Daughter of the Gods: Departure
Lisa Beth Darling

Chapter One

I’m stranded in the sleet and rain
Don’t think I’m ever gonna make it home again
The mornin’ sun is risin’
It’s kissing the day

Wheel in the Sky

“Father are you sure you’re going to be all right?” Calla asked as she stuffed items of clothing into an olive drab duffel bag. “They’re not quite settled in here yet and they’re still a bit on edge.”

“We will be fine.” Ares told her for the fourth time. “I’m looking forward to spending a few days with my grandchildren.”

“It’s just that, well, we’ve imposed upon you not that long ago and……”

“Impose?” Ares asked and grabbed both of her wrists in one of his hands. “These are my grandchildren. Look at me, daughter.” Calla turned her worried eyes to gaze upon the handsome face of her Father. “I love spending time with them they make me feel young again.”

“You’re not old.” She said quietly.

“Ah!” Ares smiled wide. “And this is why I love you so much.” He wrapped his arms around her. No one, not even her Mother, ever felt this good in his arms. Waiting for Jackson to kick off was turning out to be sheer agony. Ares didn’t know how much longer he could patiently sit on the sidelines waiting for her husband to die. In his hold Callas’ petite body disappeared to the onlookers view. If one were to walk in the room they might just think he was hugging nothing more than air, unless, that was, they could see the tendrils of auburn hair beneath his forearms. “I am ancient but never in your eyes.”

“In my eyes you will always be young and virile.” She replied and nuzzled her face into the black cashmere sweater to feel the taunt fuzzy space between his chest and belly button against her cheek.

“Sometimes I think you should remove those rose colored glasses.” His big mitt ran across the side of her head. “Then again,” Ares left the words hanging in the air around them.

Although the part of her which was Calla Jackson knew they were too close and that she should pull away from him she did not. However, Calla Jackson did not wish to pursue the subject any further either and so she did what she always did; she changed the subject. “You’re sure you’ll be all right, Enya will help you?”

“I’m positive.” In his arms she let out a sad sigh. “What troubles you? You don’t want to do this?” He asked from above her. “You don’t have to, you know?”

“I do have to go.” Calla confessed. “It’s very important.” The Real World called and called and called until she finally pulled away and looked up at him. “The Ambassador himself invited me in front of everyone.” Calla groaned the last word and pulled away completely. Ambassador Omar, she thought and let out a little laugh, how the world has changed. “I would rather stay here.” The heavy words were long and deep while she went back to packing the bag.

“Well, no matter.” Lord Ares felt himself pull back into Father Mode. “You will be home soon and this world should get down on its knees and thank you but it won’t.” Ares quipped. “It’s a new experience, you should welcome it.”

“Oh yes, I know.” Calla moaned. “Growth, Change, Conflict…..I’m well aware, Father.” Looking up at him she smiled widely. “How could I ever forget?”

“Calla?” Daniel called as he came up the stairs. Intruding unannounced on time spent between Calla and her father wasn’t something Daniel liked to do because he was never sure what he was going to walk in on. Calla always declared there was nothing going on between them and Daniel couldn’t say that there was. Everything he’d ever seen–if he got his mind out of the gutter–pointed to nothing more than a concerned father looking after and caring for his daughter. Although it killed him to admit it, one day Daniel hoped to have as a good of a relationship with Colleen and Nicholas.

“Up here, Daniel.” Calla didn’t think she could stuff anything else into the sack and so she cinched it tight. “All ready I guess.” She said as he walked through the door.

“Hello, Ares.” Daniel held out his hand.

“Jackson.” Ares returned the outstretched hand and smiled. It didn’t take a medium to feel the tense vibes in the air around them.

Whenever they were in the same room Calla was on edge. She never knew what was going to happen. Always was there friction bubbling just below the surface of those fixed smiles and well thought out chit-chat. So far they’d managed not to come to blows, however many harsh volleys of words had passed between them over the years.

Daniel turned his attention to his wife. “I see we finally found a uniform that fits.” He remarked and took in the sight of her in olive drab and combat boots.

“It’s hideous.” She complained and turned around for him. “Tell me I don’t have to wear this at the celebration dinner.”

“No, you don’t.” In front of her father he ran his hands through her hair and laid a kiss on her lips. “It’s just for our arrival; after we’re there you can change.”

“Unless you fall into combat.” Ares remarked from behind them. “Then you might be want to be in uniform, Callestah.”

“Father,” She began in protest. Why couldn’t he just stop? Why does he always have to poke at Daniel?

“There isn’t going to be any combat.” Daniel turned and gave his father in-law a stern look. “We’re invited guests, Ares.”

“Whatever you say, Jackson, but you’d better bring her home in one piece.”

As if some God somewhere had heard her silent plea for mercy Enya along with Nicholas and Colleen appeared in the doorway. Anxious to get their good-bye hugs and kisses, Nicholas tackled his mother while Colleen took on her father. “Gonna miss you, momma.” Nicholas said as he rubbed his head against her lower thigh giving it a big squeeze with both hands.

“Love you, Daddy.” Colleen whispered to her father. “Come home soon, ok?”

“Ok.” Daniel agreed and kissed her forehead. Leaving them was always so fucking hard. “Come over here and give the old man a hug.” He said to his son. They exchanged children.

“Be good for Umpa and Enya while we’re gone.” Calla told them while Daniel picked up the pack on the bed. “We’ll be home in a few days.” She stooped down on her knees for one last hug and kiss from each of them. “I love you, both of you.”

“Love you, momma.” They echoed in return.

On the drive to Cheyenne Mountain Daniel turned and looked at his wife while he drove. “Doesn’t it ever bother you?”

“What?” Calla asked as she returned his gaze.

Guess it doesn’t. “The fact that your dad’s new squeeze looks so much like you?”

“She’s hardly his ‘new’ squeeze, Daniel. Enya has been Father’s Consort for several years now. Don’t you like her?”

“You’re avoiding my question.” Typical, instead of answering him she just asked him another question thereby leading him off toward changing the subject. Daniel turned off the highway toward the base.

“No,” she huffed and turned her stare to the window. “I never noticed that she looks like me at all.”

What a crock! “You missed that… exactly?”

“The day is nerve racking enough,” she turned to look at him, “could we please talk about Father and Enya some other time?”

Chapter Two

Cheyenne Mountain Base
Gate Room

“Well, everybody got their seat belts fastened?” General O’Neill asked as he looked around at his old team mates and their new member. Jeez, she looked good in that.

The wormhole opened with a great flourishing whoosh. Calla looked up at her husband. “I really hate this.” She confessed.

“I know.” He said sympathetically and trying to forget the little tiff in the car. “Take my hand, everything’s all right.”

Colonel Carter and Teal’c walked through first followed by General O’Neill and finally Doctor & Mrs. Jackson. Behind them, back at command, the wormhole closed.


Ambassador Omar and a group of his people were waiting for them when they emerged on the other side. “Greetings! I am so glad to see all of you.” He said with a warm smile. “I hope your journey was pleasant.”

“Ambassador, good to see you again.” General O’Neill replied and stuck out his hand. “Thanks for the big welcome.”

“Yes, well, we are delighted to have you here.” With the last few words he spoke his eyes fell upon Calla. “Mrs. Jackson, I am very pleased you came to visit our world.”

