The Promotion Part 3

The Promotion Part 3
AUTHOR: Phoenixreborn

Rubina went to the bedroom and closed the door. She went to her intimates drawer and pulled out a black lace bra and a pair of panties. But this wasn’t your everyday set. This was a brand new pair that she had bought a couple of weeks earlier for a special occasion, not knowing that one was soon around the corner. In this very special set, both cups of the bra as well of the crotch of the panties had slits down right through the middle. The material was kept together by and small string tied in a bow in all three places.

To give Maahir the best presentation, she went to the restroom and freshened herself quickly. First she wiped her pussy clean which was still trickling Maahir cum out, and then her breasts and chest which were a bit sticky from the food. Then she toweled herself dry, rolled on her deodorant and sprayed her favorite body spray on her. She then picked up the underwear and examined them again. The slits looked provocative and the strings were undoable allowing the slits to completely open. She wore the bra first and then slipped on her panties. When she bent down to wear her Petticoat (skirt worn inside the Saree) she felt her pussy lips pushing against the slit trying to slip out. Not the most comfortable feeling, but certainly had an erotic factor. Maahir was going to get a kick out of them. This wasn’t exactly going underwearless as Maahir liked her to go, but this was an whole new level of erotic for them.

Rubina wore a Black silk Saree with gold embroideries to compliment Maahir’s robe. She tied it low below the navel, just above the hip accentuating her almost flat tummy. The material was very sheer and when she draped the long end over her body, it did nothing to hide her belly and prominent navel. The accompanying sleeveless blouse was made of silk as well with an open back where the back strap of the blouse was just wide enough to cover the bra strap and a very deep V-neck pattern. She could feel her nipples pushing through the slit and occasionally peeking out as she wore the blouse. The ample bra covered bosoms was confined by three hooks that kept the blouse from opening up. The Saree pallu (drape) again did nothing to hide the cleavage that was bulging out of the blouse. She could feel her nipples brushing against the silk blouse and get hard frequently.

Next came the jewelry and she wanted it to be extra special. She started with items she knew would get Maahir’s attention. First she wore her payal (anklets), then the thin gold waist chain with the pendant resting right below the navel. She also put on a fake Navel rins as a surprise for her husband. She wore the gold chair with a diamond pendent and guided it on her cleavage. She put on her rings and wore matching earrings and put the finishing touches on her outfit by putting on the Teeka (hair pendant) that hung just below her hair line.finally she wore her 3 inch heels for added effect.

Rubina looked in the mirror and admired herself for a second. Yup, Maahir was indeed going to be floored. Putting the finishing touches to her plan, Rubina placed a chair in the bed ensure that she had enough room the move around it freely, and then placed a CD into the music system, selected the appropriate song and kept it on stand by. After dimming the lights to just the right level and then lighting candles and placing them around the room, she took a deep breath to calm her very excited nerves and call out.

“Maahir, you can come in now, I’m ready for you.”

As Maahir opened the door and walked in, his expression changed in mid-step to one of absolutely amazement. He looked at Rubina, and his first words were WOW! Maahir was stunned at how amazing she looked and he again considered himself the luckiest man on the planet. The ambiance of the room made her look even hotter than she was during dinner. There was an almost royal elegance to her poise right now. Rubina beamed at his expression and without moving from her spot, asked her husband to close the door and take a seat on the chair. Maahir eagerly followed her instructions and waited for the next move with baited breath.

Rubina then turned on the CD and music from the Hindi song “Labon Ko” (To the lips!) began to fill the room. Rubina closed her eyes and let the music flood her senses. When she opened them again she began to move her body with a sensuality that made Maahir swallow. She was now dancing for not for Maahir – her husband, she was dancing for Maahir – her lover and she was going to entice his senses with her sensuality and sexuality. As the sensuous words of the songs repeated in her head, her hands moved over her body as if they were his hands and she felt herself going into a trance.

Rubina turned around and slowly bent her knees and her waist, moving her hands to her hips, swaying her body and her ass to the music. She twisted and turned with the grace and flexibility of a snake accentuating her sexy curves with every movement. She was exuding femininity and sexuality on a whole new level. She turned back to see Maahir watching her every move and she could tell he was enjoying every second of this. Still looking at her lover though low seductive eyes, Rubina turned around and walked over to him with slow seductive movements. She slowly bent over and let her pallu fall off her shoulder to give him an ample view of her deep cleavage. She slowly swayed her body from side to side watching Maahir’s eyes following her cleavage. She took the pallu and slowly rubbed it over his face and she moved behind and gave his ear a gentle lick before coming back and moving away from her. This time however the pallu stayed off and only when Maahir saw it being dragged on the floor behind his wife did he realize that this wasn’t just a sensual dance, it was a striptease. He had died and gone to heaven!

