Change Of Plans

Straight: Husband and Wife:
Change Of Plans
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Author: bellaluna Published: 8/28/2007 story views: 6315

It had been a swell idea, a long, romantic weekend in the mountains—just the two of them and all the time in the world to explore the new, erotic turn their relationship had taken. It had been something they’d both been excited about, barely able to keep their hands off each other during the two hour drive through the Allegheny mountains. But the best laid plans and all that….Oh, he was sure he’d gotten the dates right and that his sister had assured him she would be staying in the city for the 4th of July and that cottage would be all theirs. Apparently she had had other ideas. Or maybe she just decided at the last minute to pack up the kids and the dog and head out of the city, forgetting that she’d promised him the cottage. His sister was known for her rather scatter-brained, spur-of-the-moment change in plans. That line his wonderful, wacky sister was famous for: “There’s been a change in plans!” How many times had he heard that over the years? And yet, it was hard to complain, she was a sweet, generous, incredibly unorganized NUT! And he loved her. And his nephews. He even loved Burt, the scruffy beagle he had also been made uncle to, not that he’d had much choice. But honest to god! When he’d seen them all troop through the door to the cottage; a surprised, laughing, yelling, barking barrage, his heart had sunk right into his shoes.

And his hands had quickly found their way out of Amy’s pants. And luckily, Amy’s back had been turned toward the cottage door, so no one had seen her exposed breasts, her fingers busy pulling and twisting at the engorged nipples as he had slowly rubbed her swollen clit with one hand and just as slowly worked his other hand down the damp crack of her ass. His nephews hadn’t noticed their quick, awkward fumbling—Amy struggling to zip her jeans and pull down her shirt. The boys had immediately jumped on him, laughing, expecting the tussle and toss in the air that had become their usual greeting. But his sister had noticed and smiling in apology had said, “Sorry to spoil the fun little brother, but I guess there’s been a change in plans!”

So the weekend had changed in an instant from an intimate, sexy twosome to a family gathering, with lots of cooking and singing, hikes and afternoon swims—all the things he usually enjoyed. And in truth, he really had enjoyed himself. And he could tell that Amy had too. She’d had been such a good sport. She’d played endless games of Uno with the boys and helped his sister bake cookies. And they had some alone time; they’d managed to have a few moments together and even a quickie behind the tool shed. But it had left him strangely dissatisfied. It had worked up a hunger in him that a quick snack just wouldn’t satisfy. When his sister had sent them out to get logs for the fire, he’d taken Amy from behind, bending her over the stacked firewood as she frantically rubbed herself to a climax while he’d pounded his aching cock into her—both of them half laughing as they’d cum, trying to stifle the groaning and grunting of such quick release. Then they’d each arranged themselves, jeans re-zipped, shirts tucked in, and grabbed armfuls of wood for the fire. Yes, the sneaking, hurried coupling he’d had with Amy had taken the edge off but the hunger, temporarily satiated, had only deepened. And he was still so hot for her. And she wanted him. It was in her eyes and her smile. She wanted him bad. But though they might have been consumed with heat, a night in the mountains, even in July, could be really chilly. And so they’d spent Saturday night roasting marshmallows by the fire and watching The Wizard of Oz. It had been sweet. But he hadn’t wanted sweet. He hadn’t been looking forward to sweet. He’d wanted hot. He’d wanted hot and nasty.

