A Lesson Well Learned

Straight: Husband and Wife:
A Lesson Well Learned
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Author: Zombie_Girl Published: 7/24/2007 story views: 23607

It was a chilly fall night in October. Sarah sat alone, in the living room of the apartment she and her husband Matt shared. It was late, after midnight, and she sat on the couch watching some infomercial about fruit, while flipping through one of her various beauty magazines. The clock in the next room struck one. Matt would be home soon. Sarah glanced up at the TV screen and began flipping through the channels. She yawned. It was late for her. She was used to going to bed around eleven in order to wake up for her college classes in the morning, but tonight she had to wait for him, on account that he had forgotten his keys earlier that night. Typical Matt, always forgetting something. As she changed channels, she thought to herself how there was absolutely nothing to watch at one in the morning. Just a bunch of fake actors with bad English accents trying to sell you products you’ll never use, and of course the occasional softcore porn ad. She stopped on one of them, as they always made her laugh a little, and because there wasn’t anything else on TV that would keep her awake. She envied the girls in the video. They had so much confidence, whether it was alcohol induced or not. They exuded “sexy”, with their perfectly built, doctor’s office bought bodies. The bedroom had always been an awkward place for her. For years Matt had tried desperately to pull her out of her shell, try to help her enjoy herself, and really get into it, but there was no denying that she was simply too shy, and just wouldn’t allow it.

She watched the program, studying it, practically using it as a self-help lesson in confidence. “What is it about them that I seem to lack?” She wondered. “I think I can do that. I don’t see why I couldn’t.”

Sarah put down her magazine, got up, and walked into the bedroom. She went to her tall dresser, pulled out one of the drawers, then moved all of the items up front aside to reach in and pull out a few articles of clothing from the back. She gently shook them out to reveal a black lace corset top with a pretty purple trim, and a matching pair of boyshort undies, sexy, yet still innocently romantic. All the tags were still attached, noting the amount of use they’d gotten. Sarah clipped them off, and began to change, slowly unbuttoning her jeans, sliding them down off her full hips, past her knees, to her ankles and stepping out. She already felt a little silly standing there in her undies, but took a quick minute to admire her butt in the mirror. Matt had always been fond of it, ever since they first met and started dating back in high school. She never understood what he thought was so great about it, but just knowing that he loved it gave her a little smile, and even a little confidence. She continued to undress, pulling her workshirt over her head. She gave a small sigh before finally unhooking her bra, shrugging it off, and letting it slide down her arms to the floor; shortly followed by her undies. She quickly put the new clothes on, which to her surprise fit.

She stared at herself in the mirror for several moments, looking herself up and down, feeling the material of the corset. The lace was soft against her fingertips, and the little purple satin bow at the top of the corset and boyshorts was smooth and feminine. She decided to pat a thin layer of powder on her face and exposed chest and arms, and then spritz on some of her favorite perfume that she knew Matt loved. She had only started fussing with her blah hair, when there was a soft knock on the door. She quickly ran to grab one of Matt’s oversized shirts to throw on top of her new outfit before answering it.

Sarah opened the door to see her handsome, hardworking husband standing outside. His soft brown hair was disheveled a bit, as it always seemed to be. He was holding his jacket across one arm along with a bag from a fast food joint. He smiled at her, lighting up just as much as he did years ago, back in high school. Sarah blushed, and thought about how much she still loved him after all these years. She took the bag and his jacket from him, as he walked in after her, closing the door behind him.

“How was your day my love?” She asked affectionately, hanging his coat in the closet and tossing the bag on the kitchen counter. He collapsed down into the couch and unbuttoned the first few buttons on his professional looking shirt.

“Ooh? And what’s this?” He questioned. A grin came across on his beautiful lips, as Sarah rushed into the living room and looked at the TV screen, which was playing the same porn commercial as it had before she left.

“That wasn’t on a few minutes ago!” She tried to cover, but he could tell when she was lying. Sarah knew he didn’t believe her, and decided to go with it.

