Daughter of the Gods: Captured
Lisa Beth Darling


Reach down your hand in your pocket
Pull out your hope for me
It’s been a long day, always ain’t that right
And no lord your hand won’t stop it
Just keep you trembling
It’s been a long day, always ain’t that right

Long Day
Matchbox 20


Two Months Ago

The wormhole opened and the four members of SG-1 stepped through to Planet Earth. They were all upset and shaken by what happened on the Mohun planet, Daniel was still crying inconsolably. He stumbled down to his office and took the photograph into his hands. “I love you, Kitty.” Daniel whispered to the picture. “Oh, God, I’m so sorry!” He hugged the cold glass frame close to his chest. “I promise I’ll never forget you.”

It wasn’t fair. It wasn’t RIGHT. They just bought a new house she’d only been living in six days! Now she was gone. This must be the way Calla felt when Jack returned and told her that he was dead. Did her world crumble around her the way his was doing now? Did she feel like everything just…shattered? How did she get up and get on?

Nicholas and Colleen. Yes, they were the answer to that last question. They were how she got up and go on with moving forward. He would have to find the same strength and pull himself up and go forward for them. In the end, he imaged that’s what Calla would want him to do. But not now. Not just yet.

Sam and Jack gave him a few moments alone before walking into his office to take him home. They wanted to be there for him when he had to tell his children—not to mention his Father in-law—what happened to Calla. There was no need for Daniel to have to do that alone and he should have the love and support of his friends around him.

“Hey, Daniel.” Jack said softly as he walked through the door to find his friend not just hugging the photograph but stroking the back of the frame. “I don’t even know what to say.”

“There’s nothing you can do, nothing you can say.” Daniel cried. “Nothing will ever bring her back to me.”

“No it won’t.” Jack agreed quietly and put his arms around Daniel. “But we’re here anything we can do for you, anything, just name it.”

“Yeah,” Sam agreed and walked over to put her arms around both of them in a group hug. “Whatever. Whenever. You just let us know.” She assured. Samantha held on another second or two and then stepped back, Jack followed her.

“It just…it just doesn’t seem real.” Daniel choked out the words.

“It’s real. We all saw it.” Jack tried to make his words and his voice as light and easy as possible but since her death that’s about Daniel could say; it doesn’t seem real. It was an ugly thing but Daniel had to accept that his wife was gone.


Jack found himself wondering just cruel Fate could possibly get? Daniel lost his first wife whom he loved with all his heart. Like Calla, Sha’re died right in front of him. Sarah, a love lost long ago and them stumbled upon almost by accident had also been ripped away from him. Though she’d been returned from the Goa’uld and Osiris appeared gone from her, she was still up in the mental hospital trying to sort it all out. Then Daniel had gone chasing after Calla twice. Both times he won he got her and brought her home.

Not this time. How many times was Daniel Jackson going to go from the heights of absolute ecstasy to the pits of emptiness and despair in 0.5 seconds? Surely it couldn’t be anymore than this.

“You don’t understand,” Daniel mumbled and used the back of his hand to wipe his tears from his face. “I know you all think I’m in shock and I probably am.” He took off his glasses and cleaned them with the hem of his shirt. “But it’s like…like….” His voice trailed off while he searched the right words to explain what he was feeling. Suddenly his blue eyes brightened. “Like when David was still in my head. Or when he had her at that abandoned shit-sty.”

“Huh?” Jack asked.

Daniel put down the photograph and got up from his seat to slowly pace around the room while he thought. “Both times I knew it wasn’t real. I felt everything. Saw everything. I could even smell it.” His hands balled into fists in frustration. “I know you think I’m crazy, I know you believe what you saw but I don’t. My head thinks she’s dead, it keeps screaming at me that she’s gone.” With his index finger he pointed to his heart. “This won’t believe it.” He shook his head again. “It’s not real. She’s still out there.”

“Daniel,” Jack began.

“Just stop, Jack. I know what you’re gonna say.” Walking round and round his small office Daniel’s pace quickened with each step. “For all I really know you’re right. But that’s not how it feels to me.”

The words ‘you’ll get used to it’ came to Sam but she bit them back. It seemed like an awfully cruel thing to say. “She’s gone.” Is what she managed to vocalize. The thought no one wanted to think came from her lips. “Someone has to tell Ares.” Daniel paled before her eyes. “I’ll do it.”

“No, I’ll tell him.” Daniel countered. “He’s gonna wanna hear it from me anyway.”


“Daddy! Daddy!” The twins cried out as they ran up to him throwing their little arms around his legs and giving Daniel a big hug. “We missed you.” They chimed.

“Missed you guys too.” Daniel said and picked them up. With dread in his heart he kissed each one.

“Where’s mommy?” Coley asked.

“Yeah,” Nicky said, “where’s momma?”

Ares walked into the mud room where his children had greeted Daniel. “Enya!” He bellowed as he took in the look on his son in-laws’ face. “Come and take the children.”

A moment later the small red haired consort to Lord Ares appeared in the front hall. Daniel took a step back. He had noted how much Enya looked like Calla before but now the resemblance was almost enough to knock him off his feet. Daniel wanted to say something to her and couldn’t.

“Come with me.” She told the kids. “I’ve got fresh cookies in the kitchen.” She looked up at Daniel and the other members of SG-1, their eyes told her the story that Ares didn’t want his grandchildren to hear just yet.

“Where’s mommy?” Colleen insisted and refused to leave her father’s side. “I want mommy.”

“I know you do, pumpkin.” Daniel squatted next to her. “I’ll tell you about it soon. Right now why don’t you go with Enya and get some of those cookies?”

“Me too!” Nicholas wailed. “Where’s momma?”

“You two!” Ares yelled. “Knock it off. Go. Now.” An angry thick finger pointed in the direction of the kitchen. “Don’t make Umpa mad.”

“Don’t you dare threaten my children.” Daniel challenged as he rose again.

“Go!” The twins walked off with the woman who looked so much like their mother. “What have you done now, Jackson?” Ares snarled. “Where… is….my…. daughter?” With the twins out of sight, Ares snatched out his large hand grabbed Daniel by the scruff of the shirt and hauled him off of his feet. “Where is she!?” He demanded.

“Put him down!” Jack ordered. “Right now.”

“Ares, please.” Sam interjected. “Daniel’s been through a lot…..”

“Have you?” Ares fumed as he stared through the blue eyed man. “Not as much as Callestah I see.” Using both hands now he yanked Daniel forward and then threw him back against the wall. “If I have to ask you again, Jackson rest assured pain will follow.”

“There was a terrible accident,” Daniel stuttered as he stared down at the God holding him by the throat.

“Accident?” Ares snarled. “Where’s my daughter?” Just so Daniel was sure that Ares would always keep his word and since he did have to ask again a small but incredibly painful jolt of something that felt like white lightning wracked Daniel’s body. “Where is Callestah???”

“She’s dead.” Jack growled. “Put him down!”

To Jack’s order Ares removed one huge hand from Daniel only to point it in Jacks’ direction. An unseen wave of energy came from his palm it threw Jack back ten feet against the wall behind him. “Shut up.” Ares hissed at Jack and then turned his attention back to Daniel. “I knew you would bring her nothing but misery! I told her you were fucking useless! She wouldn’t listen to me!” Ares cast Daniel’s body harshly to the floor. Upon his body collapsing to the floor, Ares swiftly planted a thickly heeled leather boot in his back. “Where’s her body?”

Feeling about as fucking useless as he ever had in his life Daniel crawled to his knees. “The accident….she was…she…ah…um” he stumbled and fumbled for the words. “She’s gone and there’s nothing left of her.” Daniel burst out into sobs. “I have nothing of her.” A stout boot at the end of a leg about the size of a redwood tree met the underside of Daniel’s chin. The flesh there split open and blood began to gush onto the hardwood floor.

“Ares don’t do this, it wasn’t Daniel’s fault.” Sam tried to explain in what she hoped was a soothing voice. “There wasn’t anything any of us could do. It just all happened so fast.”

“Hades!” Ares bellowed and yanked Daniel’s arm up behind his back. “Don’t you move or I swear I’ll break it.” He threatened in a cruel whisper. “Hades!”

Stepping out of something that looked like a black hole which had suddenly appeared in Daniel’s living room, Hades the God of the Underworld stood before them. “What do you want nephew?”

“Is Callestah with you?” Ares shouted.

“With me? Why would she be with me and what are you doing to him?” Hades pointed at the crying man on the floor at Ares’ feet.

“Tell him!” Ares demanded and applied more pressure to Daniel’s arm. A small cracking sound was heard by all in the room and the next sound they heard would not be a stress crack it would be the breaking of every single bone in Daniel Jackson’s body. “Now or I will show you the true meaning of a slow painful death.”

Through his tears and the agonizing pain in his arm Daniel told Ares and Hades everything there was to tell about the death of his wife.

“I see.” Hades said thoughtfully when Daniel was finished and then looked over at his nephew. “Would you please let him go now?” Ares growled. “You can torture him more, later, after I’m gone. For now, let him up.” Hades watched as Ares released Daniel. “Better. You know she wouldn’t want you doing that.” He chided. “Listen, she’s not with me. Until now I had no idea she was in any danger or trouble at all.” It was Hades turn to pace around the room a bit. “Then again I only have domain here on Earth,” he looked at Ares, “remember? If she died on another planet she would be with their deities.”

“Where?” Ares demanded but Daniel was silent and looked as though he were trying to comprehend the question. “Where the fuck did you take her?” He shouted through thin lips.

“Polotomy.” Daniel tried to explain further but a sharp blinding flash of agony crossed his face with Ares’ hand. Now his lip was as slip as his chin.

“Why in the name of ALL the Gods did you take her there?” Ares thundered.

“Yes, why?” Hades seconded the question.

“She told you about the Ambassador, the treaty….” Daniel mumbled wiping the blood away from his face.

“Polotomy,” Hades began, “is rich in Xeranium.”

“What?” Jack asked. “What the hell is that?”

“It’s a metal, sir.” Sam said. “I looked at some of the schematics for the ships the Mohun agreed to ship several hundred tons of the stuff to Earth for building the space ships.”

“Well, that’s very nice of them.” Ares sneered. “Then everyone of my kind on this planet can be powerless.” They were still staring at him with deep confusion in their eyes. Ares let out an angry sigh. “Let me put it in terms the likes of the three of you can understand.” Ares said condescendingly and held out his right hand as though there were something in it. “Superman.” The left hand unfolded. “Kryptonite.” He stooped to his knees to look Daniel in the eye. “The entire time she was there she was utterly powerless. Almost everything on that planet is made from Xeranium, the buildings, vehicles, ships; anything that contains metal contains Xeranium on Polotomy. This is why we never go there.”

“She didn’t say anything like that…..” A large wad of spit slamming into his face stopped Daniel from speaking.

“Well,” Ares said in a whisper, “she wouldn’t know, would she? Tell me Jackson, was she ill? Did she feel….strange….in anyway?”

All three of them thought about the ‘extra energy’ which seemed to flow from her to everyone around them while they were visiting the planet. That was going to be tough to explain to her Father. The three of them explained as best and delicately as they could about the sexual energy and aura that seemed to pervade her.

“And you never thought to ask why, did you Jackson? No, you just enjoyed it for as long as you could, didn’t you, Jackson?” Ares brought him up by his collar and slammed his head back to the hardwood floor. “Selfish little bastard, THAT was her power dissipating from her body and spreading out to all those around her.” His onyx eyes glared at Jack and Sam. “And you? Did you also enjoy it before she died?”