Sunday morning dawned in a downpour. The rain was the heaviest Amy could ever remember hearing; like lying next to waterfall. She checked her watch and noted it was 8:00 am. They’d be leaving in a couple hours, right after breakfast, and if they were lucky, traffic back to her city apartment would be light at this time of day. Maybe she’d have an hour with him before he had to leave for Boston. She turned over on her back in the small bed. His sister, with whom Amy had had to share the spare bedroom (he’d been relegated to the couch and the boys the big bedroom), had long been up, the aroma of coffee and muffins testament to her early rising. Amy slid her hands up under her tee shirt and cupped her breasts, imagining his hands. She closed her eyes as she began to twist and tweak her nipples. Immediately, moisture began to accumulate between her legs and Amy could feel the lips of her pussy swelling, beginning to pout and drip the honeyed juice he seemed to love. She sighed, craving the warmth that was slowly working it’s way through her, but knew there was nothing she could do to truly alleviate the sexual tension she felt. She could quickly bring herself relief but she knew it would be fleeting. She’d find release and then, within minutes, long for the fullness of pleasure she knew he could give her. What she needed was not going to be satisfied by a quick, rainy Sunday morning bout of self pleasure. She needed his hands and his tongue. She needed his cock. She needed his imagination. She needed his voice.

Comfortably full of muffins, eggs, sausage and strong coffee, he and Amy had finally managed to say their goodbyes, promising to visit and soon and reassuring his sister again that it hadn’t been the slightest inconvenience that she’d decided at the last minute to use the cottage. And then finally, finally, they were on their way back to Amy’s apartment. She didn’t know how she’d be able to sit still during the ride back, but he had concocted a plan to keep her entertained.

“Come on over here sweetie,” he said, “come sit next to me while I drive.” Smiling, Amy slid over next to him, feeling his arm slide around her. She leaned into him, settling in and resting her head against his shoulder. Full of breakfast and slightly sleepy, she could easily have fallen asleep but she felt his hand cup her breast and slide up under her shirt.

“Baby, unhook your bra—you can keep your shirt on—I just need to feel your nipples.” His voice was sweet and low and a little teasing as he whispered in her ear…. “I wanna play with em, huh baby? Can I squeeze my baby’s nipples? Cause I want my baby wet for me. Come on baby, unhook your bra, let me entertain myself while I drive. We have a nice long drive—we have lots of time, and I want you wet. I want you dripping for me by the time we get to your place. Huh baby? You gonna get nice and wet for me?”

Amy unhooked her bra, pulling her breasts out for his easy access. She felt slow and syrupy; some kind of slow, sweet syrup had entered her blood stream and she sighed with pleasure as he started playing with her nipples. Oh he knew her well. He knew just how to get to her. Pulling her blouse down over his hand, she leaned back and let him minister to her swollen nipples. Every tug, every pull was delicious. He’d taken the back roads home on purpose. At every country stop sign, he’d stop and lean over and suck first one nipple and then the other. And then he’d kiss her, sliding his tongue gently into her mouth. She felt they were drinking from each other at every stop; he from her nipples and she from his lips. She felt almost drunk.

“You think you’re wet baby?” he’d ask every so often. “I think you might be but just in case, I’ll work on your nipples a little more—just to make sure.” And she could feel the wetness between her legs without touching herself but she just nodded and gave herself to the exquisite pleasure he gave her. When he finally pulled up in front of her apartment, she wasn’t sure she could walk, she was so aroused. He’s gotten me drunk, she thought, he’s gone and gotten me sex-drunk with his hands and his mouth and that whisper-voice of his. And she was ready to kiss him again but he had already gotten out and was opening her car door and pulling her into his arms.

“Just get out of the car baby, don’t worry about the luggage. Don’t worry about unpacking—we’ll do it later. Don’t think about anything. We have something to take care of. Don’t we have something to do now? Huh baby?”

She managed to find her keys in the bottom of her purse and unlock the her door, with him behind her all the while, whispering about what he intended to do to her, kissing her neck, reaching around and rubbing her belly, sliding his hands up to her breasts, rubbing the nipples again. She allowed him to gently lead her along the hallway as though she were in some kind of dream and finally she found herself in her bedroom, standing before him, while he sat on her bed.

“Are you wet baby? Are you going to show me how wet you are?” His voice was teasing again and soft like a caress. She slowly nodded her head, knowing that her underpants were soaking wet and her juice had probably soaked through her jeans.

“What honey? Is that a ‘yes’? Is that a ‘yes, I’m so wet for you’?”