“I am honored to have been invited.” She returned lightly while she slipped her hand into Daniel’s.

“Come this way, please.” Ambassador Omar waved toward the path in front of them. It was lined with participants and onlookers. People in native dress tossed flowers, waved and said ‘hello’ as they passed by. “We have rooms prepared for you and our leaders are most anxious to meet all of you.”

Calling his attention to her was the increasing pressure in his hand. “It’s ok,” Daniel whispered, “this happens sometimes. Just smile and wave.” He felt her take in and exhale a large unsteady breath and looked down to see that pretty but fake smile on her face, she waved at the people without making eye contact with any of them. Something in the air around them changed, shifted, she was shaking. Those looking on and wishing them welcome probably didn’t notice it but he felt her tremble. The hair on the back of his rose in sharp spikes. Daniel looked around as they crowd passed by and realized they were all looking at her. Putting a reassuring arm around her shoulders and pulling her in close while they walked, he again whispered that everything was all right. Trying to be as discreet as possible about it, he turned around to note that the men behind them were all taking a long hard look at the small red haired woman. She could feel their eyes on her and that’s why she didn’t look at them, why they were all just a blur as she went on past. Calla didn’t want to see their faces because the weight of their stare was enough.

Doctor Jackson wanted nothing more than to turn around, punch up the Gate and take his wife home. The procession line was ending and at the end was a vehicle waiting to take them to the city. “Jack?” He hissed. General O’Neill looked over at him. “Do you see them or is it me?”

“See wh….” Jack looked around and didn’t need anyone to point out anything further. “What the hell?”

“I don’t know.” Calla’s weight leaned further against him and even under the jacket and t-shirt Daniel felt her go cold as they reached the vehicle. An attendant opened the door and they all climbed inside.

“I don’t like this.” Jack muttered as he looked out the window.

“Like what, sir?” Samantha asked as she settled onto the seat.

“Look at them.” Teal’c exclaimed. “Callestah, are you all right?” The vehicle pulled away from the curb.

No, she wasn’t all right. She was absolutely quite and absolutely still as she sat there. “Hey, Kitty,” Daniel said in a soft voice, “Kitty, look at me.”

“Why do they look at me like that?” Calla asked. “I don’t like it.”

“I know.” His eyes plead with Jack for an answer or a way out.

“Look, we’ll get into the city, she’ll say ‘hello’ and then you can make up whatever excuse you want, I don’t care, we’ll get her back here and home within the hour.” He couldn’t help himself; Jack reached a hand across the seat and laid it over the top of hers. “Can you do that, Calla? Just walk in and look around and then we’ll get you back here soon as we can.”

The mind was an amazing thing. How many years had it been since she’d had to walk a procession like that? Four. The last time was Yehweh on Tiberia, the night she met Daniel—for the second time. Yet that time and space meant nothing at all. The events of a lifetime couldn’t change the events of the past. How strong memories can be. The mind can play cruel tricks sometimes, for the first time in four years she found herself actually appreciating having had Naganti Kanan at her side in times like this; no man was going to cross him to get to her….no man. She felt the same way about Ares. Calla always worried about Daniel, at times like these felt she had to be strong for him. “Yes, of course.” Calla took in a deep breath and seemed to return to herself. “I’m sorry, all of you.” She said in a light dreamy voice and looked up at Daniel. “You know how crowds bother me.”

“Yeah, I do.” Calla’s dislike of crowds had many levels to it but one of them was the men who gawked at her just as those in the procession did. Usually it wasn’t as bad as it had been back there no that was an especially spectacular display. However they did look at her and several times he’d ended up very politely guiding her out of one store or another because he didn’t like the stares she was getting. Through it all, Calla never looked up and she never looked back. It was the same with the procession.

“Everything’s fine.” Calla smiled for him. “I’m very sorry if I frightened anyone. I’m just a little light-headed from the trip and it is very warm here.” Calla patted both Jack and Daniel’s hands had been resting on her own. “Really, there’s nothing wrong. I’m fine.”

Oh, boy, here we go. “Ok,” he didn’t want to push the matter in front of the rest of them. No, Calla would not appreciate that….on many levels. The vehicle was slowing and pulling to the side. “I guess this is our stop.” Jack could pout all he liked but Daniel wrapped his arms around his wife and gave her a tight hug. “Ready?” He felt her nod her head. “Let’s go.” Daniel opened the door and they climbed out of the back seat hand in hand.

“This looks more like a hotel than a consulate.” Sam remarked to the Ambassador who was waiting for them.

“It is.” Steffen said. “I thought you would like to get settled and refresh yourselves before the meeting.” Turning his back to them he looked over his shoulder to be sure they were following him inside. “This is one of the oldest and finest resting establishments in Uray, I’m sure your stay here will be very comfortable.”

Inside the building was another smaller procession. Oh, for Christ sake! Daniel thought. However, this time her hand did not apply added pressure in his and he looked down to see her smiling still. SG-1 and their guest were introduced to the manager of the hotel and some of the wait staff. Calla shook hands with each but not give the light curtsey she did to those she considered to be superior to her.

Arriving on the fifth floor they found that not only did they have their own rooms but the entire floor was cordoned off for their use. The Ambassador handed keys over to them and informed them that he would return in two hours to take them to the consulate. Until then they were free to rest or walk around the town, the people were anxious to greet them. With his entourage behind him the Ambassador walked off down the hall leaving SG-1 alone in the corridor.

Looking around at each other as they stood in the hall, one by one they focused on the smallest among them. Calla seemed to have perked up, to have brightened a bit. She didn’t look dazed and Daniel couldn’t feel her shaking any more.

“Would you all please stop staring at me?” Calla asked politely. “I’m fine now, it was just…” her voice trailed off as she searched for the right phrase, “…a panic attack.” She finished.

Yeah, well, whatever, Daniel thought as looked down at her. Those men probably caused a panic attack but what is it that makes them stare at her that way? “Three hours, four tops, and we’re outta here.” Was what he said.

“No, I will stay.” She told him and took the key from his hand. “Please believe me, I’m feeling much better now.” Slipping the key into the lock of room number 5, she glanced back over to her shoulder to give her husband a sly look. “Much better.” Calla opened the door and went inside leaving the door open behind her.

“I think you’re being beckoned for.” Jack said with a smile as he looked past Daniel’s shoulder to see Calla taking off the olive drab jacket.

“Two hours?” Daniel asked his back was to her and he didn’t see what was going on behind him.

“Yep,” he didn’t stop looking at her as she tossed the jacket onto a chair, turned her back to him and let her hair down. Inside the room, off to right stood a large mirror, in it Jack saw her face and the soft expression there. “Use ‘em any way you want to.” Finally he looked down at Daniel with a sigh. “Come on kids, let’s leave the lovebirds alone.” Jack, Sam and Teal’c went off to their respective rooms.

Calla looked up when she heard the door shut. “Why don’t you let me do that?” Daniel asked as he walked toward her noticing she was about to remove the black t-shirt. “I do so love to undress you.” In a long drawn out motion, he pulled it up past her belly button, revealed her black satin bra and took it over her head; Daniel tossed it to the floor. “Jack says we have two hours.”

