” she grunted, “whatever dude. Look, if I did something wrong I’m sorry but neither of you seemed to mind last night. In fact you were both far into it.” She turned on her heels and walked out.

“Hey, Kitty, wake up, honey.” Daniel shook her a little but she didn’t wake at first. “Kitty?”

Calla let out a long guttural sound and her eyes opened. “More?”

“No, no more. Wake up, honey. Look at me.”

Calla could hardly feel her body at all and all her eyes wanted to was close. “What’s wrong?” She muttered trying to rouse herself to wakefulness. “Where’s Julie?”

“She left.” Daniel said in a sterner voice than he had intended. “Do you feel all right?”

“I’m exhausted. Don’t we have a little time before we have to check out?”

Check out? “We’ve got hours.” He said flippantly but then tried to calm himself down. “Do you feel all right? Did you know that joint was laced?”

That woke her up. “Laced? With what?” She asked in a voice that was coming around quickly. She tried to sit up but her head hurt and her stomach heaved as though she were going to be sick. Calla put a hand to her mouth.


Daniel grabbed the waste basket and put it in front of her. Calla dry heaved a few times but nothing came out and lay back down. “I don’t feel very well.” She said groggily. “Heroin…it had heroin in it?” There was a familiar chemical taste as the back of her throat.

“Yeah.” Daniel admitted. “Did you know?”

Calla’s head rolled on the pillow. “It couldn’t have been much.” She muttered. “No, I didn’t.” But she should have. Andy never smoked it and never allowed her to smoke or snort it as she had seen other people do. Still she should have recognized the familiar jolt in her belly and the swirling in her head. Then again, she’d had a lot to drink last night and they were still filled with endorphins and adrenalin from their time in the elevator when Julie showed up. “I’m sorry…I’m sorry.”

“It’s not your fault.” He said brushing the hair away from her face. “You’re so cold. Why don’t you go take a hot bath?”

“Can’t I sleep a little longer? I’ll take a bath before we go.” She slid down in the soft covers. “I’m all right. I’ll be better after a little sleep.”

“Ok,” Daniel agreed. “You nap I’m going to start the bath, like you said it takes an hour for the damn thing to fill up.” He smiled at her wistfully and gave her a peck on the cheek before getting out of the bed. Calla clutched the pillows and fell back to Dream Land. Daniel started the bath and called downstairs to see if the room was already rented out for the night. It wasn’t and he booked it for another night before calling home to tell them they wouldn’t be coming home today. That was fine, Nick said, the babies were just fine and everyone was doing all right without them another night was no problem.

Daniel gathered the toys, washed them and put them away not wanting her to see them when she woke up again. There was still one toy wrapped in its package and as yet unused. As the bath filled Daniel sat in the chair in the bedroom flipping through the family album, watching her sleep and wishing he’d never said ‘yes’ to last night. Burning in hell was one thing her getting hooked again was another and it was a price he wasn’t willing to pay not even for the most pleasurable of company and satisfying of lust filled nights.

There was something strange about the book she’d made. It was filled with Jackson family memorabilia. Nick, Cole, him, Davy, even their parents. There wasn’t one single thing in here about her. Not about her grand whirl-wind art tour or about her graduating top of her class with two Master’s Degrees and giving the class speech. Nothing about her gallery or all the donations she’d made to the Women’s Center over the years. Not one damn thing other than the photographs of the family that she happened to be in. It seemed to him that with a lineage like hers this book should be full of such things and more.

The bath full and the water steaming he woke her up again. “Come on, Kitty, time for your bath.”

This time when her eyes opened and she let out a long sigh she felt a little better. While still tired and drained to the bone she was able to get off the bed but she leaned against him as they walked into the bathroom and he helped her into the water. “Need a bath after last night.” She said with a funny little grin. “Join me? You’re not exactly clean.” Calla held her arms out to him from the oversized tub.

Daniel hadn’t dressed yet so he just dropped the robe and climbed in with her. “You sure you’re ok? I mean, with all of it.” He mumbled.

“A little late for second thoughts.” She said and lathered up the puff to rub it along her arching arms.

“Answer me. Are we ok?”

Calla nodded and continued washing. “It was my idea, Daniel.” She reminded him but she didn’t look at him.