“Uh huh,” she answered, slowly, licking her lips, her breath quickening.

“No, I need you to show me. I need to take you pants off, nice and slow. That’s right,” he said as she followed his direction. “And now your panties.” He stood up as he talked and stripped his clothes off, sitting back down on the bed, idly stoking himself.

“I need you ready for this,” he said, squeezing his cock just a little bit so the head reddened to almost purple and glistened with the sweet drops that had begun to ooze. Amy licked her lips again as he displayed his dripping cock for her. He was teasing her again. He knew how she loved to lick the first sweet drops that formed.

“No, you can suck me another time,” he said, still stroking himself, “I want you wet and ready to be fucked. I’ve wanted this for two days. I’ve been watching you and wanting you—hell I could smell you! I could smell the heat just oozing off you. You need my cock. I want you to take my cock. You gonna take my cock baby? Huh? You gonna take my cock all the way up your sweet pussy? Well come over here and let me see if you’re ready.”

Naked, she stood before him. She had never felt so ready. He reached up and pulled at her nipples, red and tender and swollen from his mouth and fingers. Still, his manipulation of them sent fire between her legs and juice was beginning to shine on her inner thighs.

“Spread your legs baby, let me see. Oh that’s sweet. That’s what I want.”

He slid a finger between her pussy lips and rubbed her clit just for a second.

“ Baby, you’re just dripping aren’t you?” He slid his finger deep into her cunt and wiggled it a little. “And you’re all swollen inside, aren’t you? You’re wet and swollen for me, huh? You want my cock? You wanna take my cock?”

All she could do was nod her head. She moaned softly—almost a whimper. Automatically, she spread her legs a little more, allowing him room to maneuver. He slid a finger gently back and forth against he clit, feeling the little button swell even more.

“Oh I think you’re ready baby. But I think I have to check behind. What do you think? You think some of this juice has dripped down between your cheeks? You were almost lying down in the car—maybe some dripped down below your little pussy? Maybe I should check?”

He turned her around so her plump, pink ass was displayed before him like a ripe peach. Gently he spread her cheeks and ran a finger down till he settled on the tight little rose bud of her ass hole. Sure enough, it was wet and tightened at his touch. Reaching around to slide a finger in her dripping cunt, he then removed it and swirled it around her pink ass hole. With his other hand, he slid a finger inside back inside her pussy and then slowly slid just the tip of the slick finger into her ass.

“You like that baby? You like taking my fingers inside you? You think you want more? Huh? You think you want cock?”

Amy’s knees were getting weak and she knew she wouldn’t be able to stand up much longer. The fullness of his fingers in both her pussy and her ass was almost more than she could take. She rocked back and forth, taking a little bit more of his finger up her ass till it was all the way in. She stood there, rocking, hips bucking, and she just couldn’t hold back anymore. She exploded in an orgasm that burst first in her pussy and then up her ass. She couldn’t tell any more where it was coming from—ass or pussy—she only knew she was cumming in huge waves, was probably making ridiculous noises but she just couldn’t stop.

But he didn’t seem to mind. Keeping his finger in her ass, he turned her around and pulled her right down onto his cock. Pulling her legs up around him, he started to continue her rocking motion, fucking her, reveling in the heat of her, holding on to her ass, keeping his finger buried deep in her ass hole. Her pussy squeezed him in another spasm and he pulled her hard down onto his cock, pushing deep inside her. It was almost like she milked the cum right out of him. Jet after jet of hot syrupy cum shot up and out of his cock. Groaning, his juice and hers mixed and oozed down out of her, even as they both continued to cum. He could feel her ass spasm around his finger along with her pussy around his cock. Not till he was soft, soft, did he roll back with her onto the bed. Both of them panting and breathless.

“Don’t move baby,” he said, “cause I think we have more to take care.”

“But I thought you had to go to Boston,” she said, thinking how empty her ass felt without his finger.

“There’s been a change in plans,” he said.

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