Tied Up for Valentines Day

Tied Up for Valentine’s Day
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Author: sexybears Published: 2/1/2006 story views: 5900

Tied Up for Valentines Day
Steven looked up from the mammoth stack of papers adorning his normally meticulous desk. His mind was reeling, though not from the amount of work that had suddenly been thrust upon him. Far from the confines of his legal office, Steven’s mind was on his new bride, Melody. Being married for only six months had been difficult. Steven’s fledgling law practice was consuming a great deal of his free time and his relationship with Melody had suffered for it. A great many intended romantic dinners had become dried out plates of reheated food when Steven had failed to make it home before the hour turned late.

Melody had been supportive through it all, but Steven could see the strain building. Lately, Melody had stopped waiting up for him on those late evenings. Even worse, their intimate couplings had become few and far between. Steven worried, caught in the maelstrom of trying to build a successful practice to provide for his love. He had hoped that Melody would continue to understand, but he knew that his luck was rapidly running out. He had caught her in the middle of secretive telephone conversations several times.

At first, Steven thought that she might have found a new lover, but after consulting the telephone bill he found that Melody had been calling home. A lot. Steven worried that she was planning to leave him and run home to her family. He couldn’t bear to let that happen. Fortunately, Steven had an ally in his struggles. His assistant, Anna, had noticed his melancholy demeanor and, being a good assistant, had managed to wrangle his woes from him. Initially, Steven thought Anna would try to seduce him in a twisted web of office lust. In the back of his mind, Steven even contemplated taking her up on any offer she made once Melody left him. Anna, on the other hand, had quite a different idea in mind. During breaks and lunches, she educated Steven on many different things. She taught him about the desires of women and their need for deep intimacy. With gentle guidance, she reminded Steven of why he had fallen in love with Melody in the first place. Steven was over whelmed by her gracious guidance.

About a week before Valentine’s Day, Anna surprised Steven with a large box filled with candles, scented oils, and other far more intimate items. Steven had been embarrassed, but he was willing to do anything to show Melody how he felt about her.

An now, it was Valentine’s Day. Steven stared at the telephone as if it was a rapid animal, waiting to snap at him. Anna stepped into his office, her presence announced by the gentle wafting aroma of her beloved hazelnut coffee.

“The phone isn’t going to call her for you, Steven”, she chided. Steven snapped out of his trace and regarded her for a moment.

“It would if I could figure out how to make the voice command function actually work.” Steven smiled at his own humor, knowing that Anna wasn’t going to let him get away with being a smart ass. Anna shook her head and plopped into an overstuffed chair. She wasn’t going anywhere until she was satisfied that he would follow through with the plan.

“Steven, stop being a jackass. Your marriage is counting on you proving that you love your wife, not your imagined skills as a stand up comic.” Steven’s grin faded a bit at the rebuke. “Did you set everything up at the house after she left?” Steven nodded, remembering the frantic hour he had spent tearing around the house before coming into the office. “Good, now make the phone call.” Anna nudged the phone towards him insistently.

“I’ll call, in a minute,” he knew it was useless to resist. “Ok, ok!” He dialed his wife’s work phone number. Steven felt himself start to shake as the phone rang. He had almost convinced himself to hang up when he caught the stern look of his assistant. He was considering how spooky her psychic-like abilities were when his wife’s voice startled him.

“Hi baby, anything going on in your end of the world?” Steven decided to keep the conversation light, even though he knew that usually didn’t work for him.

“How late are you coming home tonight?” The voice on the other end of the conversation was tight and formal. Great, she’s pissed already.

“Uh, well….one of my clients has called and asked for a consult….you…”

Melody sighed into the phone. Christ, Steven thought, am I that bad. He was about to continue when she finally spoke.

“Today is Valentine’s Day, Can’t it wait? I was really hoping to spend the night together.” She sounded hurt and close to tears. Steven felt his heart clench, he was so close to losing his love. He prayed that his plan would work.

“Baby, I’ll get home as soon as I can. I promise. I…I.. I’ll make it up to you, Melody.” Steven didn’t hear her reply before the phone went dead. He looked at Anna, forlorn.