“I know that and you’re still not answering me.” He grabbed the puff from her hand and tilted her head to look at him. “Are we ok?”

“Yes, if you are then we are.”

“Don’t give me that shit,” he grumbled.

“Yes, Daniel we are all right.” Calla said in a strong voice. “You weren’t having these problems last night.”

“Yes I did,” he reminded her.

“All right…what are you so upset about? Why are you angry?”

“I’m afraid this all going to come back to bite me in the ass…hard.” He confessed. “I love you, Calla. I don’t need or want any other woman in my bed. Just you.”

“I know.” Calla said and slid down in the water to wet her hair. “You are ashamed now? You didn’t like it?” She asked when she resurfaced.

Daniel gave up. “I liked it.” He admitted. “I like watching you with her more than anything.”

“Well,” she sighed, “you said you had two fantasies. Any more in there?” She pointed to his head with a bubble covered hand.

Not any you wanna know about. “No.” He soaped up the puff. “Turn around I’ll get your back.”

“What time do we have to leave?” She asked as he washed her. “Soon?”

“We’re not leaving today.” He informed her. “I booked the room for another night.”

“Why?” She said turning around. “The children….”

“Are fine, I already called home but you can do the same after the bath, ok?” He told her. “I brought you here on this vacation so we could relax and be alone. You’ve done nothing but relax, Kitty. Today, it’s raining and it’s cold outside.” He took her hands. “I thought we’d just cuddle up in the bed and watch movies all day, how’s that sound? You know, they got that thing where you can watch any movie ever made whenever you want. You just pick from the menu and up it comes. I’ll order us some room service and we can just…be lazy and cuddle up together. Ok?”

A whole day in bed…just being lazy and watching movies? That sounded like vacation to her. “Yes, that’s a good idea.” Still, if they spent the day in bed then eventually he would want to… Calla took back the puff to wash the area between her sore legs and she winced.

“Been a little rough on you, haven’t I?” He asked in a guilty tone taking in the fading bruises on her neck and remembering those he’d seen…pretty much all over her body…when she climbed into the tub. After she let him go last night he’d grabbed her very hard when his hands clamped down on her hips. His hands prints were clearly seen there in full purple, blue and yellow.

“No,” she said but he knew she was lying.

“Yeah, I have. I’m sorry, Kitty. No sex for the rest of our stay.” He hoped that would help but even as the words came out of his mouth he knew he wasn’t going to be able to hold to them. “I don’t know what’s gotten in to me this weekend.”

“I’m not complaining.”

“You wouldn’t.” He said remembering that aroma of apples which had filled the room yesterday afternoon.

“Are you angry with me?”

“No, I’m not I’m just acting like a spoiled brat.”

“Humm…one who’s not happy even when he is getting what he wants.”

“Yeah, I’ll get over it. You sure you’re feeling ok?”

“Better.” She said finishing washing her filthy bits. “All I wanted to do was make you happy. Perhaps make a fantasy or two come to life for you. After all you’ve given me it seemed the least I could do.”

“You are my fantasy.” He said wrapping his wet warm arms around her. “If you ever want to do that again give me a little advanced notice, ok?”

Calla laughed and agreed.

“I’m worried, Kitty, about that joint.” Not only was he concerned about her relapsing but he couldn’t stop wondering he hadn’t felt anything at all from it.

“I’ll be all right.” She tried to assure him. “Don’t worry, my love.”

“It’s my job,” he said bringing her in a little closer and kissing the side of her head. “If anything happens to you because of that…if you…”

“Shhh….it won’t.” She whispered. “I’ll be fine.”

Sure she would. Why didn’t that make him feel any better?

They spent several hours on a very wet rainy New York Sunday cuddled up in the oversized bed drinking coffee and sweet treats while they watched movies. Halfway through the third movie Calla fell asleep again. He turned off the TV and held her for a while, her naked body now warm against his. All day and the afternoon they’d laid here together sequestered away in their own little world just being together and now that she was asleep his cock was hard and awake again. It begun waking before she drifted off and he thought about making an advance and then wondered again what was wrong with him. He shouldn’t even be able to get it up if he tried never mind have it stand up on its own. Still it raised itself up until it was fully erect and hard and screaming for relief. Daniel pulled and pushed on it viscously with one hand trying to will it back to sleep. But it just screamed louder until it was driving him out of his mind. Calla slept soundly beside him.

