The night

The Night
AUTHOR: Pratap

Why is this story titled as night. Let me tell you why.!! Both of us are in a software and have punishing schedules. We were married about 10 years ago and have two sweet kids. We were in our early twenties when we tied the knot. We were senior and junior in the college respectively and both did post grad in computer application. Pradeep was my two years senior and as the system prevailed then, would come to teach us few subjects.

As I was the most vocal student in the class I use to attract lot of attention and naturally was popular. He ended up getting a job in Infosys and I took two years more to pass out and joined Tech Mahindra. As soon as I landed in job Pradeep came to our house with his parents and proposed me. There was some hesitation from my side not about Pradeep but the hurry of marriage.

I wanted to enjoy job,money freedom,travel abroad and real freak out with friends.I told Pradeep so.He was so nice that he said no problem first two years of marriage we will not have a baby and both of us will take as many assignment abroad as possible. This will serve all the ends. Money, freedom, travel and no confinement and grounding. We were one of the early starters in career and took every opportunity to work in new fields.

We both have by now circumnavigated the globe and had visited practically all the countries in the developed world for the purpose of customer support and installations. After marriage it was difficult to manage both but my parents supported me to the hilt and we could raise our sons well.They were now a 6 year old and 4 year old. Our family is complete and Pradeep had his vasectomy done after birth of our second son.

Our sex life has its own ups and downs and we were enjoying our bliss as much we could.Off late things were becoming bit complicated as children were growing. Elder was already in school and younger in a playgroup. It was tough to balance their schedules and ours. I had three servants one each for work, cooking, and looking after children. Even then mother use to get jittery looking after them.

Our overseas visits had become minimum and we were doing senior manager’s work. Our erratic schedules were taking its toll and irritation had set in. We were unable to break the deadlock of tensions in the house. Weeks on we would see each other only on the weekend only to discuss the shopping list and list of things-to-do. By end of Sunday we were exhausted and had little time for each other. Both the toddlers were growing and their demands for our quality time had increased.

On Saturday Pradeep will take them out and I would do the to-do-list. On Sundays I would take them out and Pradeep would do the shopping. Luckily groceries and veggies were looked after by mother and they sould come home thru our trusted home-delivery guy. Even then we had hardly any quality time for ourselves. We use to greet each other in the morning only. Our schedules for going to bed were far between. We had a unspoken rule as to whoever gets first should hit the sack and not wait for the other.

This way one of us would get some good sleep to face work, kido’s and rest of the family.The month of December had already come and were were in the second week. Work had eased a bit as customers had started ‘Happy New Year ‘already. On Monday my mother announced that her brother was coming to city and would like to take her to Kalyan for the long weekend.

I said fine as it was a Sat-Mon weekend I decided to bunk work on Friday and told mother to go.Friday arrived and I picked both the toddlers from work and reached home. Pradeep had gone for work I decided to make this a worthwhile night for him and make up for all the pent-up urge we had. I treated kiddos for a nice lunch and instead of usual afternoon nap took them out for a carton movie in the multiplex.

This was a bonus for them as they could never imagine that mummy dear would spring such a surprise. They thoroughly enjoyed the movie and the grub that followed. I had interest in keeping them awake. They will hit the bed very early and we will not be disturbed.We returned home by about 6:00 promptly both went away to play with their friends in the colony.I told them to reach home by 7 p.m.

On reaching home I made elaborate plans for the night.I sms’ed Pradeep to fetch a bottle of red wine and some flowers. Smart guy he said he will get something else as well? What ? What? He refused to say. That means I will have to wait till he reaches.He said he will be home by 9-9:30 latest.
At about 7:15 or do kids came home all tired and hungry. I made them wash and straight to dinner table. After a sumptuous dinner and story kidos were packed to their room.

Agreement is they have a have a story.I did that with due enthu. As I was already wet below with passionate reunion with hubby dear.Halfway thru the story both kids were fast asleep and I kissed them good night put the night-lamp on and closed the door firmly and put the baby monitor on,just in case.I then hurried to look after myself and order Italian pasta and garlic bread for the night. Nothing heavy you know. Plenty of snacks were around so there was no problem on that front.

I went to bathroom and stood front of full size mirror. Not bad I said.I had firm round breasts,little bit of tommy and slight love handles.I had good growth of hair around my genitals and I had to do something about it.My legs also needed shave so as toe nails and finger nails. First things first I said and proceeded to open hubby shave foam tin. I applied lather in good quantity all over my pussy,and around and started shaving with his Gillette turbo.

The cutting sensation was pleasant and exciting. Them I took a hand mirror and examined undergrowth between the pussy and anus patch.With careful scrutiny I removed all the fluff. I washed it away and applied antiseptic and looked at myself again in mirror. I looked ten years younger at least. My pussy mound was now visible and with little bit of thumb pressure the clit was visible too.