“If this doesn’t work, I’m going to end up divorced or dead,” Steven shrugged his shoulders. Anna regarded him for a moment, staring intently through the steam rising from her well used coffee cup.

“Steven, you got yourself into this. You got lost in the mix for a while, but you seem like a sincere guy. This whole mess can be fixed, just remember why you married Melody in the first place.” She stood up and headed towards the door. Pausing, Anna cast a glance over her shoulder, “Just don’t forget again, Steven.”

With that, she was gone and Steven was once again left alone with his thoughts and paperwork. He glanced at his watch, jumping when he realized how late it actually was. Steven grabbed his coat, praying that he could make the trip and beat Melody home. He fumbled for his keys as he crammed his arms into his uncooperative coat. Anna looked up and waved him past, obviously not in any mood for an explanation for his unkempt acrobatics. He pecked her on the cheek and ran out to his car. During the drive home, Steven ran over a list in his head. Anna had drilled time and time again on what he was supposed to do to. He was certain that he had everything ready, including himself. Gleefully, he drove past his home and saw that Melody’s car wasn’t there yet. He parked around the corner and out of view, running to get to the back door. Breathless, he jogged up the stairs to his bedroom and hid in the closet. This was going to work after all, he thought.

Melody pulled into the grocery store parking lot, annoyed and upset. Steven had managed to ruin her day with yet another phone call. She briskly walked in to the store and bought a bottle of wine. As an afterthought, she picked up some chocolates. After paying for her emotional support, Melody retraced her steps to her car and finished her gloomy trek to her empty home. With a sigh she collected the mail and trudged up the steps to the front door, trying to figure out why Steven had changed so much.

She had managed to keep up the supportive, loving wife routine for a few months. Melody knew how important the practice was to Steven, but she just couldn’t handle taking the back seat any longer. She had tried to keep their relationship fresh and exciting with dinners and seductive interludes, all for naught. Maybe her mother was right, maybe she should move back home and start all over.

Melody slid the key into it’s mate and opened the door. Annoyed, she saw red dots all over the floor.
“Damn it! Why can’t he even clean up……” She stopped, inspecting the red dots closer. She picked one up, feeling it’s velvety softness caress her fingers. Smiling, she inhaled the fragrant scent of fresh roses. She realized the rose petals formed a seductive, aromatic path towards the stairs. She followed, enchanted by the magic of those simple petals. Melody laughed as she found a huge heart shaped paper bearing only a simple pink arrow pointing up.

“What did he do?”. The paper didn’t answer, it only guided her up into the depths of the house.

Giggling, she followed it’s simple direction and found more rose petals leading her towards the large master bathroom. She opened the door and found the large, claw footed bathtub inviting her to relax in it’s depths. Melody scanned the floor beneath the tub, still guided by the gentle rose petals, and found scented bath oils and candles waited to embrace her body. She slowly turned the bathtub faucet on, releasing it’s steamy liquid. Melody lit the candles, enjoying the soft light. With a smile, she poured a generous amount of bath oil to the steaming water and began to strip. She regarded her image in the mirror, taking time to trace the supple outline of her breasts. The romantic lighting and scents were arousing her, making her miss Steven more then ever. With a sigh, she slid into the tub and allowed the warmth to caress her body.

Melody woke up with a start, certain she heard something.

“Steven, is that you?”, she glanced around and noticed the door seemed to be slightly ajar. Shaking her head, she sat up in the tub. The water was still warm and the candles had only burned down slightly, Melody knew that she hadn’t slept long. She enjoyed the comforts of the bathtub for a while longer, contemplating a nap so that she could spend some time with Steven when he did finally get home.

She stretched out and reached for her towel, welcoming its soft embrace as she climbed out of the tub. Only after she dried herself off did she notice a small, white envelope on the floor near the towel rack. Curious, she picked the envelope up and opened it. She paused, enjoying the subtle scent of rose oil before she removed the letter inside. It revealed one word, “bedroom”, printed in Steven’s meticulous handwriting. Melody trembled as she walked towards their bedroom, uncertain of what to expect. As she opened the door, she gasped. The bed was covered with even more rose petals and she couldn’t even count the number of candles that were lit. She stepped into the room, her eyes clouded with tears.

