Gone Fishing

Straight: Husband and Wife:
Gone Fishing
Author: cindy Published: 5/31/2007 story views: 3224

Making sure the boat was secure, Caleb put the fishing poles, the tackle box and the cooler into the back of the truck, closing the tailgate with a slam. As he walked back around towards the passenger side door to put in the towels, he tripped and fell to the ground. Annie, watching from the kitchen window, saw him fall. She couldn’t help laughing as got to his feet and started brushing the dirt from his knees and hands. Putting all the food in the basket and grabbing the sunscreen, she locked up the house.

Walking to the truck in the backyard, she breathed in deep and smelled the fresh air. She glanced around the yard noticing nature all around. The woods lined her backyard giving her plenty of privacy. The big tall oak trees provided the squirrels with a playground. Annie stopped and watched a group of squirrels as they jumped from branch to branch chasing each other. Her azaleas were filled with humming birds drinking the sweet nectar and using the bright pink flowers and lush green branches for shade from the hot sun. “What a beautiful day to go fishing,” Annie thought as she approached the truck.

Opening the back door, Annie put the basket in the seat. Closing the back door, she opened the passenger side door. Caleb watched as she lifted herself into her seat. He loved to watch her get in his truck with a skirt on. As she lifted herself up, her skirt hiked up her legs exposing her shiny orange bikini bottom. Knowing he was looking, she ignored him and smiled to herself. Annie slowly adjusted her white skirt and looked at her husband. With a little smirk she said, “How’s your knees?”

Caleb, still looking at her legs snapped out of it. “Oh, you saw that huh? Yeah, I’m ok.” Laughing together, they leaned in for a kiss. It was a short kiss but a very loving one.

“Let’s go already!” Annie said as she smiled back at Caleb.

The boat landing was only 2 miles away and she loved going there. Even if it was just a ride down to the ramp to take a quick look at the water. It was also full of history. Her great great grandparents founded it as “Lee Landing.” Her favorite time to go was when the sun was going down on a hot pretty day. The sun seemed to hide behind the pine trees, blazing orange rays of light between the skinny trunks. The sky would be shades of purple, blue and pink while reflecting off the calm water. A fish would jump here and there leaving ripples. The crickets and frogs would sing as a light breeze blew across the water making the marsh dance to and fro.

Today was a perfect day. The wind blew a little, but not too much. The temperature was 85 degrees. There was a little overcast with a slight chance of rain. Guiding the boat and trailer into the water, Caleb put on the emergency break got out of the truck and released the cable. Hopping on the boat, Caleb carefully guided the boat off the trailer and safely into the water. Annie got in the driver seat and drove the truck into a parking spot.

Walking to the boat to meet Caleb, she couldn’t wait to be out on the water. She felt excited like a little girl. Caleb helped her into the boat and started the engine. Careful not to leave much wake by the dock at first, then at half throttle to enjoy the scenery. Turtles sun bathing on overturned trees from past storms. Beautiful weeping willows with branches reaching the water. Every turn through the marsh leading to the creek you saw something different. Finally, they reached the opening and came to the creek. Each side of the creek was a different county. Her family owned a piece of land here and that’s where they were headed. Annie was taking Caleb to her favorite fishing spot. It was secluded from the wide open space of the creek. Kind of an alley in the marsh.

Caleb stopped the boat and turned on the troller. Stopping when she felt they were in the right place, he dropped the anchor and made sure that it grabbed the bottom of the creek floor. Satisfied, he started to get the tackled box and bait ready. Asking Annie to get the fishing poles, he was stopped in mid sentence with a nice warm kiss. Smiling at him, she started to take off her skirt and tee shirt in a non teasing way and put them on her seat.

Caleb stared at her as she reached for the fishing poles and started to detangle the lines. Her orange shiny bikini seemed to sparkle in the sun. Her thick blond hair blowing with the breeze. Her tanned body being lightly tinted pink by the sun. Little beads of sweat lined her chest and started to trickle down between her cleavage. Struggling to get the lines free, she dropped a pole on purpose on the floor of the boat. “Oops,” she said as she slowly bent down to pick it up, showing off her ass to her husband. Her bikini bottom gathered a little in her ass crack as she stood back up exposing more of her flesh. She fixed it teasingly by sticking her fingers between the fabric and her ass while gently lifting it and releasing it with a smack on her skin.

Annie gave him a pole so he could rig the lines. Annie watched her husband prepare the lines and started thinking how nice it would be if he would take her right where she was. On the bow of the boat. He looked so sexy with his tanned body and tall frame. Bent over fixing her fishing pole. Caleb looked at Annie, lost in her own thoughts and saw the lust in her eyes. Annie knew he had caught her once again thinking naughty and giggled.

Caleb lowered the pole down on the floor of the boat and sat by Annie on the bow. He cradled her chin in his hands, looked deep in her eyes and leaned in for a deep passionate kiss. They kissed long and soft. Her tongue meeting his and moving deep into his mouth. Breaking the kiss, Caleb lightly sucked on her bottom lip.