“Get up, Ares.” Hades demanded from behind him. “Now, nephew!”

“I’m going to kill him.” Ares returned. “And then them!”

“I’m sure you are but not in front of me and not until I can investigate this further.” Hades told him. Ares turned his head to look over his broad shoulder at his uncle. “If, when I return, I can prove what he says is true, I’ll help you skin him alive.” He sneered looking past Ares to the man on the floor just to be sure Daniel knew how serious he was and then looked back at his nephew. “But you will wait until then.” Hades disappeared from Daniel’s house.

“I’ll be back for you.” Ares threatened Daniel. “You can’t run far enough or fast enough to get away from me.” Finally Ares rose to his feet. “Enya! Grab the children we’re getting out of here.”

“Whoa! Ho, ho, ho. Just hold on buddy,” Jack interjected. “You’re not takin’ Daniel’s kids anywhere.”

“What are you doing to do about it?”

“I know where you live.” Jack warned in returned. “Don’t forget it.”

“Are you threatening me, boy?” Ares snarled and then something in him seemed to lighten but not altogether. “Nice to see someone around here has a set of balls.”

“Daddy!” Colleen cried out with concern as she took in the sight on her bloody father on the living room floor. “Umpa!” There was blood on his hands. The little girl threw herself over her father and held on tight. Nicholas came to them and stood between them and his grandfather. “Oh, Daddy.” She cried again.

“Think its time for you to go home, Umpa.” Nicholas said in a stern voice while his eyes stared cold fire at his grandfather.

“One day, little boy, you’re going to be a formidable opponent but not today.” Enya gracefully made her way to Ares’ side and took his hand. “I’ll be back, Jackson and you better be right here when I do. Don’t make me chase you boy or that slow painful event we were discussing earlier will become even more drawn out and more agonizing.” He smoldered. “You better pray to whatever god you worship that Hades can’t find her in their Underworld.” In a bright flash of orange light Ares and Enya were also gone from Daniel’s house.

“Daddy! Daddy! Are you all right?” Coley asked as she held onto him and smoothed her father’s hair down.

“Where’s momma?” Nicholas demanded in a cold voice.

“Nicky stop it! Can’t you see Daddy needs help?” Colleen had the same gift as her mother and before Daniel could stop her she was rubbing her little hands together and placing them on his wounded face. For a gruesome instant his split lip and chin appeared on her little China doll face and then they were gone from both of them. “It’s ok, Daddy.” She said in a shaky voice and clung to him again. “I know, mommy’s gone, it’s ok, Daddy. It’s ok.”

The soft sweet words from his small daughter brought on a fresh wave of tears and an unparalleled level of sorrow.


Steffen Omar was only the middle-man in this little scheme and Calla, although she knew he was waiting for her, she did not lay eyes on Naganti Kanan until Daniel was safely off the planet. Perhaps that was because if she had Kanan was afraid she would see how weak he was and believe herself able to defy him. Believe Daniel strong enough to protect her and to defeat him.

Like an old man Naganti Kanan limped across the room to where she lay crying in front of the mirror. Deep lines creased his once handsome face and his once strong body appeared old and frail. “Look at me.” He demanded. Still crying and reeling from the deal she’d made to keep her husband safe, her emerald eyes cast themselves upward at his command. Naganti Kanan’s long thick black hair was still braided but now from the top of his head to the small of his back the course hair was gray. An ugly jagged scar ran ear to ear across his neck. Looking down upon her as though she were nothing more than a disgusting maggot he stripped off his clothes and stood naked before her.

On her hands and knees in front of him her eyes met with a gruesome sight. The big black cock he so loved to terrorize her with was flayed in two like some strange dead fish. His once long strong legs were mangled and bent Naganti Kanan was missing a few toes.

“You did this to me.” Kanan told her in plain English. “Now you will fix it.”

“Why? So you can torment me once again?” Calla asked as he neared her and tried to stay strong but the sight of him affected her more than she ever thought it would. Never had she seen him this feeble, all the years she’d spent with him Kanan had never been anything but stalwart. The thought that he could ever be anything less than that in no way occurred to her. Looking at him from the floor the word ‘pitiful’ came to mind but she dared not utter it.

“Does the sight of me please you?” His legs gave out creaking and popping sounds as he squatted next to her. “Do you rejoice in my suffering, Cha’Dech?”

“Co,” she whispered through shaking lips. To her Naganti Kanan had never been anything more than a wicked and cruel man but to his people he was a good leader and he was much adored by them. Once he had been regal and strong but now he was reduced to limping along on weak legs and trying to remember what it felt like to join with a woman. With the image of her former husband still fresh in her mind, still dancing behind her eyes, Kanan told her how Eros and his Gesh’Tah soldiers came to Tiberia shortly after her departure and wiped out the entire Shankuk tribe. Naganti Kanan very quietly told her of the cruelty he’d suffered at Eros’ hands not just his own body and mind but how he’d been forced to watch while his people were slaughtered without mercy.

“And so you see, Cha’Dech,” Naganti Kanan eased his ailing naked body back to a standing position, “I need you.”

Calla’s mouth dropped open at his words. In all the years she’d spent in his kingdom and his bed she could recall a single instance where he declared he had a ‘need’ for her. Want, yes. Love, never. As far as she knew Naganti Kanan’s only needs were only those of air, food, water and shelter. Calla never gave any thought to him needing her for anything other than to use as punching bag and to gratify him. However, Calla would not come to him so easily. With Daniel gone she had nothing left to lose, protect or care about. “I won’t help you.”

“Ah, defiant as always.” He quipped. “I see little has changed.” Kanan dressed himself. “We’ll see how much you remember.” Grabbing a handful of auburn hair he pulled her toward the door and a room he’d prepared just for her arrival.

With Daniel and four years between her and Naganti Kanan, Calla thought she was strong, thought that when she made her deal with the devil that she knew what she was getting into and that, some how, she would get through it.

Calla was wrong.

Time is a tricky thing. It can make the mind and body forget important things such as the crack of a whip and the sting of it as it split flesh in two. Time can make one forget the harsh blow of a hard fist. Forget the anguish of having the tendons at the bottom of ones feet cut open so they can no longer walk or run away. Make one forget the torment and humiliation of having a cold blade slice through the tender sensitive flesh of a woman’s inner body.

Time can make one forget all of that for many years or a lifetime. It only took a few hours for Naganti Kanan to remind her of what she really was and he did it with a cold smile. In his specially prepared room Naganti Kanan had her strung up naked. Her wrists bound in chains hanging from the ceiling, her arms stretched out as wide as they could possibly go, her feet, also in chains, dangled mere inches from the ground so that all of her (not very considerable) weight hung from the delicate bones in her wrists. In long slow deliberate strides he paced around her bullwhip in hand. “Does it look familiar, Cha’Dech?” He asked but she only stared at him. She knew all right she just wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of answering him at the moment. “I had it reconstructed just for your return.”

She didn’t have to look around to know that this was an exact replica of the small room off of Kanan’s chamber back in his Keep. The one he took her too when he needed to relieve those extra special tensions and was in the mood to do some serious damage. Yes, the torches burned there just as they did here and the chains were just as heavy and cold. Omar stood off in the far corner in front of her and she’d seen three guards when Kanan brought her in. That was all right, at the moment, Calla couldn’t conceive of anything hurting more than watching Daniel leave. Strung wide and helpless in the chains Calla just stared back at him.

The large man stopped pacing at the sound of her voice and turned to look at her. “I know what you’re thinking.” He said in a low droning voice. The index finger of his right hand poked her hard in the chest. “It hurts here, so much.” He cooed in false sympathy. “I never did give a damn about your heart, Cha’Dech.” Gray braids bounced on the sides of his head as he shook it side to side. “So brazen. I see your Daniel has been too good to you. Is it possible you no longer know your place?”

“I know where it is.” Calla stared him through and through. One way or the other this was going to happen and she was inclined to get it over with. “It’s at Daniel’s side.” Calla goaded Kanan.

“Always the disobedient little bitch!” The bullwhip cracked across her lower back. “For that I will restore your marks.” The whip cracked again it lashed at the flesh of her back and opened it. In the harsh grasp of the cold steel chains Calla’s small body jumped and writhed, her eyes closed tightly yet she refused to give him the satisfaction of crying out. That did not please Naganti Kanan. Again the whip came down. “To whom do you belong?” He thundered. “Who is your Master?”

“I….have…no…Master.” She managed.

Kanan rushed up from behind her grabbed a handful of hair and yanked her head back. “Don’t tempt me, Cha’Dech. I know where he is and your children too.” Roughly he pushed her away from him.

The chains had a little give to them, Calla swung back and forth on them while the whip lashed across her back.


“Who is your Master?” Kanan growled lowly.

Hot sticky blood oozed from the fresh wounds and ran down her back; it dropped to the floor in small pools below her.

“Daniel.” She answered.


“There is no Daniel!” Kanan roared and let the whip and his rage fly. “No Daniel!”

SW-Wack! “You….” Sw-ack! “..have…” sw-ack! “…no….” ssw-wack!

“….children!” SW-WACK! “No husband! “Dan-yell cohazen wotok gin Cha’Dech.” (Daniel never loved you, whore.) Sw-ack! “Ney se, nin waytak ginan” (You’ve always been mine). Naganti Kanan brought the whip back and forth so often and so harshly his own shoulder began to ache and sweat broke out on his forehead. That didn’t stop him from bringing it down again; Kanan wiped the sweat away with the back of his hand and drew in a deep breath as he cracked it across her back one more time. “E’gni hamesh, Naganti?” (Whose your Master?”

“Naganti Kanan!” Finally Calla broke. “Say’tek! Say’tek! Naganti Kanan!” (Mercy! Mercy! Master Kanan). “Mazhena, Naganti Kanan. Nache. Nache.” (Forgive me, Master Kanan. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.) Her entire backside was on fire and dripping blood. She had forgotten what this felt like but she remembered now and she would never forget again.

“You don’t know the meaning of sorry yet.” Standing behind her and taking in the fresh whip marks he had restored to her alabaster skin, Kanan felt very pleased with himself. “I will show you.” With the whip still in his dark hand Kanan eased his way around her and stood where she could see him. “You have cost me everything.” He hissed. “My kingdom, my people and even the ability to join with a woman are all lost to me. You will not get off so lightly.” His thick black hand ceased her jaw. The chains between the floor and ceiling held her captive with her small legs spread wide. Naganti Kanan moved in close, keeping one hand clamped to the sides of her face while the other slid between her legs. His long finger entered and then moved around inside of her. “Yes, he’s been far too good to you.” He said very displeased. “I will remedy that.”

“Co!” Calla screamed and fought to escape the chains. It was useless but still she tried with valiant effort to free herself.

The hand at her jaw applied a massive amount of pressure and she felt that surely he would break it. The hand between her legs moved away, Kanan brought it to his face and breathed in the scent of her. His eyes lit up as sucked the juice from his finger tip. “Nassana, Cha’Dech,” he warned while a few of his guards looked on. “Gin yana firo es’ta.” (Careful whore, I can still command them to fuck you.)

“Say’tek! Say’tek! Naganti Kanan! Mazhena, Naganti Kanan. Nache. Nache.”

“Say’tek? Mazhena? Cohenza!” (Mercy? Forgiveness? Never.) “Do you remember or have you forgotten? Hum?” He straightened her face to look at him. Breaking her down was so sweet, he’d waited a long time to do this to her and Kanan was not disappointed. Right before his eyes Calla was crumbling and he wasn’t half finished with her. “It was an eventful night, was it not, Cha’Dech?” Calla’s raw body trembled, she shook her head and tried to look away from him but Kanan and the chains held her firm. “How many did you take? Twenty-five of my guard, one, two and three at a time. All night long.” He seemed to become lost in the vile memory. “I held your hand.” He remarked in a voice that resembled kind. “And they did…” his eyes closed and he sucked air over his teeth, “marvelous things to you.”

