The Bet

Straight: Husband and Wife:
The Bet
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Author: Dukky Published: 3/7/2007 story views: 54201

It started off as a silly game. Lisa knew he was taunting her, knew that he was just getting her riled up. But damn, once he threw down that gauntlet, she was always going to pick it up. She was never one to back down from a challenge, and she was determined to win. He should have known. It was about to get messy.

Shaun had come home after a weekend away with the boys. After a few days in the sun, his skin had tanned slightly, and he seemed even sexier than before. His tall frame was lean but muscular, his hair short and spiky, a dirty blonde that she loved to run her hands through. His brown eyes were the colour of chocolate, and that was always a good thing. The moment he had stepped through the door, the sports bag that had been slung over his shoulder was dumped on the floor, and she was launching herself into his arms. He laughed loudly and heartily, then swung his wife around a couple of times before setting her down gently and lowering his lips to hers. The kiss was slow and sweet, the gentlest brushing of lips on lips. He leaned back to smile at her, she flashed him her sexiest grin and pulled his lips back to hers in a deeper kiss. Her tongue sought his and she moaned as they danced. Lisa’s hands slipped up around his neck as she pressed her body against his, her hips moving gently.

Shaun got the hint straight away. His hands started pulling at her clothes. He kissed her neck and nibbled gently, earning a soft moan from her lips. He chuckled. “Just can’t go a couple days without my body, can you?”
“Don’t push it, honey.”

He laughed again, his hands sliding up her sides to caress her breasts. Softly, he teased her, whispering into her ear, “You want me bad. You know it, I know it…you can’t resist me.”

“Oh, and I suppose this really is a gun in your pocket?” She slid a hand down his stomach and caressed his hardness through his pants. “You want me too.”

He laughed quietly. “Hey, who jumped who, here? I bet you’d go crazy first if we couldn’t have each other.” Shaun knew as soon as the words had left his mouth, he could have – should have – put them another way.

She stepped back from him, and crossed her arms over her chest. She raised an eyebrow at him, and he knew he was in trouble. “You used those words, Shaun. You know I can’t not take up that challenge you just threw out. And I can tell from the look on your face, you know you’re going to regret it. So tell me, what do I get when I win this bet?” She smiled at him, a self satisfied smile. That cat who was going to get the cream, and knew it.
He swallowed. “Bet?”

“Yes, you just bet me you could go longer without sex than I could. That I would cave before you would. You even used the words ‘I bet’. So…what are the terms of this bet? And what do I get when I win?”

Shaun was still in shock, when, ten minutes later, Lisa was turning her back on him and walking slowly out of the room, her hips swaying enticingly, and the rules of the bet were in place. It was fairly simple…whoever could resist the other longest was the winner. The loser played servant for one week. Teasing was allowed, provided it wasn’t physical. When he had raised the question of self pleasuring, she had laughed softly. It was allowed…if he got so lonely that night he needed to. He walked numbly to the couch and sat down, running his hands through his hair. What the hell had he gotten himself into? He had wanted her since before he got home from his weekend. He had been thinking about nothing but her since he got in his car to come home. The way she kissed, the way her body danced against his…he loved it. He did not want to go one more hour without having her, holding her and tasting her. But he knew she wouldn’t let him out of this bet. Lisa was the most stubborn, determined person he knew. It was part of what he loved about her.

When she emerged from the bedroom, she was dressed to the nines. A short black skirt was topped with an emerald green top. The material was silky, the neckline amazingly low, and the back almost non existent. It was his favourite. Her long black hair fell past her shoulders in soft, shiny curls. Silver earrings dangled from her delicate ears, and she looked at him with her big brown eyes. A smile played across her lips as she sashayed into the kitchen to check on the welcome home dinner she had made. His eyes followed, firmly locked on her behind, before trailing slowly down her long, smooth legs. The black strappy heels she wore completed an outfit designed to drive him wild. And it was working. He watched as she opened the oven and bent down to peer inside. He watched as the hemline of that skirt rode up higher, exposing her tanned thighs, and higher still. With a soft groan, he realised she wasn’t wearing panties. She looked over her shoulder and winked, an evil grin plastered on her face. He rubbed his hands over his face, then stood. If she was going to play games, so was he.

