Irresistable Forces

Chapter 1
Taylor Steele’s heart began beating rapidly the
way it always did whenever she thought about her
most ardent desire. A mixture of relief and antici-
pation soared through her upon realizing that she
was about to embark upon a phase in her life that
she had been looking forward to for a long time.
She leaned back in the chair behind her desk
and stared out the window while tapping her fin-
gertips against her bottom lip. For the first time
she wasn’t appreciating the view of the Lincoln

8 Irresistible Forces
Memorial. Her thoughts were on something else
entirely. She was inwardly counting her bless-
During this past year she had achieved a number
of her goals. First by venturing out and starting up
her own wealth and asset management firm, which
she named Assets of Steele, and then moving from
New York to the nation’s capital and purchasing a
beautiful condo with a view of the Potomac River
from her bedroom window. That wasn’t at all bad
for a twenty-five-year-old woman who’d made the
decision after college not to return to her hometown
of Charlotte, North Carolina, and work for her
family’s multimillion-dollar manufacturing com-
pany. Instead she had set her sights on New York
after accepting a position with one of the major
banks as a wealth and asset manager.
Now she could turn her attention to the final stage
of her plan that she needed in place before making
her most sought-after dream a reality. And that was
the man she had chosen to father her child without
the benefit of marriage. She was even open to joint
custody of the child, if he wanted to go that route.
A permanent hookup with someone was not
what she wanted, not even a teeny-tiny bit. Nor was
she looking for a long-term lover, either. A short-
term one could handle the task intended quite
nicely. The last thing she wanted was a long-term
romantic commitment of any kind.

Brenda Jackson
But she was selective.
She had decided very early in her plans that not
just any man would do. It had to be someone with
all the qualities she wanted to pass on to her off-
spring. He had to be handsome, intelligent, caring,
healthy and wealthy. Definitely wealthy; after all,
wealth was her business. And with those “must-
have” qualifications embedded deep in her mind,
she could think of only one man who met her criteria.
Dominic Saxon.
She tried ignoring the warmth of sensations that
seeped through her veins. Dominic was one of her
clients and she had never met a man who radiated
so much sensuality. Part African-American and part
French, at thirty-four he was the epitome of every
woman’s fantasy and a major player in numerous
women’s nightly dreams. The sexiness was there in
his looks, his body, when he walked, talked or just
plain stared at you. He was definitely the most gor-
geous man she’d ever encountered. Besides that, she
knew from the many charities he was associated
with that he was highly intelligent and caring. And
although she wasn’t privy to his health records, she
had no reason to think he wasn’t in the best of health
and could not father a child. The man was as virile
as any man could get.
From the very beginning she had been attracted to
him and for the past two years it had taken everything
she had to keep their relationship strictly business,

10 Irresistible Forces
although he’d never given her the impression he
expected anything else. Whenever they met he was
always professional and courteous. She knew that he
merely saw her as one of his employees and nothing
more. He was paying a hefty fee for the services she
rendered and her job was to take all the wealth he’d
accumulated in his thirty-four years and make him
richer, which wasn’t hard since he was an ace at
making the most of every financial opportunity.
It was common knowledge that he was the son
of a wealthy Frenchman and his beautiful African-
American wife, and from the time Dominic was
born he’d had the best of everything—schools,
social contacts and money, and he’d used all three
to his benefit. He rotated residences between the
United States and France, although she heard he
also owned a beautiful apartment in London, as well
as a private island off the French coast of Normandy.
Taylor picked up the brochure that had been sent
to her compliments of her youngest sister, Cheyenne.
It was meant to be a joke after a conversation the two
of them had shared a week ago when she’d told
Cheyenne that she wanted a baby, but not a husband.
Cheyenne had sent her the pamphlet that she’d
come across in her travels as a professional model
that advertised procreation vacations.
A week on a
Caribbean island, plenty of dirty talk with trained
professionals, exotic food and aphrodisiac-laden
drinks…and if needed, a week’s supply of Viagra.

Brenda Jackson
It was advertised as a dream come true and the
Bahamas resort encouraged potential guests to use
their facilities for a week of near-constant, mind-
blowing sex just for the purpose of making a baby.
The packet Cheyenne had sent included several
pictures bordering the brochure that could be con-
sidered X-rated. But they did a good job of getting
their point across.
Compared to the frosty March weather they were
experiencing, the island seemed like a really nice
place to be right now. She could spend her time
resting, relaxing and, of course, making a baby. Now
if she could only convince the man she’d chosen to
father her child to go along with her plan…
“Ms. Steele, Mr. Saxon has arrived.”
Taylor’s secretary’s voice coming across the
intercom interrupted her thoughts, and immediately
she took a deep breath when more heady sensa-
tions coursed through her. It was time to put her plan
into action. “Please escort him in, Mrs. Roberts.”
Dominic Saxon checked his watch. He had just
about an hour to meet with Taylor Steele and then
he had an unexpected meeting back at the hotel. He
had received a call from his parents saying they were
flying into D.C. from California and wanted to meet
with him. His father’s voice had sounded urgent but
he had refused to say what the meeting was about.
Whenever Dominic made a pit stop in the nation’s

12 Irresistible Forces
capital it was usually to check on the Saxon Hotel,
just one of many his family owned in several major
cities around the country. Usually Taylor would fly
into New York for their meetings, so it came as a
surprise when he’d gotten a call asking that he drop
by her office on this trip.
She had been assigned as his financial advisor
when she had worked for a bank in Manhattan.
From the very beginning, the degree of her intelli-
gence when it came to wealth management, as well
as her comprehensive view of his personal portfo-
lio, investment goals and financial objectives had
amazed him. He was already a successful business-
man but together they created a long-term strategy
that was increasing his fortune exponentially.
Besides being very knowledgeable on financial
affairs, he’d found Taylor to be an extremely beau-
tiful woman. Even now he could recall the desire
that had consumed him the first time he’d seen her
and because of it, he had concluded the less he saw
of his wealth and asset manager the better off he
was. He had decided that first day that she was defi-
nitely a woman worth taking to his bed—he was
one who didn’t believe in mixing business with
pleasure, no matter how enticing the thought or
deep the craving. Yet the thought had remained
lodged in his mind. He would be the first to admit
it had been hard as hell to control the urge to take
things further. He was used to beautiful women but

Brenda Jackson
there was something about Taylor Steele that caused
him to think of hot sex every time he was in the
same room with her.
Regardless of the iron-clad control he was known
for—physically and emotionally—he was defi-
nitely a hot-blooded man, which was something
he seemed to remember each and every time he
breathed Taylor’s scent.
“Ms. Steele is ready to see you, Mr. Saxon. I’ll
escort you in.”
He stood and smiled at her secretary, a nice older
lady, who seemed more suited to baking cookies for
her grandkids than trying to tackle the huge com-
puter sitting in front of her. “Thank you, and I don’t
need an escort.”
“Yes, sir.”
He fought for control of both his body and mind
as he headed toward the door that had Taylor
Steele’s name plate on it.
Taylor inhaled a deep breath as she stared across
the room at the man who walked into her office. He
was wearing a black business suit with a white shirt
that spelled out his wealth, and at thirty-four his
mixed heritage made his looks striking. A sensuous
shiver glided down her spine. He was simply gor-
geous. His height, tall and imposing at six foot
three, was hard to miss. She had seen photographs
of him and his mother, a renowned fashion designer,

14 Irresistible Forces
earlier that year in
magazine. Megan Saxon
was known for her beauty as well as for her skill and
talent with fabrics.
From his mother, Dominic had inherited the shape
of his lips, which could only be defined as full and
sultry even on a male. He had his father’s startling
green eyes, which were a breathtaking contrast to his
maple-brown coloring. Then there was the thick,
black, curly hair that flowed past his shoulders when
he wasn’t wearing it back in a rakish-looking pony-
tail…as he was now. And last but not at all least were
the chiseled jaw, cleft chin and high cheekbones.
As she stared at him, her courage began wavering.
Anyone would say she had a lot of nerve to propo-
sition Dominic Saxon to father her child and then
expect him to back off. But then anyone who thought
she had a lot of nerve would know that in essence
she really did. She was known to be gutsy enough
to try anything once—as long as it was legal. And
there was nothing illegal about making an offer. The
only thing he could say was yes or no, and inwardly
she crossed her fingers that she would get a yes.
What did she have to lose? A very profitable client
was the first response that popped into her mind.
Would he still want her to handle his financial affairs
after she made such an outlandish request?
She let out a relaxed breath with the sound of her
name from his lips. She loved his accent, a blend of

Brenda Jackson
English and French. More than once during the
course of their business meetings he would lapse
into French without realizing he’d done so, and
would quickly catch himself and revert back to
English. She smiled. He hadn’t yet figured out the
fact that she also spoke French, not as fluently as he
did but enough to get by. In fact she spoke several
different languages, thanks to all those classes she’d
taken while attending Georgetown. She had prepared
herself to tap into the international markets.
“Dominic, I’m glad you were able to meet with
me today.” She liked the fact that they were on a first-
name basis, a rule he had established the first time he
had walked into her office as a new client. She also
liked the fact that he had given her an appraisal from
head to toe, which meant this new cobalt-blue
business suit had made an impression. When she’d
purchased it yesterday, she’d hoped that it would.
“No problem, but I do have an important meeting
back at the hotel in a few hours, so my time with
you will have to be brief,” he informed her, breaking
into her thoughts.
“I understand. Please have a seat,” she said, com-
ing from behind her desk.
He took the chair she offered and she sat in the
one across from it, thinking it would be better not
to sit behind her desk. Although she would be
making what she considered a business proposi-
tion, she wanted less formality than usual.

16 Irresistible Forces
“Thanks for seeing me on such short notice.”
“No problem.” What Dominic had said was true.
It hadn’t been a problem although he’d been sur-
prised by her request to meet with him. She had
moved from New York a few months ago, striking
out on her own and leaving the company that had
given her a start. Although her former employer
had tried making a fuss, it had been Dominic’s
decision to follow Taylor, preferring to continue to
do business strictly with her.
Today, as usual, she looked good. Because his
mother was considered by many to be a fashion
goddess, he appreciated anyone, man or woman,
who displayed good taste in clothing. He considered
himself, as well as his father, a fairly stylish dresser
since Megan Saxon wouldn’t have it any other way.
He thought Taylor had great taste when it came to
selecting her clothes. She was definitely a fashion-
minded person who knew not only how to dress for
success but also when to dress to impress. And he’d
always been impressed each and every time he’d
seen her.
And on top of that, she was a very attractive
woman. Young, but attractive. Her dark brown hair
was cut in a short and sassy style that was perfect
for the oval shape of her face and her creamy cocoa-
colored complexion. She was tall, leggy, with a
curvy figure that enhanced the business suits she
liked wearing.

Brenda Jackson
When he’d first met her he’d thought someone
at the bank was trying to pull a fast one over on
him. There was no way a woman her age could
handle the vast extent of his wealth. She had
proven him wrong.
“How was your flight into the city?” she asked,
reclaiming his thoughts.
“As usual Martin was excellent at the controls,”
he said of his private pilot. “It was good flying
weather and he made the most of it.”
Taylor nodded, trying not to stare at the way he
was sitting in the chair—perfect posture, immacu-
lately groomed and sexy to a fault.
“What kind of business deal have you put
together that was so important you wanted us to
meet today, Taylor?”
His question pulled her back in, made her aware
he was staring at her while waiting for her response.
She swallowed. She couldn’t get cold feet now. She
was a risk-taker and this would definitely be a risk
worth taking.
a business deal but then it’s also sort
of personal.”
She watched the lifting of his dark brow before
he asked, “Personal? In what way?”
She paused for a second before she said, “I want
to make you an offer that really won’t cost you any-
Just your sperm,
she decided not to add.
He tilted his head slightly and gazed at her.

18 Irresistible Forces
“Then what would be the investment on my part?”
he asked. “And what will be the return?”
She was not surprised by his questions since the
majority of their meetings always addressed invest-
ments and returns. “The return is based on some-
thing I heard you say that every man should have a
right to do.”
“Which is?”
“To father a child.”
He frowned. “I don’t recall ever saying anything
like that to you.”
She wouldn’t expect him to remember. “It was
last year, during the bank’s Christmas party at
Rockefeller Center. You made my boss extremely
happy by making an appearance. One of the secre-
taries had dropped by and brought in her newborn
baby for everyone to see. I believe you were speak-
ing to yourself out loud more than making conver-
sation with me.”
His frown deepened as he continued to stare at
her. “And just what did I say?”
“You were staring at the baby and said that every
man should have a right to father a child and you
regretted not having done so yet.”
He nodded and she felt a rush of gratitude that
he didn’t deny having said such a thing. She shifted
in her chair and met his gaze. “Is that true, Dominic?
Is that something you regret not doing? Do you
want a child?”

Brenda Jackson
For the first time in their business relationship,
she could feel his defense mechanism go up. He had
often used it with others but never with her. And a
part of her understood his need to use it now. He was
a private person and she
asking him some rather
personal questions.
“Why are we discussing this, Taylor?” he asked
gruffly, narrowing his gaze at her.
Her emotions flinched at the look but she knew
despite that, she had to go on. She paused a moment
and then said, “We are discussing this because I
feel the same way. I think every woman who wants
a child should have the chance to mother one. And
I want one.”
The glare in his eyes indicated he wasn’t quite
following her, was still somewhat confused. “Then
why don’t you have one?” he asked flatly.
“I plan to do so…and that’s why I’ve asked you
here. It seems the two of us want the same thing and
then again we don’t want the same thing. We both
want a child, but I’ve read you quoted many times
as saying you will never marry again.” She knew his
wife had been killed in a car accident four years ago.
“Yes, and I was quoted correctly.”
She nodded. “And getting married is the furthest
thing from my mind, as well.”
He leaned forward in his chair, holding her gaze
under the penetrating stare of his green eyes. “Let’s
cut to the chase, shall we, Taylor. I still don’t follow

20 Irresistible Forces
this business proposition of yours. You’ve estab-
lished the fact that we both would like a child, but
I don’t know where that is leading.”
She stood and picked up the brochure off her
desk. “To this,” she said, handing it to him. “You
and I. Together. And a week spent on a procreation
island in the Caribbean for the sole purpose of
making a baby.”
He looked at her as if she’d lost her mind as he
accepted the brochure. He moved his gaze from her
to the pamphlet. It took him a few moments to read
it and then he lifted his head to meet her gaze again.
“Aphrodisiac-laden drinks? Constant mind-blowing
sex? Are you serious?”
She nodded nervously and grimaced when she
heard the incredulity in his voice. Chances were he
thought she had really lost it. “Yes,” she replied,
knowing she had to somehow convince him that
she was still sane. “And I’d like to make you an
offer. I want a baby, Dominic. Yours. A baby we will
get to share. And to start things off we get to spend
a week on that island. Many obstetricians even rec-
ommend such trips to couples who might find it dif-
ficult to conceive…not that I think we would have
any problems. But it would take the tension off
some and there is a guarantee of privacy. I’ve con-
sidered other options, such as having the procedure
done by artificial insemination, however, I chose
this route because I want my child conceived the

Brenda Jackson
normal way, a way I consider natural, with the two
of us making love.”
She inhaled deeply as he continued to stare at her.
“Good heavens! Do you know what you’re asking
me?” he queried, his voice low and husky.
“Yes, trust me I know,” she said, refusing to look
away from the intensity of his stare. “But you are a
man I have come to respect and admire and when I
thought about a potential father for my child, I
couldn’t think of anyone else I would rather have.
You have all the qualities that I want.”
Dominic wasn’t quite sure what to say to that, so
instead he slowly got to his feet. The nature of this
meeting was definitely a surprise to say the least.
“There’s no way I can decide on something such as
this right this minute. We need to discuss your
business proposition further and I suggest we do so
tonight over dinner. Let’s say around seven o’clock
at the hotel. Is that time okay?”
She swallowed. At least he hadn’t given her a
flat-out no. “Yes, that’s fine.”
“Good. I’ll send my driver for you around six-
thirty. My secretary will contact you later today for
an address.”
“All right.”
He walked toward the door and before reaching
it, he turned back around and said, “I’ll see you
tonight, Taylor.”
He stared at her for a moment longer and then

22 Irresistible Forces
she watched as he turned and walked out of her
office. It was only after he left she realized he had
taken the brochure with him.
The driver opened the door and Dominic slid onto
the plush leather seats of the limo. “Where to, Nick?”
“Back to the hotel, Ryder.”
When the car began moving Dominic glanced
down at the brochure he still held in his hand as his
mind recalled everything Taylor had said. The
brochure was proof he hadn’t imagined it. She
wanted a baby. His baby. And she wanted them to
spend a week on some island in the Caribbean to
make it happen. To say he was stunned would be an
understatement, but he had heard the sincerity in
Taylor’s voice. She was dead serious.
He began reading the piece of literature. If the
words didn’t hit him below the gut, the pictures
most definitely did. Procreation vacations. Just
when he thought he’d heard it all. Evidently not.
According to the brochure, it was a growing trend
for couples that wanted to conceive. And Taylor
Steele wanted to conceive.
If he were totally honest with himself, he would
admit that so did he. The thought had crossed his
mind several times in the past year, ever since his
father’s bout with prostate cancer last year. Thanks
to early detection, surgery hadn’t been needed and
there were only short-term side effects.

Brenda Jackson
His father’s condition had made Dominic realize
two things. His parents weren’t the invincible couple
he’d always assumed them to be. And although they
both appeared to be in great physical shape, none-
theless, they were aging with each passing day.
Another thing he had come to realize, although
they’d never mentioned it, was that his parents
longed for a grandchild. He saw it in their eyes each
and every time any of their friends talked about
their grandchildren. There was no doubt in his mind
if Camry had lived they would have had a child or
two by now. But she hadn’t lived and for the past
four years he had somehow managed to go on, with
the beautiful memories they’d shared to sustain him.
His parents had understood that after Camry’s
death the thought of ever marrying again was as
foreign to him as life on another planet. Without
realizing she had done so, Taylor may have pro-
vided him with the very solution to a problem that
had been bothering him for some time.
He resumed reading the brochure. The success
rate of the woman returning from one of these trips
pregnant was very high but what intrigued him the
most was the mere thought of checking into a resort
with Taylor with the sole intent of having a full
week of constant sex. He was getting aroused just
thinking about it, about the possibility of making all
those fantasies he’d tried pushing to the back of his
mind about Taylor a reality.

24 Irresistible Forces
But still, all things considered, he and Taylor
would need to discuss the issue more in detail.
There were a number of questions he needed an-
swered, such as what joint custody of a child they
shared would entail, and why did she think him
making her pregnant would not cost him anything?
Did she expect him to walk away from any finan-
cial obligations he had toward the child?
He settled back in the cushions of the seat think-
ing he was very much looking forward to his dinner
date with Taylor later tonight.
“Your parents are waiting for you in your suite,
Mr. Saxon.”
Thanks, Harold,” Dominic said to the hotel man-
ager moments before crossing the huge lobby to the
bank of elevators that would carry him up to the
penthouse. The Saxon Grand was a beautiful hotel
and had been the first Saxon Hotel. It was built
twenty-five years ago and Dominic was almost
certain Harold was hired in some position at that
time, which would make him one of Saxon Hotel’s
oldest employees. And Harold was good at what he
did, based on the customer satisfaction surveys that
were periodically done. Customers visiting the area
kept coming back knowing they would receive first-
class service.
Moments later Dominic walked into his suite un-
announced to find his parents in a loving embrace.

Brenda Jackson
He was not surprised nor the least embarrassed to see
them standing in the middle of the floor sharing a
passionate kiss. Despite having been married for
thirty-six years, Marcello and Megan were still
deeply in love. That was obvious to anyone around
them for any length of time. As long as he could
remember, his parents were openly affectionate.
He’d always known how much they loved each other
as well as how much they had unselfishly loved him.
He cleared his throat to let them know of his
presence. “Mom and Dad, it’s good seeing you,” he
said, and knew he didn’t have to add that it was also
good seeing they were still very much in love.
His parents had met when Marcello Saxon had
arrived in the United States from France to attend
Yale. In his senior year he met the beautiful and
vivacious Megan Spectrum and they fell in love im-
mediately. It hadn’t mattered that he was French and
she African-American. What had mattered was the
love they had for each other. They had gone so far
as to defy Marcello’s father, who’d threatened to
disown his son—the heir to the Saxon wealth—if a
marriage took place. Choosing love over wealth,
Marcello had married Megan a year later and good
to his word, Franco Saxon had practically disowned
his son, had barely spoken to him since and only
recently had acknowledged the marriage.
Dominic saw the worried look in his father’s
gaze. “What’s wrong, Dad?” His father had recently

26 Irresistible Forces
had his annual checkup and Dominic inwardly
prayed there wasn’t bad news in that regard.
Marcello read the concern in his son’s gaze and
said, “No, I’m fine. The doctors gave me another
clean bill of health after my last checkup. But we
did get some news last night that your grandfather
has taken ill.”
Dominic stared first at his father and then at his
mother. Finally he shrugged nonchalantly as he
crossed the room to give his father a bear hug.
“Have you forgotten, Father, that I don’t have a
“Nick,” his father said in a frustrating tone, “how
can you be so unforgiving?”
Dominic arched a brow. “And how can you be so
forgiving? That man refused to accept my mother
as your wife, publicly denounced your marriage
and you, didn’t speak to you for years, never
acknowledged my birth and then out of the clear
blue sky last year when he’d heard you had taken
ill, he showed up and expected everyone to kiss and
make up. Well, I wasn’t in the kissing mood then
and I’m not in it now,” he said in an angry tone.
He switched his gaze from his father to smile down
at his mother. “Except for this beautiful woman here,”
he said, before hugging her close and placing a soft
kiss across her cheek. “How are you, Mama?”
Megan Saxon returned her son’s smile before
giving him a scolding look. “I’m fine, Nick, and

Brenda Jackson
your father is right, you know. You can’t distance
your grandfather forever.”
“Would you care to bet on that?”
She frowned. “You’re just like your father. Stub-
A smile touched Dominic’s lips. “Yet you love
us anyway.”
Dominic then glanced at the man who’d sired
him. The man he loved, admired and respected
above all else. The man who had not let his father’s
rejection of the woman he loved destroy his deter-
mination to make her his wife and to make some-
thing out of his life—even without the Saxon wealth
behind him. After college Marcello had started from
the bottom and with keen intelligence, his father
built his own Saxon empire, which consisted of
hotels, cruise liners, restaurants, publishing compa-
nies and various auto dealerships across the country.
His mother hadn’t done badly, either, he thought
with a proud smile. Megan Saxon’s name was known
throughout the world and graced the garments of
several international celebrities. She had a remark-
able reputation for outstanding design and had estab-
lished her own empire in the world of fashion.
The one thing his parents had taught him, Dominic
concluded, was to increase his own wealth and not
depend on what he might or might not inherit. And
so he had. With their blessings he had carved out his
personal legacy and thanks to a sharp wealth asset

28 Irresistible Forces
manager like Taylor, he was doing quite well for
He glanced at his watch. They would be sharing
dinner in less than four hours.
“Regardless of what you say or how you feel,
Nick, he is still your grandfather.”
Dominic decided not to justify his father’s state-
ment with a response.
“Will you at least think about going to see him,
That question came from his mother. He glanced
down at her. She was five feet, eight inches tall and
in a room with her son and husband she looked
small and delicate. But he knew the latter was far
from the truth. She had to be one of the most head-
strong women that he knew, definitely no pushover.
It was on the tip of his tongue to say there was
nothing to think about and that under no circum-
stances did he intend to go see the man, but the last
thing he wanted was to upset his mother any further.
It bothered her that he disliked his grandfather so
much because of the old man’s treatment of her.
“I’ll think about it,” he said, although he knew
deep down that he wouldn’t.
“And that’s all we ask you to do, Nick,” his
mother said softly. “We’re staying in the suite across
the hall tonight and flying to France in the morning.”
He nodded. If they expected him to drop every-

Brenda Jackson
thing and fly to France with them because the old
man had taken ill then they were wrong. He leaned
over and swept another kiss across his mother’s
cheek. “And I hope the two of you have a safe
He saw the flash of disappointment in her eyes
and chose to ignore it. “Now if the two of you will
excuse me I have a few things I need to take care of
before my date tonight here in my suite.”
His mother’s brow lifted in surprise. “You have
a date?”
He smiled. His mother was well aware that he
rarely entertained anyone in a place he considered his
private domain. “Yes. But don’t waste the excitement.
I’m merely meeting with my financial advisor.”
He chuckled. “The two of you can join us if you
like,” he invited, knowing they wouldn’t.
“Your mother and I have other plans,” his father
said, smiling and gently pulling Megan out of
Dominic’s arms into his and kissing her lips. “We’re
having dinner with friends.”
“Okay then. Enjoy yourselves.” And then Dominic’s
thoughts immediately went back to Taylor and her
outlandish proposition. He glanced at his watch
again. He couldn’t wait to see her later.

Chapter 2
o you really think he’s going to go along with
it, Taylor?”
Taylor heard the uncertainty in her sister’s voice
through the phone. Vanessa was the one with doubts;
however, Cheyenne was the sister who was convinced
Dominic would accept her offer. And it wasn’t that
Vanessa was a naysayer. She was just being realistic
that most people thought logically. And what Taylor
was posing to Dominic was highly illogical.
The three of them, she, Vanessa and Cheyenne,
always had a close relationship growing up and over
the years that hadn’t changed. Vanessa, the oldest
at twenty-seven, was the one who, after getting a

Brenda Jackson
grad degree at Tennessee State, had returned to
Charlotte to work at the family’s manufacturing
business, The Steele Corporation, along with their
four older male cousins—Chance, Sebastian, Mor-
gan and Donovan. After college, Taylor and Cheyenne
had chosen to seek opportunities far away from
North Carolina. Cheyenne, who was twenty-three,
was a professional model and that meant a lot of
traveling as well as living in some of the most exotic
places in the world.
Vanessa was in the midst of planning a June
wedding to a very handsome man by the name of
Cameron Cody. Taylor couldn’t help but smile
when she thought about how Cameron had pursued
her sister with a vengeance, and finally succeeded
in capturing Vanessa’s heart. Taylor was happy for
Vanessa and looked forward to returning home for
a brief stay this weekend to be fitted for her brides-
maid dress.
Vanessa didn’t have to repeat the question for
Taylor to respond. She knew what Vanessa wanted
to know. “Um, I don’t know if Dominic will go
along with my offer or not. It would certainly make
my day if he did. At least I’ll have another chance
to convince him that I haven’t lost my mind at
dinner tonight.”
“Well, good luck.”
“Thanks, Vanessa.” Deciding to change the sub-

32 Irresistible Forces
ject, she said, “So tell me how the plans are coming
for the wedding.”
An hour or so later, Taylor was stepping out of
the shower to get dressed for her dinner meeting
with Dominic. His secretary had called earlier to get
her address and to let her know that a car was being
sent to pick her up exactly at six-thirty. She would
be taken to the Saxon Grand Hotel, where she
would be dining with Mr. Saxon.
Taylor glanced at the outfit and accessories she
had placed on the bed earlier. She would be wearing
a mauve embroidered overlay dress with gold covair
beading on the empire bodice and a hem that
stopped well above the knee to show off her legs.
The dress wasn’t flashy, but she had to admit it was
eye-catching. Deliberately so. She needed an outfit
that would make Dominic take notice and quickly
conclude that a week spent with her on a tropical
island indulging in unlimited bedroom activities
wouldn’t be all bad.
With less than thirty minutes before the car was
to arrive, Taylor was standing in front of the mirror
in her bedroom studying the finished product. She
tilted her head back, liking the way the earrings
dangled from her ears and the matching necklace
around her neck. Both had been Christmas gifts
from her oldest cousin, Chance, and his wife, Kylie.
Taylor still found it hard to believe at times that
within a three-year period her staunch bachelor

Brenda Jackson
cousins, Chance, Sebastian and Morgan, had fallen
in love and gotten married. And then there was
Vanessa, who would be marrying Cameron in June.
Taylor was happy for all four of them. Her thoughts
shifted to the one lone single male cousin, Donovan
Steele. At thirty-two, marriage was the furthest
thing from his mind. She had even heard him swear
that he would be a bachelor for life.
Her sister Cheyenne was pretty much like her—
too involved in a career to take the time to settle
down and get involved in a serious affair. But Taylor
was determined that no matter how involved she
was in her career, she would take time out to
become a mother. Having a child had always been
her lifelong desire, but she hadn’t known to what
degree until a few months back when she returned
home to attend Morgan’s celebration party, after he
won the council-at-large seat in Charlotte, becom-
ing the first Steele to enter politics.
Vanessa’s best friend, Sienna, had just given birth
to a little boy, who in keeping with Bradford tradi-
tion had been named Dane William Bradford IV.
The moment Taylor had held Little Dane in her
arms she’d known that she didn’t want to wait any
longer to become a mom.
Sighing deeply, Taylor glanced at her watch.
Dominic’s driver would be arriving to pick her up
any moment and she wanted to be ready. When she
saw Dominic again, she definitely wanted to give

34 Irresistible Forces
him a few things to think about. He would discover
tonight that she was a lot more than a mover and a
shaker. She was a woman who went after what
she wanted and more than anything, she wanted
Dominic Saxon as her baby’s daddy.
Dominic glanced at his watch periodically as he
paced around his hotel room waiting for Taylor’s
arrival. He couldn’t recall the last time a dinner date
had him on edge.
Earlier, during a relaxing moment, he had shared
a glass of wine with his parents, and as always, he
had enjoyed their company. They didn’t always see
eye to eye on everything but he couldn’t ask for
better parents. They had always been there for him,
supportive in every way.
He couldn’t help noticing how worried his father
was about Franco Saxon’s health. It had taken
Marcello years to finally put the anger behind him
and accept the olive branch that Franco had held out
after over thirty years. Dominic hadn’t been that for-
giving and to this day he had come face-to-face
with the man who was his grandfather only twice.
The most recent time was the day Franco had flown
in from Paris and had shown up at Dominic’s
parents’ home in Los Angeles after getting word that
his only son—the one he had years ago disowned—
had a life-threatening illness. Luckily, Marcello’s
condition hadn’t been as bad as all that, but it had

Brenda Jackson
reunited father and son. Marcello was of the mind
that too much hurt and pain had passed and as long
as Franco finally accepted his marriage, all was
well. Before he had left to return to France, Franco
had given his blessings to the marriage.
Dominic frowned. As far as he was concerned it
had come years too late and he had told the old man
as much. But it seemed Dominic’s words had fallen
on deaf ears since Franco had refused to give up,
determined to forge a bond with his only grand-
child. Dominic had repeatedly turned down his
grandfather’s attempts. A part of him could not put
aside the deep animosity he felt and move on.
Before taking a shower he had touched base with
his kitchen staff. Dinner would be served here in his
suite, which was a first for him. He rarely brought
company to his hotel room, but given the topic of
his and Taylor’s conversation, it was important that
whatever was discussed was done in private.
Hours later, after getting dressed, he paused to
think about everything he knew about Taylor.
He knew from past conversations with her that
her mother was still alive but that her father had died
years back of lung cancer. He also knew she had two
sisters and she was the middle child. And he was
well aware that her family owned a multimillion-
dollar business, The Steele Corporation, where she
had a seat on the board of directors. He knew
Chance Steele, her cousin, who was the CEO of the

36 Irresistible Forces
company. They had met years ago at a business
conference and Dominic found him to be a very
likable person.
Dominic also was acquainted with Cameron
Cody, the man her oldest sister would be marrying.
They moved in the same social circles and had even
been involved in a highly successful business ven-
ture a few years back. When it came to business
Cody was sharp as a tack.
Dominic wondered if Taylor’s family was aware
of how she intended to branch into motherhood.
She wanted a baby, but not a husband. All things
considered, he could certainly entertain the thought
of having a baby without a wife. However, before
he agreed to Taylor’s proposal there were a number
of things he had to think about, questions he needed
On the flip side, he definitely had no qualms
about accepting her proposal. He was attracted to
her and had been from the first. Making a baby with
her would definitely give him the excuse he needed
to cross over the line of business only. The thought
of having Taylor in bed beneath him while making
love to her had kept him aroused all day.
The phone rang and he was jerked out of his
thoughts. He quickly moved across the room to pick
it up. “Yes?”
“Your guest has arrived, sir. Do you want me to
escort her up?”