Yes, she remembered and she didn’t need him to remind her of her that awful night or the ones like it which came before and after. That night was the worst of them. Naganti Kanan accused her of stealing a ring from him; Calla searched his chamber top to bottom looking for it because NO ONE steals from the Master. Try as she did, she couldn’t find the damn ring. Kanan was so certain she took it fro him and that she was just being defiant. As punishment for her wickedness he invited the entire Royal Guard into his chamber and let them do whatever they wanted with her for the whole night. He watched and smiled and laughed at her pain, he encouraged the guards and gave them instructions while she cried and screamed and tried in vain to get away. Hanging helplessly from the chains she shook and began to weep as the memory grabbed hold of her and would not let go. Those nights were a far cry from those she spent with Daniel.

In front of her Naganti Kanan held out his hand and one of the guards placed in it a small but very sharp knife. “Let’s see what else you recollect, shall we?” Knees popping and creaking as he knelt to the floor below her, Kanan took one small foot into his hand.

“Co!” Calla cried out and fought against the chains. “I will stay with you, Master Kanan; please you don’t have to do this!”

Naganti Kanan smiled wide as he looked up at her bleeding back and sliced open the tender skin at the bottom with the cold steel blade. Long deep gouges oozed for deep red blood.

“I will be good, I promise.” The fight was rapidly draining out of her. “I’ll be good.” She whispered. Her pleas and her cries didn’t stop the blade from cutting through the tendon and muscle on the sole of her foot.

Her body blazed agony and her mind begged to be shut off, to detach from all that was going on and believe itself in a warm safe place. Naganti Kanan was almost done but not quite yet. The agony her body suffered through to this point was nothing but a mere warm up to what was coming.

Naganti Kanan, ruthlessly cold smile on his face, parted her legs as far as he could and slid the knife inside her.

Calla didn’t remember the remainder of her first night back with Naganti Kanan, no shortly after he put the blade inside her and made his first cut, Calla found the mercy she’d sought earlier and passed out. When she woke the Chains of Hephaestus–a man who for all intents and purposes had been her step-father–were clamped around her neck and at her wrists. Hephaestus forged these chains to hold Ares centuries ago and in them she was utterly bound and completely powerless no matter where Kanan took her. It was obvious he was taking her somewhere that he had something special in mind because when she woke not only did she bare the chains but they were on a space ship with the Mohun planet far behind them.

Chapter One

Present Day

Space. That was a good name for it. Out here there was nothing but the frigid vast emptiness of open space. Stars and planets passed by at great speeds, nothing more than firecrackers in the night sky. Although the golden chains at her neck and wrists kept her from speaking they didn’t keep her from feeling. They didn’t keep her from being aware of everything little thing that was going on around her. No, they only prevented her from responding to those events. How long had she been here? She didn’t know. Out here it time was an elusive concept with no day and no night to guide her.

However long it had been, it wasn’t long enough to heal the wounds on her feet which were wrapped in filthy bandages. Kanan had not allowed her to change them and they were stained with dirt and blood. The wounds at her back might be better since she had no urge to gaze into a mirror other than the fact that they still twinged and the dry skin stretched rudely if she moved too quickly she didn’t really know how they were doing. And the others, those hidden from the eye, well, at least they’d finally stopped bleeding.

Yes Time.

So much Time.

All around her Time was working its magick. Through her it was healing Kanan’s tortured body. As it passed by Time was making her forget. Laying cold and shivering in her corner of Kanan’s chamber at night it was so very hard to remember the warmth of Daniel’s arms. Every night it became harder to recall the softness of his voice, the curve of his face. On the really horrendous nights she couldn’t remember his name.

One thing she had not yet forgotten was those beautiful blue eyes. For as long as she could, for as long as Time would let her, Calla would not let go of that image. Just to taunt her and keep her under his thumb, over and over Naganti Kanan told her she had no husband and no children. Even if she had those things at one time by now her children had a new mother, a better mother, and her husband a new wife. She had been replaced and was no longer wanted in their lives. Her mind was getting to a point where it was easier to believe him than to look back on the happiness she’d once enjoyed.

It was always cold in Naganti Kanan’s chamber he liked the cold he always said it kept him invigorated. The chill sank through her bare skin to her aching bones. Some cloth would good but he never once allowed her to dress, in fact as far as she was aware—which wasn’t much anymore—there wasn’t anything for her to wear at all. As a result always did she sit here on her knees, naked but for the chains and staring blankly at the empty wall, when he was not with her. At night always did she sleep here on the cold floor. Calla was no longer allowed to sleep by the Master’s Bed; he didn’t trust her, even like this; bound and gagged with no hope of escape. Kanan wanted her where he could see her when he woke during the night and so she slept across the room from him where he had no problem keeping an eye on her.

Behind her the door slid open. She wanted to turn around and see who it was. Wanted to get up off of this cold hard floor but could not. “It is time for my treatment.” Naganti Kanan said from behind her. “Rise.”

Rising from her place in the corner on sore split feet, she was still wondering just how long she’d been here. More than that how much longer it would take for her to mend his body and restore him to the man he once was. What would become of her when she was no longer useful to him?

“Come.” Stripping off his clothes Kanan lay down on the bed and waited for her.

Caught in a nightmare with no end she took short slow strides toward where he waited for her. However, she had been lucky—if one could call it luck—on one count after her first night. Kanan’s cock still did not rise to the occasion and he didn’t want anyone touching her until he was ready to take her himself. So far she’d been spared that particular humiliation but was well aware that one false step could cause him to change his mind. Not that she had much freewill in that department to begin with. With the Chains of Hephaestus about her, Calla had no choice but to do whatever Naganti Kanan commanded of her. Even if she wanted to dare it and go against him the chains would not let her.

Now, blank green eyes stared back at him as her nearly naked body slipped onto the mattress besides him. Naganti Kanan wrapped one arm around her to hold her firm while he placed the other hand on the huge sapphire in the middle of the wide gold collar around her neck. “Release.” Naganti Kanan demanded and the back of the collar split into two. One by one he took her wrists into one hand laid the other hand on the sapphires there commanding them to open and they did. The chains which once bound her Father fell away from her. Upon her body the only other item which might pass as some wicked sort of clothing was the chastity belt at her waist. Naganti Kanan took the key from around his neck and opened that as well. Wrapping a thick black hand around the tarnished metal at her waist Kanan ripped it from her and cast the belt to the floor.

Although she lacked the ability to express it, Calla was relieved to have the belt taken from her. Not only was it almost as heavy as the collar about her neck but it had sharp spikes guarding the urination and evacuation holes cut into it. Not that there was much need for either hole, Naganti Kanan did not find feeding her and keeping hydrated to be necessary. For Calla the belt made finding a comfortable position, especially when she was forced to sit on her knees facing the wall day after day, near impossible. The jagged little spikes always cut into the sensitive flesh.

“Heal me.” He insisted as he lay back on the bed with his hands under his head.

The bonds of the chains shed for the moment Calla fought to come back to herself and couldn’t make it. At his side her naked and newly marred body rose. Calla threw one leg over his torso, rubbed her alabaster hands together to build up the energy he sought and laid them on his scarred black skin at his throat. Once again it seemed to her that this scar like the others had faded. When he spoke his voice was clearer and he no longer whispered the way he once had to. She held her small hands over the deep scar until his neck glowed blue and she felt the energy working its way into him. More scars upon his broad chest, her hands laid over them until they also glowed blue and the energy seeped through. Eros punctured both lungs and four years later it was still difficult for Naganti Kanan to draw breath but that was healing as well.

While he grew stronger she grew weaker. Calla didn’t know which was doing more damage to her the chains or healing him. It took so much more energy than she first thought just to mend the smallest scars upon his ebony frame. Before the chains took over completely she’d begged him to take them off of her and swore that she would never leave him so long as Daniel and her children were safe from harm, she would stay with him willingly. Naganti Kanan’s answer to that was a swift back hand across her pretty face followed by a boot to her side as she hit the ground from the force of his hand.

Kanan’s broad chest began to expand and relax as he drew breath and the energy soaked into him. She thought the deeper scars were fading but she couldn’t really tell any more. His dark eyes closed while the blue light peacefully invaded him and relaxed him, making him sleepy.

Calla didn’t know what Eros had done to Naganti Kanan’s legs but to her it looked as though he’d had a grand time with those long strong limbs and baseball bat. His knees were twisted and his shins almost completely shattered. Now those legs were straightening and when he walked his limp was not as pronounced as it had been. Under her they jumped and flexed involuntarily while she massaged them drawing more energy out of hers and into him.

No longer bound to him still she could heal him as she could any living thing but with no bond she didn’t have to bare his scars by taking them onto herself. The drawback to no longer bound to him, of course, was that he could not heal her and could not replenish the energy she was giving up to him. The wounds he laid on her were still open for all to see. Little by little her body like her mind was wasting away. One day there would be nothing left of either.

That would be a very joyful day. At least as far as she was concerned anyway.

All of his limbs having been touched and massaged the energy coursed through him and his eyes came to life. No longer did they look old and dying but sparkled with evil intent and delight. “You’re not finished.”

“Hei.” Calla agreed grudgingly. “Gin tek Naganti Kanan.” (Yes, I know Master Kanan.) Although he’d used it for nothing more than hurting her no man should have to bare such a scar. Calla’s hands gently closed around the tender flesh of his wounded cock. She lowered her head and wrapped her lips around it. Though it still did not work properly it was whole again and no longer split in two. Master Kanan was very pleased at the fact that he could now urinate once again without any fuss or pain. He was very much looking forward to the day he was complete once more and could put it to its intended use. It wouldn’t be long now, a few more sessions like this one and the problems of his manhood would be solved. Callas’ only hope for herself was before that happened, before he could pin her down and rape her the way he used to was that she would forget Daniel completely or better yet that she could find a way to make Kanan kill her. After all, he had threatened her life many times over the years they were together and had come very close to doing just that on several occasions. Perhaps if she could find a way to get back to herself, if she could find a way to provoke him, Naganti Kanan would do her that last small favor. She’d rather be dead than in his bed.

Kanan drew in a huge breath as the tingle began and the part of him which hadn’t woken in so long began to rise for the first time in four years. “More!” Kanan demanded excitedly as his hands gripped the sides of her head pushing her mouth further down on forcing her to take the entire shaft. “More! GIVE ME MORE!” The pain of his freshly rising cock was great and hurt so goddamn good. Kanan feared he would never be able to do this again but now it was within mere inches of his grasp. It wouldn’t be long now and he couldn’t wait to put it to her.

Chapter Two

After getting the kids ready for the day and feeding them breakfast, Daniel found himself standing on the wrap around porch with a cup of coffee in his hand as he did so many mornings now that Calla was gone. He’d come out here and stare out at the rising sun trying to find a way to face another day without his wife. A car pulled into the driveway, one he didn’t recognize, Daniel stayed on the porch and watched the driver get out.

A sleek little Corvette if there ever was one, Rowan MacNeal, long strong legs leading the way, slithered from the driver’s seat of the Audi. “Hi, Daniel.” She said in a soft voice as she strode over to where he stood. “I hope I’m not interrupting you.”

“No.” Daniel returned. “What do you want?” She was on the porch now.