Moving her hands on her bare belly, Rubina visibly tightened her abs and slowly bent her knees and then swayed her body as she straightened up giving the impression of a slow sensuous wave moving through her body. She then released and tucked in her abs a few times, making her navel her fake navel ring “dance” over the gold waist chain. She saw Maahir eyes widen as this and she slowly used her nimble fingers to untuck the folds of the saree, and started swinging her hips in slow seductive gyrations mimicking a professional belly dancer. Maahir gulped at his wife’s sexuality and could feel the heat started to grow in his loins. Within moments the saree folds has slipped to the floor and Rubina stepped out of them. Now outwardly dressed only in the blouse and petticoat, yet still fully adorned, began to make her moved more seductive.

She slowly ran her finger up and down her body and as she moved them up and closed her eyes and gently lifted the peticoat up to her thighs. She bent down and slowly ran her finger’s over her legs and to her inner thighs before moved her hands over to the belly and boobs. Rubina slid towards Maahir and ran her finger tips over his neck and jaw bone. Moving in sync with the music she pulled him towards her and rubbed his face on her belly and then up to her cleavage. As soon as she felt Maahir’s hot tongue on her skin, she teasingly pushed him away and moved back. Looking seductively into his eyes, Rubina slowly unhooked the blouse one by one. She was far enough that Maahir couldn’t notice the slits on the cups. She teased him again by bending over and squeezing her breasts together as hips swayed from side to side. Closing her eyes, Rubina then grazed her skin from her neck over her breasts, down her belly with the fingertips and let her fingers longer on the knot. Then in a painfully slow movement that made Maahir lick his lips in anticipation, Rubina undid the knot of the petticoat but held it up with her fingers. Turning around and bending over to push her ass towards Maahir, Rubina let the petticoat drop to the floor and exposed her panty-covered ass to her husband who groaned slightly in admiration.

“God that looks hot!” Maahir said as he made an underhanded squeezing gesture with his hands.

Rubina then straightened her back and slowly pulled the blouse off chest, letting it roll down her arms behind her body and for added measure, once it was off she tossed it over her shoulder and let Maahir caught it. He immediately brought it to his nose and took a deep breathe and let the sent of his wife fill his senses.

Now Rubina was just in her new sexy underwear, jewelry and high heels. She slowly moved backwards towards Maahir who admired her every curve. Just as she was within his reach Rubina turned around, placed her arms on her sides and moved her hips is Shakira-style thumkas (jerks). She bent down again placed her hands above her knees and squeezed her boobs with her arms while parting her knees and exposing the crotch of her panties and for the first time Maahir saw that were was a very sexy bow on it.

Turning around she bent down by the waist and moved her ass is a slow circular movements. She backed into him and slowly rubbing his ass on his lap, pushing on it and feeling his cock stir rapidly in response. Before Maahir could hold her, she got up and turned around. She lifted one leg and placed it over his shoulder and slowly ran her fingers over her and her inner thigh, bringing it closer to her crotch before bringing the leg down. Standing on one leg in a 3 inch heel wasn’t easy, but the look on Maahir was priceless!

The next thing that Maahir saw made his heart leap. Rubina stepped back from him a step and spread her leg in almost a complete side step and made slow humping movements in tune with the music. She had here eyes closed and was deliberately making moaning sounds giving the impression that she was fucking someone under her. She arched her back as she “fucked” and Maahir saw her nipples poked out through the bra. Then Rubina moved her legs forward and leaned back supporting herself on one elbow. With her legs still spread, she cupped a breast with her supporting hand and start rubbing her crotch with the other. She moved her fingers up and down her crotch, gently tapping and slid out her tongue and gently licked her bra covered breasts while keeping here eyes half closed.

“Oh my GOD!” Breathed Maahir.

All this teasing was having a seriously arousing effect of Rubina as well and by now here nipples were straining hard to poke out of the slits. Her pussy was wet; there was no doubt about it in her mind, so it was time to step up the game. She moved her hands from above her knees to her inner thighs and slowly moved them up to the pussy. She moved one hand up and gently squeezed her breast while her other hand slowly rubbed the crotch of the panties back and forth still in rhythm to the music (she had put the song on repeat to ensure she wasn’t rushed).

Maahir was watching without blinking and could feel his mouth get dry. His cock was twitching and if hadn’t had two orgasms already, he would have had a massive hard-on and been close to peaking without even having been touched! He watching as Rubina moved her finger from her crotch and began to gently paint her lips and teasingly moved her tongue over them.

“You look so sexy.” Maahir said in a throaty voice. “Please don’t tease me any more”

Rubina decided that Maahir had indeed had enough and she too was now very horny in need of some serious of some raw wild fucking. Walking over to him, she opened his robe and sat on his lab feeling his semi-hard cock rub against her pussy. Maahir saw the strings on the bra and immediately untied the boy and saw her nipples push out of the slits. He pulled the slits apart on both the cups and let her luscious breasts come out of their confines. His fingers were trembling and it was obvious that his kust as completely taken over.