Brenda Jackson
“No, I’ll be down to meet her myself.”
He hung up the phone feeling, oddly, a bit
Taylor glanced around thinking that this was the
first time she had been in a Saxon Hotel. It was big
and spacious with an understated degree of refined
elegance. It was definitely a five-star that was
replete with a luxurious-looking grand interior and
a uniformed staff on duty to satisfy a client’s every
whim. A person could definitely get swept away
with such grace and style.
“Mr. Saxon will be coming down for you, Ms.
Taylor glanced at the uniformed man who had
spoken. He was the same one who had picked her
up from her condo and now stood solidly beside
her. “He is?”
She figured once inside the hotel she would be
on her own. Apparently not. It appeared Dominic
had other ideas. When he had invited her to dinner
she’d known they would be dining in his suite. He
hadn’t said as much but she had assumed it. He was
a private person and the majority of the time when
they had dinner meetings he always made it a habit
to suggest a private room. It wasn’t uncommon for
him to cause a stir, especially among the media who
enjoyed writing about the wealthy Saxon heir.

38 Irresistible Forces
“Here is Mr. Saxon now.”
Taylor glanced in the direction of the elevators
and caught sight of Dominic walking toward them.
She had prepared herself to see him again. Or so she
thought. The man was so extraordinarily sexy, so
ridiculously sensual that her entire body began
responding. As he crossed the wide stretch of lobby
toward her, people, mainly women, stopped to stare.
She suddenly felt her heart take a nosedive into
her stomach. He was wearing a tailored suit and
blue shirt that fit him with precision and even at a
distance she could detect his calm restraint. She
was about to look away and place her focus else-
where, when his gaze suddenly snagged hers. His
penetrating stare was doing things to her, forcing
her to embark on one hell of a fantastic voyage.
Heat rushed through her, zinged her with a force she
hadn’t felt before. The man had enough sex appeal
to bottle for future generations.
Definitely not what she wanted to be up
against tonight. How was she going to get through a
meal with him when already she felt trapped in his
All right, I can handle this. I can handle him.
Those words flowed through her mind as he got
closer. With a half smile she expelled another breath
and forced back the thought that suddenly entered
her mind about just how great it would be to share a
hotel room with him, a bed, the same intimate space.
Hot sex. Heated Sex. Never-ending Sex. And all for

Brenda Jackson
a full week. With her lips barely moving, she released
a soft laugh. There would be little time for chitchat.
That thought put every nerve ending in her body
on red alert. But she refused to give anything away.
So she stood there waiting, looking more poised
than she actually felt. She was here for a good
reason and knowing that reason gave strength to her
resolve. It would be pointless to fight off the sexual
heat the man generated but she wished she wasn’t
so aware of him. She would have appreciated it if
he didn’t make such a powerful impact on her vital
signs and wasn’t oozing such raw physical force.
And more than anything, she wished he didn’t
look like all the millions he was actually worth.
Boy, how she wished.
When he finally came to a stop in front of her,
and she saw the beauty of his green eyes as he gazed
into her dark ones, she had never wished for
anything so much in her life.
The first thing that had hit Dominic, even before
he’d reached Taylor, was her scent. He had to com-
pliment whatever perfume she was wearing. It was
both soft and sensuous and had a punch that could
drive a man to distraction. But then he had been
blown away the moment he had stepped off the
elevator and had seen her standing with Ryder. She
looked delicate beside the huge hulk of man. Above
all, she looked stunning.

40 Irresistible Forces
The dress she was wearing definitely brought
out her sensual side. Thanks to his mother he knew
enough about fashion to realize that not every
woman would be able to pull off wearing an outfit
such as this. You had to have the small waistline,
curves and legs to make it happen, otherwise it
would be a total waste of good fabric. Taylor had
the small waistline, the curves and the legs. Another
added bonus was that she also had the breasts, since
the square-neck bodice emphasized them. Yes, alto-
gether he would give the outfit an A-plus.
Even now as he stared at her, with her head tilted
and meeting his intense gaze, he was fighting for
control. He had always admired Taylor for her intel-
ligence, her investment savvy, but now he was about
to bestow on her accolades for her ability to take
him on at a personal level. He was beginning to
discover that she was one irresistible force.
His name on her lips seemed to warm his skin.
He even felt his insides beginning to melt. He
figured he needed to get her up to his hotel room
before his sexual response to her became too obvi-
ous. “Taylor, I hope you had a pleasant ride coming
She smiled as she glanced over at Ryder. “Um,
it was rather interesting.”
Only someone who knew Ryder Sanders as well
as Dominic was aware of the man fighting the urge

Brenda Jackson
to smile back. Evidently his driver had broken
several speed limits.
Years ago, when at the age of fourteen, a kidnap-
ping attempt had been made on Dominic, Franco
Saxon, in one of his rare but manipulative moves had
sent Ryder. Marcello had been too distraught at the
thought of someone trying to use his son in a ransom
scheme to send Ryder back. By the time Dominic
had learned of his grandfather’s gesture, Ryder had
become not only his bodyguard, driver and traveling
companion, but the now fifty-something man had
become his good friend. Dominic moved around
freely knowing that Ryder had his back.
“Interesting?” Dominic said. “I’m sure it was.
Are you ready to go up to my suite for dinner?”
“Yes, I’m ready.”
The sound of her voice stoked the fires within him
once again. There was a whole world of difference
between the Taylor he met each month to discuss his
financial portfolio and the one standing in front of
him looking good enough to devour. All of a sudden
the menu that he’d carefully selected lost its appeal
and he was developing a taste for something else
altogether. Something that was just as succulent.
He gestured toward the bank of elevators. “There’s
a private one that goes up to the floor where the
owner suites are located.”
She began walking beside him across the lobby
floor. He saw several heads turn and knew everyone

42 Irresistible Forces
was probably thinking they made a beautiful cou-
ple. Little did they know that during the course of
the next few hours they would be encased in his
hotel room discussing whether or not they should
make a beautiful baby together.
His heart began to thunder in his chest. He had
a feeling it would be a long and tempting evening.
This had to be the longest elevator ride that she’d
ever taken, Taylor thought as she tried looking at
everything other than Dominic. He was standing
beside her and she felt tension grip her stomach.
She didn’t feel like engaging in a nice conversa-
tion just to pass the time. Although she and Dominic
had spent many hours together poring over his
financial portfolio, their meeting tonight would be
altogether different. She was now a woman with a
plan. And it was a plan that she hoped he would go
along with.
“I should have asked before commissioning the
cook to come up with something special for dinner
tonight if you’re allergic to anything.”
She glanced up at him. “No, there’s nothing I can
think of that doesn’t agree with my system.”
“I’m glad to hear that.”
She met his eyes. They were staring deep into hers.
“And don’t be surprised if we see my parents at
some point tonight.”
She arched a brow. “Your parents?”

Brenda Jackson
“Yes. They’re here at the hotel. They flew in from
California and are on their way out of the country.”
She nodded. “I’ve seen pictures of them together
in various magazines. They make a nice couple,”
she said, meaning every word. Marcello Saxon was
an extremely handsome man with his classic French
looks. And Dominic’s mom was a beauty, who
didn’t look a day past forty. In a rare photo that
Dominic and his parents had taken together that
had appeared in
magazine earlier this year,
Megan Saxon looked young enough to have passed
for his sister.
“Thanks, and I agree. They do make a nice
couple. I am fortunate to have them as parents.”
The elevator came to a stop and the doors
swooshed open. Dominic stood back for her to walk
out ahead of him and then he was there again, by
her side, leading the way down an elegantly car-
peted hall toward a set of double doors at the end.
They came to a stop at the doors. “The kitchen
staff was arriving when I was leaving so everything
should be set up now,” he was saying. “We can
discuss things over dinner and, if need be, converse
further afterward.”
As she stared into his green eyes she suddenly
felt a heated rush, a swamp of sensations of the
strongest kind. It was nothing more than a business
meeting over dinner, yet she had to get Dominic to
see how useful they could be to each other, how

44 Irresistible Forces
together they could bring something or rather
someone special into each of their lives.
As he opened the door to his penthouse she knew
she was about to have her one shot at it and she
didn’t intend to blow it.
“So, Taylor, when did you come up with the idea
of wanting me to father your child?”
Dominic watched as she took a deep breath
before raising her eyes from her plate to look at him.
He had caught her off guard. She hadn’t been
expecting his question, especially not now. They
were in the midst of enjoying a delicious and
impressive entrée the hotel’s restaurant had pre-
pared and had been discussing a recent documen-
tary that had aired on television that focused on the
plight of finback whales. He had discovered a while
back that they were both lovers of sea life.
She put her fork down beside her plate. “I made
the decision once I knew I wanted to move ahead
with my plans to become a mother.”
He lifted his hand in the briefest gesture before
asking, “And? What were your other options?”
“I had several,” she said, leaning back in her
chair. Anyone observing would assume she was
rather comfortable with their conversation, but he
had a feeling she really wasn’t.
“I could have contacted a sperm bank where the
identity of my child’s father would never be known

Brenda Jackson
by me or by him or her. Or I could have engaged in
a one-night stand for the sole purpose of getting
pregnant. Neither appealed to me.”
“But I did.”
“Yes, you did,” she answered in what he thought
was a polite tone. “You had all the characteristics I
looked for in a man and those I want to pass on to
my son or daughter, as well.”
He didn’t say anything for a moment and then,
“And you were sure I wanted a child?”
“Yes, after the night of the Christmas party, I
was sure. Although there was the question of
whether you would be interested in doing what I
was proposing. For all I know you might already
have a woman selected as the mother of your child.”
He took a sip of his wine, thinking that he didn’t.
In fact he had pretty much dropped the thought
from his mind. He figured that there were a number
of women who would love the opportunity to
mother his child—most of them were gold diggers
and would use the child to keep a tight rein on him
and his finances.
“If I decide to go along with what you’re propos-
ing I know what I’ll be bringing to the table, Taylor.
What will you bring?”
Again his question had caught her off guard. He
knew what she would bring to the bedroom—that
was a given. Sitting across from her, inhaling her
scent while visions of all the things they would be

46 Irresistible Forces
doing together on that island ran through his mind
was playing havoc with certain body parts. She was
fully dressed now, but he could see her naked while
he made love to her, day in and day out. She was
temptation at its finest and the thought that he
wouldn’t have to resist temptation for an entire
week had his body throbbing.
“I’ll bring to the table the assurance that your
child will be loved and well cared for. I consider
myself intelligent, motivated and financially secure.”
“What about custody?” he asked.
She frowned slightly. “I’m open to joint custody.”
“So you won’t have a problem with me being a
part of my child’s life?”
She shook her head. “No. I’m not one of those
women who believes a child doesn’t need a male
presence in its life. I have four male cousins who
I’m close to, but still, I’d want my child’s father to
be a part of its life if possible.”
Dominic absorbed her words while his gaze
settled impassively on his wineglass. He then lifted
his gaze to her. “And just what will our relationship
be? After our visit to that island?”
“If I get pregnant…” She paused then corrected
the sentence by saying, “
I get pregnant, then
our relationship will become that of expectant
parents and not lovers. The job at that point would
have been done. Of course, I’m hoping that I will
continue to be your wealth and asset manager.”

Brenda Jackson
He thought she didn’t have to worry about that
unless the island rendezvous turned into an absolute
fiasco. He was one who normally didn’t mix busi-
ness with pleasure, yet if he agreed to her proposal
he would be doing just that. But she was right. He
had on several occasions entertained the thought of
having a child without having to deal with a wife.
Since his wife’s death he’d dated but hadn’t yet met
a woman he wanted to share his name again.
He and Camry had been childhood sweethearts,
their parents the best of friends. It had seemed
natural for them to eventually marry. In a way they
had been best friends instead of two people who
were deeply in love with each other. They’d shared
a close relationship. He could talk to Camry about
anything and she had understood him better than
anyone. She had been his confidante as well as his
wife. He doubted he would find such closeness with
another woman. And to be honest, he wasn’t inter-
ested in doing so ever again.
“You seem certain that you will get pregnant,” he
said, inwardly smiling to himself and thinking he
was just as certain she would get pregnant. He
wanted her and as far as he was concerned that said
it all. Heat had been running through every part of
his body since she had arrived. It wasn’t easy now
sharing table space with her.
“I don’t have any reason to think that I won’t,
given the planned agenda,” she said. “I’ve been under

48 Irresistible Forces
a doctor’s supervision for the past three months. I’ve
been tracking my basal body temperature, which
will help me to pinpoint the best time to conceive and
that’s the week I want us on that island.”
“In that case why go to the island? Why not
stay here?”
“I prefer the island. It will provide a more relaxed
He had to agree with that. “And you have no
problem sleeping with me for no other reason than
to make a baby?”
He watched her lips curve into an assured smile.
“No, I don’t have a problem with it.” She fell silent
for a moment then asked, “Do you?”
He thought about her question. He would be
breaking rules he’d put in place for specific reasons,
rules he’d always enforced when it came to his
business relationships. When it came to women,
period. Although he was not suspicious regarding her
motives for what she wanted to do, he still wasn’t a
hundred percent certain it was what he wanted to do.
“What if we aren’t compatible, Taylor?”
“Excuse me?”
His mouth formed into a smile. Apparently she
found the idea absurd. “I said what if we aren’t
compatible? How do we know we’re even attracted
to each other? That we’ll be able to click?”
She chuckled softly. “Trust me. We’ll be able to

Brenda Jackson
“How do you know?”
“Because I do.”
“Prove it.”
One of the first things he had discovered about
Taylor was that she liked challenges, which was one
of the reasons she was successful at what she did.
However, he could tell from her present expression
that proving what he’d suggested was the last thing
she wanted to do. Still, not one to forgo an oppor-
tunity to prove him wrong, she released a long, slow
breath as she stood. He then watched as she walked
around the table until she came to a stop beside him.
Reaching out, she touched his hand and the impact
of that touch for some reason almost took his breath
away. He then tossed his napkin aside, slid his chair
back and got to his feet to face her.
“Not that I’m an expert on sexual chemistry or
anything,” she said in a low, sultry tone. “But I think
this will eliminate any doubt in your mind on
whether or not we will click.”
She reached up on tiptoe, placed her arms around
his neck and brought her mouth to his. His heart
pounded hard in his chest the moment their lips
touched. And when their tongues began mating with
an intensity that shook every nerve in his body, he
had to fight the urge to break the connection for fear
of losing control. At that moment he wasn’t aware
of anything but the feel of his tongue stroking hers,
the feel of hers stroking his, the rush of sensations

50 Irresistible Forces
flooding and overpowering him. He was also aware
of the fire stirring in his loins and of the way his
body was beginning to ache.
When she slowly pulled back, their lips reluc-
tantly separating, he felt a tremendous sense of loss.
“So,” she said slowly, dragging the word out softly
as she eased away from his lips. “Did we click?”
He struggled to free his mind, as well as the tight
squeeze on certain body parts as he studied her. He
saw her lips that had been thoroughly kissed, lips
that had to be the sweetest pair that he’d ever tasted,
sampled, devoured. His response to her was as
potent as any intoxicating drink he’d ever taken.
And from the heated look in her eyes, she was just
as affected by the kiss as he was.
“Yes,” he finally said, pulling in a deep, hot
breath. “I can say with all certainty that we click.”

Chapter 3
aylor stood at the window that had the Jefferson
Memorial as a backdrop as she thought about the
kiss she and Dominic had shared. Lucky for her a
slight reprieve had come when his cell phone rang
and he’d excused himself to take the call in private.
She refused to believe that she had bitten off
more than she could chew. She had known from the
beginning that Dominic was the epitome of a sexy
male, a challenge to any woman’s hormones and a
mass of French-American testosterone all rolled
into one. At the time she had decided she wanted
him as the father of her child, there was no doubt
in her mind that she could handle him. What she

52 Irresistible Forces
hadn’t done was take the time to consider all of the
She traced her lips with her tongue, still tasting
him there. She hadn’t counted on not being in
control of any situation with him, but if that kiss had
lasted any longer than it had, she would have lost
control. Completely. She had been kissed before,
several times, but she had never considered or
remembered the occasions as being the highlight of
her life. One kiss was the same as another. Mouths
connecting. Lips tasting. Tongues playing.
But what she had shared moments ago with
Dominic was all those things and more. She hadn’t
counted on the rush of desire that had radiated
through every part of her body at the same time that
her insides began a slow meltdown under intense
heat. She wished she could claim her reaction had
been the result of restless energy being tapped or the
release of bottled-up sexual tension. What Dominic
had done was place an all-out assault on her senses,
each one of them, and it would take her some time to
recover from the tingling rush of desire she still felt.
It was desire of a magnitude that had never invaded
her body before. Even now she could imagine his
hands on her, stroking her naked skin, his lips tasting
every inch of her willing body and their bodies con-
necting in the most primitive way known to man.
There was no doubt in her mind that when and if they
shared a bed they would literally burn up the sheets.

Brenda Jackson
“Sorry about the interruption.”
She slowly turned around. He might have been
sorry about it, but she had welcomed it. It had given
her time to pull herself together or at least try to.
“No need to apologize. You’re a businessman who
works 24-7.” She smiled. “As your asset manager I
can certainly appreciate that.”
Her eyes roamed over him, liking the way his
muscles filled out the suit he was wearing. There
were a number of other things she could appreciate
at that moment but decided it would be safer not to
think about them right now.
When he stood there staring at her without say-
ing anything, she felt a bit cornered, placed under
his personal microscope, and she couldn’t help
wondering what he was thinking. So she decided to
ask. “You seem absorbed in some intense thought,
Dominic. What are you thinking?”
A smile stretched his lips as he crossed the room
to her. And when he reached out and ran the back
of his hand along her cheek, the throbbing between
her legs intensified. “I was more envisioning than
thinking,” he finally said in a deep, husky tone. “I
was trying to picture in my mind you pregnant
with my child.”
Taylor bit her lip. He should have said anything
but that. She knew at that moment her fate was
sealed. He had made a decision or was close to
making one. And although what they would agree

54 Irresistible Forces
to do would be illogical, definitely outlandish to
some people, to her it would be absolutely incred-
ible, a dream come true.
“Does that mean you’ve made a decision, Domi-
nic?” she asked in a quiet voice. Her pulse was racing
a lot faster than her calm words would indicate.
“Yes. And I just hope it’s what you really want.
You would not only be giving me a child, but also
my parents their first grandchild. I might as well
warn you that it won’t be easy being the mother of
the Saxon heir.” Dominic’s mouth set in a grim line
when he added, “That might be something you need
to really consider.”
She knew how it was when it came to first grand-
children. Her cousin Chance’s son, Marcus, had been
the first for her aunt and uncle and she had been
around to experience the hoopla that for years
seemed endless. “I would welcome your parents’
involvement in our child’s life, and if they get too
overbearing I believe that I’d be able to handle them.”
When he didn’t say anything for a while and she
felt the throb in her body becoming an ache, she
asked, “What is your decision, Dominic?” She
stared into the intensity of his green eyes, wanting
to hear him say it, refusing to assume anything.
“My decision, Taylor, is to take you to that island,
spend a week with you and get you pregnant.”
Taylor’s breath caught in her throat. His words
had been straightforward. No way for any mis-

Brenda Jackson
understanding. He had agreed to what she’d asked
for. Confident that he could. He was giving her just
what she wanted and she couldn’t hide her hap-
piness. It was there in her smile. She felt over-
whelmed. Touched. Totally elated. “Thank you. It’s
what I want.”
She didn’t miss the look of desire in his eyes when
he said in a deep, husky tone, “Me and you both.”
Dominic knew it was time for Taylor to leave or
else he would be considering things that he should
not have—not at this point. Deciding to be the father
of her child was enough for now.
“Did you enjoy dinner?” he asked, trying to
control the situation.
“Good. It’s getting late. I’ll walk you downstairs
for Ryder to take you home,” he said, grabbing his
jacket off the back of the sofa and slipping into it.
“I’m going home for the weekend,” she said
casually. He knew home to her was Charlotte,
North Carolina.
“If you change your mind about anything while
I’m away then—”
“I won’t be changing my mind,” he said in an
assured tone as they walked toward the door. “In
fact, I’ll give my attorney a call to draw up the
necessary papers.” At her surprised look he said,
“I’m sure you know that I’ll feel better about the

56 Irresistible Forces
situation if we treat it like a legitimate business
deal—which it is. That means a binding contract
between us that we can agree on.”
“Of course.”
He glanced over at her. She said the words but to
his way of thinking sounded none too pleased. Had
she thought he would give her a verbal agreement
on anything and not follow it up in writing? Not
only would doing so protect him but it would
protect her, as well. All he had to do was recall what
had happened to his childhood friend Matt Caulder.
Matt had fallen in love and had gotten married a
few years back. The woman had been bad news
from the first, but love had blinded his friend to that
fact. Within months the woman had gotten pregnant
and had tried using the child as bargaining power
whenever she’d wanted anything. Luckily, Matt had
been able to take Rhonda to court and prove he was
the better parent.
He couldn’t imagine ever having to take Taylor
to court for anything, but still he wanted his rights
regarding any child they made together protected.
“I’ll arrange for my attorney to get the papers to
you within a week. That will give you time to let
your own attorney review them,” he said as they
walked toward the bank of elevators. “Do you have
any idea when we’ll be leaving for the island?
There’re a few business matters I’d want to wrap up
before then.”

Brenda Jackson
“In two weeks. I’m contacting my travel agent
tomorrow to set everything into motion. I’m looking
at the first week in April. Will that work for you?”
Whether it did or not, he intended to make it
work. A week spent on an island with her was worth
shifting anything around that needed to be changed.
“Yes, it will work.”
When they stepped onto the elevator she said,
“Sorry I didn’t get to meet your parents.”
He nodded. He was sorry, as well. They would
like her. “They were meeting friends but I thought
that perhaps they would return early. I was wrong.
However, considering the circumstances of our
business arrangement, it’s inevitable that you’ll
eventually meet them.”
He had to continue to think of what they would
be doing as a business arrangement and nothing
more. He glanced over and caught her staring at
him. Her head was tilted in a way that gave the
impression she was trying to figure something out.
Most likely it was him. Although she had been his
asset manager for a couple of years she’d never
really seen the personal side of him. Things had
always been kept on a strictly business level.
“Will you tell your parents everything?”
“No. They have purely romantic minds and won’t
understand how we can do such a thing without
being in love, so the less they know the better.”
He sighed knowing in a few moments the ele-

58 Irresistible Forces
vator would be back down in the lobby. He turned
to her. “Are you sure this is what you want, Taylor?”
Now he was giving her the chance to reconsider
all they had agreed to this evening.
“Yes, I’m sure. I want a baby.”
“In that case,” he said slowly, “I’m going to try my
best to give you one. To give
one,” he clarified.
Unable to resist, he leaned forward and placed a
gentle kiss on her lips. It was a lot tamer than the
lip-locker, tongue-thrasher of earlier, but he still
managed to feel blood sizzle through his veins.
Kissing her was definitely increasing his sex drive,
arousing everything male within. Considering the
number of beautiful women who routinely crossed
his path, he found it strange that he would want her
so intensely.
The elevator door opened and he saw Ryder
across the lobby, standing and talking with one of
the hotel workers. The older man caught his gaze
and nodded. Dominic returned his eyes to Taylor.
“This is where I must bid you good-night,” he said,
trying to sound normal when he felt anything but.
“Have a safe trip to Charlotte and I’ll see you in a
couple of weeks.”
He tried not focusing on her lips. They were lips
he wanted to kiss again and was grateful when Ryder
appeared. “Make sure she gets home safely,” he said.
“Sure thing.”
Not able to fight temptation and not caring that

Brenda Jackson
they weren’t alone—besides Ryder there were a
number of people mingling around in the lobby—
he leaned over and kissed her lips once more. The
moment he did so, tingles of awareness shot through
him. The thought that suddenly jackknifed through
his mind was how was he going to spend a week
with her on some exotic island and maintain his
control? The answer came to him just as quickly.
He wouldn’t have to.
Elated beyond belief, Taylor bid the driver good-
night and walked toward her front door. She glanced
over her shoulder. Ryder had not moved and was
still stationed by the car. Dominic had instructed the
man not to leave until he saw that she was safely
inside her home and Ryder was definitely follow-
ing orders.
After unlocking her door she opened it and went
inside. After scanning the room, she quickly moved
to the windows and flipped the blinds, letting him
know she was okay. It was only then that he got
inside the sedan and drove off.
She checked her watch. It was almost ten. To
Taylor it was still fairly early, but someone like
Vanessa, who was known to retire early, would nor-
mally have been in bed by now. But Taylor knew
she’d want to hear this—she had news worth shar-
ing. She picked up the phone to begin dialing. After
she talked to Vanessa she would call Cheyenne,

60 Irresistible Forces
who was doing a photo shoot somewhere in China.
The three of them would be together this coming
weekend in Charlotte when they got fitted for their
bridesmaids’ dresses.
Taylor raised a brow. It was a man’s voice.
“Yes, Cameron, how are you? Is Vanessa asleep?”
She heard his smooth chuckle. “No, she’s awake.
Hold on a second.”
Taylor really liked Cameron and, unlike Vanessa,
she had from the first. It hadn’t bothered her in the
least that at one time he’d tried taking over her
family company. She hadn’t taken it personally as
Vanessa had. Increasing a person’s wealth was
Taylor’s business and she couldn’t help but admire
anyone who wanted to increase their riches.
“Taylor, what happened?”
Taylor rolled her eyes. “What makes you think
something happened?”
“Ha! Cut the act, Taylor. We both know what was
supposed to go down tonight. So give up the details!”
“Details? Why did Cameron answer your phone?
Isn’t it kind of late for him to be visiting?” Taylor
asked, grinning.
“Nope. In fact he’s staying the night. And unless I
change the locks he’ll stay the week. He likes keeping
me in his sights and I like having him around.”
Taylor could hear the smile in Vanessa’s voice.

Brenda Jackson
Her sister was happy and she was happy for her. In
fact she was happy for herself, as well, which was
the reason she had called.
“So don’t change the subject. Tell me everything.”
“Can we talk now or am I taking you away from
“I can talk. Cameron just got in the shower,”
Vanessa said.
“He’s agreed to do it.”
“Dominic Saxon agreed to get you pregnant?”
She could hear the excitement in Vanessa’s
voice. “Yes.”
“So I’m going to be an aunt?”
Taylor smiled. “More than likely. There’s no
reason to think we won’t click.” Especially after
tonight, she thought, remembering how Dominic
had to be assured that they would.
“When you come home this weekend, we’re
going to have to celebrate.”
Biting down on her lip, Taylor fought to control
her happiness and discovered that she couldn’t. Both
of her sisters knew how much she wanted a child.
“Can I tell Sienna?”
Taylor smiled. Sienna Bradford was Vanessa’s
best friend and had been since grade school. “Yes,
tell her but don’t tell the cousins anything. You
know how overprotective they can be at times.”
“Okay. So there’s a chance you’ll be pregnant at
my wedding.”

62 Irresistible Forces
Taylor sighed. She certainly hoped so. If every-
thing worked out as planned, she and Dominic
would be going to the Caribbean the beginning of
next month and Vanessa was having a June wed-
ding. Taylor wouldn’t be so far along that she
needed to worry about an adjustment to her brides-
maid’s dress, but she hoped to be very, merry preg-
“I’ll let you get back to Cameron and I prefer that
you not tell him. He and Morgan have a friend-
ship,” she said, thinking of her cousin, “and he
might let something slip.”
“I hate to say it, but you’re probably right. You’ve
taken a big step, Taylor. Are you sure you’re ready
for the next one?”
Taylor felt a nervous flutter in her belly, the same
belly that would be her child’s home for nine
months. “Yes, I’m ready for the next one.”
“Tell me you’re joking about this, Nick.”
The look on Matt Caulder’s face indicated that
he was expecting Dominic to say the diabolic plan
he’d just laid out to him was a joke. But the more
Matt studied his best friend’s expression the more
he could tell Dominic was dead serious.
Accepting that when Dominic made his mind up
about something, then that was it, he looked back
down at the brochure he’d been given before meet-
ing Dominic’s eyes again. Although he doubted it

Brenda Jackson
would do any good, he said, “The Caribbean is a
nice place to be this time of year, but as your
attorney I’m advising you not to go for what you
have in mind.”
Dominic had expected as much. He leaned back
in his chair. He had arrived at Matt’s office know-
ing Matt would try to talk him out of what he saw
was disaster waiting to happen. Dominic saw
something else waiting to happen when he arrived
in the Caribbean.
“Your advice is duly noted although it won’t be
accepted,” he said smoothly. “As my attorney, what
I want is for you to draw up a document that will
protect me in the event Taylor has a change of heart
and doesn’t want me to be a part of my child’s life
once she becomes pregnant.”
“That can easily be done but what makes you
think you’re going to get her pregnant?”
Dominic smiled and stretched out his legs in front
of him. “After looking at that brochure and knowing
what you know about me, is there a reason I won’t?”
Matt shook his head, chuckling. “No, but why
this way?”
“You, the king of one-night stands, have the
nerve to ask me that?”
“Mainly because I feel differently about life and
love than you do.”
Dominic knew that to be true. His and Matt’s
friendship spanned years. They seemed destined to

64 Irresistible Forces
be friends, the way he had been destined to marry
Camry. Matt’s mother, Deena, had been Megan’s
best friend in high school, and although the two
had attended difference colleges, their close friend-
ship remained intact over the years.
When Deena got pregnant from a short-term
affair it was Dominic’s mom she called on. Megan
who had invited her to move to D.C. to stay with
her until she was able to get on her feet to take on
her role as a single mother. Matt was just a few
months older than Dominic, but the two had been
raised so close they considered each other as
brothers. When Deena had died a few years ago
from breast cancer it was Megan, Marcello and
Dominic who had stood beside him as the only
other family he had.
Dominic came to his feet. “Well, draw up some-
thing that Taylor and I can both live with and make
sure it’s airtight,” he said, recalling what Matt had
gone through with his wife, Rhonda.
“I can’t wait to meet her.”
Dominic shot Matt a surprised look. “Why?”
“Evidently Taylor Steele has caught your atten-
“No, her proposal has. There’s nothing going
on between me and Taylor other than a business
“And you’re certain that’s all there is to it?”
“I want her,” Dominic said honestly.

Brenda Jackson
“And beyond that?”
“There’s nothing beyond that.”
“And again I’m going to ask if you’re sure.”
Dominic met Matt’s unconvinced stare. “Yes,
I’m absolutely and positively sure.”

Chapter 4
elcome to the island of Latois, Mrs. Jones.”
“Thank you,” Taylor said as she smiled at the
perky receptionist. She and Dominic had made a
decision to register under a false name as a way to
avoid unwanted publicity. Although the resort’s
management prided themselves on providing
absolute privacy, the media had a way of finding out
anything they wanted.
Another thing they had decided to do was to let
the management and staff assume they were mar-
ried. She figured most of the couples at the resort
were and felt there was no reason for her and
Dominic to be the oddballs.

