Making Up

Straight: Husband and Wife:
Making Up
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Author: Skyybird Published: 1/16/2007 story views: 4330

They had a huge row…lots of shouting…lots of passion…lots of anger. After the shouting had stopped, she cried, she went upstairs and into the bedroom.

He stood next to her…so very close to her…

“I need to pack my bags.”

“We can do that in the morning…. Let’s go to bed…I’m tired.” He winked at her as he held her head in his hands and bent down to kiss her.

She pulled back and slipped from his hold. She waved her finger in front of his face.

“UH OH…not so fast!” She grinned sexily. “You think I’m going to give in that easy? You’re going to have to work harder than that I’m afraid!”

She laughed as he rolled his eyes. He sighed heavily and grinned back. Her stomach flipped. She loved it when he smiled like that. His eyes sparkled and the smell of alcohol on his breath mixed with his aftershave turned her on. She felt her reaction deep inside as he looked right at her. A slow sizzling burn in her belly. He walked slowly towards her and she walked backwards…away from him until she felt the bed hit the back of her knees. She was trying to stay calm but her mind was racing. She felt so turned on. The way he looked at her. God he was sexy.

She ran her hands inside his shirt over his chest and shoulders and caressed his back. He flinched as her fingertips crossed his waistline. In a second he was suckling her visible cleavage and gently coaxing her nipples to harden as his fingertips gently rubbed over the outside of her bra.

He was attentive and pissed. Everything he did was kind of clumsy. She loved it. He was so naughty when he was pissed. His hands fumbled around her body and she felt his fingertips as they searched for new places to tease and tantalise. She reached for his belt and unfastened it biting her lip and smiling. He shook his head and grabbed her hand. She rolled her eyes.

“Work harder you said!” He barely spoke but his words whispered along her neck as he gently nibbled the soft skin, lifting her hair and breathing in her scent. She lowered her head and slipped her free hand round and over his tight bottom and squeezed.

“Hmmmmmnnnnn,” she sighed.

He exhaled deeply as her touch made him weaken slightly. He was so desperate to have her he could have pinned her to the bed and taken her, but he wanted to really connect, do it sensually. His mind ran over the events of earlier. How she cried and how he shouted. But this was the bit he enjoyed the most…making up.

She wanted to make this part last forever. She loved the connection they had. The deepness they both felt. Just standing this close to him made her feel dizzy and out of control. He gripped her hand still and she tried to break free from his hold. But he had her tight. She pretended to struggle and he kissed her lips just as she was about to speak. He pushed her hand round behind her and moved his body so close his skin was against hers. Her hard nipples rubbed against his chest through the fabric of her bra. He closed his eyes. She could feel his hard cock inside his trousers, grinding against her as he kissed her. She bit his lower lip and sucked it as he pulled away.

He laid her on the bed and slipped off his shoes. He kissed her toes and stroked her legs, moving up her thighs. “I love your thighs.”

He smiled at her as she propped herself up on her elbows, watching his moves. She gasped and closed her eyes as his fingers lightly brushed over her panties but was disappointed that they didn’t linger. He kissed her stomach…all the way up to her bra. His teeth nipping at the lace fabric and occasionally catching her nipple. His hands still firmly holding her, she bit her bottom lip and arched her back as his body slowly lowered onto her, his mouth pulling at her bra he slipped the straps off her shoulders with his teeth. She closed her eyes and ran her fingers through his jet-black hair. She closed her eyes and took a long breath as his mouth deliciously attended to her breasts. His tongue sweeping around her nipples and his mouth taking them in, sucking until she moaned out.

His mouth left hot breath everywhere and he intermittently looked up at her face and grinned. Shit, he was just gorgeous. His smiling face slowly moved lower and he winked as his mouth gently moved over her lacy mound. His teeth again nipping at the fabric she wriggled her hips and closed her eyes. “Oh god.” She sighed as his hands swept over her buttocks and thighs. His teeth suddenly working harder to remove her knickers. His fingers hooked either side and gently coaxing the lace down her thighs, agonisingly slowly, nipping back sporadically to tease her trembling limbs, until they were off.