His first thought was to crawl out of bed and go to the bathroom with that bottle of lotus oil and take care of himself. Then another thought danced around in his head as she looked down at the woman in his arms.

She’s asleep.

Shut up.

Do it right, she’ll never wake up. She’ll sleep right through it.


You know you want to. You can never get enough of that sweet sticky stuff. C’mon, let’s fuck her. She’ll never know.

He was so fucking hard if he didn’t find a way to get rid of it soon….

“Kitty?” Daniel whispered. She didn’t move except to cuddle closer at the sound of his voice.

Do it. Just climb aboard and do it slow. She won’t wake up.

Feeling like the world’s biggest slime ball but unable to stop himself Daniel moved until he was over her. Calla let out a little sigh or it could have been a moan when he parted her legs with his knee.

This is so wrong.

Shhhh….just do it. She’s never gonna know.

Many times over the years of their marriage he’d woken her up in the middle of the night to make love but he never once just started in while she was sleeping.

The tip of his hard cock found its way to its home and he began penetrating her as she slept below him. Calla moaned and started to move. “Shhh, it’s just a dream,” Daniel whispered to her. She was exhausted. It wasn’t right to do this to her. “Just a wonderful dream.” He whispered again and laid soft kisses on her neck.

It wasn’t long, only a few long slow thrusts before his problem was solved. While the climax brought some of the relief he was looking for it was otherwise empty and devoid of any true meaning or pleasure. The voice was right, Calla didn’t wake. She just slept right through it. He pulled out of her feeling dirty and then slipped out of the bed to the bathroom where he caught sight of his own reflection in the mirror.

“What’s wrong with you?” He asked himself. “Do you know what you just did? Do you know???”

The reflection didn’t answer him.

Maybe it was just a slip and maybe it was more than that. He seemed to be slipping a lot this weekend. He just wasn’t himself. He felt almost like he did when he drank the drugged wine during the Blood Moon Ritual but then he couldn’t really remember who he was, didn’t remember there was a family waiting for him depending on him back on Earth. He was just consumed by the lust and the sex and nothing else mattered or was even known to him. This was different. He knew what he was doing. He knew it was wrong or at the very least that he shouldn’t but he went ahead and did them anyway…wanting more the whole time. On the verge of being unable to control himself and he didn’t know why.


Daniel ducked out of the bathroom and grabbed his cell phone only to duck back in shutting the door behind him. “International. Call David.” He said to the phone and soon it was ringing in his hand.



“Danny?” In Scotland where it was past dinner time David sat up on the couch in the gate keeper’s cottage alarmed by the tone in his brother’s voice. “What’s goin’ on?”

Daniel didn’t say anything at first. “Nothing.” He huffed. “Just checkin’.”

“On wot?” David didn’t need an answer from Daniel. “On me? What’s goin’ on, Danny? You callin’ to make sure I’m still here, aren’t ya?”


“What’d ya do?”

“Nothing.” He said through tight lips. If Davy had suddenly dropped dead then maybe Daniel could understand the voice in his head and the drive he had to do the things he did this weekend. Unfortunately for Daniel Jackson his brother was alive and well and not pulling any strings. “I gotta go.” He clicked off and when the phone rang he turned off looking at Davy’s number on the caller id display. Catching sight of his own reflection again he found he couldn’t take looking at himself. “What the fuck is wrong with you?” He shouted and then punched the glass. “Do you know what you did?” He struck it again. “You’re sick.” Another punch. “What the fuck is wrong with you?”

“Danny! Knock it off!” Davy shouted grabbing his brother’s bloody hand. “What in God’s name are ya doin’?” When Danny didn’t answer the phone Davy thought it best to come and check things out for himself. He was getting pretty good at this blink-your-eyes mode of travel.

Holding his bruised and bloody hand up because he was certain that it was broken, Daniel pushed past Davy and opened the bathroom door. Calla hadn’t even moved. She was exactly where he left her. Daniel shut the door. “What are you doing here?” He ran the water in the sink washing the blood away and picking bits of mirror from his knuckles before performing his Physician Heal Thyself trick and returning flesh and bone to their proper places. “Something’s wrong with me.”