“Steven,” she called softly. Suddenly, strong arms enveloped her from behind. She was surprised, but not frightened. She gasped when a silken blindfold shrouded her eyes. She felt her suitor guiding her, gently pushing her onto the bed that she had lain in while missing her husband. Melody opened her mouth to speak, but was silenced by a finger and a gentle kiss. Her wrists suddenly became captive to a silken rope that was gingerly pulled over her head. Her breath quickened, and Melody could feel her thighs becoming wet in anticipation of what would come.

Strong, soft hands began massaging her arms, working slowly downward towards her body. Warm fingers traced the curve of her face and neck, followed by a hot moist tongue. A moan escaped her lips and she could hear the breath of her lover increase. With a jolt, Melody realized that her nipples were under assault from a freezing cube of ice. Another cry escaped her as a hot mouth descended on her freezing breasts. She felt warm hands slide over her chest as her lover’s tongue continued it’s exploration of her sensitive areola. The months of stress and loneliness melted further away with each caress, each kiss. Melody knew her lover was Steven and she needed him desperately, she cried out as he softly bit her nipples.

“Steven…”, she was again silenced by a gentle kiss. Her tongue sought out her lover’s, satisfied only when it found its heated mate. The kiss was all too short, leaving Melody lusting for more. Kisses traced a moist path down her heaving chest and across her abdomen. She knew what was coming, she knew that Steven was going to tease her roasting clit with his tongue. Melody begged him to taste her, pulling at the silken rope confining her. Steven was a patient lover, running his tongue along her thighs slowly. Melody lifted her pelvis, deliriously trying to encourage him lick her pussy.

His teasing seemed to last forever, driving Melody completely crazy with lust. Suddenly, she felt the heat of Steven’s tongue invading the delicate folds of her womanhood. With slow deliberation, Steven traced the folds of her quivering, pink sex. Driven to the brink of insanity, Melody succumbed to the overload of sensations, screaming with the satisfaction of orgasm. Steven slowed his tongue, never losing contact with Melody’s over stimulated rosebud. Her body shook with every strengthening waves of orgasmic pleasure. Exhausted, Melody tried to close her thighs.

With even greater resolve, Steven continued attacking her clit. He slid his fingers deep within her opening, finding her most sensitive area. She gasped at the new sensation, screaming out his name over and over. As suddenly as he began, Steven stopped and pulled his soaked fingers from Melody’s pussy. She could tell by his ragged breaths, that Steven needed sexual release of his own. As much as she wanted to return his loving favor, she couldn’t will her body to move. She felt the bed moving and she found her arms free. With trembling fingers, she lifted the blindfold from her eyes and was rewarded with the image of her husband.

Steven looked at her lovingly. She wanted to say so much, but words escaped her. All she could do was kiss his tender lips, inviting him to join with her in the loving union they had both missed so much. She pulled her husband towards her, encouraging him to take her even though not one word was spoken. With a deep sigh, Steven penetrated Melody’s willing opening, triggering another trembling orgasm. Steven fought to calm himself as he felt her deep walls grasping his manhood. An animalistic lust reared its head within him, tempting him to take her quickly and allow his own pent up release. But, he wanted this night to last. He slowly slid himself into her, moaning with each thrust. Melody’s juices washed over him, her scent still fresh in his nostrils. He was losing his internal battle, each thrust carrying further away from the control he tried to hard to maintain. Melody began bucking her hips underneath him, forcing his cock deep within her. He looked into her searching eyes, finding the same craving looking back at him. Grunting, Steven succumbed to his animal within.

He plunged deep into his wife’s inviting pussy, feeling her nails bite into his back. The pain of her grasp drove him harder until he felt a strong tugging sensation in his balls. His orgasm overtook his body, wringing out every ounce of energy he had. Roaring, Steven threw back his head and emptied his seed into his waiting partner. He cried out and collapsed onto her, exhausted and fulfilled.

Emotions choked him as Melody wrapped her arms around him, holding close. She felt so warm, so welcoming. Reluctantly, Steven moved away from her and laid on the bed next to her. Melody lazily rolled over, a satisfied expression gracing her beautiful face. How long had it been since he last saw the look? Steven felt a lump clawing its way up his throat. Suddenly, heaving sobs wracked his body. She never said a word, only pulled him close to her. Her embrace comforted him, closing off the entire world from them both. Steven was embarrassed by his outburst.