“Sooo… You’re just going to take a shower and go to bed then huh?” She tried to make it sound innocent, yet mischievous at the same time, and she wasn’t quite sure how well she had pulled it off. This sort of thing really wasn’t one of her better talents.

“Yeah, I guess… Why?” He asked.

“Oh…” She said smoothly, and sat down on the couch next to him, leaning over to gently kiss his neck. She could smell his cologne, still rich from earlier in the evening. It drove her wild in ways he’d never comprehend.

“No reason.” She gave him her best seductive smile.

“Ahh… I see what’s up…” He said softly, before slowly leaning over to kiss her deeply, and with great passion. He let out a soft moan in between breaths. Sarah broke off the kiss, and pushed him off her roughly, yet playfully, smiling deviously, and getting up from the couch walking towards the bedroom, leaving Matt on the couch, a little confused, but turned on all the same.

“Just give me a few minutes… You can wait in the bedroom, but don’t you dare start without me.” She smiled again and disappeared into their master bathroom. Matt jumped off the couch and ran into the bedroom, practically flying, and almost knocking a few knick-knacks off a shelf. He stood there hopping up and down typing to keep balance as he ripped off his shoes and flung them noisily to the ground. A few moments later Sarah opened the door and stood there, looking the same as before, except for her hair, which was now tied up with a silky black ribbon. Some stray pieces of hair floated around her face. A few strands poked into her bright green eyes, and she brushed them aside.

To Matt’s dismay, she was still wearing his shirt, which did nothing for her figure, or his fantasy for that matter. He had hoped for something a little more skin tight, and barely there. Something a little more, Victoria’s Secret. He was still standing in the middle of the room when she came out.

“Well, are you going to sit down, or are we going to attempt to do it standing?” She said it sarcastically. Matt smiled at her remark, and at the idea of actually attempting anything while standing. He sat down on the bed, trying to find a position that would make him look suave, presentable, and if nothing else, “cool”. Typical guy stuff.

“Babe…” He said cautiously. “I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but please, do not stop it now.”

Her only reply was, “I don’t intend to.” He was shocked, to say the least. Never in the whole seven years they had been together was she ever like this, so confident, so in control.

She took the long black ribbon out of her hair, and ripped it in half. Matt knew what was coming next, and it excited him more than he’d ever recall being before. Never had he seen his wife act this way, but he was enjoying the pleasant change more and more each second. His cock was by now, trying to desperately to break out of his khakis. She moved towards the bed, climbing onto his legs, and then moved herself further up on his body, straddling his chest, then grabbed one of his wrists, and tied it to the headboard post, and then did the same with the other. She was surprised at how easily he let her do this. He never even put up a fight, merely allowed himself to conform to her whim. Matt had never seemed like someone into something like this, but Sarah was glad he was letting her have some fun with it. She backed off when she had finished, and looked down at his pants, noticing the still growing bulge, and giggled slightly to herself. He was squirming already, just at the thought of what might be in store for him in the very near future; but no amount of thinking could have prepared him for what happened.

Sarah took a few steps back to the center of the room to make sure Matt had a perfect view, then shook out her hair, which had still been in the form of a bun from before. It was like one fluid motion, her shaking her hair down and removing the shirt all at once. As soon as the shirt left her head, her long curly red hair fell perfectly on top of her cleavage, and some of it flowed down her back. To her own amazement, she didn’t feel naked, or dirty. She actually felt sexy, like the girls she’d seen on TV. Matt’s face was all too classic. She could practically see the drool seeping from his mouth.

“Babe!!! When did you get THAT, and why haven’t I seen it until now??!” He cried.

She just smiled and said, “It was a gift”

Sarah could tell that if she didn’t do something soon, she might miss out in the pleasures that Matt was already experiencing, without even being touched.