“Hummm,” she cooed and slipped the green jacket from him. “That’s a long time.” Off with the shirt. It joined hers on the floor. Slender arms wrapped round his waist while she pulled herself in close to him.

“I see you really are feeling better.”

“Why don’t you believe me?”

“I dunno,” Daniel kissed the top of her head. “Have you ever heard the story of The Boy Who Cried ‘Wolf’?” He let out a light laugh.

“I don’t cry ‘wolf’.” Calla protested.

“No, you’re just the opposite. Just about every time you tell me you’re ‘fine’, you’re not. So how should I know when to believe you?”

With a sigh and shake of her head, Calla’s hand moved around to the front. She unbuckled his belt and undid the fatigues. “Give me a moment and I’ll make you believe me.” Calla lowered to her knees and the fatigues slid down to his ankles.


Mirrors were strange and wonderful things he thought as he leaned his massive body forward to take in the image of Calla down on her knees before her husband. The part of which no longer waked began to tingle. An unbound hand pumped up and down on the shaft while her lips wrapped around the same, he could almost feel the heat of her breath and the curl of her tongue. His hand reaching down between his legs at his own touch, his dark eyes rolled backward in his head. It wouldn’t be long now. She was here and she’d be his again.

Opening his eyes he saw Jackson’s hips rocking back and forth, his hands on each side of her head as he stood over her, sweat breaking out his forehead. In the mirror he protested that he did not want to climax yet but the woman between his legs didn’t listen. The reply to his protest was for her to work faster, take him down longer, to suck him harder. Her body moved and arced as she worked. Jackson wasn’t left with another option. The strength went out of his knees and he dumped a hot and, from the look on his face, hard load into her mouth, she swallowed it down.

The expression on the man’s face told him everything. He knew what he felt like to cum in her mouth. Soon she would heal him and he would know it again. In the mirror, Jackson was bringing her back to her feet.


“Did you bring it with you?” He was asking.

“Yes.” She replied.

“Get it.” Daniel sat down on the bed and ripped off the combat boots and sock so he could finally be free of the pants which were restricting him so. Coming back into the mirror’s view, Calla handed him a big blue fake penis and began to undo the fatigues.

“No, no, no.” Daniel took her hands away. “That’s my job and I really want to do it.” Laying her down on the bed, he took off the combat boots, the socks, and slowly slid down the fatigues until they joined all the other articles of clothing on the floor. She lay under him in her favorite pair of black panties and matching bra. “I do so love to unwrap this present.” He commented.

“Even though the gift inside is always the same?” Calla quipped.

“It never fails to surprise and delight me.” Unhooking the front-hook bra, Calla slid out of it below him. “Yeah, with you, it’s always Christmas.” Stretching his naked body out beside hers in full view of the mirror behind them, one soft palm closed over a waiting breast while his warm lips enveloped the other nipple. Her back arched and her hand closed down at the back of his head keeping it tightly in place. Above him she sighed out his name.

The hand massaging her delicate breast slid down the flat of her stomach and back up again. Down and up and all around the curves of her torso before the finger tips slipped under the silk panties.

“Kiss me,” she begged softly, “I love you.”

“I love you,” his lips touched down over hers.


A loud growl was heard coming from the room in which the Master sat watching Jackson and his wife.


There were other things happening on the fifth floor of the finest hotel in Uray.

In his room General O’Neill stood naked under cold jets of water with a hard-on that just wouldn’t quit. Taking the soap in one hand and his swollen cock in the other General O’Neill began to relieve himself of the tension he felt.

Teal’c in his room was suffering from a similar affliction. Rather than dousing it with cold water and trying to make it go away, he gave in immediately and sat in the leather chair stroking off.

Colonel Carter was hornier than she could remember. She tried the old three-finger shuffle and found it most unsatisfying. There was something about this itch that was just too deep for her hand to reach. Laying naked on the bed, her legs spread up and out like a frog, she took the beverage bottle—about the size of an old fashioned glass Coke bottle– and inserted between her legs. Her own hands ran over her supple body like a lover, she found herself wondering what Jack was doing at this moment. Perhaps he’d like a little company. Or maybe, since Daniel and Calla were undoubtedly already engaged down the hall, they’d like a third to join them.

All three of them shared another common problem; the climax they were reaching so desperately for was eluding them. Jack turned the hot water on. Teal’c found a bottle of lotion. Sam changed position from her back to her knees to get the bottle deeper inside her. The heat kept rising and they kept flying but still, they had to keep working for what they wanted.


In room five tucked away from the rest of the world and oblivious to its’ problems, Daniel brought his wife up to her knees. “Look,” he whispered as he bent close to her from behind. Lost in the heated paradise, Calla’s eyes opened and she found herself looking at the image of Daniel making love to her from behind. “Isn’t she beautiful? Look at her.” He thrust deeper into her.

Calla didn’t know if the woman in the mirror was beautiful, she didn’t think so but she was glad that Daniel did. She didn’t want to look at her reflection of the images in the mirror to her Daniel was definitely the more beautiful of the two. “Make love to her.” Calla cooed. “Harder.” She insisted. “More.” Was her demand. “Faster.”

To her plea he rose up so that he was on one knee and used the free foot to get that leverage he loved so much when he was doing this with her. The slick muscle surrounding him began to throb and Calla bowed low before him. Her hands gripped the sheets tight, as tight as the breath in her lungs. “Yes, cum with me, baby, don’t hold back.”


It was no growl which came from the Master’s room this time; it was a very loud crash as he heaved an entire silver tea service across the room. Soon there would be none of that, not once she was back in his bed where she damn well belonged. Jackson spoiled her. In the mirror he noticed that the familiar scars that graced the flesh of her back were gone. Yes, he spoiled her. That was all right, he’d have a right fine time putting her back in her place.


In room five the entwined bodies of Doctor and Mrs. Jackson came together.

Jack stumbled back against the tile as he shot a hard load in the shower.

Teal’c shot one all over his chest.

Sam stifled a cry and lay breathless on her bed.

Chapter Three

Before the meeting at the consulate, SG-1 was taken around and shown the highlights of the city of Uray. On his previous trip Daniel spent a lot of time in the more rural areas of this planet exploring the historical, cultural and archeological aspects of this world. SG-3 and he had been here a week before a meeting with anyone of any importance was scheduled and while he had looked around the city, it was the outlying areas which had really interested him on that previous trip.

Wherever you go cities and large towns seem to have lots of people, vehicles and tall buildings. The architecture was different of course, as were the vehicles, but all in all a city was a city no matter where it was and this one was no different. The three hours Daniel promised her earlier turned into four and then five before they were finally taken to the consulate.

In the large round chamber SG-1 was introduced to the twelve people who made up the ruling council of Polotomy. The council consisted of ten men and two women. Sitting quietly and politely off to the side Calla watched her husband go to work as they hammered out the last of the details concerning their agreement.

Although the Mohun considered themselves to be a peaceful people they had an arsenal that would make the Goa’uld envious. Best of all, unlike some other people they’d met, the Mohun were willing to share in exchange for making the Stargate work. Earth would teach them how to use, show them the pitfalls, give them coordinates and introduce them to other friendly worlds. In exchange the Mohun were to give over plans for the two extraordinary hand-held weapons they made along with helping them to build a starship. The hand-held weapons were just dandy, they were smaller than a .45 and never ran out of ammo, well that was if you let it charge up a few minutes after discharging about seventy-five rounds of ball-lightning. Yep those suckers weren’t your average laser gun, they shot real lightning and real lightning went through any Goa’uld armor. That, friends and neighbors, was real handy when it came to short range combat.