“I heard about your wife,” Rowan began and reached for his hand, “I wanted to express my condolences.”

“Really?” Daniel snickered. “Doesn’t sound like you. Weren’t you the one who wanted me to leave her and run off with you?”

“Still do.” She cooed. Daniel hadn’t expected it in the least so when she leaned in and planted a big wet one on him he didn’t react right away. No, he just stood there and let her kiss him for a few moments. Rowan, her dark hair pulled back in a pony tail for the day, broke the embrace to look at him. “I know my timing is horrible,”

“You don’t have a chance.” Daniel told her. “My wife…..” he was right on the edge of saying ‘My wife is still alive’ and then bit it back. As much as his heart wanted to believe that he couldn’t prove it. “I still love my wife.” Daniel stepped away from her. “You should go.”

“Of course.” She told him and smiled warmly. “I didn’t mean to intrude or to push you. When you’re ready, Daniel, you have my number.” Rowan made her way from the porch to the car and drove off with a smile and wave to him.

“What the fuck?” He said to himself and took a long sip of the hot brew in his cup hoping it would clear the taste of her lips from his mouth. “Where the hell did she come from?”

“Daddy?” Nicky said as the door opened. “Who was that lady?”

“No one, Nicky.” Daniel turned to look down at his son. “Just someone I knew a long time ago. You ready to get going?”


“Go get your sister; it’s just about time to leave.” Daniel and his son went back into the house to get ready to face another day. They never saw the bushes across the street moving as they turned away.


“Yeah, Nicky.”

“That’s the lady in mommy’s dreams.”

Daniel stopped short and stooped to look at his son. “Are you sure?”

“Yeah.” Nicky kicked his feet against each other and the porch.

When Nicky first told him about Calla’s nightmares he thought the woman his son was describing was Sha’re but it wasn’t. It was Rowan. “What did she do in mommy’s dreams?” Nicky sort of pulled into himself not wanting to talk about it. “It’s ok, you can tell me, Nicky. You can tell me anything.”

“She kissed you and…” he looked down at his shuffling feet again. “She was laughing with the black man with the braids. Laughing at mommy.” His dark little eyes looked up at his father for help. “Mommy was crying. She was scared.” Nicky reached out and hugged his arms around Daniel’s neck. “They always scared her so much and now she’s gone.” He started to cry. “I guess she don’t haveta be a scared of dem no more.”

“Yeah.” Daniel soothed but his stomach turned and his heart jumped and he tried to reassure his son. Mommy was still afraid of them, he was sure of it. Somewhere out there she was crying and scared. All of his friends didn’t want to listen to him. They all kept insisting she was dead and gone but he knew different. He just knew it but no one wanted to help him and no one would believe him.

Chapter Three

Planet P69831X
Ten Days Later

Calla was sitting in her customary position—on her knees—in her customary place—facing the wall—when the ships engines seemed to die away. Part of her understood that they were in orbit but where or for how long were harder concepts to grasp.

“Come with me.” Naganti Kanan who was looking like his old self more and more with each passing day demanded and held out a hand to her. Without looking up at him she took it and rose on her sore feet. “You have been most agreeable lately.” He complimented. “I have a reward for you.” Kanan removed the chains and the metal belt around her ever slendering waist. The only thing holding up the belt any longer was the hip bones which jutted out from her sides and soon he would have to have the smith put another notch in it. Walking with her right arm through his left and slightly behind him, Calla blindly followed where in led in a daze to heavy to see through. “I want you to shower and dress.” Kanan told her leading her into a bathroom. “We are going to disembark for a while today. Don’t worry, I’ll restore your chains before we do, but I would like you to be presentable. Don’t take too long.” Shutting the door half way he stood on the other side and waited to hear the sound of water. He waited and waited. Impatient, Kanan stuck his head into the door to see what she was doing; Calla was just standing there looking at the open shower. “Cha’Dech?” His booming voice brought her face around to him. “Turn the water on.”

On unsteady legs and aching feet she stumbled forward to the lever and the water overhead sprayed down. Then she just stood there staring back at him with the cold water raining down on her.

“Wash yourself.”

Kanan walked into the room and shut the door. Standing a few feet away from her he watched her stumble around trying to decide simple things such as what to do with the soap. Something in her remembered she was to rub it on her skin and she did so and then, still covered in a good lather, Calla shut the water off.

Silently Kanan chided himself, he really should take those chains off more often, she was much more fun when she was defiant or at least when she was present. With a sigh he pushed her back into the open shower. “Turn the water back on and rinse your body. Wash your hair, Cha’Dech.” At his command she stood under the water again filth of the last few months sluffed off of her. Earlier he thought the water would bring her around but it didn’t seem to have any effect on her.

For weeks Omar had been telling him that he had to take the collar off of her at least for a few hours a day and Kanan staunchly refused. The little bitch had cost him everything he ever held dear and he was not inclined to let go so easily. Yesterday Omar started bitching about her sale-ability and if she wasn’t any good when they reached their destination that they wouldn’t be paid for their troubles. Omar railed that Kanan had gotten what he wanted her from her, he was healthy once more it was time to let go of his choke hold on her. By the looks of her she wasn’t going anywhere in the near future.

Dressing and drying were a laboring event and when it came to taming her hair, once again, his royal highness had to help her. After he put the brush in her hand she just stood there staring at it as though she’d never seen such a thing before. Calla couldn’t bend very far nor stretch very high, it was difficult to put the dress over her head. (Putting the wretched belt on had been worse.) “Do you recognize this dress?” Kanan asked as she finally managed to pull the material down. “I’ve been saving it for you.” He took over to the full length mirror. “I always did like this one.” Kanan raised her head to look at the woman in the mirror. She had a bruised face and her hair ragged and unkempt and there were bald spots where Naganti Kanan grabbed her by it because she had been bad and he’d been forced to punish her. The dress covering her skeletal frame hung loosely on her hips. It was black and had long bat-wing sleeves which fell down to cover her hands and a high collar which covered the bruises at her neck. Around her waist was a gold and black sash which matched the one Kanan wore. From behind her he put the wide gold collar around her neck. It was so heavy. It covered her from the nape of her neck to her collar bones and just above her small breasts. Laying a hand over the sapphire in front he commanded the collar to close and it did. Solid gold chains lead from the collar to a solid gold wrist cuff on either side. Each cuff was a miniature version of the collar around her neck. The cuffs closed and she was firmly bound inside them. “We need to take on water and supplies. We still have a long way to go before our journey is done.” Naganti Kanan said in what passed as a kind voice. “This will be your last chance to stretch your legs and get some fresh air, Cha’Dech.” He bent down to look her straight in those blank emerald eyes. “I don’t know if you’re still in there anywhere but you better not try to get away from me.” Kanan yanked on the chains. “Understand?”

“Hei.” Calla had not been allowed out of Naganti Kanan’s room since she came aboard the ship and so she not only had no idea of where they were she didn’t even know how large the ship carrying her was. Even, in days past, when she had the stretch to make the attempt to defy the chains the door was locked from the outside. But he was taking her out now and while the thought of escape did not come to her until he said it, the feel of sunlight on her face and fresh air in lungs would be good. The last time she’d felt sunlight on her face and took in lungfulls of fresh air, she’d been wet and laying a field of wildflowers and…and…well…that was the last time. Those times and those days were over and done with never to return again. It was best not to dwell on them.

Taking a third chain from his dresser he clipped it to the front of her collar and walked her off the ship like a dog on a leash. “Later, after we return, I have something else for you.”

Chapter Four

“Unauthorized off-world activation! Unauthorized off-world activation!” The voice cried over the loud speakers and the alarms were sounding off.

“Who is it?” General O’Neill demanded.

“Looks like…..” the young Lieutenant stuttered, “the Tok’ra.”

“What? No one told me they were coming.”

“Probably because no one knew, sir.”

“All right open the iris, let’s see what they want.”

In a few moments three representatives from the Tok’ra stepped through the worm hole. The Stargate no more closed than it began to activate again. “Who is it now?”

“It’s the Asguard.” The Lieutenant said from the control room.

“Open her up.”

Three representatives from the Asguard stepped through onto the ramp. “Thor?” Jack asked. “That you, buddy?”

“It is I, O’Neill.” The little aliens’ voice said in its usual quiet tone.

“Well, what are all of you doin’ here? The Goa’uld up to something?” General O’Neill asked.

“No,” Thor replied, “We have been summoned by……”

“Where the hell is Jackson?” Ares snarled.

“Whoa! Would you quit doin’ that, Ares? Christ, it’s annoying!” Jack grumbled as he turned around to see the God of War standing there. “Geez, doesn’t anybody knock anymore?”

“Do I have to repeat myself?”

“No,” Jack scratched his head and looked around at the gate room and all his new guests. “He’s in his office.” He looked up at the control panel. “Have Doctor Jackson brought to the briefing room.”

“Yes, sir.”

“And Samantha and the Jaffa.” Ares ordered. “Bring them all to me.”

“Now don’t go around barkin’ orders on my base.” General O’Neill told Ares. “Not until you tell me what the hell is going on.”

“In due time.” Ares intoned.

A few moments later the Tok’ra, Asguard, SG-1 and Ares were assembled in the briefing room. Sitting around the long table with most of the eyes in the room focused on Daniel Jackson the mood was uncomfortable to say the least. “Now are you ready to tell us what’s goin’ on?” General O’Neill asked.

“No, not until Hades arrives.”

“Lord Ares,” Thor began, “It has been many centuries since we received any word at all from the Olympians still here on Earth. Will you not give us some idea of why you have summoned us here?”

“I agree.” Anise said. “The least you could do is…..”

A flash of black light came and went from the briefing room and there stood Ares’ uncle, Hades. “Sorry I’m late.” He intoned seriously. “I guess today’s the day you find out if you live or die, hey, Jackson?” He asked.

“Tell them.” Ares demanded.

The two of them looked so much alike as they stood side by side. Hades was the smaller of the two each was well defined with locks of long wavy black hair. Each had dark eyes and wore black leather head to toe. Unlike his warrior nephew Hades—along with his much treasured Crown & Scepter—wore a flowing black cape which was affixed to his shoulders by two metal skulls. “I cannot find hide nor hair of Callestah anywhere. I have searched the universe over and all its underworlds in the endeavor to locate her and she is not to be found in any of them.”

“She’s not dead.” Daniel’s voice like the rest of him suddenly went numb. Daniel spent so many months alone in a cold bed in that big empty house but now he could see an end to those days and lonely nights. If he had to go charging after her again so be it, he was ready.

“That’s what the Tok’ra have been summoned here to reveal.” Hades told him. “Ares and I want you to use your Zatar technology on them.”

“For what purpose?” Anise asked.

“To determine if what they saw was true or not.” Ares snarled.

“And if it was not?” Thor inquired. “What would you have us do then, Lord Ares?”

“In that event, you, my little gray friend, are going to help me find my daughter.” Ares didn’t give Thor time to reply. “The rest of you, are you willing to do this?”

SG-1 looked first at Daniel and then at each other. Jack and Sam weren’t fond of the Zatar contraption or having their heads messed with but for Calla and Daniel they were willing to try. “Yes.” Sam said. “I’ll do it.”

“And you O’Neill? We must have all of you.”

“Fine, but I’m not havin’ them poke around in my head for you, Ares.” Jack said smartly. “I’ll do it for Calla.” Almost as an after thought added; “And you, Daniel.”


“If it will help I too will undergo the test.” Teal’c agreed. “Lord Ares, if we find our memories are not real how will we go about finding Callestah?”

“I don’t know.” Ares replied and then wheeled around to stare at Daniel. “But you’d better think of something!”

