What a Surprise

Straight: Husband and Wife:
What a Surprise
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Author: poleman Published: 11/29/2006 story views: 10986

My wife Sara had planned a great great-a-way vacation for us on a cruise. I was excited since it was just us and no kids and we had never been on a cruise before. Sara had been working on this vacation for about six months and the time was growing near. Sara had also been working out even more with the lightweights and walking. She was a water aerobics teacher at the local YMCA and she was in great shape. I thought it funny more men were now enrolling for the water aerobics class at the YMCA.

Sara had done some modeling a few years back before we had met. She had some of the photos and she was hot. Sara always wore a one piece swim suit and I had talked her in getting a two piece for the trip. I had not seen the swimsuit yet as it was a surprise for me she said. I was looking forward to see her body in a two piece.

When we got to the ship to board a lot of the crew was checking Sara out in her tight shorts and low cut tee-shirt. I told her she was teasing them and she said she knew that, but it also turned me on as well. She was right. As we stop to get our picture ID’s made the photographer slipped Sara a card with his room number on it telling her to come by for some personal shots. She thanked him and we left.

As we walked to the room we noticed a lot of the women were now looking at Sara and not liking what they saw. A woman in her early forties who looked like she was mid-thirties and hot as a twenty year old. When we found the room we unpacked and listened for the call to go and learn how to use the life jacket we had in our room. The intercom came on telling us where to go according to your last name and when to be there.

We made our way to where we were assigned to and signed in. We were mingling with the crowd when one couple approached and asked if we would like to hang out for the week. He introduced his wife as Mary and he was Tom. They were in their early thirties and had two children at home with the grandparents. Mary was slim with nice tits and a full plump ass. Tom was slim and you could tell he worked out a lot.

The person in charge of telling us how to use our life jackets came in and had us fasten our jackets in the proper way. I was looking a Sara’s jacket when she jumped toward me. She said someone had grabbed her ass and squeezed softly. Looking around I noticed a young man about 20 looking at Sara. I told him that it was not nice to grope women especially when they are unwilling. He apologized to Sara and told her she was the hottest looking woman on the ship.

We headed back to the room to change for dinner and we ran into Tom and Mary again. Mary grabbed Sara’s hand and led them up in front of Tom and I, and they seemed to have struck up a friendship. Tom told me where they were staying, which was 2 floors below where we were. As they left to walk down the steps Sara turn to me and kissed me passionately and grabbed my hand as we walked to the room.

I took a quick shower and walked out naked to get dressed when Sara brushed by me kissing me and rubbing her full tits against my chest. She told me to wait a few minutes before getting dressed. She showered and came back into the room drying her hair with a towel and letting me look at her gorgeous body. I was getting hard looking at her and she liked it as well.

Sara dropped her towel and lay back on the bed, raising her legs for me to see how wet and excited she was. Sara told me to lick her pussy and to place a finger in her as well. I dropped down on the bed and softly licked her sweet tasting pussy. After licking her a few times I put a finger in her and slowly moved in two more fingers. I was enjoying licking her clit and moving my fingers in and out of her soaked pussy. I stopped and placed her clit in my mouth slowly licking up and down and changing to sucking on her clit softly.

After a few minutes of this Sara called out: “I am coming,” and she pulled my head forward to her pussy like she was trying to put it in her pussy. Sara seemed to last for a minute and was shaking when she stopped. Sara looked at me and told me to fuck her hard and to do it now. I slid my dick up and down in her slit a few times before sliding in her tight hot pussy. As I slid in Sara wrapped her legs around me and told me to fuck her hard now.

I began to move but not real fast sliding my dick completely out and then back in. After a few times of this Sara could take it no more and she had her second climax squeezing my engorged dick and now pulling me into her tighter and tighter. When she calmed down she told me again to fuck her hard and fast.

This time I obliged ramming her as hard and fast as I could. Sara was moaning and begging for me to cum inside of her. As I started swelling up inside of her and shot my load Sara came for the third time just as I did squeezing me tighter than the first time. Her pussy was quivering and demanding all of my cum inside of her tight love box.

