Sex before marriage-part -2

Sex before marriage-part -2
AUTHOR: Madhumita

Hi I am madhumita from Coimbatore. I would like to share my first sex experience with my Lover (Now My Husband) anil before our marriage.

We are lovers for past 3 years. It was a very deep love that we had. I met him at my age of 22. He was 26 then. My lovable Idiot. He was so handsome, kind and very caring person. We are working at the same company. He is a senior executive.

This was happened 2 years back. Our first love-making happened in Ooty. That day was raining outside. We were gossiping to each other in the canteen in that day. The office time is just ended. The rain was falling heavily. In that day I wore transparent silk blue sari. So I was looking so hot. Anil tried to seduce me. I respond to Anil with coy smile. The rain was continuing with non stop procedure. So, one time anil offered to drop me to my house. So we move outside for car.
But the parking lot is nearly half km away from office. Fortunately Anil has an umbrella in his bag. So, we started to walk. But incase of heavy rain the umbrella was flown one time and the car was still away from our way. So, we were completely drenched in the rain and we had no way. By the time when we reached to our car our garments was stickled to our body. My black bra and panty was visible from my transparent sari. Anil could not move away his eyes from my sexy body. He was also looking sexy through his muscular body. The outside was completely dark. So, it was so tough to go to my house. Anil offered to stay at his rented house till the rain stopped. First I said, no. But when I was looking outside weather I decide to go with anil. Anil was staying alone a flat with two room. So we went there. After locking the door anil took me to his bedroom. Still we were in wet cloth.

I stand beside the window. Then anil stand behind me .then he pulled me close to him and hugged me. We sat there for a while just listening to the fire, the wind, and the waves.

Then he gently eased me down into a prone position on the carpet. I looked deeply into his eyes, caressed his forehead, and then rested my hand lightly on his face. “I really feel in the mood. How about you?”

“What girl could resist in a setting like this? Take me–I’m yours!”

He interpreted my words perhaps more literally than he had expected. He wrapped one arm around mine, reached under my knees with his other arm, and picked me up. My expression showed a little surprise, but it almost immediately was transformed into a delightful smile. i wrapped my arm around his neck and then reached up and gently touched his face with my other hand. He then took me to his massive bed.

He started kissing from my forehead, my eyes, my ears, my nose, my cheeks, my lips, my neck. He removed my wet saree. I was lying only with my wet skirt and blouse. He came to by boobs. He removed my wet blouse and bra. He started massaging my one boobs with his hand.
His tongue poked out of his lips and rolled itself over my nipples as he cupped my other boob massaging them. He was a natural expert in kneading boobs and playing with his tongue I think. Because he was really good at doing the dual action. Then, after a few minutes he switched nipples and maintained the same pace and procedure. He was continuing this action for 10mins. He slowly came to my hips. He removed my skirt and panties. When he saw my cleanly shaved pussy he said WOW and started kissing it. He separated my legs. He was sitting in between my legs and started licking my pussy from down to up. I never felt a feeling like that in my life. I tightly caught his head into my pussy and moaned “Do it Prem. Don’t stop. Do it” seeing my pleasure he continued the action for long time with out stopping. I was Virgin. He know that so he do not want me to pain a lot so he want me to go to an extreme level so that I could not feel much pain when was inside me. So he was doing it. I was in heaven now. He has a huge penis around 8 inch. He slowly inserted his hard erotic pennies inside me slowly. It went inside smoothly. Ofcourse I had pain at my first time. But then I enjoyed the feeling of pennies going inside me. I closed my eyes with that heavenly feeling.

He started hitting me slowly and asked me it was paining for me. I said NO. I was enjoying. So he slowly increased his hitting level and started hitting fast at last.he continued pumping for about relentlessly by his 8 inch huge cock. In that time I feel I was in heaven.He continued his pumping motion for about half an hour. it was the longer lasting intercourse. he was giving the top pick sexual pleasure by his giant penis. i was so aroused . Atlast His cum went inside me. It was so warm and good. I came 3 times by the time he got his orgasm. Once he took his pennies out I slowly started sucking his pennies. It tasted good with his cum and my cum. He was again got hardness. Again we tried in different angles.

That rainy evening was the most memorable day of our life. After that day, we had sex many times after that day. At last I became pregnant. Then we decide to be married. Now I am Mrs. Anil or Mrs. 8inch cock.we have a besutiful daughter.

We spend a happy sex life. I am so lucky because I got a husband of strong sex libido.
We enjoyed our honeymoon than anybody else in the world. Even now we are enjoying sex like we are new couples. With lots of love and caring. I was really happy to share my feeling with you people. Sex is a beautiful way to express your love and caring ness to your loved one. Enjoy guys.

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