Washington Rain

Straight: Husband and Wife:
Washington Rain
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Author: FoxyLady Published: 11/29/2007 story views: 3257

The day was cold and wet and very dark for being 10am. A person could hear the rain pounding on windows.

In the bedroom Heather was already awake and enjoying the rhythmic sound of the rain tap tapping on the bedroom window right above Sam and Heather’s bed. She looked over to the right side of their queen sized bed and saw the love of her life, her handsome husband, Sam, laying there, snoring ever so lightly. After staring at him for a few minutes she rolled to the right and cuddled up next to him, laying her head onto his strong chest, breathing in his scent.

Little did Heather know, but while she drifted back to sleep Sam had woken up. Careful not to disturb her, he raised himself up on his elbows so he could get a better look at her. He loved watching her sleep. She was so peaceful and beautiful. Gently he stroked her hair with his fingers, the scent of cookies she stayed up baking rising from her hair. A smile danced across his lips.

After awhile Heather awoke to Sam smiling, starring down at her. “Good morning sweetie,” he whispered to her. She just closed her eyes again, taking in the moment; the rhythmic sound of his heart and the pounding of the rain and wind.

“Good morning indeed,” she whispered back, a smile appearing on her lips.

Sam was in his normal bed attire, a pair of boxers (some more revealing than others) and nothing more. Heather was in her normal bed attire as well, the tee shirt he wore the day prior and a pair of panties. On this particular morning she was wearing a pair of white lacy panties and one of his black shirts. Sam was wearing his most comfortable, and somewhat revealing, plaid boxers. Heather loved the way they just fit him so perfectly. How they made his ass look that much better. Of course he hated it, and the thought of this made Heather smile a bit more and giggle slightly.

“What’s so funny?” Sam asked as a smile played his lips a little bit more.

“Oh I was just thinking about you and your ass,” as she started giggling a little bit more.

“Oh yea? Well how ‘bout I give you something to laugh about,” as he rolled her onto her back and started to tickle her immensely. After not too long they were both rolling around on the bed laughing and tickling each other.

Suddenly, they both stopped and just stared at each other, both panting and grinning. They both knew what was going to happen next. No words had to be spoken.

Slowly, Sam leaned down and kissed Heather passionately. Drinking her in and enjoying every invigorating minute of it. She wrapped her arms around his neck tightly, keeping him there and pulling him in closer, making the kiss that much more passionate.

They both rolled onto their sides, still in lip lock. This way they could explore each other’s bodies. They knew each other’s bodies like a well beaten path to their favorite spot in the deep woods that no one else could find. And this rainy morning they felt like going to that spot. Heather’s hands felt her way across his back, gently massaging him as she went. Sam found her nice, round buttocks and grasped them ever so tightly; giving them a squeeze to push her a bit closer and tighter in to him. As he pulled hips closer to his she could feel his already hard cock hardening even more against her. She let her hands wander up to his neck and play at the nape of his hair and then running her fingers through what little hair he had there.

One of Sam’s hands strayed under her shirt, to the small of Heather’s back, up her side and to her breast. She moaned slightly as a tingle ran down her spine to her already wet and pulsing nether regions. She broke their lip lock and kissed down his strong, masculine jaw line to the side of his neck, biting at the collarbone. He let in a deep breath and moaned, squirming slightly. She kissed back up to his lips and he let his lips stray to her ear lobe, licking it slightly, and then kissing down her neck. Then he lifted her shirt up and off so he could see her firm breasts and erect nipples. He then continued kissing down her neck to her breasts, where he nibble so slightly in one spot, then bit and sucked in the next. Making her jump and moan at the same time.

By this time one of Heather’s hands were wandering down his chest, to his stomach, and was playing with the waistband of his boxers. Sam’s hand also trailed down her side and tugged at the top of her panties.

Heather gently slid his boxers down, exposing him in all his glory. While she grabbed his attention by kissing his lips again, she gently massaged his stiff penis, feeling him squirm with pleasure beside her. Sam’s hand slid over her buttocks again, giving them a little squeeze to make her jump a little, he then covertly slid his hand into her panties to feel her wet and eager pussy. He rubbed his finger through her slit and teased her clit a little.

Sam was the one to break the kiss this time. He starred passionately into Heather’s deep blue eyes and she gazed back, engulfed by his handsome hazel eyes. While keeping his stare she started kissing down his neck, nibbling at the collarbone again. Then she continued down his chest lingering near his belly button. Licking and nibbling the whole way. She got to his hips and nibbled just inside the hips, at the tender spot, making him shake. She made her way to his hard cock and gently licked up the shaft, from the base to the tip, then breathed on it on her way back down.

After doing this a few times, Heather glanced up and noticed Sam had closed his eyes. They were on their sides still so she pushed him on his back. At this time she straddled his legs and went back to pleasing him. This time gently taking the tip into her wet and letting it slide in and out a few times. Then she licked it up and down again, this time using the extent of her tongue, teasing the tip and shaft with her tongue ring. He let out a soft, but pleasing moan.

“Mmmm, so are you just going to tease me? Or do you have more planned?”

Heather glanced up at Sam after hearing this question and started to rise. He quickly grabbed her, not allowing her to get away that easily.

Sam flipped Heather onto her back and told her to close her eyes and wait right there. Obediently, she closed her eyes. After a moment she felt something tighten around her wrists. He had handcuffed her to their bed.

“Feeling a bit naughty this morning are we?” Heather asked.

Sam replied with a mischievous smile and an evil laugh. He kissed Heather from her forehead all the way down to her panties. Being careful to take his time and not miss a spot, lingering on the most sensitive ones. Gently Sam removed her panties and took her all in. Laying naked and helpless, cuffed to the head of his bed. Just looking at her made him want to come. He had been tortured since he first woke up this morning and looked at her.

Sam couldn’t contain himself any longer; he lowered himself onto Heather and entered her wet, warm, and inviting pussy with ease. Obviously, she really wanted him too. Heather arched her back and moaned in pleasure and he plummeted deep inside her. Feeling her tighten around his hard rod made him almost lose it, but he fought it and let out a moan instead.

Outside it was still pouring, and the rain was still beating on the window. With the rhythm of the rain Sam moved, becoming one with it. Making Heather moved with him and moaned with every thrust. Biting her lip, Heather moved her hips to get a different angle, so Sam’s penis hit new spots, sending chills up her spin, making her moan even louder. The bedroom window was starting to fog up and the two lovers were starting to sweat.

The rain really started to pour and pound on the window and as the rain pounded harder, so did Sam. In and out, in and out. Every once in awhile Sam would stop with the tip barely in, pause, and then thrust in with great force, making Heather squeal with pleasure.

After awhile of this Sam un-cuffed Heather and her hands instantly went to the back of his neck, pulling his head down to hers so she could kiss him. She moaned though the kisses and Sam kept thrusting. In and out, in and out. Both of them were moaning together and he could feel her tightening. She was about ready to burst and so was he. She could feel his penis engorge as he was ready to come. As his cock quivered inside her, she tightened and Sam could feel Heather spasm uncontrollably.

Once they were both done they laid there in each other’s embrace for a long while. Both still trembling and breathing deeply. Their hair was matted with sweat. It looked as though they had both just come in from the rain that was still drizzling outside.

Once the trembling subsided, they each wrapped themselves in sheets and wandered outside onto their porch. They enjoyed the clean Washington air and watched the rainfall and their breath rose up in front of them in white clouds of steam. They sat on the swing and Heather leaned into Sam’s chest, smiling she said, “Good morning sweetie.”

Sam just smiled and replied, “Well now it’s afternoon.”

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