Making the Most of It

Straight: Husband and Wife:
Making the Most of It
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Author: stillpure Published: 4/16/2010 story views: 5406

What’s worse than going to your husband’s parents’ house for dinner?

Nothing, echoed my mind. Sighing, I slid into my black heels and stared at myself in the mirror as I fixed my hair a little. His hands touched my sides and slowly roamed my curves, up and down. I smiled slyly when I heard him purr in approval of my choice of apparel.

“Very nice, baby…” He started trailing kisses down my long neck, and I wanted so badly for him to keep going, anything to delay this stupid dinner… But, we had to do it.

Turning to face him, I almost lost my sense of control and fell to my knees at the mischievous look in his eyes, but I managed to say, “Let’s go; we can have fun later.” Sending him a saucy smile, I retrieved my purse and walked out to the car. His impatient growl reached my ears as he followed behind me, and I could feel his intense gaze on my hips…

We sat at the table enduring the dreadful dinner, his mother’s endless comments of everything, his father’s boring stories of the old days… It would have been worse if he didn’t start stroking my thigh slowly… probably because he was still so horny. Oh, the more I thought of how much fun we were going to have tonight, the more I wanted to leave right now.

For a moment I let myself dwell in a fantasy of what we would do when we were home… My husband would pin me to the wall as soon as we set foot inside, his lips would crush mine in a hungry, breathtaking kiss, his eager hands would lift my dress up my legs, as his fingers glided up my inner thighs…grinding his hard-on against my mound… His pants would already be undone, and once my dress was lifted, and my thong pushed aside, his hard monster would be inside my tight wetness…and we would come together so fast, all over the floor in the foyer… Or maybe he would pause when he revealed my thong, carry me to the bedroom, and eat me to head-spinning orgasms… after which I would give him a thorough licking and sucking as well… Or, we might not even make it home before we need to pull over and have sex right in the back seat, coming on the seat and making it sticky, and smelling like sex…

In a bold move, I slid my hand over to his thigh too, and my eyes widened for a second before I composed myself so his parents didn’t think anything was going on under the table. Instead of his thigh, I felt a huge protrusion in the front of his pants. Mmmm, I couldn’t wait to get home!

Suddenly, his hand shot between my own thighs, and my head tilted back as I felt two of his fingers slide in me, pushing through the fabric of my thong, and curl up, as if he were pulling me toward him by my pussy. My eyes were glazed over in pleasure, and more than anything I wanted him to continue, but it brought attention from his nosy old parents.

“Are you alright, dear?” his prim and proper mother asked.

I quickly pushed his fingers away and stood up, straightening my dress. “Yes, I’m fine. I just, um, need to use the bathroom.”

Ignoring the questioning stares, I retreated down the long hall and into the bathroom. Looking at the mirror, I pushed a few strands of my hair back, straightened my dress a little, and slid my hands down my curves to make sure I looked presentable again. Then I reached down and fixed my panties, took one last long in the mirror, and –

The dress strap on my right shoulder was slid down, a familiar hand underneath it, guiding it slowly and stopping at my elbow. Lips that burned with so much hunger I felt it on my skin began kissing down the side of my neck.

“We can’t…your parents…wait…ohhh…”

Kicking the door shut behind him, he turned me around so our lips were barely the width of a fingernail apart and said huskily, “I don’t care, I want you right now…”

His lips nearly pushed my whole body back, but really his hands lifted me up on the sink. Feeling his right hand lightly slide down my body and spread my legs, I let my head fall back, and bit my lip to keep in the moan threatening to escape when his finger stroked up my inner thigh toward the junction between my leg and ass. Oh, it felt so good, my hips bucked forward immediately as he reached my moist thong.

“Touch me, please,” I rasped, my hand frantically unbuttoning his maroon shirt.

“Oh, I will do more than that,” he growled before kissing down my chest, pushing my dress down to expose my bra-covered breasts. In a second he ripped that away almost fiercely, pushed my thong aside, and thrust a finger up my tight pussy. I let out a soft cry as he parted my petals, but I struggled most when I felt his thumb ever so lightly rub my tender jewel. My husband groaned as he attached his lips to my hardening nipple. Another little cry of bliss escaped me, and I couldn’t wait any longer, my right hand reaching down and helping him release his pulsing cock from those confines.

His groaning increased in volume as he pushed himself inside my hot, wet cavern. Finally I pushed his shirt off his shoulders so I could pleasure his nipples with my fingers; twisting them and rubbing them between my fingers, like he does to mine, making him feel the same sweet pleasure he gives me. I received my reward as he threw his head back and quietly called my name in a deep, aroused voice. He started pumping faster, knowing we didn’t have much time, but it was so hot knowing it was his parents’ bathroom we were in, having a naughty little tryst there…

“Oh, hell yes, baby,” he grunted in my ear as I tightened around his pumping cock each time he entered me. I wrapped my thighs around his waist, ran my fingers up through his hair, holding him by my neck as he began sucking gently, and let my other hand glide down my own body, lightly and slowly, so he could see. I knew he noticed when he moaned long and hard under my ear. “That is so hot, watching you touch yourself as I push, and push, and shove my cock up your hot, tight little pussy!” Each time he said “push” he actually pushed his cock deeper inside me, if possible, seeing as how I felt so filled with him and oh, did it feel perfect.

Our bodies were on fire as our hips rocked to the same motion. Moans and soft cries were the only sound in the room, other than a faint “splosh-splosh” sound from between us. I could already feel his pre-cum wetting my already moistening tight pussy walls, and knew the last thing that would push us both off the edge.

Pushing him back slightly so he could watch me, while still squeezing his dick, I reached down and lightly rubbed my bud, letting out a moan of a his name. From under my half-lidded eyes I could see his become hazed with flaming desire and lust. And one last thrust was all it took, to feel that wonderful sensation of sweet intense release.

“Fuck!” he growled.

“Ohhh, yes! Yes, baby!” my cry followed his. I felt his cock throb within my clenching pussy, before a wad of his cream shot out and mixed with my hot juices as they seeped out and down my thighs, pouring into the sink… his mother’s bathroom sink… That thought had me pulsing for a long time around him, my head tossed back, my eyes shut, my mouth open in the shape of an “O.”

His head fell at my breasts, nuzzling them, his body relaxing against me. I held his head there, his warm lips on my cleavage, as the last waves of my climax washed over me… Mmmmmmm, yeah, it was so good, so deliciously intense as our movements slowed… and for a few moments we caught our breath and cleaned up.

We finally fixed our clothes and straightened up so there was no sign of what we just did. Of course, there were smiles on our faces as we left, realizing that musky aroma was still quite present in there…

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