She moved to him, and sat on the edge of the bed, and then once again straddled his legs. She could feel his cock beneath his pants, and thought that it was probably crowded in there, so she decided to unbuckle his belt, and let it slide to either side of his hips, and then unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. She sat back a little, in order to slide his pants, and boxers off, making sure to gently brush by his hard cock, and then let them both drop to the floor with a soft thud of crumpled clothing. Sarah climbed back on top of him, as she had done before. She knew this was one of Matt’s turn ons, and intended on using it to her full advantage. She leaned in, bringing her face close to his, teasing him with a kiss. Getting her face so close to his that their lips brushed each other, but no real contact was made. Instead she moved from his soft lips and began kissing his jaw line, and down his neck. Her hands nimbly unbuttoning his shirt while she continued to kiss down his neck, to each of his collarbones, and down the middle of his chest. He had the smoothest skin she’d ever known a man to have, and she loved the feeling of it against her lips.

Sarah could feel him trying to grind himself against her as she got closer and closer to his hot zone; trying to release some of the tension he was undoubtedly feeling at this point.

“Uh uh uh.” She whispered in a breathless, sexy voice. “You have to be patient my love.” Sarah moved lower and lower, loving every second of her little game. Prolonging every kiss the further down she got, even blowing gently down the trail. The only thing Matt could do was moan and beg her to pay attention to his throbbing cock, that was aching for her touch. He tugged hopelessly at the bonds that kept him from taking her right then and there, but it was useless; Sarah had tied them well.

Matt thought for sure pleasure was in store next for him until Sarah skipped over his cock completely, merely brushing over it with her lips as she continued to work her way down his body. She sat up momentarily to ease his legs apart so that she could caress and gently kiss and even suck the inside of his thighs, which was a major turn on for him.

When he thought he couldn’t take the torture any longer, Sarah moved back up to his cock, slowly at first, still teasing him like crazy. Blowing softly on it, and then running one lone finger up the shaft. She had barely started on him, and already there was precum forming on the tip.

“Babe please…” He begged quietly, panting in an almost desperate tone. Sarah looked into his beautiful honey colored eyes and saw a mixture of pleasure, but also some slight pain. She slowly turned the one finger, into her whole hand, and began to move it up and down his cock at a steady pace, and then stopped to lean down and kiss the head, tracing her tongue around the tip, tasting his juices. She lowered her hand to the base, and began to slowly move her mouth up and down him, taking more of him in her mouth each time. She’d given him head before, but never like this. Matt was moaning so loud, screaming almost, in pure bliss and Sarah could tell that he was getting so close to climaxing, even though not much time had passed. She stopped completely, hoping it wasn’t too late. She sat up with a devious grin on her face and began walking towards the bathroom.
“I’ll be right back my sweet…”

Sarah didn’t know it, but Matt had finally loosened the bonds at his wrists during the struggle he put up when she was sucking him. He broke free, grabbing her around the waist, gently pushing her back onto the bed, and grabbed both of her hands in one of his, holding them above her head, while his other hand was left free to wander. His fingers traced and drew on her cheek, then down her neck, and on to her nipples, which poked conveniently out from the top of the corset. He pinched them gently, and twirled them in between his fingertips. Sarah moaned and shuddered beneath him. This was the biggest turn on of hers that he’d found, and he loved watching every second of her movements, and hearing the soft moans that escaped from her parted lips. He loved the way her back would arch up, and sometimes come in contact with his still hard and needing cock; which he loved even more. His hand continued to travel down from her nipples, over her stomach, and across her abdomen. He stopped short of her long since wet pussy; his fingers barely inside the waistband of her boyshorts lightly brushing the delicate skin underneath.

“Now my love…” he breathed lovingly. “You’re going to see exactly how it feels to be teased.” Sarah sighed heavily in anticipation of this. Matt’s fingers were long, and even though they were barely inside the top of her visibly wet undies, she could still feel them near her pussy. This alone was teasing her more than he knew. She gasped in excitement as he moved them a little further inside, and one of his fingers brushed her clit. He felt her shudder hard beneath him, and gave one of his evil smirks that turned Sarah on even more.

He moved his fingers in a little more, and continued to feel around her pussy, tracing the outlines of her lips, and then drawing a finger down the middle of her pussy, and around her clit, letting it rest there a few seconds. He loved watching her moan, and for once, really enjoy herself. It turned him on even more knowing that it was because of him that she was feeling more pleasure in this very moment, than possibly in the entire time they had been together.