The other hand-held was much more subtle it emitted a high range frequency sound wave which the Mohun and most other peoples couldn’t hear but which shook the said shield surrounding said Goa’uld or other creature and destabilized it. Nice back up for when the first one ran out or, of course, if you wanted to sneak up on one of those bastards and kill them quietly.

It was, of course, the idea of finally being able to build ships of their own large enough to combat the Goa’uld and other foes in their territory; space, which really got the old attention span perking up and listening. If they built one ship, they could build two, and four and six and Earth would have the defenses She needed if She were going to survive in the Inter-Galactic Rat Race.

With everyone happy satisfied that all of the I’s had been dotted and all the T’s crossed, Daniel and SG-1 rose to leave. The official signing of the agreement would take place at a gala event tomorrow evening. “It was very good to meet all of you,” Xara the Chair of the council told them as she also rose to her feet. “I do hope all of you will be joining us at the festivities.”

Calla looked up at meet the older woman’s stare. “Yes, I wouldn’t miss it.” She told the woman and took her husband’s arm.

“Are you sure?” Daniel asked in a quiet voice. “I can still get you out of this.”

“I wasn’t feeling well earlier,” Calla explained as the woman’s face turned quizzical. “I’m feeling much better now.”

“If there’s anything you need…..” the woman invited, “you will let us know?”

“Yes. You’re very gracious, thank you.”

On the ride back to the finest hotel in Uray, they were informed that a small dinner gathering was planned at the Ambassadors’ home for them this evening. It wouldn’t be any large event, just the Ambassador and a few carefully selected invited guests. The vehicle and driver would arrive back at the hotel to pick them up at seven-thirty.

Walking down the private corridor of the fifth floor with Calla and Sam in the lead their heads together and talking about something the rest of them couldn’t hear, Jack turned to Daniel. “So, how are you gonna spend these three hours?” He asked in a sharp tone.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Daniel returned.

“Do ya think ya could keep your hands off’a her for a few hours?”

“Excuse me?” Daniel asked and took a step back. “She is my wife, I’m allowed to do that with her as often as I like.”

“Whatever.” Jack shrugged him off and went into his room.

“What was that about?” Daniel asked as he turned to Teal’c.

Although the big man had a good idea; “I am uncertain.” Was his reply and he too let himself into his room.

“Must be something’ in the air.” Daniel muttered under his breath. Walking into the room he looked down at his wife and smiled. “It was very nice of you to say you’ll stay, I know you don’t like it here.”

“I’m with you, what’s not to like.” She said in return. “I don’t know what it is but since I’ve started feeling better all I want to do is….” Calla licked and bit down on her lower lip. “Rip your clothes off.”

Yeah, that was all he wanted to do too. So much on the line for both planets he should be nervous, he should be going over the agreement and last second details and all he wanted to do was bury himself deep inside her.

“We’re alone, there are no children. And it’s too hot here for clothing.” Calla enticed and pulled the pretty but flimsy cotton dress over her head, she wasn’t wearing a damn thing underneath it. “You know, the whole time we were sitting in that boring meeting.” She cooed and stroked her hand across his chest. “I just wanted you to come stand behind me, hike up my dress, bend me over that big table and let everyone watch.”

Funny, he’d had the same thoughts while he sat there diligently hammering out the last details of the trade agreement and doing his best to hide the viscous hard-on between his legs. “There’s a table right there.” Calla turned her back to him, bent over and gripped the sides of the table. In front of her the curtains were parted and he saw the sun beginning to set as its light reflected off the river below. What a lucky boy, what a fuckin’ lucky boy! Those curvy hips pushed outward him waiting, begging for him to enter. Daniel didn’t bother taking off his shoes or even unbuckling his pants. Nope, he slid down the zipper, reached inside and pulled his cock free while he sidled up behind her. Twice in one day he was going to get her like this, how could he pass that up? This was one of the few sexual points they disagreed on, it was his most favorite position and her least favorite.

There was a pounding on the door. “Daniel! Open up, I wanna go over some things with you.” Jack’s voice was insistent.

“Let him wait,” she said softly as she turned to look at Daniel over her shoulder. Callas’ naked hips swayed side to side hypnotizing him. Daniel didn’t come to her and the pounding on the door continued. Sliding her index finger between her lips and giving him a coy grin she reached the wet tip down between her legs while he watched her from behind. “You can get Big Blue,” she enticed and slid the finger in deeper, “bury it here,” she pushed her ass and her hips even further toward him, “and yourself here.”

“Go away, Jack!” Daniel hissed.

“Open this door!” Now Jack didn’t pound on the wood he kicked it. “Right now before I knock it down!”

“Get dressed.” Daniel fit his swollen cock back into his pants and zipped them up. Taking long strides across the room he ripped open the door before she could get the flimsy cotton dress over her head. “What do you want?” Daniel growled.

After four years of waiting there she was naked as the day she was born, Jack thought four years a short time to wait for the privilege of taking in such a sight. His only regret was the brevity of it. It was long enough to see all of her. “Didn’t I ask you nice not to do that, huh?” Jack shouted swiping the back of his hand across his bottom lip.

“What the fuck….” Daniel was about to ask him if he was jealous and what his fucking problem was when he took in the pained look on Jack’s face. He couldn’t help it, his eyes glanced down. Jack’s cock was pushing maximum density against the cotton of his fatigues.

“I don’t know what’s goin’ on with this place, Danny-boy, but while we’re here you gotta stop doin’ that.” All he wanted to do was push past Daniel and grab hold of his wife. “I can feel it,” his voice dropped so low that Calla had to strain to hear him. “Whatever you do to her, I feel it.”


“I dunno.”


“I don’t fuckin’ know, Daniel, but I’m bettin’ the answer’s ‘yes’.”

Across the hall Teal’cs door opened and he emerged, shirtless, into the hall. A moment later Sam’s door opened, her clothes and hair were ruffled, the t-shirt had been hastily pulled over her head. Calla came and stood behind him. “What’s wrong?” She asked. From in front of her the members of SG-1 looked past her husband to stare down at the petite woman. The hungry look in their eyes bespoke of people who were starving and suddenly looking at the only filet minion in the room.

“Yo! That’s my wife you’re all gawkin’ at!” Daniel said sharply. The seriousness of his voice seemed to bring them out of their collective daze. Calla cringed and shrunk behind him.

“See, Danny? Ok?” Jack said slowly. “Just…wait until we get home.”

It sounded reasonable and like damn good advice given the circumstances. Abiding by it was not going to be easy. Another day and a half alone with her with him feeling he was 17 again and he wasn’t supposed to touch her? His own wife? “Fine.” He agreed finally for her sake and those around him. “I’m gonna talk with my wife now, if that’s all right with you.” His comment was directed to Jack.

“Yeah, you do that.” Jack turned his back and went to his room. Sam and Teal’c looked embarrassedly at each other did the same.

