Straight: Husband and Wife:
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Author: scribbler Published: 1/8/2008 story views: 2799

Carrie is sitting on the couch when Tony comes home from work. She’s dressed in a long pink, hip-hugging sweater with a deep cowl-neck. Black hose and heels complete the outfit. Tony comes into the living room and looks at her for a moment, then smiles. She’s reading a magazine, and is holding her glasses in her hand, one ear-piece tucked in the corner of her mouth. Good lord, he thinks, she’s still the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen….and she’s mine!

As he crosses the carpeted floor to her, she puts the magazine down and puts her glasses back on, then smiles up at him as he leans down for a kiss. Tony sits down beside her and stares into her eyes. He reaches up and removes her glasses and puts them on the table behind the couch. She tilts her head and smiles. Putting a hand around to cup the back of her head, he gently urges her to come closer, and kisses her. The first of many to come if he has his way tonight. With his free hand, he caresses her back and runs it around the front of her sweater, into the deep V of the neck. She sighs as his hand finds her breast and his thumb runs over the tip.

Pulling away from the kiss, he looks at her and says, “I love you, you know. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I knew we would be together forever the first day I saw you.”

Smiling at the memory, she says, “I know, but you had a hard time convincing me at first. Especially since I thought I was in love with Frank Porter.”

But, lucky for Tony, Frank Porter never made Carrie feel the same things he could when he kissed her. Kisses, he thought, that’s what started their whole romance, and what continued to keep the flames burning bright through the years.

Tony kisses her again, then leans down and kisses the sensitive peak his hand had warmed for him. Knowing Carrie as he does, he knows that he can bring her to orgasm without doing anything more to her body than he already had. Just more kisses in the right places will do it. But he is rarely satisfied with that. Each time he makes love to his wife, he wants to taste and feel all of her. So, after moving to the other breast, he slowly pushes the hem of the sweater up her thighs. The sweater catches on something. Ohhh, she’ll kill me now, he thinks. I’ve snagged a new sweater on something. But looking closer, he can’t believe it. After 22 years of marriage, this is a first. Carrie has on stockings, held in place by a delicate black lace garter belt.

He looks up at her in surprise to find her smiling at him. There is a twinkle in her eye, which is the precise moment he knows he’s been set up. Many times, he is the one who initiates things. So when Carrie decides she wants him, and does something about it, it makes things even more exciting for him. Because it means she’s been planning this for a while. Finding the right time and place, the right clothes, setting the right mood, etc. Come to think of it, he vaguely remembers hearing her say that the kids are staying at her sister’s house this weekend. So that’s how it is. By that twinkle alone, he knows he’s been had. But, hey, that’s fine, he will enjoy it either way.

Carrie throws her head back and giggles. “You’re so easy to read!” she says laughing. “I wondered how long it would take you to figure out that I’d been planning this for a while.”

“Well, I’m older now, not quite as fast as I used to be.” Tony laughs.

“Oh, thank God! … I like you slow,” she says seductively.

OK! Tony thinks, back to the business of pleasure! He pushes her back to lie on the couch and slowly lowers himself on her. Staring in her eyes, he runs his right hand up her leg, to her thigh. He plays with the lacy tops of the stockings, running his fingers between her skin and the silk of the stocking. She starts to breathe heavily and move underneath him. His touch has always been all it took to get her excited. His hand continues on its journey, until it comes to the garter belt, and finds bare skin. Ahhhhh, another surprise for me, he thinks. She’s not wearing any underwear at all. No bra and definitely no panties. Later, he thinks, I’ll have to remember to ask what’s gotten into her! His fingers begin to stroke her in slow circles. Keeping his eyes on hers, he watches what his fingers do to her. A sigh, then a moan, an intake of breath….Then, as his fingers slip inside her and find her g-spot, a scream. Taking his fingers from inside her, he props his elbow on the back of the couch and waits until she opens her eyes. Then he puts both fingers in his mouth, and pulls them out slowly, tasting every bit of her.

“Mmmmmm,” he says and smiles at her. Reaching for her hand, he pulls her up and off the couch and leads her into the bedroom…where the REAL fun begins.

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