The Promotion Part 2

The Promotion Part 2
AUTHOR: Phoenixreborn

“So what’s next?” asked Maahir eagerly

“Next is for you to take a shower while I get serve dinner.”

“Can’t we skip dinner and go right to dessert?” asked Maahir naughtily.

“Patience, you’ll get your dessert in time.” Smiled Rubina as she caressed her husband’s cheek and slowly helped him up.

Maahir smiled, pulled up his pants, and walked to the bathroom. He saw that Rubina has already pulled out a clean shirt and pants and his boxers out for him. As he stripped and got in the shower, he wondered what more was in store.

When Maahir got in the shower, Rubina went to her bedroom and stripped of her shalwar and got naked. She looked in the mirror and saw her breasts were wet and red. She then opened her closet and pulled out her favorite sexy western dress. The red lacy dress was backless with a halter neck with a deep back and neck line. It was made of lace and had inch “O” rings running down her torso from her cleavage to her navel, exposing her soft skin. The skirt had a handkerchief pattern ended about 6 inches over her knees making this one of the most seductive outfits she had.

She debated wearing any underwear and determined that a bra would be pointless. She though about the panties and then recalling her plan, decided against it. Making sure that Maahir was still in the shower, she laid the dress on the bed and then retouched her make up and lipstick. As a final act of preparation, Rubina lied on the bed and spread her legs. She ran her fingers up and down her slit and smiled. Sucking Maahir had really made her wet and the wetness was getting on her fingers. Rubina then rubbed her wet fingers on both sides of her neck, applying a think coat of her pussy juices. For added measure, she wet her fingers again, and this time dabbed wet fingers on her lips. Maahir always loved her pussy juices; this was just to give him a sample.

As she heard the shower turn on, Rubina put on her dress and adjusted her hair which fell on her shoulders. She told Maahir to get ready and come to the dining table then left the room. Rubina set the dinner table with her finest table wear and lit the candles to set the proper mood. She has purposely kept the dinner menu limited to finger foods so that she could feel him with her hands. To ensure variety she can chosen the items from various cuisines so the menu included Samosas and chaat, bite sized chicken quesadillas, beef tenderloin lettuce wraps and Salmon & cheese crackers. The drink was simple with sparkling water with lemon, and the desserts were a chocolate soufflé and strawberries with whipped cream. She even set the music on the reflect the mood. The ambiance was perfect!

So far so good, Rubina thought to herself and when Maahir walked into the dining room he was momentarily stunned. Rubina looked amazing in her dress and silently he thanks his lucky stars for the moment she became his. The look of amazement was all the compliment Rubina needed and she walked to him and again guiding him to his seat.
Maahir looked at the spread on the table and was about to open his mouth when Rubina placed a finger on his lips.

“Shhhh, my love,” she whispered. “Don’t say anything, just enjoy the moment.”

Rubina then filled his plate with a little of every item and then rather than taking a seat next to him, she came over and gently sat on his lap. Maahir looked at her and she whispered coyly, “you don’t mind if I feed you tonight, do you?”

Maahir just shook his head as if he had been enchanted by a beautiful seductress. He looked at his wife, and she looked almost angelic in the dim light. The reflection of the candlelight made her eyes sparkle. He placed one arm behind her and the other on her thigh. His fingers slowly grazed her bare back while his other hand felt the warmth emanating from her skin, the skirt had ridden up and was barely covering Rubina’s crotch and it took all his control to stop himself form running his hand inside the skirt. He knew he would get his chance soon enough and he didn’t want to spoil Rubina’s plan.

Rubina turned towards him with a small bite sized samosa in her hand lightly dabbed with the right condiment. Before feeding him, she leaned over and gently kissed his lips. She let her lips linger on his and as expected Maahir gently sucked her lips. As Maahir kissed his wife, he could send that her lips tasted different, better than usually but couldn’t put his finger on to why. He sucked her lips more and could detect an unusual yet oddly familiar taste. He wanted more and went Rubina broke the kiss, his head arched towards her asking for more. Smiling Rubina slipped a samosa into his mouth and kept his finger on his lips allowed him a gentle suck and slowly rubbing his lips as he chewed his food.

