A Birthday to Remember

Straight: Husband and Wife:
A Birthday to Remember
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Author: FaceRider Published: 12/21/2006 story views: 139912

It was my man’s birthday. Tom was turning 41, and he was the most wonderful man I had ever met in my life. I wanted to treat him to a birthday he would never forget. I had been planning this evening for several months, wanting it to be absolutely perfect.

I had brought it up several times before about fulfilling the manly fantasy of having more than one woman at a time, but Tom had always blown it off and said he was happy with just one woman, as long as it was me. But when he talks to his buddies, he tells them how I brought it up again and he really wants to take me up on the offer, but doesn’t want to hurt my feelings.

When I started talking to his buddies, I asked them what he wants for his birthday. I would tell them how I wanted to give him the perfect gift, and I needed their help with ideas. One friend, James, finally broke down and told me that he really wants to fuck me with another woman too. He just never wanted to admit it, but the thought of me playing with another woman in front of him really turns him on. So my wheels started turning and the night was definitely going to be one he wouldn’t soon forget.

His birthday was on a Friday this year and we both had to go to work. He thought of today as just another day, and we would go out to our usual dinner and a movie on a Friday night. Maybe tonight would be special and we’d go get ice cream too after dinner. Boy was he on the wrong track.

Before I left for work that day, I laid out his best suit with a note card saying, “Be ready at 7:00. Happy Birthday Baby!”

When he got home, he saw the suit and note card and was immediately aroused by the thought of what might happen that evening. He quickly got in the shower so that he could be ready by the time I got home. While Tom was in the shower, he kept wondering what I had planned, and as his mind took him to erotic thoughts, his cock began to stiffen up. Before he realized it, he had a full erection in his hand and was stroking it fast and hard. With nasty thoughts running through his mind, he shot his load as he let out a fulfilling moan.

His shower ran longer than usual because he was stroking his cock. He didn’t realize how long he had been in there and when he got out, he realized it was 6:45 and I would soon be home. He rushed to get dressed so as not to disappoint me when I got home. And at 7:00 on the dot, the doorbell rang. He thought it was very strange that I would ring the doorbell, but decided to amuse me and answer the door. To his surprise, a very hot woman, Jackie, was standing at the door. She said to him that she was his limo driver for the evening and that I was waiting for him at their destination. So he immediately got his keys and was ready to leave.

He is very faithful to his relationship, but he couldn’t help but notice her uniform. She wore a short, very tight black skirt and a little black coat over a white blouse and 5” stiletto heels. He fumbled his keys as he went to lock the door and accidentally dropped them. She quickly bent over to pick up the keys for him, and he immediately noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra as one of her nipples popped out from her barely buttoned blouse. As she stood up to give him the keys, her hand brushed along his growing cock and she said, “Here you go sir.” Tom stood there for a brief moment just staring at Jackie before he motioned to her that her tit was hanging out of her blouse. She smiled at him as she tucked it back in slowly and deliberately, and he quickly snapped out of it saying, “I’m ready to go now.”

When they got into the limo, Jackie opened the door to let him in. His favorite drink was there waiting for him. As he settled in and looked around, she leaned in, exposing her beautiful cleavage for him, and said, “I’m Jackie. Let me know if there is ANYTHING I can do for you,” then she closed the door. As the limo pulled out from the driveway, Tom opened the privacy glass between the driver and the back and asked Jackie, “Where are you taking me?” With a naughty smile on her face, she replied, “Don’t worry sir, we’ll be there soon.”

When they arrived, Jackie opened the door for Tom and reached in for his hand. He stepped out of the limo and was curious about where she had taken him. He looked up and around for a bit until he finally locked his eyes on me standing at the doorway. I was wearing a red dress that had thin straps and a very low and revealing back. He could immediately tell I wasn’t wearing a bra because of the design of the dress, and as he went to give me a hug and kiss, he let his hands dip and felt that I didn’t have on any panties either. As he held me close to him, I could feel the bulge in his pants begin to grow so I took him into the restaurant so that we could be seated.

The booth we were seated in was dimly lit, fine linen covering the table, and a beautiful view of the ocean waves behind us. As we sat close to each other, I placed my hand in his lap and felt his cock continue to harden. I decided to start his night out with a blowjob. We had always joked about me giving him a blowjob in public, but we had never done it before. So I decided to duck under the table and pull out his cock. I started to lick his balls, up his shaft, and then I took the head of his cock into my mouth, sucking on it as I continued to stroke his cock. I could hear him trying to muffle his moans so I took his whole cock into my mouth, deep throating him for a while. Then I heard another man’s voice. It was the server. He had come to take our drink orders and Tom said to him, “I’m waiting for someone to cum, then we’ll place our order.” I tried to not make any noise as I continued to suck his cock. Tom reached under the table and put his hand on my shoulders to indicate that he was about to cum. Mmmm, he shot his load of hot, thick cum down my throat. I swallowed up every last drop, making sure not to miss any. Then I quietly came up from under the table.

The server had not seen me return to the table and was quite puzzled by where I had come from, as he didn’t see me come up. He returned to the table and asked if he could get us something to drink. Tom answered with an, “I’ll have a Jack and Coke,” and I replied with, “I’ll have Sex on the Beach,” as I looked right into Tom’s eyes. The server gave Tom a look of ‘you lucky devil,’ as he said he’d be right back with our drinks.