Brenda Jackson
Taylor checked her watch. She had flown in
straight from D.C. and Dominic would be arriving
a little later that day from New York. That would
give her time to get settled and relaxed in their suite
before he got there. The past two weeks had been
extremely busy. After visiting with her family in
Charlotte, she had attended a financial conference
in Texas that had lasted an entire week.
She had spoken to Dominic only once and that
was when he had called to ask if she’d found his
attorney’s contract satisfactory. She had. In fact her
attorney had been surprised at just how fair Dominic
was being. She would have full custody of the child
and he would be entitled to a certain number of
visits during the year. They were to rotate holidays,
which she felt was reasonable. The financial pack-
age he would provide for his child was very gen-
erous; actually more than she had expected.
“An attendant will escort you to your room,
Mrs. Jones.”
The woman’s words pulled in Taylor’s thoughts.
“Thank you.” She took the passkey and the gift bag
she was handed.
She had been given a schedule of activities for
the week that included body massages for the both
of them. Later that day they were to share a roman-
tic candlelight dinner in their room.
The first thing Taylor thought when she entered
her room was that the accommodations were abso-

68 Irresistible Forces
lutely wonderful. The suite was divided into a spa-
cious sitting area, a wet bar and a massive bedroom.
The huge windows in the bedroom provided a pano-
ramic view of the ocean. It was beautiful. Inviting.
Breathtaking. She could imagine her and Dominic
walking barefoot on the beach later in the near-
perfect spring weather.
She then took a look at the larger-than-king-size
bed that was swathed in snow-white bedcoverings
and huge fluffy pillows. It gave the room a serene
and tranquil look, totally out of sync with the hot,
passionate lovemaking that would take place
between the sheets over the next seven days. She
then thought of the lingerie she had bought, a dif-
ferent color and style for each and every night. Each
piece carefully chosen for its sexiness and the
ability to entice, seduce and persuade.
Taylor knew that a lot of the couples she would
meet over the next few days were fertility chal-
lenged and thought a change of climate, the removal
of stress would help the problem. She honestly
didn’t think she and Dominic would have a problem
conceiving. Her main purpose in wanting to make
a baby here on the island versus back in D.C. was
wanting to conceive in style. This would be her only
child and she wanted the special moment of concep-
tion to happen in a way that would be memorable.
Something else memorable, something she couldn’t
erase from her mind was the kiss she and Dominic

Brenda Jackson
had shared that night in his hotel suite. She had
been kissed before, many times, but nothing had
sent sensations firing through her the way Domi-
nic’s lips and tongue had. She had liked it. A lot.
And even now she couldn’t help but anticipate it
happening again. Here in this room. Plenty of times
over the next week.
A visit to her doctor indicated this was her hot
week, the best days to conceive, and she was more
than eager to get started in making a baby. She knew
it was ridiculous but she felt her body was ready,
overanxious to begin. The thought of exotic foods
and aphrodisiac-laden drinks were nice but she
really didn’t need either to want to tumble all day
and night with Dominic between the sheets. She
suddenly began to feel hot and on edge. Maybe the
nature of this place had something to do with it.
And as she headed for the bedroom to start un-
packing, she thought it was more than that. It was
the anticipated arrival of one particular man.
Dominic’s limo pulled in front of the Capri
Resort on the private island of Latois. Just as the
brochure had depicted, the place was grand, simply
exquisite. Someone who was entrenched in the
hotel business, as he was, could appreciate such a
place from the beautifully landscaped property to
the stunning ocean setting.
He checked his watch. By his calculations Taylor

70 Irresistible Forces
should have arrived on the island hours ago. Was she
in the suite waiting for him? He knew a lot of their
activities for the next seven days were prearranged,
but then a lot of them weren’t. One thing the resort
encouraged was couples spending a lot of private
time together, preferably in their suite in bed pro-
creating. He definitely didn’t have a problem with
that. In fact he was looking forward to it.
A few minutes later upon checking in, he was
told his wife had arrived and was in their suite. He
was given his own passkey and a bottle of their
house champagne, which, he’d been informed, con-
tained a special potent ingredient intended to boost
their sexual drive. The clerk hadn’t batted an eye
when she’d said it.
After stepping onto the elevator that would take
him up to the tenth floor, in no time at all it seemed,
he had reached his floor and was walking down the
long hallway toward his room. The bellman would
be bringing up his bags later.
When he stood in front of the suite’s door he
swallowed hard, knowing what the week entailed.
He had tried not to notice the couples he’d passed
and just how openly amorous they were with each
other. Another thing he noticed was that unlike a lot
of resorts, there weren’t a lot of people out and
about. Most were probably busy behind closed
doors trying to accomplish what they had come
here to do.

Brenda Jackson
He opened the door and stepped inside the exact
moment Taylor was walking out of the bedroom area.
Immediately their gazes locked. He was rendered
momentarily speechless by how quickly blood shot
from his head straight to his groin. His mouth
suddenly felt dry and every muscle in his body—
some more so than others—felt hard as a rock.
She was wearing a light blue sundress with spa-
ghetti straps that revealed just what beautiful shoul-
ders she had. An ample amount of cleavage was
showing, enough to make him appreciate the firm
shape of her breasts, as well. Then there was her
face and well-defined features. He decided at that
moment that Taylor wasn’t just beautiful; she was
what fantasies were made of. There was an inborn
sensuality about her that had been hidden behind
her business suits. The business suits represented
her profession. The outfit she had on now showed
her perfection, especially her curvy figure.
His name was spoken in a soft tone and he
watched her hands come to rest at her sides. For
some reason he’d always enjoyed looking at her
hands whenever she met with him and flipped
through papers she would have for him to sign. Her
nails were always neat with a French manicure dis-
playing a nonflashy look. The same extended to her
fingers. Some women liked showing off their dia-
monds practically on every finger. But Taylor didn’t

72 Irresistible Forces
even wear a ring, Her hands were long and graceful.
Elegant. Sturdy. And he could just imagine those
hands touching him, caressing the length of his
He sucked in a deep breath when he saw where
his thoughts were headed. He closed the door
behind him as he tried to maintain his control, but
found himself losing it and quickly recalled how
long it had been since he’d had a woman for a bed
partner and decided it had been way too long.
“Aren’t we on speaking terms?” she said as a teas-
ing smile touched her lips.
Instead of answering her, he placed the bottle of
champagne on a nearby table and crossed the room
to her. There was no need for formality. They both
knew why they were there and as far as he was con-
cerned, now was just as good a time as any to get
the ball rolling. And speaking of balls…he felt his
thicken. His testosterone level was so high that he
wouldn’t be surprised if he were to impregnate her
with twins.
The thought of such a thing actually happening
made him that much more aroused. It actually made
his body ache. Seeing her again was doing a job on
him, a real exclusive number. He couldn’t recall
ever wanting a woman so badly. When he stood
directly in front of her, he reached out and cupped
the back of her neck to guide her mouth to meet his.
The moment their lips touched he felt it. Passion

Brenda Jackson
so thick you could lap it up. Spread it about. Get
smothered by it. And when he went past her moist
lips and inserted his tongue inside her mouth, he
knew he had been anticipating this very moment
ever since the night they had dined together over
two weeks ago.
Her response was immediate, absolute and to-
tally delectable. The reason they were here might
be staged, predestined so to speak, but the sexual
chemistry between them was as instant and spon-
taneous as it could get. The depth of her sensuality
was enough to make him want to jump in the ocean
to cool off. A cold shower just wouldn’t work off
the heat. He had discovered over the past two
weeks, ever since she had placed her proposal into
his lap and he had accepted, that he desired her to
the point of madness. And this was the result. He
was getting a pretty good taste of her and she was
getting a good taste of him, as well.
He heard her groan low in her throat and knew
if he pushed hard enough they would be making
love right here, possibly on the floor, which wasn’t
where he wanted his son or daughter conceived. He
knew she could feel how aroused he was from the
way his body was pressed against hers. He wanted
her to feel it. Get used to it.
He really did need to slow down, he thought, as
he continued to lap her up. He would take things
slow the next time around. But now this seemed

74 Irresistible Forces
appropriate. This is what he wanted. And he was
struck by the enormity of just how much passion
was in one single kiss. Of how much tongue action
was required. He was enjoying sharing both with
her. There was nothing gentle about the kiss. Far
from it. There was hunger, greed and a desperation
he hadn’t been used to before, but was getting
familiar with now. For some reason she felt right in
his arms. Right in his mouth. Right with her body
pressed intimately against his.
It wasn’t easy, but he finally gained control and
pulled back. She gasped for breath the moment their
mouths separated. After pulling air into his own
lungs he leaned back close to her, lowered his head
close to her ear and whispered in a deep, husky tone,
“Hmm, so much for us not being on speaking terms.”
For a full minute Taylor was speechless, too
awed to form any kind of coherent words. It was
hard to believe that this was the man with whom,
until three weeks ago, she’d shared a strictly pro-
fessional relationship. And now what they were
about to share was anything but that. And consider-
ing the reason they were there, she could hardly
suggest to him to slow down.
Her heart was racing as she stood rooted in place.
Dominic, however, seemed rather at ease, uner-
ringly calm, as he walked over to the sofa to remove
his jacket.

Brenda Jackson
“I take it you had a nice flight here?”
She blinked upon realizing he had spoken. She
glanced across the room at him and felt a sweet
craving invade her body. The man was simply gor-
geous and exuded a degree of sensuality that
should be outlawed. He was wearing an expensive
tailored shirt with a pair of dark slacks. He was tall
and lean. His shoulders were broad and his hips
narrow. What a body! She didn’t want to think
about that same body, naked and in bed with her,
flesh to flesh.
It was then she realized she hadn’t answered his
question. She pulled in a rather shaky sigh. “Yes, it
was nice. What about yours?”
He stood beside the sofa. His hair was loose and
flowing around his shoulders and his feet were
braced apart, again making her conscious of what a
good-looking man he was and what a fine physique
he had. He was in great shape and she would
undoubtedly find out just how great later that night.
“The same. I took a nap so now I’m pretty well
Taylor swallowed. Was he giving her fair warn-
ing? His expression was inscrutable and she couldn’t
tell by his eyes what he was thinking.
“What’s this?” he asked, picking up the gift bag
off the sofa.
She looked at the bag he had in his hand. “That’s

76 Irresistible Forces
something I was given at check-in. I haven’t had a
chance to see what’s in it.”
“We may as well take a look together,” he said.
The first thing he pulled out was a book. His
chuckle made her wonder what type of book it was.
He glanced over at her, evidently saw her curious
expression and said, “I guess you can call it a self-
help manual. It’s titled
Best Sexual Positions for
” He flipped through the pages and
looked back up at her. “There are even pictures.
Umm, interesting.”
She could just imagine, but even if curiosity
killed her, she would not cross the room to take a
peep. He placed the book on the table next to the
sofa as though he intended to take time to delve
between the pages more later. He then pulled out
several jars of what looked like creams and other
items. He proved her right when he said, “An assort-
ment of flavored creams, a bottle of lickable lotion
and several gels. This feminine arousal gel I would
assume is for you and the erection gel is for me.”
Taylor’s gaze automatically shifted to his crotch.
She was staring at it, but at the moment she couldn’t
help herself, imagining…
“There’s also a notice about a free movie they’re
showing tonight on the television. It’s guaranteed to
put us in the mood if we’re not already there,” he
was saying.
The thought that crossed Taylor’s mind at that exact

Brenda Jackson
moment was that literally, she couldn’t speak for him
but she was already there. In fact her body didn’t
rightly seem connected to her brain. It wanted to do
one thing while her brain was trying to drill some
sense into her. She really wasn’t paying attention.
“There’s also a notice that dinner will be served
in our room around six.” He checked his watch.
“That’s a couple of hours away. Is there anything
you’d like to do until then?”
Taylor took a deep breath while thinking that,
yes, there was something she would like to do until
then. Jumping his bones seemed like an activity
worth trying. But she knew she couldn’t do that. She
had put too much work into her seduction scene
tonight to get carried away by a few errant hor-
mones. Well, maybe more than a few.
“What about a walk on the beach?” she de-
cided to ask.
From the look on his face she could tell her sug-
gestion surprised him. “A walk on the beach?”
“Yes, and then we can return to the room and
shower for dinner,” she said.
“Ok, then let’s take a walk on the beach.”
She glanced at his clothes. Not the typical attire for
walking on the beach. “Do you want to change first?”
He smiled. “No, I’m fine.”
He most certainly was.
He moved toward the door. Paused and glanced
over his shoulder. “Are you coming?”

78 Irresistible Forces
Not yet, she thought, but she had a feeling that’s
all she would be doing later tonight underneath his
hard, muscular body. “Yes,” she said, crossing the
room to where he was standing. He smiled again
and she felt all kinds of flutters fill her stomach. She
couldn’t wait until tonight.
Dominic thought the same thing as he walked
beside Taylor on the long stretch of beach. He
couldn’t remember ever taking the time to do some-
thing so relaxing. He definitely hadn’t ever done so
with Camry. Their lives had been fast paced—jet-
setters—with no thought of settling down and taking
things slow or making a family. They’d figured that
would come later. And they had been so wrong.
Not wanting to think of his life with Camry—and
what he’d lost with her death—he wanted to con-
centrate on what he would gain with Taylor. Since
he had no intentions of every marrying again, at
least he would have a son or daughter who would
inherit what he was working so hard to acquire. His
own Saxon dynasty.
He had removed his shoes and socks and actually
liked the feel of the sand beneath his feet. He also
liked having this woman beside him. They contin-
ued walking down the long stretch of beach. The
sugar-white sand gave way to a clear blue-green sea
and the scent of the ocean filled his nostrils. Taylor
wasn’t saying much but then neither was he. He was

Brenda Jackson
too busy thinking of what he would love to be doing
with all those jars of flavored creams this week.
What he
to do with them.
“The beach is simply gorgeous, isn’t it?”
He turned his head and caught her gaze. His eyes
moved to her lips, remembering how they’d tasted
and a sensation passed through his body. “Yes, it is,”
he responded, thinking so was she. “I can’t recall
the last time I’ve done something like this.”
“Really?” she said, looking at him. “But you
own an entire island on the ocean.”
He wasn’t surprised she knew that. Other than his
parents, Matt and the IRS, she was the only other
person who knew the vast extent of his wealth. The
media thought they knew but in essence they really
didn’t have a clue. His grandfather was determined
to make sure Dominic took his place as the rightful
Saxon heir and had set up various accounts for him
in all parts of the world. Dominic wanted no part of
it and to this day refused to acknowledge the old
man’s generosity. Dominic was determined not to
accept his grandfather’s money, which he saw as a
device Franco Saxon was using to alleviate his guilt
and buy his way into his grandson’s affections. As
far as Dominic was concerned, it would not happen.
“Yes, I own that island but I rarely have time
to enjoy it. You of all people should know how
busy I am.”
It seemed he was driven to accumulate even more

80 Irresistible Forces
wealth and was beginning to believe the accusa-
tions his father had once made were true. As long
as he maintained a degree of his own wealth, he
would not be tempted to accept what his grandfa-
ther was offering.
“In that case I’m glad at least you have this week
to relax and unwind.”
He chuckled. “Um, is that what I’ll be doing?”
Her grin was almost contagious when she said,
“Somewhat. But I promise it will be a week you’ll
She sounded confident. Certain. But then he was
also convinced it would be a week he would remem-
ber. Deciding he needed to talk about something,
anything that would take his mind off bedding her,
he said, “I understand your sister is getting married
in June to Cameron Cody.”
She glanced at him. “Yes. You know Cameron?”
“Yes. We’ve met. We’ve even been partners in a
few business ventures. He’s an astute businessman.”
“So are you. It doesn’t surprise me that you know
Cameron. We met when he tried to take over my
family’s business.”
Dominic lifted a brow. “You’re kidding, right?”
She smiled. “No, I’m not kidding. It was sup-
posed to be a hostile takeover, but he never got all
the voting shares he needed.”
“So your family became friends with him in-
stead?” he asked, amazed. He’d been involved in a

Brenda Jackson
few takeover attempts himself. The last thing the
parties involved felt toward each other afterward,
regardless of whether the attempt had been suc-
cessful or not, was friendliness.
“Yes, at least, my four male cousins did,” she was
saying. “It was a male thing. I think they admired
Cameron’s tenacity and respected his drive to
succeed. They never saw him as a threat because the
Steele family is so close, so we weren’t worried
about anyone defecting. But Cameron had to learn
a valuable lesson.”
“Which was?”
“No matter what, blood is thicker than money.
And trust me, he was offering a lot. But for us it
wasn’t about the money. It was about the legacy that
my father and uncle passed on to us. They started
the company many years ago and had always
intended for it to be family owned and operated.”
Dominic nodded. “And now Cameron will
become a part of your family.”
“Yes, he will be. He loves my sister very much
and she loves him.”
He was familiar with that word because of
his parents but had yet to experience the emotion
himself. He had loved Camry but not in the same
way that he knew his father loved his mother. What
he’d felt for his wife had been more fondness than
love. They respected each other and were good
friends during their brief marriage.

82 Irresistible Forces
“Ready to head back?”
Taylor had stopped walking and was smiling
politely at him. “Yes, I can certainly use that show-
er,” he said.
And he could also use something else. Some-
thing he was looking forward to getting later.
“Are you going to take a shower with me?”
Dominic’s question made Taylor’s stomach lurch
in heated lust. An ache started at the juncture of her
legs. They had returned from their walk on the
beach and were standing in the bedroom. He had
wasted no time removing his shirt and stood with
his hands in his pockets, which caused the material
of his pants to stretch tight against his thighs. And
they were such muscular thighs.
She cleared her throat to swallow the lump that
had formed there. “I’d rather wait until later, after
we make love.”
He looked amused at her statement. “And may
I ask why?”
She shrugged. “Although we won’t
know the exact moment it happens, I know that I will
get pregnant from you this week and I’d rather not
let the first time we come together be in a shower.”
He gave her a smile that intensified that ache in
her body. “You don’t think we can share a shower
without making love?”
“What do you think?” she countered.

Brenda Jackson
He stared at her for a moment, in that way that
always got to her, making her hot all over, as his
gaze traveled up and down her body. Finally, he
said, “I think that you’re probably right.”
Oh, yeah, I am right, trust me,
she thought. “I’ll
wait in the other room for you to finish and then I’ll
take my shower,” she said, heading for the door.
She turned back around. “Yes?”
“I think you should know that I want you.”
She saw the heat in his eyes, felt the lust and desire
in them from across the room. She was no novice at
being wanted by a man, but this was the first time she
could actually feel the intensity. And what was so
amazing was that she craved him just as much.
“Thanks for telling me,” she said softly. “And I
want you, too.” She decided to lay her cards on the
table since he was laying down his.
“Come here. I want to give you something to
think about while I’m in the shower alone,” was his
comeback in a husky tone.
She started to tell him that it wasn’t necessary.
She had enough to think about already. But she
figured he was going to kiss her again, which she
didn’t have any qualms with. She was looking
forward to it. Her lips were still tingling from their
last encounter.
She retraced her steps and crossed the room to
him, trying not to focus on his naked chest and

84 Irresistible Forces
finding it hard not to do so. Especially downward,
where the sprinkle of hair seemed to take a low
path toward his waist, even lower toward his…
She shifted her gaze from his chest to his eyes.
“Yes?” She’d been caught staring.
He didn’t say anything for a moment; he just
continued to look at her, especially her mouth. And
the more he stared the more her lips itched for him
to taste them. “I’m going to enjoy being here with
you for the next seven days,” he said, as he reached
out and untied the straps at her shoulders, and then
gave each a quick tug.
She hadn’t been expecting it and before she could
blink, the top of her sundress dropped and she was
naked to the waist. She opened her mouth to say
something and that’s when he inserted his tongue
inside. At that moment she forgot about everything
else except what his mouth was doing to hers. He
was part French and she wondered if it was an inborn
part of a Frenchman’s nature to master the art of
French-kissing, because he certainly had. She would
even go so far as to say he was an expert. She’d been
French-kissed before but never like this. His tongue
was definitely a weapon of mass seduction.
Automatically, she angled her head to get more
of the pleasure. If this was what he wanted to give
her to think about then he was succeeding. He had
her thinking. He also had her panties getting wet.

Brenda Jackson
He released her mouth. They were standing so
close, their lips mere inches apart, as if ready to go
at it again, devour each other senseless, when she
discovered the kiss wasn’t all he wanted to give her
to think about. She sucked in a deep breath when
she felt his fingers touch her breasts. At that moment
her brain seemed to turn to mush. He cupped her
breasts in his hands and began ardently caressing
them, letting the tips of his fingers rub gently across
her hardened nipples.
He met her gaze and the heat she saw in the
depths of his green eyes made her a lost cause. At
that moment she wanted to make love to him and
she didn’t care if they conceived their child right
there, while standing up. She wondered if that par-
ticular position was in that little book.
He lowered his mouth to her breasts and like a
vacuum he sucked a hardened tip into his mouth.
Then his tongue went to work like a man famished
for the taste of her. She responded with a soft moan
and reached out and sank her fingers in his hair to
hold his head to her, experiencing a heated break-
down of all her senses. Her stomach began quiver-
ing with a need that was as intense as anything she’d
ever encountered.
She let out a deep, startled moan when he sud-
denly slipped a warm hand under her dress and
immediately went to the area between her legs. Slip-
ping underneath her panties, he planted his fingers

86 Irresistible Forces
in her sensitive flesh. Blood pounded in her ears
when he began stroking her intimately. She wasn’t
sure what was sending her over the edge the fastest,
his mouth or his fingers. She released a soft sigh
when he intensified the kiss at the same time he in-
creased the tempo of the stroke of his fingers.
He was showing no mercy. She tightened her
grip on his head and called out his name when a
shudder of immense proportions rammed through
her, shaking her to the core. She squeezed her eyes
shut when everything in the room seemed to come
rushing together, bearing down on them. She could
barely stand and her mind was void of any con-
scious thought except the intense pleasure ripping
through her.
When he finally released her it took a few
moments to get her mind back in check. She opened
her eyes and nearly lost it again when he took his
finger, the same one that had intimately stroked her,
and brought it to his lips and tasted it.
The corners of his mouth distended into a serious
smile when he said in a huskily erotic voice. “Take
my word for it. The last thing you need tonight is
arousing gel.”

Chapter 5
t the sound of the shower going Taylor expelled
a sigh. She then began pacing the room, needing to
do something. Otherwise, she would be tempted to
strip off her clothes and join Dominic.
The man had given her one hell of an orgasm just
from foreplay. She didn’t want to think just how
explosive the real thing would be. If his aim had
been to prep her for tonight then he had suc-
ceeded—she was set on go. In fact, she’d been ready
for Dominic ever since he had agreed to this week.
The ache returned to her body just picturing him
standing naked in the shower under a spray of water.
She’d gotten a glimpse of his chest, more than a

88 Irresistible Forces
glimpse actually. Before she had left the bedroom,
he had pulled her in his arms, letting her taste the
essence of herself off his lips. Her naked breasts had
pressed against his bare chest, and the contact had
nearly given her another orgasm. She had a history
of being someone not prone to climax easily. In
fact, usually it would take a while for any man to
light her fire to the degree where she would want to
make love more than once in one night.
Deciding she needed to sit down and relax she
dropped down on the sofa and then out of curiosity,
she picked up the book Dominic had pulled out of
the gift bag earlier. Her eyes widened at each page.
She hadn’t known there were so many positions a
couple could use. Not surprisingly, it said the best
position to conceive was man on top. It didn’t take
much to fantasize about Dominic on top of her in
bed, inside her body and…
She stood up and tossed the book on the table,
deciding she’d imagined enough for now. She
needed to take her mind off things, namely sex and
Dominic. After he finished his shower, she would
take hers, and then they would get ready for dinner,
which would be delivered to their room at exactly
six o’clock. Once dinner arrived their night of initi-
ating conception would begin. Lord, she hoped they
made it through dinner because they would need all
their strength for later.
One way to get her mind off Dominic, she de-

Brenda Jackson
cided, would be to call Vanessa and talk to her for a
short minute. She had spent time with her sisters
while home getting fitted for the bridesmaids’
dresses. It didn’t go unnoticed by her that Cheyenne
wasn’t as talkative as she usually was and looked a
little on the thin side. Not that her sister’s perfect
model figure still didn’t look to die for. Vanessa had
picked up on it, too, and had pulled her to the side
and asked her if she knew what was wrong with their
baby sister. She didn’t have a clue then and didn’t
have one now. As far as they knew it couldn’t be man
trouble since Cheyenne didn’t have a steady beau.
Crossing the room, Taylor pulled her mobile
phone from her purse and clicked on Vanessa’s
number. She smiled when Cameron answered. That,
she noticed, was becoming a norm. “Hi, Cameron,
is Vanessa around?”
“Yes. Hold on.”
Moments later her sister came on the line.
“Taylor, are you okay?”
Taylor lifted a brow. Vanessa sounded breath-
less, like someone who had run a marathon. Or
someone who had just finished making love.
“Yes, I’m okay. Sounds like you’re okay, as well,”
she couldn’t help but say. She knew if she was there
she would see a huge blush on her sister’s face.
Vanessa gave a shaky laugh and said, “Well,
yeah, I’m okay. Cameron is here.”
“So I notice. Am I interrupting anything?”

90 Irresistible Forces
There was a pause and then. “No, I’m fine.
Cameron just went into the kitchen. He’s going to
do the cooking tonight. I was hoping you would
call. How are things going?”
“Fine. I arrived here around eleven o’clock today
and Dominic got here around two. We’ve taken a
walk on the beach.”
“That’s all?”
She shook her head. Her sister had turned into a
regular little miss hot pants since hooking up with
Cameron. Vanessa figured just because she spent
most of her free time in bed that everyone else
should do the same. “Yes, that’s all. We don’t want
to rush anything. We have all week.”
“Nothing like getting a head start. The more
you do it, the better your chances of getting preg-
nant, right?”
“Right, but it only takes one good time and
according to the doctor I’m all set. I took my tem-
perature early and now’s the time. He said it’s
important for me to make love a day or two before
I ovulate and then the day of.”
“That sounds so technical. Just roll with the flow.”
Taylor smiled. “Have you heard from Cheyenne?”
“No. Have you?”
“Really, Taylor, I’m worried about her. She
looked somewhat under the weather when she was
here a few weeks ago. I called last night but got

Brenda Jackson
her machine. I told her to call me back but so far
she hasn’t.”
“Is she out on a photo shoot?”
“No. She talked to Mom last week and told her
she had come down with the flu. She was cancel-
ing her trip to Ethiopia and remaining at her
Jamaican home to get some rest. She probably
hasn’t been eating right and her resistance is down.
I’m going to try calling her again tonight. I’m really
going to give her a good looking-over when she
flies in for Marcus’s graduation in a few weeks.”
Taylor nodded. Their cousin Marcus, Chance’s
oldest son, would be graduating from high school.
The family was excited about his acceptance into
Yale University. “Okay. Let me know if you get
Cheyenne and she tells you anything. Like you, I
think she hasn’t been eating properly.”
“Do you plan on leaving your phone turned on
during the time you’re on that island?”
“No, but I will make it a point to check my mes-
Vanessa laughed. “Do you think Dominic is
going to give you the time to do that?”
She knew what Vanessa was insinuating. “I’m
going to take the time regardless.”
“If Dominic Saxon is the man I think he is, the
man I read about in all those magazines, you
won’t have time to do much all week but stay on
your back.”

92 Irresistible Forces
“Just being honest, so get prepared.”
At that moment Taylor heard a sound behind her
and turned around. Dominic was standing in the
doorway that separated the sitting room from the
bedroom, still wet from his shower with only a
towel wrapped around his waist. The heat in his
eyes, the ones staring at her, were scorching. She
swallowed the lump in her throat.
“Vanessa, I’ve got to go.” Taylor clicked off the
phone without waiting for her sister’s response. She
was suddenly filled with the thought that even if she
tried, there was no way to get prepared for Dominic.
“The shower is yours, Taylor. But let me go on
record as saying this is the last time I plan on taking
a shower alone while we’re here.”
Dominic didn’t even attempt to understand why
he was so adamant about that. Probably because all
the time he had spent in the shower, standing under
the jets of the water, he’d been thinking of how it
would be to have Taylor in there with him, all the
things they could do.
“And if I protest?” she asked with a teasing smile
on her face.
Of course, she could protest, but he figured she
wouldn’t. He would make sure of it. Besides, any
woman who got as hot as she did just from a man
kissing her, stroking her intimately, wouldn’t be

Brenda Jackson
hard to persuade. Not only had he felt her heat, he
had tasted it. “Go ahead, if you think that you can.”
The look that suddenly appeared in her eyes let
him know he had been right—she would be wasting
time to try to deny him. They clicked. They would
probably burn up the sheets. And in the end, they
would make a baby. For some reason he felt very
confident about that.
His gaze roamed up and down her. She had fixed
what he’d done to her sundress, but he much pre-
ferred seeing it down to her waist. He liked her
breasts. The feel of them in his hand. The taste of
them in his mouth.
He saw she hadn’t moved from the spot. “Aren’t
you going to take your shower now…or do you
prefer we get into something else?”
She crossed her arms over her breasts. “You’re
blocking the doorway.”
“Oh. You don’t think I’d let you get by?”
She chuckled. “Not without trying something.”
He smiled. “I thought one of the perks for this
week is for me to try just about anything.”
“Yes, but the key is perfect timing.”
His smile widened. “Trust me, every time we
come together will be perfect” He stepped away
from the doorway. “Go ahead. I’ll behave.”
She gave him an
I don’t believe you
look, before
heading toward the bathroom. When she got close

94 Irresistible Forces
by him she slowed her steps and looked at him up
and down. “Something wrong?” he asked.
“No, nothing’s wrong.”
“Then I can only assume that you like what you
see, Taylor Steele.”
She met his gaze and his heart began thudding hard
with the look in her eyes. “Yeah, I like what I see.”
“Do you want it?” he asked, feeling a sizzle low
in his belly.
She tilted her head at an angle that got his atten-
tion because it made him see just what a beautiful
neckline she had. “Not only do I want it, Dominic,
I plan on getting plenty of it. Later.”
When she slipped by him and went into the bed-
room and closed the door, a heated rush flooded his
insides at her bold statement. As far as he was con-
cerned, later couldn’t get here quick enough to suit
Taylor leaned back against the door the moment
she shut it behind her and breathed in a deep, shaky
breath. How on earth was she supposed to get
through dinner when Dominic exuded so much
temptation? And he knew exactly what he was doing
to her. She didn’t have to be convinced that he was
a man who knew how to please a woman in bed.
There was no doubt in her mind that he would please
her. And just thinking about the degree of pleasure
she would receive made her weak in the knees.

Brenda Jackson
When she thought her wobbly legs could support
her, she moved away from the door toward the
drawers where she had placed her undergarments
earlier after she’d unpacked. She would get every-
thing she needed now before coming out of the
bathroom after her shower. Chances were Dominic
would use the room to dress for dinner and she
wasn’t ready to walk in on him while she was half-
naked. Grabbing a bra and a pair of panties out of the
drawer, she headed for the bathroom, taking time to
grab one of the courtesy bathrobes out of the closet.
After a walk on the beach she needed the shower,
but more than anything, she needed to take a shower
to cool off.
Except for the sound of the shower, the suite
seemed quiet, Dominic thought as he finished dress-
ing. Never before had he wanted a woman the way
he wanted Taylor. He was beginning to feel restless,
on edge, horny. He couldn’t help thinking of just
how sexy she was, and how much she seemed to
enjoy his kisses. He took pleasure in the art of
seduction and kissing was just one of the elements
he used. There were numerous others and he planned
to put each one into practice before leaving the
It didn’t take much to see that Taylor was a very
passionate woman and she wasn’t trying to be coy
about it. He could tell she was someone who was

96 Irresistible Forces
confident with the degree of her own sensuality.
But not to the point where it swelled her head. And
she had to be one of the most positive people he
knew. He had discovered that fact the first time they
had met. She wasn’t all somber and serious like
most financial advisors tended to be. He recalled her
saying once that she believed that one of the biggest
secrets to achieving what you wanted in life was
believing that you could. Just the way she believed
that the two of them would make a baby this week.
And because she believed it, he was convinced, as
There was no doubt in his mind that she would
be a good mother. In his opinion his mother had
been a stellar mom, and, although Taylor was fairly
young, she possessed his mom’s strong character-
istics, as well. It amazed him at times how she had
the ability to feel him out before he could utter a
single word. And he liked the way she always kept
her cool. She wasn’t one to freak out or get frazzled
easily—like the time he had invested a large sum of
money without consulting her and had come close
to losing it all.
Then there was her playful side. Once when she
had detected him getting tense about a risky busi-
ness venture, she had encouraged him to take time
off and go with her to Coney Island for an afternoon
of fun. Officially that had been their first date,
although at the time he hadn’t thought of it as such.

