You Started This…

Straight: Husband and Wife:
You Started This…
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Author: natkareldas Published: 8/1/2006 story views: 6229

She sneaks into your bedroom… last night, on the phone, she told you that she would personally wake you up. When she walks in, she sees that you are fast asleep, and that you have a huge morning erection. Lustfully, she licks her lips, and slips her sandals off.

Still fully clothed, she slyly straddles you, and wraps her body around yours, as you slowly wake up. You don’t say anything as you open your eyes and you see her shoulders and feel her breasts on your naked chest. No need for words, you want it, and you just know, by the way she’s breathing, that she wants it too.

You bring your arms up to her butt. Her sweet, curvaceous ass. You long to get her out of those jeans, but she has you pinned down. As you rub her butt, she starts to get excited. You run the tips of your fingers along the sensitive spot between her ass and her thighs. She moans. She starts to move her hips in circles over your hard cock. One of your hands slips between her legs and you begin to rub. She is so warm and so hot… and, through her jeans, you can feel her start to get wet. Your hands glide up to the hem of her shirt, and you pull her shirt up. She sits up a bit, to let you finish taking it off.

The image of her flushed face, her naked belly, and her legs straddling your cock is almost too much to bear. The sight of her perfectly plump breasts bulging from her bra, begging you to let them out of their trap, makes your cock that much more stiff and your tongue beg to flick those hard nipples, poking out of her bra. You sit up, pushing her up, and reach around her body, kissing her neck as you unhook her bra. On your chest, you can feel them pounce out. Tossing the bra aside, you suck and taste her nipples, warm and almost creamy in their hard state. Her breasts fit perfectly, individually into your hand. As you taste her, and listen to her moan out of complete delight, you squeeze and tease her other breast. After giving both of them equal attention, your hands slip down to her jeans, rubbing and massaging her perfect ass.

You unbutton her jeans, and slowly zip the zipper down. Flipping her on to her back, so you can slip off her jeans, she puts up a little fight, so you look at her in the eye, saying (without words), “You started this, you’ll finish it.”

As you pull her jeans off, you kiss her lower belly. You start to move downward with your kisses, stopping to toss her jeans out of the way. You scoot up to kneel between her legs, keeping her exposed, besides her boyshorts. You take off your underwear, exposing your long, hard, throbbing cock. You run your hand up and down the shaft, knowing how much that turns her on. Her big eyes are begging for it, so you take her delicate, soft hand, and give her your cock. She smiles sweetly, and runs her hand up and down your shaft. When she sees a little pre-cum, she takes her index finger to wipe it up, and spreads your pre-cum on her lips.

You slip her out of her boyshorts, exposing her bald, glistening pussy. She shivers at the idea of your hard cock completing her. You hold your cock in your hand, and use your other thumb to open her up and find her clit. You rub it lightly, so lightly, that she moans begging for you to give her more. With your cock, now, you rub her clitoris. You want so badly to just shove it in her…just to feel her tight vagina expand for you… her wet, soft, perfect pussy…

So you do, you jam your cock inside of her, fast and deep… she screams. This was completely unexpected. But the feeling of you inside… hard and warm… big and fat… as you thrust yourself inside of her, she gives equal, if not larger, thrusts back. Her plump breasts are sweet and lovely, you use your free hands to squeeze them and feel her nipples. You lay down onto her, kissing her nipples. You grab her legs, and toss them over your shoulders. Her hips are at the perfect angle now, for you to go deep, and hard, and make her moan and scream. You start thrusting, harder and harder, faster and faster, deeper and deeper, listening to her scream your name in a complete fit of passion, her juices are running everywhere, down her belly, and onto your balls. Her body tenses… as you feel yours also. Her moans become louder and deeper. She squeezes your cock. Squeezes more and more and more… wrapping her vagina around your dick. Her legs are shaking… she is cumming on you, around you… finally her body gives that final long squeeze, and you cum, filling her up with hot shots of milky cum.

Once you have deposited your last drop, you let her legs down and kiss her lips, the first time in days. Her tongue plays with yours, and you can even taste a little of your pre-cum still on her lips. Slowly, you pull yourself out of her, and fall beside her on the bed.

“Good morning,” you say, smiling.

“Good morning,” she replies, and rests her head on your chest as both her and you fall into a deep, deep slumber.

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