“Yeah, yeah,” Jack said in a condescending voice, “skinned alive, I remember. You don’t really think I’m gonna let you do that, do ya Ares?”

“Let me?” He huffed through tight lips. “As though the likes of you could stop me.”

“Lord Ares,” Thor began, “you are most powerful but I must tell you that we will not sit idly by and allow you to harm Doctor Jackson or anyone else on this base.” His oversized black eyes blinked as he looked up at Ares. “And I can stop you.” He warned.

“We will see about that.” Ares smoldered. “Go and get your device, bring it here and then we will know the truth.”

Within a short while after she left, Anise returned to the SGC with the requested device. One by one the members of SG-1 sat in the infirmary attached to it reliving the night Calla died. Their memories were sent to the device and analyzed by the computer while a holographic projection of the events played out before participants and viewers.

Each in turn recalled the same events and the same images projected into the room;

They were standing outside on the curb waiting for the vehicle to arrive and take them back to the hotel they quietly discussed the nights events with Ambassador Omar.

It began to rain a little as they waited and the walk became slippery. Traffic passed by the normal looking street and pedestrians held objects over their heads to shield from the drops of water. Calla laughed with Jack about something—Jack would tell them he’d made a joke about Daniel’s tie. She looked very happy. Her weight shifted and she slipped from the curb into the street.

The driver of the tanker truck wasn’t to blame. There was no time to stop and no place to swerve. Calla tumbled into the street and the big rig hit her head on. The driver didn’t know what to do he slammed his brakes but the streets were wet, the truck rolled over onto its side taking the small woman with it.

All any of them could do was stand there and watch as it exploded into flames. “Calla!” Daniel screamed. “Calla!” He tried to run to her, Jack held him back and another explosion came from the trucks’ cargo and rocked the ground at their feet. Flames higher than the tallest building leapt into the air and noxious fumes filled every inch around them. Soon they were all gasping for breath and even though he wanted more than anything else to run to her, Jack, Sam and Teal’c were pushing Daniel back inside the building and away from the harmful fumes.

Ambulance, Fire and Rescue all arrived on the scene but they were all too late. There was nothing left of the driver, the truck or Calla.

Visibly shaken and not knowing if he could do it, Daniel was the last to sit in the chair and be hooked up to the device. Every night since she’d gone away he’d seen nothing but those images in his head. Wondered why he didn’t see it, why he didn’t react sooner? What could he have done differently? Most of all he just wondered why she was gone.

Before them an image that was there but really wasn’t showed the fire and rescue crews arriving. They were donning what amounted to hazmat suits while police came and ushered people away.

“Well, that’s it, then.” Sam said in a low sullen voice.

Fire and rescue faded away. The image began calm and peaceful. Nothing much to see, Calla laying next to him in the fifth room of the fifth floor of the finest hotel in Uray. “It would break my heart if you should ever forget me.” She said in a low mournful voice and brushed her lips over his cheek. “I love you, Daniel.” The image became lighter, as though someone opened a door, and then it darkened again and went out completely.

“When was that?” Jack asked.

“After we signed the agreement.” Daniel said in a dreamy tone. “After we all got back to the hotel.”

Anise came forward and removed the small device from the side of Daniel’s head. “We didn’t all get back to the hotel.” Jack reminded him.

“Yes, we did.” Daniel stood up. “Yes we did.”

“Anise?” Jack turned to her for help. “You saw what we did; we all saw the same thing. It was real.” He turned and looked at Daniel. “I know you don’t want to admit it, man, I wouldn’t either if I was you but she’s gone.”

“I have to disagree, General O’Neill.” Anise went back to looking at her computer screen and Ares came forward with Hades.

“What have you got?” Ares asked.

“Well, as General O’Neill said they all saw the exact same thing at the exact same time, right down to the smallest detail.” She said in a light voice. “However, this is not normal with humans. There is always some discrepancy, no matter how small, in the stories of witnesses. The angles change, or perhaps they thought someone was wearing a different color shirt.” Looking up at Ares and delivering the news she knew he wanted to hear she smiled. “These memories have been implanted. Callestah did not die the way they saw it…if at all.”

Daniel was too astonished to say anything but that didn’t stop the feeling of complete vindication that was running through him. He stared around the room at the others members of SG-1 who stared back at him. Although he really wanted to Daniel knew there was no need to say ‘I told you so’.

“Now, Lord Ares, that you know your daughter is probably alive, what would you have us do?” Thor asked as he craned his skinny neck to look up at the face of the God of War.

“I want you and your little friends to go back to the planet with these idiots and see if you can find her.”

Daniel laughed and found his voice, he knew he shouldn’t but he couldn’t help it. “’Cause you can’t go, right? Isn’t that just killing you, Ares?”

“Shut up, Jackson.” Ares warned. “You may not make the journey either.”

“Are you certain she is still there?” Anise asked.

Hades and Ares passed each other a look of uncertainty.

“Well, where would she be?” Daniel asked. “If someone’s got her why would they take her off of that planet if it stops her from using her abilities?”

No one answered him.

“She’s gotta be there. Right?” Daniel asked. “Right?”

“I don’t know.” Ares answered finally. “I would think you are correct but if not then you will find out where she has gone and who has her.”

“Then what?” Jack asked and rose from his spot on the stool. “Let me guess, you want us to report back to you so you can mount an offensive.”

“You’re damn right I do.”

“You want me to let you use my base to start a war?”

“If it comes to that.”

“We’ll go,” Jack agreed. “If she’s there we’ll bring her back home….again. If she’s not then we’ll just take it from there.” He looked around at Sam, Daniel and Teal’c. “Mount up kids, road trip.”

For all their fuss and all their troubles. All their hopes. No one on the planet knew what happened to Calla. They didn’t know where she was or who, if anyone, had taken her. The idea that her death was staged seemed a complete shock to them and SG-1 had a time proving otherwise. When General O’Neill said he wanted to talk with Ambassador Omar he was told Omar was away on an extended trip. He was starting negotiations with a new people on a planet far away and they didn’t know when he’d be back. He was bringing them a great gift, or so Council Chair Xara informed them. It was not possible to reach Ambassador Omar until his mission was complete.

“We do sympathize with all of you,” the Council Chair said, “your loss is great. However we know nothing of this.”

“We know she’s not dead.” Daniel told her. “We know what we saw wasn’t real so you couldn’t have seen it either and neither could have your witnesses.”

“You seem to think that this is some type of ruse, Doctor Jackson and that we have endeavored to steal your wife from you.” Xara’s voice was light and sympathetic as she rose from her seat. “In the interest of our new friendship and understanding your grief I am willing to ignore your insinuation. However, Doctor Jackson, we all saw the same thing. I have no reason to believe anything other than that. I know you have spoken to witnesses who also saw reported they saw the same event. I am sorry for the loss of your wife, Doctor Jackson and your unwillingness to accept it but she is dead.” The council woman turned her eyes from Daniel to Jack. “We expect this will have no barring on our treaty.” It was not a question, it was very much a statement and the Council Chair took her leave.

SG-1 returned to base no better off than when they left. Ares was furious. In SG-1’s absence the Tok’ra returned to their world telling Lord Ares that the matter would be discussed and they would get back to him with any help or information that they could provide. Thor stuck around. Thor, Ares and Hades had been a lot together over the centuries and he wasn’t as inclined as the Tok’ra to just take off.

“If she’s not there then who’s got my daughter?” Ares thundered as he grabbed Daniel by the scruff of the shirt tossing back into his desk. “What have you done with her, Jackson?”

“What…what have I…..what have I done with her???” Daniel yelled back.

“You’re keeping her from me!” Like his nostrils Ares’ flared at him and the tips of his fingers began to glow red with fire.

Take aback by what he was hearing Daniel just couldn’t believe it when the fireball went whizzing past his head and blew a hole through the shelf of alien artifacts behind him sending the alarms to activation. He was too stunned to duck for cover. “I don’t keep her and you know it. In fact you hate me for it.” Daniel reminded his father in-law. “Don’t think I haven’t noticed how much Enya looks like Calla.” All that he’d kept buried for the last four years began to bubble and churn as Daniel took a heated step forward. “You think that I don’t see the way you look at Calla? That I don’t hear the want in your voice when you speak to her?” An angry finger pointed at Ares. “I never kept her from you, Ares. She just wouldn’t come to you, that’s all.” Daniel swallowed hard and shook that pointed index finger. “That’s another thing you hate me for. You blame me for. How do I know you didn’t do this just so you could have her?”

General O’Neill accompanied by heavily armed security came rushing through the door of Daniel’s office. “Holy!” He remarked as he took in the smashed shelf. “What are you doin’ now?” Jack asked of Ares.

“If anyone’s got her and it’s not you then you know who it is.” Daniel accused.

“I don’t have her.” Ares’ tone was flat and even with conviction. “I don’t know where she is.”

“You know something, don’t you big guy?” Jack asked.

Ares thought it over for a moment. “I know that if she is not on that planet then whoever has her must be very strong. They must have a way to hold her or she would be scratching and clawing her way back to you.” He shot Daniel a cold stare. “That is why you were all made to believe her dead.”

“How’s that?” Jack again.

“If you didn’t believe her dead, Daniel, whoever has her knows that you would never stop searching for her. Would you?”


“Of course not.” Ares agreed amiably. “None of them ever would. Not your brother, not Eros and not…..” he stopped for a moment almost as though he were waiting for Daniel to fill in the blank but he didn’t. “They would all move the stars to get to her, wouldn’t they, Jackson? Once you’ve had her, I understand that it’s hard to let her go.”

“No, he’s dead.” Daniel said through tight teeth.

“Is he?” Ares asked and disappeared.


For the remainder of the day Daniel Jackson sat his office too stunned and disoriented to move. Most of all he wondered what, if anything, he should tell his children. Colleen and Nicholas missed their mother terribly and sometimes Colleen would creep into the bed with him at night. Leary of getting their hopes up he decided not to tell them anything for the time being. If he could bring their mother home then that would be all the better and if not then they wouldn’t be any the wiser or more hurt because of it.

With an aching head and heavy heart, Daniel called it an early day and went home. He fixed dinner for the twins and they watched Nickelodeon for an hour or so, after that they bathed and he read them a story to send them off to sleep. With them safely tucked away for the night Daniel walked out onto the wrap around porch and looked up at the stars. “I know you’re out there somewhere.” He whispered to the twinkling lights above. “I don’t know if you want me to find you this time. Ya gotta send me a sign, Kitty. Something. Anything. I don’t care.”

It wasn’t that he minded going after her again, not at all, he’d chase through Hell and back again if he had to and not think twice about it. That didn’t bother him. The idea that Calla’s dreams had not been dreams but premonitions wouldn’t let go of him. The last time they made love it was under the hot summer sun in a field of wild flowers, they had both been soaking wet head to toe just as she had dreamed on so many nights over the years. Just before this whole nightmare kicked into gear she’d told him that she had nightmares about Kanan. Daniel tried to play that off as the kids getting to her and the lack of space the family had. Now he was wondering how many times she’d had that dream and for how long. Nicky would know, earlier he said that rowan had been the woman in Calla’s nightmares.

The real cold kicker of it was; Calla knew too.

That was the one thought that really kept the death grip choke-hold on him when he was alone in his bed at night. Calla knew. She had said good-bye to him, asked him not to forget her and told him that she loved him and then walked away. Why? Why did she choose to leave him? What had he done? Or perhaps, what had the person holding her done? What had they threatened her with? Sometimes at night as he lay curled up on his side hugging nothing more than his pillow he swore he could still hear her voice whispering I love you, Danny and feel her tears on his cheek.