He lowered his mouth into her and pressed his tongue gently, back and forth over her clitoris, wide circular strokes. For a second he came up to look at her face. Her eyes were closed and she was biting her lip. Her chest rose and fell heavily and she sighed, he resumed his descent not giving her time to register before he speared his tongue between her lips, a slow lingering stroke that made her gasp in pleasure. She ground her hips against his mouth in a full-bodied motion that was only matched by the moan that came from her lips.

Suddenly his hand was there, those supple fingers pressing into her thighs prizing them wider to accommodate him. The only thoughts she could muster as he swept his fingers over her skin was how strong he was and yet how gentle he could be.

His jet-lagged stubble scraped against her inner thighs as his tongue swirled delivering another strong heated stroke. He speared his tongue deep inside her and she squirmed in pleasure, he lavished attention in places that made her thighs tremble. Without giving her time to register his face was up level with hers. He grinned at her again and she rolled her eyes.

“Is that hard enough?” He asked…. again the smell of alcohol on his breath and his musky aftershave drifting over her, filling her senses with desire.

“Well maybe you could just try a teeny bit harder!” She giggled. Before she had finished her sentence he kissed her lips again and his hands began a second assault.

“Do you like it when I touch you here?” he asked in soft whisper.

“Yes,” she sighed.

His hand slowly approaching her pussy, a single finger slipping into her wetness. He slid a finger into her, a gentle but deliberate stroke that made her lift her hips from the bed. He smiled and watched as her face changed with the pleasure she was feeling. She was so turned on. He knew exactly where to touch her, how to get her so hot and wet she couldn’t think straight.

“What about this?” He slid his wet finger backwards and forwards with such a gentle tenderness. He probed just a little and then withdrew with a lingering stroke that made her body arch greedily before pressing back in a little further, this time his palm catching her in just the right place and massaging her with the slightest pressure. The sounds coming from her mouth were urgent. He brought his lips down hard, his tongue plunging inside making love to her mouth while his fingers made love to her body with caresses of his wet fingers. He explored her thoroughly coaxing her orgasm until it came and radiated through her like a wave and she shuddered clenching her thighs together, trapping his hand.

“Fucking hell!” She was still breathless.

“Was that hard enough?” He grinned at her as she came back to earth.

He pressed him self against her and she felt his hardness against her leg.

“Hmmmnnnn!” she sighed. “Well you certainly are!” She giggled as he closed his eyes. Her fingers slowly stroking him her grip getting tighter and tighter around him. Then she stopped. She let go of him.

“Well I’m tired. Goodnight darling!” She burst out laughing as he grabbed her wrist. In a slow and clumsy fashion he crawled over her and pinned her hand above her head.

“I’m going to fuck you, I have to have you! I want you so much, just like the first time in those caves.” His face was so close to hers…she couldn’t move.

He wanted to fuck her hard and fast, he had to now, there was no going back. He took his swollen cock in his hand and rubbed himself over her clitoris and she moaned loudly. He was huge and his patience was exhausted. He thrust hard inside her, the ache in his balls unbearable, then, slowly pulling back. She arched her back and grabbed the bedclothes with her free hand. She wrapped her legs around him and squeezed tight. They rolled over so she was on top of him and she sank further onto him. She played with her breasts as he watched and it drove his desire to have her more, he placed his hands over hers and she bit down on her lip. He sat upright burying his face in her breasts. She began to rock her hips back and forth each time feeling him deeper inside until she thought he would split her in two. She continued to ride him and his moans became deep throaty grunts as his orgasm started. She pulled his hair as she rocked harder and faster, her own orgasm beginning to take hold.

Suddenly he rolled her over again and she lay beneath him again. He pounded into her and looked intently at her face as he felt her pulsating muscles around his cock and he couldn’t hold back. She lost control and was swept along with his powerful thrusts and tightened her legs around his hips. She writhed through her orgasm. Her body on fire. He pounded her, he was so strong and he was single minded. She was lost in the sensation as he dragged her further up the bed with every thrust. He closed his eyes, his face contorted, a deep throaty groan emanated from him and he let it go, shooting his hot cum deep inside her, his pulsating cock creating delightful sensations right through her. He collapsed on top of her, breathless and exhausted. He was heavy and she couldn’t breathe. He buried his face in her neck and took a deep breath, kissing her neck and nibbling her earlobe. His damp skin against her. He rolled over and lay next to her. She turned to look at him and watched the grin grow across his face.

“We should row more often!” He laughed as he kissed her gently.

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