Rainy Day on the Couch

Straight: Husband and Wife:
Rainy Day on the Couch
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Author: DTurner13 Published: 6/16/2008 story views: 4400

Sitting and listening to the wind and the rain lash the back of the house, we lay on the couch not really interested in the lame movie. You lay stretched out with your head on my thigh. I begin to allow my hand to wander down your body gently rubbing your arm, shoulder, and back. You purr at my touch and stretch your lithe body. Slowly I massage your breast through the thin t-shirt covering it and am rewarded by the hardening of your nipple. Seeing this emboldens me and I shift positions so that I can run both hands over your body while your head still lies in my lap.

I love feeling every inch of you! My strong warm hands slide down your chest and stomach and pull up your tee exposing your tits. Dipping my head I begin to lick both hard little nipples as you begin to feel my erection pushing at the back of your head. I reach down and toy with the string holding your sweat pants shut, gently tugging on the loose ends till the bow slides loose. I begin to kiss you deeply, our tongues entwining, almost dancing as my hand slides beneath the waistband. My fingers begin to trace slow circles around your lower lips as the fingers of my other hand twist into your hair and I pull you into an even more passionate kiss.

Reaching up with both hands, you tug at the waistband of my shorts, your lips never leaving mine. I raise my hips allowing you to slide my shorts down my legs and I kick them free. My dick is standing erect, quivering, from the feel of your body and the heat of our kiss. Placing both hands on the shaft you begin to stroke me. Slowly we break our kiss and stare into each other’s eyes, lost in the passion and lust we see there.

Suddenly a peal of thunder erupts as I plunge two fingers into your depths and you slide your mouth over my cock-head. Sinking onto the cushions I begin to push your sweats down so that I can return the favor. Thunder booms again as I flick the tip of my tongue on your clit as my fingers slide in and out. Grabbing my dick you slide your tongue down to my balls and begin to lick, sucking one then both into your hot mouth. I gasp as I begin to leave little love bites on your inner thighs. While lightning flashes I shift again pulling you on top of me, so that I can grab an ass cheek in each hand as I double my efforts on your pussy.

God, I love your taste, and would happily drown in your juices! The feel of your erect nipples and sweet tits brushing my stomach as you continue to suck my cock tantalizes me, making me want you even more! Sliding my hands down to your tits I begin to squeeze them and tweak the nipples as my tongue dances over your pussy. As your excitement grows you begin to grind your crotch into my more than willing face. I begin to sense your coming orgasm and begin to lick harder, faster, sliding a finger to your anus. Slowly I push that finger into your ass as your pussy explodes in orgasm.

As you lay panting I scoop you into my arms and head for the patio door. You giggle and say, “But it’s raining!”

“I know but I want to fuck you in the storm.”

On the deck I place you on your feet, thrilled by the sight of you naked in the warm rain. You look so incredible as the rain soaks your hair and body, adding to your wetness. I wrap my arms around you and kiss you, our bodies wet from sweat and rain slide together, as the lightning flashes and the thunder booms. As we kiss I grab handfuls of your ass, allowing a finger or two to brush against your still wet pussy. Placing both hands on your shoulders I push you lower. Your lips kiss slowly down my body until you are on your knees at eye level with my rock hard cock. Grabbing it you begin again to suck, lick, and nibble as I grasp the side of your head, loving what you do to my dick. The rain pours down as we continue enjoying each other.

“Stand up, I want you NOW,” I practically shout over nature’s fury.

Standing before me I grab both hips as we kiss again. Taking you by the hand I lead you to the railing and spin you around and begin to run my hands up and down your sopping wet body. Paying special attention to your breasts and groin as my erection rubs against your ass and lower back. Placing my hand between your should blades I push you forward so you are bent over the rail. You move your feet apart, spreading your legs wide, giving me the most incredible view. The rain beading on your tanned skin, running in rivulets down your awesome body makes me even harder and I want you so much I could scream.

Gripping your hip with one hand I tease your pussy by rubbing my cock-head up and down your sweet slit, eliciting a moan from you. As the next peal of the thunder booms I grab both hips and thrust into you forcefully, filling you. The rain and thunder drowns out our moans and cries as I fuck you in the rain. The once warm rain now feels cold compared to the heat we are generating. Finally as what has to be the loudest peal of thunder booms and the lightning flashes we both explode. Jet after of jet of my cum washes into you as the rain washes down our bodies!

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