Lisa watched as Shaun left the living room and went into the bedroom. She stood, hands on hips, rolling her eyes. She was hoping that the outfit would work. Butterflies were dancing in her tummy, knowing she couldn’t have him. But there was no way she was giving in. She smiled ruefully. She should have known he wouldn’t give in so easily. He was a lot like her in that way. It was what made their relationship fiery. She was standing at the bench fixing a salad when he returned. She looked up casually, then looked down again to hide the wave of desire that ran through her. His hair was wet from the shower he had just taken, and it fell across his forehead, hanging partly into his eyes. The black dress shirt he wore mostly unbuttoned, exposing a great deal of his tanned chest and the light dusting of hair across it. The sleeves were rolled up to just below his elbows, showing his strong forearms. He had tucked the shirt into the black pants he wore, and he flashed a lazy grin. He knew how to dress to make her want him.

She met his eyes, and for a while they stared each other down. She shook her head with a small laugh and returned to the salad. This was going to make for a very interesting evening. He sat at the table, and she came over to pour his wine. Standing on the opposite side of the table, she leaned over, allowing him to see straight down her top. His eyes fixed on her soft, full breasts, and he felt desire wash through him when he saw a small, hard nipple. She straightened again, and took her seat opposite him. He managed to push most of his lust aside as they relaxed into conversation about his weekend. Pushing his empty plate aside, he took a sip of wine, and looked at her. “So, what did you get up to while I was gone?”

A small smile played along her lips, “Oh, I did some shopping.”

“And what did you buy on this shopping spree?”

“This and that. New clothes, a pair of shoes. A new vibrator.” She smiled as he choked on his wine. He loved to watch her when she played with her vibrators. He loved to help her play with them. And a new toy had always meant a night of playing and exploration.

She leaned forward across the table, as if she were about to share a secret. In a low, soft voice, she told him all about her new toy. As he listened to her tell him about how big her new toy was, its colour, its texture, and just how she wanted to use it, he felt himself growing hard. He wasn’t alone in his arousal, he noticed. Her nipples were hard, clearly visible against her top. She moved a little restlessly in her chair, and her cheeks were flushed lightly. The fiery arousal in his eyes was mirrored in her own. He leaned back and looked her over.

“Well, that all sounds very good. Maybe we can try it once this bet is over?” With that, he stood and began clearing the table.

She stared after him in disbelief. Her body was humming with need for him, but she would not let herself lose this challenge. She took a deep breath and helped clear the table wordlessly. She didn’t trust herself not to ask him to take her right there in the kitchen. An image of being bent over the bench, as he took her from behind flashed through her mind, and she closed her eyes a moment to enjoy it. When she opened them, he was watching her, an amused smile on his face, as if he knew exactly what she was thinking.

“You know,” he said slowly, “I’m kind of tired. I might just head to bed.” She nodded at him, wished him goodnight, and turned to finish the dishes.

As agreed, he headed to the guest room, closing the door and dropping down onto the bed. The only way he was going to get through this bet was to sleep through it. He shrugged his shirt off his shoulders and let it drop to the floor, and then let his trousers follow. He lay on top of the bed; his arms folded behind his head and closed his eyes, willing sleep to take him away. He finally drifted off to sleep, images of Lisa dancing through his mind, his desire playing out in his imagination.

After cleaning the mess from dinner, Lisa curled up on the couch and started flipping through channels. Nothing took her interest, but she was too wired to head to bed. She ended up watching the last half of a movie, just for the sake of watching. If you had asked her what the movie was about, she would have had no clue. The entire time she watched, all she could think about was Shaun. Every time she closed her eyes, she saw him. She imagined him making love to her in the kitchen, on the couch, in their bedroom. She considered giving up on the bet. Her want for him was coursing through her, and it didn’t feel as if it would go away. The pulsing between her legs only got stronger as she thought of him. She got off the couch and made her way up the hall toward the guestroom. She paused, her hand on the doorknob, when she realised she didn’t have to give in. A sly smile crossed her face as she turned across the hall, where her bedroom was. She left the door ajar and slowly started to undress.