“That much I can see for myself,” Davy said snidely. “Wot is it? What da hell’s da matta wit you? You’re s’pposed to be on a romantic getaway.” Davy reminded his brother and suddenly concerned he opened the door to look out at the sleeping woman. Satisfied that she was all right for the time being he turned back to Danny. “Well?”

Daniel relayed all of the weekend’s events to his brother and waited for a response. Davy didn’t think much of any of it…by itself. Put together over the course of two days maybe there was something going on. Even he tried to reason it away. “You’re gonna sit there and tell me that Callie brought some hot young piece a’ass up here last night…that the two of them went at it and then at you…and that this is problem? What’s wrong with you?”

“You don’t get it. She set that up.” Daniel bitched. So she had, Calla knew before they left for the play last night that Julie would be paying them a visit and why. She hadn’t said anything to him, hadn’t even lead on in the least. “She fed that girl to me. Like…like I was a king or something.” Calla had. She’d picked a real beauty one she was sure Daniel would find attractive and then she did everything necessary to turn the girl on and get her ready, but not too ready, for him. “Good little Cha’Dech.” Daniel mumbled under his breath and felt that rush of anger again.

David didn’t hear that last part. “Yeah, like I said…what’s the complaint?” David cracked and leaned against the sink. “It’s just been a while, dat’s all it is. So you’re a little…what’dyacall…over anxious. With a woman like that? Women.” David corrected. “Who wouldn’t be?”

“Yeah, right. I should have known you wouldn’t be any help.” Daniel leaned over the sink glad the mirror was broken and he didn’t have to look at himself if he didn’t look over at David. “I feel like a wolf in heat. I can’t stop fucking her. Even when I’m not fucking her I’m thinking about fucking her…”

“Ain’t much new with that, Danny.” David cracked again. “Ease up, man, it’s a’ight.”

“A’ight?” Daniel grabbed David’s hand. “You heard me tell you I just had sex with her while she was sleeping. I even encouraged her to stay asleep so I could get what I wanted the way I wanted it.” He asserted. “You…you…of all people….you go ahead and tell me what that means…from a legal standpoint.”

David had been in jail many times and only once did he do a rather short but unpleasant stint for having sex with an underage girl. Nope, all the hard time he had done was for drug offenses they never even charged with rape of the non-statutory variety. However, while a guest of the Texas State Prison System, he did undergo therapy for his problems and did discuss them with the prison shrink. She was bound by law not to tell anyone and he never gave any names. Under the laws of most states in the Union it was illegal to have sex with a woman or man who could not give willful consent. If one was asleep one could not consent. As far as the Law was concerned Doctor Daniel Jackson just raped his Wife. “Danny, look….guys do it all the time, man…c’mon…”

“C’mon? Fine, why don’t you come here?” He took David by the wrist and led him out of the bathroom and into the bedroom where she was still sleeping having not moved a single inch. “Look at her. You’ve been with her. When’s the last time you thought you could come close to saying that you wore her out?”

The answer to that question was; never. “I’m still new at this.” David said in a soft voice. Wearing her out was a goal on his list all right but one he didn’t think he was going to attain at any point in the near future.

“Yeah, well I’m not. In all the years I’ve been making love to her I have never once fucked her flat like that and still been walking around like this. Look at me, Davy. I’m wired. I can’t sleep. I’ve been banging her and that other chick and I’m not the least bit tired.” Daniel picked up the covers to show David the bruising on Calla’s thighs and buttocks. “I did that. I could do it again.”

David’s mouth hung open and he took a step back while he forced Daniel’s back down and the blankets to cover her. Davy’d been in their bed and he knew how wild she could get. How wild a man could get with her. How much she loved it when he did. Danny’s been known to leave his share of thumb prints on those sweet thighs but what he had just seen was way beyond the pale. When he looked over at Daniel again he did it with new eyes. He’d seen that look in those eyes a million times over the years but that was when he was looking in a mirror. David was the predator not Daniel, never Danny. But even David tended not to leave the marks Danny had. No, David liked to stalk his victims, get to know them and their habits and then one night at a bar he’d slip something into their drinks or maybe he’d wait for them to come home drunk on a Saturday night and slip in through the bedroom window. Either way, they were usually too out of it to fight back with any real strength and he almost never had to hit them…although occasionally he did. Before he went out on those nights, those howlin’ prowlin’ nights, David saw that bloodlust in his eyes. The same one he was seeing in Danny’s now. Right next stood his baby brother; a man so level headed it would make most people sick. Yep, there stood a man on the edge and any second now he was going to go over. Maybe it’s genetic? David thought. Maybe there’s something wrong with both of us and he was just better at hiding it all these years.