Brenda Jackson
But still, she had shown him how important it was
to occasionally get in touch with your carefree side,
something he failed to do often enough.
Deciding that since he had finished dressing
there was no reason to linger around in the bedroom,
he walked into the sitting room. For his peace of
mind he felt the best thing to do was to remove
himself from temptation’s way. Put his mind on
something else. So he thought about his parents. He
had spoken to them yesterday. After spending two
weeks in France they were back in the U.S. Accord-
ing to them, Franco Saxon’s health had greatly
improved. Conversely, they had known that Domi-
nic really didn’t give a royal damn but his mother
had mentioned it anyway. There had been so many
times when he’d been younger, when after hearing
his classmates talk about their grandparents and
what a blessing they were in their lives, that he had
longed for grandparents of his own. His father had
told him his mother—Dominic’s grandmother—
had died when he was a little boy, but his grandfa-
ther was in France. As a young boy, Dominic could
not understand if he had a grandfather that existed,
why he never came to visit to spend time with him
like his friends’ grandparents had.
Much to his parents’ credit, they had never
spoken ill of Franco Saxon. Over the years they
had accepted the older man’s decision not to be a
part of their lives. It was only when Dominic was

98 Irresistible Forces
grown that he discovered why his grandfather was
not a part of his life. And it was a reason Dominic
had found unacceptable.
His ears suddenly perked up. The shower was no
longer going, which meant Taylor was finished with
that particular segment of her toiletry. Dominic
could imagine her damp body wrapped in one of
those huge fluffy towels. He wished he was there
to dry her off and thought of just how he would
complete the task. He would go slow, taking time
to pamper every inch of her body, starting with
those luscious breasts he had tasted earlier, then
moving lower to her flat stomach and small waist
and then to that gorgeous pair of legs.
He sighed deeply. It was self-torture just thinking
about all the things he would do after that. There
was no denying that he wanted Taylor and he’d told
her as much. But she wasn’t fully aware of the inten-
sity of that want. It had literally turned into a deep,
throbbing need. A need that wouldn’t go away.
Taylor looked at the outfit she had chosen to wear
to dinner tonight, a black clingy halter dress. But
nothing, she thought, would raise Dominic’s tem-
perature quicker than the sexy red lace, sheer mesh
baby-doll nightie with a matching G-string that she
would put on later. It was seductive. It was daring.
Why wait till later?
She licked her lips at the thought of the sweet

Brenda Jackson
torment Dominic would endure if she appeared at
dinner wearing it. No doubt she would become the
main entrée. She liked the thought of that.
Taylor stared at the outfit that hung in the closet
a few seconds longer before deciding what she
would do. Crossing the room, she pulled the red
piece of lingerie out of the drawer and tossed it on
the bed. It was time to turn the heat up a notch.
Dominic straightened in the chair, feeling his
body get hard. The last thing he should be doing was
sitting here looking through a book showing various
sexual positions while waiting for Taylor. But he
couldn’t help himself. The pictures were definitely
sexually arousing. There was not one position he
couldn’t picture him and Taylor trying. And if he
played his cards right, before the week was out,
they would try every one of them.
A faint smile touched his lips. He could just
imagine the joy he would see on his parents’ faces the
day he told them they would be expecting a grand-
child. There was no doubt in his mind that they would
make wonderful grandparents. Taylor would have to
be resigned to the fact that his parents would set out
to make sure their grandchild was thoroughly spoiled.
He turned his head to the whispered sound of his
Holy hell!
he thought, coming to his feet.
His mouth dropped. Blood rushed through his

100 Irresistible Forces
veins, his heart was pounding in his chest and his
pulse was beating erratically. His already hot body
suddenly burst into flames. Desire. Intense chem-
istry. Sexual need. All three hung in the air like a
sensuous mist and seeped through the material of
his shirt to tantalize his skin and shoot his testos-
terone level through the roof.
And when she moved away from the door,
slowly crossing the room toward him, his mouth
was suddenly dry and his body flared into an
erection he couldn’t hide even if he wanted to. He
could only stare and come to grips with the enor-
mity of his desire for her. She had to be wearing one
of the sexiest scraps of lingerie he’d ever seen on a
woman. And if Taylor thought she could sit at a
table across from him wearing something like that,
she definitely had another think coming.
She came to a stop in front of him and he stared
into her eyes, fully understanding the message in
her gaze. “Would you be terribly upset if I asked that
we postpone dinner for a while?” she asked in a
deep, sultry tone.
He gave her what had to be a heated smile before
taking a step closer to her with his total concentra-
tion on her mouth. “Only on one condition.”
“And what condition is that?”
He was still looking at her mouth. Inched his
lips down closer to it. “That you let me devour

Brenda Jackson 101
He watched her lips form into a sultry smile.
“Only on one condition,” she countered.
Now it was his turn to ask, “And what condi-
tion is that?”
She moved her lips closer to his and murmured in
a soft, sexy tone, “That I get to devour you, as well.”
His body immediately responded to her words,
but before he could fully react, she wrapped her
hands around his neck and connected their mouths.
When his lips parted on a low groan, she took full
advantage of the opening and darted her tongue
inside. Consumed by desire so intense that it
shook him to the core, he began mating his tongue
with hers in a French kiss intended to rattle her the
same way she was rattling him, and destined to
build a need within her to the degree he was
Their kiss was hot. It was passionate. It was pos-
sessive. At that moment they claimed the right to
belong to each other for the next seven days. To
fulfill each other’s fantasies, give in to each other’s
desires. And most important, to create a life.
Tongues mingled hotly, explored greedily and de-
voured incessantly.
He broke off the kiss just long enough to sweep
her into his arms. “We’re about to burn up the
sheets, Taylor,” he said on a low growl, and he began
walking toward the bedroom. And that, he thought,
would just be the beginning.

102 Irresistible Forces
Taylor gazed up at Dominic, drawn to the inten-
sity of his green eyes. They were eyes that under-
scored what he’d said earlier. They would burn up
the sheets. He wanted her. She wanted him. She was
his for the taking. He was hers. Simply stated, they
were two passionate individuals who were answer-
ing the mating call in the most primitive way.
When he laid her down on the bed, their gazes
locked and she felt the heat of his desire all the way
to her toes. It was affecting her the most at the center
of her legs, an ache that was about to get satisfied.
She watched as he took a step back away from
the bed and leaned over and began removing his
shoes and socks. Straightening, he took off his shirt
to expose his muscular chest. Tossing it aside, he
then went for the zipper of his trousers. Her breath
held as he slowly eased it down and while doing so
he kept his gaze fastened on hers.
When he lowered his pants, along with his briefs,
to the floor, her gaze shifted and went directly to his
midsection, then lower. There it lingered while
taking in the glory of his manhood, the enormity of
his erection that accentuated the degree of his
arousal. He was big, thick and hard. And there was
no doubt in her mind to the degree of his need.
Or hers.
She wanted to reach out and touch him, hold his
hard, warm flesh in her hands. Slide her fingers all

Brenda Jackson 103
over it and feel its texture, its strength and its heat.
Her gaze shifted to his face. As if he had read her
thoughts, he gave her a slow smile before moving
his completely naked body toward the bed.
Taylor inhaled a deep breath and whispered his
name the moment he placed one knee on the bed
and reached for her. She rose up and went into his
arms willingly, without haste, and the moment he
leaned over and captured her mouth, she knew she
was a goner. His mouth was hotter than before. It
ignited every cell in her body, causing low groans
to circulate in her throat, get caught in her lungs.
Then his mouth became demanding, excruciat-
ingly dominant in a way that made her stomach
clench. And when he suddenly pulled back, she
inhaled deeply before lifting her gaze to his.
He didn’t say anything. He simply reached out
and with a flick of his wrist, in one smooth move
he took off her gown and tossed it aside.
“Red is my favorite color and I liked it.” He
murmured the words against her throat, seconds
before she felt the gentle nip of his teeth, the lap of
his tongue and the sucking on the soft skin of her
neck. She knew what he had just done. He had put
a passion mark there, branding her as his. If there
ever was a man designed to make her a mother by
giving her a baby, he was.
“You’re beautiful.”
His words, spoken as a deep growl from his

104 Irresistible Forces
throat, had her lifting her face up to his. The heated
desire in the gaze looking back at her made her
heart beat that much faster in her chest. And when
he reached out and trailed his fingers from the top
of her shoulders down to the twin peaks of her
breasts, she swallowed deeply, trying not to deton-
ate from his touch alone. His touch was smooth and
slow, as if he would not be rushed, and when he
reached her nipples, he took his fingertips and
gently caressed each hardened bud with a skill and
a purpose that shot intense hunger through her. Then
he leaned down and his tongue outlined each tip,
before taking them in his mouth one at a time and
gently sucking on them the way their child would.
And with each tug she felt the intensity of her need
for him in the center of her legs.
He reached down and his hands found their mark
between her legs. She was hot, wet and ready. And
there was that annoying ache that she needed him
to take away. Intense emotions were tearing into her
and creating a raw need she had never felt before.
“And now I give you my baby,” he rasped near
her ear.
Dominic’s words, both confident and arrogant,
nearly took her breath away. But she didn’t have time
to think about that when she suddenly found herself
flat on her back beneath him. His masculine physique
towered over her, every perfectly formed muscle.

Brenda Jackson 105
She looked up into his eyes, locked in his gaze
the moment he gripped her hips and raised them to
him. Then he entered her. It was a joining so grand,
so absolute that it almost brought tears to her eyes.
Her body automatically gave in to him, stretched for
him. And when he began moving, it had her trem-
bling inside. Heat flared within her, taking over her
mind and body with an intensity that shook her to
the core. But Dominic didn’t let up. He painstak-
ingly increased the tempo, amplified the pace.
Holding her body immobile beneath his, he began
pumping into her nonstop with possessive delibera-
tion, timeless precision.
Taylor’s body was suddenly hit with something
akin to an electrical shock and she felt her muscles
clenching, tightening. She pulled him deeper inside
of her when waves of pleasure consumed her body.
The exact moment she came, he did, as well, and
she heard Dominic’s deep, guttural growl and felt
his hot release shoot to her womb.
He bucked inside her again at the same time she
felt the warmth of his breath on her lips mere
seconds before he took her mouth with a hunger that
sent her over the edge yet again. Sensations rippled
through her body when she was hurled into yet
another orgasm and felt intense pleasure consume
every part of her.
Dominic had been right. They were burning up
the sheets.

Chapter 6
ominic felt himself floating back down to earth
after having soared to the stars and beyond. He felt
as if he’d had an out-of-body experience and had
been blasted right out of this hemisphere. There
had never been a time when he’d made love to a
woman and had been left feeling that way. He lay
there transfixed, drained and completely satisfied.
But still, that didn’t keep him from wondering
what the hell had happened. Why even now, when
Taylor was trying hard to catch her own breath, he
wanted to make love to her again, detonate into
another explosion. How had it come to this?
Maybe it had been that sexy red much-of-nothing

Brenda Jackson 107
nightie she’d been wearing. Or it could have been
the fact that the last time he’d made love to a woman
had been months ago. And just possibly, it could
have been that damn book he’d been flipping through
earlier, seeing all those different lovemaking posi-
tions in vivid color. He knew any number of things
could have raised his testosterone to a degree that
even after two orgasms still had him hard and
refusing to disconnect his body from hers. That was
the strangest thing of all. Never had he made love
to a woman and not wanted to come out of her after-
ward. But with Taylor, he liked the thought they
were still intimately joined.
“You haven’t gone down.”
He moved to let his gaze rest on her eyes. An
incredulous look glazed their depths with that
observation. “No, I haven’t,” he admitted, feeling
his erection harden even more as he spoke. “I like
being inside you.” And that wasn’t a lie, not even
close to a mild exaggeration.
He then ran his eyes over the rest of her. She was
lying on her side facing him, her naked skin a dark
hue against the sharp whiteness of the bedspread.
Her breasts were full and firm, her stomach taut and
flat with a small tattoo of a panther near her hip
bone. That was the most of what he saw, since his
leg was thrown over her, locking her body in place
to his. He had her in one hell of a pose.
Even now what was so vividly clear in his mind

108 Irresistible Forces
was the exact moment he’d reached his first climax
with her while thrusting into her repeatedly, liking
the way her inner muscles had clamped tight around
him, holding him in their grip, milking everything
out of him and—
“Now you’re getting bigger.”
Her voice sliced through his thoughts. Then with
full awareness of what was taking place, he tight-
ened his legs, keeping her in a fixed position beside
him. “I know,” he said huskily, unable to stop what
was about to happen yet again.
He heard her suck in a trembling breath, watched
as her eyes darkened to the point where he could
barely see the long lashes covering them. But he
was able to make out the expression on her face.
There was something about seeing the look of an
aroused woman, especially a totally naked one.
He reached out and rubbed the tip of his finger
around her belly button. His caress didn’t alter when
he heard the sharp change in her breathing pattern
or when he felt the slight quivering of her thighs
beneath his.
“What are you doing to me?” she asked softly,
barely able to enunciate any of the words.
Hearing the lack of comprehension in her voice
endeared her to him even more. He figured that he
could show her better than tell her. Leaning for-
ward, he came within inches of her lips. “Um, what
do you think I’m doing?” he asked, as he softly

Brenda Jackson 109
stroked the flat planes of her stomach with his fin-
“I—I can’t think,” she whispered, closing her
eyes on a throaty sigh.
“Then don’t. Just feel.”
And then he began moving, excruciatingly slow,
deep inside her, gradually withdrawing, then filling
her again, deeper still in a leisurely measured thrust-
ing motion. He felt sensations sear through the both
of them from such a long, drawn-out and unhurried
mating process.
“Open your eyes, Taylor,” he whispered in a
raspy voice, as he continued to thrust slowly in and
out of her, savoring each and every time he did so.
He watched as she did what he asked, met her
gaze mere seconds before he leaned closer and took
her mouth. The stroke of his tongue with hers was
as slow and deliberate as the mating of their bodies—
surging forward, retreating and then surging for-
ward again.
Then something inside him snapped and without
disconnecting from her, he shifted his body astride
her, crossed her leg over his in a scissors position,
allowing deeper penetration with her being the one
in control using her thighs. It was different from the
more common lovemaking positions because all
four of their legs were intercrossed. He had seen this
particular position in the book but was well familiar
with “cuissade,” which derived from the French. It

110 Irresistible Forces
was a position he had first used with a woman the
year he’d turned eighteen when his parents had sent
him to spend the summer in Paris with his father’s
childhood friend Jacques Gaston and his family.
The Gastons’ young, sexually active housekeeper
had been more than happy to visit his room every
night when her employers were asleep. He had
received quite an education that summer.
Not wanting to think of anything other than the
woman in his arms, Dominic lowered his head and
kissed Taylor at the same time he slowly began
moving in and out of her again. He could feel his
erection expanding inside her with each gentle
thrust he took.
She suddenly pulled her mouth away from
him. “Dominic!”
He felt her muscles tighten around him and
clench him in an unwavering grip. Her thighs began
to quiver uncontrollably and due to the deliberate
pressure of her thighs on his legs, the motion had
the ability to shake him to the core. Sensations
began spurting through him, eliciting his own torrid
release. He felt the full impact of their orgasm in
every part of his body.
“Taylor,” he said in a guttural groan before lean-
ing over and kissing her while simultaneously
releasing inside her the life-creating substance that
would produce a baby.
His baby.

Brenda Jackson 111
Their baby.
Never before had he wanted such a thing to
happen more than he did now. He released her
mouth and reached out and placed a gentle hand on
her stomach as if willing it so. She gazed up at him,
as if understanding the meaning of what he was
doing. The possibility that she was perceptive
enough to interpret his thoughts had a nerve-
tingling effect on him.
For a fraction of a second, he just stared at her,
feeling the heated flush of their connected bodies.
It was nothing short of pure, raw sexual pleasure.
And as he eased his body to lie beside her, still not
ready to pull out of her, he looked forward to the
next time they would make love.
“Thank you for calling room service and asking
that they deliver our dinner at a more convenient
time,” Taylor said after taking a sip of her iced tea.
It was harder than she thought it would be to sit
across from Dominic and attempt to eat a full-
course meal. Each and every time his gaze touched
her, she would feel the potent, invisible caress all
over her body, making her remember what the two
of them had shared in the bedroom.
“I think they understood, since we weren’t the
only couple who postponed dinner to later,” Domi-
nic said, pushing his plate back.
Taylor watched the gesture and swallowed deeply.

112 Irresistible Forces
It had been but a couple of hours since they’d last
made love yet he wanted her again. The realization
sent a shiver down her spine, because she wanted
him, too. She picked up the tea glass and looked at
it. The server had blatantly told them that it was
plum tea, known as the ultimate erotic energizer.
She believed him. After taking only a few sips she
had felt a surge in her pulse, a pull in her belly and
a throb between her legs. She’d thought a full
stomach would rectify the problem but it hadn’t.
Still, she took another sip of the tea, knowing it
was coursing through her bloodstream, releasing
something she really didn’t need, considering her
and Dominic’s actions of earlier. All he had to do
was look at her and she felt the need to jump his
bones. After making love that last time they had
fallen asleep, only to wake up and make love again.
Four times in one evening was definitely setting a
record for her.
“Did you want to watch that movie later?”
She glanced over at him. “What movie?”
“The one the resort suggested that all the cou-
ples watch.”
Oh, that movie.
Her heart began thumping at
what the movie was probably about. “Do you think
we need to watch it?”
He chuckled. “No, but we might find it interesting.”
She was pretty certain they would. “I’ll do what-
ever you want to do,” she decided.

Brenda Jackson 113
He met her gaze. “What if I told you I wanted to
clear this table and take you right on top of it?”
A vision of such a thing happening immediately
speared through her mind and had hot blood rushing
through her veins. “Would you really want to do that?”
“Yes.” He didn’t miss a beat in responding. “You
would be my dessert, Taylor.”
He was giving her a wicked smile but she knew
he was dead serious. She could feel her muscles
weaken, her insides tremble. She also knew he was
getting her hot and bothered on purpose. They were
sitting across from each other wearing the resort’s
complimentary bathrobes without a stitch of cloth-
ing underneath. It wouldn’t be hard to do what he’d
suggested. In fact it would be downright easy with
the way she was feeling.
She leaned forward knowing she was exposing
a little of her cleavage in the process since her robe
wasn’t pulled tightly together. “I’ve never been
taken on a table before but I don’t want my first time
to be planned. I want it to be spontaneous. I want it
to just happen.”
He had agreed as if such a thing happening
wouldn’t pose a problem. “I like surprises,” she
decided to add.
“You also enjoy giving surprises,” he said, taking
a sip of his own tea. “I wasn’t expecting that sexy
red number you put on earlier.”

114 Irresistible Forces
She smiled, pleased she had caught him off
guard. “Yes, I know.”
“I owe you one.”
She wanted to tell him he had already delivered
four times tonight, but decided she shouldn’t be
counting, although she was. “I’m looking forward
to payback time.”
Another smile touched his lips. “So, do we do
the movie?”
She met his gaze. It was either do the movie or
do each other and she figured their bodies needed
a time-out period. “Yes, we do the movie.”
Dominic glanced at the clock on the wall. The
movie titled
A Hot Winter’s Night
was to start in about
fifteen minutes. He was sitting at one end of the sofa
with Taylor at the other. He inwardly chuckled at the
thought that they had unconsciously placed distance
between them and he knew why. If they got any closer
they would end up not watching the movie.
He couldn’t release from his mind the thought of
the time he had made love to her using the cuissade
position with slow, elicit detail. He had been able
to stare into her face, see each and every passion-
ate response. He had held back from taking her fast
and hard, much preferring to savor each and every
thrust. There was another particular position he
wanted to try with her before the week was out and
he felt his erection throb at the thought.

Brenda Jackson 115
“Tell me some more about your family,” he said,
to pass the time and to get making love to her again
off his mind…for now.
She glanced over at him. “What do you want to
He shrugged. “Anything you want to tell me.”
So she began talking, and he listened…at least he
tried to. But it was hard while observing the movement
of her breasts when she used her hands when talking.
Whenever she moved her hands her breasts would
stick out, press against the fabric of the robe. Watching
it made him want to ease over her and remove the robe
from her and then take his mouth and have his way
with not only her breasts, but every inch of her. That
was something he hadn’t done yet. Taste her. His
tongue was more than anxious for that to happen.
Her saying his name got his attention. “Yes?”
“I’ve finished telling you about my family and
was asking you to tell me about yours.” She smiled.
“You obviously weren’t paying attention.”
He laughed. “Obviously.” He leaned back against
the sofa. “So what do you want to know?”
“Anything you want to tell me since my baby will
be a Saxon. Any aunts and uncles? Grandparents?”
He shook his head. “No, neither of my parents
have siblings.” And because he didn’t consider him-
self as having a grandparent, he said, “And no
grandparents, either. I do have godparents, though.”

116 Irresistible Forces
He then told her about the Gastons. In the middle
of the conversation the movie started and all talking
between them ceased as their attention was drawn
to the big television screen in front of them.
Taylor bit the insides of her lip as she stared at
the television screen. The movie was as erotic as
it could get. It definitely had to be X-rated or
possibly double X-rated. The first time a love
scene had flashed on she’d actually blushed watch-
ing it with Dominic. He, on the other hand, seemed
pretty relaxed and at some point had stretched his
legs out into a more comfortable position. But he
had remained on his end of the sofa and she on
hers. However, even with distance between them,
seeing the naked actors and actresses hadn’t stopped
heat from traveling up her spine or her imagining
her and Dominic in the starring roles.
“Do you know why the resort wanted us to watch
this tonight?” he broke into the silence between
them to ask.
She figured he knew the answer but wanted to
hear her opinion. “Because it’s sexually explicit
imagery, designed to stimulate.”
He glanced over at her. “Is it?”
Her eyebrows pressed together. “Is it what?”
“Stimulating you?”
She shrugged. “Somewhat. I guess seeing two
sexy people on a screen making out would stimu-

Brenda Jackson 117
late most since it shows variety, new ideas and dif-
ferent positions.”
She glanced over at him. “Is it stimulating you?”
Suddenly the television screen went black and it
was then that she noted he held the remote in his
hand. She wanted to think “typical male” but she
knew there wasn’t anything typical about Dominic.
“Slide over here for a minute, Taylor.”
She swallowed deeply as she met his gaze. Emo-
tions swirled within her at the desire he wasn’t
trying to hide in his eyes. “Why?” she asked, barely
able to get the single word out.
“Because I want you over here with me right now.”
She heard the tenseness in his voice and for a
long, endless moment, she didn’t say anything, and
then, “Is it necessary?”
“Trust me on this, Taylor. It is.”
She had been watching the television as he’d
been doing and recalled what had been playing
before it had gone black. The couple had been
making out on the sofa, performing oral sex on
each other.
He was still staring at her when she finally slid
over toward him, coming to sit directly next to him.
With a throaty chuckle and not knowing what to
expect, she said, “Well, here I am.”
He leaned his face closer to hers. “I want you
even closer.”

118 Irresistible Forces
She felt sizzling heat flow through her veins. “If
I get any closer, Dominic, I’ll be in your lap.”
He gave her a sexy smile. “Yeah, I know.” And
then he reached out and lifted her into his lap. She
quickly realized the enormous size of his erection.
It was protruding hard against her bottom. She
placed her arm around his neck, which made her
bathrobe gape open. Before she had a chance to
pull it back together, Dominic’s hands were there.
“No, let it stay open,” he said in a deep, husky voice.
The warmth of his touch on her skin sent shivers
down her spine. He then leaned closer and gently
dropped his head in the center of her chest and
brushed a kiss there. Then she felt a flick of his
tongue and a lick in that very spot. She could feel
the area between her legs getting wet. So easily and
just that quickly.
He suddenly shifted positions and she felt herself
gently being pushed back against the sofa’s cush-
ions with him looming over her. He had stretched
her out on the sofa and had gotten on his knees
beside it. “I think reality is much better than sitting
here watching a movie,” he said, reaching out and
completely opening her robe.
Taylor couldn’t restrain the heat from suffusing
her body when Dominic’s gaze roamed over her
nakedness. And as she stared at him she saw his
eyes darken even more and detected the exact
moment his breathing changed.

Brenda Jackson 119
He lifted his gaze and looked at her. “I think I’m
becoming addicted.”
She paused mentally as she took in what he’d
said. Would his addiction extend beyond the week
they would share here together? They really hadn’t
made any ground rules. She’d just assumed he
understood that anything beyond this week was not
a possibility. She had to start planning her life
around a baby and she was sure his schedule was
just as demanding. He traveled a lot. He had a lot
on his plate. From what she’d read in the magazines,
his affairs were more misses than hits, intentionally
so on his part. He liked affairs. She didn’t have time
for even that much of a relationship. The only
reason she had carved out this week was because
more than anything she wanted a baby. Not a full-
time or part-time lover.
Any thoughts were suddenly snatched from Tay-
lor’s mind when she felt Dominic’s fingers settle
between her legs. She recalled what had happened
the last time he had touched her there. With the
skill of his fingers, it wasn’t long before he had her
entire body trembling. There was no doubt in her
mind that his intimate touch was being branded on
her brain. Sensations were drumming through her
and she dug her teeth into her lower lip to stop from
screaming out.
She met his gaze and saw the heated lust that
darkened his eyes and knew they had to be a mirror

120 Irresistible Forces
of hers. He was deliberately taunting her feminine
core, making her want him to the point where she
was almost ready to beg.
“You’re extremely wet, Taylor,” he said in a low,
throaty voice as he continued to stroke her with expert
precision. “Your heated scent is powerful, intoxicat-
ing and arousing. Do you know what I want to do?”
Make love to her,
she hoped.
He was look-
ing at her expectantly since he had asked her a
question. Was he really expecting an answer? She
doubted her mind could form coherent words to
give him one. Instead she pushed herself to say,
“No, what do you want to do?”
“Taste you.”
When he lowered his head between her legs it hit
her that he hadn’t been asking permission. He was
taking what he wanted. And when his tongue flicked
out and gave her that first intimate touch, she felt
boneless; pleasure of the most intense kind seeped
through her pores.
“Dominic.” She closed her eyes on a blissful sigh
as he continued to kiss her in the most intimate way
a man could. Even while part of her mind was
telling her to resist him—to reach out and jerk his
head up—the only thing she could do was reach out
and grab hold of his head to hold it in place.
But the reality of it was that it didn’t look as
though he planned to go anywhere anytime soon.
He was assaulting her with thorough, leisurely

Brenda Jackson 121
strokes of his tongue, relentless in his actions. And
she was unashamedly enjoying it.
She became aware of the shiver that raced
through her body, and his tongue probed deeper,
becoming more demanding, greedier. She let out an
intense moan from deep within her throat. Her
hands holding his head tightened as if to draw him
closer and he continued going at her as if her taste
was something he just had to have.
Her body exploded, seemingly into a thousand
pieces, and she let out a high-pitched scream as
deep gratification seared through her with the
impact of concrete hitting steel. She realized his
hold on her was just as immobilizing as her hold on
him. He had a firm grip on her thighs, not intend-
ing to let her go anyplace until he’d gotten his fill,
and that thought sent her over the edge again.
Never in her life had anything happened to her
like this before. Not only this time, but all those
other times tonight with Dominic. This just wasn’t
normal for her and she wondered if it would have
been normal for any woman. She suddenly had a
fleeting thought that continuing beyond this week
wouldn’t be bad if she got to experience something
like this. Her job could be stressful and making love
to Dominic could certainly take the edge off things.
She finally felt her body floating back to Earth
when Dominic lifted his mouth from her. He raised his
head to stare down at her while licking his lips in

122 Irresistible Forces
the process, and the gesture was so erotic she
reached out and pulled his mouth to hers. She tasted
herself on his lips, his tongue, leaving her with no
doubt of how intense his intimate kiss had been.
And then she felt her body being lifted into his
strong arms and knew they would finish what they
had started in the bedroom.
Dominic stood at the window and looked out at
the ocean. It was dark outside yet he could see the
waves hitting the shore. He turned slightly to glance
at the clock on the nightstand. It was almost two in
the morning. Taylor was still sleeping. He, however,
had gotten out of bed after finding it impossible to
sleep. So here he was, standing at the window
gazing out into the night. It was either that or wake
up Taylor to make love again.
He had made love to her more times in
one night than he had to any woman in such a short
span of time. He tried convincing himself not to be
bothered by that statistic since to make love was the
reason they were here, and the more times they did
it the better the chances of her getting pregnant. He
could accept that. But what he didn’t want to accept
was just how much he was enjoying it. Not that he
thought he wouldn’t. He just hadn’t figured on doing
so to this extreme—especially not to the point where
his erection hadn’t gone down any over the past
twelve hours or so. That was simply remarkable.

Brenda Jackson 123
He shook his head thinking that no,
was Taylor.
The woman had the ability to excite him by
doing the smallest things. Hell, just looking at any
part of her body made him want her, and to think
they had six more days to go. If they kept going at
it the rate they were doing now, by the end of the
seventh day the hotel staff would have to come in
with a crowbar to pry their bodies apart.
He rubbed his hand down his face thinking that
come morning they needed to get out of the hotel
room for a while and take a tour of the island or
something. Anything that would get them out of
their suite. Taylor was becoming one hell of a temp-
None of the brochures had mentioned any out-
side activities since the sole purpose of the procrea-
tion vacation was focused on a single activity that
was mainly done indoors. But still, if necessary, he
was ready to take drastic measures since what he’d
told Taylor earlier was true. He was becoming
addicted to her and that thought didn’t sit well with
him. In fact, it was beginning to annoy the hell out
of him. It wasn’t his intent to become obsessed with
any woman to the point that he couldn’t walk away
when he was good and ready, and without any lin-
gering thoughts. Taylor was making it hard as hell
to consider doing so.
Deciding he needed a definite plan before she
woke up, he moved away from the window and

124 Irresistible Forces
grabbed his shirt and pants off a nearby chair.
Within minutes he was heading out the door to talk
to the person at the front desk.
The moment he stepped into the elevator he
wished he hadn’t. There was no doubt in his mind
what he’d come within mere seconds of catching the
couple doing. The woman was quickly getting off
her knees and the man was turning his back to him
to rezip his pants. Dominic wasn’t sure who was the
more embarrassed, so he stared at the elevator door
as though he was oblivious to everything and was
glad when the elevator came to the lobby. Since
the couple made no move to get off, he could
only assume they intended to continue what they
were doing before his interruption and this time he
hoped they had the good sense to stop the elevators
between floors.
Glad at the moment that he no longer had a
boner, he walked briskly over to the check-in desk.
An older man looked up, seemingly surprised to see
him or anyone up and about at that time of morning.
“Yes, sir, may I help you?”
“I hope you can. Is there anything else around
here to do?”
The man, who appeared to be in his late fifties,
gave him a strange look as if to say,
the main thing
around here takes place in the bedroom and you
obviously aren’t there.
However, he merely said, “It
depends on what you want do.”

Brenda Jackson 125
“What I want to do,” Dominic heard himself say,
“is something that will take me and my wife away
from the resort for a few hours.”
The man looked appalled. “You want to leave
your suite?”
Dominic couldn’t help but smile. This man evi-
dently took the resort’s ability to produce results—
specifically those that came nine months from
now—pretty seriously. “Yes, just for a few hours but
don’t worry, this place is definitely living up to our
A relieved expression appeared on the man’s face
when he said, “Thank you, sir, and we do have a
couple of activities outside the resort that some of
our visitors seem to enjoy on occasion. We can
arrange for you to rent a sailboat, and then there’s
horseback riding along the beach, a private picnic
at one of the remote cottages and—”
“I like the idea of going sailing,” he quickly said,
deciding he didn’t need him and Taylor going
anywhere slightly remote. “Make the necessary
arrangements, and since we’ll probably be gone
past lunch, I think a picnic lunch would be nice.”
“Certainly, sir. I’ll take care of everything for

Chapter 7
aylor slowly opened her eyes and saw Dominic
sitting in one of the chairs across from the bed. He
appeared bigger than life and was definitely
impossible to miss. The sunlight shining through
the window was beaming on him at an angle that
made her insides flutter. He was an incredibly
attractive man.
She shifted in bed and the ache she felt in certain
muscles quickly reminded her that he was also a
skillful lover—and she hoped a very potent one.
After their passionate encounters last night she
was pretty convinced she was probably pregnant
already. But they had six days and nights to go.

