Open House

Straight: Husband and Wife:
Open House
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Author: stillwaters Published: 12/5/2006 story views: 3516

“No more, I can’t take another one,” I tell you.

“Just one more, OK, baby? I promise, this will be the last one today,” you say, giving me your sweetest, most winning smile.

I sigh, and give in. “As long as this is it, OK?” I tell you. I can’t refuse you when you really put on the charm.

We pull up to yet another open house, and I get out of the car, looking around the neighborhood before I check out the house we’re here to see. Nice, friendly looking houses, plenty of kids and their parents playing outside. I look towards the house you’ve brought me to see. At first glance, I like it…it’s a traditional two story, with the garage on the side so it’s not so obvious. Decent landscaping that won’t take too much work to keep up. We go inside the house and the realtor greets us with a friendly smile. “Feel free to show yourselves around,” she says. We grab the info sheet on the house and start looking around. The living room is nice sized, the kitchen nice and bright with plenty of room for cooking and hanging out. As I stand behind the sink looking out the window into the back yard, you come up behind me and put your arms around my waist and kiss the back of my neck.

“Honey, I’m home,” you whisper to me, sending shivers down my spine. I lean back into you, and you kiss my neck again, making me weak in the knees and starting a response deep within me.

I sigh and say, “Not now, people will see. Let’s go look at more of the house,” and grab your hand and head down to the basement.

There’s a beautiful family room with a huge fireplace on one wall. No one is down here, and you again come behind me and rub up against me. “Picture us here, in front of the fire,” you whisper to me in your sexy voice. “The firelight on your beautiful skin, the heat from the fire, the heat from me, making you melt….” The mental picture you paint for me makes that familiar warmth begin to steal over me; my breathing quickens, my heart rate increases. I feel the wetness and a throbbing begin between my legs.

“Stop,” I whisper to you. “Not here.”

You just laugh softly at me, and turn me around and kiss me until I cling to you, nearly senseless with desire. I hear someone coming down the stairs and pull away from you, blushing and gasping for breath. We check out the rest of the basement and then head up to the second floor where the bedrooms are.

So far, this house seems a good fit for our family. The location is good, the house has good sized rooms. We’ll see if the bedrooms are right, too. As we walk up the stairs, you tease me with caresses, running your hands over my hips and tush as I walk ahead of you. I look back at you and roll my eyes, swatting your hands away and you just give me a devilish grin. “What has gotten into you?” I ask.
“It’s this house,” you reply, “it just feels like home to me.”

At the top of the stairs is a girl’s bedroom…just right for our daughter. It shares a bathroom with a second bedroom, one that would be just ideal for our twin sons. At the end of the hall, we finally get to the master bedroom. We walk in, and it’s practically perfect—looks like it was designed with us in mind. Good sized room, big windows. I go and look in the closet, and you head into the master bathroom.

“Honey, come check this out!” you call from the bathroom.

I go in, and it’s amazing! There’s a big whirlpool tub in the corner surrounded by candles, a separate toilet behind a door, and a nice big sink and counter.

“No shower?” I ask, not seeing one at first glance. You look to the side of the wall next to the tub, then walk past me back into the bedroom. I see you look around and listen, then you come right back and close and lock the bathroom door behind you. “What are you doing?” I say, “You can’t use the bathroom here!”

You just smile at me and take my hand and lead me around to the side of the tub. “Look here…” you say, and pull me with you into the most incredible shower I’ve ever seen. It’s huge, with glass brick walls and jets at different levels. There’s even a small step on one end and a bench seat. You pull me into the shower with you and up onto the step. You turn me around so my back is to you and push your hips into mine. I can feel your enormous erection against the soft fabric of my skirt.

“What are you doing?” I ask breathlessly, as your big warm hands roam my hips.

“I wanted to see how we fit in here,” you say, pulling my skirt up and running your hands up my thighs and over my tush. You spread my legs, caressing your way down to the softest part of me, where I’m so hot and wet for you, from all the teasing before. I moan and lean into your hand, as you slip my panties to the side and slide a finger in between my lips and rub up and down my slick slit.

“No, you can’t, what if someone comes?” I say.

You just whisper, “It’ll be fine…and you like it, don’t you? Oh, yeah…” Your hand leaves me and I hear you quickly undoing your belt and zipper. Before I can protest, you spread my legs a bit more, and bend me forward just a bit. The step has me at the perfect height….I feel the head of your huge cock slide gently against my lips, sliding forward slowly, inch by inch until you’re fully embedded in me. I gasp at the feel of you stretching me, filling me, and you begin to move within me. Slowly at first, then faster and faster you thrust into me, pulling my hips back into you with every thrust. I feel my orgasm building quickly, the feel of you at this new and different angle, the danger of getting caught adding to my build. I’m panting, trying not to make any noise, and you slip your hand around to rub my clit and send me right over the edge. Wave after wave of intense pleasure crashes over me, and I feel myself tighten around you. As I do, you thrust one last time into me and hold me close as I feel your erection pulse and your hot semen spurts deep within me. We both gasp for breath, and you kiss the back of my neck and pull slowly out of me. “This is the house for us,” you say to me before you let me go. You fix your trousers and my skirt, and turn me around and give me a sweet kiss. We quickly slip out of the bathroom with flushed faces and shaky legs and just as we do, another couple comes into the bedroom. We look at each other and giggle, and we go downstairs and head out the door.

When we get to the car, I call our realtor and tell her, “We found the house we want, let’s put in a bid tonight.” I look at you, and you wink at me and tell me, “Well, I guess that’s one room we won’t need to break in.”

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