Even more unbelievable was when Danny raised the blankets again.

“She’s asleep,” he muttered and looked over at Davy. “You wanna?”

David felt like he’d been sucker punched but instead of going down he grabbed Daniel by the collar of the robe and covered his mouth with the other hand before hauling him out of the bed room. “Oh there is something way wrong with you, baby bruther. Way, way wrong.” Davy looked around and licked his lips. “Look man, maybe you’ve been poisoned. Maybe somebody put that Xerinium shit in your food.” That thought brought another one to David’s mind; the reason for the phone call. If he was dead than maybe David was somehow controlling Danny from the Underworld like he’d been to do once or twice in the past. Sorry, Charlie no go on that one. Whatever was wrong with Danny it wasn’t David’s fault.

Daniel sat there letting David’s words roll around in his head and thinking that this must be what it felt like for Nick. Some strange place between free-will and knowing what’s right and what’s wrong but unable to do the right thing as though some force were willing you, calling to that dark primal part of you to come out and play. The call was irresistible. Xerinium? No. He wasn’t an Olympian and there was no reason to believe the metal acted the same way in the human…or even Immortal….body as it did with one of them. Daniel started rationalizing his new desire in a very far reaching manner. “Davy we should,” he suggest, “she smoked that joint last night. We should do it just to get whatever might be left out of her system so she doesn’t get hooked again.”

“A junkie is a junkie for life, Danny. I dun told you that already.” David said. “I pushed that shit on more people than you can count; if she’s gonna slip then she’s gonna slip.”

“You ever do it?”

“Wot? Are you fuckin’ nuts? No, Danny, I may have done a lot of shit in my time but I never jammed a needle in my arm or anyone else’s.” David protested as if that made any real difference. But for him, in a way, it did.

“I’m scared for her, Davy.” Daniel looked away. “If she relapses if she gets hooked again and we didn’t do anything….how will you feel?”

“Ain’t you the smooth one?” David cracked.

Daniel just went his mind wandering looking for the right buttons to push. “She’s so cold. You felt her. She’s like ice. We can warm her make her feel better.”

“Look at me, boy.” Daniel turned his eyes to his brother. “You and me fuckin’ her brains out ain’t gonna help none of that.” He stopped and took step forward. “Especially while she’s sleepin’ n’ all. BUT if you really think this is a good idea den why don’t you go in there, wake her up and see wot she’s got to say.” He looked his brother up and down. “I don’t know what’s got into your pants but why don’t you go n’ buy yourself a hooker….or two….get it outta ya system.” He advised. “I’ll stay here in case she wakes up.”

Get it outta ya system. Sounded like right good advice to him but why should he leave in order to do that when there was a perfectly good woman in the next room? “And tell her what? That I’m out puttin’ it to some whore?”

“You gotta go, Danny. It’s either or I’m takin’ her back right here right now and you ain’t comin’. I don’t want you ‘round her.” David warned. “There’s something wrong with you.”

“I’m her Husband, who the fuck are you?”

“Keep your voice down.” David warned again. “I don’t know what’s goin’ on with you, Danny but whatever it is, it ain’t good. Get dressed and go for a walk. Ain’t nobody gotta know where you go or wot you do. Wolf in heat,” David muttered, “you look like more like a rabid dog ta me. Wot has to into you? When did this start?”

“I don’t know.” Daniel leaned forward in the chair in frustration and exasperation. “Shortly after we got here.” He said to himself trying to think about just when he started to feel this way. Definitely it was after they arrived at the hotel. He’d been fine at home although he had been anxiously looking forward to the weekend.