“All right out with it, what’s goin’ on, Kitty?” Daniel asked as he shut the door.

“I don’t know,” she saw the look on his face; “perhaps I should say that I am not sure.” She corrected herself. “Don’t you feel it? I mean, it wasn’t as strong when we were outside but, here, can you feel it?”

“Feel what?”

“Desire,” she cooed. “Don’t you want me?” Calla walked over to him.

“Stop it, whatever this is just stop it.”

“I can’t.” Calla admitted and reached up to trace her fingers along the outline of his face. “Don’t you feel it?” She asked again.

Oh, he felt something all right and it was rock hard. “What is ‘it’?”

A long moment passed in which Calla had to collect her thoughts, had to put them into words which he would understand and not be offended by. “Sometimes,” she whispered, “on Tiberia, the sun or the moon, I don’t know.” The hand at his face dropped to his neck. “Something in the air perhaps. It affected me…infected me… and….” She picked up his hand and put it in the curve of her waist. “Sometimes I just couldn’t help myself, I just couldn’t stop.”

Behind the mirror happy memories danced in the Master’s head. Nights when she moved and writhed above, behind, below and on the side of him. Nights when no matter what he did he could not bring her pain, she accepted everything and screamed for more.

“You feel that way now?” There was the Mother of All Stupid Questions, obviously she did.

“Hum,” she moved in so close to him that the warmth of her body lay within inches of him but that didn’t diminish the heat she was generating. “All around me feel it too. It makes them stare at me harder their thoughts get darker and so do mine.” Her hand worked its way under his shirt his own dropped from her waist to her ass. “You feel it.” She whispered against the skin of his neck. “You want it.” She tempted. “Come my husband, ravage me and take what you desire.”

Oh, fuck me! I’m supposed to say ‘no’ to that?

“Daniel! Knock it off!” Jack’s angry voice echoed through the wall.

“I think we should get out of here.” Daniel suggested. Yes, out of here, they’d find a nice secluded place. Whatever this was, whatever affect it was having on the others, he didn’t want to waste it, didn’t want to miss it. He grabbed the coverlet from the bed and led her out the door. Opening the door just a crack, Samantha watched them hurry past.

“Find where he’s taking her!” The Master bellowed watching them leave the mirror’s view.

A quarter mile away under the cover of a stand of trees, Daniel enjoyed his wife four times before his strength was completely spent. They lay together naked and breathless watching the sun set. He didn’t know if he could make the dinner tonight, at the moment he was having trouble just forming words never mind schmoozing with dignitaries.

“Happy, my love?” She asked as her fingers twirled around on his chest.

“If I died right now they’d never get smile off my face.” Laying here with her in his arms both of them enveloped in utter euphoria, he wondered if his friends had felt the Earth move as well. Too bad if they did, they should be so lucky. “We should get back.”

“I know we need to bathe.” She remarked with a laugh.


An hour later the vehicle arrived to take them to the informal dinner at the Ambassador’s home. Informal wasn’t a word any of them would have used under the circumstances. The entire council was present as were twenty or so other assorted dignitaries. Every one was introduced to every one else and the evening began with little to speak of. After the meal the gathering quieted down a bit, some of the invited guests begged off for the rest of the night and went home while others made themselves right at home by taking off their shoes and ‘letting their hair down’.

Minister Rakbind caught Daniel’s attention; he was the head geologist on the planet and was very interested in chatting with Doctor Jackson for most of the night. Council Chair Xara caught the attention of General O’Neill and they chatted about several topics. Teal’c was engaged with Minister Warten, head of defense and Sam was engaged with Minister Avalman, who was in charge of research and new technology. All in all Calla sank into the background of the crowd, drink in hand, and watched them all.

“Good evening,” a dark voice said from above her, “Mrs. Jackson.” It snarled.

“Ambassador Omar,” Calla turned and looked up at him and couldn’t help herself. “Don’t you clean up well?”

“So do you, Cha’Dech.” He settled in the chair next to her. “Tell me, does your husband know?”

“I have no secrets from Daniel.” She began. “He knows every thing, he is the one who took me from Kanan.”

“Ahh, yes, so I have been told.” He leaned forward. “I also hear he didn’t do it in the traditional way and that he had a great deal of help.” His older eyes wandered off in Daniel’s direction.

“Do not underestimate my husband, Ambassador.” Calla warned. “He may look kind and he is, but you don’t want to cross him.”

“I see. So then you’ve told him.” Calla didn’t answer him. “Surely you have, if you’ve no secrets between you then he knows you and I have shared a bed. More than once.” Still she didn’t answer him. “Is it possible that Doctor Jackson doesn’t know evv-ry-thing after all?”

“Perhaps I should tell him that you’re nothing more than an overdressed thug.” Calla returned. “Ambassador. How did you wrangle that, Steffen?”

“I see we have lot to talk about, to catch up on. There is a reception for your husband and his friends tomorrow morning; your presence is not required.” Steffen leaned in closer still. “You will tell him you do not wish to attend.”

“Why would I do that?”

“If you don’t, I may have to tell him other things.” He threatened. “You will stay in your room and I will come to see you after he is gone.”

“What do you want?”

“What does any man want from you, Cha’Dech?” Ambassador Omar rose to his feet. “I wouldn’t go telling him about our little conversation, we wouldn’t want to see that trade agreement go up in smoke, now would we? Not after all the hard work Doctor Jackson has done.”

Keeping her seat she reached up and touched his arm. “I love my husband.”

“Then that is all the more reason for you to keep our appointment, my dear.” Condescendingly he patted the hand on his arm. “Let’s not forget there are billions of people counting on this agreement. We wouldn’t want to disappoint them either, now would we?”

“I could destroy you.” She threatened and watched the Ambassador resume his seat next to her.



“Ah, my dear, Cha’Dech.” He sighed. “I’m disappointed I thought you knew me so much better than that.” Steffen leaned in so close she could smell his cologne and feel his hot breath on her neck. “Why do you bother me with empty threats? Daniel returned your powers but they are useless here and you know it. You felt it when you first arrived and now everything in you is….well….it’s just not the way it’s supposed to be, now is it?” Steffen pulled back so he could look into her eyes. From the returning stare he understood she knew he was telling her the truth. “Look at them gaze at you. And do you know why? Because somewhere inside them they feel it, your defenses are down and you are vulnerable.” Gracefully he rose once more. “All you have with which to defend yourself is only what the eye can see.” He smiled and tilted his head as he reached out to lay a finger tip under her chin and stared her deeply in the eyes for a few moments just so he was sure they both knew the score. Then his eyes wandered off to take in the people around him, people who were looking in their direction and thinking them to be having nothing more than a polite conversation. Omar took in careful consideration of the men who were staring at her. “They know that too. Wolves all of them.”

“What have you done to me?” Calla demanded as she looked up at him.

“Now,” he chided lightly, “don’t give up heart my dear. Shall we say around eleven o’clock tomorrow morning?”

Behind him Daniel was less than halfway across the room and making his way to her. “What did you do?” She hissed again.

“Eleven o’clock, there are many people depending on you including your husband.”


“There you are,” Daniel said as he walked up to her, “I see the Ambassador has been keeping you company.”

