Quiet in the Dark

Straight: Husband and Wife:
Quiet in the Dark
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Author: Tiny Tim Published: 1/3/2007 story views: 10165

He laid there quietly in the dark, careful not to stir and wake her, even being mindful of his breathing. She looked peaceful, sated, and as always, beautiful. He watched her, the rise and fall of each breath, the quiet sigh that escaped her lips. Smiling to himself he knew that she would never fathom the control, the absolute power, she had over him. She did it effortlessly. Early on he had come to the conclusion that she would be his only weakness, her touch, her smile, her kiss, her love.

They were good together. Both independent, yet both needing the other more than words could explain. In their past they had both had the no PDA rule, recalling the previous night’s events, he laughed to himself and thought, Rules are made to be broken.

He wasn’t really up to yet another dinner, stuffy shirted men, heavily perfumed women. All full of themselves and only wanting to know what he would do for them. How much money he could return on their investment. They expected guarantees and commitments and to be pampered and coddled through the whole damn process. It was a part of his job that neither of them particularly enjoyed, but both knew it had to be done.

She had been busy setting up the new apartment, trying to make it as much of a home as possible, as she did every time and everywhere they traveled. When he had mentioned it early on in the week, she didn’t complain, but he knew the look she gave him, he felt the exact same way.

He had called from the office to remind her, and she simply said she knew and would be ready when he got there. Of course when he arrived, she wasn’t. She never was, and although it annoyed him each time, it was one of the things he loved about her. One thing she wasn’t was apologetic.

He showered and shaved and began to dress, slipping the tie around his neck loosely, knowing that she would finish it before they walked out. He liked the feel of her hands on him. The simplest action made him shudder. When he walked out of their bedroom, he found his way to the freezer, and just as his hand went around the bottle he heard her say, “Honey fix us a drink would you?”

He felt her enter the room before he saw her. Closing the distance between them her hands went immediately to his tie, and he stood patiently glass in each hand, looking at her. She was beautiful, hair up for him, dress cut just right …for both of them, and just enough perfume to make you want to lean in a little closer. She leaned back against the bar and he listened while they finished their drinks. Walking to the elevator he felt her hand close around his. Another simple action he loved. Neither of them noticed the looks they received as the driver opened the door and helped her into the limo. To most people it was a perk, a luxury…to them it was just a part of his job, no special meaning. They knew the strings attached to it.

Entering the grounds she commented on the house and the presence it seemed to portray, he laughed as she said, “They must be compensating for something…”
She always said what she thought, even when it had gotten him in trouble in the past. Another simple action he loved.

After the initial entrance and exchanges they made their way to each of the other guests. Staying close to him, she was always within his reach. His hand would fall onto the arch of her back a hundred times tonight, and each time would be just a little lower than etiquette would approve of. He would be spoken to and smiled at and pried for information for the next three hours at least. She would smile, and agree to each compliment they paid her over him. She secretly let her thoughts run wild, resenting them. She knew exactly what they were, vultures who would literally suck the life out of him for the next 2 months. There would be no concern on their part for the lack of sleep he endured, for the migraines that would blind him, for the weight he would lose, for the endless hours of stress and of course for the time she would lose with him. He called himself the garbage man, because only he could clean up the mess that went with this job. Smiling politely as she was introduced to each one of them, she thought, All you are worried about is getting your investment off the ground.

As they were seated for dinner, she took a deep breath. She knew that the polite conversation and introductions were done. Now she would sit and watch and listen as each of them questioned him, all wanting reassurances and the same questions answered over and over. And people wondered why they didn’t have children yet? They didn’t need kids, they had INVESTORS.

She listened as the inquiries came, as he patiently answered each one. As he explained over and over again each phase of the project and the timelines and the contractors. He had been prepped and readied, each name, each location, each time.

Occasionally his eye would catch hers, and she was his reassurance. As the conversation eased, she watched him. She had his dinner waiting at home; they would never even notice that he barely touched his food.