David looked down at his brother and realized the man was just chompin’ at the bit. Every muscle in him was tight and standing up. “What’s got you so pissed off, Danny? Huh, what is it?”

“Pissed?” He stopped and shook his head. He was angry. He was angry almost this whole weekend and again he didn’t know why. This was not how this was supposed to go. They were supposed to come here and get away and reconnect. He wasn’t supposed to feel like this and she wasn’t supposed to be in there passed out cold from his…activities. “Me, I’m angry at me.” He said.

“Yeah, part. Ok.” David agreed. “I can see that. There’s sumthin’ else, Danny.”

There was a knock on the outer door but before they could answer it the door was opening and in walked the maid pushing her cart. “Sorry, I didn’t know anyone was in here. Should I come back later?” The name tag on her white uniform said Becky. Unlike Julie who turned down propositions, Becky had slept with every actor, movie star, writer, producer or rock star who ever stayed in one of her rooms. She had a running list of them at home in a book she kept under her pillow, complete with names, dates, notes and even ratings. Ohh, twins and they’re hot. Very nice indeed.

Well, looky what fate dropped by. “No, Becky, come on in. The place could use a good cleaning but, ah, my Wife’s sleeping so don’t go in the bedroom and no vacuuming or anything like that, ok?”

“Sure.” What did she care? That made her job easier. Walking further into the room Becky caught the wafting scent of fresh sex and heat.

“Don’t even think about it.” David hissed under his breath.

“Too late.” Daniel as he settled into the chair to watch Becky work. She bent and stretched as she dusted and emptied waste baskets. Daniel liked the way the uniform fit and the way it hugged her ass when she bent over.

“Danny maybe we should go for a walk.”

“You go on if you want to.” Daniel said waving his hand in the air. “I’m gonna stay here.”

David leaned in. “And wot? Fuck her while your Wife’s sleeping in the next room? Get dressed, Danny.”

“I don’t think so.” He looked past Davy. “Been here long, Becky?”

“Almost a year.” She said turning to look at him with her pretty blue eyes. There was a certain heat in the way he was looking at her. A certain animal magnetism in the air and all she could think of was how hot it would be to be sandwiched between them. “Staying another day, Dr. Jackson?”

“Daniel, please call me Daniel. Yes we are…Becky.”

OK, that’s it. “Ya know wot, gurl, mabbe you oughtta just drop the towels and go, huh?” David advised. “There is a woman sleepin’ in the next room.”

Becky looked at him, he was just as hot as the other one and he looked like he could certainly get into the game if given the right incentive but the other one, Daniel, he was ready to pounce if she just winked at him. “Well, actually,” she said and walked a little closer to where Daniel was sitting. “I’m coming up on my lunch break.” Becky bent over with the feather duster in her hand and made like she was dusting the coffee table but all she was really doing was showing him her ass which wiggled as she dusted and so did her tits in the low cut uniform.

Rabid dog, David thought again as he watched her and realized whatever was wrong with Danny was starting to rub off on him.

“Are you? Well, in that case,” Daniel said easily, “why don’t we just say its lunchtime and you can come over here and sit down.” He patted his lap. “Pretty thing, I think it’s time for your break.”

He looked like Danny. He sounded like Danny. But that wasn’t him. David never thought he’s see the day his brother turned into a confident pick-up artist. Yet there he was smooth and charming as you please and bold to boot. He’s not gonna do this…no way…he’s not gonna do this. He’s gonna realize what he’s doin’ and he’s gonna stop.

Becky the pretty blonde maid hiked up her uniform a little ways and sat down on Daniel’s lap with her back to him. She ground her hips down on him a little and he watched the slightly large but still firm ass wiggle in the white maid’s dress. Daniel didn’t have any trouble rising to the occasion he was halfway there before Becky sat down. It was the finishing part that was weighing on his mind. He didn’t have any problems cumming in Julie’s mouth but Calla had been there and she’d helped quite a bit. He did have problems cumming in Julie’s hot tight cunt no matter how hard he tried he just couldn’t let go. Daniel didn’t want to face that problem again it was most uncomfortable and frustrating. Perhaps if he slid into that ass grinding so nicely against him he wouldn’t have any problems.

“Your wife is in the next room,” David hissed even though he was helpless to take his eyes off the sight in front of him.