After dinner and several drinks, I told Tom we should leave. I had more planned for the evening. Of course he thought I was talking about sex on the beach, but he was in for a surprise.

I led him to a suite in the hotel where the restaurant was. When I opened the door and walked in, Tom followed me in to find candles lit throughout the room, soft jazz music playing, and two freshly poured drinks at the bar. Knowing I had been with him the entire evening, he wondered who had prepared all this. Seeing the look of confusion on his face, I quickly move to get his drink, put it in his hand, and take a drink from mine while staring lustfully in his eyes. Just as he reaches out to take me into his arms, I begin to walk away. I head towards the bathroom, letting my little red dress fall to the ground on the way.

With his jaw dropped to the ground in awe, he soon follows me to the bathroom to find me in a dark bathroom only lit by candles, soaking in a jacuzzi tub filled with hot water and rose petals. He immediately undresses and joins me in the tub. We lay there for a few minutes with our eyes closed, with me nestled between his legs as he cupped my breasts with his hands. Now completely relaxed, he didn’t seem to notice as Jackie, now completely naked except for her 5” stiletto heels sat on the edge of the tub and began to rub his shoulders and neck. It wasn’t until she started kissing his neck that he realized he was still holding me between his legs.

He looked at me, very startled, as I gave him a look of approval. With that, he began to fondle her nipples that he had been admiring earlier that evening. Jackie slipped off her shoes and decided to join us in the tub. She stood in the tub directly in front of me, her clean shaven pussy right in my face. She slowly lowered herself into the tub, allowing her tits to brush up against my face. I could feel Tom getting aroused by this so I instinctively took Jackie into my arms and began to kiss her. The more we kissed, the more I could feel Tom’s cock rising under water.

In my ear, I could hear him whispering, “Baby, I want to see her eat your pussy”. I got up from the tub and sat on the back edge and leaned up against the wall, with my legs spread wide open, putting one leg behind him and the other leg on the other edge of the tub. I wanted to make sure he was right in there so he’d get a good view of Jackie eating my pussy. With my legs wide open, she knew exactly what she was supposed to do and she deliberately stuck her tongue out for Tom to see, and then licked me from my asshole to my clit. She continued to do this slowly so that he could see her every move. He began to stroke his cock while he watched Jackie devouring my pussy. I told Jackie to stroke his cock while she was licking my pussy. Then he decided to tell Jackie what he wanted too.

He wanted to see her put two fingers in my pussy and finger fuck me while she sucked on my clit. “Faster,” he instructed. “Give her more, put another finger in her pussy.” Then he came up to his knees along side Jackie and wanted to lick my pussy too. I told him to taste me and as he went in for a lick I said, “No, taste my pussy on Jackie’s tongue.”

Just as I said that, Jackie moved in to kiss Tom. “Mmmm I want more. Can I taste?” Tom asked as he was already licking my pussy. Jackie and Tom took turns licking and sucking my pussy.

He said he wanted to go to the bed and watch me and Jackie fuck each other. Not wanting to disappoint the birthday boy, we all got out of the tub and Jackie dried each of us off before drying herself off. When she finally was done, she came to the bed to find me lying on the bed, spread eagle, just waiting for her to come play. Tom was sitting on a chair near the bed. He insisted that he wanted to watch for a while. Jackie began to suck on my erect nipples, then licking me down my belly to my pussy again. In a louder voice now, she began to say how sweet my cum tastes and how wet my pussy was. The more she said, the more Tom was moaning as he sat in the chair. Then I told her I wanted a taste of her pussy.

Without letting me get up, she put her pussy right in my face, wiggling from side to side, front to back, she literally was fucking my face. Then she let out a wrenching scream as she arched her back and dripped her cum all over my face. Her juices were so sweet and tasty, I wanted more. I continued to suck on her clit, not letting her go. As Jackie was riding my face, I felt a warm familiar sensation. Tom was once again eating my pussy.
Feeling my body shiver from orgasm, Jackie decided to leave me alone with Tom, or so I thought.

A few minutes later, Jackie was back. She had put on a strap-on dildo. This particular one had a silicone cock that went inside her, and one that went inside me. She tapped Tom on the shoulder and said “I want to fuck her now”. He immediately moved away, in fact, he held my legs up so that she could penetrate me as deeply as possible. She fucked me hard and fast, both of us cumming simultaneously, multiple times. She said she wanted me to get on top and ride her like a cowgirl. She thrust her hips up as I was coming down on the dildo. Tom was so turned on by this, he decided he needed some too, but didn’t want us to stop.

He came up behind me and slipped his cock into my asshole. At that point, I wasn’t sure who was getting the gift, me or him. We all fucked in unison until that moment came, that chain reaction that was inevitable. Tom shot his load of hot cum deep in my ass causing me to orgasm and drip all my cum on the dildo, then quickly followed by Jackie cumming all over the dildo as well.

Completely spent, I rolled off Jackie and lay on the bed next to her as Tom lay on the other side of her. Jackie sat up, gave me a deep, long, passionate kiss, then went down to lick my pussy clean. Having swallowed all the cum from me, she went to the other side, gave Tom a deep, long, passionate kiss and did the same for Tom, sucking all the cum off his cock, this time saying “Happy Birthday Sir.”

Jackie left the room saying, “I’ll be back tomorrow for the two of you,” as she gathered her clothes, poured another drink for us, and closed the door behind her.

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