He started kissing down the side of her neck and over her collarbone making Annie moan. She leaned back on the bow with her arms behind her giving her support. Tilting her head back, Caleb lightly kissed down Annie’s neck to her cleavage and around the exposed flesh of her breasts. Pausing only a second to undo her top around her back and neck.

Her top slid off and fell to the floor. The heat and the breeze in the air caused her nipples to harden. He buried his face in her breasts loving the feel of her soft skin. Sticking out his tongue he found a nipple and gave it a nice warm lick. Turning, he did the same to the other and gently sucked on her nipple. Rotating to each until he had her begging to go lower.

She wanted him to go faster, but he took his time. Slowly, he kissed down her side to her hip, then up again to her breasts. Annie tried to force his head down with her hand but he wouldn’t let her. Instead he grabbed her hand and put it to his prick. “Suck my dick,” he said as he smiled at her. She sat up and eagerly shoved his pants to his ankles, making his prick stand right in front of her face.

She put her hand around his dick loving how hard it had gotten. Teasing his dick at first with her tongue, she licked from his head down to his balls and back up again. Reaching the tip she tasted his wonderful saltiness and slid the head into her mouth. Moaning, she started to take him all in her mouth. Going down his shaft and back up to the tip, each time relaxing her mouth a little. Her saliva started to drip down his balls and land on her inner thigh.

Grabbing his ass with both hands, Annie pulled him closer to her, making his prick go deeper in her mouth. Caleb grabbed the back of her head pulling her hair and started fucking her mouth. She started to feel his dick swell in her mouth and took a deep breath. Caleb started breathing heavy and moaning loudly. His moans echoed through the marsh and into the trees. Overpowering the sounds of nature. Ohhh. Ohhhh. Yeahhh. Yesssss!!!!

Annie sucked him dry, feeling his hot cum shoot down her throat. Not quitting until she was sure she drank everything. Caleb, still shaking and weak, lowered himself to the bow beside Annie. She looked at him and laughed. “Was that good baby?”

“Uh huh,” he said as he nodded.

Caleb watched Annie as she stood to her feet. “Are you hungry?” She said as she shoved her bikini bottom down and stepped out.

Caleb stared at her in awe. Seeing his wife standing there in his boat, completely naked in broad daylight made his dick become instantly hard again. “Yes I am,” he grunted as she crawled up his body and straddled his face.

“You are so wet baby,” he said as he started licking up her juices. She giggled a little as she moaned. Caleb licked from the bottom of her slit to the top and nibbled her lips with his teeth. Starting back at the bottom of her slit he slid the tip of his tongue in and swirled it around her opening. Letting his tongue dip in just a little.

Annie pulled her hair up with her hands and tilted her head back while her moans started getting louder. She started riding his face when he plunged two fingers in her cunt while sucking hard on her clit. She could feel her orgasm rising. “Yeah baby, fuck my pussy!” she shrieked as she felt carried away by orgasm. He held her steady by her waist with both hands as the boat started to rock from her movement. After she calmed down, she slowly backed off Caleb. She met his lips with hers and kissed him deeply, tasting her on his tongue.

Caleb stood and leaned her over the boat seat and got his balance. He plunged into her without warning and made her scream, making a few birds fly out of the marsh. He slowly pulled his dick out of her pussy, leaving the head of his prick just at the opening and plunged into her again. Annie started arching her back, wanting him to go deeper. He took his time slamming into her and slowly backing out. Over and over. Annie started begging him to fuck her faster. “Please, please fuck me fast and hard! NOW!”

Caleb, not being able to control himself with her pleading, held on to the handles on each side of the boat seat and started to fuck her fast and hard like an animal. They became sweaty and their bodies started slapping. His balls were spanking her clit, his dick pounding her cunt. Her breasts bounced and swayed. Their breathing was hard and heavy. Annie was screaming and Caleb was grunting. “I’m cumming!” Annie screamed.

“Rub your clit!” Caleb shouted as he pulled back and shoved his dick into her ass, making her scream even louder from the pain. She was still cumming as Caleb fucked her ass. Annie had to stop rubbing her clit to hold on to the seat as he pounded into her. She felt his dick swell and throb. He started shaking and his breathing became ragged as he exploded in her ass. “Ohhhhhhh!” He moaned, still screwing her ass.

He started moving slower and then stopped. Bending down over on her back he rested, trying to get to where he could move without falling, his dick still in her ass. Sliding out his dick, he slowly lowered himself to the bow of the boat on his back. Annie lowered herself down beside him and kissed him deeply, wetting his dry lips. She had her eyes closed and a big smile on her face when she felt a raindrop. She opened her eyes and saw the grey clouds.

Soon it started raining. Just a late spring rain. They just stayed where they were and let the rain fall down on them. The rain felt so good to their hot sweaty bodies and cooled them down fast. Caleb looked at his wife as she parted her lips and held her tongue out to drink some of the water. Caleb sat up so he could get a good look at her. She looked beautiful as she tasted the rain with her eyes closed. The rain bouncing off her naked body. Her nipples hard as a rock and sticking out. He could see the rain flowing down between her legs.

Caleb sat her up and said, “Ready for round two?”

Annie giggled and said, “I guess we’re not eating fish for dinner tonight!”

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