S. I. A R. N.

Sex in a rainy night

Dear friends, I am 33 years old frequent reader of ISS. I will share with you my sex encounter with my sexy wife 27 years old which happened last night. She was in saree. It was raining outside. switched off lights, opened all the windows. we can see each other due to street lights coming inside the room. it’s something like moonlight, created an extremely romantic atmosphere. took her in arms, started kissing on her pink lips. lifted her in my arms and placed her on the divan. she gave a sweet sexy smile with a warm invitation in her eyes. My dick was hard enough to explore her treasure. I pulled her saree and petticoat. light was reflecting from her skin, she is milk white. took off her blouse. left with the thin netted blue bra. started softly messaging those 34″ sized soft but firm boobs. she started moaning ummm mmmm. she started kissing me on my face all over. I came down to her 27″ sized flat stomach. started exploring her navel with my rough tongue. she started screaming very softly uiii eeee eeeeeee continued messaging boobs, but with increased pressure. slowly came down to her most treasured beauty. covered with thin black hair. parted the legs and saw her pink pussy wet with the dripping love juice. smelled good making me mad. pressed my lips and had a long kiss for several minutes, she pressed me holding my head, screamed again uuuuuuuuuuu.

Placed her legs on my back. started licking and sucking slowly then started tongue fucking and then fingering. she was enjoying but, soon started becoming restless and begging for my dick. she was too excited I got up and removed my trouser and shirt. she got up & pulled down my brief. took my 7″ long and 2″ thick cock head in her mouth and started playing with my balls by her right hand. I was enjoying the act she has done her master’s in cock sucking. but she got up suddenly, as she can’t wait any more. Pulled me on top of her. but I had a different plan. I got up and pulled her up with me and turned her. now she was standing on floor placing her hands on the divan. bend her waist, I have adjusted her waist and legs, spread her beautiful round and firm ass. her hips are 36 “sized. placed my cock in between her pink pussy lips. gave a slow thrust and my cock head disappeared between her juicy cunt lips. she moaned aaaahhhhh. took off her bra hook and hold her boobs with both the hands and started licking her left ear also started chewing her earlobes and gave a hard thrust, she screamed out aahhhh aaaaaaaaahhhhh and my 7” cock was inside her snatch. She was too hot inside. I felt my cock will melt. She started moving her hips. I too started moving slowly, and was increasing speed. My cock was continuously hitting her ‘G’ spot.

She was going mad. Screaming aahhh ummmm aaaaaaaaa eeeeeee uuuiiiii eeeeeeee aaaaaahhhhhhhh. She was moving her hips vigorously. Suddenly she collapsed on the divan with a loud moan ooooooooo aaaaaahhhhh. Her thighs and ass were shivering vigorously .She was coming. I was messaging her boobs. She was breathing heavily. I pulled out my dick and with that about half cup of her love juice came out from her cunt and dropped on the floor. I started licking her cunt and ate her love juice which was still dripping. Now, she got up and kissed me on my lips and pulled me on top of her. She was on her back. She told me now it’s your turn; fill me with your love juice. I entered her again and started moving slowly and then fast and very fast. She was whispering in my ear; fuck meeee dearrr, fuckkk mmeeee. I was about to come, and gave the last strong thrust and I came inside her, filling each and every corner of her cunt with the thick cum load. I was exhausted. I was resting on top of her while playing with her boobs. Took out my cock after about 10 minutes and she licked me dry. Dear friends do you like it? Let me know your comments at coolbananainaction@yahoo.com. Any woman who loves to talk sex, read sex, write sex, eat sex, sleep sex can mail me. Waiting for your responses, if I get good response I will submit many more hot stories. Wish you all a sexy weekend.

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