She was startled somewhat when his hand suddenly slid up her thigh. Smiling nervously she looked at him, knowing he would never acknowledge her stare. His hand began to stroke her thigh, feeling the silkiness of her dress as it rubbed against her skin. She moved closer to him, she loved the nearness of his body to hers. His touch was strong, yet so easy. She felt herself began to respond. Felt the tightness in her breasts and the ache between her legs. They had been busy lately, moving, getting organized, meetings, setting up house, and sex had been sporadic. Many nights both of them just too tired to be fully sated by each other. She was aware that conversation continued around her, but her mind began to wander, began to give way to the sensations stirring inside her.
She felt his hand urging her thighs apart. And even though she was apprehensive, felt her legs uncross themselves. Her body had always been at his mercy. As his fingertips grazed lightly between her legs, one of them said, “It would certainly seem by your success that you have the magic touch.” Closing her eyes she thought to herself, if you ONLY knew.
He laughed a little more than he should have at that comment and there were a few concerned looks, smiling he looked at her. His eyes had that evil little dance in them, and she felt his fingers slide inside the lace between her legs. Taking a deep breath she watched him look toward one of the investors and say, “Yes, you might say I have always been good with my hands.”

She didn’t even attempt to focus on dessert, his fingers were torturing her. He seemed totally unmoved, and just before they stood he slid her dress down and smoothed it. As he led her among them, she could feel his hand on the bare skin of her back. She knew the looks the investors would give over her dress, but it was the look he gave her that mattered. His hand was damp, from her, and this made her even more aroused.

The dinner meeting was almost over. She found herself making a conscious effort not to tap the spike of her heel on the Italian tile floor. She was ready to GO. Drinks were served again…God let this be the nightcap.

As he slipped his hand in hers, she heard, “If you would be so kind to excuse us for just a moment, we are expecting an important family phone call and it’s just come in, will only take a moment,” and he smiled that winning smile and his charm poured out over them and at that moment he had them agreeing to anything.

Leading her out onto the patio, and down to the back garden she felt their stares on her back. He did actually have the phone in his hand, and she laughed when he brought it to his ear and kept up the appearance for the crowd that she knew was straining to watch them from the house.

Just beyond the pool was a small rock path and she knew that he had somehow stumbled upon it. The lights from the house began to fade slightly and they were replaced by soft moonlight. Her heart began to race; she knew he loved the danger of being caught, and although it made her nervous, she had to admit it did excite her as well.

The path ended and a small garden opened up before them. She barely had time to take it in when she felt his hands on her arms, turning her to face him. His mouth came down hard on hers, and she felt his tongue slide deep. Without a thought her body was against him, her legs spreading for his touch, her mouth opening to accept his kiss, to urge it deeper. Her hands found his hair and she felt his hands over her back and bottom, pulling her into him. His mouth was eager on her, devouring hers, then taking in her neck and shoulders. She let her head go back and watched as the moon went from pale white to blood red in her mind. His hands were sliding her dress up above her hips, and she opened her eyes to see him looking around.

“There…” she said and pointed to the flat stones that formed the pond barrier. They crossed the garden quickly, and he sat her down, knowing the stone would be cold against her. He slid the lace from between her legs as she undid his belt and in seconds he was above her, looking deep into her as he slid inside. He moved slow and steady at first, which he knew she wanted, and when he felt her breath against his neck and her whispers in his ear, “Take me, now,” he picked up the pace.

Sliding his hands under her he held her bottom up driving deeper and protecting her from the stone. She was so wet and tight, always, and he had learned long ago that the harder and deeper he could take her the more she liked it. Pushing faster inside her he fought to maintain control, he could feel how stiff and thick he was inside her. The constant motion of entering her and almost completely withdrawing over and over was sending him rapidly towards climax. He felt her hands on his back and shoulders, felt her nails dig into his shirt, then slide down to his ass pulling him deeper inside her. Heard her moans and demands in his ear, the heat of her breath on his skin, her neck and shoulders damp from his mouth and the heat between them. And then, he felt her body tighten, knew the ache between her legs was close to being quenched. Felt her tense and squeeze him inside her, and obeyed when she told him to stroke her with his fingers as well.
He watched as her eyes closed, and her lips parted. Listened to her moans and the sound of his name, felt her body grab him and take him over with her. He lost all concept of time and place, just knowing that he had to keep moving, keep thrusting until he was completely spilled inside her.

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