M. Raat

Mast raat

Hi iss readers. All your stories have inspired me to write for the first time my experiences. I am 30 years old with very strong urge & desire for sex. I have been married for 5 years & my wife is equally good at sex & we enjoy our sex life a lot. Here I am narrating a one of the sexiest nights we had in our married life. My wife Neha is very sexy with fair complexion, beautiful & inviting eyes & has boobs of 34 size, waist 26 & ass 36.i love her round & firm breasts & rounded buttocks. That evening we had our dinner a bit early at around 8 pm & were in the bedroom in the next 30 minutes. I switched on the TV & started surfing channels.neha went to the bathroom to change & freshnup.when she came out of the bathroom I remained stunned to see her. She was looking damn sexy in the new white night with pink flowers over it. It barely covered her knees. She had put some very sexy perfume & was in full mood. She simply ordered me to switch off the TV & light which I obeyed & turned on the night lamp. She just fell over me & started kissing me on my forehead, face & neck. She started licking my lips & I reciprocated in the same manner. I noticed that she had got her manicure & waxing done today only & her skin was silk smooth because of this. By this time I had fully submitted myself to her & had removed my t-shirt & shorts & was only in my jockey. I laid her on bed & planted many kisses on her soft cheeks. She raised her arms up in excitement & too my surprise her armpits were neatly shaved today. I got mad at this & started smelling her underarms one by one .I was literally licking them & they tasted so goodie moved below to kiss her neck & earlobes. By now she had started moaning aaahhhh….ooooooh…….mmmmhhhhhhh.my hands were moving on her sexy legs & exploring her cleavage from her nighty.by now my penis was fully erect & was trying to come out by tearing my underwear. I asked her to remove her night which she did immediately. The night was full of surprises for me. She was wearing my favorite black bra (with transparent straps) & matching thong. I made a sigh at this & she blushed. Her white skin was shining in dim light & black undergarments. I started massaging her boobs over the bra & moving my other hand on her choot(cunt).I started kissing her all over again from her forehead to her neck-boobs-bellybutton-choot-thies-knees-shin& toes.
Neha was shivering in excitement & was sounding ssssshhhhh….come on my dear….love me…….i am your sex goddess. In the mean time she had removed her black bra & now her firm naked boobs were facing the roof. To tell you she has very beautiful round ,light brown nipples which were fully erect to 1 inch by now & i started rubbing them with one hand & was busy sucking her other nipple.she was now fully hot & demanding……ab aur bardasht nahin hota …..uppar aa jaoo na….kyon trapate ho mujahe .but i was enjoying this.

Now, i moved below & turned her around on her belly. Her beautiful chootd(buttocks) were open as the strap of the thong was smeared in her ass crack. I started massaging & biting on her chootd along with kissing her entire bare back.simoultaneously freed her from the thong also – the only garment on her body & was laying totally naked on her back with her fresh well shaved chikni choot.i couldn’t control myself & began licking her cunt (this was the first time in 5 years).she got shocked but was enjoying it & saying…chatoo meri choot…kha jaoooooo….sssssssaaahhhhhhhh…..mazza aa raha hai…mujhe apna lund dikhao. I removed my face from her choot & placed my lund in between her boobs .she tried to touch her toung on the tip of my lund.i asked- choosna hai ? And she replied positive. Now i was lying on bed & she was over me in 69 position .my toung was exploring her clit & neha was licking my penis like a lollipop.i was enjoying .the room was filled with our moans……aaaahhhhh…..mmmmmhhhhh……..slurp…slurt & suddenly she came & i drank all her juices to my hearts content.i warned her that i was about to cum but she was busy sucking my rod & then i exploded my hot cum in her mouth. She didn’t drink it but liked it. She was tired by now so i asked her to lie down but she was still thirsty in her choot & wanted a fuck now. I again took my mouth to her choot & started licking to make my penis erect again. After 5-7 minutes of licking, she again stared screaming in joy & wanted her asshole to be licked & said…neeche ke cheed mein bhi kuch dalo naaaaaaaa…aaaahhhh.i inserted my little finger in her small asshole & she was in heven with choot being licked,boobs being pressed , & ass being fucked with my little finger.i asked her – gaand marwani hai kya aaj (do u want a ass fuck)? She was a bit hesitated but said yes.