“Fuck you have me so horny!” He rasped. “That’s was the best striptease I have even seen!”

“Suck my nipples Jaan!” Rubina pleased as she ran her fingers over his hair. “Their aching for you!”

Maahir opened his mouth and took as much of her soft flesh in his mouth as he could. He rolled his tongue around the hard nipples and he sucked on the boobs. He moved his hands up and down his wife’s back and finally moved them down to her ass and started squeezing them hard. The time for love making was over, now was all about sex. Hard, raw wild sex. His eagerness was lot lost to Rubina as she felt him suck her breasts hard and felt jolt of sharp pain between waves of pleasure as he sued his teeth on her nipples. Fortunately Rubina wasn’t a delicate flower and enjoyed her share of rough sex and tonight she too was horny enough to get completely wild. She was grinding her hips on his lap and his cock was straining to get into her through the cloth barriers. But first she wanted something else.

Tearing herself away from his mouth, Rubina off Maahir lap and saw that she had left a wet spot on his crotch. Moving to the bed, she lay down with her legs dangling off the edge and spread her legs. Then she reached down and untied the bow in her panties and opened the crotch revealing a very wet and juicy pair of lips.

Looking up at her husband she said “You have a magic tongue, I want to feel it now!”

Maahir walked over to his sexy wife and took a moment to feat his eyes of the delicacy in front of him. His gorgeous wife, completely adorned in her finest jewelry, looking at him with lusty eyes, her breasts read, her nipple hard and puffy, her navel peeking from under the gold chain, her pussy hair poking though the sheer fabric of the panties, her pussy lips wet and gleaming, her clit, erect and pulsating her legs soft and wide open for him.

Maahir kneed before his wife’s pussy and began a slow stroking of her inner thighs, gently pushing them apart a little more. He gently kissed her thighs and moved his lips closer and closer to her pussy which was now visible twitching. Wanting to taste those juices, Maahir placed his lips on the wife’s honey pot and gently kissed them feeling her juices coat her lips. He licked them clean with his tongue as he savored the taste. He loved his wife’s pussy juices which has a salty and tangy taste, but she had never tasted this good before. He kissed her pussy again, harder this time, sucking on her lips. He parted his lips and licked her slit up and down with his tongue.

Rubina groaned hard as she felt his tongue on he pussy. She slowly rocked her hips in tune with his licked. Her pussy was spasming with every movement of his tongue and she felt her pussy oozing her juices out for him. She loved the fact that he loved going down on her and it made her love him even more. Maahir was such a generous lover and her body responded to his every touch and stroke.

“Oh God!” Rubina groaned as she felt his tongue enter per pussy. Maahir snaked his tongue as deep as he could and wriggled it around and rubbed her clit with his upper lip. Rubina always loved it when he did that. He tongue fucked her hole and felt her juices coat his tongue and he swallowed every drop as they trickled into his mouth. Maahir sucked on her lips till he could feel her pussy contracting around his tongue in earnest. Then he moved his hand upward, and began stroking her, gradually pushing one finger into her. She squirmed as she felt his finger enter her and spasmed slightly as she felt his tongue lick upwards to her clitoris.

Maahir moved slightly, so that he could use both hands. He moved an arm under Rubina and began to caress between her buttocks, gently teasing her anus. His other hand was still stroking two fingers in and out of Rubina’s vagina, while his tongue was gently flicking the top of her clitoris. Within moments he was vigorously licking and sucking Rubina’s clitoris. She was trembling with lust as he stroked and played with her vagina and clitoris. Sensing another impending orgasm, Maahir slipped his tongue deep into her and pussy and felt it clench around it as another wave of pleasure hit it hard and she arched her back and flooded his mouth with a fresh burst of cum.

Maahir watched as his wife enjoyed her sexual arousal he made his cock have a massive hard on. He pulled his boxers down and saw his cock was red, thick and oozing precum. He gently rubbed the bulbous head up and down her open pussy and gently tapped it on the clit. Rubina’s body felt rippled of pleasure with ever tap who has just started to cum down from her orgasmic high. Maahir leaned in and pushed the head into her pussy, and then pulled it out. Rubina’s pussy was so wet, his cock made a plopping sound as it came out. He pushed his cock into her pussy again and this time kept sliding it in all the way till it was buried up to the hilt.

“Oh Lord!” Rubina exclaimed “that’s so hot!”