“I’m sorry, I…”, Melody’s soft finger stilled Steven’s lips. She gazed into his bleary eyes and smiled. Giggling, she kissed his lips and explored his mouth with her tongue. Melody was intent on returning the favor and she had no intention of allowing anything to interrupt her. Talking would come later. She grinned mischievously and pushed Steven’s hands over his head, securing them with the rope that had so recently been her capture. Her tongue traced slow, teasing circles down Steven’s wriggling body. By the time she reached his thighs, Steven’s manhood had recovered enough to become erect. Melody admired her husband’s rigid member, taking in his musky scent.

She flicked her tongue over the head and tasted her own tangy juice. The taste excited her, driving her to sample every inch of his substantial cock. Steven was gasping from the attention, obviously still sensitive after their dramatic coupling. Melody allowed her tongue to explore his tight balls and beyond, flicking the receptive skin behind them. Her efforts were rewarded with his deeply satisfied groans. Sliding a fingernail along Steven’s balls, Melody allowed her sultry tongue to trace a steaming path along his twitching cock. Her ministrations proved too much to handle and Steven lost control, climaxing as she flicked her tongue along the head of his manhood. Melody kissed him deeply, her tongue again seeing to mate with his.

The intimate oral contact breathed new life into Steven’s exhausted cock. Simpering, Melody mounted his thighs with a calculated manner that drove Steven crazy. She positioned her dripping wet tunnel over his attentive organ, teasing it unmercifully. Steven thrust his hips upward, hoping to gain deeper access to his wife’s steamy hole. A sudden, desperate need overwhelmed Melody and she quickly lowered herself onto Steven. Reaching up, she untied the ropes confining his arms. She wanted him free to hold her. As if reading her mind, Steven reached around her waist and pulled her down until she was laying on his chest. They stayed in that position for what seemed like hours, barely moving. Steven kissed her with a fiery desire, enjoying every moment he was intertwined with his wife.

He abruptly became aware of his own impending orgasm. His thrusts became deeper as he pulled his mate even closer. She became rigid, succumbing to her own needs as Steven released his fluids into her body. Both lay quietly for a long time, reveling in the passion they had shared. Neither spoke or moved until the candles began to burn out one by one.

“We must have been at that for hours” Melody whispered in Steven’s ear. Her hot breath tickled his lobe. He nodded, unable to speak. “Are you going to leave me?” she asked faintly. Steven turned towards her, upset at the thought.

“God, no. I love you Mel. With every bit of my heart…”, his voice trailed off. Melody smiled at his discomfort.

“I want more of this, I need it.”, she traced her fingers around his taunt nipples, “I won’t be left behind while you build your business, Steven.”

“Mel, I just want things to be ok all the way around. I don’t want to be away from you, but sometimes I have to be….”, she interrupted him with a kiss.

“Sometimes, baby, sometimes. Not all the time.” Melody caressed his face. “I need you to be my partner, and I need you to be here for me. Don’t leave me behind, waiting”, her voice trailed off for a moment, “Because, Steven, I might not be here when you get back”.

Steven was stunned by her ultimatum. He didn’t like to hear it, even though he knew she was right.
Steven took her hands in his, “Look, maybe you can start helping in the office. That way we wouldn’t be apart so much.” Melody kissed her husband again.

“We can negotiate later, right now I think we have more important things to discuss.” Her tone was firm. Steven’s eyes widened slightly as he tried to figure out what else was wrong. “Relax, Romeo, you aren’t about to be drawn and quartered”, she laughed, “I’m talking about who is going to feed whom. All this activity has me positively starving”. Steven took the hint and willed his exhausted body off the bed and towards the bedroom door. He pause, leaning on the doorframe. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Mel”, he blew her a kiss.

Melody smirked at her man, “Just make certain you bring back something good, I think we’ll both need the energy”, Melody wet a finger and slid it seductively along the smooth globes of her ass, “ I have a few other things that I want to try tonight.”

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