“Yes, he’s a very gracious host.” Calla agreed. “Daniel, I’m afraid I’m not feeling very well, I have a headache. Would you mind terribly if we went back to our room?”

She did look a little pale, all the sex they’d had today he wouldn’t be surprised if she were completely wiped out. Maybe she was. That was a shame he was looking forward to another round or two or three. “It’s getting late.” Daniel held his hand out to her Calla took it and rose to her feet.

“I do hope you’ll be feeling better tomorrow, Mrs. Jackson” Omar practically snarled the last two words, “You don’t want to miss the ball tomorrow night.”

“I’m sure I will be much better by then, Ambassador.” Calla wrapped an arm around Daniel’s waist. “Thank you for your consideration and hospitality.”

“I’m sure I will be seeing you again soon.” He said to Calla and then looked up at Daniel. “Your wife is unaccustomed to traveling through the Stargate and she is tired. I will call for the vehicle to take you back to the hotel.” Omar looked back at Calla. “Perhaps if you sleep in tomorrow you will be rested for the nights’ festivities.” The Ambassador suggested.

“Perhaps.” Calla agreed couldn’t get away from him fast enough and there was nothing about tomorrow to look forward to. “Shall we go?”

“Yeah,” Daniel said his good-byes and shook hands all around. The others decided to stay and enjoy the Ambassador’s company a while longer.

“I’m gonna hang out here another hour or so,” Jack said, “do ya think ya could be finished by then?”

“She’s exhausted I’m taking her back so she get some rest. You don’t have to worry about….whatever it is.”

“If I were her or you for that matter, I’d be pretty fuckin’ exhausted too.” Jack huffed and turned his back.

General O’Neill needn’t have worried about that little uncomfortable fact, upon reaching their room Calla took a long hot bath and then promptly curled up and went to sleep.

Chapter Four

Morning sun rose and kissed the day, Calla rolled over in the bed to find it empty. Daniel was already dressed and standing across the room. “Hey sleepy.”

“I’ve over slept, I’m sorry.” She sat up and began to toss the covers back.

Daniel walked over to her. “You know, I’ve been thinking about what the Ambassador said last night, maybe you should just sleep late and rest for a while today.”

Good old Omar, always thinking ahead. “Perhaps you’re right.” She lay back under the blankets. “Are you sure you don’t want me to go? You won’t miss me terribly?”

“I always miss you, terribly. You can skip this one.” He kissed her forehead. “I gotta go, I’ll be back early this afternoon.”

“I love you.” Calla sighed in a sad voice and held her arms out to him. Daniel came in close for a tight hug and unexpected kiss. “I love you.”

“I love you too, Kitty.” Daniel pulled away but she didn’t let go rather she held on another second or two before her grip released. “I’ll be back soon.” He left the room and his wife behind.

Upon hearing the door shut and watching the hall light go out with it, Calla stuffed her head under the pillow and wished the day would just go away. No amount of wishing made the sun rise or set any faster. Eleven o’clock came right on time just as it always did and so did the knock on the door to room five. With a shaking hand filled with dread she laid her turned the knob and opened the door.

“So nice to see you’re feeling better, Mrs. Jackson.” Ambassador Omar said.

“Drop the act, Daniel’s gone.” Calla told him and moved to let him pass by and into the room. Even though the entire floor was empty except for them she shut the door tightly before turning to him. “What do you want?”

“More than you’ve imagined.”


Eleven o’clock came and went

Twelve o’clock came and went

One and two o’clock also passed by.

It was almost two-thirty in the afternoon when Daniel Jackson returned to an empty hotel room. Concerned at first but then he took in the fact that all of her things were still in the room. Perhaps she’d gone exploring a bit, knowing Calla she wouldn’t go very far. Instinct led him over to the window where Daniel saw her shoes laying on the dirt path leading to the river bank. Nope not far at all. If she were feeling well enough to go dunk her toes in the water maybe she was feeling well enough for other things. For the second time since his arrival Daniel snatched the coverlet from the bed and made his way out the door. He didn’t know what it was about this place but he knew he’d like to build a vacation house here. He’d put it on some remote little spot far removed from everything and everyone else. Yeah, that sounded like a right fine idea to him.

Along the path to the river bank Daniel picked up Calla’s shoes, her underwear and lastly one of those flimsy floral dresses she so loved to wear and looked so good in. She never wore a slip with them—or any dress for that matter—when the sun was behind her he could see everything she had to offer outlined in wonderful silhouette. Quietly making his way down the path and rounding a corner past a thick stand of bushes he came to the river’s edge and looked around. He saw no one.

Under the water Calla opened her eyes. A few seconds before she’d heard someone coming and submerged to hide. Looking up past the ripple of clean water she saw Daniel standing on the water’s edge and she emerged from the waist deep water to greet him. “Hi.”

“I think I found a mermaid.” he returned dropping the clothes and coverlet in his arms to the sandy beach. “Hi yourself. What are you doin’?”

“It’s hot,” Calla remarked and rose all the way to her feet. Her long auburn hair was soaking wet and slicked back away from her face while the river water glistened and gleamed from hardening nipples. “Come and swim with me?”

No need to ask him twice, Daniel was tossing off his shoes and socks before she could ask him to join her. He dove into the blessedly refreshing water and swam over to her. “Good idea.” Daniel remarked as he took her in his arms. “Been waiting for me long?”

In truth she hadn’t been waiting for him at all but it was very good to have him here right now. “No, just a little while.” Calla laid a light kiss on his lips. “How did it go?”

“This thing is never going to end,” Daniel groaned. “They tell me it’s going to be I’m not so sure.”

“Poor Daniel.” Calla kissed his forehead. “Problems?” She asked with a sigh.

“No, I guess everything’s all right.” The water felt good he took a few strokes away from her and submerged again to cool his whole body. “We’re still on for tonight.” He told her when he came out of the water again. Well the words were aimed at her anyway, but she was no where in sight. “Calla?” He turned his head this way and that looking for her and finally rose up to his feet to get a better view. Under the cover of river water a pair of warm soft lips slid around the head of his cock. “There you are.” She once asked him if he wanted to find out how long she could hold her breath. No one was around maybe he’d take her up on that for a minute or two. Opening his eyes and looking down he saw her just inches below the waters’ surface, her hair floated all around them. Being so small and light she was very buoyant, stretched full out under the water with her hands on his thighs she used them to pushed herself and pull herself forward while her mouth worked its magick. The summer sun was hot overhead, even though he was standing in the crisp cool water sweat broke out on Daniel’s brow.

Water Nymph

Magickal Mermaid

Something like that, in this moment she was something like that. Calla swallowed him whole, her face nuzzling against his soft belly as the tip of his cock met the back of her throat. The summer sun rained down diamonds upon her. They reflected and refracted the light all around her she seemed to glow with their energy. It was an overpowering energy which ran from the sky to her to him and dispersed in the water and the air around them.