Whoever had her…..


…Had gone to considerable trouble to get their hands on her. There had to be dozens of people involved in this conspiracy from pedestrians on the street to ambulance, fire and rescue that arrived on the non-existent scene. They had talked with all of them and they all told the same story of Calla being hit by the big rig. How far up the food chain that conspiracy went remained to be seen. Whoever had her wanted her for more than what David and Eros had wanted her for. They were taking her somewhere for some purpose other than sex. Daniel didn’t know if that was good or bad. Using Calla Logic if –(Kanan, a thought Daniel was not yet ready to admit to completely)– or whoever just wanted her as a sex slave then she could get through that because she knew it, she was used to it and so therefore, as much as she might not want to, she could handle it. If they wanted her for something else, well then that was unknown territory and Calla never did very well with the Unknown.

Where were they taking her and what for?

“You knew so why didn’t you tell me?” He asked the stars.

Chapter Five

Omar, Kanan and Calla returned to Kanan’s chamber after coming back from the planet. “Ciptu.” He told her as he tossed the chains across the room to a waiting chair.

Calla automatically went and sat on her knees facing the wall while Kanan and Omar talked over glasses of strong brandy.

“Nice to see you’re taking my advice.” Omar remarked. “You even cleaned her up a bit, she certainly smells better. How can you stand keeping her like that? I wouldn’t want her near me.”

“That’s not true, I watched you with her through the mirror.” Kanan sneered. “I’ll do what I like with her until it’s time to turn over.” Kanan told him. “Did you get it?”

“Of course I did.” Omar sighed. “You really have to think ahead Kanan, our buyers are not going to be quite as interested in her as they could be if she’s not all they’re expecting when we arrive.” He reached inside his vest and pulled out a wad of rolled up paper. “Here.”

Kanan took them from him and unrolled them, he laughed well. “She here?”

“Yes.” Omar said. “Safely tucked away, I assure you.”

“Good.” Kanan crossed the room to where Calla was sitting facing the wall. “Cha’Dech, I’ve something for you to gaze upon while you sit here and wait for me.” At eye level he tacked one black and white photograph to the wall in front of her. In it Daniel was standing on the front porch of their new house with a cup of coffee in his hand, he was staring off into space as he got ready for a new day. Kanan looked down at the silent woman and watched the tears well up in her eyes. “You miss him?” He asked in a mocking voice. Kanan stood in front of her and tacked up another picture. “How about now?” He stepped away from it so she could see it. This picture was different. Daniel was standing on the porch and someone was with him. The tears in her eyes spilled down over her cheeks like a rushing river. “Hasho.” (I told you) Kanan whispered as he knelt beside her. “Hum? See? I told you he would forget you.” Calla couldn’t take her eyes from the photograph, Daniel was kissing Rowan MacNeal. Her arms were wrapped around him and she was pulling him close. “You pinned all of your hopes upon him for so long, you waited for him to come and rescue you. But now she sleeps in your bed.” Kanan taunted. “Your children call her mother now.” He stood again and tacked one more image onto the wall in front of her at eye level. More kissing between Daniel and Rowan. “You’ve nothing to go back to, so even if you could run…” he shook his dark, Kanan’s braids fell over his shoulder as he whispered tenderly, “Hasho, hasho, you’ve no where to go.”

“Hei,” she reached out to touch the photograph of Daniel alone on the porch but Kanan slapped her hand away from it. “Dan-yo taya gin.” (Yes, Daniel no longer loves me).

“He never did.” Kanan countered and rose. “Tonight, thanks to all of your effort and hard work, you will be mine once more.”

“Hei, always your Cha’Dech, Naganti Kanan.” Calla agreed and looked away from the pictures. “I’ve never been anything more.”

“That’s right,” he soothed and looked back over his shoulder at Steffen. “You going to stay and watch?”

“Am I invited?”

“You are, but only to watch.” Kanan turned his eyes back to her. “Tonight she’s all mine, aren’t you, Cha’Dech?” He ran a large black hand through her auburn hair.

“Every night Naganti Kanan.” Was it possible that Daniel had forgotten her so swiftly? The photographs did not lie, he was right there kissing that bitch on their front porch, the sunrise coming up behind them. Rowan was just climbing out of his—their– bed and was on her way to start a new work day. Everything she’d felt for him, felt about him, everything they’d had together was all just a lie. It was just a cheap fantasy for his amusement? Perhaps it was guilt which led him to it. Perhaps, underneath it all, the foundation was nothing more than pity on his part. Moreover, that Daniel never really wanted her and it was an only an unwanted obligation which kept him with her and the children. Anyway she looked at it, it all came down to the same thing; Daniel never loved her. The how and why of it really didn’t matter. “I am grateful you care for me.”

“Ah, yes,” Naganti Kanan agreed and brought her to her feet. “I am the only one who has ever looked out for you.” Kanan brushed his hand across her cheek. “The only one who’s cared for you.” Glancing over at the photos he added; “The only man who’s never lied to you, never betrayed you.”


“It’s time for you to show me your gratitude.” Kanan laid her down on the bed, from the corner of his eye he watched Omar sit down in the chair across the room. “Tell me you want me.”

Naganti Kanan had been kind to her today—well, as close as he ever got to it anyway. He had allowed her to shower and dress he’d even taken her off this ship for a while. It was good to feel the sunlight on her face once more. Most of all he’d removed the chains today and not just during her shower. As soon as they were back aboard the ship he took them off and she had wandered around without their hold for somewhere near an hour or more. “Naganti Kanan, I want you.” Calla muttered as she looked up at him wishing that it was Daniels’ face she saw over her but knowing she would never see that again. Fate had come full circle and she was here with Kanan once more and here she would stay. Daniel had no idea she was still alive and so Father didn’t either. Neither of them would ever come looking for her. From the looks of things Daniel was moving on with his life. All she had to rely upon out here in the cold vastness of space was Kanan’s Good Graces.

“Say it again, beg me.” Kanan’s index finger traced a long line from her throat down her body to the hairless place between her legs. “It’s been a long time for you, not as long as it has for me.” He sat next to her. “I watched you, did you know that?” Kanan whispered. “Through the mirror, I watched Daniel fuck you.” His ebony eyes cast themselves upward to remind her they were not alone in the room. “Steffen too.” Kanan’s white shirt hit the floor. “Tell me you want me like that.” Kanan’s whisper grew increasingly darker. In the mirror’s reflection Kanan watched her cum for Daniel, she had the most exquisite look upon her face. The way she gazed up at him, well, she’d never looked at Kanan that way. He’d had her in every conceivably dark manner over twenty-five years but not once like this. Kanan was beginning to think there was some appeal in having her come willingly. Besides, it was a long trip and he had plenty of time to ravage her at will.

Calla’s little heart fluttered wildly in her chest, she didn’t want him. She didn’t want anything to do with him but she was in no condition to fight or argue with him. If she could worm her way back into those Good Graces maybe she could find a way out of here and back to Daniel. Then again maybe not, she thought as her eyes crossed the room to look at the 8x10s hanging on the wall. Soundlessly they came back to the man beside her. “I want you inside me, Master Kanan.” Calla rose up to greet him. “I want you to take me, My Lord.” She whispered heavily against his neck. “Fuck me the way you used to. Naganti Kanan, Take.” Calla’s lips brushed across his quickly and she settled back to the bed.

“I believe I will.” Kanan’s leather pants hit the floor. His cock was standing at full attention and ready to get down and dirty. His thick ebony hands ran down her marred alabaster body. “I remember the night Ares brought you to me,” he said in a low voice as his hand continued to caress her. “Daughter to Aphrodite, a whore fit for a King.” In his mind that was a compliment of the highest order. “You were so small, not much bigger than you are today.” Kanan looked down at her smiled but she was looking away from him, staring off to a place so far away he couldn’t see it. “Look at me, Cha’Dech, you’ve done such a good job.” Indeed she had, his body was strong again. No longer did he feel old and decrepit. No longer did his bones pop and crack nor was it had to breathe or walk or run. Even his voice returned to him in full. “Now all of your hard work and effort should be rewarded.” Kanan threw a sturdy thigh over her and straddled Calla’s head. “You remember what I like, don’t you?” Kanan encouraged as he parted her lips with the tip of his cock.

“Hei.” Calla held her wrists up to him.

“Co,” Kanan knocked them back to the bed. “I want you to touch me the way you touched Daniel.”

Fear, disgust, revulsion, and a few more goodies began to crawl around inside her. Touch him the way she’d touched Daniel? She didn’t think so she wasn’t that good of an actress.

“Want me like that.” Kanan told her. It was a risk he knew that. However Kanan was also remembering a few other things and perhaps even realizing that he’d learned a few things in their time apart. There was a time when she slept in his bed rather than on the floor beside it. A time when what he did with her came close to love making. A time when he paraded her around like the Queen she was born to be. But then their Bond broke and Psyche’s curse took hold and everything changed. Kanan gave in to the Darkness that called to him, the one in her eyes that just begged him to plunder her, to throw her down and pump the every-loving the shit out of her. To strike her. To humiliate her. To keep her down. And he did. He did anything and everything he could possibly to do to keep her down and keep her at his side. Until Daniel came along and took her away.

The curse was broken now and he could afford to be good to her. Tonight. Maybe a few other nights as well. One thing Kanan came to understand in their time apart was that the slightest kindness went a very long way with a woman like her. A little kindness, a little compassion, those were the best ways to assure she would stay with him. Not the chains. They took too much out of her and left her wandering around like some lobotomized idiot.

In order to assure her compliance he had to break her of Daniel, make her forget about him or at least present her with evidence of his infidelity. With him out of the way physically and emotionally there was nothing standing between Kanan and every little wicked thing he wanted to do to her before selling her off.

No mater how much she forced herself Calla knew she could never want him that way not after all he’d done to her over the last two and half decades. Calla’s tongue lapped around the tip of his burgeoning cock. Yet here he was and in an instant Naganti Kanan was capable of turning on her. She would feel the cold metal of the chains slap around her. “I could have loved you.” She managed to say. “If things had been different.” With the collar off it was easier to think and to plan but she must be careful not to trip.

“You could love any man, Cha’Dech, no matter what he did to you. It’s your nature, you can’t help it.” Her lips parted and Kanan slid deeply down her throat. His taunt muscular body shook as her tongue wound around him and he let out a wanton moan. So much time had passed since last he did this with any woman and he knew it wouldn’t be long before he was blowing his first load in years. The new skin on his throbbing cock stretch and pulled while the nerves sent the most delightful pain/pleasure sensations to his brain. Cha’Dech’s hands were free and she used one of them to pump the shaft and the other to cup and massage his heavy black balls.

Across the room Omar’s cock begged to freedom from the silk slacks and he abided, taking it in into his hand and watching Kanan slid the big black tool of his down her white throat. The Cha’Dech was loving it her body moved and arced under him so she could take him down further and please him better.

A slender extended from massaging his ball sack and rubbed around the hole behind. Kanan thought he would explode when it entered him but he grabbed the back of her head pulling her up further, his cock already buried to the hilt in her mouth and still wanting her to take him down more. The finger inside him rocked with the rhythm of her mouth as her tongue danced round and round, Kanan didn’t even try to hold back when he felt the fire churning in his belly. Too long he waited for this from any woman but to have it be her made it all the sweeter. Riding her like a skilled cowboy Kanan dumped a hot load of cum in her mouth and down that slender throat. Over he watched while he sucked it down and then lapped the remainder from her lips. Although he did not want it to the hardness between his legs began to fall asleep. “Make it rise.” Kanan demanded.