“Maybe you should go sit with her,” Daniel suggested, “make sure she doesn’t wake up.”

“Stay,” Becky said to him. “You can watch or you can fuck me too.” She turned over her shoulder to look at Danny. “We’ll be very quiet we won’t wake her.”

Slut. Fuckin’ whore! Look at that bitch grindin’ away like dat! She knew…she fuckin’ KNEW Callie was sleeping in the next room and there she was promising to keep the noise level down so Danny’s wife could sleep while he put it to her. Whore!

Becky did a little wiggle as she stood up, bent over, and slid off her panties. She turned around, tossed Daniel’s robe open and proceeded to work on that hard knob with her mouth. More experienced than Julie by far but still not like Calla. Nonetheless it was a pleasurable experience and Daniel leaned back in the chair to enjoy it while David stood there staring at them not believing what he was seeing. He wanted to leave. Wanted to march right into the bedroom, scoop Callie off the bed and take her home praying that Danny came back to his sense before she woke up and that she’d never have to know what he was doing right now. If he went through with this he didn’t deserve Callie.

Hard as stone and ready to get down to business Daniel reached under Becky’s elbows to bring her up to him and turned her around again so her back was facing him. He sat in the chair while she backed up and lowered herself down onto him. She didn’t wince like Julie did and she sure had a hell of a lot less rubber on her tires even though they were probably about the same age. Being stuffed in her hot box brought no desire and no pleasure in fact it was pissing him off. Maybe he was right and that ass would better serve his purpose. He wanted a good wet head start on that so he fucked her a little harder and she cried out for more. “Oh, yeah, do it, Daniel, do it.” He looked up at Davy who was staring down at them pitching his own tent and ripped open the buttons on the uniform exposing Becky’s big tits to both of them.

“You know what I wanna do, huh? Do you know?” He said into her ear.

“Oh, yeah,” Becky replied in a heavy voice. “I want you to. Put it in my ass.” Becky stood up only to throw her legs wide over the arms of the high back chair and hold her body up while Daniel positioned himself for the kill. Becky was just as experienced with her ass as she was with her cunt. She really was a slut bouncing up and down up there like there was no tomorrow and begging for more.

David looked down at those spread legs and that empty pussy…that empty wet blonde pussy. He couldn’t help it he started to pull down his zipper and walk forward freeing his own hard cock as he went to where they fucking like rabbits. Behind her Danny smiled a wicked little grin and nodded for David to come and do what he had on his mind.

Becky looked up and saw him standing in front of her. “Yeah, come here….David,” she said trying to remember his name, “I love a double fuck, come here and put in me.” She said with much heat in her voice. “Both you of you, yeah, oh, both of you, fuck me.”

Whore. David ran the tip of his cock at her entrance while Danny huffed and behind her in the chair those big old titties bounced around on her chest. Didn’t your momma teach you any self respect? His cock was so hard and begging for relief. What the hell did she care? All she wanted was to get reamed. David slid in a little ways feeling Danny’s hard cock on the other side of her. He leaned over put his hands above Danny’s head on the back of the chair and gave a hard thrust. Becky shivered and moaned out in utter delight. “Fuck me.” She cried.

Danny was right about one thing. She wasn’t like Callie. Few women on this planet were…if any. If he kept this up then he wasn’t any better than the rest of him and he didn’t deserve her either. He’d been so good. He’d been on his best possible behavior since they let him out of Hell. David wasn’t going back. He pulled out of the little slut and stood there for a second watching the two of them. “You’re a pig.” David hissed and slammed Daniel in the side of the head with a closed fist. “Get help.”

Daniel stopped thrusting for a moment while the stars danced in his head and he could barely out make the sight of David hoisting up his zipper and then disappearing from the living room of the hotel suite.

“You’re coming with me.” David said to the sleeping woman as he picked her cold body off the bed and walked back into the living room where Danny was just starting to go at it again. “We’re leaving.” He said to Danny.

“No,” Daniel said at the sight of his sleeping Wife in his brother’s arms and pushed the maid off of him.

“Yes, and you ain’t welcome to follow. I don’t know what’s wrong with you but I’m warnin’ ya, Danny, don’t you come home until you get it fixed.”

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