Brenda Jackson 127
“Good morning.”
At the sound of his voice she forcibly put those
thoughts to the back of her mind. She was still
having delicious aftershocks of last night and seeing
him sitting lazily in the chair with his legs stretched
out in front of him wasn’t helping matters. At least
he was fully dressed.
“Good morning,” she said, pulling herself up in
bed, making sure she kept a tight grip on the bed-
spread covering her. He might be dressed but she
was still completely naked. So much for all those
nightgowns she had brought along. At the rate they
were going she wouldn’t be using them. At least
she’d had on the red one for a split second before
he’d taken it off her.
“How would you like to go sailing today?”
The low, sexy tone of his voice had tiny little
shivers moving down her spine. “Sailing?”
It would get them out of the suite for a while, she
thought, and couldn’t help wondering if that was the
reason he’d come up with the idea. Was he getting
tired of her already?
“Trust me, that’s not it.”
She blinked. “Excuse me?”
He eased his tall frame from the chair and came
to stand beside the bed. She thought he looked
simply gorgeous in a pair of jeans and a blue polo
shirt. “I saw something flash in your eyes just now

128 Irresistible Forces
that I’ve never seen before. Not in all the time I’ve
known you,” he said softly.
She bit her lip nervously. “What?”
“Doubt. And you’re one of the most confident
people I know, male or female. The only reason I
think it’s best that we remove ourselves from this
suite for a while is because if we don’t, we’re liable
to try every damn position in that book and there’re
close to sixty of them.”
She couldn’t help the smile that touched her lips.
“Sixty-five to be exact.”
There was an electric silence in the room as if
they were both remembering the ones they had tried
so far. “I’ll leave so you can get dressed,” Dominic
finally said, as he turned toward the door.
“I thought you said you wouldn’t be taking any
more showers alone,” she couldn’t help but say.
He stopped walking and turned back around.
The look he gave her was filled with desire, as if
it wouldn’t take much for him to cross the room
and strip her naked. “Trust me. It took all I had not
to wake you when I took mine, but the next time
I won’t spare any mercy. I plan to have you in
there with me.”
His eyes challenged her to deny what he’d said
as a fact and she couldn’t. Doing so would be point-
less. In just one night she had discovered she
enjoyed making love with him way too much. The
man was too downright irresistible for his own

Brenda Jackson 129
good…and hers. She had never responded to
another man the way she was responding to him.
The moment he closed the door behind him, she
eased out of bed, hoping he wouldn’t change his mind
and decide to join her in the shower anyway. She
moved around the bedroom gathering up everything
she would need for her bath and trying to decide which
of the outfits she’d brought along would be appropri-
ate for sailing. She placed her underthings on the bed
and before going into the bathroom she strolled to the
window and looked out. She was again in awe at the
beauty of the island. The ocean looked inviting and
she would enjoy being out on it in a sailboat.
Moments later she stepped under a jet of warm
water thinking a shower was what she needed for her
sore muscles because they had definitely been put to
the test. The last time when they’d made love before
finally drifting off to sleep, they had used another
position from that book. A smile formed on her lips.
The leapfrog position definitely had had its merits.
Deciding she needed to get dressed quickly
before Dominic was tempted to come find out what
was taking her so long, she turned off the water and
stepped out of the shower and began toweling dry
with one of the huge fluffy towels. Once she was
dry she wrapped the towel around her before mak-
ing her way back to the bedroom to select some-
thing out of her closet.
She found an outfit she thought would be perfect,

130 Irresistible Forces
a pair of crochet-trim gauchos with a matching tunic
top that tied at the back of the neck. It was an
outfit she had purchased last summer while visiting
Cheyenne in Jamaica.
Moments later she stood, completely dressed in
front of the mirror, viewing the results and finding
them acceptable. She hoped when Dominic saw her
he would like the results, as well. One thing she
noticed was that with the style of the outfit, several
passion marks were blatantly visible. A shiver
passed through her. She could recall the exact
moment each and every single one was made.
Dominic had made sure of it.
She took a deep breath as she glanced at the
unmade bed and could actually feel her body begin-
ning to throb with the memories of last night. The
thought that she could even now be pregnant filled
her with intense pleasure as she walked to the door.
“If I didn’t know better, Dominic, I’d think you
were a born seaman.”
Dominic glanced over at Taylor, his gaze roam-
ing over her from behind dark aviator sunglasses.
He liked the outfit she had chosen to wear and
thought that she looked sexy in it. She was leaning
against the ship’s railing with the sun in the back-
ground, seemingly shining directly on her. It was a
perfect day to be out on the water and he was glad
she was out here with him.

Brenda Jackson 131
His mind shifted back to her comment and he
decided not to tell her that in essence he really was
a born seaman. The Saxons of France had made
their fortune in the shipping industry for centuries
and his father had been taught to navigate a water-
craft before learning to walk. If you bothered to dig
up the family history, the Saxons had been and
always would be men of the sea. Marcello Saxon
had passed his love for the ocean on to him and
Dominic intended to pass that love on to his son or
daughter. Some of his fondest memories were of the
times when his father had routinely taken Dominic
and his mother with him on his father’s first luxury
cruise liners.
“How are you feeling?” he asked her, more out
of genuine concern than a way to change the sub-
ject. He hadn’t missed the fact that her steps were
a lot slower today and he knew why. She knew why,
too, which he figured was the reason a blush ap-
peared in her face.
“I’m fine,” she answered and turned to look back
over the ocean.
He smiled. After all they’d shared last night,
every single thing they’d done, how on earth could
she get embarrassed by his question? He was dis-
covering a lot about his wealth and asset manger
turned temporary lover. He knew she was allergic
to certain types of nuts, had a tendency to over-
indulge in chocolate and loved watching scary

132 Irresistible Forces
movies. And in the past hour, with his encourage-
ment, she had shared more about her family with
him. There was no doubt in his mind the Steeles
were close. She admired her male cousins and
thought the world of her two sisters.
It had always been his parents’ wish to have
another child but miscarriages before and after
his birth made them change their minds and
decide he would be the one and only. Listening to
Taylor made him realize that, other than Matt, he
hadn’t had a lot of friends or family while grow-
ing up. He had been sent to private schools most
of his life, some outside the United Sates. And
after that kidnapping attempt, it was a long time
before his parents or Ryder would let him out of
their sight.
“Hungry yet?” he decided to ask her.
She turned, lifted a brow and smiled. “What if I
am? It’s not like we’re going to find a restaurant out
He gave a soft laugh. “No, but we do have that,”
he said, nodding to the huge picnic basket she
hadn’t yet seen near the bow.
She followed his gaze and smiled. “Who brought
that on?”
“The management of the resort,” he said. “I
ordered lunch for us when I requested the boat. I’m
ready to eat when you are.”
She smiled. “Okay then, I’m ready.”

Brenda Jackson 133
“Wow, the resort really did it up, didn’t they?”
Taylor said while watching Dominic unload the
picnic basket. There were numerous sandwiches, a
platter of cheeses, bags of chips, a container of fruit,
a Thermos filled with coffee and a bottle of chilled
nonalcoholic wine.
“Um, I specifically told them about the nonalco-
holic wine just in case you’re in a delicate condi-
tion already. And since I’m the captain of this
vessel, I can’t drink on the job,” he said, putting the
empty basket aside to pour wine into their glasses.
“I have to make sure we get back to land safely
before nightfall.”
Taylor grinned. “And I appreciate that.” She
placed the plate filled with food in her lap. Dominic
had done the serving and had given her a little bit
of everything.
She glanced over at him. “So, what kind of kid
were you while growing up, so I can know what
to expect?”
He threw his head back and laughed. “It might
be too late to determine that, isn’t it? It wouldn’t
surprise me any if you’re pregnant already.”
She had thought the same thing but to hear him
say it out loud made goose bumps appear on her
arms. “Too bad there’s no way we can find out.”
“I don’t want to know,” he said, taking a sip of
his wine.

134 Irresistible Forces
She lifted a brow. “Why?”
He met her gaze over the glass. “If you knew you
were pregnant already then you wouldn’t need for
us to stay the remainder of the week. Just think of
all the fun we’d miss out on.”
She was thinking. But then she knew that even-
tually all good things came to an end. “So tell me,”
she encouraged. “What kind of child were you?
Spoiled I bet.”
A small smile touched his lips. “I guess there was
a little of that since I was the only child, but I knew
just how far to go in riling my parents. I didn’t have
any siblings or a bunch of cousins like you have, but
I had Matt.”
“Yes, Matt Caulder. He’s my attorney and best
friend. Our mothers were childhood friends, and in
a way Matt and I were raised together. Then his
mother died of breast cancer. It was our final year
of high school. That was a difficult time for him.”
“I can imagine,” she said, thinking of the time
she had lost her father while in high school, as well.
“I know how he felt. I lost Dad while in high school,
too. He died of lung cancer.”
“Was he a smoker?”
“Yes, of the worst kind. We tried to get him to
quit and never could.” She was silent for a few
minutes. “So tell me about Matt. Is he married?” she
asked curiously.

Brenda Jackson 135
Dominic shook his head. “Divorced. Unfortu-
nately things didn’t work out. But he’ll be quick to
tell you the best thing to come from his marriage
was Dee—short for Deena. She’s his two-year-old
daughter and was named after his mother. I’m her
godfather. I’ve got pictures. You want to see?”
Taylor watched as Dominic put aside his plate to
pull out his wallet. He would make a wonderful
father, she thought, and a sense of pride touched her
in knowing his child would be hers.
She took the photograph he handed to her. Dee
was definitely a pretty little girl. “She’s blessed to
have both you and her father in her life,” Taylor said
as she continued looking at the picture. “It’s impor-
tant for little girls, as well as little boys, to have
strong male role models.”
“Yes, it is,” he agreed.
Taylor handed him back the photograph and their
hands touched. The sensation that hit the both of
them, simultaneously, made their breaths catch. Her
eyes flew to his face. “Sorry about that,” she said
“It’s not your fault,” he said, intentionally not
looking at her while placing Dee’s picture back in
his wallet.
No, and neither was it his, she thought. It seemed
they were two irresistible forces that attracted, even
when they weren’t trying to. They couldn’t help it.

136 Irresistible Forces
Weren’t strong enough to stop it. Even now there
was a sexually charged awareness between the two
of them. The very air they were breathing seemed
electrified, sensually combustible.
For the next few moments they ate in silence.
That gave her a chance to look around and check
out the sailboat. It was a beauty with nice accom-
modations. While he had been busy getting ready
to sail, she had gone below to check out things.
There were a number of screened ports as well as
multiple overhead hatches intended to circulate
fresh air. What had caught her eye was the queen-
size berth in the aft stateroom, as well as the built-
in lounge seat and hanging lockers. The bathroom
was small but contained a shower with hot and cold
water, a sink and vanity. Also below was a highly
styled gourmet galley with a beautifully detailed
teak interior.
When they had boarded, Dominic had said some-
thing about it being large enough to sleep six people
and that the size of the boat eliminated a lot of
rocking. She had to agree since so far it had been
smooth sailing. He was the captain and she smiled,
remembering that he had made her his mate. After
bringing the boat into the wind, he had asked her to
hold the wheel while he lowered the sail. She had
enjoyed doing that. It had made her feel useful and
a part of what he was doing.
She tilted her face up toward the sun, thinking

Brenda Jackson 137
there was a nice breeze in the air and all she could
see for miles around was ocean. They had left any
semblance of land behind hours ago. It seemed they
were the only two people at that moment under a
glorious blue sky.
Out of the corner of her eye she saw Dominic
move and she turned her head and watched him.
He was standing up and looking out at the sea.
Before leaving the resort, he had swapped his jeans
for a pair of denim shorts, and as he stood there
with his legs braced apart, his shoulders brack-
eted against the wind and his hands jammed into
the pockets of his shorts it was obvious that he was
definitely a gorgeous specimen of a man. And with
the sun and ocean in the background surrounding
him, he looked totally at ease. Even from where
she sat she could feel the sexual tension within him
and it was having an effect on her. It was stirring
things within her. The need she felt for him was
poignant, keen and cutting sharp. It was weaken-
ing her with desire.
He suddenly turned and met her gaze. The atmo-
sphere seemed even more stimulated. Her breath
caught when she felt it. It was like fire seeping through
her veins. It prickled her skin, sharpened her senses
and created a relentless throb between her legs.
“I tried,” he finally spoke and said grimly. But at
the same time she heard an edge in his voice.
“And what have you tried?” she asked, thinking

138 Irresistible Forces
maybe it was better if she didn’t know but desper-
ately wanting to.
“I tried not to want you as much today.”
She nodded then gave him a curious look. “And
why not today?” she queried softly.
He gave her a tense look. “Because I had you too
much yesterday.”
He said it as if that should explain things. It didn’t.
“Considering the reason we’re here, Dominic, there
are no limitations. It’s all you can get.”
He smiled. “If that were true then I’d keep you
on your back with only bathroom breaks.”
The image of that flowed through her mind,
made the throb between her legs intensify. “But it
is true. We came to make a baby. Don’t worry about
wearing me out. I can handle it. This is one case
where the means will justify the results.”
She didn’t say anything for a second and then she
couldn’t help but ask, “Why are you fighting it?
Taylor’s words hung in the air, refusing to float
away, Dominic thought. She had just asked him a
loaded question. How could he explain that the
reason he was fighting it was because he felt himself
getting too emotionally attached? And that when he
was making love to her, he felt things he hadn’t felt
with any woman. She was right. He was furiously
trying to fight it and the sad part was that he
couldn’t. She had the ability to stir up things inside

Brenda Jackson 139
him. It was beginning to irritate the hell out of him
that she was becoming his weakness, something he
didn’t have time for. Weak men became vulnerable
men. They became men who couldn’t think straight.
Men who let their guard down.
She was waiting on his response but there was no
answer he could truthfully give her. Instead he said,
“I’m not fighting it. I thought I was being a gentle-
man and trying not to give the impression that I’m
a greedy ass who enjoys being inside you 24-7.”
“But I love having you inside me. Because I
know the reason why you’re there.”
To make a baby,
he contemplated roughly, won-
dering why he was getting upset at the thought that,
as she said, he was just a means to an end. “Do you
know what you’re asking for?”
“Yes. I knew it the moment I arrived on the
island. Even before that. I also knew that because I
hadn’t been sexually active in quite some time that
the first couple of days wouldn’t be easy for me,
they would probably be uncomfortable. But my
body is adjusting. I’m fine.”
Dominic heard her words. He also saw how the
sun was playing across the beauty of her features.
His glance then moved slowly over her entire body
and suddenly, he didn’t want to talk anymore. He
wanted to do what he’d been fighting all day.
There were no other boats around. It was as if

140 Irresistible Forces
they were in their own private world. There was no
shoreline in sight. It was just the two of them and
the wide-open span of the Atlantic Ocean. More
than anything he wanted to make love to her here,
on the deck, under the sun. Right this minute. But
then he thought of her comfort.
“Will you go down below with me?” he asked
silkily, more than sure she knew the reason he was
She didn’t hesitate when she responded. “Yes.”
Taylor’s breath quickened at the way Dominic was
looking at her. She knew why he wanted to take her
below and the thought of making love with him on
the open seas made hot blood rush through her veins.
Determined not to give him a chance or a reason
to change his mind, she walked over to him. When
she came to stand in front of him, she said, “I’ve
never made love on a boat before.”
The look he was giving her made her skin tingle.
“Then your first time will be special. I’ll make sure
of that.” He swung her up into his arms.
Somehow he managed to get the both of them
below and placed her on the bed. Once her body
touched the mattress, she didn’t want them to waste
any more time and began removing her clothes,
beginning with her top.
“No, please let me.”
She glanced up when Dominic moved closer to

Brenda Jackson 141
the bed and reached out his hand to pull her to him.
Then his arms folded around her and he simply
stood there for a second holding her in his warm
embrace. His manly aroma teased her nostrils and
her stomach began to quiver. Moments later, he
leaned back and met her gaze and the look she saw
in his eyes let her know there wouldn’t be time for
any small talk. The idea of that made her pulse leap,
her heart beat fast and furious in her chest. Then he
began removing the rest of her clothes, taking his
time as a cooling breeze came through the screened
porthole and touched her naked skin.
When she was completely naked, his gaze moved
over her, taking its time and lingering on those marks
of passion that were still there. “I’ve branded you,”
he whispered as a satisfied smile curved his lips.
Taylor swallowed, thinking he had done a lot
more than that. There was no way she would tell him
how she felt at this very moment. What was between
them was an agreement, one as personal as it could
get; however, things were to have remained unemo-
tional. But it seemed whenever they came together
like this, things were as emotional as they could get.
“Now I want to undress you,” she said softly,
reaching out and lifting up Dominic’s shirt over his
head. When she had removed it, she tossed it aside
and went to the snaps of his shorts. He was aroused,
she noted when she eased down his zipper. His
manhood was huge, she saw when he stepped away

142 Irresistible Forces
from the bed to remove his shoes. And when he
eased his shorts and briefs together down his thighs,
she saw that he was also extremely ready. The size
of him no longer bothered her as it had that first
night. Her body had been able to take him right in.
He came back to the bed. “I want to try some-
thing different,” he stated huskily.
She tilted her head back and met his gaze. “What?”
“I want you to ride me.”
He had thumbed through that book as many times
as she had, and he knew that the “woman on top”
position was the least effective to use to get her
pregnant, due to the law of gravity. But it was a
position that she knew gave the woman the most
pleasure because it placed her in a dominating role.
She understood what Dominic was doing. He wanted
them to make love for the sheer enjoyment of doing
so, not for the sole purpose of making a baby.
A part of her wasn’t sure she was ready for what
he was asking. It would add a piece to the equation
that she hadn’t counted on. Even doing what he asked
only one time would still throw a monkey wrench
into their week here. She had a tendency to let herself
go when they made love and had convinced herself
she was only doing so because each time they came
together, there was a chance they were creating a
life—a life they both wanted. What if she let herself
go anyway? What if he still had the ability to rock
her world although he was placing her in control?

Brenda Jackson 143
She had to fight hard to retain her composure.
Just being here with him, sitting naked in the middle
of the bed, staring into the deep green of his eyes
was rocking her world, slinging her into an arena
of emotions and feelings she hadn’t counted on,
nor was prepared for. He was unshaven and the
mass of hair on his head was tousled around his
shoulders. Her gaze raked over his face and her
breathing quickened when her eyes lowered to
move across his manly chest and then down past his
waist to his huge manhood that was fully erect in a
bed of dark curly hair.
And she knew at that moment that yes, she would
ride him. The need to do so had become an ache in
her belly. There was no other position that could
remove it and an abundance of rising excitement
filled her entire being.
She moved her gaze back up to his face. She saw
the intensity in the dark pupils staring straight at her.
She felt the heat and the potent force of his sexu-
ality. It was dominant, overbearing and lethal, and
it was reaching out to her, touching her in some of
the most private places. Instead of giving him an
answer, she eased toward him and reached up and
wrapped her arms around his neck. She studied his
lips and thought his mouth was temptation at its
finest, and with a gentle pull he was tumbling down
on the bed with her.

144 Irresistible Forces
Their mouths connected immediately and she
began drowning in his heat the moment their tongues
connected. And knowing just where their kiss
would lead kicked a response in her that went
beyond anything she’d ever encountered before.
And then he was shifting their bodies to place her
on top and she pulled back and stared down at him.
She wanted him.
Her arms grabbed hold of his shoulders and she
felt his muscles tighten beneath her fingertips. She
felt his manhood in the center of her legs and it was
a struggle not to lower her body onto it. However,
temptation made her lean down and take a swipe of
his lips with her tongue. His sharp intake of breath
made her smile.
“I think I’d better warn you that I took horseback
riding as a child,” she informed him softly.
He continued to look at her and lifted a brow.
She chuckled. “And I’m no novice. I like riding.”
She saw the way his eyes darkened. She felt the
way his hard length seemed to thicken beneath her.
Then suddenly he gripped her hips and lifted them
enough to position his shaft at the opening of her
womanly core. She felt the tip of its head right there.
“I like riding, too,” he said in a strained voice,
lowering her hips downward to inch inside her.
She felt the heat of him, big and thick, as it
entered her, stretching her body again to accommo-

Brenda Jackson 145
date its presence. He continued to lower her onto
him and she could barely breathe at the feeling of
him filling her so completely.
She felt the exact moment he lifted the lower
part of his body off the bed to drive into her to the
hilt. “Let’s ride,” he growled from deep in his throat.
He had told her to ride him, not to kill him,
Dominic thought as Taylor’s body slammed down
on his once more, pressing her knees into his sides,
holding firm to his shoulders. Her head was thrown
back and she was giving the bed one hell of a
workout while at the same time driving his body
over the edge, time and time again.
He’d come twice already and so had she, but she
wouldn’t let up and he couldn’t seem to go down.
She was doing more than just rocking the bed. She
was also rocking his senses, tilting his world, filling
him with more pleasure than he could have imag-
ined possible. He’d heard of women who were
experts when it came to riding, but until now he’d
never encountered one. The sheer impact of how she
was making him feel simply overwhelmed him.
And the scent of sex along with the fragrance of her
perfume wasn’t helping matters when he inhaled it
into his nostrils. It only made him that much more
aware of what they were doing and how they were
doing it. And the knowledge that they were out in
the middle of the ocean only added to the allure, the

146 Irresistible Forces
deep throb in his veins and the degree of his arousal
that wouldn’t go away.
She kept going and going and going, as if work-
ing up to that one big explosion that would be the
granddaddy of them all. So each time she came
down on him, he was there to thrust up into her,
grind his body, going as deep inside her as he could,
and the more he did so, the more vigorously she
bucked and pumped into him, going at it wild and
He felt another climax ready to hit him at the
same moment he felt her inner body clench his
muscles and felt this release would be too good to
waste, so he quickly shifted positions and brought
her beneath him the moment her body jerked. She
let out one hair-raising scream when she exploded.
He followed her and flooded her insides with the
very essence of him, and held her, refusing to let her
move, wanting her to feel what he’d done. Take it
all in. Keep it.
Her response didn’t help and when she wrapped
her legs around him, locking him in, he continued
to kiss her—harder—while slipping his hands into
her hair to grip the silkiness of it and to hold her
mouth in place. She was being held hostage, under
his intense desire.
He knew that he was being held hostage under
hers, as well.

Chapter 8
aylor felt Dominic’s touch when he slid his hand
between her legs, gently stroking her there. He was
lying beside her, facing her, and when her lips
parted with a soft purr he leaned forward and took
advantage, letting his tongue begin an intimate
dance inside her mouth that only he had the skill to
perform. Feeling like putty in his hands, under his
lips, she clung to his mouth in a kiss of possession
that she felt all the way to her toes.
Moments later, he released her mouth and whis-
pered softly against her moist lips. “You okay?”
She was also too absorbed in the sensual spell he
had placed her in to speak. She felt totally drained

148 Irresistible Forces
in a way that still had parts of her body quivering.
Even now there was a heated pulse between her
legs in the area where he was stroking.
“Yes, I’m fine,” she whispered back, filled with
an emotional need she didn’t want, but was too
weak to resist. Each time she made love with him
she felt herself being pulled in toward something
she wasn’t sure had a name, but was certain didn’t
have a place in her life. She didn’t like things getting
complicated. The only thing she wanted from Dom-
inic was the one thing she believed he would give
her this week—a baby.
“It’s getting late. We need to head back,” he
said softly.
She heard his words. “I’m ready when you are,”
she said quietly, hoping she sounded more excited
that she actually felt. In truth, she could stay here
like this with him forever.
She suddenly felt a shiver of apprehension slide
down her spine. Why in the world would she think
something like that? She’d never thought of for-
ever when it came to any man and didn’t intend
to start now.
“You have beautiful breasts.”
She watched his hand stroke her nipples as he
spoke, using the same fingers he’d used to stroke
between her legs earlier. His fingers were moist as
he spread her very wetness over the hardened peaks

Brenda Jackson 149
of both breasts. Another shiver, this one of pleasure,
ran up her spine. What on earth was he doing to her?
“Just close your eyes and feel, Taylor.”
She did what he asked and the moment her
eyelids fused shut she felt his tongue snaking out
and capturing a bud, flickering over it, tasting her
before closing in and taking it fully into his mouth.
Desire, the kind she only knew with him, consumed
her insides as she felt his mouth on her breasts,
tasting, taunting and tampering with her in a way
that was simply his. He feasted on one and then the
other, almost sapping her of her senses, her sanity
and her self-control.
And when his mouth found the indention of her
belly and begin placing kisses all around it, she
became lost within a maelstrom of sensations that had
her surrendering to pleasure of the most erotic kind.
“You also have a beautiful stomach,” he whis-
pered with a warm breath before placing another
kiss there. And then he whispered a few more
French words and phrases and she wondered if he
knew she understood what he was saying. She
doubted it. Not that he was expressing his love or
anything of the sort, but he was telling her in explicit
French terms how much he loved making love to her
body and just what being inside her did to him each
and every time he was there. His words were making
her succumb to emotions she was trying to control

150 Irresistible Forces
and didn’t want to feel. They were also causing
another deep hunger to take place inside her.
Then she felt the warmth of his breath move lower,
and she held still, knowing what he was about to do.
By now she should have grown accustomed to him
kissing and caressing her there, but she wasn’t. It
couldn’t be helped. He had a skill with his tongue
whenever he went down on her that she just couldn’t
control, deny or resist. After all the lovemaking
they’d shared that day she wondered how she would
be able to handle this. She didn’t know if she could
take her body shattering in a million pieces again.
She opened her eyes to tell him but all she saw
was his head, down between her legs and she could
only close her eyes the moment his tongue flicked
over her sensitive flesh.
Instinctively, her body came up off the bed and
he grabbed her hips, holding her to his mouth as he
devoured her with a sense of hunger that left her
gasping for breath. She closed her eyes as sensa-
tions tore into her body once again.
She reached out for him, held his head in place,
inviting him to go deeper, and he did, as his sinfully
skilled and seductive tongue continued nonstop,
increasing the pace, redefining the urgency. Her
senses were being driven wild and her fingers
threaded through his hair as he continued to ply
long, deep, drugging kisses into her.
“Don’t stop. Please don’t stop,” she cried out

Brenda Jackson 151
over and over as a powerful throb overtook her. And
then she felt it, some part of her that his tongue
touched, that sent her over the edge, splintering her
in two and making her scream yet again at the top
of her lungs.
Slowly, deliberately, he continued to bestow the
intimate kiss on her as she felt waves of heated
pleasures float all through her, and she continued to
writhe beneath his mouth.
She felt herself losing consciousness, and the
last thing she remembered after moaning out his
name was him pulling up and taking her mouth and
she tasted herself on his tongue.
“What did you do to me?” Taylor asked moments
after her lids fluttered back open. Dominic was
leaning over her and wiping her brow with a warm,
damp cloth.
He smiled down at her. “Do I truly need to
answer that in full details,

“No, but you did do something. I passed out for
heaven’s sake.”
Yes, she had, he acknowledged silently. And just
to think when they had left the resort earlier that day
he had fully intended not to touch her. But whether
he liked it or not, the woman made dreams a reality.
She was the only woman he knew who could do
something like that—and with very little effort.
“Tell me what you did, Dominic.”

152 Irresistible Forces
He heard the urgency in her voice. He’d known
her long enough to realize she was someone who
thrived on being in the know, especially when it
concerned her personally.
“La petite mort,”
he said, using a French accent.
“It’s the French translation for
the little death
a popular reference for a sexual orgasm. When
pleasure gets so overwhelming it’s considered a
short period of transcendence one encounters.”
“By passing out?”
He watched as she bit her bottom lip nervously
before saying, “Nothing like that has ever happened
to me before.”
He was tempted to tell her nothing like that had ever
happened to him, either. Although he hadn’t passed
out, he had felt pleasure so intense, even now parts of
his body felt as if they were on fire. “It might happen
again. But don’t worry. You will be in good hands if
it does,” he assured her. He could tell from her expres-
sion that she intended to worry. Anxiety lines were
forming around her lips. Her very beautiful, kissable
lips. Lips that he was tempted to devour again.
Thinking he couldn’t let that happen, he glanced
at his watch. “Come on, it’s time to get back.”
He pushed the covers aside and stood and then
reached a hand to help her up. He couldn’t help
staring at her naked body. The woman was so
sinfully gorgeous, it was a shame.