“Say’tahya.” Calla whispered against it and watched it rise once more.

“Are you ready for me?” He asked with breathless anticipation.

“Always, My Lord.” Again she held her wrists up to him and again he knocked them away and back to the mattress. Calla found herself wishing he would bind her then she would have no guilt to bear later. Why she should feel guilty about betraying Daniel when he already betrayed her many times over with the woman in the photograph? Why should she care how he would feel if she allowed Kanan to take her and if she did not fight him? If this was to be her life once more then she had to find a way to live it again. From now on she would consider her time with Daniel to be nothing more than an illusion. Naganti Kanan was right, she had no husband and she had no children. She must forget them put them away never to look at them again.

Naganti Kanan’s large frame was easing away from her head now and making its’ way over her trembling body and Calla tried to prepare herself for his entry. It would not be kind and pain free. The new scars inside of her would see to that. She did take a bit of comfort in knowing that he would not be pain free for him either, the new skin of his healed cocked would make him feel like a virgin again also. The tender flesh around the head would rip away and he would be sore and chaffed tomorrow, as she always was since she came to wear the chastity belt.

On his knees between her legs, Kanan pushed her knees upwards to allow him more space. The scars at her back stretch and yelled for relief. The tip of his pulsating manhood pushed against her entrance. His dark hands roamed over her perfect pink nipples. “Accept me.” Kanan demanded as he tried to push his way inside. Not only was she tight and dry but she was wounded inside and out and as such, Calla’s body was unable to give to his demand. His cock was slick with her saliva but still it was not enough lubrication to force his way inside. “Accept me!” Kanan brought her legs up at her sides so that the soles of her sore feet were planted against the mattress and Calla’s body made a strange half-arc when he shoved her thighs further apart. Long soft black braids fell across her body as he put his back into his work. Looking down at her as he’d done so many nights past her eyes were blank and she was staring off into space once more, to that place only she could see and where he would never go. “I am your Lord,” he whispered as he came closer to her, “you will look at me when I do this to you.” Although still blank and distant her eyes turned toward him.

Pulling back just long enough for her to catch a breath and for him to get momentum up, Kanan pushed into her again. This time the tip of his well hardened and ready cock burst through the fresh scars holding him back. As he began sinking into her he felt the ripping apart and giving him fresh blood with which to lubricate himself. Beneath him she cringed and tried to pull away but she wasn’t going anywhere tonight.

Omar came and settled his old frame by the bed. Kanan kept a hard eye on him while his lips descended to her throat. Steffen had his aged cock in his hand and his was masturbating himself as he stared down at them, he reached out to touch her hand and Kanan slapped him away. “Don’t touch her.”

“Ka’nok Re!” She said through the pain. Another man was something she didn’t need on this night. “Naganti Kanan, sey Omar Co! Ka’Nok Re!” (Don’t touch me! Master Kanan please don’t let him. Don’t touch me!) Against the agony she brought her shaking body up and quivered against his chest in an attempt to hide.

“Hush,” he said in a pleasant voice, “he doesn’t he get you tonight.”

“I just want her mouth,” Omar said in a panting voice. “That’s all; just let her wrap those lips around me.” He dared bring his tool up to her face. “I want to watch you put it to her, just let me….” Omar didn’t finish his sentence.

Still inside of her Kanan landed a hard back hand across Omar’s cheek and Omar crashed to the floor. “Get out!”

“Kanan!” Steffen began to plead. “Come on, you’ve kept her all to yourself for three months it’s time you shared your toys.”

“Get out!” Kanan pulled out of her leaving Calla curled up on the bed. Naked as a jay bird, hung like a horse and angry as a bear he pointed to the door. “If you don’t get the hell out of here right now I’m going to kill you.”


“Don’t push me. Get out.”

Omar hoisted up his aging throbbing cock and headed toward the door.

“Dame.” Calla said in a small voice as she waited for her Master to return to her.

“You want to thank me?” Kanan asked and lay down on the bed.


“Ride me.”

There was no hesitation forth coming and he knew there wouldn’t be. No, he scored big points with her by tossing Omar out. He had protected her, shown a concern for her, another kindness. Kanan had never heard the term ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ but he knew how to manipulate it.

Calla tossed a soft leg over him. Holding him erect with one hand and parting her sore inner lips with the other, Calla slid down to the depth he had been in earlier, before Omar had so rudely interrupted them. From her little trip today she learned there were seven crew men plus Kanan and Omar on this ship. Although nine was a far cry from twenty-five, no matter how you looked at it, it was better to be the King’s Whore than the Crew’s Wench. She’d learned something else from their little excursion today, the ship was not Mohun, it was Gesh’Tah. Somewhere along the line Kanan wrangled this ship away from a crew of those slithering lizards. Perhaps it crashed on Tiberia and Kanan was able to repair it. Either way, it wasn’t part of the planet they’d left behind and when she wandered around without the chains the haze began to lift and she began to plan.

Sitting straight up she gazed down into his dark face and eyes and trying not to remember a time when she looked down to see blue eyes staring back at her, Calla ground her hips down on him opening the wounds inside her even further. More blood trickled down and through the pain it made his entrance easier to take. His hands reached up and cupped her small perky breasts; he rolled each nipple around between his thumb and forefinger until they were hard.

“Kay’tok.” Kanan insisted in a whisper.

“Kiss?” She asked. The Shankuk did not kiss, it simply wasn’t one of their customs and they found it an odd thing to do. Naganti Kanan never asked for her lips to press against his.

“Hei.” Kanan pulled her upper body down to him with one hand while the other eased its way down to her curve of her waist. His lips pursed outward in anticipation and his eyes closed. Calla couldn’t help herself, she pulled back and away from him. Fucking him was one thing kissing him was quite another. Naganti Kanan’s eyes flew open and he took in the disgusted look in her eyes. “Nassana.” He warned. “Ginan Naganti, Cha’Dech. Kay’tok maen, byan.” (Careful. I am your Master, don’t argue with me, whore. Kiss me now.)

She’d rather just impale herself on him and be done with it. Rather have Omar come back into the room and bring a few of the guards with him. Instead she pulled it together and lowered her head to kiss him. Her lips brushed against his and she tried to stop there but the hand at her hip reached up and caught the back of her head. The one covering her breast clamped down rudely and Calla drew in a gasp of air. Quaking lips stayed pressed to his, Kanan’s tongue pushed them apart. Calla wanted to scream. Her empty stomach heaved and wanted to vomit. Every inch of her wanted to kick. Fight. Do anything but this with him. The hand crushing her nipple and the one at her head moved to both hips and held her still while he thrust his way further into her from below. Flinching at the intrusion she dared not try and pull away from him. Splitting her in two with one final meaningful thrust, Kanan pushed through the last of her scars and pierced the soft wet flesh beyond. His cock was sore it ached and throbbed even as he pumped her and tomorrow it would be raw and he would pay the price but tonight he didn’t care.

Tired of being in the submissive position, Kanan rolled her over onto her back. Calla’s own juice began to mingle with the blood trickling from her, it covered the sheets below them and it was hot and sticky on his thighs. The scent of her rose like thunder on the wind and called to the Darkness in him. He planted her feet back on the mattress where they had been before Omar interrupted him and pushed her thighs wide apart. “Ha’nok re, Cha’Dech.”

Not knowing what to do with them Calla kept her hands on the pillows by her head but now he was telling her to touch him and the pain was floating away. Kanan always did have a huge and satisfying cock however he was not one for letting fulfillment come her way. He was far away from her on his knees between her legs Calla reached out and down to touch his slightly haired and muscular chest. The heart beat beneath was strong and rapid, his ebony skin was covered with a light film of sweat. Beads dropped from his brow while he fucked her they fell onto her the folds of aching cunt.

Drawing a breath he took a step back from his savagery and began to tease her wet pussy with the tip of it. Slowly he put it in and out of her with each thrust giving her just the slightest bit more. It had been a long time but he still remembered how to do this. The tight wet muscles surrounding him began to constrict as he found the sweet spot he was looking for. If he rubbed her right here he could milk her for hours, she couldn’t stop cumming, and it would wash over him like a summer rain storm. Well, if he let it. The fingers roaming his chest gnarled and drew pieces of flesh into her nails. Calla’s body arced toward him. “Hei ey co?” (Yes or no?) She asked. Kanan didn’t answer her and though she didn’t want it she was cumming. “Hei ey co?” (Yes or no?)

“Co.” Naganti Kanan whispered and his hand wrapped around her throat. He loved to tease her and he applied pressure in short measures until she her hands dropped away from him and grabbed the blankets at her sides while she tried to fight off the orgasm he was giving her. Fighting to hold it back she tried to suck in a deep breath and the muscle around him clamped down in a death grip. Kanan’s eyes rolled back in his head and a primal bellow came from deep inside of him. With all he had Kanan pushed and forced every inch of his raw throbbing cock into her raw throbbing cunt, dumping a never-ending load into her as he went.

Chapter Six

SG-4 were about to leave the planet they’d been exploring for the last ten days when a commotion started in the marketplace. The trip hadn’t been exceedingly eventful by any means but they had met some nice people and started a tentative relationship with them. The inhabitants of this planet appeared to be traders and were more than just accustomed to having visitors come through the Stargate, they had a schedule for it. Mostly they traded goods, furs, foods, clothing, gems & metals and some rudimentary medical supplies.

A raspy voice was yelling in some language that none of them understood but DePeter thought he’d heard it at least once before. Looking around to see what was going on he saw a very large black man giving another very large black man a stern lecture. He was pointing to the cargo pad and it appeared he believed he’d been ripped off. Sine the big pissed off guy had several other big men with him, something like an apology came from the one who was being threatened and more goods were brought over to the pad. The men with him were certainly his guards because the big black man with the deep raspy voice and gray braids was the one who was large and in charge. However, he didn’t keep DePeter’s attention for long.

The man moved and on the other side of him was a red haired woman.

“Holy shit,” DePeter remarked. “Gimmie that fuckin’ thing.” He ripped the camcorder out of Smyth’s hands. Four years could make a big difference in a person’s life and in that time Fran DePeter had gone from low-man-on-the-totem-pole to heading his own SG Team.


“Quiet.” DePeter pointed the lens at them. Another familiar face came into view; Ambassador Omar. “Doctor Jackson’s never going to believe this.” He whispered and then let them pass the group by unnoticed. “Neither is General O’Neill.” DePeter adjusted the focus to be sure what he was seeing was sharp and crisp.

“Believe what?” Smyth asked.

“You’ll see.”

“Hey, isn’t that Ambassador Omar with the big guy?” Gellerman said as he came up from behind.

“You bet your ass it is. Let’s just hope he doesn’t see us.” Just before SG-4 embarked on this mission the news that Doctor Jackson’s wife might still be alive and wandering the universe broke. Just about everyone back at the SGC was trying to figure out who would go to such an elaborate length to make them all believe she was dead and where they might have taken her. At the moment the ‘why’ of it didn’t seem to matter to anyone but it just might after he got this tape back home.

“Shouldn’t we confront ‘em or somethin’?” Smyth was asking.

“You wanna cross his path? Be my guest.” DePeter returned as he focused on the big ebony man with the long braids and huge biceps. The guy was freakin’ huge and the others with him—except for Omar—were no exception. The marketplace was full and DePeter had no idea what the locals would do if fighting broke out, they could find themselves surrounded and then no one would ever know about Calla. DePeter turned the microphone all the way up in hopes of capturing some of what they were saying to each other.