When we finished I collapsed on top of her kissing her softly and telling her I loved her. I rolled off and Sara told me she loved me and was excited about the cruise. I asked why and she told me that Mary told her that some of the crew were betting on who could fuck her before the end of the cruise. Sara had never talked like this before and I asked her if she wanted to be with other men and she told me no. She was excited that they found her attractive and liked the attention but just wanted to fuck me.

We dressed and went to the dining room to eat where we met our eating friends for the cruise. Of course we were the oldest of all the couples at the table. Most were married except for one engaged couple.

After eating Sara took her hand and placed in my lap very near my crotch. She looked at me and told me she wanted to see some sights on the ship. I took her and we walked out of the room and I asked where she wanted to go. Sara told me to fuck her and I had better hurry. We made our way to the room but Sara was stripping in the hallway in front of the room. I took my key and unlocked the room and Sara was topless already.

Before I knew what hit me Sara pushed me down on the bed and took my dick out of my pants and began to suck on it like a lollypop. She had swallowed my entire dick and was getting me near a climax. She told me to cum in her mouth and I filled it up. She did not release me from her mouth but continued to suck on me to get me hard again.

Soon I was ready for more action and Sara was naked and wanting me to fuck her. I undressed and aimed my dick for her hot and wet pussy. After entering her I noticed she was as tight as the first time we fucked just a little over an hour ago. My Sara was so horny and wanting to fuck me that I was more excited than ever.

I quickened my pace and Sara was calling out my name and telling me to fuck her like I had never seen her before. Sara was matching my every move when she arched her back and shouted, “I’m fucking cumming!” She had never talked like this and had never been this horny before but now was not the time to worry. As she was subsiding from her climax I could hold out no longer and filled her pussy with the largest load ever.

We lay there kissing and rubbing on each other when she told me the man next to us at dinner had been rubbing on her leg and had brushed up against her pussy a few times. She was excited and wanted to find release.

It was about 11pm when Sara asked if I would walk out on the deck with her. We dressed in loungewear and went out on deck and sat in a chair watching the stairs. There were a few people on deck but none were paying us any attention. We sat and talked until after midnight and we realized it was getting chilly out there. As we walked in Sara spotted a room for karaoke. We were not dressed for the room yet Sara wanted to sing.

We listened to a few singers when it came to Sara’s turn. She had chosen the theme from Titanic. After she finished singing she received a standing ovation and was told she had the mike if she wanted to sing again. She chose Dad’s Hands and again received a standing ovation. She thanked everyone and we left.

Back at the room I was getting ready for bed when Sara came over to me and kissed me asking if I had one more fuck left in me tonight. I told her maybe one if she asked nicely. She asked very nicely by getting naked playing with her tits and fingering herself on the bed. She looked at me and told me she saw I liked what I saw so I had better get to work.

I dropped my shorts and Sara told me to sit on the edge of the bed. She straddled me and took her hand and guided me into her overheated fuck hole. This was the third time in six hours and Sara was still tight as ever. This time she was in control moving up and down grinding her pussy on my dick. I reached around and grabbed her tits and was flicking her nipples making them hard and excited. Sara took my right hand and placed it on her clit telling me to rub gently up and down. After a couple of minutes rubbing her clit Sara stopped moving and just sat there grinding on my dick. She was going over the edge again and was trying to control this one to last longer.

Sara at last began her movements on my dick, up and down, up and down. I was rubbing her clit again when she told me she was done but I had to finish now. Sara was really working on making me fill her up again when she pushed me back on the bed and turned around so as to face me. She slid my dick back inside her well fucked pussy only this time I could tell it was loosening up from all the fucking tonight. After another fifteen minutes Sara felt me enlarge in her pussy and she came the same time I did.

She got up off my dick and licked me clean and told me this was just the start of a wonderful cruise. It was off to a great start and I was not sure if it could get better.

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