Matt looked at her, and saw a pleading expression on her face. He smiled evilly again, and proceeded to take one of his fingers and rub it along her clit, slowly and steadily in a round motion. Sarah’s hips began to rise on their own accord slightly off the bed, and then back down. He continued for a few moments before removing his hand, which brought a moan of disapproval from her. He slowly slid off her boyshorts completely, leaving Sarah mostly naked, save for the corset, and rather vulnerable. He could tell that she seemed somewhat embarrassed in her new condition, and began gently kissing her ankles, then up her calves, to her knees, and then the insides of her thighs, which he parted easily with her complete agreement.

Matt lowered his head over her abdomen again, lightly showering it with kisses. He looked up at her with a fiery gleam in his eyes, and then slowly began to lick up Sarah’s pussy, stopping of course on her clit, which he took in his mouth, carefully, sucking on her little jewel. He gently began to slide one of his smooth fingers inside her pussy to see if she was prepared for what he wanted next. It didn’t surprise him that she was, and he slid a second finger in with the first, never stopping the attention he was giving her swollen clit. He pumped his fingers in and out at a quick pace, and immediately saw a change in her. She was going crazy. He had never gone down on her before, much less fingered her at the same time. She loved him so much right now; she didn’t care about anything else. All she could think about was how amazing she felt.

Matt knew she was just as close to climaxing as he had been, and he didn’t want to waste another second. He sat up from his previous position, and removed his fingers from her dripping wet pussy, and then moved himself to lie on top of her. He had since let go of her hands. One of which found its way to his face, gently caressing his cheek, then his lips, then his jaw. The other one laid calmly by her head, softly tangled in her own hair. His arms were locked in the push up position on either side of her chest.

Sarah’s hands moved from Matt’s face and fell to her sides, gripping the sheets tightly as she felt him gingerly enter her. She moaned and breathed deeply as he continued. Soon he was fully inside, and began to thrust at a steady, yet slow, and loving pace. It was a beautifully passionate display of their love for each other, and a feeling they both wish would last for an eternity.

Then before he would have chosen to, Matt could feel the fiery wave of pleasure that had already been surging within him, start to rise more and more with each thrust he made. He arched his back as he came, letting out a long, passionate moan of release. Sarah’s back arched with his, as she felt him shudder and come inside her. Matt knew by the way she moaned and writhed beneath him, that his beautiful wife’s well needed release wasn’t far behind his. He leaned over, while still pumping steadily into her, and kissed her cheek, then her open lips with such an intense passion and fire, that Sarah didn’t remember ever experiencing anything like it before. She felt her own fire rising, and the next few moments were ecstasy. She shuddered and bucked against him, moaning into his mouth as he kissed her, then on the side of his cheek, into his ear as she lapsed into the most intense and satisfying orgasm she’d ever remember having.

Matt had pulled out seconds after her powerful explosion had started, to slowly massage her clit again, allowing her to ride out the very last of the seemingly electric shocks that were shooting through every part of her body.

When Sarah’s body had ceased to tremble and shake, and the final wave of pleasure had been taken in, they both laid still in the bed, breathing heavily, their hearts both beating rapidly as one. Sarah moved to lie on her side, and curled up against Matt’s warm body. They smiled, both exhausted, and already partially asleep. He took her in his arms and kissed the top of her head. She blushed at his affection, but in her current state, there’s no way he would have noticed. Her whole body was blushing, and she loved the feeling. Sarah wrapped her arm around his stomach, tucking her fingers carefully between him and the bed.

“I love you babe…. More than you’ll ever know,” he whispered softly into her hair, planting another kiss.

“I was about to say the same thing…” She smiled and repositioned her head, trying to snuggle even closer to her love. She lay there, wrapped in her Matt’s arms, still mostly naked, and for the first time, completely comfortable, and at peace with that. The last thing she heard her husband say before she drifted off to sleep was,

“Meant to be love…. It’s meant to be.”

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