Brenda Jackson 153
“We’ll take a shower when we get back,” he said
so she wouldn’t be surprised when he pulled her
into the shower with him later.
She only nodded as she got dressed. He finished
before she did and glanced over at her to see her
standing across from the mirror fussing with her
hair. As he continued to watch her, he was amazed
by the influx of emotions that consumed him, emo-
tions he wasn’t used to dealing with. Desire was
something he understood. Lust was something he
was used to, something he often craved. But he
wasn’t used to what he felt whenever he touched
Taylor. And making love to her was another issue
She must have felt his eyes on her because she
shifted her glance and met his gaze in the mirror.
She smiled before twirling around for his inspec-
tion. “How do I look?”
He had to bite down to keep from saying,
you belong to me.”
Instead he said, “Beautiful as
usual.” He meant every word.
And then he crossed the room to her, needing
to taste her one long, last time before he went up
top to take his place at the wheel. Once they set
sail he would have to concentrate on what he was
doing and not on her. As if she knew his intent,
exactly what was on his mind, she took the steps
and met him halfway. And when he came to a
stop in front of her, she reached up and placed her

154 Irresistible Forces
arms around his neck. He leaned down and con-
nected his mouth to hers, angling his head for
deeper penetration and releasing a satisfied groan
when he got it.
Yes, this was the desire he understood, the lust
he craved. But yet he couldn’t discount that some-
where in the shadows lurked emotions he didn’t
want to cope with.
He didn’t want to think about that now. He would
find a way to deal with those unwanted emotions later.
“I had a nice time, Dominic,” Taylor said as they
entered their suite. The first thing she intended to do
was take a shower and she couldn’t help wondering
if he would join her. She had never been a person who
constantly had sex on her mind but around Dominic
such a thing seemed as natural as breathing.
“I had a nice time, too,” he said, tossing the room
key on the table. “It’s almost dinnertime. Do you
have a particular taste for anything?”
She was glad his back was to her and he couldn’t
see her lick her lips. If only he knew what cravings
had begun controlling her appetite recently. She
shook her head, thinking that something was defi-
nitely wrong with her. She’d never been this hard
up to get laid in her life and suddenly became sus-
picious of something. The resort had been the one
to prepare the lunch they’d taken on board the ship,
and she couldn’t help wondering if perhaps some

Brenda Jackson 155
of the foods had contained some sort of the aphrodi-
siac-laced ingredients that the brochure had bragged
about using in a lot of their foods. After making love
most of the afternoon, the idea of doing so again
should be the furthest thing from her mind, but it
“One of us got a call while we were out,” Domi-
nic said, claiming her attention as she watched him
cross the room to the phone and its red blinking light.
She couldn’t help wondering who could be call-
ing. Her secretary knew not to bother her unless it
was an extreme emergency and—
“It was for you,” Dominic said, hanging the
phone up. “A call from your sister Vanessa.”
“Vanessa?” she said in surprise as she pulled her
cell phone out of her pocket. She had turned it off
earlier since she knew the reception on the ocean
wouldn’t be good. As she punched in Vanessa’s
number, she hoped everything was okay. Vanessa
knew why she was there and would not have called
unless it was important.
“Vanessa? It’s Taylor. What’s going on?”
“Taylor, I didn’t want to bother you but Roz called.”
Taylor lifted a brow. Roz Henry was Cheyenne’s
agent and good friend. “And?”
“And Cheyenne passed out during a photo shoot
and was taken to the hospital.”
Taylor frowned. Wanting to make sure she had

156 Irresistible Forces
heard her sister correctly, she asked, “Cheyenne
actually fainted?”
“Yes. Roz said she’s okay but they are having a
doctor check her out anyway.”
Taylor knew how much her sister disliked doc-
tors. “Where is Cheyenne?” she asked, knowing a
photo shoot could take Cheyenne anywhere.
“She happens to be on one of those islands not
far from where you are.”
“Which one?”
A few minutes later Taylor was ending the call
with her sister. She turned to find Dominic standing
in the same spot he’d been standing when she had
placed the call.
“Is there a problem?”
She glanced over at him and tried not to notice
how sexy he looked standing there with his hands
inside the pockets of his shorts. He had nice legs
for a man. Muscular and bowed. “I don’t know.
Cheyenne passed out while doing a photo shoot. I
need to make sure she’s okay.”
Dominic nodded and moved to stand in front of
her. “Where is she?”
“On an island not far from here called Bimini Bay.”
He appeared to consider her response for a mere
second before saying, “Okay, then, let’s go.”
Taylor was amazed how quickly Dominic had
made things happen. A half hour later a private plane

Brenda Jackson 157
had been chartered to take them to Bimini Bay. At
twenty-three, Cheyenne was the youngest in the
family and after a brief stint as a television reporter
she’d tried her hand at modeling, saying it would
give her the chance to travel and live in some of the
most beautiful and exotic places. A few years ago she
had purchased a home in Jamaica, but traveled back
home for important family events, and like Taylor,
she was on the board of the Steele Corporation.
Taylor couldn’t help but smile when she thought
of her sister, the rebel. She had taken being the baby
in the Steele family to all-new heights. Her male
cousins had thought Vanessa was a handful while
growing up, but nothing had prepared them for
Cheyenne. Whereas Vanessa and Taylor favored
their father, Cheyenne had inherited their mother’s
strong Native American features, bestowing upon
her an exotic look, which is why she was given the
name of her mother’s ancestry. She had beautiful
brown skin, high cheekbones and dark eyes. Even
as a child Cheyenne had gotten her share of admir-
ing looks. It hadn’t come as a surprise to anyone that
while working as a news reporter a few years back,
the president of a top modeling agency, who had
seen her on television, had made Cheyenne an offer
she couldn’t refuse to come work for him.
“Here, drink this. It will calm your nerves.”
She looked up as Dominic placed a cup of
warm tea in her hand. From the moment she had

158 Irresistible Forces
told him of her concern for Cheyenne, he had
seen to her every need. “Thank you,” she said,
taking the tea cup from him. She took a sip and
liked the taste.
“We should be landing soon.”
“Okay,” she managed to say, not sure what
Dominic was thinking. This was probably not the
way he had envisioned their day ending. “Dominic,
I know you must think it’s silly that I’d want to see
my sister just because she fainted and that—”
He placed a finger to her lips. “No,
I don’t
think that at all. In fact I think it’s rather sweet that
you care for your sibling so much. But then I find
that you are a very caring person.”
He had given her the tea to calm her but she
wondered if he knew the turbulence going
through her at that moment being so close to him.
In a way she felt she was out near the ocean,
steadily getting pulled in by the tide. The man had
that sort of effect. Even after what they had been
doing that afternoon, she still wanted more of
him. His heat was reaching out to her, warming
her in one instant and sending shivers through her
body in another.
“We’ll make sure she’s okay,” he was saying.
“And then we’ll return to the resort later tonight.”
“All right,” she said, taking a sip.
His eyes seemed to have turned another shade of
green, almost emerald. And there was a deep mean-

Brenda Jackson 159
ing in their dark depths. It was one she understood.
He still wanted more of her, too. That thought sent
more shivers through her and stirred her all the way
down to her toes.
“Come here for a second,” he said in a ragged
breath. “Lean closer.”
Placing the teacup aside, she leaned closer to
him. When Dominic connected his mouth to hers,
she thought that his kiss was like a drug. Highly
potent. Very effective. It was electrifying every
nerve in her body, uncoiling sensations she only
felt when they were together.
“Buckle up, folks. We’re about to land.”
The pilot’s voice intruded and she pulled away,
reluctantly, from his hot and hungry mouth. “We
will finish this later, right?” she couldn’t help but
ask, breathing the question against his moist lips.
“You can count on it, Taylor,” was his quick
response and she had no reason not to believe him.
Cheyenne Steele placed a faint smile on her face
when she met Taylor’s intense gaze. “I can’t believe
you came to check on me just because I fainted.”
Taylor had found Cheyenne at the hotel where
Roz had told her she was staying. After getting
checked out by a doctor, Cheyenne had returned to
her room to rest for the remainder of the day and had
been surprised to open the door later that evening
to find Taylor and a man she knew to be Dominic

160 Irresistible Forces
Saxon. After Taylor had officially introduced them,
he had left to wait downstairs in the lobby.
“Believe it,” Taylor said, frowning. “You just
better be glad Vanessa and I decided not to mention
anything about it to Mama. I noticed you didn’t
look well when we were home a few weeks ago and
have been concerned about it ever since. I figured
you’re working crazy hours and not taking proper
care of yourself. So tell me what the doctor said. Am
I right? Are you not eating enough for that vigorous
schedule you’re keeping? Starving yourself to keep
your weight down?”
Cheyenne waved off her words. “I’m fine. Just
got a little overheated. Now enough about me. Tell
me how things are going with you and Dominic.”
Taylor knew Cheyenne was trying to shift the
focus off her and onto Dominic, but she refused
to let her. For some reason Taylor didn’t believe
Cheyenne’s story about heat exhaustion, although
with the island’s hot temperature, getting over-
heated was a possibility. Taylor had a feeling that
there was something else, something Cheyenne
wasn’t telling her. She could feel it. And for one
thing, Cheyenne was looking everywhere but at her.
“Forget about me and Dominic. What’s going on,
Chey?” she asked softly “You’re lying to me and I
don’t like it. Are you on an anorexia kick or some-
thing? I know how crazy you get sometimes about
keeping your model figure and how you—”

Brenda Jackson 161
“No, that’s not it,” Cheyenne said quickly.
Taylor breathed in deeply. “Then what is it?
What aren’t you telling me?”
The silence that suddenly descended upon the
room was unnerving. And just when she thought
Cheyenne would not say anything, her sister opened
her mouth and spoke. “Okay, I’ll tell you, but you
must promise not to tell anyone. Not Van or the
cousins and especially not Mama. I’ll tell everyone
when I come home for Marcus’s high school gradu-
ation in a few weeks.”
Taylor’s brows drew together in a frown. “Tell
them what?”
“You have to promise.”
Taylor rolled her eyes. “Okay, okay, I promise.
So what are you going to tell them?”
Cheyenne’s eyes, a color so dark they looked
black, stared straight into hers when she said, “That
I’m pregnant.”
“Are you all right, Taylor?”
Taylor glanced up at Dominic. “Yes, I’m okay.”
The plane had landed and they had returned to
the resort. After getting over the initial shock of
what Cheyenne had told her, she had talked her
sister into going out to dinner with her and Dominic
at one of the restaurants near the hotel. The three of
them had had a nice time and she could tell that
Cheyenne liked Dominic. When it came to men

162 Irresistible Forces
Cheyenne could be downright nitpicky, which made
Taylor wonder about the identity of the man who
had fathered Cheyenne’s baby. He’d certainly had
to have been someone Cheyenne had been quite
taken with. When she’d asked Cheyenne about the
man, she had refused to talk about him, only saying
that he was someone she had met once and would
probably never see again.
“Are you still worried about your sister? She
seems to be doing okay now,” Dominic said, break-
ing into her thoughts.
If only you knew, she thought. Of course she
hadn’t mentioned anything to Dominic about her
sister’s condition, and didn’t want to think what the
family would have to say when Cheyenne dropped
her little bombshell. Although Taylor had made
plans to do the baby thing solo, her family wouldn’t
have been surprised if she was to pop up pregnant
without the benefit of a husband because they all
knew how much Taylor loved children, and with her
methodical mind, having a child without a husband
would seem like something Taylor would do.
But Cheyenne was another matter altogether.
Besides being the baby in the family who got all the
attention, Cheyenne was never a person to fawn
over babies and had never mentioned that she
wanted any of her own. Her modeling career was
the only thing she really cared about and the thought
of gaining weight was simply a no-no.

Brenda Jackson 163
But when Taylor had inquired if she was contem-
plating getting an abortion, Cheyenne had surprised
her by saying under no circumstances would she
consider such a thing. That made Taylor proud of
her baby sister’s desire to accept full responsibility
for her actions and accept whatever sacrifices that
had to be made.
Once again, Taylor’s thoughts shifted to the man
who had gotten Cheyenne to lower her guard.
Cheyenne was one to get annoyed with men easily,
especially those who got stuck on her features. She
said she would never know if the man loved her for
herself or her looks. Since she had been oohed and
aahed over most of her life, to Cheyenne a man
loving her for herself and not her beauty was im-
portant. Although Taylor wasn’t sure about the
mystery man’s feelings, she knew her sister well
enough to know that during their brief encounter,
Cheyenne must have fallen in love with him.
She then realized she hadn’t answered Dominic’s
question. “I worry about Cheyenne out of habit,”
she said. “Vanessa and I both do, although Cheyenne
has shown us time and time again that she’s quite
capable of taking care of herself. She’s traveled
more places than I ever have or probably ever will,
and lives in Jamaica, a long way from home. I’m
also her wealth and asset manager so I know that
she’s doing very well financially.”

164 Irresistible Forces
Taylor chuckled. “How do you know there’s a
in there?”
He smiled down at her as they stepped onto the
elevator that would take them up to their suite.
“Because I’m beginning to know you, Taylor. With
you, some things are easy to figure out.”
She wondered at that. Had he figured out how
much she wanted him? Or even worse, had he
figured out that she had fallen head over heels in love
with him? She had been bordering on the edge since
the first time they had made love, but had gotten a
pretty big shove when he had seen how much she’d
been worried about Cheyenne and had chartered a
plane and whisked her to the island where her sister
was, to calm her fears. She didn’t know too many
men who would have done that. Most would have
been annoyed that she was letting worrying about her
sister infringe upon their time with her.
“You’re right, there is a
However, the last
thing I plan on doing is getting into Cheyenne’s
business. I let my sisters deal with their own issues,
but they know I’m there if they need me.”
Dominic nodded. “You must be exhausted. When
we get up to the room, I’ll run bathwater for you. A
good hot soak will do you good.”
She turned toward him and placed her arms around
his neck, glad they were the only people in the
elevator. “Um, that sounds nice, but what about you?”

Brenda Jackson 165
He smiled and that full smile on such a pair of
sensual lips that showed beautiful white teeth
started a slow, aching throb in her center. “I’ll take
a shower later.”
She shook her head. “We agreed that the next time
you got in the shower I would be there with you.”
He chuckled. “Yes, but you’re too tired tonight
and I understand.”
She knew he did understand, and that’s what
made him so beautiful in her eyes. He had such an
understanding spirit when it came to her. “But I’m
not too tired for that, Dominic,” she said softly.
What she didn’t add was that she needed him
tonight in a way she had never needed him before.
Now that she knew that she loved him, she wanted
not only his seed to get her pregnant, nor just his
body that always gave her pleasure. What she
wanted more than anything was everything that was
him. They had only five days left and she wanted to
spend each and every moment intimately with him.
“Are you sure?” he asked, staring down at her.
His eyes had changed to a soft green and were look-
ing straight into hers.
“I’m positive.” When it came to him, there was
no way she could or ever would be not sure of
anything. He was the first man she could admit to
loving and probably would be the only man she
would ever love. It was just her luck that the one
man who had finally captured her heart would be

166 Irresistible Forces
someone who was dead set against ever marrying
again, a man intent on not allowing his heart to ever
belong to another woman. A man who was still in
love with his dead wife.
“Why are you frowning,

His gaze burned into hers with an intensity that
seared her skin, made her want him just that much
more. “No reason, other than I need to make sure
it’s what you want, too,” she decided to say. “After
all we’ve done today, are you sure you’re not too
tired? If you are, then I can certainly understand.”
She suddenly found herself whisked off her feet
into strong arms and when he leaned down and
kissed her, he practically drew the breath from her
lungs. The scent of him surrounded her, practically
oozed from wall to wall, panel to panel, in the
elevator. It was warm, musky with a whiff of the sea
that still clung to him, as well.
Only when he withdrew his mouth from hers,
leaving the taste of him on her tongue, did she allow
herself to breathe. And only when the elevator door
swooshed open to their floor, and he stepped out,
still carrying her in his arms, did she speak, barely
breathing his name against his neck.
When they stopped in front of their door and he
shifted her in his arms to pull out his passkey she
realized that something hot, heavy and passionate
was taking place between them, had been taking

Brenda Jackson 167
place since they had arrived on the island. Shivers of
anticipation raced down her spine, sensitized every
nerve and sent an uncontrollable urge to her brain,
making awareness flow rapidly through her body.
When he opened the door, placed her on her feet
before closing and locking it behind them, she
released a long, ragged breath. It was past midnight
already, but time was not a factor here; it could
never be a factor between them. The only thing that
mattered was that she was about to make love yet
again to the man she loved.
He leaned back against the door and stared at her
and she felt it like an intimate caress. She may not
have his love but she definitely had his desire. And
it was a potent thing, like a stimulating drug that
actually had hot blood flowing through her veins,
making her head spin, logical thoughts disinte-
grating and making the throb between her legs
become an ache that he needed to take care of.
Only him.
Without thinking about what she was doing and
knowing that he was watching her every move, she
began undressing as she slowly walked backward
toward the bedroom. First came her top and she
tossed it aside. She paused long enough to kick
away her sandals before continuing her trek back-
ward. By the time she reached the bedroom door her
clothes laid a trail on the floor and only her panties

168 Irresistible Forces
He stood there, still leaning against the door, not
having moved an inch. But something on him had
definitely grown…not that it hadn’t been big before.
She had felt it when he had picked her up in his arms
and again when he had slid her body down his when
he had placed her on her feet. But now as her gaze
zeroed in on the crotch of his shorts, she saw him
enlarging before her eyes just the way she wanted.
And just the way she needed.
“Dominic…” She breathed out his name on a
sigh, and that’s when he moved, slowly walking
toward her, pausing to undress, as well. By the time
he reached her in the bedroom doorway, he was
totally and completely naked.
It was then that she watched as he got down on
his knees to remove the final piece of clothing
from her body—for the second time that day—a
pair of skimpy black lace panties. But he didn’t
stop there once he had removed them and had
tossed them aside.
Dominic felt the need for Taylor all the way to
the bone. He knew her scent, and after spending an
afternoon making love to her on the boat, his tongue
was practically drenched with her taste. He leaned
forward and rested his face against the warm skin
of her thigh and inhaled the essence of her femi-
ninity, so close to his face.
He felt the hands she had placed on his shoulders

Brenda Jackson 169
as if she was depending on his strength to hold her
up. In his position, kneeling on the floor in front of
her, he was just where he wanted to be, up close and
as personal as he could get.
Not really.
There was this one thing that immediately de-
manded his attention, something his tongue was
throbbing to do, something he hadn’t gotten enough
of doing earlier that day. He shifted his head and
found the spot he wanted, gripped her hips and letting
his tongue go to work, tasting her with a hunger
that he knew she had to feel. He pushed her legs apart
even farther so he could delve deeper, his tongue
could penetrate farther, taking on a life of its own
inside her.
He heard her moans, gloried in her groans. Felt
the way her fingers were digging hard into his
shoulders, the way she was arching the lower part
of her body to lock in on his mouth. His heart rate
began racing. His thirst for her taste was un-
quenchable. The more he got, the more he wanted,
and he was letting her know it, feel it. There was just
something about kissing her this way that made
everything inside him react, summoned all his inner
Moments later he felt her body jerk beneath his
mouth and heard her scream, but he ignored the
sound and kept doing what he was doing. He had
the ability to climax just from tasting her, and was

170 Irresistible Forces
fighting like hell not to do so. He wanted to take her
in the shower, while the force of the water beat
down on them. At that point when it happened, he
wanted something else other than his tongue inside
her. He wanted to explode inside her, to give her the
very thing that would give her his baby, if he hadn’t
already done so.
Dominic pulled back, quickly stood and scooped
her up into his arms. He felt her go limp and knew
if the water didn’t revive her, something else defi-
nitely would. He stepped into the shower and
quickly turned on the water. A soon as the water was
warm he stepped under it and eased Taylor out of
his arms to stand in front of him and then brought
her close to him as he lifted her off her feet.
“Wrap your legs around me,
” he said in
a deep, husky voice.
She did what he asked and before her mind could
register what he was about to do, he swiftly entered
her. Water poured down on them, blurring their
vision, soaking their hair, but nothing could stop
him from backing her up against the tile wall and
pumping in and out of her like a man pushed over
the edge. A man who wanted to die remembering
how it was to be inside her this way.
And just in case those other times they had made
love didn’t quite do the trick, he grabbed hold of the
hips that cradled his pelvis, drove deeper into her
the exact moment he felt his entire body explode,

Brenda Jackson 171
forcing himself to hold still while feeling her
muscles clench everything out of him, and he still
kept coming, filling her to capacity in a way he had
never done any other woman.
He showed no sign of even thinking about releas-
ing her after becoming fully spent, totally drained.
Like before, he wanted his body to remain con-
nected to hers so he adjusted his stance, braced his
legs apart and kept her pinned to the wall.
While the water was still cascading down on them,
he lifted his head and met her gaze. The look in her
eyes did something to him. There had been a sudden
flash of something that had passed through the dark
gaze holding his. He was certain of it. But what?
Dominic refused to take time to figure anything
out. Not now and not here. He felt his body getting
hard inside her all over again. He reached up and
turned off the water before opening the shower door.
And with her still in his arms, her body intimately
joined to his, he stepped out of the shower.
With warm water still soaking their skin he
managed to grab a big, thick towel off the rack and
wrap it around them before leaving the bathroom.
He reached the bed and then tumbled onto the snow-
white bedcovers with her in his arms. And then he
straddled her body and stared down at her, not
understanding the sudden obsession and possession
he felt. It was more than the fact that she could even
now be carrying his child, a Saxon heir. Nor was it

172 Irresistible Forces
about the way his body was able to respond to hers,
and kept responding in ways it had never done to
other women. But it did have something to do with
the warm prickling sensation that was running over
his damp skin and the fire that was flowing in his
blood. And for one pulse-stopping moment he felt
as if he was going through an addiction. One part
of his mind was telling him that the one thing he
needed to do before getting in deeper was to pull
back and take the stance that if she hadn’t gotten
pregnant by now, then too bad. He couldn’t run the
risk of letting her get under his skin, wiggle her way
anywhere near his heart.
But he couldn’t summon the strength to do that
or think that way. At the moment he was just where
he wanted to be: inside her while her muscles
clenched him tight, milked him for all she could get.
She had a strong hold on him as he had a strong hold
on her and it seemed neither of them was going
anywhere or wanted to handle whatever was hap-
pening right now any differently.
So he began doing what he enjoyed doing—
moving inside her, thrusting in and out of her with
long, leisurely, slow strokes, while watching her
facial expression with each stimulating massage.
Just as she was watching his. He was certain that his
need, this unexplainable, overwhelming desire, was
there, clearly visible on his face for her to see, as
hers was fully exposed to him. Like all the other

Brenda Jackson 173
times before, he was putting everything into this
mating, all of himself, everything that was in him
he was giving to her. Freely and unselfishly. For her
it seemed he could do nothing less.
And then he leaned closer to her mouth, needing
the taste of her. And when his tongue began mating
with hers in that same tempo their bodies were
mating, something hot and urgent flared through
him, uncoiled within his stomach and he increased
the rhythm and began pumping madly, with a raw,
primal need that had him locked in its grip. In the
deep recesses of his mind he heard her scream out
his name, automatically triggering something inside
him and his body bucked hard at the same time that
he screamed out hers.
And then it happened again, as it always did with
her. He felt a scorching sensation throughout his
body, shivers passing through every nerve, as he
shot an abundance of life-creating fluid inside her
while breathing in her scent, their scent. And he
knew that if he lived to be over a hundred, he would
never get tired of making love to Taylor Steele.
And as he leaned forward and cradled his face
in the crook of her neck, he decided that to think
such a thing was simply too disturbing to dissect
at the moment.

Chapter 9
aylor stood at the window and looked out at the
beauty of the island and the way the ocean seemed
to come to peace when the waves hit the shoreline.
For the rest of her life she would always remember
this place. It held so many memories. Memories she
would cherish forever.
It seemed so unfair that the week had come and
gone so quickly and it was time for her and Dominic
to leave with hope that together they had created a
life, a life they would ultimately share over the years.
In the beginning the thought of them doing so wasn’t
a problem. That was when she was only interested in
a baby and not a relationship…and certainly not love.

Brenda Jackson 175
There was no doubt in her mind that she loved
Dominic with every sense of her being. It was love
not lust. She hadn’t gotten the two confused as she
had tried convincing herself a number of times over
the past few days. She loved him in bed or out,
although she had to admit they had spent more time
during the past week in bed.
Because they were so sure she had conceived,
they had talked about names for their child and had
decided if it was a boy they would name him
Amaury and for a girl, she wanted Dominique.
From the look that had appeared on his face when
she had made her request, she could tell he had
been touched that she wanted to name their
daughter after him. And then he had asked some-
thing of her that was unexpected. He wanted to be
there when she found out if she had gotten pregnant
and asked if she would let him. She had agreed that
he could and was touched that he even wanted to be.
Suddenly, her senses went on full alert. He hadn’t
made a sound but she knew the exact moment he had
entered the room. She could actually feel his body
heat getting closer as he crossed the room toward
her. And then he was standing directly behind her.
She could feel the warmth of his breath coming into
contact with her neck. Instinctively, she leaned back
at the same moment he wrapped strong arms around
her waist, holding her tight. Her bottom was cradled

176 Irresistible Forces
snug against his center and she immediately felt the
huge bulge she had gotten used to.
“See what you do to me every time,” he whis-
pered in her ear. “It’s totally insane for me to want
you so much.”
“Mmm” was the only thing she could manage to
murmur as she closed her eyes, knowing memories
like this would have to sustain her forever. In a short
while they would be leaving to return to America—
and their lives apart. She would return to her world
and he would return to his. Their week-long visit to
the island, their procreation vacation, would be
something of the past, something they hoped, they
truly believed would show results.
She refused to open her eyes when she felt his
lips at the base of neck, then moving slightly to
taste the area beneath her ear in one warm lick.
Shivers ran through her body. He was making her
want him and he knew it. “How much time do we
have?” she asked, without opening her eyes. Instead
she leaned back farther and angled her head in such
a way that his lips could explore her more. Now he
was kissing her cheek, the fine line of her jaw.
“As much time as we want. Martin has arrived
with the plane but we fly out when I say we do.”
She opened her eyes knowing just what that
meant. They wanted each other again. Hadn’t gotten
enough. And before leaving they would make time.
She slowly turned in his arms and their gazes

Brenda Jackson 177
met. No further words were needed. There was
nothing left to be said. After today there would be
no reason for them to come together like this.
But today. For now. There was a reason. One
that was old as time and as primal as mankind. And
they would share it…one last time.
He began taking slow steps backward and she
followed, not that she had a choice, with his arms
still around her waist. She thought of all the things
they had shared, all those different positions they
had tried and those others he had thrown in—had
introduced her to—for good measure. Over the past
seven days she had definitely become sexually
educated. Had graduated a star pupil.
Now she intended to put that education to work.
“I want to taste you all over, Dominic,” she whis-
pered, just inches from his lips. “And then I plan to
ride you until you say you’ve had enough.”
“I’ll never say it’s enough,” he murmured back
hotly, taking his tongue and flicking it out to
moisten her lips.
“We’ll see.” And then she pushed him back on the
bed and began going after him with a hunger and
urgency that surprised even her. She pulled off his
clothes, actually sent buttons flying in her haste and
then she shifted to remove her own clothing. When
they were both naked she went after his mouth,
pressing hers to his, sinking her fingers into his scalp.
Three hours later when exhaustion finally claimed

178 Irresistible Forces
the two of them, he admitted it was all he could
handle in one day, but had been quick to say it still
wasn’t enough.
“So, do you think you’re pregnant?”
Taylor pondered Vanessa’s question before open-
ing her mouth to speak. Then without saying any-
thing she closed it. Vanessa, who was sitting across
the table from her, lifted a brow. “Well?”
The two had made plans to meet for lunch when
Vanessa had called earlier in the week to say she
would be flying to D.C. to attend a three-day seminar
hosted by the Public Relations Society of America.
Taylor smiled. Vanessa had a way of getting any
information out of you by doing something called
“digging in.” It was better to go ahead and give her
an answer without subjecting yourself to such
torture. “Yes, I know I’m pregnant.”
Vanessa blinked. She knew that Taylor hadn’t
been back from her island rendezvous a full week
yet. “You skipped a period already?”
“No, not yet, but I don’t need that to confirm
what I already know.” She didn’t add that Dominic
had been too thorough for her not to be pregnant.
Had it been only five days since she had seen him
last? Five days since he had kissed her when he had
dropped her off at the Reagan National Airport
before continuing his flight to Los Angeles to visit

Brenda Jackson 179
his parents? Five long miserable days where her
body seemed to be going through some form of
sexual withdrawal when she would wake up during
the night to reach for him and he wasn’t there?
Vanessa slanted her a look. “For you to be so sure
of something like that means Dominic Saxon is one
hell of a potent individual or that he was pretty good
at what you wanted him to do.”
Taylor could only smile again. “Both. Enough
about me and Dominic. How are things going with
the wedding?”
For the next thirty or so minutes over lunch she
listened while her sister told her how the wedding
plans were coming and how Vanessa’s best friend,
Sienna, had been hired to remodel Cameron’s home
in Charlotte, the house where the couple would be
living. Because Cameron’s business took him just
about anywhere in the world, he had homes in other
places, as well, including a beautiful one next door
to Cheyenne’s in Jamaica.
“And you are coming home to Marcus’s high
school graduation in a couple of weeks, aren’t
you?” Vanessa interrupted her thoughts by asking.
“I wouldn’t miss it.” What she wouldn’t say,
because of the promise she had made to Cheyenne,
was that Vanessa would find out in two weeks that
she would be an aunt twice over. It was a definite
that Cheyenne was pregnant, and by that time
Taylor would know if she was pregnant, as well.

180 Irresistible Forces
A week later Dominic still found that he was in
that same melancholy mood. He walked through his
home thinking how he had turned down several
dinner invitations from friends. A woman who was
someone he would often sleep with when he got the
urge had called—several times—blatantly inviting
him to spend the night with her and he had turned
her down, as well. He knew Ivy was pretty pissed
at the thought that he had ignored her not once but
twice, but he hadn’t cared enough to even send her
flowers to smooth things over.
The only woman he could think about, the only
woman he wanted was Taylor. He was convinced
that during the week they had spent together, he had
gotten bewitched by her beauty or her ability to
please him in bed. He was totally taken by the entire
package, which included those things and a lot
more. Without even trying, she had left a mark on
him that no other woman could wipe away.
And he didn’t like the thought of that one damn bit.
He was a single man, and one with a strong
sexual appetite. So why was he denying himself
the company of beautiful women, women who
would want more from him than just a baby? But
he knew the answer to that one.
There was no woman who had the ability to lit-
erally charge the air between them the moment she
walked into a room other than Taylor Steele. No

Brenda Jackson 181
other woman who could bring him almost to his
knees with just one kiss—a kiss he had taught her
how to perfect. And then there were the times he
would be inside her…
Just thinking about it made his entire body ache
for something he couldn’t have but desperately
wanted. When he reached the kitchen he pulled
open the refrigerator and decided he needed a cold
glass of water. He’d been dreaming again about
Taylor, about them making love. The dream had
seemed so real he had awakened in a heated sweat.
“Hey, are you okay?”
Dominic glanced over his shoulder at Ryder.
“Yeah, I’m fine. Why aren’t you in bed?”
“I just got in from the gym.”
Dominic glanced at the clock on the kitchen wall.
“This late?”
“Yes. This late.”
He watched the huge hulk of a man slide into a
chair at the kitchen table. Not for the first time he
wondered about Ryder, the man who had been his
bodyguard, his confidant and friend for close to
twenty years now. Ryder never mentioned a family,
although Dominic knew there was some special
woman back in France and he left to return there
every chance he got. At least Dominic figured it was
a woman since whenever Ryder came back he had a
better disposition. More than once over the years
he’d tried inquiring about Ryder’s other life and if it

182 Irresistible Forces
included a family, but the man had effectively and
intentionally changed the subject, letting Dominic
know any discussion about him was off-limits.
“So, how did you enjoy your week on Latois?”
Dominic glanced over at Ryder. He hadn’t told
anyone where he would be that week other than
Matt and he was certain Matt hadn’t mentioned
anything to anyone. His secretary had been informed
that if an emergency came up to contact Matt. So
where had Ryder gotten his information?
“Don’t bother figuring things out, Nick. I know
where you are 24-7. It’s my business to protect you.
It’s what your grandfather sent me here to do.”
Dominic closed the refrigerator and leaned back
against it. He felt irritated that his grandfather intended
to be a part of his life even when he didn’t want him
to. “It’s been close to twenty years now, Ryder?” he
asked angrily. “You can’t be my bodyguard forever.
Besides, I don’t need one anymore.” Even though he
said the words he knew over the years Ryder had
become more than just his bodyguard.
“You are who you are. You will always need
someone to watch your back.”
“My grandfather’s orders?” Dominic asked angrily.
“When are you going to stop hating him?”
Dominic sighed. He and Ryder had had this con-
versation several times. For some reason Ryder was
very loyal to Franco Saxon.
“I don’t hate him actually,” Dominic said calmly.

Brenda Jackson 183
“I just don’t want him to be a part of my life just
like he chose not to be a part of my father’s life
when he married my mother.”
“He made a mistake Nick. Your father has for-
given him. So has your mother.”
“I’m glad to hear it. Now I’m going back to bed.”
Dominic turned to leave but Ryder’s next question
stopped him.
“And what of the new Saxon heir?”
Dominic slowly turned around and stared at
Ryder. Did he have no secrets from this man? He
wouldn’t waste his time trying to figure out how
Ryder had known he was on Latois for the sole
purpose of making a baby. It would have been
simple enough since the island advertised heavily
their procreation vacations.
“You tell me. What about the new Saxon heir?”
“Your parents and your grandfather would be
pleased that you’re carrying the family line forward.”
Dominic was glad his parents would be overjoyed
with the news, but as for his grandfather, he really
didn’t give a royal damn. “Nothing is definite yet.”
Ryder chuckled at that. “But I’m sure it will be.
You’re a Saxon.”
Dominic arched a brow. “Meaning?”
“You’ll make it happen.”
Dominic walked out of the room thinking he cer-
tainly hoped so. But he would continue to be on pins
and needles while he waited for Taylor’s call.

184 Irresistible Forces
It was time to call Dominic.
Taylor placed the package she has purchased at
the drugstore on the table. There was no reason why
she couldn’t just march into the bathroom and find
out now and just call and give Dominic the results.
Yes, there was a reason. He had asked to be present
when she found out and she had promised him that
he could. She would keep her promise.
It had been twelve days and five hours since she
had seen Dominic last, but there had not been one
single day that she had not gone to bed thinking of
him or awakened with him in her thoughts, as well.
And then there were those moments during the day
when out of nowhere she would remember some-
thing—a look he’d given her, a touch. And heaven
help her when she would recall all the times they
made love, all those different positions…
Shivers of awareness ran down her spine. She
didn’t need a pregnancy test to tell her what she
knew in her heart was already true. She was preg-
nant with Dominic’s child. There was no way that
she couldn’t be.
Now she needed to place that call.
She walked over to the sofa and sat down then
reached for the telephone and punched his private
“Hello, Taylor.”
Immediately, upon hearing his strong, husky

Brenda Jackson 185
voice, an electric current seemed to have run right
through her. She swallowed and then asked, “How
did you know it was me?”
“Caller ID.”
She nodded. That made sense. “You wanted me
to call you when it was time.”
“And is it time to find out?” he asked.
“I’m on my way over.”
He’d said it as though he was right up the street.
“Will you be arriving tomorrow?”
“No, I’m on my way to your place now. I’ve
been in D.C. staying at the Saxon Hotel for the last
two days. I wanted to be close by when you called
and figured it would be soon,” he informed her.
“I’ll see you in less than an hour, Taylor.”
And then he ended the call.

Chapter 10
aylor glanced at herself in the mirror one final
time after hearing the sound of the doorbell. A surge
of anxiety swept through her. How was she sup-
posed to act when she saw Dominic again? He
wasn’t just any man, but was someone she had spent
an entire week making love with more than eighty
percent of the time. The last four days on Latois had
been the most intense. It was as if they were count-
ing down the hours, minutes and seconds and
wanted to make each one count.
She glanced down at her outfit, a pair of shorts
and a tank top. She had wanted to appear casual,
right at home and had taken a shower and put

Brenda Jackson 187
on a little makeup and sprayed on her favorite
She crossed the room and inhaled deeply, hoping
and praying she would be able to keep things
together when she saw him. She opened the door
and whatever words of greeting she planned to say
died on her lips. All she could do was stand there
and stare at him.
For a few split seconds it seemed neither of them
was capable of speaking, since he was staring back
at her. Then, he finally spoke in a deep, raspy voice
that sent shivers all through Taylor’s body.
“It’s good seeing you again, Taylor.”
She inhaled deeply once more. “It’s good seeing
you again, as well, Dominic.” She had to admit that
she sounded slightly hoarse to her own ears. “Won’t
you come in?”
She took a step back and he entered, closing the
door behind him. He glanced around a second
before returning his gaze to her. “You look good.”
“Thanks, and so do you.” And she meant it. He
was wearing a dark gray suit and white shirt and
looked gorgeous as ever. “Would you like some-
thing to drink?”
“What do you have?”
“Whatever you want.” Too late she realized how
that may have sounded.
He chuckled softly. “In that case, a glass of wine
would be nice.”

