Marriage Is Boring. Sex Isn’t.

Straight: Husband and Wife:
Marriage Is Boring. Sex Isn’t.
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Author: qwerty007 Published: 1/7/2009 story views: 4511

It was another normal night for me. In my late 30s, married and without children, I had little to do with my wife. It may seem clichéd but with my work keeping me busy and my wife feeling left alone every night, our marriage was falling apart. As a act of desperation, I decided to make this night… “special”. As usual, I was supposed to be at work on this normal Monday but I had the day off thankfully, but why tell her? I was out of the house to surprise her and I simply reserved a small place for a couple of hours then once the hand hit four, I was off back to our house.

I sneaked into the house and saw my wife just sleeping in bed. I stared at her still body. It was beautiful. She was at an average height but her legs made her seem like she could reach the stars. She was always oddly picky about shaving and persisted on keeping a shaven body even thought I insisted it was unnecessary since we’re married now. Oh boy, was I wrong. She was in her white night gown and her brunette hair was spread out. Me being the gentleman I am, decided to go slowly. I walked over to the bed and appreciated her cute face, shaming myself for not complimenting her enough. I slid over on the bed, which made a springy noise, and I heard an “ehh…” from her but I think she was still asleep, just seemed like a noise she would make. I couldn’t hold myself any longer from touching this jewel. I lay down next to her and started rubbing her breasts softly, still not wanting to wake her yet and oh, they were so soft. Not large though, just something which would nicely fit into my hand. I felt a twitch in my pants and couldn’t help myself. I held her head and woke her up with a slight greeting. She was drowsy at this point but I could now feel her soft breath on my face as she understood what was going on. I slowly took off her gown; to my amazement, she wasn’t wearing any underwear. From this wonderful sight, I was hard and she noticed. I could see the excitement in her eyes as she ripped off all my clothes as quickly as she could. She was strangely aroused and enthusiastic, like never before but there was no problem at all. She grabbed my cock as if she needed it to save her life while I was feeling her breasts. We quickly decided touching wasn’t enough so I moved her on her back to get a view of her delicate body. I could feel my heart rate going up, I noticed I was already breathing a lot more, my body was physically preparing itself for anything and so as I moved myself forward, I slightly grazed her wet region then… stopped. She was surprised from this action as much as I wanted her to be. She asked what I was doing and I simply replied, “Put your clothes on. We’re going out tonight.” And she did so without any questions.

She got dressed, this time into black. A long dress, which was rather revealing, yet still maintained so much dignity and elegance. Me on the other hand, a black suit. As we got ready, I playfully held out my hand asking, “Are you ready, milady?” She giggled as if we were in high school and answered, “Oh! Yes sir,” moving her hand forward so I could in turn, take the pale tool which only moments ago was holding my erect penis. I pulled her along to our car and we drove off; I could tell she was having fun and it felt just like when we started dating. Wonderful. We finally arrived at the restaurant and the restaurant, being the high-class occasion it was, was an expensive place just perfect for getting her going. We stepped inside and the bright lights nearly blinded us, forcing us to squint our eyes a little. A man came to our side and quickly sat us at a table where we ordered our food, ate and chatted. The wine was excellent, I must mention, and it was nice to see my own wife get a little tipsy. Half way through our conversation, when we were both a little drunk, she mentioned what we were doing before and only just remembering it. Taking action, she said, “I feel horny,” and we ran right over to the bathrooms. Don’t worry, we were going to keep the costly place at five stars and maintain its high health standards, but I thought it would be good to have a little fun. We went into the men’s bathroom, looking everywhere to make sure no one saw us and ran in laughing out loud, going into a cubicle. I immediately moved down the toilet seat and let her sit on it as I kneeled down in front of her legs, which I adored so much. I slowly tickled her around the feet and kissed her on the legs, slowly moving up and up. This time, I was a little disappointed as I moved my hand in between her legs and felt underwear. But after first thoughts, I changed my mind in a flash, loving the fact that they were soaking wet. I moved them down only slightly though, and felt her pussy, and it felt great. She was moaning in pleasure but still trying to stay quiet and I was moving my finger in and out until I heard her have one last scream of pleasure as she climaxed. She started unclothing, so eager, but I shook my head, pulled up her panties once more and we exited the bathrooms and finished off our meals.

We got back in the car and we were laughing our heads off, extremely drunk by now, and I could hardly keep track of the road while she felt all over my body. From time to time, she would take out my cock and gave it a little kiss from her seat. The car trip felt extremely short this time but I could tell she was having the time of her life.

We paced slowly from the driveway into our house so the neighbors wouldn’t think otherwise, but the moment that door closed behind us, we were as hot to trot as we could be and were ready for anything. As we ran to the lounge room, I noticed she was taking off all her clothes and by the time were there, she was right in front of me, yet again completely naked. In my eagerness, I quickly took off any item of clothing I had on me and as I slipped off my underwear, she started pleasuring herself as she saw how stiff my cock was. I grabbed her with my arms and moved her as close as my body as I could while we were still standing and I knew she could feel my long junk grinding along her gates. She pushed me down on the couch, and boy, did she want it badly. The moment I fell down, she jumped on as well and spread her legs, telling me to fuck her hard. I did not want to mess with her now so I did as she said immediately and entered her body.

My dick was moving by itself at this point, my arms were holding onto her legs as she made such angelic noises that not a single woman could fake. I was moving my hips backward and forward and was picking up speed, and every single time she felt my waist near hers and the huge pounding she got, she screamed, not caring if someone would hear. I eventually smashed her so hard I hit my climax at the same time she did. I felt she loved the feel of the warm liquid all inside of her.

We fell on the bed, panting and sweating, recovering from what just happened. She looked at me with her beautiful brown eyes and said a single word that was all I wanted to hear. She whispered into my ear, “Again?”

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