Calla it seemed could hold her breath an amazingly long time. The last time she used those slender arms to propel herself away from him Daniel reached down and brought her up out of the water. With a little jump she settled herself about his waist. Daniel caught her and held her there. “Not here.” He didn’t want to make love with the water between them in fact he didn’t want anything between them at all. Her legs unbound and she settled back to the river floor. Feeling like a school boy he led her out of the water up the beach and past the small thicket of bushes grabbing the coverlet as he went. Soaking wet and on fire, breath hitching in his chest, Daniel laid the blanket down among the purple, red, yellow and pink flowers growing by the riverside. Something about this place or perhaps it was something about her which made her even more desirable than she’d ever been to him. He didn’t know what it was and he should be asking himself questions about that but this was just too good to let go of. Later he’d ask her about it but right now he was just going to ride this wave for as long as he could.

“How do you want me?” She asked as she looked up at him from the blanket. The sun was behind him and she couldn’t quite see his face in the shadow.

Something deep within him, something vile and obscure skulked around in the darkness whispering; Tell her to get on her knees and suck it off. Looking down into those wide innocent and trusting eyes Daniel realized that yes he would like to turn her for a while twist her for awhile. Calla looked as though she would be very open to this idea. Or at least he thought so.


The soft calling of her voice brought him around again. “Lay down, Kitty, Daddy wants a taste.” He didn’t wait for her to respond as he dropped to his knees and pushed her down among the wildflowers.

Although she wanted the slick feel of his tongue against the sensitive skin between her legs she did not part them for him. Rather Calla worried that the river had not done its job well enough. Perhaps once he was buried there…..

“I love you,” Daniel whispered in a soft voice while he waited for those glistening wet thighs to part. For a long moment Ali Baba thought the door to his hide-out would not open.

“I love you too, Daniel.” Still they did not part. “I’ve never wanted any man but you.” Calla sat up quickly and kissed him long and deep. “Never.” She whispered as their lips parted and she lay back on the soft coverlet.

The miracle he’d been waiting for occurred; like Moses and the Red Sea her legs spread wide under the hot sun and he lowered his face between them. He should be thinking about what she just said but he wasn’t. Instead his baser instincts took over and all Daniel could focus on was the soft silken unadorned area waiting for his touch.

While Daniel Jackson lay under the summertime sun lapping up the fluids his wife so graciously gave forth, three pairs of eyes looked on from two separate directions. Across the river hidden by the shade of some trees a man stood watching them. Off to their right a few hundred feet down the bank on the same side of the river behind the cover of piece of driftwood a man and woman lay in the cover looking on.

With his tongue and hand pumping her for the last bit she would give him, Daniel took it down, lapped his tongue around her until she was clean once more and then rose over her. That nasty vile Something spoke up again it wanted to turn her over and plunge his cock in and out of her ass. He didn’t want to do it very nicely, not the way Calla liked it. When she let him in to that special place she liked it in long slow strokes. The owner of this Voice wanted to do with jackrabbit precision. To abandon all reason and control, give over to what he felt and surrender to its domination.

Screw whoever that was, whatever this was, he wasn’t going to do her like that. Gently settling his weight on her Daniel sough out that sweet spot on her neck and had no trouble finding it. She offered it up to as a vampire’s victim would. No, he was going to do this just the way she liked it best with him over her. With the hot summer sun behind them and the sweet aroma of wildflowers all around his throbbing cock slid into her. Calla arched her back to greet him, her hips thrust upward to welcome him home. Finely molded calves and thighs wrapped high around his waist while her hand roamed his back.


“Don’t you wanna feel like that?” The man asked the woman. “Just once in your life, don’t you wanna feel like they feel?” She didn’t answer him instead she rose up on her knees to peer over the top of the old log and watch the couple making love. On his knees he made his way behind her and he reached out to touch her blonde hair. “Just one time?” He asked again.


The hesitating hands in her hair wrapped around to the front of her body and ran lightly over her full breasts. Her own wanting hands reached back and grabbed a hold of the man behind her. “Me too.”

Both of them reeling from the heat radiating from Daniel and Calla, all thoughts of stupid things like Chain of Command were lost to them.


Across the river the large man snarled and the birds flew out of the trees around him. The part of him which no longer rose to the occasion at any event tingled and stirred as it had yesterday. Ages, it felt like Ages, since he’d felt anything there. So long had he waited and wanted. Soon that would come to an end. Soon he would be hale and healthy once more.


“Come down,” whispered with bated breath, “come on, Kitty, don’t fly so high so fast. Come back to me.” To get her to answer to his command Daniel slowed his pace. To that Calla’s legs tightened around him, she pulled herself upward and ground down upon she needed. Her little fists balled up and began to pound on his shoulder. His naked drying body was covered in sweat as the sun baked the bare flesh of his back.

“More.” She begged. “Harder.”

Her words brought on his climax but Daniel didn’t want to cum yet. In an effort to avoid that he rose up on all fours to slide out of her but Calla didn’t let go. On his hands and knees she hung from him. Her thighs clamped down tightly around his upper waist and her arms snug around his back she used her entire body to slid that heavenly place over, under and around him as her hips gyrated up, down, around and side to side. Hot lips greedily suckled the skin at his neck.

“Faster. More.” She demanded in a hot whisper and felt his cock pulsate inside her. “Say’tahya.” She whispered in his ear. “Not yet.” What had began to cum eased off but turned to hardened steel inside her. “More. Give.” With a passionate urgency she kept up her pace of grinding on him from below. “Take. More. Harder.”


The man and the woman behind the driftwood didn’t bother to remove their clothing nor did they stop watching Daniel and Calla in the tall grass and wildflowers. Bent over the log, her fatigues around her knees and her eyes on the couple beyond she answered his call as he thrust in and out of her behind. Oh so long she waited for this, waited to know what it felt like to have him inside of her and she was not disappointed. Full hips perched outward to greet his pounding thrusts and she moaned with delight as his hands ran across her breasts and down her hips. “Do it, Jack. Oh, please, do it.” Sam groaned and thrust her hips further back to meet him.

“This ride ain’t over yet.” He answered back.


Feeling there was no way he could hold back any longer, the strength was running out of his knees and forearms, Daniel settled her back down on the ground and thrust for all he was worth over her. She looked up at him their eyes locked together and started to cum beneath him. There was a deep passionate and sad longing in those sparkling emeralds. The Connection between them lit up brightly and there was something, something, something there. It was hiding behind those eyes looking at him with so much love and desire. The heat in the pit of his stomach caused his own eyes to close. The Connection didn’t disappear but the image of that something did. Before he knew it his thighs were soaking wet and the muscles surrounding was expanding and contracting at a furious rate. Calla reached up and pulled him as close as she could. Daniel came harder and longer than he had in a very long time. Laying there with the sun on his back and her below him he felt wetness against his shoulder and looked down to see that his wife was weeping.

“Did I hurt you?” Daniel reached down to brush the tears away but they wouldn’t stop coming.

“I love you.” Was all she could manage before she buried her face in the space between his neck and shoulder one more time. She was not shaking. She was not trembling. She was not making a single sound at all. Still her tears fell against his shoulder. Calla knew she couldn’t indulge in this silent pity-party for long Daniel would want an answer to what was going on with her. “Sometimes what I feel for you overwhelms me.” Before he could ask her anything else she fell asleep with him still inside of her.


The gala was a smashing success. On behalf of Planet Earth Daniel and Jack signed the agreement in front of a crowd nearing two hundred. Media was present cameras taped and broadcast the event to the entire planet. Back home no such coverage would be had. The Council Chair, Xara, signed her name and applied her seal to the document. This act was followed by the other eleven members.