188 Irresistible Forces
“No problem. Make yourself comfortable and
I’ll be right back.” She headed toward the kitchen
but couldn’t help glancing over her shoulder and
saw that he was removing his jacket, exposing those
broad shoulders she remembered so well.
A tingling sensation flowed through her as she
recalled a number of other things, and they were
things she wished she wouldn’t remember right
now. Her body was heated enough already.
Once she got to the kitchen she let out a deep
breath. The sexual chemistry they’d shared hadn’t
been just confined to the island. It was here in her
apartment. She’d felt it the moment she opened the
door and saw him standing there. There was no way
he hadn’t felt it, too.
With nervous hands she poured him a glass of wine
and poured a glass of apple juice for herself. “I can do
this,” she murmured softly before leaving her kitchen.
He was standing by the window, looking at the
beautiful view of the Potomac and turned when he
heard her enter the room. His gaze met hers and she
actually saw the heated lust in his eyes. Suddenly, she
felt hotter than before and could actually feel damp-
ness form on her forehead. With all the strength she
could muster, she made it across the room to him
without dropping the glasses out of her hand.
“Here you are. I hope I wasn’t too long.”
He smiled before taking the glass from her trem-
bling hand. “No, you weren’t.”

Brenda Jackson 189
Their fingers touched and she felt a sizzling
sensation all the way to her toes. All she had to
do was reconnect with his gaze to know he’d felt
it, as well. Thinking the cold apple juice would
certainly cool her off, she quickly took a sip. It
didn’t do any good. Heat was still trickling
through her.
“So how have you been feeling?” he asked,
breaking into the silence that had surrounded them.
“I’ve been fine. Busy as usual. I had a lot to catch
up on when I got back.”
“So did I.”
“The stock market has looked good for the past
couple of weeks,” she said, leading him over to
the sofa to sit down. He sat on one end and she
on the other.
“Yes, I saw that.”
The room plunged back into silence and she
began racking her brain for something else to say.
She thought about a recent news article and brought
it up. He made a comment or two and that was it.
Deciding she was dragging things out for no reason
at all she said, “I’m sure you have a lot to do this
evening, so if you want we can find out if I’m preg-
nant or not right now.”
“I don’t have anything to do this evening,” he
said smoothly. “Do you feel pregnant?”
A smile touched her lips. “If you’re asking if
I’ve had morning sickness or anything like that,

190 Irresistible Forces
then the answer is no. I feel wonderful. But I have
missed my period by a few days.”
Too late she wondered if she had said too much,
then decided no, she hadn’t. While on the island
they had talked about a number of things, personal
things regarding changes that would take place to
her body once she became pregnant. She had felt
comfortable discussing them with him then and
there was no reason she shouldn’t feel at ease talk-
ing about them with him now. Although most of the
time they had held the discussions while both of
them had been wrapped in each other’s arms, naked
and satiated after having just made love.
“What about your breasts?”
Desire sparked in the center of her, right below
the waist, between the legs. “What about them?”
she asked softly.
He took a sip of wine before leaning forward.
“Are they tender? You said that would be one sure-
tell sign.”
Yes, she had said that.
“Ah, yes. They are some-
what tender.”
“I see.”
He was staring at her, more specifically her
breasts. They had definitely become the subject of
his intense assessment. A part of her wanted to take
her hands and cover them, not that he could see
anything through her blouse. But then she felt her

Brenda Jackson 191
nipples harden and didn’t have to glance down at
herself to know that he probably saw how the tips
were pressed against her blouse.
She quickly got to her feet, feeling somewhat
shaky and still feeling hot. “I-I’ll go in and do the
test now.”
He got to his feet, as well. “There’s no hurry,
Taylor. I’m enjoying your company. Come on, let’s
sit back down.”
He reached out and touched her arm and they
both discovered within seconds it had been a
mistake. Suddenly, it was as if the two weeks’ sep-
aration hadn’t happened and they were back on the
island, in their suite, where getting naked and making
love had become as normal to them as breathing.
Her heart began racing when she saw him lower
his head toward hers and she knew what she was in
for. However, she also knew what she couldn’t have.
She loved him but he didn’t love her and she refused
to be one of those women who pined away for a love
that would never be.
With all the strength she could muster, she pulled
her hand from within his grasp and took a step back.
“I—I think I need to go and do that test now,” she
said with a quiver in her voice as she steadily backed
away from him.
His eyes bored into hers. She could still feel the
sensuous heat. “Need help?” he asked in a voice that
sent more shivers up her spine.

192 Irresistible Forces
“No, thanks. I can handle things.” And then she
turned and quickly rushed off toward the bathroom.
Dominic placed his hands in the pockets of his
slacks as he walked back over to the window. He
hadn’t meant to make Taylor feel uncomfortable,
but seeing her again had done something to him.
The moment she had opened the door he had wanted
to reach out and sweep her off her feet and kiss her
with all the intensity that he felt. He had firsthand
knowledge of just how wonderful she would feel in
his arms and just how delicious her taste was. He
had missed both over the past two weeks.
He’d had to constantly force himself to accept that
he couldn’t call her and she wouldn’t be calling him.
What had been between them was nothing more than
a business agreement. He wasn’t supposed to start
having these intense emotions. Nor was he supposed
to think of her during every waking moment, remem-
bering what they had shared on that island.
But the fact of the matter was that he couldn’t
forget. Neither his mind nor his body would let him.
He would wake up during the middle of the night
actually inhaling her scent. It was during those
times when his senses would get stirred to a degree
that he thought he was losing his mind. Never in his
life had any woman affected him so deeply, made
him want her so badly.
The sound of footsteps had him turning around

Brenda Jackson 193
and his gaze immediately latched onto her face
when she came back into the room. His heartbeat
kicked hard in his chest when he saw the tears that
glistened in her eyes. Were they tears of joy or of
disappointment? What if she hadn’t gotten pregnant
as he had so arrogantly assumed?
Somehow he made his body move and crossed
the room to her. Automatically he reached out and
wiped one of her tears away with the tip of his
finger. When she didn’t say anything for the longest
time, just stood gazing at him, he asked in a near-
quiet tone, “Are you or aren’t you?”
As he watched her face, he saw a smile touch the
corners of her lips. Then she nodded. “Yes, I am.
Oh, Dominic, we’re having a baby,” she said in such
an awed voice that to him it was like a match thrown
in a box of bone-dry tinder. The blaze within him
had flared into a full flame.
He was going to be a father.
The realization of that hit him and he hadn’t
known just how much he’d wanted that until now.
He could no more stop himself from kissing her at
that moment than he could stop the day from
turning into night. He reached out and pulled her
into his arms and in one smooth sweep, captured her
lips as if doing so was the most natural thing.
There was something in knowing the man whose
hot and hungry mouth was insistently eating away

194 Irresistible Forces
at hers, was the man whose child she carried in her
womb. Coupled with the fact that she loved him
with all her heart she forgot that the last thing they
should be doing was sharing a kiss.
Neither should they be tearing away at each
other’s clothes, but they were doing that, too. She
hadn’t forgotten what this was like. An intense
desire to mate. Nor had she forgotten the feel of
wanting him with such a raw, primitive need like
what she was feeling now.
One part of her mind was saying this was crazy,
totally insane. They weren’t thinking rationally. All
she had to say to that was, yes, probably not. But at
that precise moment she was happier than any one
woman had a right to be. She was having a baby. A
baby that she had created with the man she loved.
She would have plenty of time tomorrow to be
reminded that he didn’t love her. Right now he
desired her and that was enough.
He broke off the kiss, mainly to give them a chance
to breathe. And then he pulled her back into his arms
to finish removing her clothes. But in her opinion that
wasn’t going fast enough. “Hurry, Dominic.”
Once he had her completely naked, he began
removing his own clothes at a fast pace. She wasn’t
helping matters when each time he exposed a
portion of naked skin, her mouth and lips were
there, wanting to taste him all over, practically

Brenda Jackson 195
It seemed at that moment he made the correct
assumption they would never make it to the
bedroom and pulled her down with him to the
carpeted floor. He then shifted his body for her to
straddle his.
She stared down at him. “You know since I’m
already pregnant there’s no earthly reason for us to
be doing this,” she said in a rushed and fevered voice.
“Is there an unearthly one?” he asked in a voice
so hoarse she could barely hear him.
“None that I can think of.”
“Good. Do you want me to stop?” he asked and
then leaned up his head to give the hardened tip of
her breast one tantalizing lick.
“Ah, no. Don’t stop. Whatever you do,
don’t stop.”
“I won’t,” he muttered against her other breast
and flicked a lick to it before pulling and giving it
a tug with his lips.
She threw her head back and let out a deep moan.
It was shameless. It brought to life every sensual part
of her. And when she felt the hard, moist tip of his
erection, right there at the entrance of her feminine
core, she only knew but one way to go. Down.
She pressed her weight down on him and the
hands he’d used earlier to wipe away her tears held
her hips in a tight grip. And when she felt him inside
her, all the way to the hilt, she knew what she had
to do. What she wanted to do.

196 Irresistible Forces
Ride him.
And since he seemed amenable to letting her be
in control, she took it. She slowly eased up, just an
inch or so short of their bodies disconnecting and
then she eased back down, then up again, repeating
the process as she slid up and down on him, over
and over again, hearing his sharp indrawn breath
every time her hips shifted back and forth over him.
She didn’t want to focus on the tortured way he was
saying her name. Instead she stared down at the
expressions on his face. The look was intoxicating her
senses, practically blowing her mind. The slow, steady
heat between her legs where their bodies connected
suddenly seemed filled with an electrical charge that
sent shock waves frolicking through her body.
She arched her back and released an intense
scream. Dominic quickly pulled her mouth down to
his and kissed her with a hunger that splintered her
body in a million pieces. And then she felt him
explode inside her while his hands kept a tight grip
on her hips.
She became lost in sensations she had been cer-
tain she would never feel again. But she was feeling
them now, thanks to Dominic. What they were shar-
ing was perfect, so unerringly flawless, it was as if
they were the only two living souls in the entire
universe. It was as if she couldn’t get enough of him
and he couldn’t get enough of her.

Brenda Jackson 197
And as she clung to his shoulders as yet another
orgasm struck her, she couldn’t help but wonder
just where would they go from here?
“You’ve bewitched me, Taylor.”
They had moved from the living room floor to
the bedroom an hour or so ago. Taylor lay beside
Dominic but didn’t turn her head to look at him. The
truth of the matter was that she didn’t have the
strength to move even if she wanted to. Instead she
reached out and touched his erection that hadn’t
gone down. “And I could give you a list of all the
things you’ve done to me, Dominic.”
She then reached out and brought his hand to her
stomach. “But putting your baby in here, I think, is
the most precious of them all.”
Her words must have touched him because he
shifted his body and lowered his lips to hers. Like
all the others, this kiss was hot, sexual and sent a
flaming sensation all through her. Moments later, to
her disappointment he pulled back and met her gaze.
“I want to take you out to dinner to celebrate.”
He gave a low chuckle and leaned down and
brushed a kiss across her lips. “Yes, tonight.”
“I’m not sure I can move.”
“Um, you were doing quite nicely a while ago,”
he pointed out as he placed his arm around her and
drew her into the curve of his body.

198 Irresistible Forces
“Yeah, well, that’s why I can’t move now, thank
you very much.”
His expression turned serious. “No, thank
very much, Taylor. I owe you a wealth of thanks. I’d
be the first to admit when you suggested that I father
your child, I had a number of misgivings. But now
since it’s official that you’re pregnant, I can only
feel elation.”
He paused for a moment and then said, “I can’t
wait to tell my parents.”
Taylor forced her head to move to look at him.
“How are you going to tell them? How will you
explain the situation between us?”
“Not sure yet, but they are fully aware that I’ll
never marry again. They’re hoping that I’ll change
my mind although I’ve told them on countless occa-
sions that I won’t.”
Well, that was that, Taylor thought. What he’d
said had effectively removed any hope she’d been
harboring that he saw what they’d shared as some-
thing other than lust. “You could just tell them the
truth, that you and I both wanted a child and so we
entered into this business agreement to share one.”
“Yes, I could do that but they wouldn’t buy it.
They would try their hand at getting us together. Un-
fortunately, they are die-hard romantics. They are
in France now and won’t be returning for a week or
so. I will have thought of something by then.”
Taylor was curious as to what he would come

Brenda Jackson 199
up with but decided they were his parents and he
would have to deal with them. She, on the other
hand, would be busy dealing with her own family.
Now it seemed Cheyenne wouldn’t be the only
one announcing plans of motherhood next week-
end when the family got together for Marcus’s
“But one thing is for certain,
” he said in
a raspy tone.
Tiny flutters went off in her stomach. It always
did something to her when he called her in French
what was the equivalency of the word
in English. Although she knew it was a term of
endearment that probably had no special meaning
to him, she still felt something when he said it.
“And what is for certain, Dominic?”
“No matter how or why the child was conceived,
they will look upon its existence like I will, as that
of a special gift we’ve been given.”
Taylor had read in a pregnancy book that emo-
tional changes were one of the side effects. Maybe that
was the reason she suddenly wanted to cry at what
Dominic said. His words had touched her deeply.
“Thank you,” she whispered, fighting back the
tears in her eyes.
He reached out and ran the tip of his finger along
the side of her jaw. “And what are you thanking me
for?” he asked in a husky tone.

200 Irresistible Forces
“For wanting this baby. For wanting it to be a part
of your life, your parents’ life.”
“Did you think I would not, Taylor? Did you
honestly assume that I would settle for anything less?”
No, she hadn’t assumed that. He was living up to
her expectations. Instead of answering him, she leaned
forward and touched her lips to his. He then gently
gathered her into his arms, took over the kiss and
devoured her mouth with a hunger she was used to.
As he proceeded to kiss her senseless, she fell
deeper and deeper in love with him.

Chapter 11
anessa Steele stared at her two younger sisters.
Pregnant and unmarried—the
of them—they
seemed happy, so she was happy for them. She
knew who had fathered Taylor’s child, but Cheyenne
was keeping a tight lip as to who had fathered hers.
The only thing Cheyenne would say was that he was
someone she had met one night while doing a
photo shoot in Egypt but wouldn’t be seeing again.
Vanessa couldn’t help wondering if Cheyenne’s
one-night lover had been an Egyptian native or an
American she’d met who, like her, had been visiting
the country.
“I hope the two of you know we’re going to have

202 Irresistible Forces
to celebrate, don’t you?” she finally asked. Taylor
and Cheyenne were doing a sleepover at Vanessa’s
house. They had just watched a Tyler Perry movie
that had finally come out on DVD—for the fourth
time—while munching on popcorn.
Marcus’s graduation had been beautiful and
had brought out a lot of tears from those who
recalled how it seemed just yesterday he was
taking his first steps and now he was heading off
to college—an Ivy League college at that, some-
thing Chance had always wanted for his son.
Chance was proud of Marcus and everyone knew
that if Cyndi had lived she would be proud of
Marcus, as well, and more than satisfied at the fine
job Chance had done in raising their son. Now
Chance was married to Kylie, and had a seven-
teen-year-old stepdaughter named Tiffany and a
baby son named Alden, who would be celebrating
his first birthday soon.
Although surprised, the members of the family
took both Taylor’s and Cheyenne’s pregnancy an-
nouncements well, and for once the cousins hadn’t
bothered asking a lot of questions. After all, Taylor
and Cheyenne were grown women, financially
secure and able to take care of themselves. But
Vanessa knew everyone had to be mildly curious
about the men in their lives since no one had ever
met either of them.
Vanessa was more than mildly curious but knew

Brenda Jackson 203
there was no need wasting her time on Cheyenne.
Trying to get anything out of her would be like
getting blood from a turnip, so she turned her con-
centration on Taylor.
“So, will you and Dominic Saxon have joint
custody of your baby?” she asked Taylor, since she
wanted to know.
Taylor shook her head. “No, I’ll have full cus-
tody, but he’ll get visitation rights.”
Deciding to play devil’s advocate, she asked,
“And what if he changes his mind later and wants
full custody? What will you do then?”
“It won’t happen.”
Vanessa raised a brow. “You seem certain of that.”
Taylor shrugged. “I am. I trust Dominic to do
what he said he would do.”
Vanessa decided to make an observation. “You
also love him, don’t you?”
At first Taylor didn’t say anything and then after
taking a sip of her lemonade, she said, “Yes, I love
him. But it doesn’t matter.”
“And why doesn’t it matter?” Cheyenne wanted
to know.
Taylor smiled at her two sisters. “Because falling
in love with him wasn’t part of the deal. I may never
have his love but I will have his baby.”
“And will that be enough for you?” Vanessa
asked softly, hearing the pain in her sister’s voice.
Taylor toyed with her glass a second or so before

204 Irresistible Forces
saying, “It has to be enough, Van, because that’s all
I’ll ever have.”
Later that night Taylor couldn’t get to sleep so
she lay in bed and stared up at the ceiling. She
couldn’t help but recall the night when Dominic
had dropped by her condo so he could be there when
she found out whether or not she was pregnant.
They had made love several times, and he had taken
her to dinner later and ended up spending the night.
The following morning had been like all the
others on the island when she had awakened in his
arms…and to his lovemaking. He left the next
morning for a business meeting in Australia. He
hadn’t made any promises about when he would see
her again, but had promised to call to check on her
and he had, practically every day. She enjoyed
receiving her daily phone calls from him, although
she knew he was calling more for the baby’s sake
than for hers.
When she had spoken to him earlier today he had
mentioned that he had told his parents about the
baby and they wanted to meet her. He hadn’t said
how he had explained their relationship and she
didn’t ask.
She heard her cell phone ring and glanced over
at the clock. It was almost eleven. Wondering
who would be calling her at this hour she got out
of bed to grab the phone off the dresser. Caller ID
indicated it was Dominic. Her heart jumped at the

Brenda Jackson 205
thought that he was calling her and wondered if
anything was wrong, since they’d talked already
that day.

“Is anything wrong?”
She heard his soft chuckle. “No, nothing is
wrong. It was only after dialing your number that I
remembered there’s a three-hour time difference
between us. I’m back in L.A. visiting my parents.”
“Oh.” Earlier that day when she had spoken with
him he had been in Italy. He was definitely a jet-
setter, but she knew that Dominic had investment
interests all over the world.
“And how are your parents?” she asked.
He gave another soft chuckle. “They’re doing fine
and are still walking on cloud nine at the thought of
becoming grandparents.You have made them happy,
Taylor. And they like the names we’ve picked out.”
Taylor smiled. “I’m glad.”
There was a slight pause and then he said, “I
miss you, Taylor.”
She closed her eyes at the sexiness in his voice.
“I miss you, too, Dominic.”
And she did, although she knew the reason she
was missing him was vastly different from the reason
he was missing her. She was smart enough to know
that the sex between them was good, practically off
the charts. Men got used to something like that. They

206 Irresistible Forces
began craving it. The reason she missed him was
because she loved him and because she loved him,
she enjoyed being with him whether sexual or not.
“When are you returning to D.C.?” he broke into
her thoughts and asked.
“In a few days. In fact, I fly out Sunday morning.”
“Call my secretary and give her your flight infor-
mation. I will be at the airport to pick you up.”
“You don’t have to do that.”
“I know, but I want to,” he said smoothly in a
soft voice.
“Okay then. I’ll call and let her know.”
Moments later after hanging up the phone she
got back into bed. Her fleeting happiness was
somewhat fractured by the fact that the only thing
between them was sex. Good, hot, passionate sex.
And yes, of course, there was the baby.
“You’re kind of antsy, aren’t you, Nick? Ms.
Steele’s flight doesn’t arrive for a full hour.”
Dominic was roused from his thoughts by
Ryder’s observation. He glanced toward the front
seat where Ryder was expertly driving the sedan
toward the airport. “I didn’t want to take a chance
on traffic this morning,” he said.
“On a Sunday morning? Who are you trying to
kid? Just admit you’re anxious to see the woman.”
Dominic frowned. “I will admit no such thing.”
“Fine, then suit yourself.”

Brenda Jackson 207
Instead of giving Ryder a response, Dominic
decided to look over the papers he needed to review
for a business meeting he was having in England
later this week. His father was relinquishing more
and more of the hotel duties to him. He didn’t mind
combining his father’s entities with his, especially
now since there would be someone they would even-
tually leave all their wealth, too—the Saxon heir.
It didn’t take long for him to admit he was find-
ing it hard to concentrate and tossed the papers
aside. Ryder was right. He was antsy but he would
never admit it. Ryder seemed to know too much as
it was. But then, even as a teenager he hadn’t been
able to pull anything over on the man.
“So, Nick, when is the wedding?”
Now, Dominic thought, Ryder was trying to be
a smart-ass. “There won’t be a wedding and you
know it. I’ve been married once.”
“Yes, but Camry is gone. Besides, the two of
you lacked passion.”
Dominic glared at the back of the man’s head.
“And how would you know?”
“I have eyes. You and Camry were best friends
more than anything else. You understood her
whereas her parents never did.”
That much was true, Dominic thought. The
reason he had decided to marry her was to protect
her from them. They had expected perfection and
she had tried telling them time and time again that

208 Irresistible Forces
she was only human but they wouldn’t listen.
“Camry meant everything to me, Ryder.”
“Yes, like I said, she was your best friend.”
Dominic’s eyes went cold. “She was my wife.”
Ryder didn’t say anything and Dominic was grate-
ful for the man’s silence.
It was short-lived.
“That baby is going to need a father, Nick.”
Dominic didn’t have to ask what baby he was
talking about. “He or she is going to have a father.”
“Yes, a part-time one. Marcello was a full-time
father to you. How can you cheat your own child
out of having what you had?”
Before Dominic could give Ryder a blazing
retort, Ryder quickly said, “We’re here. I’m going
to let you out at the curb so you can be there when
Ms. Steele walks off the plane since I believe that’s
what you want.”
Dominic wouldn’t argue with him about that,
because that was what he wanted.
Taylor saw Dominic the minute she walked
through the gate. He was standing there, tall and as
handsome as any man had a right to be.
And he was waiting for her.
A shiver went up her spine when at that moment
she realized the sexual chemistry between them was
still there, even in the crowded airport. She contin-
ued walking toward him and he moved toward her.

Brenda Jackson 209
The moment they were standing in front of each
other, as if it had been months since he had seen her
last instead of mere weeks, he pulled her into his
arms and kissed her, deeply, soundly.
Moments later, knowing they were probably caus-
ing a scene, he pulled back and took her hand in his.
“Come on, let’s get out of here,” he said gruffly.
It didn’t take long for them to claim her luggage.
Ryder was there with the car waiting for them the
moment they stepped outside the terminal. Once
Dominic had her settled in the backseat with him,
ignoring Ryder, he pulled her into his arms and
kissed her again, long and leisurely.
When he finally released her mouth he whis-
pered against her moist lips, “Come to the hotel
with me and let me fix you breakfast.”
She took a deep breath. “You’re cooking?”
He smiled. “Yes.”
“Then there’s no way I’ll turn you down.”
He gave her a soft chuckle. “I was hoping you
would say that.”
It was late afternoon before Taylor finally entered
her apartment. After Dominic had prepared break-
fast—and he’d done a good job of it, she would have
to admit—they took a walk around the grounds of
the hotel, which eventually led to Rock Creek Park.
It was a beautiful day for a walk and she couldn’t
get over just how attentive Dominic had been to her.

210 Irresistible Forces
His parents called and when he mentioned she was
there, they wanted to talk to her. They were over-
joyed at the thought of having a grandchild and
couldn’t wait to meet her. Dominic promised to fly
her out to L.A. when she was free to do so.
When they returned to his suite at the hotel, they
had showered together and made love. Instead of
staying in bed the rest of the day as she’d figured
they would do, they had dressed and gone down-
stairs for brunch. Then he had taken her to the
recreation room for a game of pool. He was sur-
prised she knew how to play, and she had explained
that she thanked her four cousins for acquiring such
a skill. She had truly had fun, although he had
beaten her each and every time.
They had returned to his suite and had made love
again before he had brought her home. He had
walked her to the door, promised to call once he
arrived in London tomorrow, kissed her and then
had left after seeing that she was safely inside.
Too tired to unpack her clothes, Taylor cuddled
on the sofa and thought about her day with Domi-
nic. Although neither had officially declared it to be
so, they were lovers. They were doing all the things
that lovers did.
She shook her head. This part of their relation-
ship had not been planned. It just happened. Their
week together on the island had done more than
create a baby, it had created an unquenchable

Brenda Jackson 211
hunger for each other. She couldn’t help wonder-
ing—when would the intense craving come to an
end? When would he decide that he wanted another
flavor of the month and move on?
She knew that because of the baby her life would
always be connected to his in some way. But she
also knew that she needed to prepare herself for the
time when he would tell her he was no longer inter-
ested in her. In her job she was a risk taker, and one
thing a risk taker knew was those risks to walk away
from. She could not let Dominic break her heart, and
unless she did something that was just where she
was headed.
She had never been a needy person and she
wasn’t going to start being one now. She’d known
when she had proposed the idea to Dominic that she
would be sailing solo and nothing had changed.
Time away from Dominic was what she needed. It
was better if she got out of the situation now, on her
own, before he forced her out.
With a heavy heart and a made-up mind, she
pulled herself off the sofa and headed toward the
bedroom to get ready for bed.
“Ms. Steele, Mr. Saxon is here to see you.”
Taylor frowned. That couldn’t be. Dominic had
called her that morning from England and said he
would be in business meetings all day. There was
no way he could be back in the States.

212 Irresistible Forces
“Mr. Saxon?” she asked, making sure she’d
heard her secretary correctly.
“Yes. Mr. Franco Saxon.”
Franco Saxon?
Taylor pondered the name
around in her mind. The only Franco Saxon she
knew—or rather had heard of—was the wealthy
Frenchman who’d made his millions through his
shipping company. Could he be one and the same
and why was he coming to see her?
“Ms. Steele?”
“Oh, yes. Please send him in.”
Never in a thousand years would Taylor be
prepared for the sharply dressed, gray-haired older
man who walked into her office. He had such
charisma and style that she immediately recog-
nized him as someone who had to be related to
Dominic. But then there were the features, so like
Dominic’s it was amazing. It was as if she was
staring into the face of a much older Dominic.
The man was tall and very handsome. It was
evident the man was related to Dominic but in
what capacity? Although she had yet to meet
Dominic’s father, she had seen pictures of him in
magazines and he wasn’t as old as this guy. Was
this an uncle perhaps?
“Madam Steele, thank you for seeing me,” he
said with a deep French accent as he crossed the
room to her. He leaned over and placed a kiss on the
back of her hand.

Brenda Jackson 213
“You’re welcome,” she said, thinking whoever he
was, he was a true Frenchman.
When he straightened, a smile touched the corners
of his lips. “You seem in a quandary as to who I am.”
“Yes,” Taylor said, studying the man’s features.
She would put his age in his early seventies. “It’s
obvious you’re related to Dominic.”
She saw a sudden shadow that crossed the man’s
green eyes, eyes that were so much like Dominic’s it
was uncanny. “Yes, I am related to Dominic,” he said
in a somewhat soft voice that dampened the smile he
wore. “I am Franco Marcello Saxon, the grandfather
Dominic refuses to acknowledge that he has.”

Chapter 12
t first Taylor could have sworn she had heard the
older man wrong, but a part of her knew deep down
she’d heard him right. There was no doubt in her
mind that the man standing before her was Domi-
nic’s grandfather, and since Dominic had denied
having any living grandparents, she could only
wonder why he refused to acknowledge the man’s
very existence.
“B-but why would Dominic do such a thing?”
she asked, knowing the man would be able to
provide her with an answer.
“It’s a long story, one you have a right to know.”
She wondered how he figured that. He evidently

Brenda Jackson 215
saw the question in her eyes and said, “Because
you are the woman who will give birth to my great-
grandchild and more than anything, I want to be a
part of its life.”
Taylor wondered how he knew about the baby.
Again, as if he’d known what she was thinking, he
said, “My son and daughter-in-law were excited
about the news and were happy to share it with me.”
Taylor nodded. If that was the case, that meant
he and Dominic’s parents were on speaking terms.
If they were then why not Dominic?
“I know you have a lot of questions, Madam
Steele, and I would be honored if you joined me for
dinner so I can explain things to you.”
Taylor thought about the invitation. Regardless
of whether or not he was on good terms with his
grandfather, Dominic should have mentioned the
man’s existence to her. No matter what degree of
discord subsisted between the two men, the one
standing before was her baby’s great-grandfather.
So, she made a decision. “Yes, I would love to join
you for dinner.”
As soon as they entered the Marcinelli Restaurant,
Taylor could tell the man by her side was used to
dining in elegance. She glanced up at the vaulted
ceilings with intricate carvings and bordered by rich-

216 Irresistible Forces
looking marble that seemed to blend into the stone
walls. The spacious interior provided an air of
sophistication and style, and the floor-to-ceiling
windows and handmade pottery that sat on each table
promised ambience as classy as the food the restau-
rant served.
They were led to a private room in the back of
the restaurant and she was just as impressed with
the furnishings and decor. The window looked out
into a massive garden. Taylor was never one to
appreciate a lot of greenery but she did so now.
Once they had been seated and their choice of wine
ordered, Franco Saxon glanced over at her and smiled.
“I’m glad you are joining me, Taylor. It means a lot.”
She believed him, just as she believed him earlier,
during the drive over, when he’d said that no matter
how Dominic felt about him, he loved his grandson.
“And I appreciate the invitation to join you.”
They began talking about everything but Domi-
nic for the first half hour while waiting for their food
to arrive. He told her that his health hadn’t been the
best lately, but he was getting better and that his
travels to the United States were infrequent. She dis-
covered his love of classical music as well as his
opposition to anything that restricted world trade.
That was understandable considering he had made
his millions in the import and export business.
“I can see why my grandson has fallen in love
with you, Taylor.”

Brenda Jackson 217
Taylor froze with the glass of apple juice halfway
to her lips. She wasn’t sure what to say, since she
didn’t have a clue just what Dominic had told his
parents about her. So to play it safe, she said
something she knew wasn’t a lie. “And I love
Dominic just as deeply.”
She leaned back in her chair. “So, please, share
with me why there is animosity between you and
Over dinner she listened while he told her with
deep regret and sorrow in his voice how he tried to
control his son’s life by choosing the woman for
him to marry—a woman who would increase the
Saxons’ wealth when the two families joined.
Instead, while attending school here in the States,
Marcello met and fell in love with Megan. Franco
had opposed the marriage, threatened to disown his
son if he didn’t do what he wanted. In the end,
Marcello chose love.
For the next twenty years Marcello and his father
had very little contact. Franco explained that they
were both stubborn men, but that within the last three
years he and Marcello had put the past behind them.
However, Dominic refused to do so. He just couldn’t
get over the fact that Franco had turned his back on
Marcello for marrying his mother.
Franco admitted he had been wrong and that he
had made a grave mistake, especially upon seeing
how happy Marcello was. And he totally liked

218 Irresistible Forces
Megan and couldn’t imagine any woman more right
for his son. If he had it to do all over again, he
would give his blessings to the couple in a heartbeat.
But he hadn’t and not doing so had eventually lost
him his grandson’s love.
“Have you tried talking to Dominic?” Taylor
couldn’t help but ask.
“Yes, but he refuses to discuss anything with
me. Dominic refuses to acknowledge my very exis-
tence. And that’s why I wanted to talk to you. I
hope that you will find it in your heart to allow me
to be a part of my great-grandchild’s life. I hope
you won’t deny me that.”
Taylor shook her head. “Of course I won’t, and
I can’t see Dominic denying it, either.”
“Forgive me for saying so, but I can see him
denying it. Like I said, I am not one of my grand-
son’s favorite people, but I love him and will do
anything I can for him.”
“And now that Dominic sees how his parents
have forgiven you, that doesn’t change his feelings
about you?”
“No. It seems he has more stubbornness than me
and his father put together. And he is fiercely loyal
to those he loves and he loves his parents deeply.
He knows how much I’ve hurt them and won’t for-
give me for doing so.”
The older man paused for a second and then he
said, “Dominic refuses to acknowledge his place

Brenda Jackson 219
as my rightful heir, but I’m naming him in my
business papers anyway. However, I want to meet
with my attorney and make provisions for my great-
grandchild to be included, as well, but wanted to
meet with you to make sure you are fine with that.”
Taylor stared at him. Being a wealth and asset
manager, she had a pretty good idea just how
wealthy Franco Saxon was, and he was sitting there
letting her know that he was thinking of her child
and his place in its life. “Yes, I’m fine with it. In
fact, your generosity overwhelms me and I don’t
know what to say.”
“Say that as long as I have breath in my body that
I will be a part of my great-grandchild’s life. I
messed up with my grandson but I don’t want to
mess up with my great-grandchild.”
Taylor heard the trembling in the man’s voice. He
truly did love Dominic and was sorry for what he’d
done all those years ago. Why couldn’t Dominic see
that? She reached across the table and took the
man’s hand into hers. “I make you that promise. You
are the only great-grandparent my child will have
and I am honored that you will be—want to be—a
part of his or her life.”
She could tell her words had touched Franco, and
he quickly glanced away so she wouldn’t see the
tears in his eyes. Moments later, he looked back at her
and said in a soft, appreciative voice, “Thank you,
Taylor. You have brought joy to an old man’s heart.”