I sat down on the tub and applied foam on both the legs and took a clean swipe on thighs, legs and foot. It was new me as I enjoyed the sensation of cut hair and the antiseptic lotion. That done I raised my one arm at a time and cleaned the armpits as well.Then I examined my breasts and nipples.They needed a good massage before hubby dear takes over. I stroked them both slowly looking in mirror.

That made such a pleasant feeling but I had to stop as I started getting wet all over again.I went to the dresser and took bright red nail polish. Cleaned my toe and finger nails and applied polish generously with two coats. I could not believe in me. Here I was getting ready like a bride in waiting. This bride was quite experienced now.

It was about 8:30 by now and in half an hour’s time hubby dear would be home. I had to put something nice to welcome him. I made several combination in my wardrobe. There was nothing Pradeep had not seen me wear and had promptly peeled it off to make me naked. Men!!! and their hurry. I went to his closet and fished for something sexy,naughty,and innovative.I saw a pack of boxer shorts that he would wear .

They were square underpants with two legs.I tried one of them.It had elastic,so it fitted well on the girdle and had legs to cover half my thighs keeping the succulent part of thighs open.Perfect. I put them on and went to look for a short kurta I had. It reached just below my waist. Then I picked up a silver chain and put it around my girdle and hide it under the boxer shorts.I stripped again stood before full size mirror on the dresser.

I had to do something more. I fished for the dresser and came out with two cute temp. taros.There was a pair of butterflies and a scorpion. How nice. I took some water and applied on either side of my vagina opening. Put one butterfly on each side and looked in mirror closely. Wow the pussy and transformed itself into garden. Then I proceeded to put the scorpion on the upper portion of my left breast.

It looked so cute that with great effort I kissed my own breast and blushed.I took a bottle of moisturizer and appled it all over my body taking extra care on the breasts,face,genitals and thighs. It had sweet smell and a taste to match. That done I put on my boxers and kurta only nothing beneath. I was all ready to receive our member.

At ten minutes past bell rang.Pradeep entered with a broad smile onhis face and two packets in hand. One basket of flower’s and a wine bottle. In the other hand he had another package.What’s that ? Wait and see!! He held me in his strong hands kissed passionately for a long time making me breathless. We had not kissed like this in ages.Accidentally I brushed my hand past his crotch only to find he was already hard.

After two more such kisses I was already on cloud nine.He held me close and said let me look at you. My boxers,my my you look sexy and that kurta with nothing within. This guy notices everything that I would do.He admired what I was wearing and with a glint in his eye said’ how does the boxers fit you let me see’. I could sense the mischief and ran away door to take delivery of pasta and garlic bread that I had ordered.

Pradeep went to the bed room and flung his clothes in a huryy went to shower stall and came out wearing a T shirt and trainers.Come to drawing room I motioned him.I went to the sofa and put two pillows with satin covers on it. I opened bottle of wine in a goblet and put a DVD in the plaer.’Wild Orchard’ Pradeep’s fave. Movie.AS soon as he saw the title he sat up and cuddled me in his arms.

The movie started rolling. We finished a glass each by the time duke started caressing his dutches. I opened Pradeep trainers and held hi member in my hand.I kissed it gently and said what’s the present honey.I’ll show you. He went to the table and opened three small boxes. One had two flower like silver ornaments. Open your kurta’ he ordered.What’s that ? Nipple rings.

There were two cute silver flowers designed to fit around the nipple.He fitted them nicely and kissed my each nipple passionately. Both were hard at instant.I blushed and blushed. He opened second packet .There were a pair of ankle rings with bells making tingling noise.’ When your feet are high in air and moving they will make nice sound’.The third packet was a brooch to be fitted in the belly button.

It had a bright green stone and a fitting device for the belly button. With all that I looked like a decorated doll ready for sex.We went to the sofa and played the film. This was brought from Anazon site and was un censored. Jaqualine Bisset would, accidentally, see a dark couple copulating in the incomplete building. The scene was quite graphic. The girl wears only red dress and nothing.

The boy in one tear removes the dress and girls jumps and straddles him on his waist. The boy then bangs her hard against the wall under a storm water flow. The noise they make, the thrust of passion and girl’s expression while clutching her boy friend and making love look very hot and passionate. Pradeep was fondling one of my breasts in one hand and the wine glass in the other. I could see a bulge forming in his crotch. I moved nearer and opened fly of his trainer and smoothly took his member out.

On my touch Pradeep aahaha’ed and moved up. I started fondling him with my fingers.I was moving his foreskin back and forth slowly.Pradeep motioned me to stop and said reverse.That means he’s about to cum and I need to use squeeze technique on him.I put my thumb under his scrotum and with figures held the shaft. I pressed lightly on the fingers and continued press and realease for a while. Pradeep motioned OK.

That means his ‘urge’ had moved back and he was ready for more.
The film continued further. Pradeep moved bit closer and made me remove my kurta. He put few drops of wine on each of my nipples and with deft touch of his tongue started licking the wine. This was divine feeling he was all focused on sucking me and I was getting hard at nipples and wet in my pussy.This went on for a while.