Omar, the big guy, Calla and a few other people stepped onto the transport pad. The big man threw a sack of currency at the dealer.

In front of him on the transport pad the woman turned around as though she felt someone near. She stared straight in the direction where SG-4 standing hidden by the crowd and DePeter was able to get the full of her withered and bruised face on film. Oh, Doctor Jackson is not going to like that. But it is her. The big dark man with the long braided hair tugged harshly on the chain in his hand to pull her along with him. The dress she was wearing was too long and the chains leading from her throat to her wrists too short to allow her to grab it. Calla’s bare feet tangled in the velvet and she crashed to the transport pad. The big guy loomed over her, pointed a heavy finger down at her and yelled something DePeter didn’t understand. Calla cowered on the transport pad and he heaved her to her feet by her upper arms.

From up above a beam of white light shot down upon the people and cargo taking them up and away to a ship waiting for them.

“S’go!” DePeter ordered as he closed the camera and stuck it safely in his pack. “We gotta get this back.”


The Stargate opened and the four members of SG-4 came running through it. “Where is Doctor Jackson?” DePeter shouted to the control room. General O’Neill was standing up there.

“What’s goin’ on, DePeter?” Jack asked through the mic.

“I got somethin’ he’s really gonna wanna see, sir.” DePeter informed him excitedly. “I mean like right now. You’re probably gonna wanna see it too, sir.” He held up the digital recorder.

“He’s in his office, let’s go.”

Doctor Jackson had been sitting in his office staring blankly at the computer screen and feeling nothing but that awful numbness which had settled into his bones since he found out Calla was out there somewhere.

“Daniel.” Jack said as he knocked on the door and entered at the same time.

Startled out of his daze, Daniel jumped in the chair. “Geez, Jack, ya scared me.”

“DePeter here’s got something he says you need to see pronto.”

Fran DePeter didn’t wait; he pushed Daniel away from the computer, popped out the memory card from the digital recorder and pulled up the program on the screen. “You better sit down.” He told Daniel. “You have to see it because otherwise you wouldn’t believe me.” DePeter waited for Daniel to sit and then clicked on PLAY. The images of the market place began. “This is the planet we were just on. We were about to leave when, well, you’ll see.”

They did see. They saw Ambassador Omar. They saw Naganti Kanan and his burly guards. Naganti Kanan didn’t look as hale as he once did—if they only knew how he looked almost three months ago they’d say he looked fan-fucking-tastic!—and standing off to his left behind walked around like a dog on a chain was Calla.

“Oh God.” Daniel muttered and leaned in close to the screen, he reached out to turn the speakers up. She looked ragged and worn. A large gold collar weighed down her shoulders and stooped her spine; Daniel took in the jewels and the gold chains leading the wrist cuffs. A large bruise on her face was fading away and while her hair had been recently brushed it was not as full as it had been when she left. When she walked it looked painful, her weight lightly touched down with each step. “Bringing someone a great gift, is he?” Daniel asked no one as Omar’s image came back on the screen. “We gotta go.” He was getting up from the chair.

“No, they’re gone. Watch.” In a few moments the cargo and people standing on the transport pad were gone. “I dunno if you caught anything they said I tried to turn up the mic as high as I could get it. I asked around a bit before high-tailing it back here most people seemed to know his name is Kanan but they didn’t know where he was going just that he bought a lot of supplies.” DePeter explained hurriedly.

News travels fast on a small military base. Within moments Sam was working on plotting neighboring planets and systems to the one SG-4 returned from in an effort to determine where they might be headed. Jack got a team together to return to the planet with Teal’c to see what more information they could gather. Daniel sat listening and trying not to watch the digital recording. She was alive, at least now he was sure of that and that was a good thing. Kanan was yelling something about the merchant trying to rip him off that he wanted more water and meat if the merchant didn’t deliver his order at the price he paid Kanan would have his head for supper. While the merchant begged apologies and ran off to fetch the rest of Omar turned to Kanan and whispered something that Daniel could only catch part of. It was something about the chains Calla was wearing. Kanan shook his head in response and pulled her toward the pad, Calla tripped. The camera didn’t lie as much as he tried to look away each time she fell he couldn’t help it. The soles of her feet were bare and bleeding. Kanan cut the arches in her feet so she couldn’t get away from him.

It was the chains. Daniel researched quickly and found what he was looking for but couldn’t come up with an image for them. Not wanting to but knowing he needed his help; Daniel called out for his father in-law. Ares could say ‘I told you so ‘ all he liked so long as he confirmed what Daniel was already thinking.

“You’ve got a lot of balls, haven’t you, Jackson?” Ares snarled as he appeared in the office. “What do you want?”

Daniel moved away from the computer. “Sit down, Ares.” With suspicion in his movement Ares came forward and sat in the chair. Over his shoulder Daniel clicked PLAY. He sat very silent while the images and sounds played keeping his eyes on Ares’ face.

It was Ares’ turn to be stunned into silence. The fact that Kanan had recaptured her didn’t surprise him it was the chains. “They were meant to hold me.” He growled looking up at Daniel.

“So they are….”

“Hephaestus’ Chains? Yes, they are. Where the hell did he get them?” Ares pushed the chair far away from the desk and stood up rudely. “Those chains were forged for the sole purpose of holding me still so my peers could put me on trial for murder.”

“I know the story.” Daniel interjected.

“Then you know I was found innocent.” Ares remarked in a high voice. “That’s how Kanan is holding her.”

“Yeah, it would seem so.” Daniel agreed. “Where is he taking her? Could you make any of that out?”

Ares thought about it for a moment. “Some of it something about still having a long way to go and did Omar get it.” With pain in his eyes he looked down at Daniel.

“Get what?”

“I don’t fucking know!” Ares roared. “He said ‘it’…did you get it?” Ares looked back at the screen. “You don’t understand Jackson. Those chains were meant for me.” He pointed to himself. “They were only meant to be worn a day a few days at most. Their sole purpose is to confine me and my power. He hasn’t take then off of her. That’s what Omar said to him; when is going to take the chains off.”

“You know who he is.” Daniel pointed at the image of Ambassador Omar on the computer screen.

“Steffen Omar.” Ares said in a dry voice. “I see you’ve been keeping some pretty low company lately.”

“He’s the Ambassador for the Mohun.” Daniel tried to explain but Ares let out a bellow of laughter which cut him off.

“Ambassador? Ee, Gods!” He turned his head swiftly to look at Daniel. “He’s the one who invited her to the planet?” Daniel nodded. “She didn’t tell you about him?” Daniel shook his head. “Yeah, well…” Ares voice trailed off.

“Well what? Who the fuck is he and what is he holding over her that she’d go with him?!”

“You asked the stupidest questions, Jackson!” Ares roared. “He’s a ruffian, a hoodlum, an intergalactic gangsta.” He said with a lilt and shake of his head. “As for what was threatened I’ll refer you to the mirror.” Ares grabbed hold of Daniel’s lower jar. “You make her so goddamn weak! She spends her energies worrying about you! Protecting you! It’s supposed to be the other way around!” Crushing the lower jaw in his hand while he gave a rough shove, Ares pushed Daniel backward and jacked him up against the wall. Daniel’s feet dangled inches from the ground as he weight was borne on his throat. “You useless coward! You were never fit for her. Weak. Pathetic. You’re not even intelligent enough to read your own wife!” Spit flew from his lips as his eyes blazed fire and Ares was lost in his rage. “I should kill you.” The harsh grasp around Daniel’s throat tightened unmercifully and then released, Daniel fell to the floor. “You saw her. She can’t endure this much longer. We must find her.”

“We?” Daniel choked from the floor and tried to rise to his feet. All he needed was his father in-law tagging along and brewing up war wherever they went on this little trip. Christ being stuck with David in the boat sailing around Greece was bad enough, he couldn’t image being cooped up with Ares anywhere. In a matter of days one of them would be dead.

“You don’t think you’re leaving me behind, do you?” Ares quipped. “I don’t think so. You owe me.”

“Excuse me?”

“David, my crown, my scepter, my daughter.” He smiled wickedly. “Striking up any bells?”

“Yeah.” Daniel agreed in a guilty tone. “I suppose.”

“Besides, you might find that I do have certain useful skills.”


Teal’c and his team returned with information that Kanan and Omar were heading Dega-Bah system to meet up with unknown persons. All they knew was that Omar—Ambassador or not– dealt in several items of contraband and was quite well known for being exactly what Ares said he was; a man of low character even among the local smugglers. Kanan they hadn’t seen before but they all assumed he was in charge of their little excursion as he was the one with the cash as well as the one barking orders.

The Dega-Bah system was uncharted and unknown to the inhabitants of planet Earth it was also thousands of light years away and everyone assumed that because Kanan and his entourage were traveling by ship wherever they were going there was no Stargate present.

“I believe I’m calling in your marker.” Ares said to Thor as they stood around in the briefing room deciding on a plan of action.

“My ship is at your disposal, Lord Ares.” Thor returned.

“Very well,” Ares said. “Let’s go.”

“We’ll just get our gear and be right with you.” General O’Neill told the God of War.

“No.” Ares sneered. “You’re not coming, General and neither are you, Samantha.” Ares glared past both of them. “You Jaffa, you come with us.”

“Are you gonna let him talk to us like that?” Jack asked Thor.

Thor’s big black eyes blinked as he looked around. “This is how you say, Lord Ares’ ‘gig’. It’s his call, O’Neill and if he does not want you or Colonel Carter to come along then you should stay here.”

Not like the answer Jack squatted to his knees to look Thor in the eyes. “What’s he got on you? C’mon you can tell me.”

“I owe him a favor and I am paying that debt. That is all you need to know.”

“What about me? Are you going to let me come along?” Daniel asked as he stepped forward.

“Oh, yes Jackson, you’re coming all right. I have a feeling we’re going to need a little bait.”

Daniel turned back to Jack and Sam. “Take care of my kids.” He told them. “Don’t tell them what’s going on.”

Thor sent a signal to his ship and all who were supposed to, disappeared from the Gate Room.

Chapter Seven

Calla awoke not on the floor in the corner but under the blankets in Kanan’s bed. Her body was sore and the space between her legs was on fire and sticky with drying blood. There were bite marks on her breasts and her throat felt as though someone tried to stuff a brick down it. Beside her Naganti Kanan was snoring and sleeping like a sunken stone. Looking inside herself while he slept she tried to find some resemblance to her powers and came back with little. They were returning and the longer she could keep those chains off the more they would come back but right now it was no where near enough to escape him. Like it or not she had to depend on him right now. Reaching out a tentative hand she stroked the ebony skin of his back. In a few moments Kanan’s eyes opened, he rolled over and stretched his huge frame in the bed.

“Good morning, My Lord.” She said in a pleasant voice. “Are you pleased? Is there anything I may do for you?”

Kanan was just as practiced as reading her as Daniel was. While her voice was light and complaint there was deception in those eyes. If she wanted to play a game or two to pass the time that was good by him. However, if she thought she was going to win, she had another coming. Unlike Daniel he was not blinded by her compliance or her beauty. What she really wanted was for him to leave the chains off of her and to that end she would do anything. “I’m sure I can think of something you can do to please me.”

“My Lord, may I ask you something?” The hand that had been stroking his back began to run itself along the rippled muscular skin of his chest.

“What is it, Cha’Dech?”

“Where are we going?”

“Far away.” Was all he said before rolling her over onto her stomach. Kanan’s cock was just as brutalized as Calla’s aching pussy but it didn’t stop him from taking her again. Yes, right now she would do and say anything to keep those chains away from her and he was going to see to it that she did just that.


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