220 Irresistible Forces
Later that night as Taylor slid under her bedcovers
she couldn’t help but recall her dinner conversations
with Franco. He was a proud man, yet he had humbled
himself and admitted to the mistakes he’d made years
ago by alienating his son and grandson. She had made
Franco a promise tonight, one she intended to keep.
Besides, she liked him. He indicated he would be
leaving D.C. in the morning but had given her his
business card and had invited her to come visit him
in France. Before they had parted ways she had made
another promise to him that she would.
She almost jumped when her phone rang. She
hadn’t been sure Dominic would call and hoped it
was him. She wouldn’t mention anything about her
dinner meeting with his grandfather until she saw
him. She wanted to be face-to-face with him when
she did so. For now, she just wanted to hear his voice.
She leaned up and reached over and picked up
her cell phone off the nightstand. “Hello.”
“Did I wake you?”
She smiled. “No, I’m in bed but I hadn’t gone to
sleep yet. Are you still in London?”
“No, I’m on a plane returning to the States.”
She felt a gentle tug of joy in her stomach. He was
on his way home. “You’re going to Los Angeles?”
“No, I’m headed straight for where you are,” he
said softly. “By the time you awake in the morning
I should have landed. I miss you.”

Brenda Jackson 221
She felt another pull in her stomach. “And I
miss you, too.”
“Will it be okay for me to come straight there
from the airport?” he asked.
A grin touched her lips. “Yes, most certainly.”
She heard his soft chuckle. “In that case, I’m
going to let you go so you can get your rest. Trust
me when I say that you’re going to need it.”
She clearly understood his underlying hint and
countered, “I encourage you to take a few catnaps on
the plane as you’re going to need your rest, as well.”
After Dominic ended his conversation with
Taylor he leaned back in the leather seat and closed
his eyes. God, he missed her. For the past week he
could barely concentrate on business without think-
ing about her. The meetings with his business asso-
ciates had been intense, and with a heaping amount
of sexual frustration thrown into the mix, negotia-
tions at times had gotten downright heated. In the
end, he had closed the deal he had wanted and his
mission had been accomplished. Now he could set
his mind and sights to other things.
Like finally acknowledging he had fallen in love
with Taylor.
It had been bound to happen at some point, he
thought. The week on that island had been no joke.
Since then he had been trying to convince himself
his attraction to her was only sexual, and that since

222 Irresistible Forces
Camry he had enjoyed a number of women’s com-
pany. But he’d known this thing with Taylor went
He would never forget the exact moment he’d
realized just how he felt. It was the last time they had
made love. After experiencing what he considered
as the best orgasm of his life, he had lain beside her,
held her in his arms when suddenly, his mind and
body had begun reeling before experiencing a
feeling of having been punched in the gut by one of
those wrestlers Ryder liked watching on television.
Dominic had been tempted to tell her then, but
had decided to wait, to think more about his feelings
and to give himself time to contemplate hers, as
well as to set up a plan of action if he discovered
she wasn’t feeling the same way he was. He knew
one of the things that made his parents’ marriage
special was their love for each other. Theirs was not
a one-sided love match.
And he wanted the same thing for him and Taylor.
If she didn’t love him now, by the time he was through
with her, she would. He loved her and she was going
to have his baby. He was a very lucky man, a man very
much in love with the mother of his child. Now his
goal was to do whatever it took to make sure Taylor
loved him, as well. His mission was to win her heart.
Taylor had gotten a good night’s rest, grateful it was
Saturday and that she wouldn’t have to go into the

Brenda Jackson 223
office. She glanced at the clock. It wasn’t quite seven
but she’d hoped Dominic would have arrived by now.
She had gotten up at the crack of dawn and
although she hadn’t bothered changing out of her
nightclothes, she had washed her face, brushed her
teeth and tried making her hair look decent.
If it wasn’t so early in the morning she would
call Cheyenne to check on her. They had talked a
few nights ago and her sister was doing better with
her pregnancy. The morning sickness was easing
up somewhat with Cheyenne whereas so far Taylor
hadn’t experienced one day of her stomach feeling
Taylor’s heart leaped in her chest when she heard
the sound of the doorbell. She inhaled deeply as she
crossed the room to answer it. The moment she
opened the door to find Dominic standing there,
immaculate as ever, simply breathtaking, whatever
emotions she had been feeling before were nothing
compared to what she was feeling now. Whether he
loved her or not didn’t matter. She truly loved him.
And then she realized that he had taken a step
into the room, closed and locked the door behind
him and had whispered her name just seconds
before pulling her into his arms. The moment their
mouths touched she felt it all the way to the bone,
and she put her heart, body and soul into their kiss.
And when she felt herself being swept up into his

224 Irresistible Forces
arms, her body began aching with need, as he
headed for the bedroom. She was so consumed with
wanting and desire she barely realized the moment
he had placed her on the bed, joined her there and
began removing their clothes.
But she was fully aware of when he moved his
body over hers and began kissing her again with a
hunger that sent blood gushing through her veins.
And when she felt the thickness of his erection,
poised against her feminine core, she wanted him
with a degree that she never wanted him before. And
knowing that he wanted her, as well, that he was
barely holding back and that possibly the moment
he entered her he would explode, had her tense on
the verge of reaching an orgasm just that quick.
They would savor the next one. Now what the two
of them needed, what they wanted was immediate
He glanced down at her, opened his mouth to say
something, but whatever he was about to say was
lost when she lifted her hips and forced him to enter
her. He threw his head back and growled out her
name the exact moment he thrust forward, going
deep, spilling inside her with an orgasm of gigantic
magnitude. She came the moment she felt his hot
release and wrapped her legs around him, locking
him to her.
Bringing his head down, she pressed her mouth
to his as all the passion and love she felt flowed

Brenda Jackson 225
through her, began overtaking her. Her moans of
pleasure mingled with his and their bodies began
shuddering and this was one magical moment that
she didn’t ever want to end.
“Who gave you this, Taylor?”
Upon hearing Dominic’s voice it took her a
moment to muster up enough strength to open her
eyes. Their lovemaking sessions always left her
weak as water from nearly drowning in passion.
She brought him into focus. He was sitting on the
edge of the bed holding something in his hand. She
blinked to bring him into focus again and saw it was
the business card his grandfather had given her. She
inhaled sharply, much preferring to have waited
before having this conversation with him, but it
seemed that that wouldn’t be the case.
He had turned and was looking at her intensely.
In other words, he was frowning. She slowly pulled
up in bed, mindful of the fact that like him, she was
stark naked.
“Your grandfather gave it to me.”
The look he gave her was one as if he’d been
slapped and then he said harshly, “That’s impossible
because I don’t have a grandfather.”
She rolled her eyes. “At least not one you want
to claim. You should have told me about him,
Dominic. I had a right to know.”

226 Irresistible Forces
He stood and stared down at her. “The only rights
you have regarding me are the ones I give you,
Taylor, and an association with Franco Saxon isn’t
one of them. The man means nothing to me.”
She glared at Dominic. “He might not mean any-
thing to you, but he is my child’s great-grandfather.”
“No, he is not!”
“Yes, he is,” she said, struggling to keep her voice
calm. “Don’t you think it’s time for you to forgive
him and move on?”
Dominic looked livid. He reached out and gripped
her wrist and brought her closer to him. “No. And I
don’t want him to be a part of my child’s life.”
“And I intend for him to be a part of it, Dominic.
I made him a promise.”
He let go of her hand. “How much did he offer,
“What are you talking about?”
“I know the man. For years he’s been trying to
win me over with his money, with offers of business
deals, the naming of me as his heir, ownership of
his shipping company…so I’m sure he offered you
something. What was it?” he demanded.
Taylor didn’t like the sound of Dominic’s raised
voice, nor of his insinuations. “Are you saying that
you believe I made a promise to your grandfather
because of some money deal?”
“Didn’t you? Are you saying he didn’t agree to

Brenda Jackson 227
acknowledge our unborn child as his heir if you
went along with him?”
His words made Taylor furious. “It wasn’t like
that at all, Dominic. Franco is a man who loves you
and who already loves his great-grandchild. He
merely wants to be a part of our baby’s life and I
can see no reason why he should not.”
“Well, I do and I won’t have it.”
She leaned forward and placed her hands on her
naked hips. “I don’t care what you won’t have so
get over it. I will not break my promise to him.”
“And what about your loyalty to me?”
Taylor figured that now was not the time to tell
Dominic that not only did he have her loyalty but
that he also had her love, but that this was one issue
she could not, would not agree with him on. “I am
loyal to you, Dominic, however, I will not deny my
child the right to know its great-grandparent.”
The room got quiet, and the tension surrounding
them was almost unbearable. Then Dominic spoke as
he began picking up his clothes off the floor. “Then
it seems we have nothing more to discuss, Taylor.”
He turned his back on her and went into the
bathroom and closed the door. He reappeared in the
room a short while later fully dressed. He came over
to the bed, stood over her and glared down at her. His
face was tight, his features still intense. “I’m leaving.”
“Fine, and once you realize just how unfair
you’re being, please call me.”

228 Irresistible Forces
He face darkened. “I will call occasionally for no
other reason than to check on my child. Otherwise,
Taylor, our association is over.”
Taylor fought back the tears in her eyes. “If that’s
the way you want things, Dominic, then that’s the
way they will be.”
He stared down at her for a few more minutes
and then without saying anything else, he turned
and walked out of her condo.
It was later that day before Taylor was able to get
out of bed, and only then because she knew she
needed to eat something. She had to take care of the
life growing inside her—the life Dominic had
placed there.
As she began moving around her apartment, she
couldn’t put out of her mind the words Dominic had
spoken. Did he hate his grandfather that much?
Okay, she could imagine how he must have felt as a
child growing up to discover the rift that existed
between his parents and his grandfather, but if his
parents could forgive the man, then why couldn’t he?
“Because he is so damn stubborn,” Taylor mut-
tered as she sat down to eat a bowl of cereal and milk.
“Okay, so I won’t be at his beck and call anymore,”
she said to the walls, sneering. “It will be his loss. I
should not have been at his beck and call anyway. The
only thing between us was lust…at least on his end.”
She knew for her it was more. It was love.

Brenda Jackson 229
After breakfast she decided to go for a walk. She
had to leave the apartment for a while. And later she
would take in a movie. She needed to keep her mind
occupied so Dominic wouldn’t consume so much
of it. He’d made his feelings clear and there was
nothing left for her to do but accept it and move on.
And she would. He’d given her no choice.

Chapter 13
wo weeks later, Dominic was standing at the
window in his New York office, staring down at
the people below. They were moving rather
quickly along the sidewalk, and he thought about
just how fast their lives seemed to be moving. But
for him it appeared that his had come to a com-
plete standstill.
And all because of Taylor.
He inhaled deeply. He hadn’t realized just how
much he loved her until he’d had to do without her.
He had called her twice and their conversations had
been brief. He had asked how she was doing, she
had said fine, and then she had ended the call. He

Brenda Jackson 231
had said some harsh words to her that day, words
he now wished he could take back.
Taylor was who she was and he couldn’t expect
her to have a beef with his grandfather just because
he had one. She was not that type of woman. She
had a mind of her own, she thought for herself. He
would not have wanted her any other way.
And he did want her. Damn, he also loved her but
he had been willing to turn his back on that love and
let his intense stubbornness rule his mind and
common sense. But it hadn’t been able to eradicate
what was in his heart.
“Mr. Saxon, your mother is here to see you.”
He turned at the sound of his secretary’s voice on
the intercom. As much as he loved his mother she
was the last person he wanted to see right now. She
had gotten upset with him when he had told her
about the argument he’d had with Taylor. His mother
had called him, among other things, pigheaded.
“Mr. Saxon?”
“Yes, Liza, please send her in.”
The door opened and his mother walked in, beau-
tiful as ever, but she was frowning. She retained that
frown as she crossed the room and came to a stop
in front of him.
“Okay, Nicky, you have sulked long enough. By
now I had hoped you would have come to your
senses. I want to know just what you’re going to do
to get the mother of my grandchild back?”

232 Irresistible Forces
Her question, Dominic thought, was simple
enough, but to be completely honest, he didn’t
have a clue. For all he knew, Taylor might not want
to be gotten back. The last two times they had
talked she didn’t seem inclined to have anything
more to do with him.
“It’s not going to be easy,” he said quietly.
Megan placed a hand on his arm and he couldn’t
help noticing her eyes had softened somewhat and
her frown was gone. “Do you want her back?”
“Yes, I want her back,” he didn’t hesitate to
say. “Besides you, she is the most remarkable
woman I know.”
A smile touched Megan Saxon’s lips. “You love
her, don’t you?”
Dominic met his mother’s inquisitive but gentle
stare and said, “Yes, I love her.”
“Then you’re going to have to do whatever it
takes to win her heart and convince her that you
were wrong and that you love her,” Megan said in
a soft voice. “Let love guide you to do the right
thing. And when you get things straightened out, let
me and your father know. We still want to meet her.
Regardless of your relationship, she is the mother
of our grandchild.” She glanced at her watch. “I
have to go, our private plane is waiting.”
He lifted a brow. “And where are you and Dad
off to now?”
“Paris. It’s your grandfather’s seventieth birth-

Brenda Jackson 233
day and we’re flying in for the birthday celebration
planned for tomorrow night. I’ll talk to you when
I get back.”
After his mother had left, Dominic sat at his
desk while he planned his strategy to win back
Taylor. Moments later after taking a deep breath he
picked up the phone and punched in the phone
number to her cell phone. He leaned back in the
chair, waiting for her to answer.
Instead, another voice came on the line that said,
“I am sorry, but at the customer’s request, this
number has been changed to a nonpublished
Then there was a sharp click in his ear.
He slowly hung up the phone. Taylor had
changed her number? Not to be denied the right to
speak with her, he then pulled her business card
from his desk to try reaching her at the office. Her
secretary’s cheery voice came on the line. “Good
afternoon, Assets of Steele. May I help you?”
“Yes, this is Dominic Saxon and I would like to
speak with Ms. Steele, please.”
“I’m sorry, Mr. Saxon, but Ms. Steele is out of
“I see,” he said, somewhat disappointed. “Is she
visiting her family in North Carolina?”
“No, sir, she is out of the country.”
Dominic frowned as he stood from his seat. “Out
of the country? Where did she go?” he asked, as if
he had a right to know.

234 Irresistible Forces
There was a pause, and then as if the secretary
decided that maybe he did, she said, “She’s in France.”
He lifted a brow. “France?”
“Yes, sir, Paris, France. If this is an emergency,
she has asked that I refer those calls to…”
Whatever the woman was saying was lost on
Dominic. Taylor had gone to France and he had an
idea as to why and who she had gone to see. “Well,
thanks for the information,” he said, interrupting
whatever it was Taylor’s secretary was saying. He
quickly hung up and then pressed a button.
“Yes, Mr. Saxon?”
“Liza, I’d like you to contact Martin and tell him
to have the plane ready to fly me out in a few hours.”
“Yes sir, and the destination?”
“Paris, France.”
“Are you feeling better today, dear?”
Taylor smiled at Franco Saxon as she came down
the steps to join him on the terrace for a midmorn-
ing meal. “Yes, a lot better.”
She had arrived at the Saxon Estates yesterday
after having endured the lengthy plane flight across
the Atlantic. Evidently something she had eaten had
not agreed with her and in addition to jet lag, she
had endured an upset stomach. After a good night’s
sleep she was now feeling fine.
She glanced around as she took her seat across
from Dominic’s grandfather. The Saxon family

Brenda Jackson 235
home was simply beautiful. According to Franco,
it had been in the Saxon family since the late
eighteen hundreds and was the place where all the
Saxons, including Marcello, were born. The palace-
style structure was composed of several reception
rooms. Numerous bedroom suites with private baths
and dressing rooms, game rooms, spa, gym, two
swimming pools and a beautiful kitchen and dining
room. It was a beautiful day and the sun was shining
bright in the sky.
“I received a call this morning from Marcello and
Megan. They are on their way and should be arriv-
ing later today,” Franco said, intruding into Taylor’s
She nodded as butterflies went off in her stomach
at the thought of meeting Dominic’s parents. She
couldn’t help wondering what he’d told them about
their now-defunct relationship.
She had been surprised when she had received a
call from Franco inviting her to his birthday gala.
Since she hadn’t been sure if Dominic was still in
the D.C. area or had returned to New York, she
hadn’t wanted to run the risk of a chance meeting
with him—especially while her heart was still
hurting—and had jumped at the opportunity to
leave the city for a few days. The last thing she had
to worry about was running into Dominic here.
The one thing she was certain about was that she
truly liked Dominic’s grandfather. She believed that

236 Irresistible Forces
deep in Franco’s heart he knew that he had made a
mistake in the way he had handled his son’s love for
an American woman, a mistake that had cost him
the love of his grandson. And from their argument
the last time she and Dominic were together, she
wasn’t sure if he would ever forgive his grandfather.
Dominic took being stubborn to all-new heights.
After their meal, she and Franco went into one of
the game rooms to play checkers, something the older
man seemed to enjoy. She was glad that her cousin
Sebastian had taught her how to play years ago.
They had just ended one game and had started on
another when one of Franco’s servants approached to
let him know that Marcello and Megan had arrived.
“Why, you’re simply beautiful, just as Dominic
said,” his mother exclaimed, smiling at her.
Taylor wondered if Dominic had actually said
that, or whether his mother was just being kind.
Either way she decided to take the compliment.
“Thank you.”
They were standing together in the receiving
line, greeting the guests arriving at Franco’s party.
Franco had asked her to be there and as far as she
knew, no one seemed to question it. When introduc-
ing her, he merely said that she was a close friend
of his grandson. Considering how things were
between her and Dominic, Taylor thought that was
really stretching it a bit.

Brenda Jackson 237
“We certainly have a crowd here tonight.”
Megan’s words broke into Taylor’s thoughts.
“Yes, there are a number of people here, but
everything is beautiful. And speaking of beauti-
The first thing Taylor had thought when she’d
seen Megan Saxon was that any picture she’d seen
of her in a magazine hadn’t done her justice. She
was a beautiful woman and it only took a few
seconds in the Saxons’ company to know that
Marcello simply adored his wife. Dominic had once
commented on what a loving relationship his
mother and father had. Now she saw firsthand just
how true that statement had been.
“And your outfit is divine. That color looks good
on you,” the older woman added.
Suddenly a deep appreciation for Megan Saxon
blossomed to life inside her. That compliment
meant a lot coming from a person who was consid-
ered an expert on fashion. But that wasn’t the only
reason she liked Dominic’s mother so much. From
the moment Franco had introduced them earlier that
day, she had felt a connection. Maybe it had some-
thing to do with the fact that Megan was the woman
who had given birth to the man who had captured
Taylor’s heart, or possibly the fact that Taylor was
carrying inside her this woman’s grandchild.
Whatever the reason, she felt an accord with Megan,
a closeness to her that she couldn’t explain and

238 Irresistible Forces
wouldn’t bother dissecting. It was enough that
knowing how Dominic felt about his grandfather,
they didn’t have a problem with her being here or
feel she was being disloyal to Dominic for doing so.
“Yes, I can see why Nicky loves you so much.”
A flicker of panic went off inside Taylor. She
knew Megan’s statement was based on assumption
rather than fact. Would it be the proper thing to do
to correct her, let her know she was not the object
of Dominic’s affections?
At that moment it seemed the entire room got
quiet and as Taylor glanced around to see what had
everyone’s attention, she heard Marcello Saxon,
who was standing beside Megan, say, “Look who’s
here, Megan. I never thought I would live to see the
day.” Deep emotion was in the man’s voice.
Taylor turned her head to see what the Saxons
were talking about and sharpened her gaze to look
at the single guest who had just entered and the
curious onlookers surrounding him.
She heard Franco’s sharp intake of breath at the
same moment the crowd dispersed somewhat and
Dominic stood there, a younger version of both
Franco and Marcello, but definitely more of Franco.
There was no doubt in anyone’s mind who he was
and his relationship to the honoree.
Unease flickered inside her the moment her and
Dominic’s gazes connected and he began walking
in her direction. “My prayers have been answered,”

Brenda Jackson 239
she heard Franco say in a voice so low she barely
heard him.
She continued to hold Dominic’s gaze as she
studied his face. How did he feel about her being
there, especially after their last conversation? Was
he questioning what right she had to be standing
with his family? But more important, was his
presence an indication that he was willing to make
peace with his grandfather at last?
She knew only Dominic held the answer to both
of those questions and as she studied his features,
she found nothing that would give her a clue as to
what he was thinking.
Deciding she was making herself a nervous
wreck, she just stood there as he came closer, as his
gazed pinned her to the spot. She didn’t have to
force herself to hold his gaze. He was a man who
deserved attention and he was definitely getting it.
The room was still quiet. It seemed that someone
had even ordered the band to stop playing. Then she
recalled all the people she had been introduced to
that night. They were all friends and acquaintances
of Franco, people who probably knew of the long-
standing dissent between him and his grandson.
Like her, they were waiting to see why Dominic was
there, and hoping and praying that since it was
Franco’s birthday, Dominic’s presence was a posi-
tive and not a negative.
He finally reached them and respectfully, he gave

240 Irresistible Forces
his grandfather his full attention. Speaking in fluent
French, he said, “Happy birthday, Grandfather. And
I hope my presence here tonight is taken as an indi-
cation that I want to put the past behind me and
move forward.”
He then glanced at Taylor and the look she saw
in his eyes made her heart beat faster. He hadn’t
touched her, had yet to acknowledge her presence,
but the look in his eyes was the look he always had
in them for her. Dominic then turned back to his
grandfather, and, still speaking in fluent French,
said, “And thanks for the safekeeping of the woman
who has my heart.”
His words would have meant everything to her
if she hadn’t known he was merely saying them for
show, she thought miserably. He couldn’t very well
have said,
“Thanks for the safekeeping of the
woman who’s having my baby,”
could he? At least
not in front of an audience of about three hundred
She heard Franco’s emotional response. “Thank
you for coming, grandson of my heart. We must
talk later.”
Dominic nodded. And then he came to stand in
front of her and she forced her heart rate to slow
down. Instead of saying anything, he took her hand
and lifted it up to his lips and gazed deep into
her eyes. “You look beautiful tonight,” he said in
English and it was then she remembered that he

Brenda Jackson 241
didn’t know she spoke French and decided to
answer him in his grandfather’s native tongue to
make him aware that she had understood what he
had said to Franco.
“And you’re looking rather handsome yourself,”
she responded. She saw the surprised lifting of his
brow and then the smile that touched the corners of
his lips.
Instead of saying anything else, he moved on to
his parents. She saw what amounted to tears in his
parents’ eyes and she knew for Marcello and Megan,
Dominic’s presence here tonight was the beginning
to putting an end to the discord that had begun when
they had been bold enough to fall in love.
Then Dominic was back in front of her, reaching
for her hand. “Will you dance with me Taylor?”
She was about to tell him that there was no
music, when suddenly as if on cue, the orchestra
started up again. “Yes, I’ll dance with you,” she re-
sponded, and she then found herself led out onto the
dance floor.
He’s only being kind to me because of the baby,
she reminded herself when he took her into his
arms. But still, she couldn’t stop the gratitude she
felt in knowing that he had taken the first steps in
putting animosity behind him and making up with
his grandfather.
The moment Dominic pulled her into his arms,
her body seemed to recognize him and melted

242 Irresistible Forces
against him. And she couldn’t help but take note that
although he was holding her decently, he was doing
so with such familiarity that made anyone who was
watching aware that they were either past or present
“I miss you,” he whispered in her ear.
Those three words lifted her spirit, revived her
hope. She was about to respond by telling him that
she had missed him, as well, but stopped herself
from doing so. She and Dominic needed to reach
an understanding. It would be better if they stuck
with their original plan. Once she got pregnant,
they were to go back to executing business as usual.
So she didn’t say anything, didn’t bother ac-
knowledging his words. Instead she kept her head
resting on his chest with her eyes closed as she
remembered better times between them: the seven
days they had been on the island and how she had
felt a connection to him in a way that even now
heated her blood just thinking about it.
“Come on, let’s go for a walk outside,” he leaned
down and whispered against her ear. It was then she
noted the music had stopped playing. She pulled
back and nodded. And then she allowed him to lead
her out of the doors that led to the terrace.
For a few moments they didn’t say anything as
they walked side by side along the stone walkway.
It was a beautiful night in May. Stars were dotting
the sky and a half moon sat in their wake.

Brenda Jackson 243
“Why did you change your phone number,
His question intruded into her thoughts. “I
thought, considering everything, it was best. You had
my business number if you needed to contact me.”
He nodded. “And how have you been doing?”
he asked in a tone that let her know he truly wanted
to know.
“And the baby?”
“Fine, as well. I went to the doctor last week and
she said everything appears as it should be.”
“Good.” Then he stopped walking and turned to
her. “I want to apologize for all those things I said
that night to you. I had no right.”
No, he hadn’t. She shrugged. “It doesn’t matter.”
“Yes, it does. In order for us to move forward I
think it does matter. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking
over the past two weeks, and you were right. I can’t
hold a grudge against my grandfather forever. He’s
done more than enough over the years to let me
know that he regretted the position he’d taken with
my parents. I guess it was so easy just to dislike him
rather than admit how much I actually wanted him
in my life.”
He didn’t say anything for a moment and then,
“I can vividly recall a kidnapping attempt when I
was fourteen.”
Ignoring her flinch of surprise, he continued.

244 Irresistible Forces
“Luckily it wasn’t successful but soon after that Ryder
appeared on the scene as my bodyguard and he’s been
with me ever since, nearly twenty years now. It wasn’t
until I was in college that I learned that Ryder had
been sent by my grandfather to protect me, keep me
out of harm’s way. Even then, I was too stubborn to
admit that my grandfather had to have cared about me
to do such a thing. I’ve suddenly come to realize that
life is too short and that we should cherish each day
that comes, along with the people who are there. My
grandfather is seventy today, so many years have been
wasted already and I don’t want to waste others. You
were right. I shouldn’t deny him the chance to know
his great-grandchild…or the woman whom his grand-
son has fallen in love with.”
Taylor went completely still with his words.
“What did you say?” she whispered softly, abso-
lutely sure she hadn’t heard him correctly.
“I said,” he muttered, leaning down closer to her
lips, “that I don’t want to deny my grandfather the
chance of getting to know his great-grandchild, or
you, the woman I’ve fallen in love with. And I do
love you,
I’ve known it for some time now.
I just realized how much over the past two weeks.”
Taylor inhaled sharply, held the air in her lungs
and then released it to ask, “Are you sure?”
He smiled. “That’s the one thing I am sure about.
What I’m not sure about is how you feel about me.”
She took a step closer to him. Reached up and

Brenda Jackson 245
cupped his face in her hands while tears glittered in
her eyes. “I love you, too, Dominic. I thought I only
wanted your baby, but then I discovered I wanted
your love, as well.”
“Now you have both. But there is one more thing
I want you to have. My name.”
Reaching into the back pocket of his pants, he
pulled out a white velvet box. Her eyes widened and
she stared in amazement at the huge diamond ring.
“Pretty soon your stomach will grow, declaring
to all the degree of my passion for you. I want them
to know the depth of my love for you, as well.”
He took the ring out the box and slid it onto her
finger. “Will you marry me, Taylor?” he asked softly.
More tears came into her eyes and complete hap-
piness filled her entire being. “Oh, yes, I will marry
you,” she said, smiling through her tears.
She blinked. “Tomorrow?”
“Yes, I want us to marry tomorrow. We can arrange
a reception later in the States with our families, but I
don’t want to leave Paris without binding you to me.
I love you so much I can’t imagine my life not joined
with yours. Will you let me marry you tomorrow?”
He smiled before lowering his mouth to hers.
The moment their lips touched she knew in her heart
that this would be the start of the rest of their lives.

ears formed in Taylor’s eyes as she stood as a
bridesmaid and watched her sister join in marriage
with the man she loved. She could recall when
Cameron had begun showing an interest in Vanessa
and how Vanessa had refused to even consider him
as a man she wanted to love.
But today she was pledging her life to him and
Vanessa’s eyes were filled with so much love that
Taylor could actually feel it. Her gaze left Vanessa
and Cameron momentarily to search out a man
sitting in the audience.

Brenda Jackson 247
Her husband.
She and Dominic’s eyes connected and she knew
like her, he was remembering that day in Paris when
they had done what Vanessa and Cameron were
doing now. Franco had been more than happy to
make the arrangements and Dominic’s parents had
stood in as witnesses, and Dominic’s best friend,
Matt, had flown in to be his best man.
That night he had whisked her away to his island
off the Normandy coast where they had spent the
next three nights more in bed than out. They had
returned to Paris and spent a few more days with
Dominic’s parents and grandfather. Dominic and
Franco talked, spent a lot of time together as they
tried to accept what happened years ago as history
and move on. A wedding reception was planned for
them here in Charlotte in August and she was very
happy about it. They had also made plans to return
to Latois again in a couple of years. They wanted
at least two more children and thought the island
had proven to be the perfect place for future Saxons
to be conceived.
Taylor then glanced sideways at Cheyenne, who
at the last minute had to have her bridesmaid dress
altered due to her already protruding stomach.
According to Cheyenne the doctor suspected she
was having twins, possibly triplets, which was the
reason at three months she looked like she was
actually six. A sonogram was scheduled for next

248 Irresistible Forces
week. As far as they knew, there was no record of
twins ever being born in the Steele family, so every-
one was wondering about the man who had fathered
Cheyenne’s child. Was there a history of multiple
births in his? Cheyenne still refused to even give the
man’s name.
“I now pronounce you man and wife.”
Her gaze returned to Cameron and Vanessa just
as Cameron kissed his bride, finally claiming her as
his. Vanessa Steele was now Vanessa Steele Cody.
“It was a beautiful wedding, wasn’t it?” she asked
Dominic later as she lay curled up in his arms in bed.
One of the wedding gifts Dominic had bought for
her was this beautiful home not far from where
Morgan and Lena lived. It would be available for
them to use whenever she wanted to visit home.
“Yes, but nothing is more beautiful than a Paris
wedding,” he said, leaning down and kissing her
lips. “You looked simply stunning that day.”
Taylor had to agree. Thanks to the Megan Saxon
original she’d been wearing. His mother was simply
incredible. Megan had made a few phone calls and
the dress had been delivered to the Saxon Estate just
hours before the wedding. Franco had hired a pho-
tographer and numerous photos were taken. Every
time she glanced through the wedding album she
was reminded of the day that she married the man
who now meant the world to her.

Brenda Jackson 249
“And you looked handsome yourself,” she added.
And he had. “I love you,” she whispered, doubting
she would ever tire of telling him that.
“And I love you and I plan on spending the rest
of my life showing you how much.”
And then he spoke those same words to her in
French as she stared into the depths of his green eyes.
And she knew that she would spend the rest of her
life showing him how much she loved him, as well.

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