For Calla the only moment of the evening which approached horrifying was when Daniel turned around and shook Omar’s hand with a warm and happy smile. She thought she was going to vomit right then and there in front of everyone, press included. However, after that rather uncomfortable twenty seconds or so, most of the political pressure eased off for the rest of the night they ate, drank, danced and felt very warm and welcomed by the Mohun people.

Or at least SG-1 did. If they knew what she did they would not be so happy and gay this evening. From across the room Calla looked up and over to the dance floor where General O’Neill and Colonel Carter were cutting a rug to something that sounded like swing music. Calla never would have guessed that either of them could dance but there were smiling and clapping their hands in time to the music in between spins and twirls. They made a nice couple and she always wondered why they couldn’t see that. Sam would certainly be better much off and much happier with Jack than with Ares.

The music died away as the band took a short break and wait staff walked around with alcoholic beverages and finger foods. “Are you having a good time, Mrs. Jackson?”

She didn’t have tot urn around to know the voice belonged to Steffen. “It’s a lovely party.”

“Are you ready?”

A glass of clear liquid was plucked from one of the trays in front of her he passed it over her shoulder and waited for her to take it from him. “We’re not going to have any problems are we? The agreement is signed and I expect you to keep up your end.”

Calla drank the Ouzo like liquid in one long gulp. “No problems.” She said softly and searched the crowd for her husband who was no where in sight.

“Good.” Was Omar’s stern reply. Being taller than her he was the first to see Daniel come into view and didn’t take his eyes away from him. “There are billions of people counting on this,” he reminded her. She saw him now he knew she did the air around her changed and became lighter somehow. “Or perhaps the life of one is more important.” Omar walked away before Daniel could join them.

“Hello Beautiful.” Calla sighed and slipped her arms around him, empty wine glass still in her hand. She wanted to scream out everything that was about to happen but she remained silent and took in the warmth of him.

Council Chair Xara’s voice was coming through the microphone. “We’ve arranged to have some special music for our guests,” she said politely as she gazed at everyone and no one in particular within the crowd. “We would be most honored if our new friends would lead us off.” The Council Chair invited.

The band struck up a very honorable rendition of Against All Odds, which had been playing the evening of the reception for Ambassador Omar.

Daniel put out his arm to her. “Shall we?” Calla slipped her own arm into it and he led her to the dance floor where Jack and Sam were already dancing. A young native woman who seemed to have taken a shine to Teal’c was trying to coax him into dancing as well. Teal’c wasn’t having any of it at first but she was pretty and alluring, eventually the big man gave in and tried his hand at the dance.

How can you just walk away from me
When all I can do is watch you leave?

“The night’s almost over tomorrow we’ll go home.” Daniel said happily and twirled her around to the music.

You’re the only one
Who really knew me at all

“It will be very good to get home I miss the children.” Calla confessed. “I love them very much.”

So take a look at me now
‘Cause I’ll still be standing here

“They miss you too I bet they’ll run to you when we get home.”

You comin’ back to me is
Against All Odds
It’s the chance I’ve gotta take

The idea painted a lovely little image in her head but one that would not come to fruition. Calla pulled in closer to him as the song came to an end.

Take a look at me now

After another hour or so the evening came to a close. Good-byes and thank-yous were passed all around along with many handshakes and a few hugs. SG-1 felt that good friends and partners had been made here today. Standing outside on the curb waiting for the vehicle to arrive and take them back to the hotel they quietly discussed the nights events with Ambassador Omar.

It began to rain a little as they waited and the walk became slippery. Traffic passed by the normal looking street and pedestrians held objects over their heads to shield from the drops of water. Daniel heard Calla laughing and he turned away from the Ambassador to look at her talking with Jack about something. She looked very happy. Her weight shifted and Daniel watched as she slipped from the curb into the street.

The driver of the tanker truck wasn’t to blame. There was no time to stop and no place to swerve. Calla tumbled into the street and the big rig hit her head on. The driver didn’t know what to do he slammed his brakes but the streets were wet, the truck rolled over onto its side taking the small woman with it.

All Daniel could do was stand there and watch as it exploded into flames. “Calla!” he screamed. “Calla!” He tried to run to her, Jack held him back and another explosion came from the trucks’ cargo and rocked the ground at their feet. Flames higher than the tallest building leapt into the air and noxious fumes filled every inch around them. Soon they were all gasping for breath and even though he wanted more than anything else to run to her, Jack, Sam and Teal’c were pushing Daniel back inside the building and away from the harmful fumes.

Ambulance, Fire and Rescue all arrived on the scene but they were all too late. There was nothing left of the driver, the truck or Calla.

Chapter Five

The fifth room of the fifth floor of the Finest Hotel in Uray filled up with a colorless gas as did the entire floor. Calla had been in the middle of kissing him for the last time when Daniel’s body began to go limp in her arms she settled him to the floor of their room. On her knees beside him he looked so peaceful while he slept. She wanted to remember this moment forever, capture every single detail of his face and never forget it.

Behind her the door opened. “It’s time, Cha’Dech.” Omar said.

Calla reached out her arms to her sleeping husband and nuzzled her face against his cheek. “It would break my heart if you should ever forget me.” Calla whispered tearfully. “I love you more than anything, Daniel.”

“Soon the gas will affect us,” Omar warned from behind her, “when that happens, it will become toxic to him and the others. Now get up and come with me.”

“I will miss you my husband so much.” She brushed her lips over his sleeping ones. “Don’t forget me.” Her tears fell on his cheeks. “I love you, Danny.” Beginning to feel light headed Calla rose to her feet and didn’t look back.

The next morning she was taken to dark bedroom and stood in front of a very large free standing mirror, a mirror which looked a lot like the one back in room five. “Gaze.” Omar said.

Looking into the mirror an image appeared. At first she recognized the Stargate and then the people in uniform walking up to it. Teal’c stood at the controls dialing home. Jack and Sam were shoring up Daniel. “I can’t just leave her here.” Daniel moaned tearfully. “I promised her I’d never leave her.”

“There’s nothing to take back, Daniel.” Jack said in as soothing a voice as he could. “Your kids need you now; you gotta be strong for them.”

“She’s gone.” Daniel cried while Omar looked on beside him. “I just can’t believe it.” He shook his head. “It’s not real.”

“It’s real Daniel,” Sam said coming to his side. “We all saw it.” She soothed a hand across his hair and brushed a tear away from his cheek. “It’s time to go.”

The four of them walked up to the open gate.

“Doctor Jackson,” Omar said as he neared the wormhole. “Please accept the deepest sympathies of our entire world. Your loss is our loss. Your wife was a very fine woman.”

“Yes she was.” Was? Did he say ‘was’? Daniel took one last look back and then disappeared through the Stargate.

The image in the mirror disappeared as the strength left her small body and Calla sank to her knees. Through heavy tears she looked up to the mirror hoping for one last glance at those eyes. There was another image in the mirror now. A tall dark image that she would know anywhere.

“Hasho.” The images’ voice whispered. “Ginan oway s’et gin eway.”

(I told you. You are always mine.) “Welcome home, Cha’Dech.” The voice said in English.

“Hei, Naganti Kanan.”


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