I got up & brought the jar of cream from the dressing table .she was looking at my erect & hanging pole as i was walking in the room naked.i felt proud of having a big dick of 7 inches.i came to the bed with cream & asked her to be on her all fours in doggy style. She was obeying tonight like a slave.sex was oozing out from her eyes & her entire body was steaming.today i realized the power of oral sex. I came behind her on the corner of the bed & applied some cream on my lund & lots of it on her ass hole & started inserting my index finger into it.slowly i moved my 2nd finger also & she was crying with pain.after 5 minutes of finger fucking she felt better & i started putting the knob of my lund into her asshole. After some effort i was able to fully enter her from behind & my penis was fully smeared in her ass crack.she said—ab chodo bhi , kab tak dale rahoge, pain ho raha hai.i started moving to & fro with a slow pace.she was moaning in pleasure-aahhhh…uuhhh…fuck me my love…hard..hard..harder.i was also enjoying my first anal sex experience that too with my wife.neha was saying- bhaut achha lag taha hai….sale aaj se pehle tune meri gaand kyon nahi maari(we use dirty language while sex).i said-meri jaan aaj ke baad main teri gaand hi choda karunga aur teri gaand aur moti & sexy ho jayegi.fhir aas-ppas ke aadmi teri gaand dekh kar muth mara karenge.neha laughed at this.after 7 mins i shot my entire load in her asshole & she enjoyed the heat of my sperm inside her & moaned. Both of us had gone dirty by now & we entered the bathroom together & turned on the shower.nehs sat on the commode to wash her ass from which my sperm was coming out.i said i will wash you & started rubbibg her ass crack as she poured water.then we had a bath under the shower.while bathing i again touched her boobs & rubbed her nipples.while doing so , mera lund phir se kahara ho gaya.she said-tumhara lund aadmi ka hai ya gadhe kaa.sarri chudai aaj hi kariga kya.i said-abhi to gaand hi maari hai, aaj teri chikni choot ko bhi to chodna hai…it felt from her expressions that she wanted the same. We came out of the bath without drying our bodies & laid on the bed naked with my still erect penis.i again reached for neha’s boobs & started fondling with her nipples to make her ready for the next round.within no time she was ready again & gave me hard french kiss as a indication to start the game.i asked-main upper aaun or u want to lead.she remained silent & i got the clue.i parted her sexy legs & touched her choot smoothly & touched my index finger on the mouth of her clit.she was wet there.without wasting time i held my rock had lund & entered into her.she sighed…aaahhhh…ssssss.

I began me strokes which she reciprocated.my balls were thumping on her ass & the sound of fucking was like thup..thup..phuch..phuch.i asked .mai kya kar raha hoon.she said…loving me.i said…say in desi language.neha…mujhe chod rahe ho…chodte raho…auur zor se …haan aise…aur ander maaro…phaar dalo aaj meri choot ko.bahut pareshan kar rakha hai isne,roz sale tera laura mangti hai yeh.dil karta hai ki tera lund apni choot me fix karwa loon.i was enjoying her raw words.i kept on fucking her like that only.i placed both my hands on her boobs & held them tight.now my entire body weight was on her & she was smiling with joy…i said—le meri jaan aaj main thuje randi bana kar hi chorunga aur tujhe apne saare doston se chudwanunga.bahut aag lagti hai na teri is choot mein.chudne ke liye hi tu apni jhante saaf kar ke choot ko chikna rakhti hai(neha knows that i like shaved pussy).le chud ab…phuch..phuch..phuch.she said—ab bas karo ,main thak gai hoon,nikal do apni muth mere ched main. I took out the penis & wore a ks condom & inserted again & began my strokes further.its been 20 minutes that this round has been happening & i was also tired by now.she said-doggy style mein karo & came on all fours.i inserted in her pussy from behind & started fucking again.after 5 minutes she came for the 2nd time & i announced that i am also coming.i held her waist tight & began fucking harder.she said—tumhara lund ab bahut tight ho gaya hai & with that i exploded. We cleaned each others genitals .it was 1 am by now & we had been fucking for 4 hours.anyways it was a the greatest fuck in lat 5 years of our married life.we laid on the bed naked & went off to sleep.hope all of you liked my story.do reply with your comments/feedback to sexycouple_pjb@zapak.com.

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