She took a bite herself and then picked up a piece of the quesadilla and slipped half into her mouth. She leaned over and fed the other half to Maahir. Maahir bit into the dangling item and took this opportunity to kiss his wife again. Rubina parted her lips more and their tongues danced in each other mouths as they wrapped the strings of the melted cheese. Skipping the beef lettuce wraps from now, she picked up the salmon cheese and fed her husband a piece. As Maahir was chewing his piece, Rubina leaned in and kissed the side of his neck, and gently sucked it while her hands slowly caressed his chest. Rubina has decided that every bite of Maahir’s dinner tonight was going to be a sensuous experience. Maahir wasn’t complaining because she was starting to feel his cock started to, slowly but surely, push against her ass. Once in a while, Rubina would adjust herself on his lap and grind his cock just for as an added bonus.

The next time was the lettuce wraps. This time Rubina took a bite first and felt a few drops of the creamy seasoning drip down her chin. When she didn’t wipe it off but arched her head back far enough to allow drops to drip down to her chest, Maahir got the cue and licked the drop of her chest and continued the wet trail up to her chin and then kissed her again, more passionately. Rubina loved his hot mouth on her bare skin. With each bite and let more and more of the seasoning drip on her chest and let Maahir lick it off. Her nipples were getting hard and were poking through the fabric. Maahir’s hand was caressing her thigh a little more eagerly and Rubina decided it was time for dessert.

She reached for the Chocolate scouffle and rather than using a spoon, dipped her finger and placed it in Mahhir’s mouth, who used on it very eagerly, rolling his tongue on her finger. As expected, Maahir was slowly giving into his every building lust. Rubina then dipped her finger again into the chocolate and gently rubbed it on her neck and Maahir immediately licked it clean with his tongue, and gently sucked the soft skin. Rubina sighed as all this teasing had also made her horny. She apllied more chocolate on her skin, this time on her chest and make the chocolate line go all the way down to her cleavage. Maahir licked the chocolate in a deliberately slow broad stroke that made Rubina’s skin tingle. Rubina was horny enough to feel her pussy juices starting to seep out and trickle down her slit. This time she took a spoonful for soufflé in her mouth and kissed Maahir hard. Their mouths parted and their tongues covered in chocolate explored each other mouths. It was clear that the teasing was over.

Rubina then broke the kiss, reached behind her nick and untied the halter and let the dress fall off her breasts. This time Maahir dipped his finger into the chocolate and gently spread it on the top of her breasts and licked them off, gently sucking the soft skin.

“Oh yea, Jaan,” Rubina Whispered, “your mouth feel so hot!”

Wanting to tease Rubina now, Maahir dipped his finger again, and this time coated her nipples, moving his finger over the dark areolas in slow deliberate circles. He covered the hard nipple completely, before oening his mouth and taking the whole nipple in. He sucked more for rubina’s soft breasts into his mouth while his tongue rolled over her nipple, flicking his tongue on the hard nub. He pulled his head back and graved her soft skin with her teeth and gently bit on the nipple right as it was about u pull out of his mouth.

“Ohhh!” Rubina squirmed. “Suck them hard, their all for you.” She pushed down on his crotch and felt his hand parting her legs. As Maahir was taking the other nipple into his mouth she felt his fingers rub her very wet slit and move up and down. Rubina was double the double stimulations and pulled Maahir into her breast, as her hips began rocking to his fingers.

“Slide them in,” Rubina almost pleaded. “I want them!”

Wanting to please Maahir, slide 2 finger into his wife’s very wet pussy and and immediately felt her clench with desire. He slid the fingers all the way in and bent them enough to start rubbing her g-spot while his thumb was now rubbing her clit in slow circular motions. His mouth was still sucking her nipples and in his lap Rubina was slowly loosing control.

“Oh! Just like that, Jaan!” Rubina said hoarsely, rocking her hips harder now. “Don’t stop!” Rubina could feel her body about to explode and Maahir’s fingers and tongue worked their magic. Maahir sucked her breasts harder, milking them with his free hand. His other hand was working furiously, and could feel Rubina’s pussy oozing out her juices. Her pussy was twitching uncontrollably and ii was only a moment of time.

Rubina then feel her breath catch in her chest as a tidal wave of pleasure ripped through her body. From the pussy all the way to her toes and back. She arched her back and pulled Maahir into her chest as she felt him bite her nipple. She felt herself go lightheaded for a second, and was breathing heavily when she came back to her senses. She looked at Maahir and holding his face with both her hands, she kissed him hard.