Maahir leaned over her and supported his weight on his arms and start moving his hips in long smooth strokes. He pulled his cock out almost the whole way and then slit it in all the way. Rubina’s pussy was gripping his cock like a vice and was milking it with every stroke. He kept his stroke long and started thrusting them harder, moving Rubina’s body. Her breasts were now jiggling with the impact on his cock and she had her eyes half closed and was making incomprehensible sounds. Beads of sweat were now forming on his forehead and chest. Rubina’s pussy was squirting her juices out and down her ass crack and within moments of his re-entry, Rubina arched her back again, squeezed her breasts as she came again. Rubina’s body was sweating and her breathing was erratic.

When he felt Rubina had recovered enough, Maahir pulled his cock out and said, “Get on your hands and knees. I’m going to fuck your pussy from behind.”

Maahir had unleashed his animal within and it was that animal that was in control. Rubina locked being fucked liked this and eagerly turned over and pulled herself into position. Maahir kneeled on the bed behind Rubina, who was on her hands and knees presenting herself to him. Her smooth, round buttocks were thrust high in the air, her legs are slightly spread. Her face was pressed against the sheets. All saw was the cheeks of her ass and her wonderfully wet pussy now open with her arousal.

“Come to me, Maahir, please! It’s you I want inside me” Rubina whimpered.

Maahir slid his hands over his buttocks as he took his position behind her. For a moment, the head of his cock brushed her thigh causing her to spread her legs wider. Then he pushed the tip of his cock against her flaring slit and her labia opened easily to engulf it. He grabbed her hips, pulling Rubina onto him, and sliding his rigid shaft into her deeply. He lean forward a bit and buried himself as deep into her depths as possible

“Ohhhh!” Rubina moaned as Maahir’s cock filled her.

Maahir’s balls pressed against her clit, and slowly he began to move his hips and thrust his cock. Over and over again, he penetrated her, feeling her soft, wet pussy sliding smoothly over his rock hard cock. He held her hips tightly as he fucked her, guiding each stroke for maximum penetration and for the best feeling.

Maahir leaned back and watched his cock now coated with all her juices. Rubina’s cum has formed a white frothy ring around the base of his cock and the sight of it made Maahir’s cock swell even more. Maahir was now gasping with every stroke and Rubina was making muffled moaning sounds. She was moving her hips back in the same rhythm as Maahir, who was thoroughly enjoying making her squirm with pleasure.

“Harder Jaan!” Rubina groaned “I want to harder”

Maahir picked up his thrusting speed and started fucking her pussy harder. His balls slapped her engorged clit over and over sending jolts of pleasure through her body. He leaned over her and his hands roamed all over her body. Maahir reached under her and grabbed her breasts which were swaying with the motion of his thrusts. He pinched her nipples and tugged on them which made Rubina moan louder. The louder Rubina got, the hornier Maahir got.

He reached up and grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled it like a reins. He started bucking his hips, sending ripples across Rubina’s tight round ass. Her pussy was working over time, oozing her juices out with every stroke of his cock. Rubina could feel her juices drip down her thigh. Her mind was totally shut down on and the only emotion she could was that of pure lust. She had lifted her head as Maahir pulled her hair and could even hear the squishing sounds emanating form her pussy as Maahir’s cock pumped her mercilessly. The room was filled with the sounds of the fucking and she could smell their sexual scents all around her.

Suddenly, Rubina squealed with impending ecstasy and clenched the sheets tightly in her fists.

“Yeah, that’s it,” Maahir gasped, “Cum Rubina! Cum for me!” He wrapped his hands in her hair and pulled tightly, pulled her head back more. He kept hearing her pussy slurping at his cock.

“Cum for me, Rubina, let it all out!” Maahir said loudly

“AAAHHHUNNNGGGH!!” Rubina howled her response with raw animal pleasure as her body exploded. Maahir felt her pussy contract tightly around his cock.

When Rubina was done, Maahir let go of his hair and let her head fall forward again. How it was his turn. He lean back, held her hips tightly, and began to fuck her purposely. Maahir’s balls were burning and he knew it was only a matter of seconds. Maahir felt my balls quiver and tighten. Rubina reach under her and gently pressed his balls with the fingers. That completely set him off, and he thrust into her deeply. Then he groaned his own pleasure as his cum started to fly from his cock filling her up. Again and again his cock pulses, shooting more and more cum into her.

Rubina was shocked at the amount of cum that was being released. This was his third cum and still he had come enough that his cum was seeping out and leaking down her thigh. As the waves of ecstasy slowly ebbed, she felt her arms die out and fell forward on her bed. Maahir slowly pulled out his cock and felt it soften. He slowly turns her over and looked at her.

“Thank you Jaan!” He said through his rasping breaths. “I would have never even imagined a night like this. I love you so much.”

Rubina gently kissed his lips and replied sweetly, “You’re welcome. You can think of this as an incentive to get promoted again.”

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