The slinky green top dropped to the floor, releasing her breasts to the gentle caress of the cool air. She kicked her heels off and her skirt followed. Lying upon the bed, she closed her eyes and began to run her hands across her body. They stroked up her stomach to cup her breasts, and pinch the nipples. She moaned softly, and felt her wetness grow. As she played with her breasts with one hand, her other slid low across her belly and thighs, before finally dipping between her legs. Slowly, she slid a finger inside herself, and a soft moan escaped her, shivers of pleasure running up her spine. She slid another finger inside, and started to move them in and out, gasping softly. Her hips moved against her hand, and when she teased her clit with her thumb, she arched off the bed, crying out. She stopped, moving her hands away and took a deep breath. She didn’t want to come too soon. She rolled across the bed, reached into her drawer and took out her new toy.

Shaun woke with a start. The dreams of Lisa slipped away, and he wondered what had woken him. Then he heard it, a soft noise from across the hall. He tensed, holding his breath, waiting to hear it again. This time the sound was louder, and he realised it was Lisa. When she moaned again, he felt himself harden. He wondered briefly if she were playing games with him, but when he heard her cry out, he knew she wasn’t. He lay back, ready to hear more. The soft breaths and gasps carried across the hallway to him, and with each sound, he grew harder, until he was fully aroused. He slid his boxers off, releasing his long length, and reached down to take himself into his hand. A groan escaped him as he wrapped his hand around himself, squeezing gently as he began to stroke his hardness. His eyes closed, he pictured Lisa with her soft hand around him, her lips kissing and teasing him and her tongue sliding over him. Then his mind turned to what she was doing across the hall. He could see her in his mind, propped up on pillows, writhing with pleasure as she teased herself with her fingers. Her hips grinding, her eyes closed as she lost herself to pleasure.

His eyes flew open when he heard the quiet buzzing coming from the bedroom. At once he knew what it was. Her new toy. A long moan came from Lisa, and he knew she had just slid it inside herself. Her soft sounds of pleasure grew louder, more urgent, as she got closer to reaching her climax. Suddenly his hand wasn’t enough anymore. He needed her, now, bet or not. He stood, naked, and crossed the hall. Through the gap in the door, he could see Lisa. She lay on the bed, legs spread wide as she moved the vibrator inside herself. Her other hand was rubbing her clit slowly, and she was moving on the bed in time with her motions. He pushed the door open, and crossed the room to the bed. She opened her eyes when he climbed onto the bed. She smiled up at him, too breathless to form words. Gently, he took the vibrator from her, kissing her once, deeply, before flipping her over onto her stomach. He pulled her to her hands and knees and slid into her with one long hard movement that elicited a moan from each of them. He gasped, her hot, tight wetness closing around him almost bringing him to the edge. He paused, deep inside her, and gently ground into her. She tried to move against him, but his hands held her hips still.

When he felt he had gained some control, he withdrew almost completely before thrusting back into her. His hand slid around her as he moved, and his fingers found her clit. Slowly, he circled it, pinching it lightly as he slid in and out of her. Her moans were loud now, driving him on, and he moved faster, harder, his fingers rubbing her clit urgently. He felt her tense against him, and she whimpered as she reached the edge. He withdrew, and held, teasing her with the head of his hardness, before slamming into her. She screamed, her back bowing as she climaxed and shuddered uncontrollably. His thrusts moved slowly within her as she shook, gasping for breath. Gently, he rolled her over onto her back, and smiled down at her. He slid back into her wetness, and felt her legs slip around him, holding him tight to her. He lowered his lips to hers and they kissed, slowly and gently, tongues dancing together. His hips began to move slowly, in long deep movements. She moved beneath him, their rhythms matching, their eyes locked in an intimacy that took her breath away. The pressure built within in her slowly, coiling deliciously low in her stomach. He lowered his head, taking a small hard nipple into his mouth, suckling it gently. His tongue flicked over it, his teeth grazed it, and she moaned, her back arching as she gave herself up to him completely.

Groaning, he raised himself up on his arms and his movements became harder, each powerful thrust lifting her. Their cries mingled, and she clung to him, her nails raking down his back. He felt his control slipping away, and he slammed into her again and again, bucking his hips as they rushed towards release. She went over the edge first, screaming his name. Shaun could feel her tighten around him, gripping him deep inside her, and with a long moan, he let go, climaxing hard. They shook together, as waves of pleasure rolled over them. He fell to the bed next to her, and pulled her into his arms. Their legs entwined, he stroked her hair as she caught her breath. Lisa looked up and smiled, kissing his lips softly. “I won.”

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