I motioned him to stop and took my wine glass in hand and put few drops of wine on his thighs just below his cock. I started licking the wine. Pradeep was now fondling me with both the hands. Soon wine got over.I suggested to Pradeep a new game.’Let’s ply tease but no fuck’that means we will excite each other fully but that it would not lead to coitus.Pradep agreed and made me remove my boxer shorts .

I did the same by removing his trainers completely. We were now naked and on the drawing room floor on carpet.He moved me down and opened my legs. He put drops of wine on my clit and labi.He slowly started sucking me.He’s an expert in giving oral. His sucking made to squirt twice I warned him so but he continued his sucking thru my watery dis charge.I made him turn to make a perfect 69.I took his cock in mouth and started sucking.

As soon as any one is about to cum he should stop. No ‘O’ allowed. We continued this for a while and he motioned for a time out.We resumed watching the film. By now Jaquline Bisset had become quite active and was fucking the business associate of competitor. Those shots were hot and exciting. The film ended with their copulation on the floor.

Pradeep carried me to the bed room in his hands. On the way he kept me and my by now excited breasts kissing. He put me on the bed. He lighted a candle and switched off all the light and telephone cord. I lay down motionless with eyes sut. Pradeep moved further and was now over me on his hands and kissing me.

With one go I grabbed his member and squeezed him. I spread my thighs and lifted my breasts to receive him. I pushed my buttocks on a pillow and guided his cock solely past my large clit in side my vagina. The sliding cock receeded its skin and on way made ‘chluk’ noise. Pradeep was now deep inside me and my legs were locked around his girdle like a vice. I did not let him move an inch but wanted to feel him all inside.

I was stroking his back and was feeling the muscles on his torso, hips and shoulders. I tickled him in his ribs and made him shudder. He kept kissing me and was now kissing my shoulders,neck,ears,eyes,forehead,nose and of course mouth. His breathing was hot and he kept repeating,’I love I love you honey. This was for real.

I slowly relaxed the grip on his legs and motioned him to start the thrusting. He did that by first slowly withdrawing and then pushing in again. His balls were dancing on my pussy and hitting the flesh with ‘flap,flap,flap noise. He was holding himself with his hands on the bed and was making his pelvic part thrust very hard. He had his knees firmly on the bed and with support of his strong legs his thrusting was massive but pleasing.

I had not experienced such urge and power in him for a while. I lifted my pelvis a little up for him to meet his shaft and respond the same way. He was pleased like hell. Boys !!!! so easy to please them. I started timing our motions and for every thrust he made I pushed as much up. Our bodies were meeting half way and occasionally made slap.slap.slap,slap noise. Pradeep moved back a little.

He then held both my buttocks in his large hands. He squeezed them and by stretching them away spread my legs a little. He was now in a better position to see me feel me and fuck me.My legs were now in air. He started kissing them while fucking. The titillation was too much for me and I started flowing all the way like a river in full flow.

My anklets were making a very leasing noise and every time I raised my leg they will ring.I could feel the response from Pradeep inside me as he was getting hard and soft with regular intervals.Now he was admiring my girdle chain and was tugging at it.I motioned him to stop and said I want to come on top. With slow sideways movement he heaved on side and then on his back.I straddled on him with my pussy firmly around his cock.

He could now see my full breast and I could maneuver his penis the way I liked. I wanted his penis to brush against my ‘G’ spot so that excitement for me and him rise. I took his face in my hands bent over him and kissed him. While doing so I lifted myself a little so that pussy would lift and then again go back. As I started riding my breasts were heaving up and down and Pradeep could not take his eyes away from the site.

In one go he held each one in his hand and started squeezing them. Then he saw my belly button.With wide eyes he tried to reach it but fell short. By now my strokes had gathered momentum and I as looking up and was enjoying the divine touch of his pussy on my ‘G’ spot.Our bodies were sweating and I could feel the heat inside vagina.

Pradeep motioned me to stop and said aloud ‘Doggy’. I liked the idea. I jumped out fondled his penis and made him kiss and lick my clit. I was on all fours now with my hips facing him and I was looking in mirror my image. Pradeep posed behind me and with two hard slaps made by both buttocks red. His slaps made me shudder and I shouted more, more,more. He entered me with full force and started stroking slowly first and them with speed.

With every stroke he would slap me hard and hard.He then moved forward a little and held my breasts in his hands and slowly pushed me down. Now we were on top of each other and sweet weight of my hubby was on me and his Penis in my pussy touching the sweet ‘G’ spot.I reached back and held his balls in my hand and squeezed them.’

Aha’ he raised .I then motioned him to Put the penis in anus. ‘Wait he said and went to fetch a condom. How thoughtful. While he was inserting a condom I put two fingers inside anus and cleared the area. While Pradeep was inside the anus I was fondling my clit more vigorously ever.

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