Rubina could feel Maahir cock straining in his pants now and got off his lap and working her fingers and pulled them down along with her boxers. His cock was rock hard and swollen. Without missing a beat, Rubina threw one leg over him, pulled her skirt to her waist, and guided his cock into her dripping pussy and sat back down engulfing his raging hardon in her extremely inviting hole.

“Oh fuck, I needed that!” Maahir groaned.

“You like that, don’t you!” Rubina panted. “Your cock feels so good in me!”

Rubina clenched her pussy muscles as she slowly moved up and then release them as she push down hard. With each doward push, she rocked her pelvis, rubbing her already engorged clit on his pubic bone. Her swollen breasts bounced with the impact of her movement and her puffy nipples just inches from his face were temtping Maahir to a lusty frenzy. Maahir held Rubina’s waist and as she alternated moving up and down and raocking back and forth on his cock. He could feel her pussy oozing her juices which were dripping down his shaft and onto his balls. It was as if the flood gates had been opened and he could hear the squishing sounds of sex coming from their joined loins.

Maahir opened his mouth took a nipple into his mouth. Moving his hands up to cup her bouncing treasures, Maahir began loosing control and ravaging them. He nibbled on one nipple and tugged on it while tweaking the other one with his fingers. He pulled on the breasts till the skin began taught and then let go and saw ripples flow through them.

“Oh God!” Rubina exclaimed with a mixture of pain and pleasure. She was fuchign his cock hard and could feel him swell inside her. Beads of sweat were forming on her chests with the exertion. She can succeeded in making Maahir loose control and soon she was going to be rewarded for it. Now sooner had the though cross her mind, when Maahir stood from his chair, supporting Rubina in his strong arms and laid her on the table. With his cock still in her pussy, he her held her legs by the ankes moving them apart, and began fucking his spead-eagled pussy in earnest. He looked down and could see a white ring of her juices at the base of his cock and long strings of her cum on his shaft. Seeing this Maahir began thrusting even harder.

“Oh fuck me Jaan!” Rubina exclaimed. She had completely guven into her lust and the only thing that mattered was the intense pleasure Maahir was giving her. She was squeezing her breasts and nipples hard as her eyes started loosing focus. She was so close now. Her pussy was oozing juices profusely and Maahir saw her pussy lips were swollen and turning red. He placed her legs on his shoulder and leaned in to fuck her even deeper. He too started moaning through gritted teeth and she felt Rubina’s pussy clamp down on his cock like a vice. This was it.

A if the couple were spiritually connected, both exploded with the orgasm simultaneously. Rubina arches her back and screamed as Maahir groaned like a wild animal possessed. Maahir shot load after load into her pussy and Rubina’s orgasm intensified with every spasm of Maahir cock. Maahir felt his orgasm ripple though him with just intensity that he had to hold on to the edge of the table to support himself. Only when he was slowly caught his breath did he notice that he too was covered in breads of perspiration. His eyes found Rubina’s and he pulled her up into his arms and kissed her intensely, feeling his cock slowly soften in his wife’s pussy. Sitting back down on the chair, he felt Rubina break them kiss and slowly get off him. His cock was covered in a mixture of their cum and Rubina bent down and took his cock in her mouth and immediately milked it and licked it clean. A moment later she sat on his lap again and kissed her husband.

“How do you like your reward so far?” She asked sweetly.

“It’s amazing!” He replied, “But what do you mean so far?”

“I mean we’re not done yet!” Said his wife even more mischievously

“I don’t know if I can go again any time soon.” Maahir responded.

“Oh there’s no hurry Jaan” Rubina said, running his fingers though his hair and tracing his jaw line with his fingers. “We have all night!”

“What do you have in mind?” Maahir asked now very interested.

“Oh you’ll see.” She said with a very naughty grin. “Wait here”

With that, Rubina got off her husband and went to the bedroom and came out a moment later with a long black Japanese Kimono Style Robe that they had picked up on their last visit to Hong Kong. She also has a pair of silk boxers. The robe was also silk and this was something they saved for very special occasion as it made thieir love-making more sensuous.

“I want you to wear these and wait a few moments for me until I call you.”

When Maahir looked at her with raised eyebrows, she lightly kissed his lips and whispered, “It’ll be worth it.”

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