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Sex before marriage
AUTHOR: Madhumita

Hi I am madhumita from Coimbatore. I would like to share my first sex experience with my Lover (Now My Husband) before our marriage.

We are lovers for past 8 years. It was a very deep love that we had. I met him at my age of 19. He was 22 then. My lovable Idiot. He was so handsome, kind and very caring person. I was working in Chennai that time. Our Native place was Tiruchi. I use to come every month to my native. That time we use to go to movies, cyber café only. We did not have time to share our feeling. I was working in marketing Dept and he was doing his own business.

This was happened 3 years back. Our first love-making happed in Ooty. I was visiting Coimbatore for an official meeting. I asked by Man also to come and stay with me in Hotel. We are in Coimbatore on Friday morning. I was busy with my appointment so once we reached Hotel we are about to start and we have to meet our client in Coimbatore. Our meeting was finished by 3pm in the evening. We are back to Hotel. I had leave on Saturday and Sunday. So we planned for some trip near coimbatore.

We booked Hotel in Ooty with the help of the Hotel we stayed in Coimbatore. We started at 4pm. It was 3 hours to reach Ooty. We reached Ooty by 8pm. We checked in and had our dinner there. There our time started. WE celebrated our honeymoon.

We are in Love for past 8 yrs but we did not done any romantic things while we are in Love. Even we did not had any chance of doing that. Because I was staying in Chennai he was staying in Trichi. It was a hard time we have when I visit my place. So we thought to enjoy our Honeymoon in ooty.

Even we are very close in mind we hesitate to have sex because it was first time to both of us. We did not know each other how to start and take that moment. We were watching TV. A romantic song was going on. I slowly get up from sofa and start to go near to the windows. I was wearing a light fancy saree. I was watching night time Ooty through windows. He came and stand behind me. I did not noticed that. He slowly place his hand in my arms and pressed me. I turned around. He hugged me and started kissing me in my neck. I was totally lost my control and would like to be in his arms. I hugged him tightly.

We were kissing and hugging. We slowly went to the bed. I sat down in the bed. He sat near to me. I took my cheek and kissed me softly and seeing my eyes he said “I was waiting for this moment for past 5years. But we are stuck up with our personal worries and works. If you permit we will continue this”. I looked at him and told him “you are my husband. Why you need my permission to take me as yours. Prove that you are my husband”. He smiled and he started kissing me.

I lied down in the bed. He started kissing from my forehead, my eyes, my ears, my nose, my cheeks, my lips, my neck. He removed my saree. I was lying only with my skirt and blouse. He came to by boobs. He removed my blouse and bra. He was massaging my one boobs with his hand and sucking and licking another boob with his lips. He was continuing this action for 10mins. He slowly came to my hips. He removed my shirt and panties. When he saw my cleanly shaved pussy he said WOW and started kissing it. He separated my legs. He was sitting in between my legs and started licking my pussy from down to up. I never felt a feeling like that in my life. I tightly cought his head into my pussy and moaned “Do it Prem. Don’t stop. Do it” seeing my pleasure he continued the action for long time with out stopping. I was Virgin. He know that so he do not want me to pain a lot so he want me to go to an extreme level so that I could not feel much pain when was inside me. So he was doing it. I was in heaven now. He slowly inserted his hard erotic pennies inside me slowly. It went inside smoothly. Ofcourse I had pain at my first time. But then I enjoyed the feeling of pennies going inside me. I closed my eyes with that heavenly feeling.

He started hitting me slowly and asked me it was paining for me. I said NO. I was enjoying. So he slowly increased his hitting level and started hitting fast at last. He cum went inside me. It was so warm and good. I came 3 times by the time he got his orgasm. Once he took his pennies out I slowly started sucking his pennies. It tasted good with his cum and my cum. He was again got hardness. Again we tried in different angles.

We enjoyed our honeymoon than anybody else in the world. He was my husband now. Even now we are enjoying sex like we are new couples. With lots of love and caring. I was really happy to share my feeling with you people. Sex is a beautiful way to express your love and caring ness to your loved one. Enjoy guys.

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